this is the tegan and sara fandom right now

Everybody Lives: [Yet Another Completely Necessary] Tolkien Crack Mix (by birdiescage and moggiepillar)

Everybody lives, no one leaves Middle Earth, there are absolutely no tears, and The Company and The Fellowship throw a joint reunion party! (and Denethor’s not invited)

AU? What are you talking about, that’s what happened, right?!

Cover by birdiescage, who spent a lot of time on it and invested so much of her soul in creating this masterpiece, it’s basically a Horcrux now. (Wrong fandom?)


we’re all in this together. hsm cast
happy. pharrell williams
best song ever. one direction
tik tok. kesha
i’m on my way. the proclaimers
i gotta feeling. black eyed peas
get lucky. daft punk
just dance. lady gaga
voulez-vous. mamma mia cast
we built this city. starship
22. taylor swift
everything is awesome. tegan and sara feat. the lonely island



Tegan and Sara are up against Phantogram in MTV’s March Madness and they’re LOSING!! Right now it’s 52% to 48% in favor of Phantogram! This fandom has the power to do anything, I know we can get Tegan and Sara to the next round! We have just under 24 hours to vote, so vote as much as you can!! (you can vote more than once)