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Monsta x reaction to their best friend confessing to be in love with them

Son Hyun-woo (Shownu)

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“Shownu, I - I think I’m in love with you”

He raised his head in confusion “what did you say?” “I’m in love with you”. He was so happy that he didn’t know what to do, because all this time he had loved you and never confessed anything in fear of you pushing him away. He tried to not show any facial expression, but he hugged and kissed you to tell you he fells they same.

Shin Ho Seok ( Wonho )

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“ I really love your dress, Y/n” “ and I really love you” you didn’t realise what you just said, he laughed confused “what?” looking at him shocked you said “ nothing, I’m just joking” he smiled in a provocative way “ too bad, I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend, but you don’t love me” and he kissed you because he knew you were serious about it.

Lee Min Hyuk (Minhyuk)

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“Minhyuk-ah, I’m in love with you” he showed you the brightest smile you have ever seen “really?!?” And as you confirmed he danced, jumped and acted silly in front of you. “Does that mean I can take you on a date ?” “Yes” he would act silly again “can I ask you to be my girlfriend afterwards?” “Yes” “ that’s supposed to be a surprise, pretend you didn’t know, okay Y/n?” giving you a quick kiss.

Yoo Ki Hyun (Kihyun)

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“ I know we’ve been best friends for a long time, but I think I’m in love with you” He looked at you shocked not knowing what to do as you continued “ I don’t want our friendship to end, but I think you should know about my feelings for you” still shocked he grabbed your hand and said “ I though you would never feel the same way I feel about you” after staring at your hand, he brought his head up and smiled at you you know that beautiful smile he has and finally kissed you.

Chae Hyung Won (Hyungwon)

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“I’m sorry, but I really need to tell you something” he looked at you confused and worried because you sounded very serious about it. “ I’m in love with you” after saying it you took of and he stayed in the room. Before you could reach the door he replied “ I love you too” and ran to you so he could have you in his arms and kiss you for the first time.

Lee Joo Heon ( Jooheon )

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“I’m in love with you” you said very quiet and as fast as possible, like removing a band- aid. At first he stared at you with his bad boy attitude, and you started to cry and ask him to forget about what you said and beg to not lose your best friend. “No, no, no please stop crying” he hugged you “ I love you too ~” acting in his cute way and kissing you .

Lim Chang Kyun ( I.M )

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He was teaching you how to rap and you accidentally confessed in your rap, he laughed embarrassed at you “ I know you only see me as a friend, and I’m sorry I grew feelings for you but don’t let this ruin our friendship, please” you said. He gave you a shy smile “ why wouldn’t I be in love with you too. I mean, you’re the girls I trust the most and you’re intelligent, beautiful and my friend” and he kissed you impulsively.

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Hi! I love your work and I just wanted to ask how did you go about to get your foot in the door in the industry? just curious.

I fell in it…


It was a matter of showing my work to the right people and it started with a domino effect that is still happening now. 

I showed my work to one of my friends who work at a comic shop in my local city. then they showed it to the branch manager who was starting out writing comics and we did a 5 page short for a small publisher…then he got me in contact with another writer who (thanks to previous writer) we did a one page short story in the Thought Bubble Anthology 2015.  

Though this said comic shop has many, many links and contacts. It’s a major player in organising Thought Bubble.

And then….Said previous friend I did my first comic with, introduced me to Richard Starkings who happened to be doing a signing at the comic shop the week of the convention. 

He saw my page I did…and said to me ‘Are you bringing a portfolio this weekend?’ 

I said ‘Yes, i’m nervous but yes’

He then went to say “I want to see it….”

If you don’t know who Richard Starkings is, he’s the writer of Elephantmen, one of Image Comics longest running series. And he also happened to found the company that would ‘digitise’ Lettering in the industry.

I didn’t know this at the time….

But….I went with my portfolio….in my Doctor Strange cosplay….(Ha I know) around the convention and I took my work to artists and writers. Al Ewing , Kev Walker, Lee Garbett, Ben Templesmith to name a few.

I went over to show Richard, showed him my work and his response was..

“will you illustrate a cover for me?”

I wanted to cry honestly…. overly giddy I said ‘Yes!’

I then ended up spending 2 hours with Emma Rios, sitting with her at her signing table, showed her my work and we talked about Doctor Strange, did an art trade (as you do).

That show was insane! in fact everything at the time was insane, because I saw the premiere screening of Doctor Strange the weekend before. (how that happened is another story entirely)

So I went to do the cover, and here is where is got too good to be true…

Richard messaged me after he saw the cover and said “Would you like to do the interior?” 

I screamed at my computer…I fib you not. 

I agreed to that.

Did the comic…(i laughed, I cried, I did all-nighters, I punched the air in victory)

And found myself at the next Thought Bubble Convention (2016) exhibiting for the first time!

I have since done some mini-projects, design work for an indie horror film, printed a little art book, Prints, Bookmarks, featured in Imagine FX magazine, contributed to a special 30th anniversary of John Carpenter’s The Thing Artbook (so many big names in that book). And I am now working on a NEW project with Richard that he initially pitched to me about a year ago but has become something quite amazing. So i’m doing the design work on that.

It’s called ‘Ask For Mercy’

But I can not say much else beyond that sorrryyyx

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1/2 You were curled up against Buckys chest reading a book with Steve's head in your lap while he sketched. Bucky let out a sleepy yawn and bumped you "Doll,Stevie how bout we call it a night?" You whined and said "one more page ok?" Steve adding in "and I'm almost done with this" Bucky grumbled but agreed his head settling in the crook of your neck. Soon you realzied he had fell asleep. You tapped Steve's shoulder and pointed to Bucky. Steve smiled and whispered "I'll just show you then"

2/2 He turned his sketch pad around and you smiled at the drawing of you,Steve and Bucky. It was posed like the one Wanda had snapped of the three of you but Steve had put you in a suit and himself and Bucky in 1940s style dresses. You giggled and said “I love you Stevie” he leaned up and kissed you and said “I love you doll” “I love you both now can we go to bed” Bucky said grumpily making you both laugh.

omg grumpy Bucky hahaha - Gen

Fluffy Friday™


“I was probably 18 years old, is when I felt like the flip happened. I didn’t feel like it was about my art as much. I was on the fourth season of the show, and I felt like I was outgrowing it. I wanted something different and obviously I fell in love for the first time. There was all this stuff that was happening and I didn’t know what to do.“

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What about young dirk becoming infatuated with a random blackwing guard who isn’t actively horrible and chats to him occasionally because he’s starved of human connection and emotional outlet :(((

This kind of hits on my Big All Encompassing Thought atm which is “Why is Dirk reasonably socially adjusted but Bart looks like the result of the Mouse Utopia experiment?’

Dirk is able to communicate, emphasise and fit more or less into modern life. We can see he is able to feed and dress himself - and although he seems to have some trouble understanding other people’s motivations (“Are you… mad at me?” and the awkward friendly Farah pat) he is able to emphasise (“You fell in love…”) shows he did have some social development. I mean, we’re told in Season 2 that Dirk was able to socialise with other Projects - and maybe there were some Black Wing guards in there too.

But BART, man. Bart shows none of the behaviour we would expect of someone socialised at a young age. She regularly stoops and seems malnourished. She is very non-verbal, and seems unable to empathise (I can’t remember the exact quote but “When they’re dead they’re not happy anymore!”). It’s probable that she was one of the ‘dangerous’ projects and kept isolated, even from guards.

So - going back to the original prompt - Dirk should be, in some ways, really grateful that Black Wing made the choice to socially develop him. Because we know the alternative and - for someone who is not made immune by the universe - his life would probably have ended well before it began.

Undertale World-building

This is going to be a post using (poor) pictures of the Undertale art book to help further Undertale world-building for anyone out there interested in this sort of thing.

This is just for fun! Not saying any of this is canon, just saying it’s in the art book so… maybe?

Let’s begin!


Concept art for Toriel’s house

“Toriel’s house was supposed to look like a house, but no one drew it. So I just went with default tiles. She was going to have a water wheel to explain where her house got electricity. It was also why I included the water earlier in the ruins.”

This single-handedly explains why I fell in love with @beabaseball‘s Microwave Grapes as much as I did, because from the few fics I read she was the only one to go in-depth about how most of the underground got it’s electricity from water wheels. Aside from the bioluminescent mushrooms and the CORE, there isn’t really anything that shows how the underground was powered, and going from glowing plants to a geothermal plant is a pretty big leap, so I think it’s amazing that this is touched on in the art book.

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Hey guys

I technically should be asleep but I’m not even tired/way to much stuff on my mind

One of the things on my mind is people I meet on here

Honestly I wouldn’t be on here if it wasn’t for Kitten // @ask-thenorthamericanfam mun// for inspiraing me to

And since I’ve been on here I found and fell in love with some amazing blogs like: @ask-merman-oliver @ask-monster-hunter-jones @ask-monster-hunter-oliver @askhunterludwig @ask––gerbleg//idk why their account won’t show up owo

And I made some friends//also people I consider to be my friends

@askminne @ask-china-town @ask-cali @ask-indian-ocean @ask-the-pacific-oceans

But I also come to realize that some of my friends don’t like me all that much anymore…

I know they hate me…but I’m used to the pain

I’ve been hurt so many times…but over the pass few months the ones that actually care for me stay around

Also seeing the lovely blogs that I love and inspire me are the reason why I’m still on Tumblr

And all my followers…I want to thank you all <3

I know I’m not the best at drawing but I’m a self taught artist and all I can do is get better

Anyways I just wanted to say some stuff that’s been on my mind for a while now..I hope you all understand

~Mun Cass/Cj

My Thoughts on the Chris Savino Controversy

I’m not going to lie, when I heard the Chris Savino news, my heart just sank.

It sucks because I love The Loud House, it was the first modern Nick show that I generally fell in love with and it’s a great example of what a good kids show should be. But as always, we kinda keep forgetting that our entertainment is made by people and we keep forgetting how awful and vile some of those people truly are.

Now I’m not here to convince you of Savino’s innocence or guilt, chances are you’ve already made up your mind about him when you heard the news. But one thing is for certain; The Loud House as a show can never fully recover from this, for there will always be people who will associate the show with Savino and they’ll boycott it and the quality of the show going forward will not be the same.

Let’s be honest here, Nick doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to creators stepping down from their shows, Spongebob has been going downhill since 2004 and the Fairly Odd Parents is on its death bed. And sadly The Loud House will suffer the same fate as well, make no mistake about it, despite this controversy, the show is still Savino’s baby. The basic premise was inspired by Savino growing up in a house with a lot of sisters and the style of the show was based off of the Newspaper comics he read as a kid. Not to mention the fact that he directed most of the episodes.  

Best case scenario is that they keep the current production staff and just hire a new director. That way the show’s quality will stay the same going forward but I don’t think it’s going to be that easy, as nothing in Hollywood is ever that simple. I just feel sorry for everyone in the production staff whose careers are forever going to be tarnished by this controversy. Not to mention the fact that was talk of a theatrical Loud House movie set to come out in 2020, but chances are that got scrapped.

It’s a lose lose situation for everyone in the end, but the best thing fans of the show can do now is hope for the best and try to stay positive, don’t let this controversy ruin your enjoyment of the show, keep supporting the show until the very end. Even if things get crazy and believe me they will, don’t let your love for this show die out because of this news.

And that’s all I’m going to say on this matter, I will still support the show and I will try to hope for the best outcome. As that’s all any of us can do at this point.

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You say it's Alec stans coming at you when you had anons pissing their pants because Magnus showed a little vulnerability but hey Alec stans are the worst because they point out when he's treated like garbage.

I find it hilarious that you bring this post back to fandom and fiction when it’s totally unrelated :) I’m asking about how to deal with racism in real life tactfully, good god

And I adore Alexander Lightwood. I am beyond sick of being told I’m some Alec-hating monster. Alec - and his “relationship” with Magnus - was literally the reason I got into the SH books. I picked CoB up randomly, and I fell in love with the world, but I also fell in love with Alec. It was the first time I’d seen a gay character in YA fiction. I ended up loving Alec’s character for a lot more than that, especially in the show.

And, an aside, people telling me Magnus shouldn’t be allowed to show vulnerabilities irritated me just as much as people accusing me of Alec-hating, I don’t know why you’re acting as though it didn’t.

So quite honestly, anon, get out of my inbox. You don’t know me. Take your accusations somewhere else.


Which do you prefer?

Steven Universe:  A Thousand Years

Watch here for full HD quality.

Relationships for writers

I’ve been doing more writing recently (cough fanfiction cough) and noticed the romantic relationships I was writing fell into categories based on their foundation. And because I’m ~that~ type of person I made up little guides for each of these categories. Thought other writers might find it helpful too…

Feel free to add on!

Built on: chemistry


Strong start


Sex is not a replacement for talking

You might hear this couple say:

“It was love at first sight”


Ariel and Eric (the little mermaid)

Red and Kitty (that 70s show)

Tony and Maria (west side story)

Built on: Friendship


Common interests outlast infatuation


Differences in life goals or living styles

You might hear this couple say:

“I’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend”


Monica and Chandler (F.r.i.e.n.d.s) 

Carl and Ellie (Up)

Aang and Katara (Avatar the last airbender) 

Built on: loyalty


face everything as a team


Is it love or adrenaline

You might hear this couple say:

“I trust them with my life”


Han and Leia (star wars)

Katniss and Peeta (the hunger games) 

Mulan and Shang (Mulan)


Agents of SHIELD Summer re-watch ✿ 

↳ Season 1 Episode 12 - Seeds

“That’s the thing about Skye. What I told her shattered her world. Her lifelong search led to stories of murder, and now it’s too difficult to continue. Her search is over. Her story ends here. But you know what she said? She said “no”… her story started here.“


My goal in life was to be less than you. It was not my choice, it was my duty, so I would not be the cloud in front of the sun. You think it’s hard to be a king? Try being a king’s brother for a day.