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boi i just had so much drama with the whole saves not appearing situation-but all is well now. i made these specifically for Logan because i felt i had a lack of piercings for her, so ta dah!

*DISCLAIMER* i made these for a certain sim so the position of the piercings are in her shape. if  you can’t see them then you’ll need to rejig yo sims face if it’s really that necessary. but if it so happens that your sim already has the same chin position- then yay. so yeah.

sims 4 snake bite piercings

new mesh. suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download

let’s play a game, it’s called: remember when I made a master post about how trashy and disrespectful Calcium hambag was to Taylor and it got 400+ notes of swifties just trashing and dragging me over it, and still trying to defend him?

cool me too, now let’s play a game called: the other side of the fandom is fake af for now trashing Calvin and saying how nasty he is, calling him names, and saying he treated Taylor badly. when 6+ months ago y'all were ready to have an instant orgasm over an olive tree no one has ever seen.

good times guys, taylor must be proud.

i don't know a lot about pokemon
  • me: aww, pink dratini
  • courtney: that's a dragonair
  • me: snakes is the same
  • courtney: they're not snakes, they're serpentine dragons
  • me: serpentine dragons is the same
  • courtney: oh my god
CS ff: “I Will Learn to Let You Go” (au)

Summary: Killian Jones, having lost his own soulmate years before, spends his free time finding the soulmates of other people. It’s what he’s good at, and he gets paid well to do it. Finding the soulmate of his latest client may prove to be the worst job he’s ever taken on, though. It’s not because Emma Swan is hard to find, but because he finds himself falling in love with her.

Rating: M

Wordcount: 12k. I only post word counts when things get out of hand.

A/N: Posting some fics feels like releasing a dove into the beautiful sunrise of a perfect day. Posting this fic feels like I decided to throw venomous snakes at everyone’s faces at the same time. Warning, this one comes with angst. Based off this post. I’m impatient to post this so it’s not been beta or proofread. All mistakes are my own.

Graham Humbert looks like the kind of guy that even if Killian tried to hate, he would never fully succeed. He’s well-dressed, with enough money that makes him the perfect ticket for the Lonely Hearts Club Detective Agency – a PI office with specific designs on finding soul mates for people.

Killian Jones once had a soul mate, but Milah died years ago, and he found solace in the uncanny ability he had to find other people’s soulmates, so he decided to turn it into a business. What better way to nurse a forever broken heart than to find the matches for other people to live happily ever after? Some days, the irony that he’s doing for others what he’ll never be able to do for himself again hits him right in the gut and he spends those nights at the bottom of a bottle of rum, locked away in his one-bedroom apartment above the office, hoping for sleep or numbness, whichever comes first.

But back to Graham Humbert, he’s an okay guy. He’s lonely, with a fortune from some settlement over a heart defect, willing to spend every last penny to find his other half if that’s what it takes. He walks into Killian’s office on a Friday, with nothing more than a name engraved on a metal card and a mark on his ribs in the shape of a Swan.

“Please help me find her,” Graham pleads as he leans forward in one of the chairs Killian keeps across from his desk in his sparsely decorated office. “I’ve gotten everything else I ever wanted out of this life, and now all I want is to finally settle down with the person I’m supposed to be with. Will you help me?”

Of course, Killian will help him. Who is he to turn down almost a year’s worth of income from one guy?

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Easter eggs, unanswered questions and fun facts from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone:

Arabella Figg is actually a squib: In the first Harry Potter book, it’s revealed that Harry is often forced to spend time with a severely un-fun neighbor while the Dursleys go on fun trips without him. It’s not until the fifth book in the series that we realize Mrs. Figg is a squib, a non-magical witch, and has been tasked with keeping an eye on Harry on behalf of Dumbledore and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix.

That snake at the zoo is probably not Nagini: A fan theory suggests that the snake that Harry frees at the zoo in Sorcerer’s Stone is the same snake as Nagini, Voldemort’s BFF that also becomes a Horcrux — but we’re gonna go ahead and call BS on that theory. Not only are there no clues to support it in the books, it also doesn’t make sense that a snake that owes Harry a favor would team up with his greatest enemy.

“Erised” is “desire” backwards: Um, duh. Harry Potter was only 11 in the first book, so let’s forgive him for not figuring out that the mirror that shows you a vision of what you want most in the world is conveniently named the Mirror of Erised, aka the Mirror of Desire. Pretty chill.

Lingering questions and concerns:

What’s up with Hagrid? Hagrid definitely does some illegal magic in the first book in the series, using his “umbrella” to give Dudley a pig’s tail. But we know that Hagrid was kicked out of Hogwarts, and he’s technically not allowed to do magic. So what’s up with that? Why wasn’t Hagrid exonerated when it was revealed he didn’t actually open the Chamber of Secrets? Does anyone care that he still has his broken wand hidden in his umbrella? What, exactly, are the rules that govern who can and can’t perform magic? Are witches and wizards who don’t graduate from a magical academy forbidden from doing magic?

Why don’t they teach anything else at Hogwarts? Harry and the gang arrive at Hogwarts when they’re only eleven, and they’re immediately expected to write essays. Who’s teaching them to write? Are there any non-magic classes offered at Hogwarts? What about algebra or creative writing? Do they graduate from Hogwarts knowing how to turn a teacup into a mouse but not understanding basic cell biology? Did wizard-born kids go to muggle schools before Hogwarts?

What’s up with wizard money? The first Harry Potter book introduces a lot of basic details about the wizarding world — which means that it also brings up a lot of logistical questions, many of which are too small and specific to bring up. But one pressing question that must be addressed is wizarding money: Why is it so weird? There are 17 Sickles in a Galleon and 29 Knuts in a Sickle. Why?

What about Harry’s grandparents? In the first book Harry discovers (some of) his family story, as well as his family wealth, but it’s never explained why none of Harry’s grandparents, on either side, are still around. It becomes clear over the course of the series that Aunt Petunia is Harry’s only living blood relative, but did Harry’s grandparents die peacefully of old age? Or were they casualties of the devastating war that divided the wizarding world around the time of Harry’s birth?

What’s up with wizard religion? Everyone at Hogwarts seems to celebrate Christmas and not really any other holidays (except Valentine’s Day) — which begs the question, do witches and wizards have religion? Do they celebrate Christmas just for fun? It seems as though there’s pretty clear evidence of some kind of afterlife for wizards, but is there any particular unified belief system in the wizarding world?

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MM logic

Saeran: *Tries to kill MC, tortures Yoosung, nearly blows up Rika’s apartment with Mc in it, shoots V*
MM fandom: prOtEct HiM!!! such a sweet child bless this baby he did NOTHING WRONG
Rika: *does the same shit*

Cordelia: //points at female dog// oh look it’s you Beatrix

Beatrix: //points at snake// oh look. It’s you Cordelia

Christa: //silently laughs bc she isn’t part of this beef//

The Real Real Story of St. Patrick’s Day

We all know the mythology that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Obviously it’s a myth. There were never snakes in Ireland because of the combination of cold climate and being an island.

Most pagans know the story that the snakes are a metaphor for pagans and that St. Patrick ran a convert or kill campaign and ended paganism is Ireland.

Many don’t know that’s also a myth. There’s no evidence that St. Patrick ever killed anyone, and we know for certain that there was still a Celtic pagan population in Ireland after his lifetime.

No, the snake myth probably came about the same way as many myths. People wanted to know why there were no snakes, and someone made up a story to explain it.

The pagan myth came about the same way as many other myths. Partial truth meets political agenda.

St. Patrick did convert a lot of pagans, and no doubt used some questionable means to do so, but there’s no evidence he used violence.

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a celebration of the man who made the single greatest contribution to the Christianization of Ireland. But he was one of many, in a process which took place over a broad span of time. A process which ultimately was not completely effective. Irish Catholicism is full of Celtic pagan imagery and stories, and there are many who claim unbroken pagan family traditions passed down in secret.

Today, the holiday is increasingly secularized, and has become simply a celebration of Irish and Celtic culture. It is my feeling it should be honored as such.

So… Regina and the Evil Queen, at least for the purposes of genie wishes, are the same person. Canon Fact.

David wished that the EQ would “Get what she deserved”. That wish was fulfilled by Gideon snake-ifying her.  Canon Fact.

At presumably same moment,  Regina, despite knowing that no one in the wish-verse is “real”, cannot bring herself to leave behind the Robin trying to steal her jewelry.  Canon Fact.

Assuming that a happy ending is what Regina “deserves”, did Dave accidentally make wish!Robin into a real boy? Was Regina able to sense that difference? Exciting Speculation!