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SWCV Dallas

This is just going to be a quick recap of my swcv dallas experience. 

The concert started with hitchhiking, but I wasn’t expecting Jongkey because in Seoul they transitioned into the next song, but the second I realized what was going on, I flipped out my phone (my hands were shaking) and I recorded that interaction, I’ll upload snippets later today when I edit. 

Minho was such a fuzzball, honestly, he would always wave to the fans up on the balcony, Taemin did so too and Minho hyped the crowd up so much during Ready or Not, it’s like he never loses energy. 

When Taemin performed Goodbye, I had to stop recording just so i could watch him…I mean, he was beautiful, stunning. Taemin when he performs, despite being tired, he gave us his all last night. 

KIBUMS BURNED GUCCI. Iconic. he was so done and the others seemed so amused by him telling his story. (i’m sure you guys have heard about it by now, so I’ll spare you the details).

The return of Jonghyun’s fanboy AND JONGHYUN IS SO SOFT, GENTLE AND SWEET. I love listening to him speak ;;;

MY HUSBAND GUYS MY HUSBAND. Jinki tried telling a joke, but we were all confused, even Jonghyun was like “what do you mean?” in english and that made us laugh. 

Taemin trying to explain how he felt in english was so endearing and genuine. He was struggling, but he managed to say what he felt. 

Onew spoke a little english and apologized in korean for his pronunciation. His “alright, so the next song is…” was sooo adorable, I wanted to squish him. 

I just….they’re amazing, I can’t even describe to you guys properly the aura they emit when they perform. AND THEY DID ODD EYE. I TELL YOU I WAS NOT READY. Those slow hip rolls are no joke haha, the passion in the theater became thirst in a matter of seconds. 

I’m probably forgetting somethings, but I love them so much and I met sooo many of you yesterday!!! <3 <3 thanks for saying hi and I hope you enjoy your little bags ^^

Feliz Navidad - Calum Hood

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This should’ve been posted yesterday and I apologize. There’s been a lot going on with school and sports and stuff at home.

I’ll have the Michael one for today posted later on after I edit it. I also need to add a gif to this later, but I’m using my school’s computer to post this sooooo……

“Hello Cancun!” Calum yelled walking into the hotel as y/n rolled her eyes.

“Calum, stop yelling. We’re in public,” she hissed hitting his arm as he laughed throwing his arm over her shoulder. “When are your parents flying in?”

“They should be here in the morning by time we go for breakfast,” he said back, walking with her to the front desk to check in. “I’m glad you came with us.”

“I’m glad I came too,” she said, instantly regretting her words when she saw his girlfriend walking into the building, tits practically falling out of her shirt as she smiled widely, her annoying giggle falling from her lips as she sashayed over to the two.

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Ginevra Molly Weasley

Pureblood / 11th of August, 1981 / Gryffindor

‘anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve’

Happy 35th Birthday

mutsumi senpai appreciation post ep 5 edition

i literally gasped at his handsome cuteness seeing him show up in todays episode 

like look at him i cant 

SO ADORABLE MY HEART supporting his bae


ALSO he said the exact thing i said a second after i said it like yes senpai *claps furiously*

hes so sweet and pure let me love him

bonus c: <333


Seeing Pastels

First one is good. Very good. Never-to-be-replicated-again-by-me good. The second one is meh. But still somewhat good? I don’t know. All in the eye of the beholder. I just make the edits. So, yup. I edited. Hopefully this actually posts. I’ve have four posts on webpage Tumblr fuck up on me today. I will not stand for another failure. Well, I will. I don’t really have a choice in this matter. I have to post, after all. I just have to put up with the bullshit until it subsides. 

WriteblrConnects--it’s happening--plus TAGS!

EDIT: Writeblr Connects is up and running! Details can be found HERE and the blog itself can be found HERE!

Well, it looks like there’s a great deal of enthusiasm for WriteblrConnects (see more here!

So, I’m going for it.

This is going to take a little time to get things together, so instead of simply opening up the blog, I’m going to use a tagging system through this blog while I build the other.

First, anything I do for the WriteblrConnects blog will be tagged as #buildingwriteblrconnects. Track/follow the tag and you’ll have every update from me. I may also open a Trello board if anyone is interested in seeing progress that way. 

Second, if you have any feature suggestions for me, comments or anything like that, tag your post with #writeblrconnects. I will be tracking/following this tag to get updates and thoughts from the rest of the community.

HOW DO I JOIN? If this all sounds like a great idea to you, head over to THIS post and fill out the member profile. Tag it with #wcprofiles and I should have it reblogged shortly! 

There will be a few more tags that I’ll edit to include here, but those will come later today with their accompanying posts. 

EDIT: Couple of new features have tags. 

For Writeblr Connects Translation Corner (more info on that here), the tag is #wctranslationcorner

For Writeblr by Region (more info on that here), the tag is #wcbyregion

To get your member profile to me (more info on that here), tag it with #wcprofiles

An #I think? tag in a member profile reblog means that I’m not sure of what genre I need to list you under. Check that you’re okay with it and reply with a correction if you’re not!

Any fussing and frustration with genres will be tagged as #wcgenres.

Reblog this post and/or the original WriteblrConnects post and/or the Writeblr Community Questions post (here) and spread the word! I’ll need to hear from all of you soon! Tags under the cut!

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GNU Terry Pratchett

Today, March 12, 2017, marks two years since the world lost Sir Terry Pratchett. I remember it well. I had only recently discovered his works, and I blazed through them laughing all the way. I wanted to meet him, even if I wasn’t sure what I would say. The news that I would never get a chance, the news that the worlds he had created were forever stilled, was painful in the extreme. I was already struggling to deal with what I can only hope to be the worst period of my life, and I was not in a place to deal with the loss for well over a year. Last summer, I had the chance to sit down and re-read all his Discworld novels (as well as a few other novels of his I’m particularly fond of). After putting down the last one at five in the morning, I spent the next hour writing this. It’s hardly an original idea, but I felt compelled to do so. Enjoy.

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character aesthetics | jason grace

for @cindersart

i’m fighting myself. i know i am. one minute i want to remember. the next minute i want to live in the land of forgetting. one minute i want to feel. the next minute i never want to feel ever again. [x]


Welcome to the second edition of Victim Christmas Card Exchange! The Killers are still on hiatus but we can have fun anyway, right? RIGHT! So, here are the rules:

Wanna send a Christmas Card to one of the Tumblr Victims? The idea is very simple: submit or send me an ask/message with your full name and address and I will pair you up randomly with another Victim! The only thing is you must be comfortable giving out your address to this person and me (trust me, I will not give your address to anyone except your Santa!). And please make sure that you’re sending me the correct and complete address!

You don’t have to follow me to join the exchange, the only condition is that you’re a Victim with an active blog.

The card should be Killers’ related but if you have a cool idea for a non-Killers card (while still being festive) – go ahead! Also, if you don’t wanna send the card worldwide, just tell me! I will try to pair you up with somebody within your country.

I also thought it would be great to put a postcard from your country/city into the envelope (no pressure though! It’s just an idea 😊).

You have time ‘till November 19th to send me your address! I want everyone to get their card before Christmas, so try to send your card as soon as possible, especially if you’re shipping worldwide. 

If you have any questions – feel free to shoot me an ask! 

Do your best and have fun ♥


Oh my god this is the second time im trying to post this so wish me luck. I love the pictures ive seen today for WeAreTheCrankyCrew. Ive been subbed to Ethan for only a few months and im sad that i didnt find him sooner. I found his channel right as my depression hit me the hardest. My friends left because they didnt like being around me. My partner of 2 years left too. So i was alone. But i found a goofy blue haired boy that made me smile. Nobody had done that in months so it was nice. I was still alone but i had his videos to watch and laugh at. Then i met other members of this community through a voice chat and they were so great. I love them all. Im doing a lot better now and i even started my own youtube channel so i can make someone else smile. Thank you everyone and thank you Ethan. 💙💙💙