this is the song on my blog okay

I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)

Bonjour! We all know language learning is fun, but it’s still studying, and sometimes you just get really tired of studying. And if you’re like me and you’re intermediate in a language, it gets to the point where you want to start using the language instead of just endlessly reading textbooks and doing the same practice questions over and over. So I’ve compiled a list of things you could do where you’re learning a language without it feeling like you’re studying!

- ̗̀ Reading ̖́- 

  • Books. Pick up a book in your target language and just read it, with no need to analyze it or answer end-of-chapter questions. Don’t worry about every single foreign word you come across, try to get the general idea of it from the context. But if a word shows up a lot and you still don’t get it, you can look it up! Children’s books are great, too.
  • Comics. Basically just dialogue with pictures to help you understand what the characters are talking about. Need I say more.
  • Blogs. Follow a blog in your target language which posts about something you’re interested in. Blogs usually have less formal language than novels, are of course a lot shorter, and have lots of pictures.
  • Wikipedia. Whenever you’re curious about something and want to casually look it up, switch to the page in your target language. If you want to, you can always read the article in your native language first to understand the topic.

- ̗̀ Listening ̖́-

  • Films and tv. Some have more complex dialogue than others, some have simpler, so there are films and tv shows for almost every level of language learning. If you can’t find a movie originally in your target language, find a dubbed version, it’s better than nothing!
  • Cartoons. Or live-action movies/shows aimed at children. These usually have dialogue that’s easier to understand than those aimed at older viewers. Also they’re fun!
  • Youtube. If you can find vloggers who upload videos in your target language, then go ahead and watch them. Kind of the same thing as with blogs, where the language is more “everyday”!
  • Music. Listen to songs in your target language. It’s okay if you don’t understand everything or even anything, the most important thing is to get used to how the language sounds!

- ̗̀ Writing ̖́-

  • Keeping a diary. This is by far my favourite thing to do when it comes to language learning. The point of this isn’t to write a flawless essay with no mistakes, no one has to read your private diary anyway. The point is to get used to producing a text and expressing yourself in your target language. Start with writing about your day in the present tense. Go on to write about something that happened yesterday. Write about your feelings and what you think will happen in the future. If you want to express something but don’t know the word, look it up. Woo, new vocab word! 
  • Short stories. Similar as above, but experiment with verb tenses and sentence structure. Use the fanciest words you know to make that description extra descriptive. Learn to use idioms and similes and metaphors. Your story can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. And this time, get someone to correct it!
  • Letters and texts. Get a pen pal who speaks your target language, if you can! Or even just an internet friend you can text with. You can even practice speaking with them via Skype or maybe even in person if that’s possible. What better thing to do with a language than do what it’s meant for: communication!
  • Anything else. When writing down your daily to-dos in your planner, write them in your target language. Jot down that reminder on a post-it note but do it in your target language. Anything.

That’s all I have for now, I hope this was helpful and that it has given you some extra motivation to learn that language. Good luck! 

While beautiful wives (and husband) fliers are being drawn, I’m just here busting a lung doodling Lon’Qu

Or should I say Lon’Chuu? ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Sarah’s BTS Fic Recs 2.0

look its a second fic rec post yayyy

M = Mature/Smut

Taehyung x reader. This 2 part series changed my life because I was never about mermaid!bts until this came around?? It’s my number one right now, I’m probably going to read it over again because this was AMAZING. I’m still in awe with how well it was written and it intrigued me from the first sentence. Read it, you won’t be sorry!!!

Jungkook x reader. A comedic, adorable and pleasingly long oneshot with ALL the boys incorporated, which I applaud Ivory on because that shit is hard to do. I love the idea of camping with the boys and really it’s never been elaborated on until this story popped up. 

Namjoon x reader. Ya’ll KNOW I have a total thing for dad!bts and this is no exception and is quite truthfully a new favorite because it’s ADORABLE. If you liked Ankle Biter, look at this one because it is truly sweet and has me all in my feelings ok. Best part is, is that M IS A MUTUAL YAAY

Jungkook x reader. This was the CUTEST thing. Nowadays everything has smut so this was a really refreshing piece of fluff and I really, really enjoyed it.

 Taehyung x reader. I. LOVE. THIS. I have been working on a couchsurfing!au for the past few weeks and this only solidified my love for the concept. This one is amazing, please read it!!

Hoseok x reader. LOVEEEE. Love. Oh my gosh. Sam is such a talented writer and honestly this is one of my favorite pieces from her, and although it’s currently on hiatus the parts are quite long so it’ll keep you nice and occupied. I’m a sucker for dad!bts au’s so here’s another and I am nooot sorry

Jungkook x reader. I thought this one was really unique, a different take on the whole Tinder idea and it was insanely well written, just as everything by @tayegi is!!

Jeongguk x reader. Another mutual that I love dearly!!! This one was really unique as well, I live for mechanic!jeongguk and car smut is the hottest?? thing?? ever??

Maknae line x reader. This one fucked me up and there’s more than one part so be prepared to be extra fucked up? Laura is an AMAZING writer, I have legit read every piece of writing she has written and I need more omg

Jungkook x reader. This one isn’t just plain smut which I love, the author has actually incorporated comedic conversation which I loveloveloved because normally you get some flirting and straight to the smut? Idk I adored this one

Jungkook x reader. OKAY. This one absolutely BROKE my heart and I’m still not over it. I want to read it again but I don’t think my heart can take it; it is beautifully written and I’ve always adored the song linked to this fic but now @jungkxook has put it into words :’)

Yoongi x reader. I discovered this blog and have read everything on it to this point, because WOW. What an incredible piece, it was so sweet and truly a great read.

Seokjin x reader. Always gotta have Jordan on here because her fics are masterpieces, especially this one. How do I even start with this one? One of the best Seokjin pieces I have read, because somehow @floralseokjin dominates in the conversation department (where I can’t write a decent conversation to save my life).

Yoongi x reader. GAH. THIS WAS SO CUTE. Honestly, the author depicts Yoongi so well? I totally think he would react this way as a dad, ha. 

BTS recs 3.0 will be out in a few months once I gather up some more fics :)

BTS as MCR Songs

Yoongi: “I’m not okay”

Namjoon: “The World is Ugly”

Jimin: “Sing”

Taehyung: “Na Na Na”

Seokjin: “The Kids from Yesterday”

Hoseok: “The Only Hope for me is You”

Jungkook: “Bulletproof Heart”

Thank you guys for 20 000+ followers!!! I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog ♡♡ I have so much fun here and it’s all because of you guys~ Thank you for your submissions, asks and messages. I know I don’t reply to all asks but I make sure to read every single one of them. Oh and I always read your tags and they crack me up. Okay I have to go, I have a meeting with satan about cursed kpop songs, bye guys, love you 🌹 - Asia

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Don’t be so jelly  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bts rapper line reaction to you rapping:

Anon Requested: is it alright if I request? I love your blog so far I’ve been reading it all day~ how do you think the rapper line would react to catching their s/o trying to rap along to one of their songs (alas, failing to) in their pyjamas and being really in to it ( pulling off rapper moves and all, full show)

I don’t get a lot of reviews, but my heart grows wings when I get such messages. I am so happy you are enjoying the blog, and this request is super cute I was really excited to do it, so here you go


Rap Monster:

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Okay so you are struggling with his verse in cypher part 2 but getting really worked up nevertheless, and it so happened that Namjoon walked into the room at that exact time. His feet stopped at the doorway, while his brain tried to process what exactly are you shouting about in that horrible rythem. It didn’t take him long to get the whole picture before he exploded in laughter, making you now aware of his presence. “Please go on” he will manage to say between giggles, giving you chance to now attempt rapping yoongi’s part. Swinging your hands and clutching the invisible microphone, namjoon will have a difficult time keeping a straight face.


Originally posted by myjaebutt

“you monster” he will tease you as his eyes fell upon his 3 dollar chains swinging furiously around your neck as you spit incoherent words at your phone. You would think he is mad that you are disgracing his passion with the disaster you manage to pull off cutely if he didn’t have that gummy smile practically reaching his ears. “Omg no that’s not how you say it” he eventually gave up and joined you in your silly party, occasionally teaching you how to rap with the correct word pronunciations.


Originally posted by hoseokayo

Make it a double rap session, because you won’t be making fun of yourself alone. Hobi won’t be able to take the party as seriously as you because he would burst into laughter at your painful attempts to growl fast and impossibly clear, which only results in you mumbling and tripping over words that just can’t seem to be possible to say. But for hoseok that called for desperate measures and now you have a camera shoved in your face as he dances and raps behind it.
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With you, I’m never honest.
Atleast, not about you.

See, I deleted your pictures.. but only from my albums. They’re sitting where I can reach, when my mind decides to run.
And I deleted those text messages, but not from my memory.
They’re just another thing to keep.

And I know you’re moving on, I’ve wished that for you.
But my heart says “why’re you giving up? You know you don’t want her gone.”
As if I have a choice..
Or even a voice to tell you that I’m so scared without you here and I’m lost.
Before, I wasn’t seeing clear and now I’m paying the cost.

But the thing about that is, I’m broke.
I can’t afford to keep slipping. I can’t afford to throw away these emotions I had been missing. That you brought back.

Our story plays on my mind 24/7, it’s basically crack.
I’m addicted.
And I can’t get enough.
Everything I used to feel is so numb to me now,
Like novocaine is filling up my veins.
I keep thinking how
I’m 10 times more f*cked up
without you.
And it’s not like I haven’t tried
To cut it out.
But nothing works out,
The same way that we do..

People tend to say that the past is behind us,
but my past is an obstacle
and I’m racing for your touch.
I can’t seem to tell myself that
I’ve already ran out of luck.
And I’ll be honest for once,
I’ve never wanted a rewind button on my life so f*cking much.
—  Nicole Torres // Excerpt/ E.M ending paragraph; I wrote you a song but I’ll never have the guts to sing it to you;

Charmy Green and his stand 「E G G  M A N」

Egg Man has no powers he’s just an egg and Charmy Green is just a guy who is new to driving and likes to clean.

Ira Tranquillum

So angsty reader insert here cause of past personal feels. Some stuff didn’t actually happen and when you get to the knitty gritty you’ll get what I mean. Big hand as always to my bestie and non blood related sister @alexispoo​ for her astounding editing/beta writing with this fic. I hope you all enjoy and there just may be smut.

Part 1 of ?

With appearances by Dean Ambrose, Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, Nikki Bella and Baron Corbin.

Trying to stir the stagnancy of my blog rn so I hope this is okay for the while~

Also, give this rather fitting song a listen when reading!

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/n, you okay?” AJ asked, his southern drawl forcing you to bite back a snippy remark and sneer as you focused on the punching bag before you. You had been having a pretty fucked up week so all you’d done was go to shows, hotel, rest, gym, repeat.

If someone even breathed you felt like it would set you off.

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Hey howdy folks! How many of you happen to remember IGSAD from last year? Well I thought I’d host it again this year!

This year I’m setting aside a whole week in May dedicated to creative productivity and I’d love it if y’all could join me!

What exactly is IGSAD?

International Get Some Art Done Week (or IGSAD) was started last year after a friend and I lamented how we had managed to neglect our art in favor of other interests/obligations. We both made something of a pact to set aside time the following weekend to making -some- form of art. No other rules were involved. We just had to make anything at all. I decided to extend an invitation to my followers and anyone else interested to make a similar vow or pact for that same weekend and shared the results from the tag.


Well, sometimes what folks need is a promise. Sometimes they need a schedule or deadline of some sort. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much time has passed and something we’ve wanted to do has been left undone. Sometimes we need a support group cheering each other on. I understand such things can cause some people anxiety and actually impede the creative process and motivation for them, but that’s one reason why participation is entirely voluntary with no sign-ups and no obligations.

How do I participate?

Make something. Anything at all. It can be a painting, a drawing, a song, a film, an edit, a garment, a sculpture, a piece of writing, a delicious meal- ANYTHING! Creating something is being creative and that’s what this is all about!

You don’t have to share if you don’t want to. If you want to make something for yourself, that’s absolutely okay and please give yourself a pat on the back! But for those who do want to share, I track the tag (#igsad) and I will be glad to share your results using #igsad_feature on my personal blog! (click now to see the results from last year)

There’s no sign-up. Simply make and share!

Do I have to make something every day?

Not at all. You can use the week to make something every day. You can make something just one day during that week. You can make multiple things through the course of the week. Personally, I set aside two specific goals last year for things that I wanted to work on/achieve that I had otherwise put off.

What happens if I decide to participate and then don’t finish?

That’s cool. It happens. I only finished one of my personal IGSAD projects last year. But IGSAD is glad to see WIPs and unfinished pieces as well! Remember, the point is to set aside some time to work on anything at all. As long as you started something, you’ve accomplished that! It’s up to you if your goal is to push yourself to finish or polish something up.

But I’m not very good at (drawing, writing, sewing, cooking, cosplaying, etc etc).

You won’t get better sitting around wishing you were. Besides, this isn’t about how good you are. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to do. If your concerns about your skills are keeping you from something you want to do, consider IGSAD an invitation to jump that hurdle!

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waaahh!!!! i never thought i’d make it to 1k followers … but i did! and it’s all thanks to you guys ;//v//; thank you so much, honestly. i created this studyblr as a way to motivate myself to do better for myself and my education, and thanks to you guys, i have! i even made some lovely friends here, too; thanks y’all for being such kind, wonderful people - all y’all are the sweetest ∩(´∀`∩)

as a way to show my appreciation for all y’all, i’ve decided to do blog rates! thank you so much again, i just want to give each and every one of you a nice, warm hug. okay aNYWAYS, to be eligible for a blog rate, you:

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that’s all :D blog rates will end on 5/8

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part 1 of: i love this fandom and you guys make me emotional

Everyone is being so sweet and adorable and emotional today and I just felt like I should add my valentine’s sugar to it too. 

I got this blog almost two years ago, not coincidentally when I moved to Texas with just my boyfriend, from Florida from where I had spent my entire life in. I was very alone and since I’m not the coolest of cats, making friends has been…extremely difficult lol.

But getting this blog, and joining this fandom, I’ve really found myself looking forward to come home and see who’s posting on the dash, see who’s chosen to grace me with their follow, or who’s left me a tumblr message (remember, before the IM system haha).

@sinuyasha and @inukag were the first people to welcome me and reblog my writing and just became my overall points of contact for anything fandom related. I felt accepted and wanted and this was the only corner of the entire internet I could really call home. I can’t thank them enough for always being genuine and kind and beautifully forgiving ladies. On top of the fact they’re funny and gorgeous so I really lucked out befriending them. I owe my entire blog to them, and my activity, and my heart.

Later on I’d come to meet my squad, @kristicles @thequeenwillruletheboard @narkik @mirsan and @ohstarfire, and grow an overwhelmingly wonderful bond. I mean dudes, we went to Disney AND Universal Studios together. I’m pretty much married to them. (Which does mean you guys have to give me half your shit in case of divorce). I’m keeping it short for ya’ll cause I don’t care about you at all (I would set fire to myself if you thought for one second that was true). You are my people. You are my shots of whiskey in the dark. 

To the fandom:

I really would have never expected to feel love radiating from some of you towards me. I feel in my heart I don’t even deserve it. I have done nothing (or everything wrong). And you guys posting your fics and your art, and your edits, and all you’re LOVE and you’re FRIENDSHIP, it holds no value because it is PRICELESS. But I feel it towards all of you. I get it. It’s weird it’s unheard of maybe for a small anime fandom, but I FEEL IT. I love you guys. I would never want a single one of you to leave, or if you do have to leave, just please stay in touch. Please keep updating your fanfiction.nets, please keep updating your artwork online when finished, I just…

If you’ve been in this fandom for the past year, you get it. And it almost feels like we’ve all collectively been through some drama here and there together. I’ve made mistakes, I regret getting involved in things all the time, but I appreciate every single one of you who hasn’t deleted me from their life. I appreciate how I can still turn around and count on you guys to be there for me. And I will always be there for you. I love that after a giant cloud of darkness shrouded us, freaking @inuyashapositivity pops up like a ray of sunshine. We are an amazing incredible wonderful fandom and we are loud and vibrant and beautiful. 

@onikik, @little-known-artist @wreathoflaurels, @arnavsinghraizada, @gobodosama, @artistefish @meselfandwhy, @inuijiness @starzki@scribefigaro @smilebomber @kaze-ranna @412rebelled @hanmajoerin @ashcanvas (SHHHH…ASHLEY I DIDN’T JUST ADD YOU THIS MORNING BECAUSE I HAD A BRAIN FART LAST NIGHT…ILY) you guys have seen me at my worst and for some inexpiable reason you’re still my friends and I respect and admire you so so much. I really can’t put into words properly, but my respect for you is something that can and will never vanish. I consider you guys a huge reason why I enjoy the Inuyasha fandom as much as I do. I’m comfortable around you guys and I hope you feel the same way around me. I love you guys, and I would do anything for you. I’d end someone’s life for you. I’d jump into battle for you. I’d throw all my money at your face if I knew it would make you happy. Thank you for being my friends. Really. You are my inner-circle, and without you, I am just a square. 

I’ve met some new people in the past year, who maybe I don’t talk to but I feel like I’ve gotten to know more simply through the small interactions we have, and whom I’m so so so happy joined tumblr to grace us with their content, their presence, and their overall humor and love and joy. 

@grapefruitwannabe, I remember I was in a stream with you and someone was urging you to post your sketches and you were reluctant about it, and god now look at you. Your art is incredible. It’s unique, it has a style, it has movement. You give a tremendous amount to the fandom and you never ask for anything in return. You are so nice too? You know how rare it is to find kind people who are just the sweetest creatures ever? You are a precious cupcake too good for this earth, and we so blessed to have you. 

@sess-kik I knew from the moment you made the taylor swift/kanye west meme, that I regretted not being considered one of your friends. You are fucking oustanding. You are hilarious. You make my ribs hurt. You are like a baby beyonce. I mean that. Picture yourself as beyonce’s’ child because that’s how I view you. 

@justafewsmallsteps you know what’s crazy is that I followed and admired you from afar for so so so long. I am a huge fan. I mean. HUGE. I mean, ridiculously huge. I mean I may have printed out your art and have it stored in my cabinet so I can look at sometimes because I was that (maybe i still am idk) obsessed with your work, and to find out you are a shining ball of sunlight and positivity and love and friendliness. You know…what that feels like ? It’s like meeting a Disney Princess in real life. 

@coquinespike HAHA LOOK SOMEONE TAGGED YOU AGAIN. I’M SORRY. Listen I actually always see you in my notes. I always read your tags cause they’re fucking hilarious. Your comments on things are A+. I don’t know why I didn’t start following you sooner. I am an idiot, what else is new. Cheers to the future.

@keichanz what took you so long to join tumblr, i keep asking myself this question. EVERYONE KNOWS THE KEIZ FROM FF.NET. You are always supporting InuKag and the fandom and there’s a lot of bloggers that I know would not be the same without your presence. I see names all the time that were just quiet little daisies, and you watered those plants and now look at them. You’ve inspired so many people, and you are always just so generous and so loving. Thank you for writing, thank you for participating in events, thank you for being the oil in the inukag gears. Quite literally. 

@lovely-taijiya GABY. DID YOU KNOW THAT I THINK ABOUT YOU ALMOST EVERY DAY. Okay well. Now you do. I get so happy when I see your art on my dash. I get full of butterflies and good feelings. If you were around I would hug you constantly and hold you close to my heart, because you deserve unnerving amounts of love. 

@kag-san you are a gift granted to us by the gods. you are an angel. you are a walking living breathing version of the virgin mary and I would weep at your feet if i could because I think you deserve everything in life and more. Trust me when I say the people who ship things, make me ship things harder. And this candle for KagSan is now a torch and it’s setting my house on fire but I couldn’t be happier. 

@piggy-in-pink you are like Sesshomaru. And by that I mean you are silent and we may cross paths and look at each other and I would be totally fine with you killing me because I admire you just that much. But no honestly, you are wise and clever and I love your work and your existence a lot. Thanks for never changing your url also, it makes life so much easier. (TAKE NOTES PEOPLE)

@mmhinman I remember the first time I went to your blog. You submitted a bunch of wonderful art for InuKag week late, and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe someone would submit SO LATE but also have it be SO QUALITY. Haha. Your art brings me life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough that fate pushed you my way and onto my dash. Thank you thank you thank you. 

@macabre-and-cheese you know that really cool girl in the lunch room who sits with her posse, and is immensely more awesome than you and dates all the attractive people, and knows all the cool songs and she could say “frosty” once and it becomes a meme catchphrase, okay yeah, you know that person? that’s you. on my dash. that’s you. I’m always like “if i reblog this onto my personal, my personal blog gets that much cooler” and I think I have 80 followers on my personal blog now and I owe that all to your and your coolness i swear to god I do. 

@kago-make-dean-some-pie YOUR URL IS SO LONG. EXPLAIN IT TO ME. I love that I’ve gotten to know you better and your AMVs are the bomb dot com. You are so willing to make others feel amazing and wonderful and I hope you feel that way every single day of your life. You are so down to earth and I love you very much.

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Uh… wow. New song in the credits? It’s like… creepy atmospheric whale songs? The heck–

Right. Anyway. This episode was… okay, if a bit predictable. I’ve already forgotten the song, for what it’s worth.

I rate episode 111, Three Gems and a Baby, a 6/10.

And… I have some bad news. This is the only episode I am watching today. I have multiple reasons for this.

1: Yesterday, I blogged essentially five episodes, which exhausted me to hell and back.

2: This morning, I was glued to the toilet for three hours. Right now I feel like dying.

3: My parents have started to comment that I’m getting worn down by this daily liveblogging, so I guess it really must be affecting me in the long run

4: I feel like my analytic edge has dulled since around the middle of Season 3, and in my gut I feel I’ve been doing a bad job liveblogging.

So… Yeah. Sorry. I need to rest.

I’ll catch you with more Steven Universe… in a few days. For the sake of my health. I’ll come back when I’m at my prime. No less than that.