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More Headcanons

Twin headcanons to add:

- Alisaie was actually the black sheep of the Leveilleur family. In a family of diplomatic pacifists tho, is it any surprise?
- Despite all the teasing he gets, back home Alphinaud was the golden boy who could very nearly do no wrong (minus occasional troubles).

Things to add that are specific to my version of the twins. Usually created via previous RPs:

- Both twins can pick locks. Thancred taught Alisaie when she was little and she taught Alphinaud.
- Alisaie can sing, and rather well. However she tends to not do so for others.
- both twins can cook, but not very well. However due to Alisaie’s travels she can do so a bit better than Alphinaud (and yes she knew previously how to build a fire).

got stuff I doodled on holiday scanned now so starting posts of them!

This is not in the order of when they were drawn, as like this was done a few days into the holiday after my dad noticed I brought stuff to draw with, my dad doesn’t draw much anymore but does like to draw things he sees or do like pen doodles, so what we did was we sat out the front and I let him draw what he could see, then I decided to do my one too that is the same scene but slightly to the side since we were sitting in slightly different spots.

Can you guess which one I did? answer hidden in tags

me, gesturing with my mug and sloshing tea everywhere: see, the important thing to consider is that books are magic, this is a fundamental truth of the matter

person whose house i have broken into in order to lecture them from the nearest armchair: interesting, can u elaborate

me, pensively sipping tea in an intellectual manner: yeah, see, ok, so you open a book, and there’s, a story there? characters? plot? and then you feel stuff? you see.

Shout out to all of you having a tough time right now
  • Whether you’re struggling to make content
  • Feeling lost or alone
  • Having an identity crisis
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Dealing with the loss of someone you love
  • Or going through personal issues that feel like they just won’t end

I love you and you’re doing great. Just remember, a journey is not a straight road. It is littered with mountains and rocky edges and cliffs that sometimes feel too high to climb. But you’re going to get past them, and continue on. You’re doing great. You’re valid. I love you.


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖


I love how Jon repeats what Damian said to him in the second panel. Even though he bickers with him and they fight a lot, Jon does listen to what Damian says and takes his words to heart. I love that about their relationship. They act like they don’t get along but in the end, there is this kind of grudging respect between the two of them. It’s great and I honestly can’t wait for them to become real friends.

things to do:
- pray for touka chan
- pray for every child and their safety
- pray for everyone’s safety
- pray for touken bby

i want to
  • take you to concerts you love to watch your face light up
  • give you the last of my food if you want it
  • watch your favourite movies with you - give me running commentary of all your favourite parts if you like
  • learn about your whole life, good and bad
  • play with your hair while you doze in my lap
  • get random texts from you about stupid things
  • see every cat picture you think is funny
  • feel my heart in my mouth the first time i hold your hand
  • dance with you (i’ll sit in a wheelchair with you in my lap if i have to) 
  • see you first thing in the morning with bed hair and old pjs
  • show you the stars and make up ridiculous constellations
  • make you blush with every compliment
  • make you soup when you’re sick and risk a cold with my shit immune system
  • make you sneeze your drink in laughter
  • watch you grow as a person
  • be the one you want to text in the middle of the night
  • make you snacks when you’re busy and forget to eat
  • one day get the chance to fuck up your lipstick