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Sims No Filter Challenge

I was tagged by @purrsephonesims  & @soulevans997. Thanks you!  ♥

Rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin colour), then do a before and after picture.

I chose my all time favourite model, my babe, Janine. :)

Alpha vs MM Challenge

I was tagged by @avelinesims and @adorablesimlove. Thanks, babes!  ♥

Rules: Use the same sim for both sides. Try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides, if u know what I mean. Please refrain from using clayified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and mm. Try to make everything different, not just hair. Things like skin overlay, make up, eyebrows, and eyes. Clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re doing a full body thing.

Tag it #alphavsmm

I chose Sage this time. :)

I tag anyone who wants to do any of the challenges!!! :)

I gone and done a thing

Hey nerds, I wrote a little mShenko fanfiction thing for the first time over on ao3. So I mean if that’s your thing you should totallllly check it out. It’s only a lil 1000 word thing so yeah :D

More domestic Roadrat headcanons because I have nothing else to do

(Do not tag as kin/me/id)

- The Junkers collect their own wanted posters. Not because they don’t want to be caught– but because they find them hilarious.

- Junkrat is a collector– he usually finds pig related items for Roadhog and the occasional cute plush thing, but he also collects shiny objects (i.e someone’s lost ring) for the hell of it

- Junkrat likes to sit in Roadhog’s lap. Not in a sexual way, but just to be close to him

- Relating to the above, Roadhog sometimes rests his head on Junkrat’s while he’s in his lap.

- Roadhog steals books from wherever they go if it’s convenient, as a way to pass downtime and give let Junkrat read the classics. (‘Rat liked Great Expectations until the end, was terrified by 1984, and couldn’t get through the first page of Pride And Prejudice)

- Roadhog witnessed the loss of one of Junkrat’s limbs and that was the moment he realized he cared for him and needed to be more protective.

- Junkrat enjoys laying on Roadhog’s belly (who wouldn’t tho lol)

- Junkrat is That Guy who talks during the whole movie and Roadhog HATES it. (ex. “Why the hell is it called the Hunger Games if it’s not about food?” “Just shut up and watch the damn movie”)

- Both of them don’t give two shits about Australian or world politics

- Roadhog can sew. He taught Junkrat a little bit, but his stitches are a little clumsy and rushed. Junkrat attempted to make a scarf for Roadhog, but it was uneven. Roadhog still wears it though.

- They’ve both witnessed the other crying.


Hear you, falling and lonely, cry out:
“Will you fix me up? Will you show me hope?”
At the end of the day you were helpless,
“Can you keep me close? Can you love me most?”

Hey, friendly reminder that I’m just one person and that this is not my job, so I don’t have to do it. I started this blog because I wanted to, but the moment I stop wanting to use it, I will. You don’t have the right to tell me things like “you take too long answering questions don’t be rude”, “you don’t post that much these days it’s boring”, “if you don’t post more stuff I’ll unfollow you”. Fine, unfollow me, I don’t really care to be honest. You can tell me what to do, but that doesn’t mean I’ll obey you. I’m glad a good amount of people like this content, but I’ll post whenever I want to. A few days ago I said I wasn’t in the feeling good at all, that’s why I’m not that active right now. I also have a life, believe it or not, this blog is not my whole life, it’s a hobby. Besides, there’s not much to talk about T0G and AC0TAR right now, I’m tired of repeating the same things over and over again. AC0WAR will be published soon and I’m 100% sure I’ll have a lot of things to say once it comes out. Just be patient, I’m not your servant.

ugh I shouldn’t have brought up small town rps bc now all I can think abt is creating one and I KNOW I don’t have enough energy, & least of all to run it on my own bc I want there to be like a lot of things that makes it come alive and feel quirky, a lot of main page quirks like monthly town hall meetings (a poll on issues in town) and regular newspaper updates about stuff that’s going on in town that characters can react to / be involved in, and just…stuff that makes it come to life, u kno? not just a gossip/confessions blog, but stuff that makes it feel like there are things constantly happening in town.