this is the second time this show's made me cry

Exordium experience :) ~

Firstly…. It was raining the entire time so that wasn’t fun, but I met so many nice people and had a nice time regardless of the rain. Now onto the important parts.

Let me just say this………… I kno i saw exo last year but nothing could’ve prepared me for what I just saw… With my own two eyes…..

Chanyeol is.. Tall perfection. I hate using this word but imma say it, he’s got all the swag in the world. Honestly he’s so talented, the guitars the rapping everything was amazing. HE IS SO TALL Djdjdjdjdndndkkksksk step on me!!!! He kept teasing my section, at the very end acting like he was going to throw us his hat then he was like SIKE LOL.

KYUNGSOO is honestly the one who surprised me most because I was literally and legitimately stunned by his glowing beauty. His smile.. He kept laughing. He asked us if we were hungry and we all said yes and he was like.. “me too” and then laughed and I could’ve died right then and there. His voice so so clear and steady, so amazing, he is very tiny! Beautiful tiny man.

JONGIN JDJDJDJSBSBSBSJSBSHZJ TELL ME WHY HE IS THE BEST DANCER AND PERFORMER I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!! HIS DANCING… DEAR LORD. He kept making these faces at us! Those sexy faces with the lip bites and he kept waving at my section along with ksoo. He was sO tan and glistening (rlly he was sweating a lot) and honestly I’m just so happy I saw him healthy and well. Oh except he said he went to CVS to buy medicines Jdjdjdjsbsbsbsjsbshzjz well SUHO said it was CVS. (CBC HE SAID LOL THEN SAID CVS DJJSKS)

SUHO, EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED. He told corny jokes, he looked at us like precious pearls, he made me tear up, he was so genuinely sweet. He’s so beautiful. Kinda short like Chen but not as tiny as ksoo and Minseok.

JONGDAE SJSJJSNDBX what a sweet man. He kept waving to each individual section, making sure to wave at everyone.. Which I found so sweet. His voice was unreal. I thought I was listening to the CD the entire time. His laugh…. Oh my God.. HE WENT TO SEE CHICAGO AND SAID HE RLLY LIKED IT, he likes musicals a lot!! Just like last time he took the time to make sure everyone’s section got some love, he would lean up on his toes and wave up to the higher up levels and everyone would scream, it was so incredibly sweet.

Sehun! Man oh man where do I begin. Firstly he looks like a Calvin Klein model. He was so slender but lean and beautiful and oh my God so tan?? He kept waving to us, he was in my section a whole lot along with Minseok which… Lmao……. I’ll get to him lord help me anyways oh sehun is am angel he is SO ATTRACTIVE and he carried around a doll that looked like vivi so that was adorable.

Baekhyun…. King of facial expression.. King of good looks… King of amazing eye make up… He kept smirking???? I felt like it was a personal show just for me everytime he came to my section. He sang so well as always, so steady and beautiful. He looks even better in person which is saying something since he fine af on screen. Anyways his dancing was superb.. I had to use that word just to make sure you understand how amazingly he performs. He was everything I wanted to see and more.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST Y'ALL LISTEN……. He pelvic thrusted into my actual FACE I’m not sure if I’m actually alive or writing from the grave but…… He was.. Just so perfect?? SUCH A TINY TINY MAN OH MY GOD HE’S TINY (I would give him 5'6 which is my height but still) very skinny but not as skinny as Jongdae. Minseok didn’t make eye contact with me but he did send our section a bunch of hearts, I saved each one for a rainy day, whenever I’m sad I’m going to remember Minseok sending me a heart LOL. He was very playful.. Jumping around and dancing. He said he doesn’t dance in the show cause he doesn’t wanna slip but he dances with his upper body dkmdmsmsnsnjdsnsbsjsjsjs then he started dancing, I have the video I’ll upload if anyone cares to see. HE JUST MADE ME WANNA CRY ALL THE TIME!! SO MUCH STUBBLE HE WAS SO HANDSOME. I love him so much. The best dancer apart from Kai, for sure.. Actually sehun was amazing too but kms is a close second. HE RLLY DABBED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MEDLEY SECTION LOL I’M LIKE BOI IF U DONT

Tonight was so special for me, seeing exo again but up close. They’re unreasonably attractive. Better than on screen I mean they’re REAL LIFE hot, really ridiculous, double take worthy attractive. Especially Sehun and Kyungsoo.

They told us they’re going back to Korea to work on the album and they will be back to us with the new songs, Suho asked if we would support it so obviously we said yes and he smiled….. I smiled….. It was something… We rlly had a moment. I only got to make eye contact with him for a short moment but it was all I needed to survive 2017 lol

Moving On (M)

There are two things that Taehyung will always be sure of: 

he loves you and he misses you.

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: idk but it’s sad af

Word Count: 1,250

Content/Warnings: Mentions of death and suicide

The wind whips past Taehyung in icy gusts as he makes his way onto the bridge. He can feel the cold seep through his parka and into his bones. Even with his hood up, his hair still manages to fly in his face.

It’s a weekday in the middle of winter, so there aren’t many people around. All the residents are at work, all the tourists are at home. He notices a police officer walking up and down the pedestrian path, making sure everything is alright. It’s the same officer he sees every year. He’s come to recognize the officer. But he doubts the officer recognizes him. He probably sees hundreds of people every week.

Taehyung finds the familiar spot on the bridge that he has come to every year for the past 4 years. He knows that this spot is partially obscured by one of the support beams and is therefore a little less windy than other parts of the bridge. Sometimes he wonders why you chose this spot. It’s like you knew he would be coming here and you wanted to protect from the cold. Maybe it was just because you couldn’t make it any further. 

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anonymous asked:

Yeah lydia cried a lot about stiles in s6 but is it that weird if you ignore the 'ship' for a moment? She can fucking sense a guy that she probably loves but doesn't exist and all her friends are starting to doubt her while crazy shit is happening and she somehow is supposed to act distanced and cool?

I don’t understand why the hell you sent this to me, considering I’ve never really mentioned her crying this season at all, but hey, I’m up to answer an anon any day. Also, forgetting it is ship for one second makes no sense at all.

I have nothing against Lydia crying, yeah, Stiles meant something to her, but this much, crying every single episode about someone who you definitely were not in love with before, is a little overdoing it, right? And if Scott & Malia had cried every episode, I think that would have got boring for me too, you know? Crying needs to be this heart wrenching moment for the audience, as well as the character, she was crying every single episode because she couldn’t remember this person. Someone who was just her ‘friend’ for many seasons.

What I don’t get is, people were disappearing and being forgotten, the team knew this, but as Lydia got overly emotional, Scott, Noah and Malia gave up. Scott, who knows something is missing, who knew Stiles for FOURTEEN years, twelve more than Lydia Martin, but gives up on his best friend, something he would never do before, in like season three B with Void Stiles, Scott was the only one who really believed they could save Stiles. Malia Tate, someone who dated and loved Stiles, someone who in Season Five, was willing to fight the desert wolf to the death because she couldn’t face losing Stiles, also just gives up on him. Noah gave up on his own SON, the person he would kill for, the human being he can’t spend a second without knowing if he’s safe, gives up on his son in a second! So that Lydia is the only one who cares anymore, makes no fucking sense!

Yes, people use the argument that Scott and Malia cried about Stiles too, IN ONE EPISODE, where their memories of Stiles are inferior to Lydia’s.

Which for one is bullshit because Scott and Stiles are brothers, who loved one another since they were about four! Why does this show think romantic love is stronger than platonic love? If this season had stuck to the actual narrative of the show, the barrier would have opened straight away, when Scott thought about him for one second. Malia’s love for him opened the barrier a little, which made me hope that maybe all three of them together opened it, but then they called the scene when Stiles hears Lydia, “The kiss that opened the rift,” nope, nope, nope, NOPE (kiss took place during a panic attack!)

So yeah, Scott and Malia cried, but nothing came of it, they were just upset and it was genuine, because we didn’t see them crying every other episode of the show. This was real pain and it connected with the audiences, unlike Lydia, who cried again, for the billionth time that season.

So, you are trying to tell me, that Lydia crying each episode is not a bad thing because it is about missing someone she loves, but in season five, she was locked up in an insane asylum, knowing all her best friends were either dead or going to die, she doesn’t cry, she fights badass style. This season, she used her power twice to only save Stiles. Second, the wild hunt are afraid of banshees, but were able to take Stiles, right in front of her.

A lot of Strdia fans were also pissed off that Malia felt lost without Stiles, she has a right to, if Lydia has a right to. If Lydia truly is Malia’s best friend, why does she always look so pissed, everything Malia feels something about someone she once loved? (At least Scott is concerned. nothings changed about his character.)

Thanks for the anon, come back anytime soon.  

Shadowy Corners

Part 2 / 2

Bellamy X Reader

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: blood, mentioning of death
Word Count: 3067
A/N: After all this time… It’s here! Finally! Thanks to @maccira, because without you it would have been literaly impossible. 
Request:   I wanted to send in a request where you get nearly killed by a panther while walking through the woods. Lincoln & Octavia find you then near death & carry you back to camp where Bellamy breaks down in tears at the sight of you. Clarke tells all then that you won’t make it and then all your friends like Raven,Finn,Octavia,Lincoln,Monty & Jasper sit by your side and Bellamy holds your head on his lap. Like a wonder you fight your way back to life and recover with help of your loved ones

Read Part 1 here!

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Breaking Point

Summary: How much were you willing to sacrifice?

Words: 3k

Warnings: language

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The call went unanswered for the fifth time. Letting out a sigh, you placed your phone face down on the table and went back to the pizza that your friends had been enjoying without you.

“Maybe he’s busy,” one of them warily offered.

You simply shook your head. By now, you knew that was not the correct answer. The first few weeks into your relationship with Namjoon, you had been so proud of yourself for not bothering him like some crazy girlfriend. His career left little room for conversations over the phone, and you got that. But little by little, you caught onto the little things that he posted on his social media, and finally learned that sometimes, he wasn’t just “busy”; he was busy hanging out with his friends.

When you first stumbled upon his friends’ twitter and Instagram feeds, noting the various pictures they’d put up of earlier that night, you assumed that he only went out to relieve the stress of the day. Of course, his job demanded a lot from him, both physically and emotionally, so a little down-time with his friends is to be expected, right?

But when he started spending less and less time with you (at this point, you were lucky to see him once or twice each month), you started wondering if this was what you were going to end up with: a man who came home just enough for you not to forget his face, but never enough for his scent not to fade before he returns again.

Sometimes you wondered why you didn’t see this sooner, this indifferent, distracted glance that only reached your body for mere seconds before finding its way back to his thoughts. The warmth of his touch left quiet trails on your skin, evaporating into the icy air breathed down your neck as his hands settled on your hips and his eyes were elsewhere—confused, perhaps, but always out of focus. Maybe you did see this earlier, but chose to ignore it because you fell for the dimples and the sweet smile, and the crisp locks and the great manners. They tugged your heart past your eyes and when you finally noticed, you’d already gotten used to the dark.

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City of Trees

Ship: Taehyung/V - Jungkook
Rating: Explicit
Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut
Status: Complete (2 Chapters)
Warnings: Sex, Alcohol
Jungkook falls in with the art college kids, and Taehyung keeps showing up in his apartment with good ideas.

Very good fic. It made me cry sooo many times and I loved every second of it

Link: Read it here




Little thoughts on JTV finale

So when I first started the show I shipped Jafael so hard. I fell in love with them the very first second and I thought : this is a ship I will go down with.

Later I rewatch the show with my family and it was so obvious the show was not rooting for Jafael I was heart broken.

But then Michael… This guy could make anyone fall in love with him. He was so sweet and perfect for Jane. His death… His death made me cry so hard. I watched it so many times because his death didn’t feel real or maybe it did. Like I, in real life, had lost some one so precious.

Honestly I didn’t think I could ship Jafael again after this. Beside, their friendship is so cute and nice. Buuuuuuuut…. OMG, the way Rafael looked at Jane while she was doing her speech. And even Xio saying “maybe he’s your destiny”. Like… How can I resist to that ?

In one second my love for them was back. Ten thousand times stronger.

But… I’m feeling so confused. What about Petra ? I love Petra and I want her to be happy. And what about Adam ? I’m so excited that Tyler’s joining the JVT cast.

Jesus this show is so good and knows how to torture me well.

i don’t know what love is, but for a long time i thought it was slamming doors and being a mess without someone who held my hand tight enough to break it. skinned knees and the funny things. blood and tears and our stupid rings. the tattoos that made me feel like we would permanently have each other. i thought it was yelling and screaming and crying. the sincerest sounding voice saying “please don’t go.” i thought it was the girl that always showed up at my doorstep after swearing for the third, the tenth, the twenty second time that she would never be back. i thought it was the we always seem to work it out’s. the we always will’s. i thought it was chasing after me in the street and cracked phone screens, the grip on my wrists, the shove to the gravel, again with the yelling, and the disturbance of peace calls made to the police.

“someone called the cops” “i’m sorry for yelling so loud” “it’s your fault” “i love you so much” “you wouldn’t be anything without me” “i loved you until you ruined yourself” “you know i didn’t mean that” “i don’t know what i’d do without you” “don’t ever leave me” “of course i mean the things i say” and my favorite: “i’m leaving”
the words so familiar, the words heard too many times.

cigarette butts and harsh texts and sweet words and make up sex.

i thought it was road trips and watching her sing to taylor on the radio from the passenger seat with a stupid smile on her face while she was pointing at me, the laughs, her tears, the years, camping trips, mix tapes, coming home to each other, painting our bedrooms, pictures, coffee and pancakes on Sunday’s, the every kind of kiss; the things that made me feel like it was worth it for the moments in between where i was ripped apart with words when the time came. the time always came. sitting on the bathroom floor, in the bathtub, with my face in the palm of my hand waiting for her to knock with that same hand, waiting for her to call with the other hand.

i thought love was the stitches she used to put back together my heart when i lost count of how many times she broke it. the stitches i needed when i made myself bleed. she stopped showing up at my door, she took the stitches with her. she told me she didn’t love me anymore. i came to my senses. she covered up her tattoo, i got more. i bought a sewing kit and i was never big on sewing. in fact, she was the one with all the scarfs, but i knew i had to learn how to put my heart back together somehow and i did. to this day there are still strings missing from the recovery. i don’t know what love is, but i know it isn’t the bad habits i picked up from my mom or her relationships with men that mirrored all the characteristics of someone i picked for myself. her. i picked her and who knows if any of it was what i deserved. love isn’t how badly i tried to give all my love to the next girl that came around. love isn’t the apologies i spat out to her that i was pathetically and previously fed. love isn’t the way i hurt her with no excuse and out of the pain i felt. love isn’t how much i tried and how much i gave to the wrong people. love was never a fucking fairytale for me. maybe it’s just vicious cycles or endless cycles. maybe i’m not the one to make these judgments at all. maybe it’s the way i learned to love myself when i was left alone; the way i had no other choice.

to the girl i love next: i shouldn’t have to ask you to love me as much as i love you because you will without hesitation. you’ll say that you don’t believe in “the one” but you’ll pick me and i think that’s what love is about. picking someone who builds you up without tearing you down tomorrow. i think it’s thinking about a song all day and turning on pandora and it’s the first song to play. it’s to me you mean everything and it’s the good and the bad things and i’ll stay’s even if it’s just the night, or the maybe we’re stuck for life’s. it’s the smiles and tears and yelling and coming home and the you’re annoying’s and we gotta be adults, but we don’t know how’s. it’s i’ll do the dishes even though i hate nothing more because i love nothing more than you. it’s some nights i don’t wanna be touched and some nights i’m more than needy. most importantly, it’s nothing without understanding. it’s everything in between.
it’s you’ve been knocking at my door for years now, but i’m glad i finally woke up to answer it.

i don’t know what love is.


Requested by Anon #51

Newt: I’ve messed up man, Y/N won’t talk to me all because of that stupid fight.
Thomas: Just apologize to her Newt.
Newt: It’s not that easy, some of the stuff we said in the fight was pretty bad.
Thomas: How bad?
Newt: I could see the hurt in her eyes when I said stuff to her but I didn’t care in the moment…I just wanted her to feel bad, to feel hurt. Is that bad?
Thomas: I guess not, it was just the heat of the moment you know?
Newt: I know but everytime I close my eyes I see her face looking at me, it’s like I could see her heart breaking through her eyes but…I didn’t care.
Thomas: Newt it was just a fight, maybe the worst one you have both had but that doesn’t mean that she has stopped loving you. Just give her some time and then apologize to her.
Newt: Tommy I’ve messed up so badly, I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t talk to me again but I don’t know how to live without her I don’t even know how I managed to stay alive in that shucking glade without her before she showed up.
Thomas: Wow you really love her don’t you?
Newt: I love her so much that I hate myself every second because I know that I’m the one who made her cry, made her heart break, I’m the one who hurt her.
Thomas: Then go apologize to her shuck-face!

Connor McDavid #5.1

Requested by Anon:  Can u do a connor drabble where his girlfriend prank texts him the lyrics of HSM’s I Gotta Go My Own Way and he legit thinks she’s breaking up with him cuz and at the end she tells the truth thru facetime and you see that he’s tearing up!! Such a qt.

*Quite long, I hope you like this!! :) I had so much fun writing this. Hihi*

Part 2 here.

Word count: 1,326

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“Connor, listen…” You sent the message before you changed your mind.

Rolling on your bed, you waited for Connor to reply. Long distance sucks and you’re not even in a full-time long distance relationship. Come to think of it, you’re still lucky that you and your boyfriend live in the same city even if he’s gone for multiple days at a time.

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You know what? I kept it together and didn’t cry for the entire episode, and then this thing shows up in the last thirty seconds and I lose it. I’ve been watching WordGirl since the beginning, when it was a two minute short at the end of Maya and Miguel and these five dorks were the only villains. I guess seeing them together one last time just made me remember how much I loved this show as a kid, and how much I still love it now. 

Voltron S2 Thoughts and Opinions

Ok so, I enjoyed S2 on a surface level. The animation and soundtrack was stellar, the voice acting was phenomenal, the plot was amped up, and there was good to the season. 

That being said, there was also a lot of bad. This season lacked in a lot. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed or upset, because I really am. But then again, it was partially my fault for hyping this season up to be more than it ultimately was.

So below the cut will be some points I’d like to bring up. This will obviously be teeming with spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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Watching Yuri!! On Ice for the second time and...

Realizing that for as much as I love The Kiss <TM> there are some scenes that warm my heart and make me feel for Victuuri even more.  

Like the end of Episode 9, when Victor and Yuuri are reunited at the airport - running toward one another, the embraces, the kiss Victor plants so sweetly on Yuuri’s hand…that was the first time this show made me cry!! 

And when the boys get to Barcelona, and you realize that they’ve pushed their hotel room beds together…such a sweet, unspoken detail that shows how closely they always want to stay.  

Lex Talionis

Summary: Being locked up for almost a third of your life changes you. Your routine changes, the people around you change, your mind changes. But one person has always remained constant in my mind. And now he’s back.

Trigger warnings: non-consensual sex, mention of abuse, mention of abortion, cursing

Author: @maxwellandlovelace

Notes: This is the beginning of a new story that I’m working on. Endless love to @papofglencoe for betaing and for being my rock during this process. Thanks also to @peetaspikelets for your support in this. Rated E. Please heed the trigger warnings.

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Last night was so surreal. One of the best nights of my life for sure with two of my best friends as well. Thank you Gerard Way for everything. For staying alive and being able to be there for all of us last night. I never cry at shows but I cried three times last night. I heard my favorite song by him live, I heard my second favorite live, and his speech before Maya made me lose it. It meant the world to see him and I wouldn’t have traded last night for anything 💕🎶

Learning How To Live by @1clevergurl (AO3)

“Regina Mills, a reclusive pianist, moves from Boston to Storybrooke, Maine with her newly adopted son, Henry, to escape an abusive past and pick up the pieces of her life. There, she finds herself falling for a painfully shy, ruggedly beautiful handyman with a past of her own who shows her that sometimes second chances are the most beautiful chances of all and ‘perfect’ doesn’t always mean flawless”

I know that I don’t asked for this first, but I couldn’t help it. This is another of my favs SQ fanfics. One that personally made me cry the first time that I read it. Is amazing and this is my little gift to the writer @1clevergurl
PS: Even when Emma is blonde, the image of her in this fanart fits better with the story.