this is the thing i did

its been over a year so i decided to revisit this animation i did :> looks much better now imo 
or at least more uhh.. natural?? lmao
he’s missing his markings and big quills because i dont wanna spend another 5 hours on this just for that
also i didnt use any references cause im a lazy bastard

why is it like such a thing where people think john travolta died… seriously i saw someone joke about him dying and i was like “haha same- wait is he dead” and i had to go look it up 2 be sure. why is he just that one actor that everyone thinks is already dead or just died. i bet someone had 2 go look up if he died after reading this post.

You can’t satisfy everybody. I’ve had to consciously remove myself from looking at people’s responses. As wonderful as it is when you get messages from people saying how much they like your performance, all you have to do is see that one person who’s like ‘This is stupid, I hate you’ and it’s gut-wrenching. Like, this is a story our creator came up with, and it’s my job to tell that story to the best of my abilities. So when someone says you were horrible, it’s hard not to take that in.

not to keep bringing this up but also the way paul was brought in and him being the only vet made the whole house dynamic feel weird…like when he walked in it just felt like he didn’t belong there because you had everyone who was new to each other and new to us and then paul just appeared and the rest of the episode was the houseguests trying to suck up to him to secure their spot and a surprise comp to eliminate someone so that he could join the game instead of them trying to get to know each other and create alliances and what not

i guess what i’m trying to say is the way that they used paul didn’t make him really feel like an additional houseguest on the same playing field as everyone else but more as special guest or something and that’s probably one of the reasons i wasn’t a fan of him coming back

Event: 100 Days Celebration since Lily’s birth

it’s already that time huh… Time went so quickly and little baby is growing up so fast! *CRIES

What is 100 day’s celebration?  It is old tradition to celebrate a baby’s arrival and introduce him/her to family and friends on either their 30 day or 100 day birthday.  
When does is start? 1st of July
How long will it last? Till 1st of August! ^W^
What I have to do to join? It’s simple! Just send me a message or ask that you want to join or simply reblog this post so I can see that you joined! OWO 
Do I need anything additional? Well… it would be great if you could attend in formal outfit, happy mood and maybe something for the baby! ^W^
What will I get from joining? Possibility to interact with other awesome muses and mun’s that you never had interacted before! OWO 
If my muse is England or Latvia, can I still join? Absolutely! OWO The more the merrier 

Event starts: 1st of July 
Event ends: 1st of August
Requirement: wear formal wear, smiles and good food! Just joking! 

All things related to this event - Please! Tag it under lily100 tag! Thank you!
Want to join? Reblog!

I accidentally told a boy he was cute yesterday!! He said he loved my outfit and my makeup and I said “Oh thank you!! I was thinking about how cute you were!” and we both laughed until I saw his name tag that read “Finnegan” and I realized He Is Male and I panicked until he saw my Shinjiro keychain and said “Who’s this? :)” and then he asked if my hair was naturally curly and that I was very Melanie Martinez-like and that he was into it! We’re married now

I know I’m still 8 months behind but I remember when A Crack in the Ice came out and I saw someone who had cute Mini Aurene and I wanted it so badly! (´▽`人)♡
Kudzu took all of my 2016 GW2 time and I’m still not done catching up, but Mini Aurene is quite a milestone for me!

Head drumming
On walls leaving
Craters inside and out
Like woodpeckers
Drilling to reach the other side
“ The grass ain’t always greener ”

Heart banging against its cage
Desperate to escape
Like a lunatic in daylight
with a straight jacket
“ This is as free as I’ll ever be”

Mind swaying
Like hoary trees
In snow storms
With roots that won’t give up
“Eventually we all must fall”

~ZiXo // chained to the rhythm

budzić się - to wake up

wstawać (rano) - to get up

ćwiczyć - to exercise

ścielić łóżko - to make the bed

myć się - to wash oneself

myć zęby - to brush teeth

myć włosy - to wash hair

golić się - to shave oneself

malować się - to put on make up

ubierać się - to put on clothes

jeść śniadanie - to eat breakfast

wychodzić - to go out

iść do szkoły/pracy - to go to school/work

wracać do domu - to come back home

jeść obiad - to eat lunch

odrabiać lekcje/pracę domową - to do homework

sprzątać - to tidy

gotować - to cook

zmywać naczynia - to wash the dishes

odkurzać - to vacuum

czytać książkę/gazetę - to rada a book/newspaper

słuchać muzyki - to listen to music

robić zakupy - to do shopping

spotykać się z przyjaciółmi - to meet up with friends

odpoczywać - to rest

jeść kolację - to eat dinner

kłaść się spać/iść spać/pójść spać - to go to sleep

zasypiać - to fall asleep

🌿🌸 Midsummer meetup! 🌸🌿

Server: Frost Valley

When: July 9th, 7PM EST 

Where: By the Midsummer bonfire~

Tack/attire: Flower crowns!! Cute spring/summer stuff! Doesn’t need to be a specific kind; it can be more feminine, masculine or androgynous. Horse flower crowns, riding bareback. All of this is optional though depending on what you’re comfortable with!! It’s not required, just preferred if you’d like to 🌸

Might break and meet up again later if enough people still want to be on!

Alllrighty, this could go horribly wrong but I’m gonna shoot for it anyway. I’m bad at this stuff but here was my original post about planning it;

So I’ve been waiting for a looong time for Midsummer to finally roll around, and honestly I’ve really really really really always wanted to meet up with a bunch of people and hang out.

I don’t really have any plan ideas; it’d be more of a hang out and meet people and just.. celebrate our community and the like. We’d all dress up in whatever we deem to be our Midsummer outfit(flower crowns and pretty colors are encouraged!!) and meet up at the maypole. I hope enough people could come to where we could all meet people we’ve never met, or that enough friends would show up that it could be a reunion for those of us(ME) who’ve been absent from meetups lately.

I feel like it could be a two parter? Like meet up during daylight hours, then take a break, log back on later to be there during sunset/night hours. But maybe not lol we’ll see. Possibly a trail ride to the forgotten fields for pictures? Idk pft but we’ll see.

But yes I would really love for this to be a thing so as usually I’d like to see if people are interested beforehand!

There’s not really much to add here! It’s basically a meet and chill.
We might to a trail ride to the Forgotten Fields to hang for a short while and come back.
This’d be a nice opportunity to chill, meet some new people, catch up with friends, and get nice Midsummer screens~



I almost dropped out of my chair, when I finally logged onto Neala today to find her equipped with a Fused Longbow. Turns out my husband logged onto my account and did that without telling me to see if I notice, and it honestly didn’t even register as to why he kept asking if I played Neala yet ;A; He remembered me saying how much I wanted and he gave it to me as a birthday gift, i am not crying, I don’t deserve him omg, bless <3

hey, hey, remember when marlene king said a.d didn’t stand for initials?