this is the result of too much time spent in rping her as that

LF RP (And an FC...?)

Hey tumblr!  See that grape up there?  That grape is looking for some new connections and possibly a new FC to call home (given the mun’s a rather social person, and it’s time to get her a new place to reside at) and that’s where YOU come in!

Server - Balmung
Character name - Koke Qalli
Race - Xaela (tribe, Qalli)
Location - flexible!

What kind of RP I am looking for- anything except romantic.  Koke is as head over heels for a certain hyur as it’s possible to get, and that’s all she wants.  Have some people that need a musician?  How about someone to tell stories?  Hunting buddy?  Medic?  Weaver or carvings? Lots of possible hooks exist and abound!

Wait, mun, you said the location is flexible?  Let’s chat under the cut, shall we?  

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anonymous asked:

Iiiiiii would be curious about any and all headcanons you're willing to share, but no pressure ^u^


for those who don’t remember this is in reference to the humanstuck race headcanons post and ensuing debate, after which I conceded that you guys have no reason not to learn about gender/sexuality/anything else that seems interesting outside of the story

but Dear Anon here wants not just g/s but any and all, so prepare yourselves.  We are going deeper.

upd8/We’re also putting this under a cut because despite my resolve not to treat this like sensitive material, there is a helluva lot of it.

upd8/Seriously it’s just getting ridiculous.

upd8/Please promise me to still try and enjoy this story even though I am spilling literally everything I’ve thought about the characters thus far.

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