this is the same version but i animated the lights

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I'm really sorry if this question has been answered before and I just missed it somehow, but I was wondering: how do you go about making those animated paintings? And which programs do you use for it?

Hello there, first of all no need to be sorry, I like questions :D I got several asks about these animations here and on deviantart, but never really answered them properly. I’m planning to make a more decent step by step, but i have to make a new pic for it, since I’m deleting working layers as i go and don’t have a good material in my old files. But I’ll put what i can here.

I’m using PS6, it offers a window called ‘timeline’ and let’s You organize layers horizontally like in an editing or compositing program, with framerate and play button for preview and all that. 

It looks like this: 

It’s not the best timeline I’ve seen to be honest, not very intuitive, but it’s cool enough and You have access to PS tools, and that is awesome. It’s more or less the same thing You have in the Layer window but let’s You declare how long You want each layer (frame) to last.

So once I’m done with the background pic I make one additional layer and plan out the animation there, set the distances between phases and the path of movement. This pic here is not the perfect example, since the animation is in a very steady tempo and the element itself does not really animate, it only changes position, so the plan for it is a very simple one too, but You can more or less see what this step is about:

I then organize layers on the timeline and in videogroups (that’s the ‘not very intuitive’ part of this tool, it calls for a separate tutorial), make a small testing element using the plan from above to see if it goes as I want, if the framerate and frame lenght i’ve chosen are ok and if the loop works properly:

if it’s ok I paint the element frame by frame in it’s final look using the same tools as with the background painting to keep the things consistent, I paint the light, shadows and whatever is needed, so in short it’s like making (in this case) twenty something versions of the same layer:

and then I render the final animation via the Save for Web option and that’s basically it:

That’s all I can offer at the moment, but if You (or anyone else interested) have any questions feel free to send them, I will try to include answers in this future proper step-by-step thingie :]

Cheers! <3

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though based on what the show does with the characters they put in the 'mexico' shot dib looks like a gringo to me

Jhonen in real life.

Jhonen’s animated version making cameos in Invader Zim

And Dib.

Its the same skin tone in different lightning. Dib is outside, during day time and Jhonen is at his department, there’s a less light in that scene.

Its just the art style. I guess Jhonen just made the Mexicans in the Carne sequence at the end of Walk of Doom, more visibly ‘Mexican’ so viewers could definitely tell it was Mexico. 

Again, I’m not stating Dib is hispanic, that’s something we don’t know, but its fun to theorize and headcanon about it. Its just that saying Dib looks ‘gringo’ is a bit odd, considering that Jhonen in show looks similar, and Jhonen is super Mexican as hell. 

Also, Mexicans can come of many different skin colors. B) We are very diverse.