this is the second time this happens to me today

My friend and I were texting and she randomly said, “Oh, it’s 11:11 P.M.” Now, I’m not silly or superstitious, but I think it’s fun to make 11:11 wishes. Call it romanticism, but I love to believe that some things are just beyond our control. Maybe only the stars and the universe and 11:11 wishes can control them. And every time I happen to realize it’s 11:11, I wish to miraculously get some things I’ve been wanting for a long time, or some event that I’ve been daydreaming about to happen, or just for everything in my life to be okay.

But today, without a second thought, I only wished for you to be happy.

I haven’t heard your voice in 5 days, and oh that’s a huge deal to me. You said you couldn’t reach me for 4 months, and oh that’s a huge deal to me.

The first day I didn’t talk to you I thought, “Damn, my day is incomplete.”
The second day I didn’t talk to you I thought, “I feel so empty.”
The third day I thought, “I miss you you so much”
The fourth day I thought, “Please just call me, I can’t live without you.”
But today? I just hope you’re doing okay. Okay, I can learn to live without you. I can learn to go about my way even though there’s that shadow of pain somewhere deep in my heart. We couldn’t live without each other for even a few hours, but now I’ll teach myself how to. My heart sinks every time I see your contact on my phone and I’ll miss the times your number was the last called, but I guess I can learn to block out the screaming in my head. Maybe I can even learn to block out your voice whispering in my head, “Darling, love you,” over and over again. I can do that.

But every night before I go to sleep I’ll still think of you and I’ll pray to the universe to give you a little happiness. I’m no longer selfish, love. All I want is for you to be peaceful, free, happy.

And, guess what? Once in a while, the stars align, and 11:11 wishes come true.



I believe that there’s no greater love thanks mine for you, and I believe that when wishes and prayers are made for someone else, they come true.

Fred Sets You And George Up

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Hello I’m Hannah and I’m really sorry for how late it is but I have a request. I love both Wesley twins very much, but I have a soft spot for George, I’m in the Hufflepuff house and would like something cute that happens between me and him. Like I don’t know maybe he really likes me but instead of asking me himself if I would go in a date with him, Fred does for him… Or something of that nature? Please and thank you. :-)
A/N: I feel like I say this every damn time I write an Imagine, but I’m sorry for being away so long! Today’s excuse is that I traveled around about half of Australia, graduated from University and competed in the Australian Championships and came second in the country! Look, it’s better than some of my other excuses…! I’ll be more active from now on, for sure! Also look how creative my title is, it’s terrible.
Squicks: None

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” Fred says as he nudges his brother, staring at Angelina on the other side of the Gryffindor table.

“Stunning,” George says absentmindedly, not looking over at Fred’s girlfriend.

Fred gives his brother a look, before following his gaze to the (h/c) girl over on the Hufflepuff table, laughing with a few of her friends.

“Just go and ask her, what’s the worst that can happen?” Fred asks,

“She could hear me” George responds miserably.

“Hey babe,” Angelina says with a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek,

“Hey Ange, what’s your opinion of Y/n?” Fred asks, while George sends daggers with his eyes.

Angelina laughs and looks over at Y/n, “Yeah she’s alright: smart, nice, funny, ticks all the boxes really… She’s single if you’re keen George,” she says with a sly smile,

“No, I’m good—“ George begins,

“WOW GEORGE, YOU HEAR THAT? SHE’S SINGLE” Fred says a little too excitedly,

“Yes thank you Fred I got it, she’s single”

“Then change that, go ask her out”

George rolls his eyes at his brother playing matchmaker and Angelina not helping at all,

“I can’t… She’s not interested in me and I’m not interested in being rejected, and besides—“

“If you don’t ask her out, then I will,” Fred says.

“Knock yourself out, I don’t know how your girlfriend would feel about it though”.

Fred says quietly, turning to Angelina, “You heard that, right? I have permission from Georgie to ask her out, you’re my witness”.

“Yep, heard it with my own ears,” She replies, understanding the plan that was slowly hatching in Fred’s mind.


Transfiguration was the next class that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff shared. As you were walking in the door, someone tugged on the sleeve of your robes,

“Y/n, I need to talk to you for a minute,” Fred says, pulling you around the corner,

“Hey Fred, yes I’m alright, thanks for asking,” you say sarcastically,

“George is the one who should be asking how you are and all that crap,” Fred says once he comes to a halt,

“George?” you say with a confused expression,

“Yes, George, you know him: tall, red hair, great teeth, some say he looks like me but I don’t know what they’re on about,”

You giggle as Fred continues,

“So anyway, that strapping young man has it in his head that you’re not interested in him, so he hasn’t found the balls to come and ask you out, and—“

“Woah woah woah, what?” You ask, looking a little more confused than before,

Fred stares at you for a moment in disbelief, “Come off it, how could you not know he’s into you? He’s staring at you every damn second of the day, it’s very disruptive I tell you…”

“Yeah okay, so you’re saying that George Weasley has a crush on me—“ Fred shushes you, “Sorry,” you say in a quieter voice, “So George is interested in me, but doesn’t want to ask me out… Are you asking me out for him?”

“You know it” George says with a smile, “He’s free tomorrow, you in?”

You look at him for a few moments in a miniature state of shock, before he looks at you with an expression of impatience,

“Uh, well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt—“

“Y/n just say yes” Fred says, looking around the corner to see George approaching the classroom,

“Yes, okay yes, I’ll go on a date with George tomorrow”

“Okay great, also he doesn’t know I’ve asked you out on his behalf, so you’re going to have to ask him out—“

“Fred what?!”

“You already agreed to it, no backing out now!” Fred says louder as he walks into the classroom, leaving you standing there wide eyed.


You spent basically the entire class weighing out your options on if you should or shouldn’t meet up with George tomorrow. You had a fairly big crush on him, which somehow he didn’t know about, since it felt like it was you who was staring at him majority of the time. Maybe this was Fred just pulling a prank… Although their pranks aren’t usually malicious… Maybe George really does like you… But why would George be shy of you? You kept thinking about all the different aspects of the situation when you hear something behind you,

“Fred, what the hell are you doing, I just walk out of here, why would I want to come back”

You turn around to see Fred pushing George into the classroom that you were still sat in.

“Oh, that’s why…” He looks over at you, “I mean she’s why, you’re why, you are not a that, you are a person, sorry…”

“Shit you really are a mess aren’t you,” Fred says, looking at his brother clearly judging him, “No wonder you needed me to ask her out for you,”

George turns his head slowly to glare at his brother, “you what.

“Ah yes, you gave me permission to ask her out if you didn’t, so I have” Fred says with a triumphant look between the two of you, “So you’re already set up to meet tomorrow, but I thought you should actually have a conversation before you go on a date”.

“Are you actually kidding me” George says, but before he could continue, Fred was walking out the door,

“Have fun, kids!” and with that the door was shut, and you and George were alone together.

George looks at the door for a little while, before turning to face you, looking panicked. You give a little laugh, trying to lighten the mood; defuse the tension one might say.

George gives you a smile, starting to find humour in the situation.

“So George,” you start off saying, feeling more confident than usual. You felt like you had the upper had here, with George being all flustered and caught off guard; it made you feel a little reassured somehow,

“Fred says that you may be interested in me,” you say with a smile,

Ah, yeah, he did didn’t he,” George says, scratching the back of his head,

“Mhm, and I would be more than happy to take him up on his offer to go out with you tomorrow, I hear that you’re aware of the secret passage that leads to Honeydukes, yes?”

George’s eyes widen a bit, “You know about that secret passageway?”

You laugh flirtatiously, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, George,”

“Well maybe I can learn a few things tomorrow. How does 9 o’clock tomorrow night sound?”

Perfect, I’ll see you then, Georgie,” You say with a smile as you head towards the door, leaving Fred to stand there in the empty classroom in shock.


So A told me on Sunday he would be going to my school on Friday (today) and he reminded me yesterday. So we saw each other, we hugged tight for like 30 seconds (3) times. I told him that I missed him and he asked me “how much?” And I told him “a lot” and he smiled and hugged me tighter and said “me too”

And we were talking about many things and smiling and laughing and we had a graduation where he was going to give a speech and I sat at the front line and he was looking for me with his eyes and when he saw me he smiled and I smiled back and it was so cute, he winked at me like 3 times and I blushed so hard, he laughed at me because of that.

At the end of the event, there were roses in the decoration and he took one, smiled and gave it to me and then he winked and I blushed and he smiled even brighter.

I still have his aroma on my shirt because when we said goodbye he hugged me and spoke to my ear saying: “thank you, I loved to see you” and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I took pictures and sent them to him and he sent me a text “thanks, you are so cute”
Like 15 minutes ago he sent me a text asking me “did you like your flower?”

I fucking died

>Be me
>See three men die in room of blood and shit and light
>mfw its because one man sneezed
>next day
>three men go in 
>men armed with cheap mops lives in each others hands
>day before
>see man i like
>mfw hes gunned down leaving a rose for a girl
>mfw girl doesnt remember
>girl is screaming
>pic related
>group of soldiers kill corpses of friends
>cucks test on children next
>assigned task to watch five men and women gunned down in abandoned factory
>happens every five seconds
>lasts forever
>see lucky man sip scotch in a nice armchair
>orders girl to stop breathing
>gets day off
>be me
>hundreds of men and women in orange jumpsuits herded like animals into empty rooms
>fill with gas and fire
>hundreds more told they have a chance for lighter sentence
>told they had chance to serve country
>be me
>watch world nearly die
>every way is terrible
>sometimes theres time to scream
>be me
>writing this
>mfw no happy endings
>god help us

Invasion Of Privacy

I agree with Arzaylea (That like never happens) but what people did today was fucked up. Apparently update accounts leaked pics of the outside of both Luke & Ashton’s new homes. Yea, I know how reality works and that houses are usually posted online that are up for rent/sale. But the fact people went that far is a bit insane to me. The fact is they both know about it (luke and ashton) and are quite upset over the invasion of privacy. I love this fandom but at times some fans (not all of you) are like undercover fbi agents I swear to god. Leaking an old pic of the guys is no big deal, Finding out where they party and trying to meet them there also not a big deal but leaking the photos of outsides of their home which can easily be traced online and the address can be found out is crossing the line. They share enough with you guys, They need some form of privacy somehow. Hell, They are on break rn and still are constantly posting pics of what they are doing and allowing you all to see how they are spending their break. People need to not take the guys for granted. They share enough atleast let them have that one little bit of privacy (Don’t be leaking pics of their houses, addresses or phone numbers cause it isn’t cool). I remember one time people wanted me to post pics of the guys houses (inside and out) and at first I agreed to without thinking but I did thank god think about it and reconsider because even if it’s  inside their home it is an invasion of privacy. What we should focus on isn’t who is dating who, what the guys numbers are or where they live even we need  to focus on what they are famous for which is their MUSIC. Leave their personal lives be personal.

God, the music even advanced through the song again.

*Slow exhale*

This was one hell of an episode. I was blown the fuck away at two separate moments, and on the edge of my seat besides. Yanked the rug out from under me at mach speed.

I… I’m glad the show finally got to this point, finally talked about the ethics of Malachite. I’m glad Lapis hates what she did. I’m glad we learned Jasper’s take on it.

I just hope we actually see a resolution between the two at some point in the future. They’ve certainly cracked open one colossal can of worms.

I rate episode 93, Alone At Sea, a 10/10.

Today’s second episode is definitely happening, but I’d like some time to shake things out and talk with the Discord for a bit (You’re invited! Check my About Me page).

See you in a while.

TFP Screening

For anyone that is going to the TFP screening today, PLEASE if can you message me once you’ve seen it to confirm Johnlock if it happens. I literally cannot wait a second longer and especially not until Sunday. After last week’s episode all at the same time I am hopeful but also hopeless that it’s going to actually happen. It’s been a constant fluctuation of emotions from highs to lows. I’ve dreamt of nothing but John and Sherlock when I can actually manage to sleep of course. I just need to know all of this is worth it. You don’t have to go into details but all I’m asking is for a 100% confirmation.

anonymous asked:

I'm a mercy main and had a couple of awful comp games today. One was a person who kept getting pissy at me for not using my res (it wasn't safe to)and the second game nearly the entire team had a go at me for not doing so either and I accidentally charged in with our rein a couple times. I get horrible anxiety which causes me to make more mistakes and it got so bad I ended up crying. Our rein added me after the game and reassured me it was okay mistakes happen, but why are people so mean?

can we talk about how adhd is just a series of really minor mistakes it seems like everyone makes and is normal but you dont really realize how bad it is until you experience different? 

for example, i didnt take my meds today and it took me a good hour to realize there was no water in the coffee machine after starting it. I guarantee you if i had taken my meds i wouldnt have forgotten the water. this is the second time this has happened. Its like my brain bypasses an essential step and just straight up goes into autopilot but makes blunders along the way frequently

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Eternal@Melissa: Ohh, I don't see many Vulpix like you often! Are there others here too, maybe your family? Are they all as super fluffy as you too?

Melissa “She also said that it didn’t pass down a long ways at all, so it didn’t really affect me much, but I still got extrasensory from mom…”

Melissa “My grandmother is an ice/fairy type, too, it’s what happens when we evolve.”

-Aside- Constance “I gotta talk to you real quick, Mewboy”

Mom “Forgive me for intruding, My name is Astrid, I just heard the excitement outside. And Melissa, seems like you made a friend or two, too?”

*At Asami* “Maybe you can join us for tonight’s feast, it is certainly good timing.”
Melissa *still laughing* “Yeah! Today was a good day, ‘Dunno where Constance went off to though.”
Astrid “I think I saw her just a second ago, Melissa -v-” *papping INTENSIFIES* “Im sure she’ll be back soon.”

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Ugh I feel so icky why today!? I look so good :(

Good news a customer called me by male pronouns today!! That’s the second time it’s happened since I started Testosterone!!


OH MY GOSH. Okay so i know this is the second time I’m asking but I’ve had this baby almost a full year and i just went to give it water and APPARENTLY ITS ABANDONED ALL ROOTS? 😣 any clue what happened? It still looks super healthy and i water every week once a week and today it just like…. rolled off? Of all my succulents I’ve ever owned this has never happened to me… how do i save it! It doesn’t look like it has any rot or feel like it or anything! 😂 I’m so confused it was perfectly fine last week


Hahahahaha OMG. i’m sorry, i just keep picturing the plant rolling out the door like a tumbleweed in the wind.

ABANDON ALL ROOTS is something that can happen to haworthias when they are under stress (i.e. being over- or under-watered). in this case, it was probably getting too much water. once a week is usually fine for the taller, more aloe-like haworthias; but the compact, fatter ones have leaves that hold a lot more water. i give mine a drink every 2 - 3 weeks in winter, or until i clearly see that the leaves are looking less firm.

Put it back on top of dry, gritty soil, and leave it alone for a few weeks. just completely ignore it. after two weeks or so, check (gently!) for signs of root growth. once you see roots, start giving your plant small sips of water, just enough to slightly moisten the soil around the base of the plant. i find that a spray bottle or a squeeze bottle works best for this kind of thing. keep lightly watering like this until you see new growth from the leaves (this can take a couple months!). after that you can resume normal care, but since it’s winter i wouldn’t water deeply until spring. good luck!!

Simply Petty

This just happened about 20 minutes ago.

My husband and I are students at a local community college.  This semester it just so happened that our class schedules match perfectly, so we are able to carpool.

After class today we met up and began walking to our car in the second lot (we found EXCELLENT parking today!), and we went to cross the crosswalk, as the only car travelling through the lot was WAY at the other end, having just turned in.  We should have had plenty of time to cross, but the car suddenly accelerated at an alarming rate half way through the parking lot and barely came to a screeching halt before hitting me (we’re talking inches, people).  

My husband was understandably pissed off, but at my insistence he decided not to confront the guy, even though the guy was yelling out the window as though it was our fault that he nearly hit me.  Instead, the opportunity for petty revenge presented itself.

Remember that excellent parking space we had?  Well, it turns out that Douchebag McAsshole wanted it.  So we took our sweet time.  Instead of throwing our bags in the back seat, we gently placed them in the trunk of my car.  My husband decided to do a once-around inspection, to check for any tires with low air and scratch marks.  Then I realized that I had dropped my headphones from my purse when we placed our bags in the trunk.  Oops!  They were in my purse the whole time.  Silly me!

Mr. McAsshole was getting furious at this point, still yelling at us out his window.  New classes were starting soon, and if he didn’t get into this spot soon, he’d be late, and all of the other spots in the lot were being filled!

When we were finally satisfied that everything was in order for us to leave, another car came from the other direction, hoping in vain  to catch our spot.  So my husband (who was driving) pulled slowly out of our spot in such a way that it blocked Mr. McAsshole from entry (backing out at an odd angle toward him), allowing the sweet young girl in the other car to enter.  

Almost strike a pedestrian and act like an entitled dill hole?  Lose a good parking spot and (hopefully) end up late for class.

This happened online today
  • Peasant: Wait, your a pansexual? Like, do you make out with pans? That's gross!
  • me: No, it means that instead of being attracted to a dick or vag, I am attracted to what is on the inside. Now think about that next time you think I'm "gross".
  • *goes offline*

i dont really get why teenagers get treated different in shops to adults like today i went into a store and the lady working there didn’t say “good morning” or whatever to me and she didn’t smile back when I smiled at her but then 10 seconds later an adult walks in and she’s all “Hi how can I help you? Hows your day?” and it’s not just her like it happens in almost every shop i go to where a middle aged person is working like why are adults so fixed on the idea that teenagers these days just cause trouble like shut the fuck up i just want to buy a packet of gum god damn


aaaa i played pogo a bit more today (not much i had to do some hw rip)

i had to drop my brother off at swim practice super early in the morning today so i played a bit while waiting for his practice to finish and i caught octillery!!! hell yeah i love my octopus child so much <3

but i saw a chikorita on nearby and so i went to get the chikorita and THEN I SAW A BAYLEAF ON NEARBY SO I WENT TO GET IT and then on my way home I SAW A SNORLAX ON SIGHTINGS BUT I COULDNT FUCKING FIND IT

AND THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IT’S HAPPENED!!!! when will niantic Let Me Live and give me a rare pokemon????? with my luck my next 10k is gonna be pineco or something

Coda for the Second Time

I watched Coda today for the second time ever. The first time was enough. I’ve seen all of the other episodes numerous times. I couldn’t even begin to count. DVDs, Amazon, marathons. But I have not watched Coda again until today. I thought, stupidly, that I would be okay. Not so much. I think it was worse this time. I knew Beth was going to die the first time, but it still tore me to pieces. Knew it this time as well. When, where, by whom, everything. And what made it worse? Knowing the details. The dread. The already there sadness and heartbreak. The fear of the pain. Watching Daryl all over again. It was torture. Every minute. Every second. The build up of, it’s going to happen in 22 minutes, 9 minutes, in a few seconds. And then Daryl carrying Beth out. Maggie’s collapse. It was just fucking worse this time. I’m still upset, though it was on earlier today. I keep seeing flashes of it all. So. Lesson learned. I will not watch Coda again. It was pure, agonizing torture. If the writers wanted to cause extreme distress, they certainly succeeded. Still the worst written death in the entirety of The Walking Dead.