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Karasuno in an International Tournament™

idk if this has been done before but CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING

• kageyama lowkey trying to figure out other countries hand signals & plays

• the absolute fuckery that is an american volleyball tournament

• tanaka and noya are definitely the most popular people there,, their loud personalities fit in perfectly with the north american players, who are essentially just screaming the whole time

• shitty english met with even shittier japanese

• practice matches with other countries two days before the actual tournament starts, & being put on “teams” with players from other countries

• “what the fuck is a toss, you’re a setter, you SET the ball” suga is personally offended by that statement

• girls and boys playing on courts right next to eachother?? booty for everyone

• where are the other countries managers?¿

• staying in a hotel would be an absolute mess

• ukai trying to prevent the team from over eating at the continental breakfast

• 2am runs to the 7/11 across the street with other teams

• yamaguchi meets his new love, cheeseballs

• tsukishima passively bragging to bokuto & kuroo about the tournament

• daichi giving up on keeping the team in check, and eventually joins in on their shenanigans

• taking a fat L against germany,,, why are they all so tall

• hinata getting teary eyed the last day of the tournament

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apart from me is space.
apart from me is a hatch in which leads to space.
it is odd to have to go down to get to space.

I Promise You I Promise You I Promise You

in my efforts to mail letters i have discovered my handwriting is awful.
what am i to do about this?
apart from me is space.

born left-handed and corrected to be right-handed

high noon and the duel begins, high noon and that duel
both guns pointed at guns and teeth

Do you know the reason they think about me in such a way
it is cause i am a witch
they burned me once near a lake, but they will not burn me again
Do you know the lord and savior loves you, his name is
they drowned me once near where they burned me
there is a piano at the bottom of the lake
someone is playing Rachmaninoff.

swam to the piano player
did not get there in time.

the third time they said I Promise You I Promise You I Promise You

light-snow-jess  asked:

Hi ! I love you and your blog ! Your writing is amazing 💖 For the 'weird ask' thing, can I have Tanizaki please ? 😊

Tanizaki Junichirou

  • What they smell like: A bit like baby powder. 
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Tanizaki sleeps laying on his stomach with his arms being used as his pillow most of the time instead. He likes to sleep in warm clothing because he always seems to be freezing when he wakes up. 
  • What music they enjoy: He’ll listen to just about anything, but he likes rock music the most. 
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: He takes about two seconds since he rarely brushes his hair, and he tends to wear bum clothes. He’ll spend some more time on himself if there’s a special occasion, but not much longer. 
  • Their favorite thing to collect: He likes to collect old rock records, even though he doesn’t have a record player. 
  • Left or right-handed: Left handed. 
  • Religion (if any): Doesn’t put much thought into it, he thinks there’s most likely a higher being though it may be beyond what our imaginations can comprehend. 
  • Favorite sport: He used to play soccer a lot when he was younger, so he’s still found of the sport (football for you non-american folks). 
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):
  • Favorite kind of weather: He likes when there’s a crisp feeling in the air, like when you can tell Fall is just about to start. He likes when the temperature dips a little colder, but he does tend to suffer from freezing fits so he makes sure to dress extra warm in that season. 
  • A weird/obscure fear they have:  Uranophobia- fear of heaven. He doesn’t know what lies in the great beyond, and it can give him some serious anxiety if he thinks too much into it, even if he doesn’t care much for religion. 
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: All of them considering his ability is one of illusions; he justifies it by saying he’s just beating the other carnies at their own game. Also, he has a hard time saying no to Naomi when she wants a big stuffed bear. 
Tragic Bug

Now that my GroundHog day type shenanigans aren’t a secret anymore, I can share with you guys an especially tragic bug I encountered while getting the proof of concept written.

I was working on GodTiering players instead of just letting them die, right? And it kept not working. Like, the Doomed Time Clone would warp in, they would absolutely carry the fresh corpse to their quest bed/sacrificial slab. And said corpse would totally god tier. …except they would be still dead in the very next scene. And the session would continue on like nothing had happened.

Turns out, nothing HAD happened. I was accidentally sending the Doomed Time Clone into a stable loop.  Instead of hopping time lines, they were going back in time INTO THEIR OWN DOOMED SESSION, and making sure the poor doomed asshole was a GodTier so they could REALLY enjoy their doomed session.  Full of corpses and crazy people. With no way out.

Man. Why does every single bug in this simulation make me out to be a terrible, incompetent creator?

Edit: Similarly, it’s a pretty useless idea to accidentally bring back the hollow clone I made of the player (in order to say whether they were god tier or murder mode or whatever at the point in time you’re gonna go back to change). They just kinda flop down onto the ground. Was hella confusing though, as a player would APPEAR to god tier or come back to life or be convinced not to be a murderous douchebag, but the real version would immediately continue doing whatever it was they were doing pre-intervention.

I will admit, however, that the more complex a simulation gets, the more interesting it sounds when you describe the bugs it has. I remember being entertained just reading the various Sims games change logs and bug reports. “Sims can no longer marry Death.”. Hell yes.

Griffin’s evolution as a DM

Here There Be Gerblins: Okay, let’s give this a go…I’m not going to have fun, but we’ll follow the book and see where it goes from there.

Moonlighting: Fuck the book, let’s get some original plot and NPCs up in the mix.

Murder On The Rockport Limited: All right, we’ve got the plot, time to get this show on the road. We need more puzzles and mystery though…how about a full-fledged murder mystery with an adorable boy detective?


Crystal Kingdom: The plot is about to get wild and mysterious as fuck up in here, every NPC has a huge backstory, and there are going to be big consequences for the players’ choices. Also, I fell in love with the boy detective.

The Eleventh Hour: Time to get these players into an open world where they can really make their own choices and develop their characters as they have to face their own mortality and regrets. But then I’m going to turn everything we think we know about these characters on its head. Also, everyone is gay and/or non-binary.

The Suffering Game: *cracks knuckles* …I’m going to just wreck these fools.

I haven’t posted much art recently so here’s my DnD character, Deina Ilyndrathyl, to make up for the art drought on my blog :) She’s a half elf ranger with weirdly creative ways of getting herself out of trouble. She also has a bear named Frederick but I’ll probably post her when I complete the character art for our party. *if I ever find the time too…*

“Just do what I’m doing,” Alicia says, fighting to keep herself from laughing.

“I am!” Bob’s looking at her with eyebrows raised so high he looks like the ‘after’ photo of a botox catastrophe. “I feel like I’m doing exactly what you’re doing.”

“That can’t feel natural. Relax your face. You’re supposed to look surprised, not horrified.”

Whatever gene gives hockey players their talent must feed off their acting abilities; she’s worked with a few in her day and none of them could manage more than some stiff lines delivered with blank stares. It doesn’t seem to get better with practice, at least not in Bob’s case.

The doorbell rings and they both stand quickly, giving each other reassuring looks before making their way to the front door.

Jack stands in the doorway with Eric, and Alicia pretends not to notice their hands linked together until the timing is right.

“Maman, Papa, you know I said I wanted to introduce you to someone special?”

“Of course we remember Eric, dear,” Alicia says fondly.

“We’re dating.”

Alicia schools her expression into a practiced look of polite surprise, and pinches Bob as his cue to do the same.

“Uh, Dad? What’s wrong with your face?”

Idk if anyone had made this headcanon yet, but I present to you: NHL prospect Chris “Chowder” Chow.

Listen, NCAA hockey is no joke. So many of the best NHL players went NCAA first. You get to develop your game and go to school at the same time. And if Chowder is really as good as it seems, playing D1, you best bet he was on the radar for the NHL scouts.

He actually grew up a Boston Bruins fan, because both his parents are both from the Boston area originally. But right out of high school, before he came to Samwell, Chowder was drafted into the NHL. To the San Jose Sharks.

It explains his love on a whole new level. He’s more than just a hockey fan from California. He’s the chosen one of an NHL organization. Their top goalie prospect. The future of their team.

Just. NHL prospect Chowder.

So, this happened toward the endgame of a campaign I was in a while ago. Our heroes were above level 20, and had some insane gear and some awesome enemies to fight.

Context: we’re trying to board this space ship (main antagonist was a time traveler) to get to the main baddie before he left. We just ascend some stairs and have this walkway that’s about 200 long, there’s a tower just above the corner, then turns right and has about another 50 feet before we get to the ship. As we ascend the stairs, we hear an enemy behind us that we’ve fought before.

This guy is pretty much the lizard from Spider-Man, a scientist that takes a serum and grows into a huge reptilian.

(Baddie): and where do you think you’re going? *starts bad guy speech*

Our cleric has a hammer that he can throw and it comes back to him. On a crit it knocks the enemy prone.
(Cleric): *raises his hand* id like to interrupt him and throw my hammer at him.

DM: ok, go for it.

Nat 20, of course.

(After the group finally calms down)
DM: ok, you hit him and he falls backward, down the stairs. Then you hear him start to transform.

Party: run!

So we start running down this open roofed corridor, and we can see the ship start taking off. The cleric, of course, is in the back of the group with the slowest run speed. We get halfway down the first corridor before the lizard guy jumps onto the tower at the turn. We turn and keep heading to the ship. He jumps down and cuts off the cleric from the rest of the party.
He lets out a huge, monstrous hiss straight into the clerics face.

Cleric: I throw my hammer at him again.

Another nat-fucking-20.

(After about 10 minutes of laughing)

He’s knocked prone and he runs past him, getting onto the ship and effectively 100% bypassing the DMs entire encounter.

(In a Ravenloft campaign, at the boss battle in a haunted house, not having leveled up earlier and therefore ripe for TPK.  They are in front of a bloody altar.  Phantom cultists surround the party.)

Cultists: One must die.  One must die.  One must die.

Player: Shit, they have a Shambling Mound, what do we do?!

Wizard, OOC: So I have a snake familiar that’s been draped around my neck for this entire time.

DM: What?

Wizard, OOC: See, it’s right here on my character sheet.

DM: …Okay.

Wizard: I sacrifice my familiar.  On the altar.

DM: What?

Wizard: I put my familiar on the altar, turn around and cover my ears, and have the fighter cut the snake’s head off.

DM: There is a flash of light and the dark chanting shapes… go away.  The Shambling Mound goes back to sleep.

(The party receives the XP for completing the dungeon, and finally levels up.  Also, the wizard looks for a new familiar on the way back to town, and rolls a natural 20.  He finds a snake suspiciously similar to the previous one.  Identical, in fact.  It seems kind of pissed off at him.)

Fighter: I mean, it was either the snake or the bard.

  • Playboy Magazine: "Do you remember the first time you got stoned?"
  • David Bowie: "On grass? I’d done a lot of pills ever since I was a kid. Thirteen or fourteen. But the first time I got stoned on grass was with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin many, many years ago, when he was still a bass player on Herman’s Hermits records. We’d been talking to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott somewhere and Jonesy said to me, “Come over and I’ll turn you on to grass.” I thought about it and said, “Sure, I’ll give it a whirl.” We went over to his flat–he had a huge room, with nothing in it except this huge vast Hammond organ, right next door to the police department.
  • I had done cocaine before but never grass. I don’t know why it should have happened in that order, probably because I knew a couple of merchant seamen who used to bring it back from the docks. I had been doing it with them. And they loathed grass. So I watched in wonder while Jonesy rolled these three fat joints. And we got stoned on all of them. I became incredibly high and it turned into an in-fucking-credible hunger. I ate two loaves of bread. Then the telephone rang. Jonesy said, “Go and answer that for me, will you?” So I went downstairs to answer the phone and kept on walking right out into the street. I never went back. I just got intensely fascinated with the cracks in the pavement."
McCree plays D&D

Context: interrogating a rich guy (Yargan) for information on the whereabouts of our arch nemesis at midnight in a warehouse. (Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign)

Me: *whispering* “Listen to me you little fuckwit, you’re going to tell me everything I want to know or you’re going to die right on the spot.”

DM: Roll intimidation

*rolls 23*

DM: “He nearly pisses himself.”

Our fighter: *puts sword towards Yargan’s balls*

Me: “Where is Gaedran?”

Yargan: *pant pant* “What time is it?”

Me: “It’s hiiiiighhh moon.”

Everyone continues laughs and high fives all around.

The intense light made her squint as she tried to open her eyes. Wait… why were her eyes closed? Where was that light coming from? Where was she???

“I see you’re awake!” said a voice from a few feet in front of her.

“Who are you? Where am…”

“Shhhhhh!” interrupted the voice. “Right now it’s time to be calm. You’re safe here.”

“But where is here? What’s going o…”


A vibration filled her brain. It’s at this point that she noticed she had big clunky headphones on. The old types of headphones that you plugged into a record player, with black fabric lining around the ears. As her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she saw the man standing in front of her. He was not familiar to her, yet she had a feeling in the back of her mind that maybe she did know him from somewhere.

The man walked over to the left side of the bed she was lying on. “Wait… a bed? This isn’t my bed!!! Why can’t I move???” She thought.

“I’ve been eyeing you for a while.” Said the man. “You are the girl of my dreams, but your dumb boyfriend got in the way of our destiny together.”

“You lunatic!!!!” She said. “Let me g…..”


The vibration filled her head again. She realized that the vibration happened whenever the man hit a button on a remote he was holding.

“Be quiet, my princess.” The man said. “Soon you will forget your past life, and we will be together forever as master and servant.”

Before she could respond, the man hit another button on the remote, and the vibration returned, but this time it didn’t stop, it grew. Louder and louder. It filled her head and forced out all other thoughts. Then strange sounds began to play quietly underneath the loud overpowering vibration. It almost sounded like…. voices? She wasn’t able to make it out, but at this moment she felt a prick in her neck, and she drifted into blackness.

*Two days later*

She stood in the living room, in master’s favorite slutty maid outfit.

“Honey,” said master, “it’s time for a blow job.”

“Yes master” she said.

As she bobbed up and down, up and down on masters beautiful cock, her mind was repeating in loop, “I love master, I love master, I love master, I love master.” And she knew it must be true, because after all it was her mind saying it, and she really did love master.


So. I was watching the second season of Haikyuu!! Bc is my favorite and I notice this:

Right after Tora tells Kenma that KageHina are taking supplementary classes and Kenma is like “oh..”.
Well the start to show all the school that are there.
And it’s when the thing stared.
FIRST: They show some players warming up, between them there’s Bokuto FUCKING POSSING
Then they show the Ubugawa player. Right after the players warming up and Bokuto IS STILL POSSING.
Then the Shinzen guy- players warming up- BOKUTO.POSSING.
Players warming up and guess what BOKUTO FUCKIN STILL POSSING.

I know it might be something that the animators didn’t want to spend time changing the players positions but it’s hilarious to me.

It’s like he’s breaking the fourth wall.. he’s like Deadpool or something

(Sorry if I misspelled some words. English is not my natural lenguaje)

sans’ (lack of) motivation: his refusal to stop the human

(undertale spoilers)

in most routes, sans will quietly endure whatever suffering is forced upon him. he can live through the callous murder of his brother, the slaughtering of his friends and peers, and yet he’ll do nothing to frisk but berate them. instead of disposing the human the instant they begin harming others, sans watches and waits, appearing near the end of frisk’s journey only to launch his emotional appeals. he attempts to guilt trip frisk, and by extension, the player, rather than get his own hands dirty.

there is only one exception: the genocide route. only when the situation has become the most dire does sans spring into action to do what’s right. what makes the genocide route so different from an especially violent neutral route? why does sans only wait until the genocide route to fight? continue reading for the reasons.

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Context: All right, so this was my very first time ever playing D&D. I was playing a half elf cleric and I don’t remember everybody but I know we at least had one Paladin and two Rangers and I believe there may have also been some other sort of fighter. Our group was setting up camp when we became surrounded by about 20 wolves.

We managed to whittle them down to about 5 but we all started rolling 3s and 4s, missing wolves and taking damage from both them and each other.

DM: (to me) “A wolf lands near you after leaping at the paladin, readying itself to lunge again.”

Me: (ooc) “Crap, I’m out of spells! Fine, I take my staff and swing it like a golf club at its head!” *Rolls the first nat20 of the night*

DM: *rolls and facepalms* “By some stroke of luck, the strike severs the wolfs head clean from its body and send it sailing over the trees. The sight of their companion’s demise sends the remains wolves fleeing in terror.”

*cue silence for 30 seconds*

Paladin: (ooc, laughing hard enough to fall from his chair) “Guys! The healer just became the tank!”


“I think when he first was called up this year, we put him with Sid right away, there was a ‘wow’ factor with some of the players in the room,” said Sullivan of Sheary. “My experience of being around this group is when a new player comes to our team, young or old for that matter, I think there’s a little bit of a 'wow’ factor because some of the players we have. Everybody has so much respect for Crosby and Malkin and Letang and those guys.  Over time I think that wears off.  I think that’s happened with Conor.”

Types of Overwatch Players
  • The Semi Casual: You're an average gamer whose here to have fun but still wouldn't mind wining. Maybe you just want a new loot box, maybe you've been invited to a friend's rad new custom game-whatever the reason, you have time off from work or school and need to unwind. If you need to play healer, you'll play healer. Your team could use a second tank? You can play Widowmaker the next game right? You're comfortable with almost all game modes but will dive into Competitive if you're feeling confident. Your POTG is a welcome surprise and something you likely worked to earn through teamwork.(Possible Mains: Lucio, Orisa, Zarya)
  • The Glory Hound: You have one objective and it's definitely not the one you're supposed to be defending. You want your Play Of the Game and anyone who steals your kills is getting cussed out in the group chat. You could care less about team composition, you have your main and anyone who tells you to switch is just jealous of your awesome skills. Similar to The Single Player, teamwork is not your priority as everyone is just a pawn to your inevitable success. Your team winning is cool and all, but what you really want is for YOU to be the winner. You are a monster in Competitive but in the worst possible ways. (Possible Mains: Bastion, Hanzo)
  • The Sore Loser: You define unreliable. You may as well change your last name to Left The Game, because that's what you're always fucking doing. If a team isn't upholding to your standards, you'll ditch before you even see the inside of your spawn room. If any of your teammates are any less than three stars, they don't deserve the right to brush screen names with you. And if you choose to stay with a team the whole way, you BETTER be winning or else you're out. Despite your incredibly selective choice of teammates, your friend list is completely empty and you scoff at anyone who dares send you one.(Possible Mains: Symmetra, Hanzo)
  • The Party Goer: You're here to have fun. "It's just a game" has been hardwired into your code as you don't do jack shit for your team, you're more concerned about showing off your new emote in the heat of battle. You're a talkative fella with a whole wheel of the most grating voice lines your character currently has. Who cares if you win? At least you'll be in a hilarious pose in all of the kills cams. Your teammates may admire your casual nature, though you're so casual that you've become an inconvenience. Yeah, you'll get eliminations every once in awhile but it's only because no one laugh emoted back at you yet and you have ten seconds left to move this truck (Possible Mains: Junkrat, D.Va, Winston)
  • The Grudge Holder: You are out for blood, my friend, and it's rooted in a deep, personal hatred from a certain someone on the enemy team. Your worst enemy is the kill cam because it has the audacity to catch an image of you dying and forever cementing your target throughout the rest of the game. Fuck your team, you want to get even with that one Pharah who blew you up from across the map. And that McCree who had the nerve to shoot a Deadye in your direction? He's screwed once you get out of spawn. Your teammates have been spanning Group Up for five minutes straight but you're still waiting for that bullshit Symmetra to show back up so you can kill her again and teabag the corpse. (Possible Mains: Widowmaker, Roadhog, Mei)
  • The Single Player: You are a lone wolf through and through, here to carry your team with a twenty player kill streak with a single use of your Ultimate. You're the guy who rushes into enemy lines without a plan, relying on your own bravado to keep you alive before you're spamming for heals half way across the map. You're likely oblivious to what you're supposed to be defending...Or are you attacking this time? Nah, doesn't matter! You got your main before anyone else did so you get to show off your rad skills. God help anyone playing healer. (Possible Mains: Genji, Soldier 76, Reaper)