this is the room one afternoon i knew i could love you

Guilt and Anxiety

Katie’s Note: I kind of super love this gif. I hope Vitti makes an imagine with it :) As per usual, I’m not trying to glamorize self harm in this imagine. It may have triggers so be aware before you decide to read it. If you ever need help please please please talk to us.

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@fioredi just told me that apparently NMH’s song “King Of Carrot Flowers (pt1)” was supposed to be the song Beth sings instead of Be Good but they couldn’t get the rights and I’m seriously an emotional wreck because 

“And this is the room, one afternoon I knew I could love you”

how could I not know this and how is BETHYL STILL NOT CONSIDERED CANNON AFTER THIS!!?

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Day 11 (Hoseok)

I really love that Hoseok said he likes a people who read. I just really like the idea of him and his s/o spending the afternoon reading together. <3

-Admin Kat

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