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“ As of right now, I’m seeing the fandom becoming more and more impatient for S2. It’s been In the works for how long now? A year and a half? If they think that’s too much of a wait, look at the Attack on Titan Fandom before their second season. Four Years of waiting for S2. And the Incredibles Fandom? Fourteen years until the second film. I understand where the fans coming from, I’m as irritated as they are. Yet, I wish they would just relax for a bit. Things take time, all you need is patience..” 

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If you ever get time I would love a RTTE Hiccstrid positivity post. It would be great to get objective point view on things. Thank you in advance and I hope you have a wonderful day friend!

A positivity post is inherently subjective and focuses on uplifting as versus balanced perspectives, but I am more than happy to talk about some of the things I love about RTTE Hiccstrid! :)

  • It provides a sense of progression for Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship. At the end of HTTYD, we see Hiccup and Astrid share a kiss, demonstrate their initial interest in one another, but still act very much like the kids in the early stage of a crush. By the second film they’re a fully formed couple with deep connections. Whether or not people imagined Hiccstrid developing the way it did in RTTE, there is something nice to be said about filling in the gaps from Point A to Point B. Storytelling isn’t interesting when it’s flat… dynamic growths are, however, rather enjoyable experiences.

    In ROB/DOB it was clear Hiccup and Astrid liked one another and Astrid would sometimes take the impulsive step to kiss Hiccup… but it’s not like they talked about what they felt or really confronted it head-on. By RTTE, they care about one another and know one another very well… they just now are at the point they have to confront their emotions and do something about this. We see the growth as they do make that step toward one another and move into an increasingly comfortable and deep expressed care. They finally have the opportunity to take all the emotions they’ve had and have grown over the years… and live in the freedom of being with each other.

  • There are some very beautiful demonstrations of devotion and care to one another. While kissing and hugging are nice scenes for a romance, if that’s all there is, the romance can feel like a shallow physical attraction with no actual emotional chemistry. Hiccstrid has that chemistry, and they show some very beautiful moments of what it means to love one another. It’s not just about kisses (though those are nice): it’s about enjoying all the moments with each other… it’s about helping one another in times of struggles.

    Hiccup’s lines during “Blindsided” made a special impression on me. He did a very good job of supporting Astrid, trying to help her, and also showing that he was willing to be beside her through whatever they experienced. It was a very good way to show support through someone’s hard times. He acknowledged her problems rather than denying them, but also provided the sense of encouragement that she could do it, and that he would be there with her the entire way.

  • It shows some of the complications being in a relationship can have. Hiccup and Astrid don’t immediately become a perfect couple. They’re a lot more comfortable, balanced, and rooted by HTTYD 2 than they are in RTTE. Here, we see them sometimes go through disconnects in their own relationship… such as when Astrid is too nervous to talk to Hiccup because she fears she cannot provide him a proper betrothal gift.

    It’s nice to show that even good relationships that are growing into healthy and powerful things… are not Perfect. It’s nice to show that they especially do not start perfect. It’s nice to show how communication about worries rather than avoidance can draw each other together. It’s nice to show that they have fears about pleasing one another (a common fear I see in the early dating stage)… but that they’re able to comfort one another and help the other know they are loved.

    So we see Hiccstrid go through the glitches as well as the successes. We see how they get beyond those glitches. Showing how Astrid was insecure about the gift ultimately led to a good conclusion… that their relationship is far more than this one physical token. Having a firm, powerful, secure relationship takes effort and growth. We see the steps of that good growth with RTTE Hiccstrid.

Altogether Hiccstrid shows a sense of good growth. Hiccup and Astrid become attuned to what it means to be in a good relationship. I really like that. And who they become is a wonderful, supportive, and devoted couple who can stand by one another through the thick and the thin.


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Two years in the making, Mount Desert Island, Maine-based photographer Will Greene brings his second time-lapse film of Acadia National Park: Acadia II: Sea to Sky. The film was shot during the summers of 2016 and 2017, and captures the breathtaking landscape diversity of Acadia, from its rocky coastlines to its granite summits and everywhere in between. More than 100,000 still photos and 1.5TB of data were taken to produce this 5-minute movie in glorious 4K. This is Acadia, and this is my home.

Time-lapse film by Will Greene, with invaluable assistance from Matt Lambert, and music made for the film by Jack Sasner. Special thanks to my mom, Bo Greene, for the endless support and for putting up with the hundreds of hours of late nights, early mornings, and editing time.

Gear used:
Cameras: Nikon D610 and Nikon D7500
Lenses: 14mm f2.8, 12-24mm f4 DX, 20mm f1.8 and f2.8 AI-S, 35mm f1.8, and 50mm 1.8.
Software: Lightroom, LRTimelapse, and Final Cut Pro

Watch the first film, “Acadia” here:
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*sighs* if there was one thing Almost Adults could of done better, was go along with the Bi!Cassie route. Adriana and Sarah did say they didn't want to go with the "closeted lesbian falling in love with her best friend trope" and I'm like??. its just a shame its not as popular because the two main characters didn't end up together. I'm about 5 seconds away from writing fanfiction to fix the entire film, tho. with mackassie smut. would anyone read that??

And how many of those closeted lesbian falling in love with her best friend trope actually have a happy ending in the media? 🤔  I definitely would’ve been hyped.

I’d read it lmao.

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I don't watch horror movies, but the scariest movie I remember watching is I am Legend. 😱 I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. the first night after watching it, and 2:00 the second night. Very unsettling.

I haven’t watched that film in years! The only real thing I can remember about it is getting very emotional over the dog. It’s funny what unsettles us though and keeps us up at night. Like horror movies do not bother my husband at all yet I’ll leave the bathroom light out for a full week after something scares me