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Rick and Morty Headcanon #359

The rule that “Ricks don’t care about their Mortys” is a lie. In actuality, a very high percentage of Ricks care about Morty, but they’re all too emotionally repressed to admit it. Half of the interactions between Ricks are a charade in which they’re all trying to hide the exact same thing.

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People are shitting on Daehwi’s team choice and his actions and tbh, it is making me a bit disappointed. He’s a kid. He’s in a survival show and I can only imagine how tense it can get, I can only imagine the levels of pressure. Sure Daehwi’s always a ball of fluff, a sunshine but idk if the dude gets super anxious or paranoid about what’s gonna happen to him in the show. He made choices to ensure his position, that’s how I see it. He’s not out there to challenge himself or go against the best. He’s out there to debut (just like all of your faves) and he’s still a kid. I don’t see what he did wrong, I’d have done the exact same thing myself.

Hello, owner of this blog. Your blog has a great idea of fighting racism in fandoms and its a noble thing to do. But sadly it seems like you are doing it in a wrong way. How do you think someone would feel if they called you racist (and then a bunch of others keep calling you that) when you said nothing racist and even your personality and opinions are far away from that. It would make you devastated and crushed and that is exactly what you’re doing right now. Please be more careful when you accuse others of such things. It may be easy for you to just type it out on a keyboard but in real life people’s feelings and emotions are involved and that’s not easy to deal with at all. [submitted by zvzo]

Have you ever thought about how it feels to actually deal with racism? How it feels to NEVER get to escape, because characters and ships with color are constantly berated using the exact same wording every time, in every fandom?

You (or your friend) made a snarky post about Annie and Mitchell calling them “siblings” (a trigger when talking about IR ships whether you knew that or not) and put it in the show and character tags. You probably expected a parade of agreement, not to be picked up by fandom racism blogs. Instead of telling us we (women of color) are talking about racism wrong, maybe consider why it happened.

How would I feel if someone called me a racist? I’ve screwed up before, and have been told as much. I took a deep breath and thought about it, and I can’t think of a single time where they weren’t right.

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Chain of Memories: Seventh Floor

- Well at least Larxene is up front about being the villain, you don’t get that very often.

- “I don’t know what it is but it’s very important to me”.

- Are all these people in black cloaks entertaining, I mean we’ve have two so far who are just so much fun.

- Damn, Larxene is a real bitch in battle.

- One thing I don’t really care for about this game is how the worlds just seem dull, it’s like, it’s the same with every world, go through each door, defeat Heartless in the exact same way, view cutscenes and then boss. I fee this is why there isn’t much to comment on in between these big cutscenes, there’s not a whole lot to say.

- We have now been joined by Neo Cortex during his college years. Also, I’m thinking of calling Axel “Firelord Chandler” because his attitude is so enjoyable.

- ..Oh dear god, is Fuck You in a skirt back?

blueeyeswhitegarden replied to your post “tbh imo all the sw films are just…“eh, okay”? so the hate squads for…”

I’m sorry that Arc V upset you so much. I love the show immensely, but I can understand some of the issues people would have with it. I greatly appreciate not posting hate for it though. That’s the kind of understanding and respect I wish was more common among the fanbase. Plus, seeing hate for something that I love tends to mess me up emotionally for a day or so and it doesn’t help that people have insulted me for loving Arc V too.

The exact same thing happened to me for liking GX. A lot of people came into Yu-Gi-Oh fandom long after the fact, but the main fannish forums back in 2008 were an absolute cesspool if you were a GX fan. You’d get harassed, called ten thousand ableist insults, have two or three people dogpile you when you were posting in a given thread, so on and so forth. The whole environment was entirely toxic and made to be hostile to fans of the spin-off series (of which there was only GX at the time), to the point where the people above you cheer when they managed to drive someone off the forums entirely. This is the sort of environment that taught me to loathe what’s known as ‘purists’ and ‘elitists’ in all my fandoms, because nothing good every comes if they’re allowed to be dominant and poison the well. 

This is also why, for all my dislike of other Yu-Gi-Oh series, I’m rarely if ever salty in public about them. Ten years ago I promised myself that I’d rather swallow a ball of razor-wire, rather than ever contribute to the sort of environment I described above. 

Not to get discoursey but I fail to see how making fun of ace folks for having “too many made-up labels” is at all distinguishable from reactionaries doing the exact same thing

  • *sees a guy doing a dudebro thing*: oh gross
  • *sees a girl doing the exact same thing like I swear mirror image*: ohhhhhhh my god. Oh my god. Do you....want to come over? Do you want to ride razor scooters together

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how do u get all ur sims looking different from each other!!?? i always end up with ones looking totally different and it's soooo frustrating :0(

OH MAN first off i spend a TON of time looking @ pics of people and faces and try to decide what exact look i am going for with this certain sim and then i go into cas with a detailed mental image already in mind

Other tips and things:

1) use different base sims! BUT ALWAYS MAKE SURE ITS OKAY WITH THE CREATOR BEFORE USING THE SIM AS A BASE!! If they’re okay with it, using a different looking base sim will almost always get you a different looking sim

2) use different presets! using the same eyes/lips/nose/jaw base in the panel mode may not seem like it would lead to you getting sims that look the same because you change them so much, but trust me it does! Just have some fun playing around with different ones.

3) Utilize ALL of the sliders!!! There are some sliders i didn’t even know were there until i started playing around with this. In and out of detail edit mode, theres a LOT of sliders that will make your sims unique and different if you mess with them enough!!

4) NEVER underestimate the power of skin details! Especially CC ones!! Sometimes a defining characteristic like facial scars, heterochromia, freckles, moles, a scar through the eye brow etc etc REALLY help distinguish your sims and make them stand out from each other.

Another thing i do all the time is use other peoples sims!! (with permission of course!!!) Although I almost 100% of the time make my own main main characters ((just a weird thing i always do)) most of the time i use sims people put up for public download or i take advantage of sim requests for characters that aren’t in like the top 3 mains!! Since everyone has a different sim style, you’ll always end up with sims looking different this way! Avery in my story was made by @oasispring! But i intend on using sims made by @cinemasims @thecactus @our-dazed-sims and @carouselsimblr in the near future!!!

Thanks for the ask, nonny! hope i helped <3

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It's hard for me to say my favorite thing about Real Madrid, this club really is a feeling and I'd be lost if I couldn't have them, I don't want to imagine not having this club, the players, the crest, our history, and all of our legends, there is just no club on the planet like Real Madrid, I could type billions of words and it wouldn't be enough to express my love for everything that we are, I will be buried in a Real Madrid jersey.

Jesus see… this is why i fucking love tumblr (and you Venni and everyone on here). You know most people would think we’re crazy to think like this but truly…. i’ve never loved anything like i love Real, I’ve never felt so perfectly part of anything like I feel with Real. This club gives me purpose. A reason to get out of bed. It gives me indescribable passion and unconditional love. This club is so so so huge, it’s bigger than any petty war on the internet, or any petty rivalry. Our history, our legacy speaks for itself. And it speaks for US. What we’ve built so far makes me so unbelievably proud to wear this crest on my chest. When you support Real Madrid you support a whole damn world filled with stories and leyendas and myths and little details and emotions that you can’t really put your finger on, because it all comes wrapped in one big white feeling. This club makes you want to fight for it. That’s the best way I’d describe Madridismo.


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I love MDP but I'm a little sour about Dock of the Bay and Ballroom Blitz have 11 year olds in it and competing 8. OCPAA would have won the whole thing if they put Jadyn and Michelle in their mini routines with a couple of 6 year olds but that's not fair.

this is true. I actually don’t mind when studios sometimes like to give a younger group a chance to dance with the older kids if they are at their level and are doing the exact same choreo and blend in, but i dont like when studios just throw some littles in to bring the age down. 

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I'm still surprised that people still think that yuuki and Kaname are IN LOVE yes they had sex but they were both just lost souls mourning for the people who they want but can't have (at least in the moment) they are also obviously not each others type (they only have an illusion of eachother really) Yuuki needs a partner in crime like Zero and Kaname needs a woman like the Hooded woman do you think the hooded woman will be brought up again or did HINO just made her a hurdle/phase for Yume?

I actually think that just as Zero was the perfect match for Yuuki, the hooded woman was the perfect match for Kaname. Zero pushed Yuuki to be a better person. He pushed her to be strong and help herself. He didn’t allow her to wallow in self pity. He trusted in her strength and the power of her own will. The hooded woman did the exact same thing for Kaname. She gave him purpose. She gave him strength and didn’t allow him to wallow in the self pity/darkness. She forced him to stand up and fight. She was his perfect match.

I am not really sure if the hooded woman will be brought up again. I honestly don’t think so. She was not able to be preserved in ice and she shattered into pieces like all purebloods do. The remainder of her essence which was in the forge was set free when Kaname agreed to take her place. Which to me says that her soul was finally free to go to heaven.

The only reason she was in the manga was to try to explain to us that Kaname had someone he deeply cared for in his past who sacrificed herself for humans, because of purebloods/vampires, and left him alone again. Which is why he was so worried that Yuuki would do the same thing. The hooded woman and her sacrifice had a profound affect on Kaname. If I was to say, I believe the affect that the hooded woman had on him was far greater than what Yuuki had on him. The hooded woman made him a better person. Yuuki made him a worse person. The hooded woman brought out his good and Yuuki brought out his bad.

As for Kaname and Yuuki being lost souls when they had sex, I couldn’t agree with you more. They were lost in that deep dark forest and couldn’t find their way out. Yuuki allowed herself to fall to the bottom in that moment. It was a very sad scene for me. Not as a zeki but as a woman. I just didn’t see any romance or great love or sexual tension. I just saw two people who had nowhere else to go but to fall as low as they could. Of course we know this scene was there to produce Ai.

It’s funny how much lately I have been thinking. Originally I thought Ai was placed there to help Yuuki get the will to overcome her despair. But with the few chapters recently it seems like Ai was placed there as a means for Kaname to give back the smiles to the two people that he stole them from. Zero and Yuuki had their smiles stolen away by Kaname and you could say that Ai was a part of helping both Zero and Yuuki’s healing process. She allowed them to both smile again. Maybe it is Hino’s way of saying that new life, no matter how it comes about, is a blessing. Kaname knew that when Yuuki was born he found warmth and a brief happiness. What better way than for Hino to have him repay his debt to Yuuki and Zero than to give them the same in return.

Of course I still loathe Kaname. I am just trying to figure out what Hino was going for. I doubt she truly wanted an unmarried teenage girl to be pregnant without a meaning behind it. And I don’t believe it was fanservice anymore. And I don’t believe it was to show yume’s love either. I believe it was a way for Kaname to return the smiles he had stolen from Zero and Yuuki. 

Thanks for dropping by :)

Forget-Me-Not Pills (ZeRoyalChaos/GaPhex)

Pairings: ZeRoyalChaos, GaPhex

AU: Reincarnation Thing (?)

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Suicide Mentioning, Self Harm

“Do you have to leave?” Anthony tensed at those words, remembering the very exact same ones that had been said to him so long ago. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Steven standing on the staircase with his head resting on the wall. His eyes showed just how much sleep he’s lost over the past weeks, the constant nights of tossing and turning only to wake up in his own sweat and tears then to cry about a memory he couldn’t even remember. Anthony remembered the early mornings or late nights, Steven’s head laying on his lap and tears staining his pants until he passed out. It was torture for them both and Anthony knew that it would never get better. Turning away from Steven, Anthony grabbed his duffel bag and continued walking to the front door.

He stopped moving when he saw orange tinted bottles by the front door, unopened and containing memory suppressing pills. Steven refused to take them, knowing the side effects and the chance of death. Anthony sighed and turned his head away from the pill case, continuing to the front door. “I… I didn’t do anything, right?” Unable to take it anymore, he turned to snap only for his throat to close up in silence. Steven was crying, tears dripping down red cheeks and hands curled up into fists that shook by his side. “I… I’m sorry. I’m so s- sorry.” He reached up and wiped his eyes, Anthony taking a step forward but he didn’t keep walking like he would’ve done in the past.

Galm slid his sleeve down when Aphex sat back down on the couch, a popcorn tub resting in between his legs. The shorter man peeked over and gave a content smile, Galm giving a tired smile in reply. For hours the two watched movies, Galm sometimes beginning to doze off only to jolt himself awake and disturb Aphex. Aphex sighed when this happened for the fifth time, turning to face Galm.

“Are you tired?” He asked worriedly, the younger man shaking his head in a silent lie. “Lie down on me and take a nap. You’ve been overworking yourself,” too tired to argue, Galm listened to his boyfriend’s order and lied down. His head rested on the shorter’s thigh and eyelids fluttering shut, lips curling up into a small smile when his head got kissed. “I’ll wake you up when I’m going to bed.”

“I love you,” Galm whispered out against his thigh, rolling onto his back to face Aphex. His eyes were half open, a hand reaching up to stroke his cheek. “How did I get so lucky?” This made him laugh, Aphex rolling his eyes at the other’s cheesiness. Leaning back into the couch, Galm’s hand dropped from his face and Aphex in turn played with the younger man’s hoodie strings.

“Anthony!” Steven screamed out into the darkness, sitting up and grasping his sheets. He could feel tears streaming down his cheeks, his chest heaving in desperate attempts to breathe. When he got no reply Steven remembered that he was alone, head dipping down and body hunching over. The tears now dripped down onto his sheets, creating small dots. This time he could remember his dream fully and it scared him. “Galm…” He whispered, calling to the Anthony in the past; the one who could calm him with just one word and held love in those brown eyes of his. More tears slipped from Steven’s eyes onto the sheets below. “Y- You promised you’d never leave…”

“Please, please don’t leave me like this,” Aphex begged out in the hospital room, grasping Galm’s hand in his. His tears rolled down the younger man’s hand, ignoring the nurse who left them alone. The heart monitor next to beeped steadily, proving that his coma induced boyfriend was still alive. “Why… Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered to the man, his other hand running up and down Galm’s scarred arm. “We promised… N- Not to hold secrets.” But there was no answer to his quiet questions, Aphex’s head dipping down and Galm’s hand being pressed to his lips in a sad kiss.

Anthony leaned over the ceramic basin and held the disheveled appearance’s stare in the mirror, ignoring the music outside his bathroom. Three red and blue colored pills were being tightly gripped in his hands, conflicting on his next choice of action. He already knew that the side effects were becoming worse, wallet becoming lighter and lighter from all the constant trips to the pharmacy. Anthony lifted his hand up to his mouth only to hesitate, those red veined eyes in the mirror revealing the torture going on inside of him.

“Hey, you alright in there?” One of his friends asked outside the bathroom, knocking on the locked door. Anthony gritted his teeth and tossed the pills into the sink, washing them down the drain with water. He grabbed a few orange tubes and popped off the white caps, dumping those pills as well. When his friend knocked on the door again he screamed loudly, punching the mirror. Glass cracked and blood rolled down from his knuckles into the water, turning it red. Anthony shakily staring into the mirror and eyed his past self, breathing heavily.

“I hate you,” Anthony whispered out, the knocking on the door becoming louder. The Anthony in mirror shook his head, lifting those scarred arms up to press against his chest. “I hate… Me.” He corrected himself, struggling to grab the last few pills that hadn’t been washed away yet and tossing them into his mouth. When his friend knocked again he swallowed.

“He brought you a flower vase every day.” The nurse said simply, Galm weakly laughing at all the forget-me-nots that surrounded his hospital bed. To each vase was a tied note, each telling him about Aphex’s day.

“Did he bring me one today?” She shook her head. “I wonder what’s agh- keeping him,” Galm winced when his head began to ache, the nurse walking over and checking the IV. “He isn’t the type to be late.”

“I’m sorry, Anthony,” the nurse spoke softly and Galm’s smile dropped. “Steven has… Passed away. The paramedics found him a few hours ago-”

“How! He- he wasn’t even twenty-six! This- you’re lying!” Galm screamed out, struggling to stand. He fell back against the pillows in pain, grasping his head and screaming. “Aphex wouldn’t just… He’s patient, he’d wait for me…”

“Anthony, he waited a year for you.”

“N- No,” Steven spoke shakily, John refusing to make eye contact with him. “He… I told him- Why?” He grabbed his hair and struggled to push past John and enter Anthony’s house, being held back. Through the crack in the front door, Steven could see Anthony being picked up from the ground, empty orange bottles being tossed away and pills vacuumed up from the carpet. “No…” Images from this very same scene flashed before him, tears spilling down his cheeks. “Why… Does history r- repeat itself?”

“Anthony!” Aphex screamed and rushed into the bathroom, John following. He knelt down next to the unconscious man and John struggled to call 911, Aphex lifting Galm’s body up from the ground and holding him close.

“Aphex, is Galm alright?” John asked over the phone, Aphex wiping his eyes and checking for a heartbeat. He nodded quickly and moved upwards, kissing Galm’s cold lips in hopes that he’d awake, But he didn’t and this made him sob, weakly grasping onto the other’s shirt. When Aphex moved around pills spilled out from Galm’s hand.

“Please… Please don’t do this to me…” He whispered, the silver ring on his right hand glinting in the bright light.

“This… Why couldn’t we be happy?” Steven said to himself during the funeral, watching Anthony’s family and friends talk to each other. He stood under a tree wearing the same four-day-old hoodie and his hair a greasy mess. “We… We were supposed to be married and to get a dog,” he cracked a slight smile, a few of Anthony’s family members looking at him oddly for speaking to himself. When things seemed to quiet down everyone took a pill, to push away the memories with Anthony and soften the pain. But Steven took it all. “Y- You wanted a Shiba Inu.”

“Oh, well look at you,” Galm baby talked the Shiba Inu, pressing their noses together and chuckling to himself. “Aren’t you a cutie yes you are,” the dog barked and licked his face, Galm lying back and allowing the big dog to climb on top. Aphex watched with a wide smile, ignoring his mother nudging. “Aphex, we have to get one of these!”

“Sure sure.” Aphex rolled his eyes, his smile growing when Galm got licked again.

Steven watched through the forget-me-not flower field, reaching the grave. Even though Anthony was buried in a graveyard he made one in this field for both Anthony’s. He kneeled down and reached out, fingers brushing over the cold stone.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, just imagining how long Galm had to live without him by his side. Steven held the pills in his other hand and leaned back, tossing them into his mouth and swallowing. When he did this his eyes fogged over, the memories already starting to become fuzzy. “I just…”

“I love you,” Galm whispered out to Aphex in the dark room, fingers drumming along his bare hip and nose nuzzling against his neck. The shorter man sleepily turned his head, giggling slightly when his jaw was kissed. “Why are you so perfect?”

“Stop being so cheesy and go to sleep… I’m too tired for this…” Aphex whined, Galm chuckling and tangling their bare legs together.

“I… These memories hurt me,”

“Steven, will you marry me?” Galm asked out to the teary eyed male in front of him, holding the black box out and the blue forget-me-nots fluttering around them in the night wind. He was tackled down to the grass, Aphex holding close and kissing all over his face.

“Yes!” When he reached his lips Galm’s cheeks were cupped, chin lifted up into a kiss.

“I can’t live with them,” Steven finished speaking only momentarily, swallowing down a few more pills so that the world seemed to tilt. “I love you, Anthony, but I can’t keep remembering you.” He got up and walked away from the grave towards the road.

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I get why some people like Trump. I am, for the most part, pretty liberal, but I agree with him a little on foreign policy (or did back during the elections. Not so much after the bombing in Syria). But I couldn't get past other things he's said and done, and then he elected Pence. And I get why people don't like Hillary, but from my point of view, she was the lesser of two evils. You have to be able to understand other viewpoints and people in the States usually aren't good at that

I feel the exact same way. I support Trump with wanting to build a wall (though it sounds weird just to have a wall) in order to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out. I personally don’t like either of the two canidates and probably would of voted for a primary instead.
But yeah most people in America are become more and more unable to be opened minded to the fact that not everyone have the same views.

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Hello! I have multiple questions about one character, and a request. Could you help me find a wig for Kishitani Shingen from 'DuRaRaRa!!'? Preferably on Ebay or Amazon, and under $30, if you could. Do you have any idea how to make/where to buy his mask? And do you agree that it looks like he and Shinra wear the same thing (except I think their ties are different colours)? Thank you, sorry for the long ask and -probably excessive- requests!


Here’s my wig rec. 

Heres a tutorial for the mask! 

And yes! I think hes wearing the exact thing except his tie is black (and shinras is blue. )

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him