this is the same plot as 13 ghosts of scooby doo


It’s that great day of the week again guys! And this Fun Fact Friday is Part One of Two where we’ll be looking into all the cultural references made throughout the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated series! This one was very fun to research because I found a lot of cool references I hadn’t noticed before and also learned a few other things about the show itself. I didn’t want you guys to have to read an obscenely long post so this Fun Fact Friday will only be looking at Season One of the TV series episode by episode. 

Episode 1 “The Beat From Below” contains two cool references. The first being one of the Crystal Cove tourists/citizens resembling the actor Don Knotts. Don Knotts has been resembled by characters before in the Scooby-Doo franchise. He was the groundskeeper in the video game Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights and actually guest starred in a couple episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Movies!

Another reference in this episode is when the Slime Mutant confronts Daphne in the Fruitmeyer’s shop. The shot of their faces facing each other is a reference to the movie Aliens 3. 

Episode 2 “The Creeping Creatures” references National Lampoon’s Vacation with the appearance of the Griswolds at the beginning of the episode! In fact, the mother in this appearance is voiced by the woman who played Ellen Griswold! 

Episode 3 “The Secret of the Ghost Rig” doesn’t really contain cultural references but it does reference another Scooby-Doo series. When Daphne is finishing making a new ascot for Fred, she is humming the theme song of The New Scooby-Doo Movies!

Episode 4 “Revenge of the Man Crab” has multiple cool cameos in it. The episode begins with the Man Crab attacking Dylan and Brenda, two characters that resemble those by the same name from Beverly Hills 90210. They appear in other episodes as well throughout the series. Characters who appear in the background of this episode include grown-versions of Pebbles and Bam-Bam from The Flintstones and Suzie Chan from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan! Suzie Chan makes other appearances in the series as she is a classmate of the gang’s at Crystal Cove High School. 

Episode 5 “The Song of Mystery” references two movies. The first being Quarantine when Shaggy is pulled back into the darkness by the monster children. The second is when Shaggy and Scooby is hiding in the closet. They tied the closet shut with Fred’s ascot and the scene resembles the scene involving Laurie Strode in the horror film Halloween!

Episode 6 “The Legend of Alice May” makes a few neat references. The beginning of the episode features a family that references That 70′s Show! Also, when Daphne and Fred are dancing at prom, two of the background dancers resemble Coilman and Multiman from Hanna Barbera’s The Impossibles! The really cool one of this episode is about the antagonist Alice May whose character design resembles Gwen Stacy from the Spiderman comics!

Episode 7 “In Fear of the Phantom” has a plot that could reference The Phantom of the Opera. Episode 8 “The Grasp of the Gnome” contains a couple references as well including background characters resembling Dirk the Daring, Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe from Emergency, and a book titled “I’m Okay, You’re a Scary Gnome” which references a very popular book titled “I’m Okay, You’re Okay”. 

Episode 9 “Battle of the Humungonauts” has a plot that resembles a Toho movie titled War of the Gargantuas. The Humungonaut monsters themselves including their color scheme and fighting style resemble Hulk and Red Hulk. 

Episode 10 “Howl of the Fright Hound” references the Terminator movies in many ways. The most prominent being when the Fright Hound is burned by fire. 

The cell that Professor Pericles is kept in in this episode resembles that of Magneto’s in the first two X-Men movies. One of the characters introduced in this episode is the classmate Jason Wyatt. Jason Wyatt also happens to be the name of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s producer!

Another cool reference in this episode is at the end when the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane is rounding up all the escaped animals. One of the escaped animals happens to be Yogi Bear!

Episode 11 “The Secret Serum” features an auctioneer that resembles David Dickinson. In the crowd at the auction, a background character resembles Cass Elliot who was a celebrity once guest starring in The New Scooby-Doo Movies! The episode includes a restaurant named Crab Net of Dr. Calimari which is a reference to the movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. At one point in the episode, Angie Dinkley is on the phone discussing an order of Sumatran Rat Monkeys, a creature seen in the film Dead Alive (also titled Braindead). 

Episode 12 “The Shrieking Madness” plays a lot of name games. The character Howard E. Roberts references the pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard. H.P. Hatecraft as well as his work in the episode references H.P. Lovecraft and his work. Harlan Ellison plays himself in this episode. Also, Mayor Fred Jones Sr. at one point says “By Grabthar’s Hammer” which is a blatant reference to Galaxy Quest. 

Episode 13 “When the Cicada Calls” has a plot and title that resembles that of the Japanese film Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni which translates to “When the Higurashi Cry”. Higurashi is a type of cicada.  

Episode 14 “Mystery Solvers Club State Finals” features Hanna-Barbera characters including Jabberjaw, Speedbuggy, The Funky Phantom, and Captain Caveman! The dream sequence in this episode is drawn in the style of Iwao Takamoto’s classic animation!

Episode 15 “The Wild Brood” references The Wild One. The episode has a character named Odnarb, whose name spelled backwards is Brando who happens to be the main character in The Wild One. 

Episode 16 “Where Walks Aphrodite” contains a plot that resembles that of Carrie. The behavior and shrieking sound of the hypnotized resembles those of characters in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

Episode 17 “Escape from Mystery Manor” is a reference to the Saw films. 

Episode 18 “The Dragon’s Secret” contains a creature that resembles a Gremlin. The wizards in this episode resemble Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. 

Episode 19 “Nightfright” revolves around Vincent Van Ghoul. Vincent references the warlock Vincent Van Ghoul from The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo. In this series he’s a movie actor/director and has been in multiple films which are parodies of those made by Vincent Price. 

Episode 20 “The Siren’s Song” contains references to both Scrappy-Doo and Flim Flam in the Crystal Cove Spook Museum. The episode’s antagonist Ernesto also says “We have to destroy the environment in order to save it” which could be referencing a Vietnam-era phrase “We have to destroy the village in order to save it”.

Episode 21 “Menace of the Manticore” contains a reference to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! A fortune-teller machine in the amusement park resembles Carlotta the Gypsy from the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode “A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts”. Episode 22 “Attack of the Headless Horrror”’s character Dr. Rick Spartan is based on Indiana Jones. Episode 23 “A Haunting in Crystal Cove” has a subtle reference to Mystery Inc’s famous pose from the intro of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! in which they’re all gathered around a book. Episode 24 “Dead Justice” contains a phrase reference. Dead Justice says “Hi Ho, Greg” to his horse which is a reference to The Lone Ranger saying “Hi Ho, Silver”. 

Episode 25 “Pawn of Shadows” contains multiple references. The first being the book series Dusk in the episode which is a parody of the Twilight saga. Also, when Shaggy and Scooby go with H.P. Hatecraft to his home, Hatecraft has posted multiple posters in his study which picture Wonder Wheels, DC Comics Prez, Schleprock from the Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show, Drak Jr. from The Drak Pack, Josie and Alexander from Josie and the Pussycats, Butch Cassidy from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids, and Suzie and Stanely Chan from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. 

Another reference in this episode is where Alice May retrieved her technology. She got it from Quest Labs with a flashback in which we see Dr. Quest and the other characters from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Johnny Quest!

Episode 26 “All Fear the Freak” doesn’t really contain any cultural references. However, I did discover some interesting foreshadowing in the episode. After Mystery Inc. locks Angel Dynamite in the K-Ghoul Radio Station, we see a scene where Ed Machine enters his home. He’s surprised to be met by Professor Pericles. The way Professor Pericles has a shadow on the wall references his transformation in the very last episodes of the series. He then attacks Ed Machine and his shadow overcomes Machine similar to how his shadow overcomes both Mystery Incorporated groups during his transformation. 

Those are all the cultural references I was able to find throughout Season 1 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated! I give a special thanks to Scoobypedia for many of these references! Let me know if you may have spotted any in Season 1 that I may have missed in this post!

Stay tuned for next week when I go over all the cultural references in Season 2 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated!