this is the thing i did

i’m thinking of bringing back some old-school pins i did like…five years ago and then never actually sold in my shop haha

remember the breadvengers pins?? so if i did like…..a limited edition run for a fundraising type thing for getting a cintiq…would y’all buy them?


Maki-san, you’re a musician, right? Music doesn’t go back. It only goes forward. Similarly, if a heart is moved, it goes forward. When you like someone, you can leave the past behind. 

Stuck With Me - Part 5

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Sam x Reader

Words: 1,055

A/N: Hey pals! Here’s Part 5. I really appreciate the love so far. As always thanks to wife @impala-dreamer for the read through. Hope you like this part. We’re like half way through! Yikes.

Side note in my brain space this part takes part like 4 months or so after the end of Part 4 so apparently breakfast went well.


“I’m sorry Sam. That’s all I know.”

Cas had been digging ever since the boys had told him about the dreams. All he knew for sure was that they were fated to be together. No reasons so far. It was making everyone a little twitchy.

At this point though, there was no going back. Even if there was a choice to be made, Sam wouldn’t be able to give her up; Dean either for that matter. Y/N was a permanent fixture in their family now. Something Sam always thought was possible. It was a very remote possibility sure, but still possible.

“Hey, Cas it’s ok buddy. You’re doing everything you can. We’re just stressed from the hunt.”

“Ha! More like loverboy here is extra touchy being away from his girl.”

Sam didn’t even try a rebuttal. It was true. Ridiculous, and so chick flicky, but true. Dean did get an eyeroll though, because-Dean.

When his phone buzzed moments later he didn’t even need to look. He knew it was her.

“Hey! So weirdest thing happened today.”

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right let me get this straight

so everyone’s mad because robert doesn’t care enough for aaron yet he loves that man with every fibre of his flaming being and can be the soppiest guy going half the time (let’s forget the rebecca shitfest)

and now in that sneak peek he’s suddenly a “pig” and “uncaring” when he’s struggling because he wants to be with his husband so bad and basically try and salvage what’s left of his relationship (he doesn’t even know what’s left yet) despite the fact he has been an absolute rock for liv these past few weeks stepping up to the dad role and at least making her smile once or twice

like I’m sorry but what the fuck do you want me to feel emmerdale I just don’t understand anymore

Does anyone else ever think about how Tumblr sort of has its own version of alternate universes?

Like, say, there’s a popular post with a fair amount of notes. You’ve seen it come across your dashboard multiple times. It has a fascinating discourse going, and replies are filled with witty additions and reaction doodles. Maybe you’ve even reblogged it once yourself. You simply take for granted that this popular version of the post is the only one that exists, the tried and true.

But then one day, the same original post crosses your dash again, but in this thread, the original post is met with an entirely different second reply, which then alters every response that follows. It’s much shorter, and there are no reaction doodles; the conversation discusses a different aspect of the topic. The entire course of this post and its history has been wholly changed by distinctly different reactions by those who read and shared it. You realize that the post you had always seen before is by no means the default, and that there are dozens of versions of this one burgeoning post. It was foolish to have assumed that the reality you were so familiar with was the only one to see.

What a wild website.

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm looking for a puckleberry fic and wondering if you might know it? basically it was rated M and rachel was the president, puck was on her secret service and they were fucking in the oval office and like, eating dinner together in the residence. do you have any recollection of it? thank you either way!

can’t say i do, sorry. if anyone that follows me knows it, i invite them to answer. 


Viktor: I’ll stop recording so Yuuri can peacefully sleep, but ask away!

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