this is the sweetest scene so far

Endless struggles of malec fans..

Fans: We want a proper scene of Malec first time.. nothing overly graphic ofc.. but~ a normal proper one.

#Freeform / #Shadowhunters : No worries! You guys gonna love what we prepared for you~! (;●∀●)ゝ”

*proceed to give some ‘faded to black before any actual consent is clearly given’ scene*

Fans: We want more soft!boyfriends #malec~…. please and thank you~

Freeform/Shadowhunters: We got ya back, fam~! (*^∀゚)ъ 

*proceed to…

- Practically show this scene from a galaxy so far away that one needs a high power telescope to see it..

- Deleted this scene completely..

Fans: wth! no no.. as in more casual intimate touching/kissing between them.. nothing over the top ofc~.. just like any other normal couple, y’know~ 

Freeform/Shadowhunters: Ah~..ofc..ofc.. totally got it! ~(^з^)-♡

*proceed to give us Alec being the sweetest most loving boyfriend ever!!!…. to Valentine!Magnus*

Fans:….. Okay you know what, just…fine.. *sigh tiredly*.. could we at least get some sweet hand holding.. this time with REAL Magnus, please~..

Freeform/Shadowhunters: Ofc you could, love~.. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Freeform/Shadowhunters: See how much we love you~~ 

♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪


@magnusandalexander our endless struggles.. amirite or amirite? lol.. ^^;;;

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Vampire!Big Bang

Anon: Can you please do bap and big bang as vampires?

Anon: Could you do a Vampire!Gdragon? How he would be ?

bap version: here!


  • Although he has a coven that he adores and cherishes, he’s still a very solitary vampire. No one except his closest (and I mean closest) allies know his exact age, or his backstory, or how he was turned. There’s plenty of rumours, sure, but no one has the real facts.
  • Although he’s solitary, he enjoys adult companionship from time to time. But once things are over, they’re sent immediately out of his house. He doesn’t do cuddles or relationships.
  • As a young vampire, he was really hurt by someone he gave his heart to, which is what made him so closed off.
  • When you two spend the night together, he sends you off like he would anyone else.
  • “You’re telling me to leave? Aren’t you at least going to offer me a snack? I know I deserve one for my talents last night.”
  • He laughs, never having had someone be so blunt with him in this way. Which is why he offers you a ‘snack,’ some leftover blood from a previous hunt. And as you feed, you both talk and he realizes, hey, you’re pretty cool.
  • Your relationship begins as a purely friends with benefits type deal, for a few decades. But as he truly begins to trust you, to let his walls down around you, the friendship becomes something .. more.
  • You’re still not official, since he’ll never truly heal after his heartbreak, but other vampires know not to touch you; “That’s Seunghyun’s person, they’re off limits.”

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  • The wars he’s seen, the people he’s lost and the fight to survive had hardened him to an extent. But inside it all he’s still a warmhearted boy, who truly loves and wants to feel loved.
  • While he may use a tough love approach to newbies to the coven, he’s doing this to toughen them up, to make them strong for what a vampires life is truly like.
  • As the weakest runt, he’s especially hard on you.
  • He makes you do extra training, makes you work extra hard for your share of blood bags. It makes you hate him at first, until you’re attacked one day and before you know it, you’ve won. Before Taeyang’s teachings, you knew that wouldn’t have happened, that you would be dead instead. And it makes you realize how caring he truly is.
  • When you return, not a hair out of place, you thank him.
  • “What, where is this coming from?”
  • “I just wanted to thank you. From the bottom of my unbeating heart. You’ve done a lot for me. And the other members.”
  • It’s flattering, of course, and also so nice to know that he’s appreciated. His hard training eases up until someone points out; “You have a soft spot for that person. You go too easy on them.”
  • “Yeah,” he smiles, watching you work. “Maybe I am a little soft for Y/N.”

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  • Being undercover was exciting, he found. Nothing like the thrill of being surrounded by food, that thinks you’re a sheep when you’re really a wolf. He jokes with the humans, about the myth of vampires, or thanks them for their compliments. Because not only is he undercover, he’s an artist.
  • With the alias G-Dragon, he makes art pieces that sell for thousands. He’s been labeled ‘Humanities finest painter’ for this work how ironic.
  • And it’s at an exhibition of his latest piece, that he meets you.
  • You do like all the other humans, and compliment his talent. You make small talk, too. Very boring. Until you suddenly say “So are thinking of taking someone here as snack?”
  • He’s shocked but denies nothing. “What makes you think that, little lamb?”
  • “Because the more you talk to me, the darker your eyes get, and the sharper your teeth.”
  • “All the better to see and taste you with, my dear,” he purrs. “But don’t worry, I don’t bite hard. Unless you’d like me to?”
  • This is the beginning of, as his friends call it, a ‘twisted love affair.’ You had a fascination with his kind, ever since your encounter with one when you were young. So he shows off, with his strength and knowledge and his stories: “You know, I was the muse for that composer. Modern books say he’s straight but that man was far from it.”
  • “And what’s your muse?” you wonder. “You have such beautiful paintings, you surely have one.”
  • “Humans,” he replies. “They’re so frail and fascinating. Especially humans like you, the kind that like the danger of mingling with my kind. I could paint a thousand scenes based off of the taste of you on my tongue. The sweetest blood is blood from a willing victim.”

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  • All through the pain, the loss and suffering, he always managed to smile. It was something he had learned when he was human, from his mother. That a smile was infectious, that others gain happiness just from looking at his smile.
  • But sometimes it was hard, when his family has long died out, when other covens went to war against his, when he had to watch people die.
  • In the aftermath of a fight, his coven being once more the victorious party, he finds a secluded area to just sit and think. And to breathe. He no longer needed oxygen but the act alone was somehow soothing.
  • He flinches when a hand grasps his shoulder. “Hey,” you greet him, smiling. “Are you okay?” He vaguely recognizes you as part of the group that joined the coven six months ago. And that’s mainly because of your smile.
  • “How do you do that? How do you continue to smile?” he wonders.
  • “I could ask you the same. You’ve seen far more things than I have and yet you smile so brightly. It’s people like you that make me stronger and remind me to smile.”
  • After this encounter, he finds himself smiling more often and .. Smiling at you.
  • He doesn’t have much spare time but what little he has, he spends it talking to you. About happy things, like your human memories, like the birds singing and the sun in the sky.
  • These talks de-stress him and remind him of the beauty that still exists. Beauty, such as you and your bright smile.

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  • As the youngest, he’s sick and tired of being teased and is always excited when newer, younger vampires join their coven. His teasing doesn’t ease but at least he has people that he can tease. It’s never malicious, more like how an older sibling teases their younger sibling.
  • But you hate it.
  • Since your reactions are the funniest, he focuses the most on you. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of teasing you, of watching your cute cheeks turned red and beautiful eyes narrow and your brows furrow that cute way they do … Wait.
  • After realizing that he may or may not most definitely have a crush, he knows that he needs to hide it at all costs. Unfortunately, the soft look in his eyes is hard to hide and they know, the boys know, and the teasing gets so much worse.
  • ‘Dammit, why couldn’t I have joined a different coven?’

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It was amazing to see that shot of Jon and Dany reaching for each other but not being able to grasp each other but then later on during boat talk, Jon reaches out to hold her hand then she reaches out to hold his hand and he holds on so tightly not wanting to let go. I never knew hand holding could be so poignant and hot at the same time. This scene was so much more than I could ever hope for.


No but in all seriousness this is the sweetest and purest romance the show has ever featured by far. I mean this is sweeter and more loving than Sam and Gilly even. I don’t know how to respond to it. I am overflowing with tingley feels. 

At the same time this is the most terrified I’ve ever been. If the writing takes this away from us I won’t be okay. I mean that. I will need like psychological help hahah I am TOO. INVESTED.

13.04 “The Big Empty”

Fuck. I just watched it and I’m shaking right now I’m SO happy!!

  • Cas. Just. Cas. He’s back on Earth, he’s got his old style back, and his face when he was enjoying the sun was just so pure.
  • Jack and Dean’s relationship is getting better, that’s all I wanted for this sweetie, he deserves it
  • Jack and Sam’s relationship is just amazing, I love how it’s written, and in this episode it was really sweet! The “I do care about you” just melted my heart.
  • Kelly was sorta back and it made me so ridiculously happy because I loved her so much, and I really miss her
  • Misha Collins is absurdly good at acting. The scenes in the Empty were mind-blowing, he is just so good.
  • Mia was the sweetest person ever, and I’ve never been so happy of being called Mia
  • An old-fashioned case was everything I needed, and it felt really good to see the boys together on the road

I am loving season 13 so far, it’s easily my favorite season ever and we’ve only had 4 episodes! It’s mainly because of Jack because fuck is he well written.

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I think Harry as the anti Z will be a big part of his promo. Its there already in AM, 'I have no regrets or complaints', 'our amazing team'.As in I'M not ungrateful, like Z! Which is soo snakey. 1. Because he knows right well the larrie narrative of awful mgt but left all the denials on the others, so theyd take the flack while he could be painted as a suffering martyr by carrying around trinkets or wearing a gd bandana. 2. It should be plain to anyone their wonderful team, with....p2

2. Zionists Winston and Cowell, were never ever going to promo Z as they did H. Making him always shave his beard for the US, erasing his own father, (the only DILF on the scene lol? Because god forbid the world get to know a nice Muslim family as actual human beings? I'td make it so much more awkward to bomb them/profile them indiscriminately :/…p3

P3. Anyway as soon as H started that ‘Im the whitest purest not-Zayn in the world schtick Ive been thinking the about Azoffs have been ‘advising’ 1D mgt for far longer than we think. Because one of the ways band they were heavily marketed to the US was as the anti-Biebers. The politest sweetest whitest angels vs that Usher managed rnb loving brat. ( Hence the extreme bleaching of Zs identity). Lots of Hs promo is subtly aimed at people who r nostalgic for a white past. However to negate that…p

ok so i wanna pick up on one specific part of your message here (i didn’t get anything beyond part 3 so im not sure if there was more :/) but i’ll start by saying that i just flat out agree and retweet everything you’re saying about the way zayn was (terribly) treated [your point about 1d as the anti-biebers is really interesting] and how harry has been positioning himself as the ‘anti z’ like you said in order to capitalize on the critiques of zayn. i feel like this element of harry’s promo is getting a fair amount of discussion from our side of the fandom so i’ll leave it there to allow space to discuss some stuff you mentioned in here that really made think and that i hadn’t considered before 

you referred to the ‘larrie narrative of awful management’ and i think people are REALLY underestimating how much harry has, is and will use this to his advantage. i think this is not just a narrative but an entire mindset about a passive harry, a non-complicit harry. it’s a mindset that has allowed him to be painted as the suffering martyr you mentioned and it is what is facilitating the cognitive dissonance in a lot of fans i think. 

this is the stuff that (in part) blinds people to the double standards between harry and zayn which harry is then able to leverage to posture as the ‘anti z’ without getting any critical stick for it. the lack of control and blaming everything on media/management has always placed harry in a more passive position while louis is often viewed as (though still not in control) somehow more ‘complicit’ or ‘to blame’ or ‘participatory’ in the denials, the stunting, the everything [this is a conversation for another time but it KILLS me how larries fall into this trap and ridicule louis for his personal life drama (stunt or real is beside the point) while harry gets to play both the mysterious and martyr card a lot]. this passivity and mystery/enigma around the harry-side of larry has allowed for a lot of larrie discourse to just accommodate him in whatever way fits their vision of larry if that makes any sense…

i think those larries are in for a rude awakening as harry becomes increasingly more visible with his solo material and by that i mean: (if i was a bettin’ woman) harry will no longer play the passive + mysterious role he has re: larry for all these years and will start talking about being single, his past public relationships (taylor swift), etc. shit he might even fucking deny larry straight up or have all kinds of lady lyrics who knows. obviously this is speculation on my part BUT i feel like im basing this off the early doors stuff we’re already seeing (the mtv snapchat story has a ‘harry on why he’s single’ cover, a few quotes from his interviews have already come out, etc.)

and when/if harry starts doing that kind of het image, active larry-denial (in word and in deed, i.e. getting a girlfriend) that louis/@louis has been doing for YEARS i want to see how larries will handle it and how they will incorporate it into their understanding of harry. will that be the final straw that makes them see the hard truth about harry? i think it’s going to be tough for them to realize that harry hasn’t just being leveraging zayn/zayn leaving for his own benefit he’s been leveraging larry, larries and the benefit-of-the-doubt they give him. but those ties are going to have to get cut when he starts trying to maintain his solo fame with the exact same tactics taylor swift uses

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Part 2 of the "Azula is not like her common stereotype" series: where did people take the idea that Zuko is the hardworking one and Azula is some lazy prodigy? Azula has been established from the beginning as a perfectionist, studied Fire Nation history while Zuko clearly skipped that class, was trained by Ozai from childhood... while Zuko is certainly hardworking in his own way, Azula is undoubtedly the most hardworking, perfectionist, maybe even obssessive character of Avatar.

That one I have certainly pointed out, yes, and @salixj in particular has always brought up this point in her complaints about the series.

There’s a lot about Avatar that’s debatable and questionable, but Zuko’s perception of his sister is one of the main ones if you ask me. No doubt he’s biased because of his own experiences and because she hasn’t been the sweetest sister ever… but he hasn’t been the greatest brother ever either, and yet nobody takes Azula’s words on Zuko as gospel. Nevertheless, the fandom largely takes Zuko’s claims about Azula as absolute, hard truth.

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Some TSOA Fic Recs

Mainly for tumblr user @poe-damnerron​ but anyone should can use them!

The Good Soul by sclarlett_the_seachild

Words: 172k Chapters: 40 (so far)

Summary: When Patroclus, the clumsy son of a disappointed father, is exiled to Phthia for fostering, he feels totally justified in his dislike for the king’s son. After all, who could possibly tolerate someone so arrogant, so narcissistic, and so wholly and completely everything that he wants to be? Rated M for later chapters.

note: I’m still reading this! I’m on chapter 31 out of 40 (it’s still being updated!) and I absolutely adore it.

Tell Me Again by jellybabiestomanual

Words: 907 Oneshot

Summary: “How does that work? Achilles is so far out of his league and he can’t even see it.” - “I don’t get it. It must suck to date a blind kid, and Pat’s not even hot.” - They’d probably thought they were being quiet, but Patroclus is, after all, blind. His hearing compensates. - Or, “blind Patroclus feeling insecure because someone said he’s so plain while Achilles looks heavenly, so Achilles makes a point to describe everything that he loves about Pat’s appearance, in vivid detail, in the fashion of the ‘tell me again’ scene.”

note: literally the sweetest thing ok tooth rotting i love 10/10

Heart of the Ocean by Rainbow_Femme

Words: 20K Chapters: 5

Summary: After winning a ticket on a lucky hand of poker along with Briseis, Patroclus boards the Titanic looking for a change and a better future. After becoming officially engaged to the wealthy Deidameia, Achilles is trying to enjoy his fading freedom aboard the ship. I’m sure you know what happens next.

note: I haven’t read the last chapter yet but I fkn loo voe this fic

Paper Lanterns by Prepare_For_Death

Words: 4.6K Chapters: 3 (still being updated)

Summary: Patroclus, Achilles, and Briseis were best friends growing up. That is until an accidental kiss ruined it. As their senior year carries on, they find themselves becoming better friends than before.

note: this is..,.,,,so pu r,e,…..

Paralyzed by Romanaflowersz

Words: 3.8K Oneshot

Summary: “Truth or dare, Patroclus,” asked Briseis, a wicked smile on her face. “…um”

To Never Leave by somanyfeels

Words: 1K Oneshot

Summary: With a soft sigh, Patroclus’ nose wrinkled. Achilles smiled at that, he was waking him. Slowly and gradually so as to continue his journey across his skin for a few moments more. His lips moved from the face, down his neck, and began brushing against his collar bone while his hands traced the curves of his spine and rested at his hips.

note: i read this before i read TSOA and it is what inspired me to read that gay pile of paper

safrona-shadowsun  asked:

🍓 - What’s your sweetest rp experience so far? 


Nah uh, I’ve definitely written about plenty of sweet moments. Whether it’s been shared between two characters or over the scenes sentiment. I’ve seen my characters triumph and save the day, sometimes in really big ways.

But I think my favorite moments are like right after writing a scene when both muns are fawning over the piece and like going back and forth. Like both being proud of what came out of it and how their character was portrayed, even if it wasn’t a happy scene. Just you know, general happiness over what we managed to create.

Thanks @safrona-shadowsun !

rpshelf  asked:

🍓 - What’s your sweetest rp experience so far?

Hnng… I just… I really can’t pick any individual scene. SO many cookierug scenes with @utameiday… There’ve been really endearing moments with @kulain and @nharuya, and people who don’t have a tumblr, and people who have moved on to greener pastures. I love sososososo many of the experiences I’ve had, and I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed they’ll keep stacking up.

GIL Ash Winters Chapter 2 Part 1

So after everything that went down at the end of the last chapter, my main concern as always is Seymour and his wellbeing. So is he okay? Of course he is and just as happy as ever. 😊

You do realize a dog-lover was responsible for the Holocaust, right? I’m not saying Ash is an evil guy who would commit such atrocities because I really don’t think that about him at all. I’m just saying don’t assume the most evil people are incapable of loving dogs.

Anyways, back to Seymour! 😍

This is the sweetest scene so far! 😭 I’m not sure it can get any sweeter!

And it just did! Seymour’s her rock through all this mess! 😭

So you’re all alone with no one around? Man, a phone would come in handy right about now…

I want to object to Seymour being called a doofus, but I can’t. He’s a Great Dane and as sweet as they are they’re pretty big doofuses.

Where did he get a toy?! Was it Ash?! It had to be Ash, right?!

Uh, no! He’s a Great Dane and unaware of just how big he is. He probably thinks he’s the size of a newborn Chihuahua.

If he’s anything like mine, there’s a risk of him burning down the house, no lie!

I miss Cas. So very, very much.

You all keep posting gifs of my boy, Cas from past seasons…some of the sweetest and most endearing scenes…and it’s freakin’ killing me. I finally understand the phrase ‘I am dead’ now. 

Why/How can this show possibly get this far under my skin? Far enough to rip out my heart and crush it under a truck tire? I don’t understand.

unabashedrebel  asked:

🍓 - What’s your sweetest rp experience so far?

((Sorry this took so long! I have a lot of ‘sweet’ moments, but there’s one in the last few months that was such a fantastic scene, and this is a small excerpt from that. I figured I’d go with something recent with Vinarei vs. the past with Verlai. I had to go back through a lot of RP to find this particular post!))

This happened shortly before THIS took place, when Vinarei was beaten/whipped, left for dead in Tanaris. She’d been returned to Lewes Point, and she was preparing for bed, when she asked Kota to not look at her due to the various fresh wounds/scars that littered her body. She’s already self-conscious of the scar that runs across her face. 

Kota closed the door behind them and turned to look at her blinking, a small smile tugging as he almost commented as if she was joking. He wasn’t used to her ever asking him to avert his eyes from her as she had always done far more than changed in front of him, but he stopped himself and his smile faded as he saw her hunched in the frame of the wardrobe, seeing the pain she went through and knowing that she was already self conscious about the scar across her face. He closed his eyes for a moment, then marched forward to pull the blanket off of her neck to give it a gentle kiss as his hands reached around to hold the clothes she had retrieved. His voice was a whisper still, but he spoke with more conviction than he had all night. “You ask me to look away from something that my gaze never lingered on because of its perfection. Every mark, perfection, and imperfection makes your body your own and the body that I will stay beside for as long as I breath. I gaze upon it because all of these things make it irreplaceable and just as much of a beauty to behold in my eyes.” He waited a moment and then kissed her gently on the shoulder one more time before turning to ready her bed for her, giving her the privacy she sought in spite of his words.

Thanks for the ask, @unabashedrebel!! 

@the-rogue-kota for mentions))

TBBT: The Birthday Synchroncity (10x11)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

OMG!!! And the fandom goes wild… wow, wow and wow. 😆 This precious episode is everything. 💖 All hail to TPTB for a wonderful season. My ShAmy shipping heart is beyond excited!!! So much so, that I’ve watched it multiple times since yesterday. 🙈 Heads up, this may be long but there’s lots to talk about. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Amy’s Birthday:

First, lets remember that Sheldon is set on routines and has an pre-established bedtime. So you all know he waited for Amy to fall asleep (he must have pretended to fall asleep too) and he waited for it to be midnight - he was staring at his watch when the scene started.⌚

BONUS: Sheldon’s party horn had me dying, lol!😂

Then his gift:

A functional MRI of his brain!!! Sheldon is the best gift giver ever. 👍 He may lack some romance but his gifts always go above and beyond and I’ll share a tid bit. 😍

The orbitofrontal cortex is lit up because I was thinking of you

Amy, who is a Neurobiologist, knows what this means. The orbitofrontal cortex of the brain signals an affective reinforcement in decision making. In other words, it assist in decision making and provide sensations of reinforcement to make the decision. The OFC is linked to addictions as people who engage in addictive behaviors are said to be reinforced by feeling good even if the outcome is not good. 

I don’t know if you follow what I getting at but if he was thinking of her when it lit up, Sheldon is saying that he feels awesome and has the feels in any decision where she is concerned. 😲💖💖💖 (He’s not scared, nervous or anxious.) She’s like an addiction that he decided he want because he feels he needs.  

Also, lets not forget Sheldon says the basis of any gift is reciprocity. He believes when you give a gift, the receiver is obligated it to give something in return. We know what he wants - wink.

Sheldon planned every detail.

“I didn’t put on my come-hither plaid pj’s for nothing

He wanted her! This was another of Sheldon’s planned seductive moves! And this for me was EVERYTHING! 

Then we get a scene I have only read or written about in fanfics; Sheldon kissing Amy and gently leading her to her pillow while climbing on top of her. Oh my!!! He got comfy quick, didn’t he?

Let me just say I could watch this a million times and not get tired. Sheldon was sooooo ready! Why, oh why do the TV gods hate this fandom and had them interrupted? 

2. False alarm:

Quick shout out to nurse Althea played by the actress Vernee Watson-Johnson. Her sass and sarcasm is always a welcome surprise on TBBT. Her mamma mia nonsense line had me in stitches. I’m surprised she doesn’t remember Howard since this is the 3rd time she has seen him. I would think a nurse wouldn’t forget the man who came into the ER with a robot hand grabbing his penis, lol. 

Howard, Raj and Stuart are trying so hard to be helpful and they are truly concerned. I’m not surprised Howard’s doesn’t know how far apart the contractions were but Raj did.

Too bad it was a false alarm that interrupted our favorite power couple, who in the meantime are rushing down the stairs. A few quick one liners had me cracking up: Penny’s did she sneeze the baby out (funny). Sheldon rethinking The Flash onesie he got the baby. (cute and funny) Lol! 

But most importantly Sheldon and Amy totally can communicate with their eyes. Anyone catch how they went zooming up the stairs?

3. Raj: new level of cringe worthy:

I know its not Raj’s fault, its the writers. But that was really crappy. Raj blew it by revealing the baby’s sex. Ugh! I literally face palmed. Why? 😠

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

BONUS: Stuart adding fuel to the fire “Told me it was a girl and I didn’t say it” 

4. Second attemp:

Sheldon is not feeling the mood as before. Amy ever so patient and understanding “we don’t have to rush”. Sheldon doesn’t want to disappoint Amy either. This is why this relationship must be protected at all cost, because they do so much for each other. ❤💙💚💛💜

Amy decides to bring out her “surprise” and we learn that trains also turn Sheldon on. The man is a mystery, I tell you.

Amy lets Harry Potter make things hotter. YEAH AMY!!!👍 Can we take a moment to admire how sexy she looks and how nice her legs are? I appreciate this scene much more knowing how hard they are for Mayim and she embraces them and the result is magic. 

Wowza!!! Amy sure knows how to get her guy. Sheldon’s face is everything! 

Amy! You naughty girl! 😒😋🙊And then we get an awesome kiss, Sheldon pulling her close in by the waist, Amy holding him tight. They were already melting in each others arm. Hoo! Then Raj… REALLY?!?!?!


Raj - People just keep kicking me out wherever I go.

 Amy - Good, then you are used to this. (Door slam!)

5. The car ride:

Raj commiserates while the gang tries to help. He blurts out that Howard took 5 minutes conceiving the baby. And we get a little secret…

It took them hours! SCREAM FANDOM!!! 🙈🙉🙊😲Because we knew it! No wonder Amy said he had rocked her world. We know Sheldon is a perfectionist and according to him he excels at many things (except at getting over Amy). 

It’s OFFICIAL ladies - Sheldon is a monster in the sack. ✌✊👏 Sheldon, keep it up. 👍👍👍You are doing it VERY RIGHT! No wonder Amy was okay waiting a year. ROTF And Amy’s smile is represents the fandom.😆😉

BONUS: Nose “boop”. Btw, did you catch how he looks at her? I want someone to look at me the way Sheldon looks at Amy. #feels

6. Howard and Bernadette’s sweetest scene EVER:

I love Howard and Bernie and their on screen time together. But I have to say this is by far my favorite. It was sweet and honest. What a way to honor Carol Ann Susie’s Mrs. Wolowitz.😇 A++ to both of them on their acting an a special nod to Simon Helberg for conveying such real emotion. Did you all see when his eyes welded up? So heartfelt.💔 I personally would have liked for them to name her Debbie which would have been the Jewish tradition but I like Halley.

BTW, lets get this clear - the right answer is SNICKERS. SNICKERS ALL THE WAY!😺🍫

7. They come a long way:

I felt nostalgic with this scene. They really have come a long way, especially our babies. I kind of felt like they are preparing us for the series finale in the upcoming season. Tears.

  • Howard and Bernie are married: Who would’ve thought our favorite perverted mama’s boy would have a stable relationship?
  • Penny and Leonard are married: Who would have thought this 2 would stop behaving like teenager sabotaging their relationship and learn how to communicate better?
  • Amy and Sheldon in a healthy 50/50 relationship and living together: we are all invested in this particular journey so we know how far they have come. (But if Mary Cooper asks, they have bunk beds. Do they think they are fooling her with that? She knows.)
  • Penny has a stable career as a Pharmaceutical Rep: Whether she’s willing to admit it or not, Penny was a struggling actress. I felt bad when she had to live paycheck to paycheck and borrow money.
  • Howard went to space: even thought he was always made fun of for “only having a masters”.
  • Bernadette got her doctorate: Remember when she worked at the cheesecake factory while finishing her degree?
  • Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are working with NASA on gyroscope. I will always root for my guys. They deserve to make way in the scientific community.

7. Raj is a loser?:

Poor Raj 

(gif credit @mavikonvers​)

For God sake just drive in the knife why don’t you?

And Sheldon’s reprimanding Raj for being mean to Stuart: 

Raj, show some compassion. Those are thing we think but don’t say. 

LOL!!! 😂😂😂 Amy has definitely been teaching Sheldon some social skills. And Isn’t Stuart the best? He takes it like a champ but he can dish it to. Example of sarcasm at its finest…

Still a loser or did you turn things around while you were gone?


BTW, the quick take of Bernie yelling in the room when Raj poked his head in made me appreciate the fact that the writers decided not to cover the whole episode in that push, breath, scream, sweat dynamic.😷

8. Baby Halley is born:

Raj being the Godfather is expected. He deserved it. So what if he did blow the whistle with her gender? We can forgive him. He’s been there all thru the pregnancy. I would have like to see Bernie and the baby.

I soon got over it when the baby cried, I almost wet myself!!! That was gold.

9. Hankius Pankius:

Amy looked tired coming up the stairs. Sheldon looked sexy as hell to me.🔥 (I’ve followed HP and let me tell you, he made that look HOT!)

“And now it’s time to complete your birthday celebration”

Enough to shift Amy’s spirits. Notice how Amy went from tired to happy in seconds. Her smile lights up the world.😆 Sheldon went to The Wizarding World but he was totally thinking about doing it. Sheldon could barely wait. Feels and more feels. And we know they did it… FOR HOURS! 🙌

Needless to say, I loved this episode. It had a million Shamy love; kisses, nose boop, Amy and Sheldon side by side at the hospital, hand touching, stares, smiles, flirting and more kissing!😉😍

(gif credit @tbbt-faves)

I’m still recovering from all this. 😉Hopefully it will last me for the Christmas break. I just hope we don’t have to wait another year to see them intimate again. More please?😚

Credits: All gif credits that (except for the 2 identified before the pic) are thanks to the one and only @platypus-quacks-too​. I love her work! Go follow this talented shipper! The still pics belong to CBS.

ephemeral-existences  asked:

Okay, I just got back from reading "Coming Home", and I am frigging emotional right now. All those feelings, I felt them. I for sure don't know how intense their feelings are, but judging from the snippets we see, I don't think your depiction of them are far off. I love your Cole, and your Lili. And fck, I love Dylan! I have imagined them in your scenes, I swear. I am mumbling. I should go and read it again and regurgitate, because I love it so much. It made my heart swell. And I'm-- *sobs*

You are the sweetest! Thank you so much for reading, babe. I’m sooo glad you loved Dylan. It was such a joy to write him, mostly because I had to watch a lot of videos of him to make sure I got his voice right. You know, for *research*. Hehe. Thank you for your kind words and for reading both this and “Tomorrow”. So grateful for your feedback and for YOU. ❤️

Read “Coming Home” here.

anonymous asked:

Do you know were I might watch you mention at the atlcon?

TURNS OUT i just searched for it, and there’s a really awesome quality recording of that panel!

if the time-specific thing doesn’t work, the question is at like, exactly 12 minutes in. it’s super sweet and i’m like [violently hides face in cardigan]

part of me is happy i stayed in the vendor room during this panel, because i would have been a disgusting puddle of mush on the floor

Anonymous said:

Hey. I was just wondering. Are you going to be at burcon this year or nashcon next year?



exciting news about burcon, actually! after the con, i’ll be in burbank until the 19th. so if you’re going to a station breaks show, i’d love to give some hugs there!!

as far as nashville goes, the iowan weather might leave me landlocked. in february we get hit pretty hard by winter!

Anonymous said:

Hey Scout! Do you think you’ll go to torcon next year?

i’d love to! biggest issue would be that, if i did torcon, it’d have to be as an attendee. what with money conversions and all sorts of headache vending in canada would be, the fact that creation is also tacking on a huge price increase would also be a pretty massive challenge. but we’ll see! if i get a steady paying job between now and then, it’s possible!

Anonymous said:

You’re the purest little angel to ever exist, just fyi. bUT I wanted to know what you think about cosplayers portraying your art, and on Rich/Rob being shipped together. Thaanks!

thank you ;o; sO 



cosplayers portraying my art. they are bringing to life (to LIFE!) something that was in my head. do you know how insane that is!? it’s the sweetest, coolest gesture. i really encourage it, too. it makes me incredibly happy.

as far as r2 being shipped together, it’s not personally my thing, but people are into what they’re into! they’re not made uncomfortable by it, and i know i’m not, so more power to the people (in KoC there’s gonna be a scene where they like, literally get married–they are shipping themselves)

i’ve also heard that g’n’g has poured some fuel on that ship as well, which i think is super interesting. it was never the intent, but where i laid out tools of carpentry, some have built a ship with said tools

narrymccartney  asked:



You’re sitting on the couch under the BIGGEST, FLUFFIEST blanket you could find.  You’ve been eating junk all day, and he doesn’t even mind.   Your legs are draped across his thighs and his hands are absentmindedly tracing circles into your skin.  You’re watching all of your favorite Disney movies and he’s so endeared watching you get all excited and sing along to all the songs that you know word for word. You probably don’t even realize he’s looking at you, either.  Like you’re just SO into the movie.  And honestly, he loves it too because it reminds him of his childhood.  He keeps giggling right along with you, although he’ll never tell you that he’s MOSTLY giggling because YOUR giggle is so cute.  And after a while he PHYSICALLY CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE and he pulls you up and into his arms so you’re sitting on his lap and he starts kissing your cheek and your ear and your neck. And you’re giggling and blushing but you say, “HARRY THIS IS THE BEST PART!”

And he only laughs and says, “M’watching, m’watching.  Ignore me.”  But like obviously you can’t, especially when he takes your earlobe lightly between his teeth.  You giggle and scrunch up your neck to cover your ear with your shoulder, and he thinks its the cutest thing he’s ever seen in his life.  He chuckles and gives you a little squeeze, pulling you even closer.  “I love you so much.”

You sigh, pretending to be irritated.  “I love you too but PAY ATTENTIONNNNN TO THE MOVIEEEEE.”

He laughs, kissing the dip of your neck.  “I am! I am!”  He continues to giggle, shifting around a little so you’re both more comfortable.  “I promise.”

You turn to him and narrow your eyes.  “What’s going on then?”


“What just happened in that scene?  Tell me!”

He snorts.  “You act like I never watched these movies when I was little.”

“Are you just stalling because you don’t have an answer for me?”

He rolls his eyes and laughs again, and you can tell he’s in a giggly mood. “Pain in the butt, you are.  But alright.  I’ll tell you what just happened.”  He sighs and trains his eyes on the screen.  “Ummm…. Prince Eric said something and you giggled.  And it was the sweetest noise I’ve ever heard in my life.  And your dimple flashed and it felt like I was exploding it was so cute.  And you hardly blinked at all during that whole scene, because we all know how much you love Prince Eric, don’t we?”  He chuckles at how red you’re getting, and leans in to kiss your jaw. 

“You’re not paying attention the movie at allll,” you whine, although you honestly don’t mind at all.

He laughs.  “No.  Because you–” kiss “–are far more entertaining.”