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Quick ‘Cheat’ Guide to Painties

AKA how to turn that grayscale PNG into a layered PSD for those used to working with Aywas-style bases.

For those of you having issues with the ‘overlay colors on grayscale’, I found an easy way (on SAI) to turn the grayscale into a layered PSD like the ones Aywas uses.

  1. Open your grayscale image in SAI, duplicate the layers 3 times (so you have 4 total).
  2. Set the first (topmost) layer to luminance, lower opacity to 30%.
  3. Set the second layer to overlay, lower opacity to 50%.
  4. Select the third layer, go to the Layer menu and click on “Luminance to Transparency” and set the mode to multiply. (This option basically turns white into transparent, and grayscales as semi-transparent depending on how dark it is! This trick works to rescue lineart you’ve merged to a white BG layer or even to eliminate the white BG of a scanned black and white image, btw.)
  5. Lock layer 3′s transparency and you can now color this layer to whatever color you want your shadows to be.
  6. The final (lowest) layer you lock as well, and just block-color it your base color. You can now create layers above this, clip them to the base and start adding markings.
  7. Make sure to clip all three layers to the base to avoid glowy/white pixels around the edges when you save.

This is what the basic setup looks like when you’re done.

The lumi layer gives you the highlights (adjust opacity of this layer for brighter/duller highligts), the overlay/multiply gives you your shadows. For many you will still want to add another overlay/lumi layer for extra highlights and shines (like eye shines and metal gleams) but this setup does most of the work for basic painties. Here’s what the above setup looks, I added some different color spots so you can see how the shading behaves:

As for actual edits to the base, you can add them as you would any edit on an Aywas file, with the one difference… you want to duplicate your lineart layer and merge it to your base so your base goes all the way to the edge, then set your lineart to multiply, and/or merge with your shading to achieve that ‘almost lineless’ look that the Furvilla art style has.

I do recall Photoshop has a trick to ‘deleting’ the white from a layer to duplicate this tutorial on it, but I haven’t done it in a while and it’s not quite as straightforward as in SAI. But it IS doable.

The Same

Pairing: Platonic John Laurens x reader

Words: 411

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: !! aah, can we hav a brotp w laurens and reader where they both come out to each other as gay ?? (reader’s a girl btw) and it’s set in hamiltime so they become best friends

A/N: I was going to my room to write this and heard my brother talking shit about me(to himself like wtf) so yeah, he wonders why everyone hates him… fucking asshole

You wiped your sweaty palms on your jeans for the third time. You were anxiously waiting for your close friend John Laurens to arrive.

You didn’t know how he’d take it.

Knock, knock, knock

You opened the door slowly, giving John a sheepish smile. “Come in.” You moved away from the door, allowing him to pass.

“So, you wanted to tell me something?” John sat down on your couch, inviting you to sit next to him. You slowly walked over, nervously sitting down.

“Well…” You began, taking a deep breath. This could be the end of your friendship. “I sort of… Like girls.”

“Yeah, girls are nice.” John replied, confused. You shook your head.

“John. I mean, I’m attracted to…” You trailed off, unable to meet his eye.


“I’m attracted to guys.” John broke the tense silence between the two of you.

“W-what?” You looked at him, surprised.

“Yeah, I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I would’ve never had the courage to tell anyone like you did!” He encouraged, smiling.

“Wow.” You laughed, feeling a weight lift off of your shoulders.

We were the same.

“How did you guys get so close so fast?” Alex questioned, listening to you ramble off to John about something. The bar was dimly lit, and you ignored the strange looks as to why a woman was in the bar drinking.

“Oh, well, y’know.” John tried to defend himself without revealing either of your secrets.

“Are you two courting?” Hercules piped up. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife.

“No! No, god no.” You muttered, waving your hands.

“I’m not attracted to… Her.” John stopped himself, and you cast a knowing glance to the man.

“Uh huh.” Lafayette grabbed a beer, chugging it.

“Trust me, there’s no way I’d court anyone like John.” John nearly choked on his drink, knowing what you meant by it.

“Whatever you say, Y/N.” Alex mumbled, getting up to get more drinks.

Current WiPs:

The Other Ryn:  Every choice matters - every choice has consequences. An accident with Alexius’s amulet brought Dorian to another world, where a different Inquisitor made all the difference in the Inquisition as he knew it. Now back in his original reality, Dorian sets off in search of clan Lavellan - and the Inquisitor who could have been. (Third installment of a series.)

Little Wolf:  Does sacrifice lose something when its original purpose lies forgotten? With blood on his hands and guilt in his heart, he fled his master’s side before he even understood what freedom meant. This is the story of Leto, and Fenris, and the long road to the City of Chains.Fenris backstory. (This is a difficult fic. Please be aware of tags and proceed with caution.)

Act One:  Leopold Hawke is a hard man. He sees what needs doing, and he gets it done - whatever the price, he’ll gladly pay it if it means protecting the ones he loves. That price looks particularly steep when Hawke and his family arrive in Kirkwall in 9:30 Dragon. Hiding from the templars and eking out a living on the unforgiving streets of Lowtown, Hawke must learn to accept help from others before he tears himself apart. Carver Hawke has lived his life in his brother’s shadow - a shadow that only seems to grow longer with each passing year. With the future of his family on the line, Carver is faced with the choice between brotherly loyalty and his own desires. (First installment in possible series. Novelization of the game)

Potential Future Projects:

- Acts 2 and 3, including dlc

- Various AUs

- Ryn-centric fic

- Warden fic

Anonymous asked:

Is it normal to still be struggling with worldbuilding in later drafts? I’m on my third draft of this fantasy novel, and I still can’t get into my setting. Normally, I love worldbuilding, but I’m stuck in this loop where I’m researching for what seems like forever and coming up with nothing. My setting is based on a real country, but my creativity feels stifled, which makes everything else come out awkward and silly, which affects my characters and so on. Any advice? Love your blog, btw!

I have a few thoughts…

1) What is it about this setting that made you choose it in the first place? There must be something special about it, which first drew your attention and made you think, “this is a perfect basis for my fantasy world.” Try to think back to what those things were. Boil it down to a handful of things and focus on implementing those into your story.

2) Have you focused on a particular time period in this country’s history as inspiration? A fantasy story set in Medieval Italy might not be nearly as interesting as one set in the Roman period, or even in the Etruscan civilization.

3) Have you focused on a particular region of this country as inspiration? If you had a fantasy setting based on Japan, for example, you’d have a pretty different story if it was set in the snowy north versus a story set in the more tropical south.

4) Have you focused on a particular culture in this country as inspiration? Let’s say your fantasy setting was based on Russia. Your setting would be much different if it was inspired by early Slavic culture versus Siberian Tatar culture.

5) Have you considered moving your story to another setting, or to another part of the same setting?

Hopefully these thought exercises will un-jam whatever it is that has you stuck. Sometimes the simplest change will help you infuse a little “magic” into your setting. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)