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Hey guys! I reached 2700 about two weeks ago and now I’m finally going to have a little celebration for helping me reach my goal!

This whole idea I took from Cam (@cupcakeblake) who is the absolute best <3

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We have reached 3k on lgbtqpjo!! We are so incredibly happy that we’ve made it this far and love how much you all love our blog. So to celebrate all our followers, old and new, we will be hosting a weeklong event!! 

What is it?: For one week, we will be reblogging your content made to suit the given prompts for each day. It can inspire you to make more lgbtq+ themed works and it’ll be fun ;)

When?: February 19th-February 25th


Slash Sunday: any m/m ships
Minor Character Monday: Any character(s) that aren’t the seven + Nico and Reyna
Time Travel Tuesday: Different time period AU
Whatever Wednesday: Free day!
Trans Thursday: Anything and everything trans/genderqueer
Femslash Friday: any f/f ships
Selfie Saturday: Selfies!!

Tagging and Reblogging: Tag all of your content as #lgbtqpjo3kweek. It’d also be good to @ us, so we definitely know when you’ve made a post! We will reblog content late if we don’t see it on the correct day. You are allowed to send in an ask notifying us if we haven’t reblogged your content once a day has passed (we all live in different time zones). 

Rules: All the content must be lgbtq+ related and with characters from the riordanverse. AUs are allowed. OCs are allowed as long as a minimum of one riordanverse character is in your work as well. Trans content is not limited to Thursday! We will accept, for example, lesbian percabeth on femslash friday or solangelo with trans nico on slash sunday. 
We will not be reblogging any content that involves r*pe, inc*st, or p*dophilia. Any NSFW must be under “read more” and there must be a warning. Possibly triggering content will be tagged accordingly. (Please notify us if you want us to use a specific tag). 

Reblog this post to let others know!! Thanks so much for 3k everyone <3

new years slumber party!!

hey everyone! how about we end the year with an ask game! go into my ask box and

  • tell me about something good that happened to you this year
  • something bad that happened
  • how you’ve changed
  • submit a selfie so i can see how cute you are!
  • ask invasive questions
  • tell me what time it is/what you’re thinking
  • submit art so i can see how talented you are!!
  • tell me about your crush/significant other
  • tell me a cool story
  • recommend music so i can put it into a playlist
  • your goals for 2017
  • honestly just ask anything!!! it’s the end of 2016!! no one gives a shit anymore!!! tell me all about the family gossip and why you love certain foods and places!!

art: x x

In honor of reaching 2k followers, we will be hosting an LGBTQ+ PJO fandom (tumblr) meetup! 

What is a tumblr meetup?: On one day, we will be reblogging your selfies, edits, art, writing, anything (mostly selfies) and will be posting our own. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends who are LGBT+ and in the PJO fandom! 

Can I participate?: You can participate as long as you are in the riordan fandom(s) and are LGBTQ+ (your blog doesn’t have to be related to pjo, you just need to be interested in the series) 

When?: The meetup will be held from 12am November 21st to 12am November 22nd (EST). We can reblog late posts throughout the 22nd but after the 22nd will will no longer be reblogging posts for the meetup

Please tag your posts for the meetups as #lgbtqpjomeetup. (Blacklist if you don’t want to see the posts). You can also @ us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Tysm for 2k!!


tagged by the loveliest @taeminsbaby {six selfies},,,,,, tagging @bbhsgirlfriend @bobbysblackgf @coxsamillion @cherrydawp @melaningoddessneota @sehungotbaek @yixingsjjaan @yongguksblackwife & anyone else i should’ve mentioned !!

ayyyyy here comes another glo up meetup get hype

yo my name is kate and I hosted this same kind of meetup a couple months ago and you all seemed to really enjoy it so I think it’s time for another!

what even is this??

this meetup is meant to show how much we change in a short amount of time, so you’ll post two or more selfies from different times. one older (preferably not toooooo old) and one current

 when is it?

saturday, december 10th starting at 3pm EST and lasting 24 hours after that! 

how do I join?

post selfies with some time between them and show off how much you’ve glo’d up!! also reblog other people’s selfies and make new internet friends! 

who can participate? 

anyone! you don’t have to be a Dan and Phil-specific blog i’m not lmao, as long as you like them we’re all good! 

 what are the tags? 

#glo up phandom meetup and use the regular ones like #tumblr phandom meetup

if you have any questions about the meetup feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll get to it as fast as I can! 

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