this is the sexiest thing in the world

some ppl are really saying that they are ‘afraid’ of jin going to law of the jungle cause they dont want him to come back as ‘rugged’ as jackson when he went to the same show?????????? erm. excuse me??????????? how the fuck can u say this about one of his best looks?????????????? what type of blasphemy is this


the sexiest man alive????????????????????????


YoI in a nutshell
  • Yuuri: anxious precious little baby who is not so innocent like damn what happened son eros a+
  • Viktor: the biggest nerd to ever nerd and just a precious little baby that loves his Yuuri
  • Yurio: small angry russian cat that highkey wants to be loved but lowkey shows it and hisses when you get too close
  • Pitchit: friend goals and the sweetest little baby that is basically a fanboy and addicted to his social media
  • Leo: a loud lion that yells and yells and loves music and tries hard and is a little bundle of sunshine
  • Guang-Hong: anxiety and chinese and small and shy and a precious little boy who tries so hard and his goal is to be a hero
  • Kenjiro: fanboy for Yuuri and a loud little boy with red in his hair and the sweetest thing to ever live that everyone loves, a precious little cinnamon roll that we all must protect no exceptions
  • Chris: mature eros and obsessed with viktor and beating him, in his own words "the sexiest ever" and ~2fab4u~
  • Jean: king of the world and a canadian who is very self absorbed and just all "me me me me me" but still a++ skating

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Yuuri gains a little weight again and starts to cover up more. Even wants to have sex with the lights off. Do you think Viktor would notice?

*I actually think Victor likes him with a few extra pounds. He’s got a Yuuri bottom fetish and a few more pounds just fills it out so nicely, and then there’s the thighs, oh and belly, oh and his cheeks when he smiles, and …….. needless to say Victor has a Yuuri fetish no matter what he weighs.

“His Yuuri was the cutest and sexiest thing in the world”, Victor thought while leaning against the doorjamb watching Yuuri digging through the refrigerator for something to make them for dinner. “Especially when he was only wearing one of Victor’s shirts. He loved when Yuuri did that. He wasn’t sure how he got so lucky to find Yuuri, but he was thankful every day for it.”

As Yuuri bent over to retrieve something from the bottom shelf the shirt rode up just enough for Victor to see the curve of Yuuri’s ample bottom. He couldn’t stop himself anymore and slid up behind Yuuri, pinching his bottom lightly. Predictably Yuuri let out a little yelp and glared back over his shoulder at Victor. “Stop that” he said swatting Victor’s hand away “Don’t you want dinner?”

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Helloooo! I just wanted to ask for some nice sterek wing!fics. Whether Stiles has wings or Derek is an angel i don't mind :) (kudos if it is completed tho) Thank you in advance, have a great holidays session!

I love all these holiday wishes cause it’s showing just how behind we are. XD. We hope you had a good season too and didn’t expire from the wait. - Anastasia

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Loose Like a Wildfire by wednesdays

(1/1 I 476 I Mature)

Derek has fire. Stiles has wings.

They have sex, sometimes.

Wings by mackietommo

(1/1 I 857 I General)

What if Stiles has wings and only his soulmate can see it?

salt and a waltz by The Byger (Byacolate)

(1/1 I 7,433 I Explicit)

“Not that lubed-up Q-tips aren’t the sexiest thing in the world, but I kinda want to know what it’s like, you know. To be impaled on your huge dick without actually being impaled.”

“It was about to get sexy there, but you shot the mood right in the face.”

In which Stiles is a faerie and Derek is sick and tired of not being able to fuck him.

Feel Again by GameCake

(1/1 I 9.586 I Teen)

Stiles cast a spell that was supposed to make him invisible and he wanted to test it out by sneaking up on Derek. However, he was not ready for what he saw when he peaked over the ajar door.

Stiles saw a man, cross-legged on the floor in the middle of the main room. And okay, that was not that extraordinary, but what was that made the image bizarre was the pitch black wings that emitted from the middle of the man’s back.

Seize My Soul by WhereAreTheBreaks

(5/5 I 15,589 I Teen)

Stiles Stilinski has been an angel of death for as long as he can remember. Delivering souls to the fiery pit of eternal damnation or to the pearly white gates of eternal happiness, it was kind of his thing. Being stationed in a town where supernaturals lived? It provided plenty of opportunities.

Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) by ravelqueen

(1/1 I 15,889 I Mature)

Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.

(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

I Love What I Write - Arie’s Favs

I was tagged by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and @torn-and-frayed (Even though Steph didn’t do it)  to post my top 9 favorite fics that I wrote in 2016.

So, here you go, peeps. End 2016 with a bang. 

Dean x Reader

Just Friends Series - How long can Dean handle his feelings for the reader?

The Girl In Plaid - Dean comes home to find the reader in nothing but one of his plaid button ups. It’s the sexiest thing he has ever seen in his life, so naturally he can’t keep his hands off of her.

Not Like This (set in season 12) - The reader comforts Dean after Mary leaves the boys early in season 12. 

Life Unexpected Series (Ongoing) -After experiencing the “Heat of the Moment” as Dean and the Reader like to call it, life has taken some pretty unexpected turns. It isn’t what they expected at all, but neither of them would trade it for the world. 

Jensen x Reader

Best Friends - Being best friends with Jensen Ackles sure made a girl feel special, but the reader’s time with Supernatural has come to an end and her best friend has something to say about it. 

Baby It’s Cold Outside - The reader is Briana Buckmaster’s little sister. She lands a role on Supernatural and quickly becomes best friends with Jensen, but she has rules, so she never lets herself fall for him. It’s the cast Christmas party and after a night of sneaky planning from friends (Jared, Briana, Misha, Rob, and Rich), the reader and Jensen end up onstage singing together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Oh Dean, I Mean Jensen - The reader accidentally says Dean’s name will having sex with Jensen, but Jensen finds it incredibly sexy and encourages the reader’s fantasy. 

YouTube Sensation Series (Ongoing(singer! reader) - The reader is a Youtube Star touring and makes a stop in Canada. She attends VanCon and everything changes the minute Jensen Ackles spots her at the Saturday Night Special.

On Location Series (Two parts remaining(teacher! reader) - The reader is a teacher who runs into Jensen while he is filming on location at her school. He wants to escape his responsibilities for a while, so he runs off to explore with the reader. The reader never expected to run into someone like Jensen Ackles, let alone have him pursue her. Everything that follows that day at the school will change the reader’s life forever. 

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welcome to the golden globes fashion breakdown where we scream about the world’s SEXIEST PENGUIN

tom has taken more and more recently to wearing double-breasted suits, a true indication of his sartorial evolution and his ability to age like fine wine except wine that’s unusually fuckable. the look is mature and sophisticated, and he’s got the facial hair and hairstyle to match it - because i’m a serious slightly arthouse actor now guys, just forget about that marvel thing already please


but, because thomas william hiddleston is also an enormous child, a bow tie. this has the effect of making him not only look sophisticated but also the CUTEST FUCKING BUTTON OF A PERSON YOU’VE EVER SEEN. speaking of buttons, look at those sweet little black details on the shirt, it’s just too much.

your acceptance speech may have been a bit cringe (okay more than a bit cringe) but in the immortal words of hannah montana, “everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days”. we’re still proud of you, and a golden globe is no small achievement!

wearing colours would be an even bigger achievement, but we’ve got all of 2017 for that.

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Has any girl made you the world's sexiest mutant in New York?

Is that a thing that is bestowed upon mutants? Is there a prize? Is there a magazine where they put you on the cover and give an interview?

Either way, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be picked. Turtles aren’t considered to be a traditionally sexy animal-except to other turtles. 

Favorite blogs of all time

What you may or not be missing, you’re welcome in advance
@virgoassbitch -funniest binch on this site!! An actual fave and i about screamed when she followed back 😭👌🏽
@05-fubu - actually me?? Sexy as hell, sexiest ever possibly 🤔relatable n smart as shit!? Issa wife 💍💞
@5starkutti - breathtaking! Realest binch on here ‼️💞 absolutely a must follow
@schoolbrat - prettiest girl with the prettiest blog, an angel, a sweetheart, i adore her 💞✨
@labias - where to even start??? Forever fave, so beautiful motivational and inspiring! Hardworking and goal oriented if you ever need to find some ambition she’s the gal for you @lonelyhoeclub - absolutely gorgeous and deserving of all the good things in the world plus more!! I stay on her blog

@rosewater1997 - funny, super pretty and all her posts are me™ and probably you™ too, relatable and amazing ✨‼️

Okay like I knew Noam Dar was cute. I knew Noam Dar had one of the sexiest accents in the world. I knew I would eventually have a major crush on Noam Dar. 

These are things I’ve always known.

BUT what I didn’t know is that the feels would hit me like a ton a bricks tonight from just seeing him in that segment. I Like gosh can I add him to my list of wrestlers who I want to do dirty things to? I’m doing it.

A Review of the Year - Writing Meme 2016

I was tagged by @sixlilypetals​ to do this review thingy!

Total number of completed stories


Total word count


Fandoms written in

Dragon Age. I am trash.

Looking back, did you expect to write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you’d expected?

Not really. I’m surprised I actually started writing fic at all! 

Do you have any fanfic or profit goals for the new year?


Most fun story to write:

Strange New Worlds

Story with the single sexiest moment:

Hahahaha hahahahah ahahahahahahaha 

Most sweet story:

Uhmmm, probably Shattered Souls and Weary Hearts so far

I’m going to tag the following, please tag me when you post- I hope this inspires you all for a great and happy 2017!

I cut out quite a few questions since I write so little and didn’t really have many answers. You can find all of the questions @sixlilypetals post here

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The Art of the Vampire at its Peak in the year 1876: Armand's Lesson

Printed in Playboy magazine, January 1979, By Anne Rice

The book “Interview with the Vampire” as published form represents only a portion of the tapes of that interview made by the reporter. Louis told the young man much that was not included,particularly with regard to the master vampire, Armand, whom he had met in Paris. One tale was Armand’s account of his methods of seduction; that is, the art of the vampire at its peak in the year 1876.

(Someone kill me, this is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever read, and I just keep thinking of Louis retelling this to Daniel and GODDAMN).

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I guess the sexiest thing in the world is when I meet someone and they seem like they are themselves. You know, be yourself.

Tom Hiddleston