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ok so yall? im gonna isolate for a while. tumblr has become tiring for me so im just going to do my thing, make my shitposts, reblog shit, but i wont interact for a while sorry. im closing my ask box and wont be looking at my notes but you can always hmu in messages! know that i might take a while to answer though

I’m so glad there’s a backlash against hindutva shit on tunglr.hell, because there used to be a big push to get a foot in the door for that bullshit (usually the pattern was some hindutva prick who dressed up their bullshit in SJ/anti-colonialist language, followed and reblogged by a gaggle of clueless, mostly white SJ bloggers who wanted to get #woke cred, and would go full attack-dog on anybody who criticized or questioned op)

some bi/lly & ste/ve shipper in the tags : uwu nanc giving bill/y the talk that If You Hurt Him, I’ll Kill You 

# 1 ste/ve deserve better, stop… stop that… that ship is the fucking. most nasty shit & # 2 do u think she’d need this ship as an excuse to say that to him

Omg so I’m at the cafe by campus and this guy came in and went to hug this chick but she went in for a fist bump

Net Neutrality: What it is and What it isn’t

I care about net neutrality a lot, yet I haven’t reblogged any posts about it yet. You may be wondering why and simply put, the misinformation on this site is pissing me off.

Many of you may have seen posts going around with pictures like these:

They’re very scary and compelling. They illustrate a dystopian future where websites are sold like cable packages.

The problem is they have jack shit to do with net neutrality and what the FCC is trying to do, and frankly it makes those of us trying to protect net neutrality look completely ignorant.

So, what’s actually going on? Sorry, but it’s not as interesting as the pictures convey. If you don’t read between the lines it’s going to seem like boring shit. Sorry, guys, but the way that scary as fuck legislation gets passed in this country is by hiding it in a mundane, boring package that no one cares about or pays attention to.

So, what is the net neutrality that’s in jeopardy? Back in 2015, broadband providers became reclassified as common carriers under Title II. The FCC actually pushed for this Title II reclassification at the time so they could come up with stronger Net Neutrality rules. Basically, the FCC has legal authority to keep companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon from interfering with web traffic in any way under Title II.

So what’s happening now? Trump’s FCC chairman and Verizon’s bitch, Ajit Pai, wants to reclassify broadband providers as Title I, and let the internet providers, companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, do whatever they want to control web traffic. This includes slowing down service by means of bandwidth throttling.

What does this mean for the internet and how we use it?

1. Companies will have to pay extra money to the internet providers, so their web traffic isn’t interfered with. This will seriously harm up and coming websites. If Google was invented post net neutrality they never would have been able to flourish in the way they have. They likely never would have gotten off the ground which is why even big companies like Google and Facebook support net neutrality.

2. The internet could turn into an oligopoly with only the big companies like Google able to pay enough to keep web traffic flowing. If broadband providers are able to interfere with web traffic to smaller sites there will be no competition on the internet as a marketplace. Oh, you’d love a version of Amazon that doesn’t treat it’s workers like shit and actually cares about mitigating its environmental impact. Too bad, the website is slow as shit if it even loads at all.

3. Any websites the internet providers disagree with will have their web traffic interfered with. This includes important social justice movements like BLM, LGBTQ pride websites, antifa and so on.

Please stop spreading misinformation about net neutrality. These are the facts. Visit for more.

not that i’m smart enough to figure out full theories or anything but this definitely seems to have a lot to do with separation and coping mechanisms??? if the girls represent this somehow, jungkook’s girl is probably gone because he has recovered and can walk again, taehyung gave himself up to the police and thus separates himself from the girl in the alleyway, namjoon places the hair tie with the girl and leaves her on the bus, etc. the only one that doesn’t get ‘separated’ so to speak is hoseok, which is an interesting parallel as it was evident in the first reel that he was previously separated from someone in the past.

The thing that’s honestly hilarious about aggressive and moralistic anti shipping movements is that it literally does not matter at all.

Nobody outside of a very niche bubble and a small number of people even remotely gives a shit. They pour all this time and energy into something that absolutely nobody in the real world outside of the Internet gives a flying fuck about. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.


I haven’t logged onto tumblr in a long long time but I’ve been having a really bad time and I’m in desperate need of help.

I’m currently being kicked out of the house that I’ve been staying in for the past 2 years due to space issues and now I’m facing the threat of going back to living with my parents. If you don’t know how EXTREMELY bad this is for me - I’m gay, and my parents have tortured me over it both physically and psychologically. Going back to live with them would put my mental health and safety in grave danger and I’m not sure if I will even be able to survive it again. I have attempted suicide while living under their roof due to the conditions that they put me under and I would honestly rather live in the streets than to go back there again.

I have found a place to stay, but they demand that I immediately pay the first month’s rent as well as the deposit. I have just barely enough to cover the deposit, but not the first month’s rent which is around 500 USD. I will be able to support myself after the first month but right now, basically:

I have to come up with 500 USD before the end of June.

I’m completely desperate right now. I knew this information well before June even began but I never even considered posting an ad here on tumblr because I hate asking people for money as I have nothing to give in return. I really don’t know what I can do to pay anyone back. I can reblog more aesthetic photos, write you a letter, draw something, I don’t know - anything. I’m desperate right now and this is my last hope.


Thank you so much for reading. If you can, please reblog this to spread the word. I’m so grateful for anything you might be able to do.


    As of yesterday: July 2, 2017, around 4-4:30 p.m, I have gotten into a car accident while on my way to PNC bank to get my father’s rent money. No serious health damage has been put on me nor the other driver thankfully, but as you can see, my car is very fucked and considering the mileage on it, it is most likely gonna be a complete loss, so I have no car anymore. Life for me has been fucking hectic as shit, but the main issues are finding another job because my current job doesn’t pay me enough for the shit they put you through and I absolutely hate it there. Not to mention, I work outside in the heat in a theme park, and I’ve became so stressed that I wouldn’t eat or drink, severely dehydrating myself and ending up having to go to the hospital a few weeks ago. I got medical bills piling up and my lawyer hasn’t been doing shit for me, just been sitting on his ass. I have rent money that I need to give to my father this month and now I need money for a new car. Currently I’m still employed but not for long, because I ended up putting in my two weeks and my final day is this Saturday and I can’t resign it. If I would of known this shit was gonna happen, I would have never put in my two weeks in the first place. The month of June has been completely miserable and now July is gonna be no better. I’ve been looking for a new job endlessly and been applying to many places, I’ve just been overall overwhelmed and I seriously need some help.
    I feel completely ashamed and embarrassed for asking for help, hell I probably won’t even get it since I’m not that popular online, but I would severely appreciate it if you can help me in anyway you can! Whoever offers to donate or buy my adopts will get free sketch(es) or more! I hate the position I’m in, and I take no pride in asking for help, but I’ve become desperate and all of this is very stressful. If you are interested in commissions, adopts, or donations, please PM me on any of the sites listed below. Thank you, and I’m sorry. 

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APR 30
A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y

Me, after doing something self destructive: Why am I in pain?

Friendly fucking reminder that:
  • disabled characters don’t need to be “fixed” or “cured” to have a happy ending 
  • the trope of the ambiguously mentally ill villian is disgusting
  • ditto for the Ugly Disabled Villain trope 
  • A redemption arc for villians should not include “fixing” disabilities
  • My disabilities are not your fucking metaphor so stop using using them as such