this is the sweetest thing :)

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um,,, the fact that even looked so happy when elias said him and isak are very cute together, rip me

his face there was the sweetest thing

he looks almost unexpectedly pleased, like it’s something he didn’t realize would be so nice to hear :`)

i’ve gotten a couple anon messages welcoming me back, new followers, and a renew in reblogs of old and new art, all of which i appreciate greatly. i’m not sure i’m really back though, i’ve got mental health issues which keep me from doing much, including barely drawing anymore. but i will try to sketch sometimes and throw things up here when i think it’s decent enough. it’s nice to see an interest in my work after my not-quite-over hiatus, and nice to see some new faces too. thank you for all the likes, reblogs, and tags because i can assure you i read every single one. <3

โšข ask game โšข (lesbians only!)

1.  Dream girl + Dream date?

2.  Would you say that you have a “type”?  Have you ever crushed on anyone outside who’s not your type?

3.  What female body part do you find to be the most attractive?  What do you consider to be your most attractive feature?

4.  How do you let your girlfriend/partner know you appreciate her?

5.  What’s the sweetest thing your girlfriend/partner has ever said to you?

6.  Would you like to have kids or pets with a s/o someday?

7.  Do you consider yourself butch/femme?  What does butch/femme culture mean to you?

8.  Most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of a cute girl?

9.  Did you identify as something different before realising that you were a lesbian?  What made you realise

10.  Have you ever accidentally outed yourself?

11.  Least favorite lesbian stereotype?  Do you fit any lesbian stereotypes?

12.  When did you first come out?  Was it planned?  How did it go?  What advice do you have for people who are planing on coming out?

13.  Least favorite homophobic Tumblr discourse topic?

14.  Favorite baby gay story?

15.  Which lesbian flag do you prefer?

16.  Do you have any favorite characters who are canonically lesbians?

17.  What characters do you headcanon as lesbians?  Do you ship them with anybody?

18.  Do you have any favorite lesbian ships?  Are any of them canon?  If you could make only one lesbian ship canon (pre-existing ships included), which one would you choose?

19.  What would you say is the best thing about being a lesbian?

20.  Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for young lesbians who are just becoming aware of their sexuality?

21.  Write a question of your own here!

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Congratulations on your milestone lovely!! 2K feels like a low number for you. I dunno, just a vibe I get.... anyway. I would love to read about Dean saying No.24 to Sam coz I wanna know what you think hit the fan for /that/ to come about! xo

you are the sweetest thing ever.  “2k is too low a number” *blush*

#24 “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

Dean yawned, stretching his creaky back as he walked into the kitchen.  Sam, of course, was already awake and sitting at the table.

“Mornin’,” Dean mumbled, heading for the coffee.

“Mornin’,” Sam answered.

Dean stopped, turning to look at his brother.  Something was wrong.  “Sammy?”

Sam picked at a nail in the table, not looking up.

“Sam, what’s wrong?”

No answer.

Dean walked over and sat at the table.  “Talk to me.”

Sam looked up, his eyes red from sleep deprivation, and maybe a few tears.  “Just had a bad dream.”

“About?”  Dean prodded.

Sam cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortably.  “I was in my crib, and I saw it all Dean.  Azazel bleeding into my mouth, mom coming in, him slicing her open…all of it.”



They sat in silence for a moment.  Dean rapped his knuckle on the table, trying to change the subject.  “Want something to drink?”

“Dude, it’s too early for that.”

“Well no shit Sherlock.  It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka, unless you add some tomato juice to it.”  

Sam’s mouth curled up in a half-smile.  

“I meant some coffee or OJ,” Dean clarified.

“Nah, I’m good.  Thanks.”

“All right,” Dean stood, walking towards the coffee pot again.  “You sure?  I’m up.”

Sam huffed a laugh, “No Dean, I’m good.  I think I’m gonna try and get some sleep.”


Dean watched his little brother leave the kitchen, wishing he could help somehow, but knowing he couldn’t, and it broke his heart.

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My boyf is the sweetest thing... I wasn't able to attend prom for personal reasons but I told him to go anyway just to have a good time with his friends. So I expected him to be going but at 7pm on the dot (when prom was supposed to start), I heard a knock on my bedroom door while I was crying my eyes out. I opened it to see my boyf standing there in his prom suit holding a bouquet of roses and he picked me up and twirled me around and we had our own private prom... HSM inspired, I guess!



do not reblog, repost.


FACE SHAPE: square and sturdy; you could break your hand just THINKING about punching his jaw
CHEEKS: has never been real chubby-cheeked tbh; they’re not sunken in, but they’re definitely not squishy either
CHEEKBONES: has surprisingly well-defined cheekbones; they’re not particularly sharp, but they are high and have a lovely shape to them
LIPS: small but heart-shaped; they’re not plump but they ARE kissable; look at them long enough and you’d swear before the Maker that they have to be the sweetest things you’ll ever taste
SKIN COLOR: dependent upon faceclaim since I do change my FCs to adapt to the Hawkes I rp with (so if someone has an Indian FC for their Hawke, I’ll find one for Carver too); by default, though, he has sun-tanned skin; it’s still clear that he’s white, but he does get a nice tan to him in the warm months.
SKIN TYPE: he has disgustingly good skin like wtf; never really struggled with acne; his skin is so smooth??? and clear???; it’s soft except on his hands and feet which are calloused
EYE SHAPE: like a hound dog’s; he’s got permanent puppy eyes; he doesn’t have droopy lids or anything, but his eyes are a smidge on the small side; very very emotional eyes tbh ––– both good and bad
EYE COLOR: a keen, rich blue
EYEBROW SHAPE: on the thin side; you might think he plucks them but he doesn’t; a simple oval shape that tapers off in the outer corners
EYELASHES: thick and dark; average length
NOSE SHAPE: I would almost describe his nose as aquiline except the bridge is straighter; his nose is actually really straight tbh; not too thin but not too wide
HAIR TEXTURE: also FC dependent but by default: silky smooth but somewhat unmanageable; it refuses to lay any other way than how it wants and is very straight
HAIR LENGTH: it JUST brushes his ears in Act I and before; it often goes past his ears in his Warden verse but he tries to keep it cut short; in his Templar verse it’s nearly a buzz cut; in his Inquisitor verse it grows out to like his shoulder blades after Hawke gets left in the Fade
EARS: slightly big for his head but only if you really stare at them; they stick out just a little too


SHOULDERS: god they’re so fucking broad; he can carry the world on those shoulders; he can run a mile with a DRUFFALO on those shoulders; Maker’s breath
ARMS: BEEFY; he probably doesn’t wear sleeves in Act I because he can’t fucking find any to fit his arms; the kind of arms that can wrassle a bear AND carry the weight of your sins; I swoon over this boy’s arms
STOMACH AREA: he actually doesn’t have well-defined abs; he’s a very strong guy, but he doesn’t have a body-builder’s physique exactly since it’s usable muscle rather than for show, y’know?; I suppose I would describe his stomach as firm but it’s not completely flat; does have hair
CHEST/BREASTS: broad-chested, as you might expect; he doesn’t exactly have “boobs”, but like … he’s not exactly flat-chested either ya feel?; also does have hair
NIPPLES: proportionate for his chest I guess; not noticeably large or small y’know?; pink
BACK: errs on the side of muscular like the rest of him; no notable back issues; ????; good luck trynna give him a back massage it’s gonna take a while
HAND SIZE: BIG; he has big, warm, calloused (yet gentle) hands; you take one look at his hands and know they’re the kind that can build a house AND defend it; the kind that can hold you safe and warm all your life; he does not have slender hands at all tbh


HIPS: actually a bit on the small side; they flair out a bit from his waist, but they’re definitely not big; somewhere JUST below average; (his waist is quite small though; shoulder to waist ratio of a dorito)
BOTTOM: nice and firm tbh; it’s not large, but there’s a GOOD handful there; it’s not all up in your face but when you do notice it you kinda wanna grab it. and then keep grabbing it. it’s a nice ass
THIGHS: “THICK THIGHS, THIN PATIENCE” IS CARVER HAWKE SUMMED UP IN FOUR WORDS; like DAMN bruh; he can crack a watermelon with those thighs; he can crack a man’s SKULL with those thighs; he’s got thighs for DAYS; name the next age the Thigh Age they’re so delicious
CALVES: again muscular but otherwise unnoteworthy; proportionate to the rest of him tbh
LEG LENGTH: long because he’s tall af; his torso actually seems a smidge long though, making his legs a smidge short; it’s not truly noticeable though


BODY HAIR: he’s not super hairy or anything but he does have some on his chest, stomach, legs, and arms
SCENT: usually smells of mud and rain before coming to Kirkwall; after coming to Kirkwall he smells more like wood fire and ash; blood and sweat and smoke follow him in his Warden verse; Templar Carver smells of soap and old paper and wood fire still with an added twist of crisp lightning due to his lyrium intake; Inquisitor Carver still smells of lightning due to lyrium intake but also of salt and of the earth after a harsh rain and of ash
HAND NAILS: he keeps them neatly trimmed in all verses, but they still get dirty due to the fact that his hands just get dirty in general
TOENAILS: same deal as with his hand nails only they don’t get dirty like his hand nails because he always wears shoes
VOICE: here are some party banters with him!
ACCENT: noticeably Fereldan, but it actually errs on the posh side; if it weren’t for his diction and just general mode of speech you might mistake him for a noble

HEIGHT: 6′6″ :^)
WEIGHT: it varies based on verse, but I’d say he’s always somewhere over 200 lbs. In his Templar and Inquisition verses, he’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 260 lbs, but he’s smaller in pre-Templar and Warden verses.
PIERCINGS: none at all
TATTOOS: he has a mabari on his lower right abdomen
BRA SIZE: none?
SHOE SIZE: oh fuck I dunnno ––– big? maybe a size 11 in US men’s??? I’m bad at estimating this
PREFERRED CHOICE OF SHOES: favors warm, sturdy boots, preferably made of leather; he prefers wearing just greaves to wearing greaves AND sabatons; he fights on his feet so he just hates sabatons in general tbh
CLOTHING STYLE: really basic? he’s not a fashionable individual at all tbh; he likes warm, he likes comfortable, and he likes sturdy; simple cloths and leathers with just a hint of fur works for him; he prefers neutral tones and doesn’t like to wear bright or flashy colors (though blue looks real good on him); when he’s not in his armor, he likes just a tunic and some pants
GENERAL BODYSHAPE: I would pin him as apple shaped; broad chest/shoulders with a somewhat tapered waist

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my recent gf asked me out at the beach, and we were playing one of her playlists off my phone and it was called "why i love you" and it ended with the song liable which is like "our song" because when she was driving me home after our first date, we saw the city in the night and listened to it on repeat and i sang along and ahhhh im gay

I am crying so hard inside because this is actually one of the sweetest things??? What song is your song??

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My crush is my boyfriend!! We met in high school and he's just the sweetest thing to me, I love him so much. I met him pre-transition, and looking back on him then and seeing what he's become now, I'm just so proud to see it. He helps me with my depression and anxiety, he's so respectful of my needs, and he has the brightest smile <3

Wow, he sounds like The Catch. I’m so happy your relationship is based on mutual love and support! Honest goals. Your pride in him is just so beautiful??? I’m happy you’ve found someone like him. I hope your future is as beautiful as what you’ve just sent me!

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Just been quietly admiring you for a bit now But I wanted to finally say that your art inspires me to keep drawing. Like your stuff is amazing and I love seeing it on my dashboard.

Hello! Thank you so much! That’s actually the sweetest thing! 💚 keep drawing, you can do it!! I really hope you have a great day sunshine! 🌵