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can you do a woozi smut where he bends you over the kitchen counter...???

Hi there admin Sunshine here, I really hope you enjoy this! We are trying to post more often these days but if we don’t please be patient we are working through all the requests! Honestly this is one of the best smuts I have ever read. Admin Mi is such a great writer, I am definitely her number 1 fan.  Requests are always open please feel free to send in your requests! Everything is welcomed!

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💎Summer, your favourite season of the year. The time when you can finally show off your amazing body and wear crop tops, short shorts, mini skirts and bikini and all sorts of thing that Woozi doesn’t like.

Woozi hated seeing you in anything that shows cleavage or too much legs. Everything you wear must go past your knees for him to approve and sometimes you just hate him for that. You wanted to show your body off in front of him but he never gave you the chance.

So… today! After a long long time of begging, Woozi finally agreed to take you to the beach. You were too excited that you ran around the house cheering and screaming while Woozi watched, laughing to himself quietly. “Make sure you don’t wear something too exposing Y/N” “Omg Woozi, stop! Just chill… don’t worry i’ll pack something appropriate for the beach… I promise” you lied to him as you quickly stuffed your bikini into your bag and covered it with your towel. “Yeah you better pick something appropriate otherwise we are coming home!”

After packing everything into the car, you and Woozi begin your trip down to the beach, as he drives you looked out the window and complimented the beautiful scenery. 30 mins later, you started to see a sneak peek of the beach. You couldn’t help but scream again, just the thought of being able to jump into the sea and swim around drives you insane.

You absolutely loved the beach but because of Woozi, you haven’t been able to go. Not just because he doesn’t like seeing you in exposing clothes but also because he’s been so busy with his schedule… and you didn’t want to go without him so you gave up on the idea.  

Arriving at last, Woozi parked up and said “Holy! Thats a lot of people.” “Yes Woozi. The beach is a public place. It is summer. And this is where everyone goes during summer… just fyi” you teased him and jumped out of the car to go open the trunk to grab the bags you packed.

“Here babe, heres your bag. The bathroom is just over there. Go get changed and wait for me  outside when you are done” you handed Woozi his bag and ran off to the female bathroom.

Unzipping your bag, and holding up your bikini, you couldn’t believe how long it’s been since you’ve worn it. You quickly got changed and standing in front of the mirror, you tied your hair into a bun… and looking at your own reflection, you couldn’t recognise yourself for a second as you’ve been all covered up all this time.

You packed your bags and looked into the mirror one more time before leaving the bathroom to make sure you looked flawless and with confidence, you made your way out to meet Woozi. You spotted Woozi as soon as you walked out, he was on his phone and it seemed like he’s been waiting for a while. So you walked over and poked his arm “babe! We can go now! Im ready” Woozi looked up and his eyes widen in shock. “What the heck are you wearing? I can see EVERYTHING! your boobs are like falling out and half your butt is showing too…” there was an angry tone in his voice but you really didn’t care because you knew he loved it deep inside. He was looking up and down at you and before he could say anything more, you pulled him with you to drop the bags off and headed to the beach.

Jumping into the warm beach water, you could feel your whole body relaxing. You let your body absorb the sunlight and and warmth of the water. Woozi followed close behind, you got out from the water and came closer to him just to see how he’s feeling now about you wearing bikini. He looked at you, pinched your cheeks and said “someones in trouble!” Which you just smiled to and pulled him in for a kiss.

After spending a decent time at the beach, you finally agreed to go home and have some rest. The car ride back felt a lot shorter than before,soon you arrived home. You dragged your body out of the car, still in denial that you were home and not at the beach… you waited for Woozi to unlock the door.

As soon as Woozi shuts the front door, he pulls you into the kitchen and pins you down on the dining table. “Whats this for?” You questioned him looking confused. He didn’t give you any opportunity to speak as he strips off your shirt, he works downwards slowly to unzip your shorts and picks up your shirt to tie your hands together. You were about to make a comment about not knowing he was into this kinky shit as pulls down your panties and shoved them into your mouth to stop you from talking.

He came back up to look into your eyes. He smirks and watched your naked body with just your bra left to cover your boobs. His fingers travel up and down the side of you making you shiver. You were sensitive towards his touches but you had to admit… it felt pretty damn good. He watches you as you struggle to escape his touches and finally sets your boobs free. He leans down and cups your boobs with his hands massaging it as his other hand finds its way to your clit, he teases your entrance making you want him more every second.

Leaving you unattended, Woozi undresses himself and stood you up to bend you over the kitchen bench. You couldn’t see anything but all you could feel was Woozi’s hands grabbing onto your ass and sliding his fingers in and out of your clit. His movement was making you wet, you could feel yourself getting wetter by the second. “So wet for me already?” You heard Woozi say and you tried to look back at him but you couldn’t… he pushes your head down and slams his dick into you.

You were not expecting this, you took his whole length and felt him hitting your G-spot everytime he thrusts into you, making you moan. You wanted to scream but because of your panties you couldn’t. You knew Woozi was enjoying himself since he was moving faster and faster, he grabbed tight onto you waist and made his last thrust before he released his hot cum into you. You could feel the cum overflowing and dripping on the floor as Woozi collapses on the top of you.

His breathing was heavy, few seconds later you could hear him whisper into your ear with his deep voice “See, this is why you don’t wear exposing clothes! It drives me crazy and it makes me want to fuck you every five minutes, don’t do it again and don’t you dare lie to me… this is your punishment! The next thing for you to do is to clean up the cum on the floor”

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Wouldn’t Let You Fail

A/N: Okay, my first Lin fic. A wee bit scary. Lmao I feel like I’m committing treason or something. It’s weird. It’s good tho! I have a lot of Lin fics planned for the holiday season ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Word Count: 4147 ((i know I’m sorry but @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait​ wanted this to be one part))

TW: Drug mention, anxiety mention, sexual actions mentioned

Pairing: LMM x Reader

There was a lot of firsts involved with you being in Hamilton.

It was your first starring role in a Broadway show, first time playing a male role, and first female playing George Washington. All of which, could be easily handled.

Except for the unprecedented involvement of a certain someone. 

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When I Get My Hands On You


anon-Hey I love your imagines and I was wondering if you could write a Newt smut where he pleasures himself while watching her change and one night she catches him and to punish him, she ties him up, making him climax countless times in a row with her mouth and hands, until he can’t take it and is begging her to stop.

writers notes- i really liked this concept so i really when all out with it and made the hole process a lot like a game hope you like it   :)


i was sat at the bonfire with minho, alby and y/n, luckily y/n is beside me and im talking to alby because i can no longer look into the eyes of y/n as im second in command and y/n was the third greenie her room in the homestead is right next to mine and something i am planning to never tell the builders is that there is a hole in the wall that separates our rooms and i can watch her all night long my fav moments of course are when she gets changed as i can see it all i know for a fact all they guys here fraternise about y/n in there showers but im the only one with a front row seat to everything she does in her room. after a while the bonfire party seems to be dying down a bit and y/n sits up a bit more “im gonna go for my shower, night guys” she says getting up “night y/n” i reply “night” come from a few other boys too as she goes waving us all goodbye and walking towards the showers after a few minuets i stand up “night guys im going to hit the hey” i say stretching faking to be tired after a long day they all bid me goodnight and i walk to my room sitting on my bed a second until i hear a door shut i get up and stand by the hole in the wall i can tell im smirking already as i see y/n wrapped up in a towel my eyes move along the perfect curves the towel is hugging so tightly as she brushes her hair facing away from me flipping it all to one side a second to brush it showing off one side of her neck i almost what to smash thought that wall wrap my arms around her waist the towel is hugging so tightly and kiss the side of her neck but instead i begin what i always do i lick my lips and then undo my pants as she moves her towel slightly unfortunately not yet undoing it as she looks around her room and lays some underwear on her bed and letting the towel drop to the floor at that second i slip my hand into my boxers and begin to pump just stareing at her the perfect curves, the perfect size of every last bit of her to fit perfectly in your hands so i pump faster and faster having to bite the inside of my mouth so i don't moan and get discovered i watch as she puts her bra and underwear on then stands in front of the mirror brushing her hair again before putting her brush down and morning but still remaining the the mirror  and i can see her mirror reflection now as she stands and runs her fingers along the line of her bra as its a new bra she only got in the box today i watch her every second she moves her hands around it till i now im not far off and seconds later i climax as she gets dressed and goes to bed i then relax a bit resting my head on the wall and smiling like mad before changing and getting into bed myself one last thought of y/n without her towel before i drift of into my dreams populated with nothing but sexual fantasy’s and mental pictures of what ive seen thought that hole. I'm then woken from a dream by my alarm on my watch on my bedside table i quickly shut it up and get up to the hole again as the alarm on my watch is set to exactly ten seconds before y/n alarm giving me time to get back to the hole in the wall ready for the next round as i hear her alarm she gets up yawns and stands by her mirror i almost see this in slow motion as she slowly pulls of her shirt letting her hair fly out of place more before she brushes it into a ponytail ive already got my hand back in to by boxers and am pumping as she slowly takes of her pyjama pants and swapping her underwear for a clean pair so quickly i almost miss it before she gets her trousers and bends over putting them on giving me a good view of her from that angle till suddenly my door flys open and its alby stood there he looks me up and down to him he’s just walked in seeing me with my hand in my pants 

“newt what the hell are you doing” he asks

“nothing” i say putting my hands behind my back unfortunately he see’s some light coming from y/n room though the hole 

“what's that” he asks

“nothing” i say again trying to cover up the hole is even there 

he then moves me and looks thought the hole a second before turning to me i just stare at the floor “how long has this been here” he asks

“a few months” i answer knowing im getting thrown into the slammer for this or worse 

“did you make it” he asks

“no, i found it” i explain 

“right come here” he says pulling me by my ear to the door of y/n room he knocks on the door and y/n answers it having fully gotten dressed now i just smirk as im look at her “meeting y/n we need to you there” alby says

“why” she asks

“you’ll find out” alby says he then puts me back into my room and i get dressed a few minuets later im dragged along to the council hall and put on a chair with all the keepers and y/n around me i just stare at the floor till ably starts talking 

“okay we have called a meeting because of something that has come to light” he begins “gentlemen and lady there's a hole in the separating wall between y/n and newt rooms” he explains i look to y/n a second and her eyes are wide and alarmed

“so why call a meeting i’ll fix it later” gally says

“the holes been there for more then one day according to newt its been there a few months but it could have been there a lot longer for all we know” alby explains i continue to sit there guilty “and to top it all off i went to see newt this morning to see him pleasuring him self using the hole to watch y/n change” alby says

“so that's why he always wants to go to bed the same time as y/n” zart laughs 

“so the real question is what do we do with him” alby asks 

“i say slammer for a while,move his room and fix the hole” fry suggests 

“all in favour” alby asks and everyone puts up there hands “y/n any comment” he asks her

“i want a minuet alone with him” she says sourly oh no i may not get killed by alby but she’s defiantly gonna kill me they all nod and leave me alone with her she doesnt move “how long has that hole been there newt” she asks 

“about four months now” i answer 

“how often do you look though it” she asks

“at least twice a day” i reply 

she then walks over to me standing just in front of me i emmediatly have to ex spell the dirty thoughts that pop in my head she grabs my head forcing me to look at her “your gonna regret looking when i get my hands on you” she says i immediately get ready to be slapped or even kick in the crouch but  she rams her lips to mine and forces her tongue down my throat and sitting on my lap as we make out after getting over the shock of it i go to wrap my arms around her but she pulls them away and pulls away from kissing me “ your gonna regret looking when i get my hands on you” she says again before getting off me and walking off  after a while they guys take me to the slammer and i sit there bored for what seems like forever till its late at night but i cant sleep on this floor till suddenly the door opens but its to dark to see who it is as the door is shut again almost instantly i hear someone step towards me so i move into the corner as i don't know who that is i feel someone's hands on my arm but i still cant see as it is almost pitch black in here i feel my arm being chained to the wall like they do for people going though the changing then my other arm so im chained to the floor  but still sat up then a match lights up and y/n lights some candles so we can both see and she giggles i cant help but look happy if the gathering was anything to go by “why are you here” i say to her 

“i told you to make you regret looking” she says as she checks the chains on my arms are attached well to the floor and to me so im not gonna get out “is this it chain me to a floor, you do realise i could just order anyone else to go get me the key and let me out” i tell her

“what this key” she says innocently but waving the key about smugly just out of my reach of the chains “you like looking don't you” she says slyly i then nod and she waves the key in front of my face then puts it down her shirt and from what i can see attaches to where the bones meet in the centre of the bra “NO” i scream  “what are you gonna do to me” i ask now worried if i have no escape and she did say i would regret what i did

“that's for me to know and you to find out” she says dragging my legs so im laying on the floor 

“how am i gonna get the key” i say more to myself 
“you get the key by receiving your punishment or by convincing me which ever comes first” she smirks hovering over me giggling slightly “well start convincing” she says

“uh- y/n please” i say

“you think basic manners are gonna win me over newt, one wrong move punishment time” she says laughing before moving her hand and undoing my pants, taking them off and throwing them to the other side of the slammer then doing the same to my boxers then pumping me fast and hard till i feel my climax screaming at her but she’s not listening till i come onto the floor and she moves her hand back to my chest  “round two try again newt” she smiles smugly i think a second and it pops in my head in second in command y/n’s below me “y/n as your superior in the glade i order you to give me that key”  i say to her 

“oh you order me do you newt” she says sounding to be fake hurt, wrong move punishment time” she says before pumping me again harder and faster then before making me moan and groan in pleasure louder then the last time as my climax comes again onto the floor 

“i would do better newt you only have two goes left” she says

“what happens is i don't convince you” i ask panicking 

“that's for me to know and you to find out” she repeats from earlier “turn three newt better make it good” she smirks 

“uh- y/n i uh i only watched because your  beautiful, honestly that's the only reason i watched you” i say 

“awe, but im afraid newt flattery wont yet you anywhere,   wrong move punishment time” she says fooling me for a second think she would have actually got convinced by that 

“NO PLEASE” I scream as she begins pumping again as i climax comes again it hurts so much that i scream as it comes again onto the floor 

“last try newt or else” she says

“or else what” i ask 

“or else” she says smirking “go on then” she says my mind then goes blank i don't know 

“IM SORRY” i scream 

“what” she asks


“perfect” she says

“what did i do i am i free” i ask 

“nope perfectly wrong which means, its punishment time and no more turns” she says 

“you don't mean” i ask now scared of her 

“till your dry and beyond” she giggles 

“NO. NO PLEASE Y/N DON’T-” i scream but im silenced by her lips on me but not my mouth as she licks up every bit of come still on me from the last three times then sucks, and sucks and sucks till i climax for the fourth time and she swallows but she doesnt stop she even speeds up a bit “NO PLEASE Y/N STOP, PLEASE STOP” i scream squirming and trying to break out these chains till i climax again for the fifth time and she swallows again i cant stop screaming and shouting and begging her to stop but she wont even slow down as my climaxes come one after the other till can tell the amount is getting less and less she’s taking every bit of me piece by piece till my eight climax is swallowed “please y/n stop” i beg almost crying now

“try a little harder” she says pulling me out her mouth a second 


“beg me, not like a child begging for a toy like a man begging for pleasure” she says slyly before sucking me again and i climax making the count 9

“BAY PLEASE” i beg

“better” she says slyly moving now to be laid over me her head on my chest looking at me “keep going”

“come on baby stop it” i say along with another moan 

“you want out” she asks

“yes please baby let me out” i beg

“do you” she asks gripping me tightly in her hand

“YES” i scream she then smirks and sits up on me taking her shirt off and showing off the key on her bra 

“you want out newt” she asks

“yeah baby let me out” i say now having much more hope of escape

“do you want the key or me, because you can only have one” she says 

“what no please” i beg

“one or the other key or me your choice” she says as she slips her trousers off and throwing them to the side so she’s on top of me in nothing but her underwear showing of everything she can “key” she says running her hands down the key “or me” she says running her hands down her body from the top of her chest right down to the bottom of her underwear 

“how long would i have you for” i ask

“till your bored of me” she says slyly leaning down to kiss my neck 

“YOU” i scream in the heat of the moment 

“what” she asks

“YOU. YOU. I PICK YOU” i scream 

“really” she asks

“yeah” i reply she then sits me up and pulls me into her as she sits on my lap and she buries my head in her neck till she picks my head up and we make out like in the gathering hall both our tongues going deep down each others throats both of us moaning into each others mouths till i move down to kiss her neck and she wraps her fingers in my hair as i move down and get the key in my mouth and moving so be able to unlock one hand “yes” i say once one hand is free and i begin to undo the other “YES” i shout 


“who said i was playing” I reply taking my shirt off and putting my arms around her trying to kiss her again 

“NO SHUCK OFF” she says backing away 

“oh come on baby” i say kissing her again and she kisses back melting into our kiss she then grips on of my hands that was on her waist and pushes it up to feel her chest making both of us melt more into our snog till i was about to take of her underwear she pulls away and stands up “what are you doing” i ask getting up to stand beside her 

“tomorrow in our own bed” she says slyly kissing me again before getting dressed and i watch her as i always would she then sits there and looks at me “what” i ask

“you watch me everyday, get going” she says i then sigh and get dressed or well half dressed just my boxers and pants with her watching till she wraps her arms around me “what did you mean our bed” i ask

“i mean, alby what's you out your room and said he’s gonna use your room for storage where are you gonna sleep, well with me of course” she says happily hugging me tighter 

“im not happy with that” i say pulling her off me and turning to face her but putting and arm around her  “im not happy with sharing a room with you…..unless you agree to something” i say

“what newt” she asks 

“that you’ll be my girlfriend” i say

“fine” she sighs resting her head on my chest 

“till tomorrow baby” i say 

“till tomorrow newtie” she says backing away from me blowing me a kiss then leaving