this is the second one;the first is that roller coaster

the blazing bombardier.

Idk, this is just a summery fluffball of a Sterek getting-together drabble because I’m tired of winter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Derek fundamentally doesn’t understand people who like roller coasters.

He knows such people exist because he’s been standing in line with them for the Blazing Bombardier for half an hour now, but even when he’s looking right at them, it’s hard to believe. Seriously, why. The list of things to do on a Saturday afternoon that don’t involve screaming and trying not to hurl is literally infinite. He could be lounging around in his pjs in his dorm right now and rereading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, just for example. Or working out, or going for a drive to the beach, or watching a movie with Boyd and Erica. (Boyd and Erica are officially his favorite people right now because, unlike his sisters, they understand the basic concept that friends don’t make their friends who lose bets ride the most terrifying invention since clown costumes.)

The line moves forward, and oh god, now Derek can actually see the loading station. The seats are wicked-looking hanging harnesses painted to look like flames. He’s going to be sick before he even sits down in the thing.

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*puts on jacket and hat*

Oh lord he taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride

Jiho now owns the record of having me yell out BOI and OH MY GOD so many times in one sitting. 

Severitus(Sevitus) Works

Here is a masterpost of my personal favorite Severitus Fanfics. I don’t really know the difference between Severitus and Sevitus (and honestly I don’t care) but these fics are ones where Severus either rescues, adopts, mentors Harry or is Harry’s biological father. I know this is not all of the Severitus works out there, but these are my personal favorites. Enjoy!

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When you take Preston to Nuka-Galaxy (the roller coaster ride in Nuka-World) he makes two comments on the place. The first one is that he doesn’t think getting in a small cart and going on a rail at high speed is his idea of fun (me too babe) 

and the second comment is after you are done with the ride and you end up in that hallway where the Nuka-Girl animatronic sits on the rocket

I went back twice so these are DEFINITELY environmental comments, and I wonder if he says anything on the rest of the park. 


Today was a roller coaster of a day. I absolutely loved every second of today and now I’m in tears because it’s over. I met @therealjacksepticeye and @crankgameplays and they were super duper nice. I didn’t get the chance to meet @markiplier but I got pretty damn close so it’s okay. Also they got my letters that I wrote for them so that makes me really happy. My first PAX experience is one that I will never forget and will always hold as a happy memory @glennnnnnnnnn @expresswaytopurgatory

I thought getting myself drunk will magically wash away the feelings I had for you. I thought seeing you again for the first time in months will ease away the pain. I thought the memories will fade away, but who am I kidding? Of course, it didn’t. Seeing you was probably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever done in my life since the start of this year. Being near you again was not a good way to start my year. Being with you again was like riding the roller coaster for the second time. You knew that it was bad for you. You knew because you already experienced what it’s like to ride in it - painful, stomach crashing, heart racing and energy draining. You already knew what would happen but still, you choose to ride it. You choose to feel that feeling again. The feeling of riding a roller coaster for the second time feels like that when I was with you. I already knew what would happen but I still choose to be with you anyway. I still choose to break my heart again into tiny little pieces. For the first time, I choose to step aside my fucking feelings again just to have moments with you. No matter what you do, I’d still choose you every time.
Ladrien Summer (14/?)

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Amusement parks were awesome.

Adrien could say this with certainty, now that he was actually seeing one in real life for the first time.

It loud and bright and crowded, laughter and tears heard in equal measure, sugar and fryer oil hanging in the air and balloons waving in the wind.

A roller coaster rattled by, shrieks piercing the air for a second and then getting swallowed by the general hubbub that blanketed the whole park.

…That looked like fun.

He glanced over at Marinette to gauge her reaction to it, and found her watching him with something like fondness.

Adrien felt his face heat, scrubbing the back of his head and looking away. “So, uh. How do you feel about roller coasters?”

(She was already swallowing her discomfort for him, he shouldn’t be making her go on rides she didn’t want to go on too.)

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Guardian devil

“Please, please, please, someone help me”

Bokuto didn’t know what to do anymore. His parents packed his bags for him, gave him a few bucks and almost violently pushed him through the door, telling him to figure out his life on his own and not bother them anymore. 
Bokuto was 24, no Job, no girlfriend, no own house or even an apartment. His relationship with his parents was always complicated. And that day, after his seventh failed job interview, his parents had enough of him. 
He didn’t have anywhere to stay, almost no money and no remaining will to do anything anymore. He sat down on the cold floor of the train station, no one around him. The last train already left the station so he had to wait until it was morning and then probably drive into nowhere.
Bokuto looked up at the clear and star-filled sky once more. “Please..”, he begged.


Bokuto shrieked together, holding his arms over his head as a form of protection, screaming like a little boy on his first ride on a roller coaster. Just not excited but scared to death. After a few seconds Bokuto slowly let his arms sink, trying to find out what caused the loud crash. Besides him was a guy. Rather tall, smooth, tattooed skin, white shirt, black sweatpants and… what? Small horns? Bokuto once again let out a little scream, trying to muffle himself with his hands.

“Man, you don’t know how fast angels are. Like, daaaaaamn.“, the guy spoke up in a deep voice. “Can you believe I am feeling the tiniest bit exhausted? WOW”

Bokuto suddenly forgot how to speak, move
and apparently breathe, because after almost 40 seconds of silence he gasped loudly, trying to catch his breath.

“What the actual fucking shit!”

Bokuto got up slowly, walking away and starting to run.

‘This has to be the exhaustion. Not sleeping for over 30 hours does some weird shit to you man.’

But just after a few seconds the tall man appeared in front of him again, smirking, not letting him go anywhere. Bokuto suddenly was unable to move, like a statue.

“Hey, dude.” The stranger sighed. “Do you know how many angels I had to fight for me to get here first? Have some respect and at least greet me. These guys are stubborn as fuck.”

The man smiled.

“I’m Kuroo, the son of Satan, nice to meet you. I heard your call and I’ll be your guardian from now on. Since you’re kinda cute.”

Inspired by @tsutomi-goshiki ’s “imagine your otp”!

Blindspot Hiatus 2017!

Hey there Blindspotters! We’re back!! It’s been one hell of a roller coaster second season and we have another one to look forward to! This blog may have been quiet during the season but we are back now for the hiatus with a whole bunch of new fun stuff! So let us know first, are you guys interested in a second round of hiatus fun and games or not? And if you are, then stay tuned. We will be setting up this year’s hiatus project very soon!

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Congrats on 500! For headcanons, can you do either narlily or linny?

thank you! i’m going to do linny <3

(this will be coffee shop AU, hope you don’t mind!)

  • Ginny first heard of the barista of Nargles from Ron’s boyfriend.
  • “So Pansy and Draco went to this Nargles coffee shop, and told us that the barista was like, super talented or something,” Blaise Zabini said during one of the Weasley family dinner. “Like, she’ll make you any coffee you name, not just the ones on the menu.”
  • “Oh? Like what?” Ron asked, raising an eyebrow.
  • “They heard someone ordering a ’cappuccino de six flags’ or something and apparently the taste of the cappuccino felt like a roller coaster ride because they experienced like 10 flavors in 5 seconds,” Blaise said, and then made a face, “and so Draco went and ordered ’the tragic tales of scarhead’ and the barista drew a really accurate picture of Potter with cream at the top of the coffee and according to Draco, it tasted super fucking bitter but he loved it.”
  • “Does Malfoy know he’s got a crush on Harry yet?” Ron rolled his eyes, chuckling a little.
  • Ginny listened to them and got very intrigued, so the next morning, she went to Nargles.
  • She quickly identified who was this weirdly talented barista that Blaise had been talking about, because she heard some customer ordering “a scandalous mocha in bohemia” and another ordering “murderous latte on the orient express” to the blonde girl who was wearing a yellow dress at the counter.
  • “Crime novel fans,” Ginny thought with an roll of the eye, before looking at the barista more closely.
  • The barista had long blond hair that was tied up loosely using a bright and colorful hairband. Her eyes were pale silver and dreamy and captivating, and Ginny stared at her for a long moment, dazed.
  • She was suddenly pulled back into reality when it was her turn, and the barista was smiling at her – what a nice smile that was, too – and asked what Ginny wanted.
  • “Um, I’ll … have the Frappuccino,” she said, her mind still not yet feeling clear, and just blurted out her usual choice.
  • The barista looked slightly amused, “Of course.”
  • Ginny blushed a little, and asked, “Do people always order coffees with unusual names here?”
  • The barista laughed, her voice ringing like soft bells, “It’s kind of becoming some tradition. It began when a customer asked for a recommendation, and I told him he looked like he would enjoy the ’Ristretto of Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award’. He did. And then he sort of wrote a story about this experience and lots of people got really curious and also came and order coffees with all sorts of different names. I heard that the original customer went on and became some best-selling writer now.”
  • “Wow,” Ginny said, amazed. “That’s really cool.”
  • “Thank you,” the barista beamed at her, and handed Ginny the cup of Frappuccino, “maybe you’d also like to try some fancy stuff next time?”
  • Ginny accepted the cup from the barista, their hands brushing over each other’s for a moment, and Ginny shuddered a little at the soft touch of the barista’s. Her breath hitched slightly as she replied, “Of course.”
  • She was definitely going to come back to order something interesting – and it’s definitely not just for the coffee.

500 followers MMC headcanon celebration


Disney animated shows like Star VS and Gravity Falls can go from a goofy kiddie ride in season one to a thrilling roller coaster rush by the second and third season. Back when I reviewed the first handful of Star VS episodes during its premiere, I saw some tremendous potential, but I would have never expected to be blown away at the intense story arc about to unfold.

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Hi a few things i would like to say: first thank you for all that you have written and put into this blog for us its amazing lovely and just feels like a safe space, secondly if you ever feel pressured or stressed out due to this blog feel free to take a step back and breathe after all this is your blog so run it how ever you want and if anyone feels like you should put there ask before your comfort and health ill fight them your awesome and deserve to be treated with respect for this (1/2)

and finally could i request todoroki going on a first date with his s/o and going to an amusement park and its either his or their first time going and getting scared from the height of a roller coster please (2/2) 

Hi lovely! I thank you very, very much for your kind words and your support, that means a lot to me <3 I’m also so very happy that you can see my blog as a safe space, I try my best to keep it that way! Aside from that, I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =) (and I hope you don’t mind that they’re both at the park for the first time? If that’s not okay, let me know and I’ll rewrite it =) )

Todoroki hasn’t been to amusement parks before, mostly because his father saw it as a waste of time and he finds himself having a difficult time to decide what to try at first. Thankfully, his partner has an idea what to start with, even though it’s their first time as well, and so they try out an easy and small ride, until his partner suggests trying the first roller coaster.

Todoroki sits down beside them in the wagon, checking one last time to make sure that his wallet and phone are securely in his pocket and can’t fall out.

At first, they start to slowly rise and a moment later, Todoroki realizes that things are going far, far up higher than he previously thought. His partner shifts a bit beside him and when they slow to a stop at the peak for a second, they grasp his hand.

Then they’re rushing down, the yells and excited screams of other people accompanying them and Todoroki finds himself wrapping an arm around them, feeling they way they press close to him for whole ride.

Once they’re done and stumble back onto solid ground, his partner holds onto his hand again, their fingers cool in comparison to his and they breathe in deeply.

“I didn’t think it would go that high.” They say, pressing a hand to their chest. “My heart is beating so fast.”

Leading them a bit to the side, Todoroki checks them over so make sure they’re not seriously anxious or scared. “Are you okay?” He asks, voice softer and calm.

They give him a small smile. “I’m okay; I just got a bit scared there.”

“Do you want to get me something to drink?” Todoroki offers and their smile turns warm and reassuring.

“No, I’m okay, thanks. Though I don’t think I want to try another big roller coaster again. Or at least, not until I have calmed down.”

“That’s okay.” Todoroki gives them a small, soft smile in return and gently tightens his grip on their hand. “Let’s take a look at the other rides then.”

Three years (Kaitlyn and MC fan fiction)

Note: This is a bit long, but I hope you guys will appreciate it. I have already started this weeks ago as an entry for the Choices Creates round with the prompt kitchen. But being so busy lately, the round closed and I’m only halfway through. I decided to finish it anyway and then the prompt for this week was released and I found a way to merge it with this week’s prompt. This is my entry for Choices creates round 12.

Sooooo, @hollyashton and the rest of the fandom, here it goes. Happy reading!

Good morning, sunshine! Got you this before walking to class. Drink it up before it gets too cold. I love you! See you in the evening. xoxo

P.S. Wish me luck for my song presentation today! I couldn’t have done this if you didn’t help me with the lyrics!
P.P.S. You’re drooling! But still beautiful, don’t you worry sweetheart. *grin*

I smile to myself as I finished reading the note beside a cup of coffee on the bedside table. On the cup is my name with a heart icon beside it. I drink my first sip and take time to realize how lucky I am to have Kaitlyn. For the span of our three-year relationship, she never failed to make me happy even with the little things, despite of being busy especially now that we are in our senior year.

Yes, it has been more than three years since the day I bumped to Chris, splashed with Kaitlyn in a bikini, appreciated Abbie’s artwork for the first time, and spent the first night at the rooftop together with my suitemates. We still do, though, even if all six of us have gone different ways to pursue our passions.
Chris had rerun for the student council president position several times, and had won in every single one of them. I always believe that being a Public Administration major has given him an additional edge against his opponents. Tyler took Information Technology and is bound to finish his own mobile game. Abbie pursued Fine Arts, and has already accomplished putting up several art exhibits to showcase her works. Zack took up Fashion and Design, and plans on having his own clothing line in the future. James had found a new agent who’s willing to bring his original play to life. He’s back in LA and is very busy with the movie right now. Zig is a major in Mathematics, a consistent Dean’s Lister and a candidate for honors in graduation, continuing to uphold that the Second Chance scholarship program is indeed possible! Kaitlyn, obviously, continued pursuing her career in music. She is the lead vocalist of The Perfect Circle, a band she joined after she quit Gutter Kittens. They’ve been playing together for almost two years now, and three of their original singles have been hits across many social media platforms. I won’t be surprised if Kaitlyn will be signing her first recording contract right after graduation. I pursued a career in journalism. I am now in the process of writing my third novel, the second sequel to the novel I first wrote for Professor Vasquez.

The clock reads 8:10 AM. Kaitlyn’s music composition class had started ten minutes ago. I take one last sip of coffee before pulling out my phone and typed:

To: Kaitlyn

Good luck on your song performance! Go on and nail it! I know you can do it. I love you! xoxo

My relationship with Kaitlyn is one heck of a roller coaster ride. There are so much good times – from the romantic dinner dates, spontaneous movie nights, adventurous hiking days, late night booty calls, to the exchange of flirty, sweet text messages – I only found myself falling for her more and more every single day. But just like any other relationship, bad times happen as much as the good times. Time came when Kaitlyn became very jealous of Becca, when I felt bad thinking that Kaitlyn isn’t proud of being my girl in front of her high school gang, or when both of us struggled to make time for each other. There were also times when we wouldn’t speak to each other days after a fight, for the argument to cool down, for the heart to heal, and for the mind to wander for a bit. And as it is said, not all who wander are lost. Sometimes, it will just make you realize that you will always tend to come back to where you truly belong. And that’s how it goes for me and Kaitlyn. We belong to each other and nothing’s going to change it.

My phone buzzes and Kaitlyn’s name appears on the screen.

Thank you babe! You don’t know how nervous I am now!

Don’t be, silly. You’ll do great! By the way, I’ll see you at dinner. Wear your best!

My best? For what?

I laugh upon reading her reply. I’m thinking she might be forgetting something.

On Fridays, Kaitlyn’s schedule is more packed than mine. My classes already ends at 2 o'clock in the afternoon while hers ends at 5, not to mention her band practice that lasts up to 7 o'clock in the evening. I’m the lucky one today; I have lots of time to prepare for my plans tonight.

Before the sun sets, I find myself standing at the kitchen, looking around to check if everything is perfect. Lights are slightly dimmed, giving way for the candles at the table’s center and some are scattered at the floor. The food is already set – from the appetizer to the main course to the triple chocolate cake dessert – at the bar counter, which is now covered with white linen. The table is also covered with white cloth, chairs placed on its opposite sides, two sets of eating utensils placed above it. Rose petals are also scattered on the floor to add to the romantic vibe of the setup.

I then look down on myself, smoothing the white, floral dress I am wearing. I glanced up the clock and it reads 6:37 PM. Kaitlyn will be home at any moment.

Not for so long, the suite’s doorknob clicks. The door opens and there emerges Kaitlyn, wearing the same red dress she wore during our first formal together. Her hair is tied up and she is holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand. She smiles widely at me as she sees my reaction.

No, she had never forgotten.

I greeted her with a long passionate kiss, and after she pulls away, she said, “Happy anniversary, babe.”

I tell her the first words my tongue could find, “How… I thought you forgot.”

She hands me the bouquet before answering, “How could I forget the day I became the luckiest girl in the world?” She grins.

I smile at her as I take the flowers from her hand. I set them on the table first and pull out a small paper bag. I gestured at her, “Here, I have something for you, too.”

I unpacked the paper bag’s contents and reveal a silver bracelet similar to the lucky charm bracelet I lend her when she almost failed all her subjects during our first spring term. The pendants of the bracelet include two female symbols joined together, a musical note, a zombie, a heart and a letter E – each representing different sides of her personality.

Her eyes follow my hand as I clasp the bracelet around her wrist. I could sense the genuine happiness in her eyes when she turned them back at me and hugged me. I returned the embrace and whispered, “Happy third anniversary, babe. I love you.”

She replied, “I love you, too.”

I pull away and lead her to the dining table. I pull her seat for her before sitting in mine, and tonight, we both have the dinner of our lifetime.

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my theory is that he was scared with jun bc he's not afraid of the ride itself, but the height. the first ride with mingyu didn't stop moving so he didn't have to see the ground from so high up, but the second one with jun stopped at a really high place

omg you might be right? haha i just watched it again and before they took off jun was the one screaming for help HAHA and minghao was all chill?? and he only started freaking out when it stopped on top and he looked down sjkdnfksd omg I can relate i hate heights if i can see how far I’m up but I love roller coasters and airplane flights?

Just; C.H. 15

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

“So when are you going to tell me about your steamy night with Ashton?” I chuckle as I twirl around in my bedroom, Sherilyn occupying my bed as she skims through one of the many text books that had been littering around my room since exams started. Her eyes stay glued to the text littered along the worn out pages, but her cheeks are tinted a bright red hue, her bottom lip pulled between her teeth to hide the stupid grin she’s sporting underneath.

I raise my eyebrow as I turn my head when she doesn’t say anything. “Okay then. Let me ask you this. Was it a one-night stand or is there more going on?” I hold to shirts in front of my body, Sherilyn motioning to one of them for the band-thing Calum asked me to go to with him tonight. I wasn’t even sure if it was a date or not, so I wanted to dress casual but not as casual that he would think that I didn’t care. It’s complicated.

“Well I – uh, I certainly hope he wants more.” Sherilyn blushes and I can’t help but let a sweet smile settle on my lips, dropping next to my friend on my stomach, chin resting on my flat hands. “Ash doesn’t seem like the type to – uh – have a road gig.” I shrug my shoulders, laughing at my choice of words almost immediately while Sherilyn blankly stares in my direction.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. You got his number, right?” I wave my phone in her face, putting power to my words before dropping it back on the bed in its place. “He already texted me when he left with Calum.” I aww out loud, pinching my eyes closed as I poke my tongue out. This results in a push from my friend as she crawls off of my bed.
“At what time is Calum coming to pick you up?” I turn over to check my alarm clock mentally counting up to seven PM. “Little less than two hours.”

“Y/n, I have to admit it to you..” Sherilyn starts and I hum, silently asking her to continue and raise to my feet to gather my stuff for a nice, relaxing hot shower.
“Now I know why you were so reluctant. Why you were so, weary, and … I don’t know overall confused and reserved in the last few days, maybe even weeks. But, you see that Cal and you are heading in the right direction, right? You’re even going on a date.”

I shake my head almost motionless, sitting down at the seat in front of my vanity as I open my mouth a few times. “I don’t think this is a date, Sher. We agreed to try and become just friends. Anything else that has happened, I just – I think he thinks of them as mistakes because they’re never spoken of again. Or maybe like a small benefit.”

“You’re so blind, Y/n. You always have been.” I can’t help but to roll my eyes at her small words. Throughout the years of our friendship she had spoken the same words to me over and over again.
“No I’m not. I’m a realist. He has a horde of girls to choose from. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to settle down with a random girl either.”

“Ever heard of that one girl changing the whole guy’s perspective?” Sherilyn breathes, her hand gently rubbing along her forehead as she stands in the middle of my room, coat draped over her arm.
“Sweetheart, I told you to stop reading those romance novels before your image of love is permanently fucked.” I’m dismissed with a wave and Sherilyn disappears through my doorway, the wooden rectangle slowly clicking into place as the door shuts.

“You still haven’t told me all the steaminess!” I yell after my already disappeared friend and I can hear something that resembles a ‘fuck you’ chime through our narrow hallways, my body shaking with a chuckle as I turn my body back to the mirror.


Calum was actually early to our meet up. Linda kept eyeing him from her spot, leaning against the kitchen island while I shoved my belongings into my purse. A few wolf whistles ensued and I dragged Calum out of the house with the bright red blush on my lips.

I hadn’t seen Calum as the type to go and enjoy local rock bands, but I was impressed. The night was filled with banter, dancing to music and plastic cups filled with cheap beer. After an hour long talk about music, where I had learned music meant a lot to Calum due to family issues when he was younger. Music was his getaway.

The ride back to my frat was calm, with a comforting silence filling the small space. His fingers tapped along to the melody resonating from the radio at low volume. I grin brightly as he stops at the sidewalk and turn to him. “Thanks. I’ll see you later.”

“Wait. Let me walk you to your door.” Calum rushes as I step out of his car, jogging over to the other side where I’m awkwardly waiting.

“What a cliché you’re being right now.” I chuckle, patting his chest as he stupidly grins at me, walking up beside me to ‘escort’ me to my front door.

“I enjoyed myself Cal, thanks. I’m glad I tagged along.” I smile as I lean against my door, crossing my arms over my chest as I watch his grin grow with each passing word. “It’s one of my favourite bands. I wanted to share that with you.” I desperately want to touch him. Lay my hand on his chest, form a fist with his shirt and pull him in to press our lips together.

Instead, I give him a shy grin, fingers fumbling with the hem of my shirt put keeping my gaze upon his. It might have been that we’d been staring at each other for mere seconds or full minutes before he leans towards me, my eyes fluttered closed as I feel his warm lips brush against mine.

“I’ll call you later.” Calum breathes as he pulls away, small smile on his lips as his eyes flick from mine to my lips. He steps away and makes his way to his still running car, his head turning once more, a wave following before he gets in and drives off. I stay standing in the same spot until he’s gone, slowly stepping inside, thankful for the eerie, quiet atmosphere. His words leave a sour aftertaste to a mind blowing night.


“Good morning sleeping beauty. Tell me all about your night.” Linda grins as she shoves a cup of coffee towards me. My mouth feels dry, my eyes drooping as I sit down in front of Sherilyn and Linda, my hands absentmindedly cupping the hot cup as I let my eyelids slip closed again.
“What are you doing here?” I breathe, hoping Sherilyn knows I’m speaking towards her. She mumbles something in return but I don’t have the energy to speak up again and ask her what it was.

“So? How was it?”

“Well it was a nice evening, Calum really prepared himself. You really get to know someone through their music taste.” I smile, keeping the cup floating in the air as I take small sips of the hot liquid. “So it was a date?” Sherilyn grins and I visibly roll my eyes, catching Linda’s gaze as she raises her eyebrows in anticipation.

“I haven’t told you the worst part yet.” I ignore the question and both girls’ features show confusion as they await my next words. “I’ll call you later.”
“Oh my god!”

Both shriek out almost immediately and I can’t help but let a breathless, humourless chuckle leave my lips as I nod my head along to their mumbled out no’s. It stays quiet for a while, and within this time, I can feel the emotions I had felt yesterday bubble up again. First comes anger, not sure if it’s directed towards him or myself for forgetting what type of person he was – secondly, a tightening, confused feeling because I honestly believed we were going in a good direction, whatever that direction might be. And at last, complete devastation.

“Are you alright?” Linda questions as she lets her hand rest on mine, squeezing it slowly and tenderly as both girls smile sympathetically my way. “Probably. I mean it was just one date, right?”
“So it was a date?” Sherilyn questions again and I’m so sick of these questions, I don’t even know why it would matter if I went on a date with Calum or not.

“I don’t know, we’re friends I don’t know how he feels, Sher.” I kind of bark her way and I receive an immediate frown before it dissipates. I let a breath slip past my lips and Sher starts fumbling with my hands. “Then you’re not going to like why I’m here.”

I raise my gaze to let it wander over one of my best friends when I see what she’s wearing. “You’re going to the beach?”
We’re going to the beach. Ashton called this morning, the boys wanna head down. Calum called you a few times but you didn’t answer. He thought you were ignoring him.”

I slip my phone out of my pyjama pocket, eyeing the device under the table as I see 4 missed calls and a text message. “Ah, I see. I was asleep.” My heart flutters at the missed calls and I can feel the sour taste dissipate but keep my face stoic. He may have kept his promise, but I couldn’t shake the feeling.
“You realize you slept until past noon, right?” Linda laughs and my head snaps towards the clock above our stove, my eyes widening in realization. “I was shit tired last night.”

“And you could be a bit more excited about Calum indeed calling you.” Sherilyn points out as she pulls me up straight, winking to Linda as she starts guiding me towards my bedroom.
“Who says it was Calum who wanted me there in the first place?” I receive a slap to the back of my head and I know I should stay quiet about my insecurities for now. I couldn’t help but be cautious. If four words – technically five – could have me riled up and make me go through such an emotional roller coaster, who knows what I’m still in for.

Biggest Fear : Luke One Shot

This was supposed to be part of a Luke series that I had in mind but I clearly suck at those and couldn’t get this idea outta my head so here ya have it. (I imagine Jaiva as Cara Delevingne but you can of course picture her however you like). Hope you enjoy x

Luke knew it was a bad idea to give her this kind of personal information. Of course she wasn’t asking just for the sake of getting to know each other. Jaiva isn’t that simple. She’s a sneaky, coniving little shit, never even blinking without an underlying purpose, and Luke should’ve seen this coming. 

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Hi Sam! My brother works at a place called the Funplex (which I was in a commercial for when I was in 5th grade!) It’s a local arcade/mini amusement park (laser tag, some rides, mini golf, a water park, a GIANT foam ball pit, bumper cars, go karts and more!) and I took my cousin here a few days ago and I was SWIMMING in nostalgia, since I came here a lot in my childhood, starting when I was 3 or 4 years old. The first picture is from the mini roller coaster we went on and the second is part of one of the mini golf courses! Thought I’d share!

aaaah i love this!! the rollercoaster looks like something you’d find at the nickelodeon theme park in the mall of america! thank you for sharing❤️

Luke’s favorites, in no particular order:

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher - “This is on my book list because it’s such an eye opening book. You never know how much of an impact you are on somebody’s life and that’s scary. So in this book the main girl, who killed herself, lets people know about the impact people made, some for the good, others for the worse.”

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell - “This book is on my list because it is such a cute story and you’ll love every second of it… until the end, which will rip your heart out. But it’s worth it.”

Deadline by Chris Crutcher - “This is on my list of books because it teaches young adults about death and what the person goes through, and that even even though life can suck, you can make the best out of it and still be happy.”

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin - “This book is on my list because it takes you on a crazy roller coaster ride of feels. I couldn’t put the first book down, as well as the second and third. But the thing that freaked me out the most is that it’s fantasy and I don’t enjoy those books a lot of the time so it’s definetyly a must read.”

This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales - “This book is on my list because of how awesome it is. I think that everyone at one point or another has wanted an alter ego. Someone that is a better them. And in this book this girl does that, but when people find out at her school what she does it night, it all blows up in her face. But at the end it all works out.”

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous - “This is on my top list because its not like most young adult books people read. There is no happy ending. She doesn’t get the guy she’s been pining for since kindergarden. This book is about a smart girl who gets in the wrong crowd for all the wrong reasons.”

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray - “This is on my list and is actually the book that got me into fantasy books. It is very well written and adventurous and you will never see the plot twists coming. It just kept you on your toes.”

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky - “This book is on my list of favorites because honestly it’s just perfect. I managed to finish it in a day and it does have a happy ending, but there’s a lot of dark parts which I loved. You get to read about a young, closed off freshman that finds amazing people and it just shows that it does get better.”