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Baby Matthews pt.3

Finally I came up with a name for this series, well this series has come to its end so sorry it took so long. Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

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“GO LEAFS GO , GO LEAFS GO”, was all you could hear chanting in at the ACC. Within the first few seconds of the start of the game.

Auston was skating with the puck avoiding every opposing player trying to knock him out or take the puck away from him. Pretty soon he was up in from of the net. He gave a quick shot to the right corner. He scored.

ACC went nuts as soon as the puck hit the net. As Auston was skating back to the bench a staff member came up to him to tell him the news.

“It’s time”, he told Auston.

Auston was so happy but at the same time shocked that it was happening during a game. He took a look at his coach. Babcock told him to go with a huge smile. The rest of him teammates also told him to go and not to worry.

“Go get them Papi”, said Leo teasingly but also excited for him.

“You better name your baby after me since I assisted you in that goal just now”, said Mitch getting a few chuckles from a very happy Auston.

“Hey keep us updated on Y/N and the baby okay? We’ll all be there after the game”, Morgan told Auston.

As Auston walked out, everyone in the ACC was confused. Nobody aside from friends and family knew of the pregnancy. Auston told the announcer to tell the arena the reasons why he’s leaving after all he wanted to let his fans know why and not to disappoint them.

“Ladies and gentlemen you are all probably wondering why Auston Matthews is leaving the game, we just received news from Auston that he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child to arrive at any moment now. We will keep you all updated”, said the announcer to now a cheering crowd of fans congratulating Auston but at the same time shocked at the news. Auston was smiling ear to ear he wanted to let everyone know that he is having a baby. Auston is usually a private guy, but he was just so excited to finally become a dad, he was proud of that. He didn’t care if people would think he’s too young, he just cared that his girl and baby were all going to be ok and that in a few moments he is going to be able to hold that baby in his arms.

As Auston was reaching the locked rooms he saw his dad. He informed Auston that his mom was with Y/N at the hospital. Auston quickly got out of his uniform and left right away with his dad. Auston’s dad, Brian, could sense Auston’s feeling of excitement but also a hint of fear.

“Hey, you’re going to be a great dad. No matter what people tell you, that you’re too young, or won’t have time to be with your kid, or anything bad at all, I know that you’ll make time for your child, that you’ll protect him or her at all cost, that you’ll give your kid every bit of love you can give it. That you and Y/N will do the best you guys can together. Just one thing I ask of you Auston, and that is that you love that child and Y/N to death. Y/N is giving you the greatest gift. You never hurt her, you hear me?”, Brian told his son while driving to the hospital. Auston just smiles and nods thanking his dad for calming him down.

Auston rushes down to Y/N’s room that him mom texted him that she was in with his dad trialing behind him.

They make it to the room and Auston is met up with the site of him mom siting aside his beautiful girlfriend’s bed. She was in a hospital gown looking a bit sleepy eyed among the machines all around her. Auston goes up to her grinning and kisses her lips. As they pull away Y/N says to him, “Sorry the baby got you out of your game, it saw your goal and just wanted to meet you”, she said while smiling at him. Auston laughed a little still in awe of the whole situation. “Well, lets get this show on the road”, said the doctor walking into the room.


“Ladies and gentlemen we have updated news on the arrival of baby Matthews,” said the announcer as the second intermission was to commence,”It’s a boy!”. The ACC went wild with all the players of both teams hitting there sticks against the bench as a way of congratulating Auston and Y/N.

Auston was in tears. Tears of joy as he watch Y/N holding their baby boy. He cried even more when he was handed his son. Y/N was crying as well. They both experience the most beautiful moment of their lives.

“He is so beautiful, just like his dad”, Y/N said as Auston admired the beauty they created.

“No, I think he got that from you actually”, Auston told his girlfriend. “Thank you”, he told his tired girlfriend as he rested his forehead on hers.

Brian and Ema entered along with Brianna and Alex into the room to finally meet their grandson and nephew. They were all in awe. Soon Y/N’s family came too, coming as soon as they heard the news. Soon everyone was pitching ideas on what to name the beautiful baby boy. Until Auston and Y/N were content with the name Brianna suggested.


“Where’s the baby?”, said Mitch as he entered the room with the boys trailing behind with gifts for the baby and Y/N.

“Why dont I get any gifts?”, asked Auston.

“‘Cause Y/N did all the hard work”, said Morgan teasingly.

They all carefully hugged Y/N and patiently waited to hold the baby.

“Oh my god, he’s so beautiful, definitely gets it from his mom”, says Connor teasingly at Auston.

“So when do we start training bud? Gotta get you to be the best hockey player in history”, said Kadri.

“So what’s it like to be a Papi?”, Leo asked Auston.

“So did you name him after me?”, asked a very curious Mitch.

“No, you idiot”, said Auston.

“His name is Lucas Matthews”, Y/N said before anyone else could talk.

‘Awe’s’ filled the room. Auston just smiled as he admired the beauty of his girlfriend and son. He felt so blessed to have the life he has and the life he will live on along side by Y/N.

Player Two


Alright, I know what you’re thinking…

“wOW Ray made an original post,,,? Bet it’s shit lmao”

And you’d be right.


(A few month’s after the Squip incident. One might say the SQUIPcident. (Or not. That’s pretty bad. It’s almost 1am. I’ve been writing for three hours. Sorry.))


“Why did you come back?”

At that, Michael gave Jeremy a startled look. The dim pink-gold light from Michael’s rock lamp cast strange shadows on Jeremy’s face. Hazy fog filled the basement, making his already blurry vision even worse. Michael had taken his glasses off forever ago, the heat of the room fogging them up and making them useless. Smoke curled out of Jeremy’s mouth, his hair unkempt and curlier than ever. It bounced ever so slightly as he leaned back to look at the ceiling, breathing slowly as his eyes closed, allowing him to shut out Michael’s searching stare.

“What do you mean?”

Jeremy sighed, frustration evident on his face as he drew in a shaky breath, pushing himself further into his beanbag. “You know what I mean.”

There was a pause as Michael considered his next words. Jeremy nervously let another mouthful of smoke escape, watching it rise in the hot air to join the cloud wrapping around the two of them.

“I came back for you. And because… I’m selfish.”

Now it was Jeremy’s turn to look confused, and as he finally turned his attention to him, Michael wished he could take the second part back. Jeremy’s gaze was steady and his eyes were so bright in the dim light that it hurt Michael to look at him, and in a moment of weakness, he turned away.

Jeremy continued to stare, waiting for him to say more.

“We rely on each other. Y’know, best friends and all.” Michael laughed anxiously. “What would you do without your Player One?” The unsaid words in his mouth tasted sour, burning a hole in his throat. It wasn’t enough, and it was bullshit, and they both knew it.

“Yeah,” Jeremy grumbled, frowning as he handed the blunt to Michael.

Michael gazed at it in his hand; the hot embers ebbing away, the smoke furling around his fingers, the thin paper fragile in his tight grasp. He looked around until he found his makeshift ashtray, leaning forward to put it out. He could feel Jeremy following his movements, watching Michael as he tucked his head between his knees, observing him as he sighed. Michael ran his fingers through his hair, pulling at it until it stuck up straight. Without warning, he let out a laugh, startling Jeremy behind him.

“When did we start lying to each other?” He asked, his mind a mile behind his mouth. By the time he’d registered what he’d said, Jeremy was chuckling with him. Both let their laughter ebb away to silence before Jeremy let out a hushed answer, his tone somber.

“I’m not sure.”

The silence stretched on for a moment longer, heavy on their backs. Michael shifted to look at Jeremy over his shoulder, still hunched over with his elbows on his knees. A look of desperation and something unfamiliar was plastered on Jeremy’s face, and it surprised Michael, turning his expression to one of confusion.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

Michael felt his face fall, and he swallowed, spit thick in his throat. His heart ached and his stomach curled as he turned to face Jeremy in his beanbag, shifting closer until their knees touched.

“So much,” Michael replied. Hesitant, he reached forward, slow and unsure, watching Jeremy’s reaction. Jeremy stared at Michael’s hand, waiting, until he finally met Michael halfway, pushing his hand up slightly to entwine their fingers: Michael’s dry and callused, Jeremy’s clammy and warm.

“Is this okay?” Michael asked nervously. Jeremy nodded, studying their grip. After a while, he looked up to meet Michael’s gaze, and leaned forward ever so slightly, his eyes staring intently into Michael’s, and his heart wrenched once more.

Michael opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again.

“I’m scared,” he whispered. Jeremy’s gaze softened, and and his eyes flicked downward so quickly Michael wasn’t even sure it happened. A look of determination crossed Jeremy’s face.

“Well, I’m not,” he said, leaning in. Michael knew it was the weed talking, knew Jeremy would never be so ballsy otherwise, knew neither of them would have the guts to do this without it, knew that this may ruin things forever. What if Jeremy took everything back in the morning? What if he pulled a ‘no homo’ and that was it?

What if? What if, what if, what if-

And then their lips brushed, and Jeremy’s breath hit his face, and before he knew what was happening the last of the distance disappeared and their mouths met. Michael forgot everything, and his eyes shut, and it was just him and Jeremy and nothing else. The kiss was wet, and hot, and tasted gross, like pot; but Michael loved it regardless. He felt Jeremy’s eyelashes hit his face as his eyes closed to match Michael’s. He reached up with his free hand to hold Jeremy’s face, and it shook slightly as he gently cupped his jaw, guiding Jeremy to a better angle, one where their noses weren’t scrunched together. He shivered slightly as Jeremy’s free hand found it’s way to Michael’s hip, moving him closer still as he balled the fabric of Michael’s jacket into his fist.

It lasted only a few seconds, yet it felt like an eternity before they broke apart, Michael immediately looking down to their clasped hands, overwhelmed. They breathed heavily for a few moments before Jeremy reached for Michael’s face, forcing him to look up. They locked eyes and stared at each other until a giggle escaped Jeremy’s lips, and it was so endearing and so incredibly Jeremy that Michael couldn’t help but smile and laugh with him.

“We’re idiots,” Jeremy said, letting out a few more chuckles.

“Yeah, but I think we’ll manage,” Michael retorted, grinning.

As Jeremy beamed at him, Michael knew that he didn’t have to worry about ‘what if’s’.

His Player Two would always be there.

quickthunder  asked:

Should I start purposefully muddling rolls if a player, while fighting a normal civilian, dies 4 times in a row due to them crit missing every roll and the enemy critting every roll?

That’s a fairly interesting question. I suppose if you want the game to progress without having to roll another character sheet, you might as well just muddle them, but also see if your players are insistent on taking another character each time. That’s just me though, maybe mod Jon has a better answer?

-Mod G

So, I don’t think there is a right answer to this question, its a matter of opinion, the kind of game your players want, and the kind of game you run. If they’re fairly low level, and just have shit luck, I think fudging rolls is perfectly fine, I’ve done it for years, and frankly only stopped because its a pain to do in online games which is how I do most of my DMing now.

As long as you don’t do it blatantly, players won’t notice. In this regard, having a DM screen helps immensely. The other side of the coin is, that the dice fall where they may and that’s part of the game, I suggest checking to make sure your players dice are balanced (Mod G’s main set he used for years were horribly unbalanced and he rolled nat 1s all the time Link).

Some people say DM dice fudging as a way of cheating, but I say who cares to that, people cheat all the time at DnD and frankly they probably have good reasons for it, the only reason to not cheat is if it gets in the way of your fun or your player’s fun.

TL;DR: Just do what makes the game the most fun for you and your players, if that’s making sure they don’t get ganked by farmers, so be it.

- Mod Jon

let’s hone in more about lance, leadership in general, and keith’s leadership (vs. shiro’s), culminating in his overall feelings about keith’s departure. 

first of all, i’m not someone who wants to see lance as the black paladin. i think his narrative is very much about him realizing his intrinsic worth. validating his idea that he must lead in order to “contribute in some way” would be detrimental to him in the long run. what i want to see is lance recognizing how essential his is to the team as he is now.

that aside, we know that lance does possess strong leadership traits. 

we’re introduced to lance when he’s leading the garrison trio. although that simulation was a disaster, what it did showcase was that lance could quickly identify what the problem was and who could best fix it. he also applies this to himself; he tends to fill any role that needs filling at the time. 

time and time again, we’ve seen evidence that lance is very, very perceptive, both of people’s emotions and of his surroundings. this is a very useful skill not only in a leader, but also in a support character such as lance. 

when keith is leading, in one particular instance, it’s lance whom the team follows, not keith.

even when the team is technically following keith, without lance’s guidance tempering keith’s impulses, the team isn’t confident in his judgment. 

furthermore, it’s lance, not “shiro”, who delivers the pep talk to allura that saves voltron. 

essentially, lance is perfectly capable of leading, but in the end, the black lion does not choose him. 

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God, I just feel like a proud mom right now!!! Jack did not one, but two tours this year!! One on his own and one with the Grumps!! I know I just said it but seriously dude, congratulations on the success of both shows!!! You all pulled off incredible shows that people will remember for a long time!!! It’s only gonna go up from here, man!!! Great job, dude!!!

Steve Dangle helped me figure out why I’m so disappointed with Sidney Crosby

Dangle said in his latest podcast that if Sidney Crosby at the end of his life wants to look back and be remembered for being a good hockey player and nothing else - then he is doing everything to achieve that right now. But if he wanted to be remembered for being a great hockey player and a good person, he would have to start speaking up for people less privileged than him. 

And that is exactly it. Sidney Crosby is undoubtedly one of the greatest hockey players of all time. But he has never done a You Can Play video, has never actually spoken up about racism and homophobia in the league, has not helped to make the sport he loves so much a safe space for everyone and now he is going to shake hands with a white supremacist in the White House. 

He could actually change some things. As the face of the NHL, his words carry a lot of weight. He could help make an actual fucking difference.

Yes, he is a good hockey player. And if that is all he wants to be, than that is fair enough. But I sure wish it were different. I sure wish the kid who got bullied when he was younger would stand up for others now. Instead he is shaking hands with the biggest bully the country has to offer.

I haven’t posted much art recently so here’s my DnD character, Deina Ilyndrathyl, to make up for the art drought on my blog :) She’s a half elf ranger with weirdly creative ways of getting herself out of trouble. She also has a bear named Frederick but I’ll probably post her when I complete the character art for our party. *if I ever find the time too…*

Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 

I play a chaotic neutral cleric, and there’s a haughty high elf wizard in my party. We’d just walked into an inn after meeting each other for the first time, and my character already doesn’t like his character.

Wizard: (to the barkeep) Do you have… a library?

Barkeep: I mean, this is a bar. I– (our DM starts laughing at himself) I’ve got a couple books back here if you… if you want…

DM: and he pulls out a trilogy of what appears to be elf erotica.

Wizard: *sighing* Are you familiar with the concept of a library?

Me: (to the DM) I’m gonna steal one of those books and replace [wizard]’s spellbook with it

DM: *laughing* okay, roll perception. (I rolled a 16 or something) Alright you notice that the barkeep has a rotation of cleaning glasses at the bar, then walking away for a minute, then coming back to the bar.

Me: Sweet, when he walks away I’m gonna steal the books.

DM: Roll stealth. (I rolled a 12) Um, okay. So with a 12, you manage to get one book, but the barkeep comes back before you can get the other two.

Me: That’s fine, I just needed the one really. Now I’m gonna swap this book for the wizard’s spellbook.

DM: (over the wizard’s OOC laughter) Okay, wizard, roll perception, and cleric roll sleight of hand. (Wizard rolls a nat 1) Holy shit. Yeah, you do it.

Wizard, OOC: This is gonna be great when we get into combat.

We left the town to go adventuring and walked for eight hours, then stopped for a long rest. I and the wizard are both high elves, so I volunteered to take “first watch” (four hours where one of us meditates while the other stands guard). Time comes up to switch watches, so wizard comes out of his meditation while I settle down to meditate.

Wizard, OOC: I pull out my spellbook to prepare my spells for the day. (The DM and I start snickering)

Wizard: What– *sighs, pinches the bridge of his nose* Who… who did this. *turns to my character* Did you see who did this?

Me, OOC: I’m pretending that I’m already meditating, but I heard him, and I’m barely stifling my laughter.

Wizard, OOC: His face is SO red right now

 Hey guys remember that hair Sul-Sul made and that we all wanted but it wasn’t BGC, and that you almost bought cool kitchen just to use it? Me too. I made it BGC since she left and probably won’t make it BGC any time soon. If she ever ever comes back and want me to remove this, I will.  I MUST GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO @aharris00britney, he helped me when I kept failing like the flop I am. :,^)

  • Player tested (In-gameo)
  • Locked only to the masculine frame.
  • :Slight” issue with the back of the neck.
  • ALL CREDITS to Sul-Sul (made the mesh) & @aharris00britney(Helped)
  • Filename: [sul–sul]-kpophairBGC


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So Today I Watched…. Batman & Bill // A Documentary by HULU (2017)

Bill Finger. The name will surely ring a bell for most Batman fans, but the casual person out there doesn’t know who he is. In this world where everything is up for grabs, and unfairness is all around. We get to bury our minds deep in the stories of these fictional characters without knowing that some of them have a dark secret behind them too. Such is the case of Batman and the story of how he came to be.

Batman was designed as a work for hire by Bob Kane in 1939 over a weekend. After getting a grasp of how much money Sieger and Shuster were making out of working on Superman weekly, he wanted into that kind of cash. The couple of Jewish kids of Jersey were making $800 a week in that time and that was a lot of money back then. The problem was that Bob Kane wasn’t as creative as the Superman guys. So he called in an up-and-comer writer who really wanted a crack in the comics business. A man named Bill Finger. Once they sat down to work, the crude concept of Bob evolved into the more familiar visage of the character you know and love.

Bob was quick to go to DC and claim solo ownership of the character. Seeing the willingness of Bill to work with him, he let him tag along as his personal work-for-hire paid out of his pocket. They went to develop Batman for some good 20 years until Bob retired and Bill was fired. As time passed Bob increasingly made his name more related to the character. He had done so since day one: he signed a masterful contract that has never been disclosed to the public granting him sole lifetime credit to the character. And of course part ownership and royalties over everything with Batman’s name on it. Bill faded into obscurity. Struggling to make ends meet he died alone in a tiny department in New york in 1973.

So far you may be asking what the big deal about this is. Bill was a work for hire and he had that clear to a T on his side. But looking your so-called partner grow rich out of your creation, is bound to cause some friction and scars over time. Bill was such a gentleman that he never fought for his rights. he never had the resources to do so either. Given his role in the birth of Batman he was entitled for more. You see, Bill didn’t just create the look of Batman and wrote stories about him for 20 years. Bill also crated the imaginary and names for The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Robin, Alfred, The Batcave, The Batmobile, Commissioner Gordon and even Gotham City. Imagine for a minute that Stan Lee went to every convention and interview telling everyone that he’s the sole creator of Marvel Comics. And didn’t acknowledge Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. That’s the hand Bill was dealt by Bob Kane. That’s what he had to live with for the rest of his days.

Marc Tyler took it upon himself to make things right. Batman and Bill is a documentary about his journey looking to right one of the biggest creative wrongs made in the creative side of the comic business. Marc Tyler not only manages to find out the truth behind what happened to Bill Finger after his time working at DC. He manages to track down the heirs to Bill and through patience and persistence he achieves what he set out to do. Bill Finger’s story is not a pretty one. It’s filled with sadness and abandonment. It’s a tale about justice being made, not about money being earned. The final fate of the players of this tale will leave you with a sense of closure for Bill. But It will have you wondering why this didn’t happen any sooner.

Bill Finger’s first ever Batman comic credit was in Batman#46 (vol.2) cover dated January of 2016. He was also credited in the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and he will remain Batman co-creator until the end of times.


Commander Player Archetypes

An idea put forward in the latest Command Zone, I just had to expand upon it. What category do you think you best fit under?

The Mentor

Often the one who has been playing the game the longest, The Mentor willingly points out how to better play even to their detriment in the game with the goal of wanting everyone to be better players and keep enjoying the game. They lend out decks so everyone can play and get their enjoyment from cultivating the playgroup.

The Rebel

The player who has to fight every fight, especially against whoever is currently leading the game. Always playing to win and do so proactively, progressing themselves toward the victory. Attacks whenever viable and will refuse to just let the game go someone else’s way.

The Judo Master

One of the most valuable skills in playing Commander is ‘avoiding hate’, and The Judo Master is best at this. Through subtle board positioning and well timed plays, they manage to just slip under the table’s threat radar and someone else takes the heat while they continue to deflect, dodge, and avoid conflict.

The Contrarian

Absolutely against convention or reason, The Contrarian seeks to show the futility of alliances or words by taking decisive actions that go against the hopes of other players, often meeting offers of ceasefire with guns ablaze.

The Opportunist

A player who lies in wait for the right moment to strike or rise from the shadows in hopes of ‘stealing’ the game from under others, The Opportunist is not deceitful or disloyal, merely takes the chance to win when they see it. They have no qualms about letting others do the heavy lifting.

The Lone Wolf

No allegiances, no table talk, just the board state. The Lone Wolf is the one who plays the game and does not participate in politics. They stay their course and are comparatively stoic, having little to no interest in the excessive chatter of the silver-tongued.

The Merciless

The player who will eliminate the player who got mana-screwed without a second thought. The Merciless do not deal in half-measures. Devastating a player’s presence in the game is not enough. Complete annihilation is the only real option.

The Politician

Making up and cutting deals constantly, The Politician hopes to maneuver in the game socially not just to avoid personal harm, but to advance to victory. Encouraging players to eliminate each-other while trying to remain mostly unscathed, The Politician can do the most with as little as possible.

The Architect

A player who seeks to craft a specific experience, be it some kind of synergy or a game ending combo, and have no ambition beyond that. They seek to accomplish a personal goal in the game built into their own deck.

The Jester

Always seeking to make the game ‘a little more interesting’ by playing decks with game-changing cards or always encouraging a new game mode like Archenemy or Planechase, The Jester is eager to experience the biggest can of worms they can open.

anonymous asked:

soo ive seen a lot of posts on how to be a better dm, but do u happen to have any tips for how to be a better player? like tips on how to improvise/roleplay better or just things that you wish your players did more?

First off, Anon, I am so sorry it’s taken me a while to get to this. I wanted to do it justice, and with the wedding, I let the blog fall to the wayside. But though the answer is long overdue, I hope it helps.


We talk so so much about GMs needing to accommodate players and needing to make sure players are having fun and just How to Be a Good Storyteller/Improviser/Mechanical Genius/Memory Gremlin/Mediator/Babysitter/Friend/Person, but you’re right, we rarely touch on the other side of that equation. We expect a lot of our gamemasters, and they do carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to a DnD game. But we as players can definitely make that process easier, and we should! Everyone at the table should be having fun, including the GM. Here’s some ways that you, the player, can help facilitate that.

Before the Game:

Make a character that will fit in the world/campaign you’re playing in. GM’s should help accommodate you, but if you make a lone wolf dragonborn barbarian with a deep seated hatred of nobility in a game that’s mostly political intrigue, that’s kind of your bad, bro. Oddball concepts and characters that defy tropes of the setting can work, but don’t break the flavor/nature of the game before it’s even begun! I promise you the GM wants to make your concept work, but they also want the spirit of their setting to continue to work as intended. Player/GM relationships need to be about compromise.

Make a character that meshes with the party (or will in the future). I’m talking about this from a purely flavorful standpoint. If you make a loner vigilante who screws everyone over, not only is that taking enjoyment away from other players, it’s making more work for the GM. You don’t have to start out with a ‘we’re one big family’ attitude, but you should have a character who is open to working with others, or who will change and grow in that direction.

Talk to the GM about your character. Unless you’re playing a really impromptu session, or the GM specifically said not to, you should definitely discuss your concept and even mechanical build with the GM! It can help them seed story hooks for your character and build challenges that test your class. Obviously this is less of an option in Adventure League play, but we’re talking about private campaigns for now.

Come to the table with a positive and open-minded attitude. I hope that you are playing because you want to. Let the GM know you’re excited! Actively engage and participate in things at the table, both in and out of character. Be open to things not going your way, cause they can’t always, and try to be good-natured about obstacles and changes in the game.

This last one segues us into

At the Table:

Be distinct in the difference between in character and out of character. This is probably something your table needs to discuss, whether you’re using a hand sign and everything else is considered in character, or if you have to specify that you’re speaking in character, or what. But I love it when players use voices or otherwise signify that they are in character. General roleplay tips can be found here!

Be gracious about accepting when you’re wrong. Look, I’ve seen my share of arguments at the table. I’ve been in a few of them, and they suck. When you’re disputing something, take a second to step back and ask yourself if it matters in the long run before you push the issue. Don’t argue for the sake of being right - we’re all wrong sometimes! And while you shouldn’t let a GM make unfair rulings, you should also be open to house rules, even if you disagree. It’s not your table, and if you want to open the issue for further discussion, you should do so outside the game.

Be aware of your fellow players. There are going to be sessions where some players are more relevant than others, especially in story driven games. That’s okay! Recognize when it’s an opportunity for someone else to have the spotlight, and help them recognize those moments too! In an ideal world, everyone gets the spotlight every time, but the reality is that sometimes you gotta recognize when it’s your time to pull back a little bit and let other players take the lead. Being aware of other players and having an open dialogue about your characters can also help you bring them more into the game if they’re feeling out of it. I love when my players help each other in this way.

Be aware of the story. Look for story hooks, and go after them when you find them! I love it when my players make decisions that are narratively interesting, even if they’re not the smartest decisions or even if it pushes their character in a new/different direction. There’s nothing more frustrating as a GM than laying out a variety of story hooks and having the players ignore them. That being said, if you’re not interested in the story hooks, tell the GM what you would be into.

Be open to character change. This is a huge one. So often we talk about people who say, “It’s what my character would do.” This is fine, and in fact you should know your character’s ideals and traits. But you gotta acknowledge that people change, and if a character decision is gonna be narratively destructive or just in general going to cause a lot of unnecessary strife in or out of game, you should ask yourself if that’s the decision you want your character to make, rather than being less stubborn and making the character change a bit. Balance between what the character wants and what is good for the table is important.

Communicate. In general, I really like having feedback from players on how they enjoyed sessions, things that worked/didn’t work, what they’re excited for, theories about the plot, and what I like to call the character check, which is when they give me an update on the emotional and moral state of their character. Knowing these things can help me make sessions feel more personal, like they’re tailor-made for the party. Most importantly, though, I like to know if they’re having fun. I want them to come talk to me if there are issues, because I can’t resolve them if I’m not made aware of them!

I hope this helps! Happy gaming!

Haikyuu!! wedding proposals
Haikyuu!! wedding proposals

Kageyama: Hinata will you m-ma, Marie, Mary?
Hinata: Use your words Kageyama
Kageyama: Ma-, mass- ma…
Hinata: Massage me? I mean, if you want
Kageyama: Murrder me
Hinata: Murder you? I’d prefer if I didn’t
Kageyama: No! Damnit
Hinata: Nah I’m done fucking with you I know what a guy on his knee with a ring means sure I’ll marry you
Kageyama: nuff.. knif… nice.

Tsukishima: Tadashi you make my heart go faster than a meteor striking the earth and wiping out the entire dinosaur population in one fell swoop. Will you marry me.
Yamaguchi: Well, Tsukki, only if you promise to never try to romance me while talking about mass extinction ever again
Tsukishima: Deal

Daichi: *gets on to knee* Sugawara, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’ve finally accepted that you’re the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my li-
Sugawara: Daichi will you marry me
Daichi: Hey don’t steal my thunder
Sugawara: Is that a yes, or…?
Daichi: Yes ok. Sure. I spent hours writing that proposal. Hours…

Akaashi: Koutarou will you marry me
Bokuto: Oh my god yes, yes, yes, I do! I’ll marry you Akaashi!
Akaashi: *to himself* Nice I got my proposal in before he could propose to me with another shitty owl pun

Kuroo: Hey Kenma will you be my Player 2 for the rest of our lives
Kenma: Dude what the fuck? No. Player 1 always gets a bigger screen and better perks in co-op mode. I try to make it easier for you to win but I’m not doing that no way
Kuroo: No I mean marry me
Kenma: Yes but also what the fuck Kuroo

Iwaizumi: Tooru, would you make me he happiest man in the whole universe? Will you marry me?
Oikawa: The whole universe? Like, all those aliens out there, you’re gonna be happier than every single one of them? At the same time? With an infinite amount of space and potentially millions of aliens who could be getting married right at this moment? Happier than all of them?
Iwaizumi: I take back back my proposal. Go marry an alien if you love them so much
Oikawa: You look ugly enough to be one Hajime, so sure, I’ll marry you
Iwaizumi: This did not go at all how I was expecting it to.

Ennoshita: Ryuu, will you marry me?
Tanaka: I’d be honoured to marry you.
Ennoshita: How does it feel being married before you ever saw a single pair of tiddies Tanaka
Tanaka: Way to ruin the moment

Yaku: Lev I’ve been waiting years to finally have the courage to say this, will you marry me?
Lev: Yes! Yes I will! Wait, are you tall enough to put a ring on my finger?
Yaku: Great now I have to make wedding plans and funeral plans.

Noya: Asahi, I have a question, is it legal to marry somebody as old as you?
Asahi: I’m literally only 18 months older than you! Wait, holy shit
Noya: Gotchya. Will you marry me
Asahi: *internal screaming*

Makki: Sup fuck. You should marry me
Mattsun: Same
Makki: Same
Mattsun: Ok, nice, when do we make plans
Makki: Send Oikawa’s invitation a week later just to fuck with him
Mattsun: Nice

Context: Playing a campaign with five people, decent mix of experienced and new players. We were on a journey to find an abandoned village and came to a creepy house. Inside, we found a chest with a mummified skull in it.

Me, a halfling Rogue: I poke the skull in the chest with my shortsword to see if it’s trapped.
DM: The skull rolls around in the bottom.
Me: We should take it out in case it’s weighted.
Kurran, our Dwarf Cleric: I reach in-
Me: Don’t touch it with your hands!
Kurran: -and pick it up.
DM: Roll a constitution check.
Kurran (OOC): Okay…I rolled a two.
DM: You lose 2 points of con.
Kurran (OOC): WHAT.
Kurran: I drop the skull on the ground and tell the others to leave. I take out my axe and smash it.
DM: Roll a d20.
Kurran (OOC): I rolled a…two…
DM: You miss. The skull rolls under the desk.
Kurran (OOC): Crap.

I adventures with one of our Rangers into another room of the house and found three potions. When we went back to town, Kurran had lost 3 more con points. He asked around and found out he had mummy rot. I asked the brewer in town about the potions, she told me they were three potions of cure disease. Come the next morning, Kurran has lost another 2 con points and is feeling very unwell. I track him down.

Me: “Here. Drink this.”
Kurran: “What is this? *coughing*”
Me: “Just drink it!”
Kurran: I take the vial and open it. “…guess I’ve got nothing to lose.” I drink it.
DM: Roll a d20.
Kurran (OOC): Nat20.
DM: You turn purple for a minute, before the color fades. The potion was thick and disgusting, but you feel exponentially better.
Kurran: What the hell was that?!
Me: A healing potion.
Kurran: From??
Me: That house…
DM (out of game): You do realize she could have not figured out what the potions were, and she’s the only one that could in time to save him. Right?
Me (OOC): I would’ve told him to drink it anyway. It was found in the same house, it must be related.
Kurran (OOC): I have never been so glad to have a rash and conclusion-jumping rogue in my party.

#pining #sketches #quidditch

Prompts: @antique-moonglade
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco calmly set about mixing his paints. He’d perfected a particular shade of green only the day prior, and he wanted to get it exact. He had plenty of time to get it right before he needed to begin sketching. Quidditch practice didn’t start for another twenty minutes or so.

He’d set up his canvas quite a distance from the pitch so that the players wouldn’t see him.  Of course, that also meant he couldn’t see them that well either so, as always, he’d brought his binoculars to get the best view of his intended subject - it was a bit of a hassle using them and painting at the same time but it was better than the alternative - being caught.

Not even Pansy knew he was out here. Not for lack of trying of course. She’d even taken to following him in the mornings but Draco was careful. This morning he’d led her on a goose chase around the castle before finally giving her the slip and heading outside.

It was surprisingly warm for so early in the morning, the harsh glares of the sun already in full force. Draco had created a shade for himself - magically stretching out the branches of a nearby tree to shield his pale skin from the sun. But the players wouldn’t be so lucky. He could just imagine the sweat rolling down a particular player’s skin. It would make for a great painting if he could capture it correctly.

The green paint turned out exactly as he wanted it, a perfect replica of its inspiration, Draco thought. He set it aside, eager for the chance to use it later. Since he had time to kill, he figured he may as well get a start on the background, so he began lightly sketching in the lines of the Quidditch pitch and the surrounding stadiums with a thin pencil. He’d just started drawing the hoops at the far side of the pitch when a voice pulled him out of focus.


The second hoop became oblong. He knew that voice.

“Potter,” he greeted automatically, his voice cold - a reflex.  He turned around quickly, his pencil falling into the grass.

Potter was squinting at Draco’s sketch, using his broomstick, firmly planted in the ground, to keep balance as he leaned forward. Despite only heading for a practice he was dressed in his full scarlet Gryffindor Quidditch uniform, complete with a protective chest plate handing loosely from his shoulders, waiting to be strapped on properly. Draco resisted the urge to fix it himself.

“You draw?”

A snarky What’s it you? on Draco’s lips was swallowed when Potter continued without waiting for an answer.

“Just the pitch? Or the players too?”

Panic filled Draco’s body settling itself as a niggling discomfort in his gut. “Just the pitch,” he said quickly, his eagerness to lie making him forget his desire to be contrary. Instead, his voice just came out rushed and squeaky. Lucky there were no witnesses otherwise his tough reputation would have been well and truly demolished, all by a couple of unextraordinary words from Harry Potter.

“Shame,” Potter said, standing up straight and lifting his broom. “Would you consider it? I’ve always wanted to be painted.”

Draco nodded against his will - what? Potter’s confidence was rather disconcerting. It clearly had the power to turn him into a squirming mess as well as a pathetic follower eager to please all at once.

Potter’s face lit up with a surprised smile - he obviously hadn’t expected Draco to be so agreeable - neither had Draco. “In that case, make sure you capture me from the left. It’s my good side.”

“Every side is your bloody good side,” Draco muttered to himself without thinking. Crap. There’s no way Potter hadn’t heard THAT embarrassing revelation. 

But Potter didn’t say anything further. He simply winked at Draco with those devilishly charming eyes (that made Draco’s knees go weak) before mounting his broom and flying off towards the pitch, his shape growing smaller and smaller until he was just a speck in the distance.

As soon as he could wrench his eyes away from Potter, Draco turned his focus to the shade of green paint he had created. He’d have to start again from scratch. It was nowhere close to the real thing.

Now that he had Potter’s blessing, more or less, he had to make everything perfect. After all, Potter would want to see the finished product. And Draco already knew that once he did, Potter would know exactly how Draco felt about him. How could he not when Draco channelled all of his emotions into his paintings? When every stroke of his brush that coloured Potter’s face was a gentle caress? It would be obvious to anyone.

Draco resigned himself to that fact and focused all his energy into the painting. If Potter liked it, Draco might just show him all the other finished canvases locked away in his dormitory too. It was about time someone else saw Draco’s work. And who better than Draco Malfoy’s muse, Harry Potter?

Draco was right of course. Potter returned immediately after practice, flushed and sweaty, expecting results. Draco didn’t have much to show yet - he’d spent most of his time working on mixing the right shades of green. But at the same time, he was almost certainly showing too much. Potter stared at the canvas for far too long.

Draco had started with Potter’s eyes and hadn’t got much further. Sketching over them again and again to get the precise shape, the precise look of concentration as Potter scanned the pitch for the snitch. And then came the colouring. What he had gotten wrong originally was trying to find the one right shade of green for Potter’s eyes, because there wasn’t one. There were a number of shades all swimming amongst each other. Vibrant. Ever changing. Alive. 

Draco thought he’d captured those eyes rather well in the end, but when Potter turned and his real eyes fixed themselves on Draco, all liveliness and wonder, Draco realised he’d never be able to do them justice. Potter’s eyes didn’t belong on paper. But Draco was starting to think, from the way Potter was blushing as he stared, that maybe, just maybe, Potter’s eyes belonged on Draco.

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Admiring James Potter

Inspired by this beautiful peace of a very hot James Potter by @blvnk-art. Her art always makes me want to write but I always tend to avoid it because I have so much other stuff I should be working on instead. Anyway, this doesn’t do the art justice but it’s something!

“GO GO GRYFFINDOR! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!” The crowd around Lily screamed and chanted.

 Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and even a few Ravenclaws cheered for the team, completely drowning out any noise coming from the opposing side. Though, Lily wasn’t necessarily watching the same game as her peers. Her eyes weren’t following the quaffle or the seeker and their snitch, her eyes were on a single chaser. 

As much as she loved her house, James seemed to be the only reason she came to these games anymore. She wasn’t even planning on coming to the game at all really, it was her friends who’d convinced her to roll out of bed early that morning.

“James would want you there,” Marlene sang as she painted gold and red hearts onto her cheeks, “and its for the good of the team if you do come, Lily, could throw off his game not seeing you in the stands.” 

Lily was glad she was finally convinced to get dressed, she now stood happily admiring James. Though he looked good in the heat of playing, Lily mostly watched for how happy he was being in the game. Nothing could ever make James Potter smile as much as being on his broom scoring points for his team. She let herself smile after he high-fived Sirius, congratulating his friend for knocking the Slytherin seeker off his course. Watching him out there was something she could do for the rest of her life and be content, there’s nothing else she’d rather be seeing.


The stands roared, cheering and clapping for the win, and Lily let herself enjoy the moment for a second, looking around at her friends’ smiling and laughing before she turned back to her former subject of attention. Only this time, he was looking right back at her, and he winked when he caught her eye. She grinned back and put up her thumbs.

“C’mon, lets go meet them down there,” Remus yelled, tapping her shoulder to gain her attention. She nodded and looked back at the pitch one last time, but the team had already started to walk out, James leading them through the gates. 


The noise hadn’t quieted even as everyone filed out of the stands, everyone still chatting on about the game and how this player did that move or how that player made this shot, no one could seem to get enough of the game they just saw unfold. If Lily was paying more attention, she’d be able to join in on the conversation. Though, at that moment, she could live without it. Even as she stood with her group of friends, she found herself looking around for the team, they usually hung around with everyone before going to get changed.

“Oi, Sirius!” She heard Remus yell from somewhere, her eyes followed the sound, wanting to join him in meeting up with the boys, but she couldn’t help but stop and stare at what she’d found.

As his friends talked, James stood to the side, pulling off his robes and padding to cool off. Lily thought he’d stop when he got it all off, but her eyes widened when he started pulling at his sweater. Bit by bit, her eyes followed the fabric slide up his body, exposing more and more to her. She should’ve looked away, but at that point she didn’t really find it in her to care. 

“My God, you’re not even trying not to stare,” Mary teased from behind her.

She ignored it, not even bothering to look away as the sweater was completely discarded. He stood completely bare from the waist up, his shoulders and chest free for her to ogle without shame. 

“Great match, James,” the team’s keeper said, shaking James’ hand. 

He smiled, so big that lines formed on his cheeks and Lily had to bite her lip to keep her from matching it.  Okay, a post-match, shirtless, grinning James Potter, sweaty and breathing hard, was a sight that Lily had to admit topped the image of him actually playing. It was also a sight she’d like to see somewhere a little less public, and a little more mutual, if she had it her way.

“You used to be better than that, Lily,” someone else said, “and you’re spilling water all over your shoes, love.” 

“What? Shit.” She finally felt it, lifting her now empty water bottle she groaned, her foot was now soaked and she had nothing to fix her now dry mouth.

Her friends laughed around her, not even bothering to wait for her as they started to walk off. Shuddering at the sound her shoes now made when she stepped, she started to follow, but a hand at her shoulder made her stop. 

“Hey, Evans.” She shut her eyes and bit her lip at the voice. “How was the match?” She didn’t want to turn around, from the time she looked away to right then, James would not have time to put a shirt back on and she could not guarantee her eyes would stay on his face if she were to look at him right then. 

“It was good, you played well,” she said, barely looking over her shoulder at him. He’d pulled his goggles off completely, and she had to keep herself from staring at the hair that now fell over his eyes. She wanted to touch it. 

“Well I had to, couldn’t mess up with you watching me the entire time, now could I?” 

Her jaw fell open but when she turned around he was already walking away. However, she couldn’t really be mad, who is she to really care that he knew? It was the reason she now got the opportunity to admire James’ bare back as walked away, and she hoped she’d get to see it later that night as well. Gryffindor victory parties were legendary for that sort of thing after all.

anonymous asked:

your writing is so beautiful!! if you have the time, would you maybe write something about pro!neil getting injured and physical therapist!andrew?

(sends a prayer and a kiss to the writer of this ask like 8 months ago, love you, here you go)

He hears raised voices jerking their way from the front desk down the hall to his office, a pin-sharp, balloon-popping fight. He sets his coffee down and waits for the overlapping voices to make sense, or for the dull receptionist to strip the action and hand Andrew boring, defused parts.

“I’ve run on worse, Kevin, you know I can still play, I can play better than those delicate, one-hit-and-they’re-down, red card-chasing ungracious bastards—“

“I don’t care. I don’t care if you can run on it, I care if you can destroy on it. If you think your superiority complex and masochistic streak mean anything to me you’re wrong. I need you in peak condition or I don’t need you.”

“This is temporary,” the first voice grits. “I don’t need a glorified massage therapist to show me how to stretch. The only thing that’ll make me feel better is Moriyama’s throat under my heel.”

Something hisses like water beading in a hot pan, and then, “we’ll talk later. You have an appointment.” There’s a burble of complaint and a thud, and then Kevin Day waltzes into his office, diplomatic smile singed dark with rage. His arm is outstretched behind him, and a second later he yanks another person in beside him by the collar.

Neil Josten, if Andrew’s schedule and his limited attention to the sports network are aligned. He looks sick and contrary, flushed high in the apples of his cheeks from arguing, hair wild, leg in a brace from mid-thigh to ankle.

“Here for your massage therapy?” Andrew drawls. Neil bares his teeth, Kevin drops the now-warped collar of his shirt.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with him,” Kevin says, simperingly apologetic. When he doesn’t get a swoon or a protest or anything at all from Andrew, the set of his jaw changes. “He doesn’t like doctors.”

“He’s not a doctor,” Neil says disdainfully, at the same time that Andrew says,

“He can’t run.”

“Oh, I can,” Neil says. “And I can punch too.”

Kevin sighs. Andrew sips his coffee, a long pull, and reaches for a blank chart.

“Do you typically threaten the people providing you with a service?”

“What, are you trying to be a psychologist too? Cover as many pseudo-sciences as possible?”

“I thought I was responding to a challenge,” Andrew replies. “But I’m not surprised that you start a fight and then change the subject. That’s what exy players do, right?”

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D&D Dungeon Design: Contrast

image source: map from AD&D Tomb of Horrors module

Using Contrast

When building a dungeon for your campaign, keep contrast in mind. What is contrast? Well it’s pretty black and white: it’s just a juxtaposed difference in two things.

High contrast draws attention to those differences, each one becoming stronger. That’s why complementary colors, light and dark values, or sharp and blurry edges near one another draw your attention in a piece of artwork. If you want to draw attention to an encounter, area, or concept in your campaign or dungeon, sharpen that contrast! Deviate from the norms and standards you have presented your players, and their emotions and brains will snap alert and focus on exactly what you wanted it to.

Low contrast does a few things. First, it sets a standard of comparison. Areas of low contrast in a dungeon would be the approximate challenge rating of the dungeon, so when easy or difficult encounters are juxtaposed next to it the players realize how different it is. If the majority of rooms are symmetrical, rounded, and neat, then once that is contrasted with an asymmetrical, sharp-edged, rough room will be a huge eye-opener. Without low contrast, we cannot have high contrast to compare it to.

Low contrast in a dungeon also gives the brain a rest. After long periods of deliberation in combat or a puzzle, getting back to that low-contrast standard is a mental break an relief for a player. It’s sort of a recovery time that helps balance the pacing of a dungeon.

Lastly, low contrast creates anticipation. In our cinematic world we have been acclimated to, all of us today know how stories should work. If everything is the same for a long time, then things are more likely to change soon. This is that feeling of anticipation; we keep searching and exploring for that difference in design or mechanics and when it finally resolves we get that sweet, sweet rush of endorphins that says “yes you were right it had to change sooner or later.”

Here are some examples of how contrast can be used to psychologically guide and manipulate your players (boy that sounded a lot darker than intended):

Encounter Type

The type of encounters in your dungeon, when lined up in sequence, can be contrasted. A combat encounter has very different pacing from a puzzle or a skill check or roleplaying encounter. If you chain together a series of combat encounters, it will wear down the party and add tension and importance for whatever breaks that chain. A puzzle will suddenly carry greater weight. This contrast is sort of why in practice, when building encounters, you sprinkle a few puzzles or skill checks or roleplaying encounters throughout the combat in your dungeon. It gives players a break and lets them relieve that tension that’s built up from combat and lets them use a different part of their brain for a bit.

One the flip side, when you have a bunch of non-combat encounters chained together, it creates a sense of anticipation. D&D is a combat-focused system, so players are just waiting for something to just out at them. This holds true in “funhouse” dungeons like the Tomb of Horrors where actual combat is few and far between, but puzzles and traps abound: there is a sense of abject terror filling the dungeon as players become more and more neurotic from only solving puzzles.

Encounter Difficulty

Each encounter is always immediately compared to the encounter that came before it. You can use this to your advantage. For instance, if you want your players think your boss is even more powerful than the CR says, have them fight a few easy minions right before the boss. Suddenly, the Bone Devil hits seem far more dire and frightening compared to those Kobolds that they just faced, even if it’s normally an appropriate CR for the players. Contrast here acts as a psychological boost to the drama of a boss fight. On the other hand, a difficult encounter immediately followed by an easy encounter is a point to relax your players’ brain juices after a mechanically difficult encounter. Players need this or else they will start to feel as used and abused as their characters.

Left: Asymmetry, sharp corners, and tight spaces make players uncomfortable. Right: Symmetry, round edges, and open spaces are comforting.

Room Design

Visual design is also important (and my specialty). Visually, contrast is a means of showing the viewer what to focus on. Points of low contrast are less important while areas of high contrast are more important. I will go into further detail in a future post on guiding player movement, but for now:

  • Complexity: More complex rooms are more intimidating and take longer to explore while simple rooms are more approachable and take a mere moment to take in. Juxtaposing complexity of a room vs. the encounter within should ideally create balance to avoid either overwhelming players or boring them. Good practice would be putting a complex encounter in a simple room or putting a simple encounter in a complex space. This contrast will also bring attention and focus to the encounter, rather than the space (which is typically what you want). Symmetry could also be considered simple while asymmetrical would be complex.
  • Shape: Visually, sharp corners evoke conflict, while round corners create a sense of comfort. If you want your players to worry, add some additional angles to your room using alcoves or room dividers. Besides, adding angles to a room where a combat encounter is about to happen gives players more environment to play with. If you want your players to feel safe, like in a sanctuary area where no monsters are likely to enter, round out the room or add round objects to the room like pillars or statues. Placing these rooms next to one another will draw attention to and enhance this psychological difference.
  • Scale: A large room begs players to linger and explore and creates a sense of the sublime: something larger and greater than the players. An ideal place for a boss encounter. A small room or cramped space means players won’t stick around. It creates tension and unease and compels players to move forward; a good place for a trap or a surprise. When compared to a large room, the small room will look smaller and the large, larger.

Context: DM (my husband) gave me (Druid, only party member that can read) a book on undead creatures at the start of last session. After multiple breaks to deal with IRL small humans it’s getting late and I’m tired and he sets the same Flameskull on us for a third time, initiating battle but ending the session to be picked up the next week. We’re really low on health, our other healer is out, I’ve got three spell slots left and this thing has been rolling crits like crazy. Start the next session…

DM: Ok, so Flameskull, round 3.

Me OOC: I retrieve the book and search for green flaming skulls and any information on how to KILL IT DEAD.

DM (taking a really long time): You check the index and decide “Flameskull” looks like it could be the right path… *reads the monster description*

Me OOC: BUT HOW DO WE DESTROY IT??? *googles it*

DM: You see under resurrection… *Looks over at my screen* DID YOU PULL UP THE PAGE? THAT’S CHEATING!