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On the phone number contacts for the health care bill you reblogged you said not to waste time with Ted Cruz or Rand Paul ( I dislike both strongly for a plethora of reasons ) but I think AP got a quote from Rand Paul that he and 3 (?) other republicans wouldn't support the current re write of the bill ?

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are full of shit. They’re posturing and making speeches to appear like they aren’t going to vote for the bill, because it gets them lots of free and positive media. Cruz is trying to rebrand himself as a power player in the Senate (everyone there hates him) and Rand Paul is trying to score points for yet another run at the White House. 

Those three are about as useless as McCain, and almost as loud. Focus your efforts on vulnerable senators, and senators who may have some ability to look past party loyalty and consider how many people are going to suffer and die if they pass this garbage.

hfhfhfh okay so this is going to be about the tags in the prev post that has shit abt the bpd community here on tumblr (which is like okay yeah i find posts that help me feel less alone and stuff and stuff i can relate w but like…. *sigh*)

(before we actually get into this i just wanna say i can’t speak for EVERY PERSON who has bpd or any other disorder. this is just my opinion and how i see things and if you wish to POLITELY talk to me about it I’d prefer if you’d do it off anon and explain calmly if you have anything against this post/anything i said, etc. Just a nice calm talk please)

Okay, so like i get it, it’s fucking hard to deal w splitting/not getting attention or reassurance due to our lack of relationship object permanence/having a shitty mindset that makes us believe we are horrible/etc. etc. but???? that should never EVER be used as an excuse for any action that is horrible/bad/abusive?

like yeah okay, we split with people but like why not try asking for some time alone so you can calm down or try talking to someone else if you’re okay with that to help you chill out?? (idk, each person w bpd has different ways to cope w splitting ig) but don’t?? suicide bait someone???? because they said something you didn’t like/aren’t paying attention to you??? that’s literally so horrible and idc if you have bpd or what other disorder/mental illness. You don’t do that shit that’s fucking horrible.

People not CATERING or ADJUSTING to your needs should not allow you to be abusive or show abusive behaviors and when someone tells you that you are being abusive you DON’T try to defend yourself and JUSTIFY your actions by saying you have ____ etc. because it doesn’t justify it. You should admit to your mistakes and behavior and WORK on them to try and be a better person.
It is gonna be hard work and honestly it’s probably not gonna entirely go your way but if you work on it little by little it probably will get a bit better instead of just not trying and lashing out at people constantly.

the post I linked (and the post that resulted in this post) honestly had some good points. You shouldn’t turn these things into a cute quirks or whatever. It’s true that some of the images in that post is what most of us would feel and relate with but if you have some way to like deal with it in a healthy manner/cope then that’s good! but if you don’t you should probably try finding a way to help you cope for the time being? instead of lashing out and being angry at people/the world for a problem/behavior you could work on fixing a bit (like I said, it won’t be easy)

There are good people in the bpd community that understand these things and that’s great!! Awesome!! but for those who refuse to try and change and want people to cater to them then my dudes… you’re not going to have healthy relationships if you’re gonna be that way. Sorry to say, but that’s just how it is and it really comes down to you trying to fix your behavior (on your own or with help. It’s okay if it’s either one, so long as you try my guy). And if this means analyzing and reanalyzing the things you do/your behavior and finding out what IS abusive and you changing that then do it.

i don’t interact with this fandom anymore but i will say this:

if you’re a g/ntama blog with lots of followers you have an even bigger responsibility to protect minors from harm; that means recognizing that crapikagu (okik@gu) IS pedophilia/abuse and ignoring this and allowing it to happen by reblogging fanworks or following people who ship them is only creating a safe space for pedophiles.

Thank you so much (>^3^<)

Thank you all for your nice and sweet comments on the first chapter! They really made me blush! Thank you so much!! I’m so happy that you liked it and it motivates me to continue.
Plus, some of you gave me some great reviews so I’m going to answer them on this post, because I don’t wanna spam the blog by all the reblogs (especially because the post takes a lot of places) and if I answer in notes, it will be with my main blog (I don’t know how to do it otherwise).

Also, yes! I’m definitely going to continue the comic, I plan to do minimun 7 chapters, some longer than other. SO YAY!!!!

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​ - The post was already long as it was, so just gonna go ahead and post Brutus’ Rebuttal over here instead of reblogging it. Also forgive my shit, inconstant art. 
If there was one thing about Eve that Brutus liked… Well it pretty much is the only thing… It’d have to be how she can actually keep up with him, just made it all the more fun in his eyes. Especially since she was so easily accessible too just one yell of “Bitch” and she’d just appear ready to fight. Fighting with her was more or less the best times he had in his very misery filled existence. Couldn’t help but like the time they spent together even if it was mostly fighting and arguing over food and killing his underlings within his land.  

Upon getting tripped up by the she demon catching his lower half off guard, Brutus lands on his back instinctively getting his upper half back up off the ground. Although upon looking up he see’s Eve going in for a second strike while he was down, most likely trying to skewer him in the head or chest region with her claws. But before she can Brutus side rolls out of the way as Eve strikes nothing more than the grass and earth beneath them. Getting her shadowy tools of murder stuck in the ground but promptly pulls them back out. 

Brutus after reaching a safe distance from the Primarina’s strike gets up only to proceed to wag his pointer claw and taunt her. “Ah ah ah~…” Brutus jested. “Now Eve where’s the fun in knocking someone over? I mean I know you wanna try and beat the guy, whose been able to knock you flat out multiple times… the only one at that~…But I mean come on~… It’s more fun when I’m top~…” He then began to Aqua jet once more in a circular motion around Eve giving her a chance to retort. Before the next assault began.

“Aw Brutey what’s wrong? Can’t handle a little foul play? I thought you could handle more than that…” She merely watched as Brutus circled her, as Brutus was merely preparing for his next move. Using the Aqua Jet as a way to buy a little time, make her believe he had something new up his sleeve. 

Soon enough Brutus comes charging at Eve in his Aqua Jet with his claws on his sides ready to strike. Zoning in on Eve he begins to swing his claws in a beserking manner. Upon getting in striking distance of Eve, she counters by clashing her claws with his causing a spark to form from the impact. Brutus doesn’t let up and almost like a pair of sparring samurai they continue to clash claws, like two swordsmen going at it on the field of combat. In which he was very much keeping the attack going. Bringing his weapons against hers in an attempt to break her guard and cut her down. Of course the Aqua jet using to propel himself forward only to enhance his hard hitting wasn’t exactly helping Eve in that case. With each hit Brutus kept making Eve slide back a small amount only to hit claws again and again. Brutus wanting to slash her down, murderous intent in his eyes.

The thing that’s honestly hilarious about aggressive and moralistic anti shipping movements is that it literally does not matter at all.

Nobody outside of a very niche bubble and a small number of people even remotely gives a shit. They pour all this time and energy into something that absolutely nobody in the real world outside of the Internet gives a flying fuck about. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.

facts about each sign

* check ur sun & rising *

aries: they are kinda the loudest in their circle of friends, no matter how aggressive they may come off as but they are actually very emotional ppl.

taurus: they are really laid back people, not really into getting into much drama but they like to keep things running smoothly.

gemini: they love talking shit because they get a kick out of putting people in their place and they let things go easily just say sorry and mean it.

cancer: the mood swings are fucking true and they most definitely catch you off guard, but these guys are really cute and overprotective over someone they really care about.

leo: they can be a bit standoff ish because of their confidence and they vibes they give off, but these people are willing to do anything for the people they are close to and they love putting themselves in situations they know they can accomplish, with or without any help.

virgo: some of the things virgos say hurt because they have no chill button when it comes to them calling a person out on something, they aren’t the clean freaks or nerds people say they are; they are just private and way too cool for you.

libra: they are most likely to me a loner or a social butterfly with no limits literally everyone fucks with them heavy or knows about them, only because they are very open people and aren’t really afraid of comforting someone new.

scorpio: scorpios are hard to pin down, the only reason is because they can come off cold and distant just like a cap or aquarius. they give off this vibe only to tell you they aren’t the ones to fuck with, no one will ever get the chance to cross them twice one strike you’re out there is no seconds chances.

sagittarius: sags are very blunt people, they can be a bit tooo blunt and hurt peoples feelings because of how harsh they may say things. but these people love freedom and having their own space, they are literally claustrophobic af keeping them still is not a good thing.

capricorn: the most misunderstood sign, they like their alone time and hate not having control over their emotions. literally their biggest downfall is over thinking damn near everything, it’s something they can’t pin down and that’s why they NEED stability.

aquarius: they are the biggest weirdo in the zodiac, they are really hard to understand but they don’t put themselves out there because they feel as they don’t have to. many get upset because of how closed off they come off as, that’s not their intentions its just you maybe need to mind your business sometimes.

pisces: pisces are psychics I swear , they are the second weirdos because they are really different in many unexplainable ways lol. they can be a bit manipulative and naive.

What the signs do that annoys people

aries; talk too loud and too much

taurus; making a joke out of eVERYTHING ( everything isnt that funny bITch)

gemini; finds a reason to debate with someone on something all the time for no apparent reason

cancer; take their moodiness out on someone else

leo; think they’re right 24/7 (exactly why I can’t along w leos lmao)

virgo; them over analyzing shit

libra; flirting w everybody / being way too friendly

scorpio; being overly aggressive or possessive over something or someone

sagittarius; being too blunt

capricorn; their stubbornness ( don’t argue w a cap even if they’re wrong they’ll keep going until you back down)

aquarius; how confusing, distant and cold they are

pisces; being such an air head

the anti shaladins/lotor follow list

Since i follow a bunch of awesome people and my dash is totally clean, i gathered these amazing people (and recomendations too) to help those looking for safe blogs

now, this is not a hate list. if you ship shaladins/lotor just stay on your lane. we just want to help those who are uncomfortable with these ships, no big deal here

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧   letspacedadlive - actualsvenshirogane -  mulletkeith -  gaypidgey -  cryptidkeiths transboykeithkogane -  keeith -  buckettkun garrettshunk -  keithkoganyaint  -  keithistrans -  thebroganenetwork -   pelhahnu -  klunked -  gayvoltron -  pinkpaladin -  shancephobic -  lesbianpidgeholt -  sapphic-shay - nymas - klanced -  pidgegundarson -  lancemcclains -  srp-keith keithkogayne -  kraft-macncheese -  srp-lance -  lanceskogane -  lancemclain -  transboy-lance -  transboy-keiith -  keithbuddy -  kxlance -  pidger -  mcclaln -  demigirlallura -  spacecryptids -  platonicsheith -  crustysheith -  astrolance -  punnyhunk -  antishaladin -  pidgeongunderson -  lance-lance-revolution -  galacticpidge -  freckledlance -  palidonewithyou -  pngpotpies -  macnkeith -  lanceandthediamonds -  sapphic-katie-holt - minors-against-shaladin - 2p-portugal -  klance-convert - legendary-voltrash -  newtsckamander - dannyphabtom - deethedoll - athenaowl1 -  pal-adins-of-voltron -  sheiithphobic - starkogane

huge thanks to everyone in there for being so kind and supportive!!!! a super special thanks to lancemclain for helping me w/ suggestions and my insecurities, i’d steal all the stars for u ❤ . Please feel free to suggest me more people anytime!!!

“fandom elders” are so annoying… no one cares that you’ve got one foot in the grave just reblog shit like everyone else and go !!!

Callout Post: art-is-a-bitch

This user has been more than rude towards the newer side of the art and roleplaying community, stealing art as well as harassing users.

Before I move on, I do not condone the act of harassment. Block, report, and leave this user be. If your thread/art is reblogged by them, ignore and move on.

Exhibit A: Theft of art

Although I do not know the original posters to the art they are stealing, it is evident through each piece that it’s stolen. Different style, some still have watermarks, and some simply are screenshots.

I will not repost the images but I will put a link to where they have reposted art.

Here. (This is a screenshot of the stolen image)





And Here.

But wait! There’s even more! I won’t link to all of them since it’d be too much but you can go there yourself and see that there is a lot of stolen work that they claim to be theirs.

Exhibit B: The Art Community As A Whole

It’s obvious from their reblogs that constructive criticism isn’t something that matters to them in the slightest. Whether it be a colour scheme, sketch lines, or whatever, the newer side of the art community is where she targets all the time. For example, this:

Or this:

and this too:

This is unacceptable. Not only is it going to stop younger/newer artists from wanting to make more art in the community but this could have been avoided if constructive criticism was put into thought.

Exhibit C: The Roleplaying Community

They themselves don’t roleplay. However, they reblog threads that are active as well as putting rude comments.

Here, they can be seen not only using the term ‘cringe’ as an insult towards the writers but are also reblogging the thread. As an RPer for nearly a year now, this is the kind of shit that can mess up your threads. By reblogging a thread that you are not in, you are

1) Ruining the notes system and

2) not allowing the two writers know who’s turn it is.

There are other examples but I think one is simply enough.

Exhibit D: Dangerous Activities.

The ‘Blue Whale’ game is a game that steals your information. In order for that personal information to not be used, you must do a number of things which eventually lead to self harm. They are promoting this app here:

as well as the explosive bottles here:


Songs each sign should listen too

aries: partynextdoor- I don’t

taurus: jamesbay- let it go (bearson remix)

gemini: mod sun- howlin at the moon

cancer: brandon skeie- so bad (edwynn x tikal remix)

leo: mod sun- we do this shit

virgo: somo - beautiful soul

libra: lana del rey - love

scoprio: xxxtentacion- I don’t wanna do this anymore

sagittarius: zara larsson- lush life

capricorn: the neighborhood- daddy issues

aquarius: coolwater set & rac- the coast

pisces: jhene aiko- spotless mind

hey my girlfriend writes the best yumikuri fics in the world y’all should read them and leave nice comments 

The Saltwater Room

Dream Catcher 

Falling in the Falls

Pillow Talk

annnd more! Go check ‘em out and it’d be SWEET if y’all reblogged this bc it’s my 10,000th post and honestly who doesn’t love ymirXhistoria 

why the signs probably don't like u

aries: you a flip floppin ass bitch

taurus: you disagree with everything they say

gemini: they simply just don’t like you period don’t question them

cancer: you’re a bully

leo: you’re always bringing dark clouds around them

virgo: you don’t have shit going on for yourself

libra: bc you dick ride their enemy

scoprio: you think expressing your emotions is bad

sagittarius: just bc you’re always negative and breathing rn

capricorn: youre always in their personal space like move bitch damn

aquarius: bc you’re selfish sharing is caring god dammit

pisces: bc you underestimate them for not being vocal about certain things



It Begins

ayye so… I graduated yesterday holy shit… now I officially adult… I’m not ready lmao

oh! and I know I have a ton of asks piling up on me, I’ll be answering those real soon, sorry for being crappy on that…

also, I’m going to be starting commissions soon as well, so if you guys really wanna support me and stuff, helping me start this off would be super cool…

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