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Kiss Me Not -Part 24-

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Harry fought down a yawn.

“That was the last one,” Luna said quietly right by Harry’s ear.

Harry jumped, picking his head up from where had he propped it on his hand and looking out at the Great Hall. The line was gone.

Luna gave him a smile and bounced down the risers, heading over to the Gryffindor table where Ginny was helping herself to a cup of tea and a few biscuits. The house elves must have brought them because there were tea services on every table along with trays of fresh biscuits. Great gobs of students still filled the room, eating and gossiping about who knows what. McGonagall had moved off to a far edge of the room, lecturing a pair of third years. At least for the moment, it seemed like Harry was being ignored.  

Harry pushed his glasses up and rubbed his eyes. He hadn’t meant to nearly fall asleep but, for all the pomp and pageantry, the whole ordeal had been boring as piss. He didn’t even remember most of the kissing. The trepidation at first had quickly been replaced with annoyance and then boredom. With his head turned to present his cheek, all he saw of the other person was a shadowy silhouette. If he closed his eyes, there was nothing to stop him from pretending the whole thing was a strange dream.

“When I said you were giving up, I hardly thought this would be the result.”

Harry quickly pulled his glasses back on.

Draco was walking along the top step of the riser, frowning irritably out at the students at the tables. He was wearing a pale grey sweater vest over a crisp white dress shirt with impeccably pressed black slacks as if he had just walked out of a posh advert rather than wallowing in the dungeons all day.

Harry sat up, relief flooding his voice, “Draco-”

“I mean really, this is just tacky in the extreme,” Draco went on, stopping in front of Harry’s chair, his back turned to him.

“It’s not like that,” Harry said quickly, “I talked to McGonagall about doing it before- before we last talked. It’s just to get everyone to leave me alone.”

“A good hex would have served you far better,” Draco said.

Harry shook his head, sliding to the edge of the chair and reaching out, “I-”

“Of course you couldn’t do that,” Draco said a little bitterly.

Harry touched his arm, “Draco-”

“Pansy said I ought to come, seems a wasted trip to me,” Draco said.

“Would you look at me?” Harry asked, tugging on Draco’s forearm.

Draco did turn, pulling his arm away. He was frowning faintly, “I’d rather not.”

Harry looked Draco over, relieved to see he was well and couldn’t keep himself from smiling, “Yeah, well… Pansy told me about-”

“You shouldn’t listen to her.” Draco interrupted, “She’s a liar.”

“You don’t even know what she told me,” Harry said with faint disbelief.

“Nothing good, I’m certain,” Draco said with a sniff, he looked Harry over critically and raised an eyebrow, “You look completely ridiculous.”

Harry pulled at the ermine-trimmed cape but it didn’t budge, “Wasn’t my idea.”

“I could have guessed that. You tend to err on the side of grubby rather than ostentatious,” Draco said.

“I’m not grubby,” Harry protested.

“No,” Draco said, looking away, “You just dress that way.”

Harry sighed, trying not to roll his eyes, “Draco. Pansy told me that you don’t remember what happened at the party.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “That’s what this is all about? I don’t normally drink that much you know. I was just in a uniquely bad mood that night.”

Harry’s brow twitched, “She didn’t tell you-?”

“About this horrible fiasco?” Draco gestured around the Great Hall with derision, “Of course she did. Pansy is a vicious gossip. Never tell her a secret unless you want half the wizarding world to know it by tea. All of the wizarding world, once she’s working for that rag of a paper.” He sneered at the lot of them, his hands shoved in his pockets.

“That’s not what I meant,” Harry said with mounting frustration.

Draco huffed at him, “I see now why she was so adamant I come here, to put an end to old aspirations once and for all.”

“What in the world are you on about?” Harry asked.

“Well, I am at the front of the line,” Draco shrugged and leaned down, his lips pressing to Harry’s chaste, sudden and soft.

Draco jerked back, his eyes widening, “…you knew.”

“I thought you knew,” Harry said, “I thought you didn’t want me.”

He stared at Harry in disbelief, “Who in their right mind wouldn’t want you.”

“I-” Harry’s words died in his throat.

Draco smiled like Harry had never seen before, he practically shone.

“You were courting me,” Draco said.

Harry nodded.

Draco’s gaze flicked up and he straightened, grabbing the crown from Harry’s head. Despite all of Luna’s efforts the crown pulled off his head easily with only a modicum of resistance from his rebellious hair. A few bobby pins plinked onto the floor as Draco took out his wand and vanished the royal cloak from Harry’s shoulders.

“Much better,” Draco said.

Harry stood, “Do you wanna get out of here?”

“First things first, Potter,” Draco said, turning to the hall and tossing the crown into the air where it hung for a second before hitting the ground with a bouncing, rolling, metallic clatter that drew the eyes of everyone in the room. Draco’s chin lifted and he said, “If I have could have your attention, you degenerates.”

“You’re not going to-”

Draco smirked, “I am.” His fingers grazed Harry’s cheek as he slipped a hand around the nape of Harry’s neck, leaning in and kissing him with a trepidation not suggested by his confident words. Harry smiled, pressing his hand over Draco’s, and kissed him back.

There was a click and a flash that Harry could see through his closed eyelids followed by a loud celebratory whoop.

Blaise looked up over his large wizarding camera, his eyebrows so high they were trying to merge with his hairline.

Pansy was beside him, “Did you get it? Did you get the photo?” she asked, her hands clasped tightly together in front of her as she bounced with unbridled glee. Ron, Hermione and Luna were with them, cheering loudly, Ginny was laughing, while the rest of the room stared open-mouthed.

Draco cleared his throat, raising his voice over the commotion, “If any of you lay a hand on Potter again, I’ll break your face.”

“He won’t,” Harry said, grabbing Draco’s arm and pulling him down the risers.

“I will,” Draco said.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a weeks detention if anyone should try,” McGonagall said with a warning tone in her voice, “There shall be no personal retributions of any kind. Not that you shall be needing any after that display.”

“I’ll say,” Ron said, “Never do anything halfway, do you Malfoy?”

“We should celebrate!” Luna said.

Hermione nodded, “Oh, that’d be nice!”

“You all can do whatever you want, Potter and I have things to do,” Draco said, grabbing Harry’s hand and pulling him to the door.

“We do?” Harry asked.

“A proper snog, for one,” Draco said.

“Oh,” Harry said with interest, picking up his pace.

Behind them, Pansy snorted, “Don’t forget to get some groping in.”

“Shut up, Pansy!” Draco yelled over his shoulder.

The noise died away as they stepped out into the hallway.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to groping,” Harry said.

Draco flushed, turning his head away so Harry couldn’t see, “I’ll take it into consideration.”

And They Lived Happily Ever After*

~The End~

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So Close!

Ladybug and Chat Noir are being interviewed by Nadja Chamack again.

Nadja: Ladybug, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there have been rumors circulating about your love life.

Ladybug: *anxiously glances at Chat Noir* I thought we already covered this last time Nadja, Chat Noir and I aren’t dating.

Nadja: A shame, but that’s not where I’m getting at. You see, Parisians have been spotting you around with another famous individual lately.

*pictures of Adrien and Ladybug appear on screen*

Adrien Agreste, Paris’ most popular teen model, and son of the  well-known designer Gabriel Agreste. You may be able to deny feelings for Chat Noir for the cities sake, and chalk up your time spent together to defending the citizens, but the same can’t be said about Mr. Agreste here.

Ladybug: *stares at the screen in horror, then glances back at Chat Noir*

Nadja: Care to tell us about your involvement with him?

Ladybug: Ahh, um… I… We…

Chat Noir: *looking very confident* He’s friends with Ladybug’s biggest fan, the girl who runs the Ladyblog.  It was supposed to be a surprise, to arrange for Ladybug to meet her at the girl’s birthday party, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag now, since she’s watching live. *shrugs innocently*

Nadja: Oh… is that really all it is though? I’m not so sure….

Chat Noir: If Ladybug was interested in someone other than me, I can assure you I wouldn’t be able to sit here calmly like I am now. *turns slightly towards Ladybug and winks*

*Ladybug stares back wide-eyed*

After the show.

Ladybug: What you said earlier… I do, I mean I am interested… in Adrien….

Chat Noir: I know.

Ladybug: You know? But you said-

Chat Noir: I know what I said. Goodnight, m'lady. *smoothly glides off into the night*

He said if I was interested in someone other than him, he wouldn’t be able to sit here calmly… and he knows I’m interested in Adrien… so that means…OMG HE’S GOING TO CONFRONT ADRIEN!

This is what results from my boredom.


Sorina Week 2017: Day 2 (Royalty) 

Every full-time Tōtsuki employee––from the housekeeping staff at the hotels to the tenured faculty at the academy––was guaranteed a minimum of twelve weeks paid parental leave when the little ones arrived. Unfortunately, the reigning Queen of the Tōtsuki Network didn’t count as an employee per se, and truthfully the organization could hardly manage without her for half that time. 

So that was why Erina, on a particular Friday morning in December, was scooping her seven-week-old out of his crib for a trek to the Nakiri Group’s downtown Tokyo headquarters. 

“Okay, my love,” she whispered to her son, hoping she’d be able to get him into his winter clothes without making him cry. To her son’s credit, Erina knew that many layers would make her want to cry too, but he was still too small for her to take any chances. “Looks like you’re coming to the office with me because daddy’s flight got delayed.”  

She tried to keep her voice cheery as she said this––baby could sense changes in her mood––even as she rolled her eyes. “Mommy knew this would happen, didn’t she?” she cooed as she zipped up his little Burberry jacket and nuzzled him. 

“Mommy said commercial flights are unreliable with the kind of snow they’re getting in New York. Mommy said just take the private jet; that’s why we have it. But no, daddy didn’t listen out of loyalty to his plebeian roots––misguided loyalty at that since the owners of those big airlines are probably even wealthier than we are. Your daddy can be outrageously stupid sometimes, right?”

 She liked to imagine that he nodded in response. At the very least, her theatrics seemed to get a lopsided grin out of him. “Don’t worry, though. You’ll take after me.” The blond hair was just a start. 

With an exaggerated sigh, the baby in her right arm, the baby-bag bag on her left shoulder and the briefcase on her left wrist, new mom Nakiri Erina made her way to the car that was waiting downstairs. 

To his credit, the baby made it through two conference calls and a meeting with mommy before he started bawling. “You better take notes, Rai,” she had whispered to him before she started reaming out her board of directors. “This is all going to be yours someday.” In the years to come Alice and Hisako would tell her she was probably imagining it, but it really did seem like he was paying attention.

But when his patience inevitably ran out, of course Erina understood. She didn’t want to be in this office half the time, so why would an infant? 

“There there,” she said, rocking her son with one hand and typing an email with the other. “Mommy’s here. We’re just gonna check in with the hosts for this year’s Stagiaire, and then we can go home. How does that sound?” 

She usually wouldn’t take off early, but strictly speaking she could get everything else done remotely. It would look bad, she knew, but…

“Erina-san,” her personal assistant Kanon said from the doorway. “Your husband is on his way up.” 

Oh, thank goodness. 

“Sorry ‘bout the delay, Nakiri.” They shared a brief kiss when he arrived, and Erina was poised to forgive him…but then the baby started crying again. She sighed and continued to rock him. 

“Don’t apologize to me,” she quipped. “Apologize to your son. And then take him home so I can get some work done.” 

While Erina got their still miserable baby bundled up again, Souma started juggling a couple of pens he’d found somewhere on her desk. Within seconds the sobs turned to laughter. 

He smirked at her once their little prince was sufficiently amused. “And you said juggling was a useless skill.” 

“It still is. That’s why only an infant would be entertained by it.” Erina rolled her eyes, holding back a little smile. What a surprise it had been actually, no one had been surprised when the crown princess of the Tōtsuki empire married the fool. “What time do you need to be there for your dinner service?”

“Around seven.” 

“I’ll try to be home around six.” That gave her another four hours to finish things up at the office before resuming mommy duty once again. 

“Alright! You tapping out?” With Raiden in his right arm, Souma held his left palm out to Erina. She shook her head—of all the strange rituals—but still lightly tapped his hand. 

“Whatever. See you tonight.” 

Erina got home forty minutes later than she intended because shit happens when you run companies the size of small kingdoms. She fed the baby at 7:30 and one last time at eleven before tucking him, and then herself, into bed. From what she heard, Souma came home around one or two and intercepted their son’s first middle of the night wailing session. 

At four, when she heard the second one starting over the baby monitor, Erina sat up slowly. “My turn,” she sighed, when she saw her husband awake as well. 

“It’s been your turn all week,” Souma said before rolling out of bed. “Go back to sleep.” 

Well, she wasn’t gonna argue with that. Still, since they were married now, she only felt it right to warn him. “You’re gonna regret that on Monday when you still haven’t shaken the jet-lag.”

Despite her better judgment, instead of going straight back to bed, Erina started checking her Facebook notifications. She immediately saw the post that all of her friend in different timezones had been commenting on and smiled. 

“What’s that look for?” Souma asked, smirking when he came back in, baby in tow. “Manga spoilers out already?”

Oooh. If it wasn’t for her son in his arms, Erina would have thrown a pillow at him. “Do I judge what you do for fun?” 


She gave her hair an indignant flip before turning back to the picture on her screen. “Yoshino-san just gave birth.” 

“Boy or girl?” he asked. It had been a major topic up for debate in the Polar Star group chat for weeks now. 

“A girl.” She turned the phone around to show him the picture. “They’re naming her Yuna. We should probably send a gift.”

“How about a-” 

“For the last time, we are not sending anyone a Restaurant Yukihira onesie!” It was crazy how many times they’ve had to have that conversation in the past year. 

“Looks like Alice was right,” he pointed out, reading her mind in that way she’d never been sure if she loved or hated. 

As soon as she had her son Erik back in January, Alice had declared that this was the year when the new jewel generation would be born. “I suppose she was due for a sound idea.” 

“You Nakiris have some weird superpowers. I wonder what this one’s gonna end up with.” 

“Well, that’s easy.” Erina reached over to smooth her son’s golden hair. “He’s an all-around genius,” she declared. “You should have seen him today. He was completely following the board meeting. He’ll be at the top of his class in no time.” 

Souma looked at her for a long while after that, half-smirking. “I don’t doubt it.” Suddenly he reached for his phone on the nightstand. “That reminds me, though. While I was stuck at the airport, I went on CustomInk and-”

“Oh lord.” Erina braced herself for whatever foolishness he concocted in the throes of his boredom. She was more than pleasantly surprised when the result was actually kind of nice. There was a onesie with little crown hovering above the words Future First Seat. The Tōtsuki logo was printed on the back along with the number 119. 

Erina hummed appreciatively. “That’s not half bad.” 

“There’s more.” He then showed her two matching adult T-shirts that read Former First Seat, with Tōtsuki 92 printed on the back. 

Now that was downright Instagramable. And it would piss Alice off to no end. 

“Order them,” Erina said quietly, the words tasting like defeat on her god tongue.

“Already did.” 

She smiled. With the proper regalia, their little prince would come into his culinary kingdom in no time flat. 

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Why do people ship mormor??? Moran doesnt't even exist, any other ship like Sheriarty or Johniarty has more sense than this one

Ehm… because we like it? Because it has sense for us? Because they must have more interesting and complicated relationship than any other ship in this show?

As for me personally, I just want Jim to have a happy ending. As long as “ he’s a very desolate, very lonely, very unhappy person”  he needs someone by his side. Who can it be? Sherlock? No, I don’t think so. The reason why I don’t see Sherlock as a possible variant for Jim is that I’m sure that Sherlock is afraid of Jim. I believe that Jim is cleverer than Sherlock (maybe at the same level as Mycroft), but it’s no fun to play with Mycroft - he knows how to hide emotions (caring is not an advantage). In this sense Sherlock is much more vulnerable because he has more people to care and worry about. Sherlock is afraid of losing them in a battle with Moriarty, and I don’t see love here. For Jim Sherlock is just a funny toy, not ordinary as the others. I know, what Andrew said about them (He has a total obsession with Sherlock, and I think Sherlock is obsessed with him, too), and yes, there is an affection between them, but it’s the result of Jim’s loneliness and Sherlock’s boredom, not love.

So, any other variants as John, Molly, Irene etc don’t work too. And there Sebastian appears. I could write more, but here you can read a good post about Jim and Seb, and why their relationship matters both in ACD books and the show.

Moran does exist in the books, btw. Where would we have taken him from then?

Heroes and Civilians Part 2

Part 1 

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Summary: Just when Y/N thinks her dream have come true after landing a dream job at the Avengers tower with Mr Stark she soon learns things won’t be as easy as she’d first hoped. Not only is the jobs pressure more than she anticipated, but a certain metal armed man is also determined to make her life a whole lot harder at every turn. Bucky Barnes X reader

Warnings: None, just bad writing ayeee

Authors note: Thank-you so much for all the notes and comments, I appreciate them all, you guys are amazing ❤ I hope you enjoy (This chapters a bit shit)

Time went quite quick for a first day at work especially when considering the last first day you had at your previous job. You used to be a waitress at Gregs in the dodgy side of the city, that day you had 3 rude customers and tips were definitely below par. So hey who where you to complain over one rude guy with a metal arm making you clean his glass.

Right now, you were down to the last paper regarding potential missions which you could either mark as priority or not priority. Your eyes scanned the page, slightly drooping from tiredness as you tried to register each word before finally marking it as no priority along with ¾ of the other files you had read. With a deep sigh of relief, you leaned back into your desk chair and looked at the time, 16:51pm, just 9 more minutes till freedom, or so you hoped anyway, but then again you wouldn’t suppose Mr Stark would make you work overtime on the first day, no one was that cruel.

To make the minutes go that tiny bit quicker you decided to snoop around on some files on the computer that was on your desk, you scanned the bright screen and looked at all the available files on your desktop: ‘legal firms’ , ‘newspaper articles’ , ‘avenger initiative’ , ‘Mission appeals’ and ‘Profiles.’ Not knowing what either contained, you blindly clicked on ‘profiles’ and was met with the face of The Hulk, well that’s what everyone called him anyway but his real name was ‘Bruce Banner’, a scientist who just so happened to have slight anger problems, “huh, he’s kinda cute when he’s not green.” You whispered to yourself with a small smirk and clicked onto the next page; ‘Black Widow’ or ‘Natalia Romanova’ appeared next, she was a personal hero of yours if you were being honest, not only could she fight like a fucking machine but she saved the world while doing it all the while still keeping that feminine touch, talk about girl power. Yawning, you clicked again and widened your eyes ‘The Winter Soldier’ or ‘James Buchanan Barnes’, the very same guy you met earlier in the kitchen. You quickly browsed over his file and scoffed, “Hero my ass.”

“Hey Y/N” You screeched at the sudden voice and clicked off the files as quickly as you never thought was humanly possible. Looking up you saw a smiling Tony Stark with a cup in his hands.

“ur h-hi Mr Sta-I mean Tony.” You stuttered, throwing a small smile back.

“Well it looks like you finished, good job Y/N, a lot better than are last secretary. So since you haven’t darted off yet I hoped you wouldn’t mind sticking around to assist me in my coffee refills while I’m in a meeting?” He raised an eyebrow at you. Dammit.

“N-no, I would be happy to um, how do you like it?” He thrust his cup towards you and you took it with shaky hands.

“Not too milky, not too strong with two sugars. Thanks. Bring it to me when your done, I’ll be in the boardroom around the corner, on the left.” He gave you a final wink before walking around the corner leaving you, once again sat at the desk.

You huffed and finally raised yourself off of the chair and began making Tony’s coffee, determined to make it absolutely perfect because hell if you were destined to be a secretary, you were going to be the best damn secretary the world could offer. With a final stir you grabbed his coffee cup and retraced Tony’s steps, walking around the corner toward the boardroom. You gave the door two knocks before entering the room and you swore to god in that moment you almost collapsed in shock.  Sat around the long oval table where your heroes…the heroes well plus that ass you met earlier.

“Ah Y/N you have my coffee excellent.” Tony spoke up happily, honestly you were thanking the lords someone said something or else you might have been stuck in that trance forever. You walked over to Tony, thinking way to much about not fucking up a step and planted the coffee on the table before turning around and heading for the door.

“Wait Y/N! I want to introduce to everyone.” Yep you were definitely going to faint. You turned around on the spot and smiled, consciously aware that everyone was staring at you. “So everyone, this here is the new secretary Y/N. If you need anything go to her and-” he put his cup to his mouth “she makes great coffee. So Y/N, this here is Captain perfect.” Tony gestured to the muscular blonde next to him who you knew to be Captain America, one of your all time crushes who ,of course, looked a million times better up close.

“It’s Captain America and you can call me Steve, good to meet you Y/N” He smiled at you kindly and you were pretty sure a part of you imploded.

“Yeah you to-”

“Yep very nice anyway moving on, here you have Natasha, Clint, Wanda, Vision and Tin can, sadly our Asgardian friend has more important things to do.” Tony rolled his eyes as the others all waved at you, giving small hellos, all except for the Winter Soldier.

“My names not Tin Can ,Stark.” He folded his arms.

“Oh right my bad what would you prefer, Metal arm man? Oh wait how about Donnie Darko!” Tony joked causing you to smile at the guys annoyance.

“Ha.Ha.” He replied coldly leaning back in his chair.

“Well it was nice to meet you all. I’ll be outside if you need me.” With one final smile you turned and put your hand on the door handle.

“Wait.” Sighing, you looked around at the heroes for a second time.

“Fetch us a glass of water would ya doll.” It was that Bucky again, god a please would be nice, you thought, but of course your unconfrontational nature meant all you did was smile and nod with a “sure thing.” And with that you finally exited the room, closing the door behind you with a sigh. Man you were definitely calling your friend tonight, she is gonna be so jealous that you met Captain America. Then suddenly you found yourself smiling widely again and made it to the kitchen with a brisk in your step.

You searched around the kitchen for a glass and filled it up with cold tap water before swearing to yourself once again not to drop it ,come on Y/N, if you can handle coffee you can handle Barne’s crummy water, and began to make your way back to the room. Knocking twice like before you enetered to smiling faces which you weren’t sure whether made you feel uncomfterable or relaxed. You then slowly made your way over to the dark haired man with the metal arm who was still leaning back in his chair like before. You set the water down in front of him as gentle as possible.

“Surprised you didn’t drop it on the way here.” He mumbled so only you were in ear shot. You were not gonna let this guy ruin the epicness of your day that was meeting the avengers so instead you just smiled and said “your welcome” before heading back out of the door.

Once outside, you figured it’d be best to wait for the meeting to be over before leaving your desk since you never know whether Mr Stark would come out expecting another cup of coffee. So, instead you just sat on your chair, snooping on the computer until eventual boredom struck you about 20 minutes in, which then resulted in your chosen pass time of just spinning around on your chair by for minutes on end. 

“Having fun?” You jumped and immediately stopped yourself spinning, feeling slightly dizzy,and looked up to see the Winter Soldier looking down at you curiously. “You know, that is the second time today I’ve made you jump, you ought to work on that.” He smirked at you from were he was standing but you just frowned.

“Where’s Tony?” You asked confused as to why this guy was just talking to you and where everyone else was.

“They left through the other elevator like half an hour ago.” He chuckled at your now gaping mouth.

“What! So I’ve just been sitting here for 30 minutes, for absolutely no reason!?”

“Yep, looks that way doll. I’d be feeling pretty stupid right now if I were you.” His gaze focused on the expression on your face as you just sighed in defeat.

“Well thanks for telling me.” His eyebrow raised.

“Your thanking me for calling you stupid?” He asked, still somewhat amused.

“What, no. I was just- you know what, never mind, I have better things to do than talk to you, like sleeping for example which I could have started half an hour ago.” You pushed yourself off your seat.

“It’s only 6:30?”

“Well, what can I say. Talking to you bores me to the point of tiredness.” You replied with sarcasm, pushing your H/C hair behind your ear.

“That’s no way to talk to your boss.” He started walking beside as you made your way to the elevator.

“Youre not my boss buddy, Mr Starks my boss.” You stepped inside the elevator ,leaving Bucky still on the side of the wooden floor and pushed then the button for the lower level.

“Buddy?” He raised both eyebrows at the expression as both elevator doors began to close.

“See you tomorrow Barnes.” Then he was gone.

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How did they first say I love you? (Hobbit edition)

Thorin - Thorin had said it in anger.  How he managed it, neither if you really knew, but it had left an odd silence between the two of you until you quietly said the words back and he pulled you into his arms.

Balin - The two of you had just been for a long walk and as he was leaving you at your door, it kind of just happened, the two of you smiling at each other and promising to see each other the next day.

Dwalin - A dwarf of few words at the best of times, Dwalin got very flustered and the first time he tried was a large tumble of words that had just succeeded in making you confused.  He swallowed and tried again, this time hardly a mumble, but at least you understood it, kissing him on the cheek.

Fili - He’d announced it, loudly, at a family dinner, grinning widely until he saw your expression, misreading the shock as not returning the feelings.  It took a long time to get him to talk to you after that.

Kili - Had said it when he hadn’t realised you were there, trying to scare him as he talked to Fili.  You still about how you both got shocked for different reasons.

Bofur - He’d proudly put his hat on your head before bursting into song in front of a lot of people, pulling you into a dance that quickly turned your shock to embarrassment.

Bombur - It has been a quiet moment between the two of you, all tasks done for the day.  He’d said it and you’d said it back, and that was that.

Bifur - You were pretty sure he’d first said it when he had the axe in his head, but were very relieved for it to be confirmed as the first words he said to you once it was gone.

Oin - You’d been a touch delirious on some pain medication for a wound at the time, babbling it over and over again (as he put it) and you didn’t stop until he said it back.

Gloin - Both admission and proposal, he’d done it in your favourite spot with the promise of caring for you forever.

Dori - Nori spoiled it for him, letting it slip to you that Dori was going to say it.  Dori had been devastated when you had asked him before he could say anything, but your own admission as you talked too fast soon made him forget.

Nori - Somehow, and he’d never tell you how, he’d gotten a bead into your hair, something you hadn’t noticed until you were questioned on it and confronted him.

Ori - You’d actually been wondering why you hadn’t seen Ori in a few days and were starting to worry that maybe he didn’t want to see you anymore.  That was until he rocked up with a special drawing of you, down to the exact detail, and handed it to you with a nervous grin and words you wouldn’t soon forget.

Bilbo - It had taken a lot of convincing from the dwarves to get Bilbo to tell you, eventually getting to a point where they set him up to do.  You still giggled at him, having never seen him go that red before.

Bard - It was during the clean up of Dale, when things seemed to get quiet for a while and he found you on your own, taking a break from it all.  It had seemed surreal at the time, but no one was going to doubt it.

Thranduil - They were his first words to you and as much as you hadn’t reacted how he wanted, it didn’t stop it from blossoming and him always saying that he knew from the moment he saw you that he loved you.

Legolas - He hadn’t so much told you as he had grabbed you and kissed you.  It wasn’t till after and you were kind of just staring at him that he’d smiled sheepishly and said the words.

Beorn - You’d never really expected him to say it, after all you both just kind of knew, but it was at breakfast one morning and he said it as if it was just a normal conversation, and you had smiled and said it back.

It’s Just September!

Hmmm… maybe September is a nice name for my ghost guy. Hyeck! It’s still too early for drawing spooky things! But it’s creeping up on me. Then again, I’ll be busy with inktober on the actual scary month. Kehehehe!

Anywhooo, here’s September, everyone. A ghastly sorcerer who has kept a massive archive of cursed literature through the ages. The location of said archive is currently unknown, entrance is exclusively invitation only. Exceptions for entrance may include: having a cursed literature of one’s own to trade or dispose; being a close and trusted friend; a supernatural being that can eat curses; a poor sap that can be used as a test subject out of sheer boredom. The Chosen One, ok not really. Claiming to be thuh chosen one may result in becoming a test subject , since technically subject is still chosen.

If anyone asks what counts as cursed literature, well I’m still working it. :U

Another Jacob Frye Oneshot

Anon Requested: 

Hi there! Could I request a one shot with Jacob where you two get in a heated argument because he was being too friendly with another female, then you two stop talking for a few days until you guys have to do a mission together and he apologizes and you forgive him and ends with FLUFF PLS and THANK YOU OF YOU CAN 💥💥 


 A/N: Reading this request made me feel the vibes to this song Imagine having an intense moment with this song, thinking of Jacob not knowing he’s watching you with sadness in his eyes… anywho XD 

And some parts also come from my inspiration for Pearl Attaway (look they were getting too close for my liking okay so Imma throw shade up in this bitch LOL) but sorry it’s taken so long! I WAS being fussy but then our WiFi was down dammit! Sorry if I fucked it up. Hope this is what you wanted! 

Warning: Swearing, Feels (Well it gave me feels lol),Jealousy, Um angst…. I think that’s it.


Told You - (Jacob Frye x Reader)

The train tracks were filled with the noise of its moving vehicle on top of it making its way to its destination. The steam puffing up into the night skies and… an arguing couple on board as well.

“For the last time, (Y/N)’ it’s my job” Jacob told his fiance (Y/N) in attempts to calm her down.. although his voice did hold an annoyed tone in it. Nobody could blame (Y/N) for displaying her jealousy as she did. The man was constantly with a couple of other females feeding them his kindness and attention for a little while now, and yet if his dearest (Y/N) even spent a mission that would take 1 day, TOPS with another male all hell would break loose. 

First it was a some new female recruits for The Rooks, and now Miss *rolls eyes* ‘Pearl Attaway’. 

“Did you enjoy your little ‘carriage ride’ with Pearl?!” (Y/N) bitterly snapped at Jacob, “As if I did! It was only business, she could be a great asset to ou-”, “You KNOW I don’t trust her!” she cut him off, although it was more of a gut feeling than jealousy. 

“You’re being selfish (Y/N). This unnecessary argument is CLEARLY out of envy. You are thinking of only yourself and not the order”, Jacob continued, “Ooh, SOMEONE’S getting defensive! If she’s so great tell me what she can do, come on I’m waiting” (Y/N) stood there, heart beginning to beat faster out of fury, “She owns Attaway Transport! She could bring us the funds for weapons and everything else we need to secure London” his voice raised and began to alarm (Y/N), although it wasn’t enough for her to back down, “I can’t believe you’re even arguing with me over another woman!” she argued in disgust. This made Jacob still, but his stubbornness got in the way. “Well what about you! I see you getting friendly with some of The Rooks members! Maybe one day you should go undercover as a Prostitute for a mission that’d work!” Jacob barked at (Y/N) with full force.




Nothing but the moving train was heard. 

“Jacob!” Evie jumped in from the next carriage, looking at Jacob in disgust, “I can not believe you just had the audacity to say that!” her eyes tensed on her twin brother, who stood there in shock taking note on what he had just said to the one woman he’d proposed to. 

The love of his life. 

Well, that woman might as well have been shot in the stomach; maybe that would’ve hurt less. 

Without a word, (Y/N) began to walk towards the next door, her Assassins robes swaying left to right behind her, “(Y/N)-” Evie went to stop her, “Sorry Evie. I need to be by myself” (Y/N) said in a higher voice that was ready to crack’ tears about to emerge to the surface of her face. She knew better not to shake Evie off, even in the state she was in. She loved Evie, they got along oh so well, and she was mad at Jacob, not his sister. Before going through the door to enter the next carriage, she turned around slightly, eyes not able to face neither of them, “Just let your dipshit brother know who waited for him here every night while he was out doing his business, and the one who treats The Rooks with respect in order to prevent them from teaming up with The Blighters.” (Y/N) stated with a harsh yet emotional tone, and set off. 


 > The Next Day < 

“Good day Miss (L/N)” Henry greeted (Y/N) as she passed through the carriage on her way to the next, “Good Morning Henry. Good day to you” she greeted back with a small smile and turned to walk, “Where are you going? Won’t you care from some tea and fruit before you go?” he gestured towards the table, “I’m fine Mr. Green, thank you” she refused gently as the train came to a stop. 

Henry knew what was going on, so this made him a bit more softer on (Y/N). He was always a humble bloke, Henry was. 

Disappointment was in both Henry AND Evie. Jacob was a dumbass, but he wasn’t THAT bad. While the resentment held within Henry and Evie, it was guilt that was slowly eating Jacob alive. 

The moment she vanished into the darkness after their argument was when his heart began to burn. How could he say that to the one woman who catered to him out of her own heart, and not duty? The woman who continuously went out of her way to see him smile? Questions and curses towards himself swam everywhere inside his head. 

(Y/N) stepped out of the train and entered the crowds, looking for the nearest Inn to stay at for the next couple of days. 


 > Later That Day <

“That was low, even for you” Evie growled, “Name ONE OTHER WOMAN who would put up with your nonsense more than (Y/N) would!”, “You?” Jacob replied rolling his eyes, “Wrong, I have it worse I was raised with you” Evie managed to chuckle yet still stayed firm with her brother. 

“I should look for her” Jacob said looking out of the trains windows, “You don’t say” Evie sighed. 

Little did he know, his search for her brought more things than only his fiance. The streets of London, overhearing conversations on the way, suspecting behavior from people he crossed? Things were bound to happen. Or be heard. 


> 2 days later < 

The alcohol in (Y/N)’s tankard had gone warm by now. 

Most of the day had been spent at the Tavern, downing drinks one after another. A rumble between (Y/N) and a few thugs happened only the day before, resulting in the whole lot of them getting kicked out. Which ended her up in the different Tavern she’s in today. 

Half an hour of boredom and just staring at the floor, she’d decided it was time to go back to the Inn. 

Entering the room she was renting, she shrugged her coat off and dropped onto the bed, burying her face in her hands. 

“So this is where you’ve been hiding” 
The voice of Henry shocked (Y/N) as he flew threw the window feet first. 
“Mr. Green!” (Y/N) said, startled, “Everyone has been very worried about you Miss. (L/N)” the Master Assassin informed her, “There has been trouble. Words have been heard and said… We must re-unite properly later, I have a mission for you” Henry told her calmly, making (Y/N) curious as to why. 

“Meet me at Waterloo Station tonight. I will explain everything then” Henry said to close of the conversation, “I will see to it, Sir” (Y/N) obeyed.

Off Henry went, leaving his fellow Brotherhood member to ready herself. 


> Nightfall at Waterloo Station < 

“Where in the blimmin’ heck is Henry” (Y/N) mumbled overlooking the whole station. Crowds of children, a couple of train conductors, wandering adults and just as…. there happened to be a bunch of Blighters wandering around a certain carriage. But why? 

Putting her head down, she mentally began formulating a plan in order to get through without being spotter by any of the Blighters, but to make matters worse, Jacob came to mind again. Once again resulting in (Y/N) burying her face in her hands. 

She focused her ears on her surroundings, surely she didn’t want Henry walking in on her in such a weak state.

 “Remove your hands. I’ve been aching to see that beautiful face of yours for days now” 

That voice.
The voice that caused both headaches AND happiness. 

“Where’s Mr. Green” (Y/N) replied with a solid tone, not even bothering to look back at Jacob, “Someone’s sounding like my sister” he joked, “Someone should learn some sense from his sister, too” (Y/N) responded sarcastically, giving Jacob an offended expression on his face, “(Y/N)!” he responded with furrowed eyebrows, watching the love of his life get up from her spot.

 Attempting to walk away, Jacob grabbed her, “(Y/N), listen!”, “To what?!” she hissed as she shook him off and pushed him away from her, “Your actions are in vain, my love. I’m not going anywhere” he said soothingly and curved his arms around her waist, “Don’t you have other women to worry about rather than your prostitute for a ‘partner’?!” (Y/N) barked and struggled terribly to get out of his hold. The grip he held on her was far too overpowering, making her look like a little weakling compared to him. 

 “I never meant to call you that”
he said with a voice filled with guilt. 

 From there, everything had stopped.

 A few moments of pure silence went by, and suddenly, tears began to roll down (Y/N)’s face as Jacob held her close. Jacob wiped a tear off of her and continued.
“For so long I felt as if I never deserved you. A good woman like you, being with a rascal like me…” 

 He stopped in the midst of his words, hearing (Y/N) sniffle a bit between tears and began stroking her (H/C) locks in the palm of his hands.
 “But need you must know that I NEVER looked at another woman in any kind of lustful way. Not a look, not a thought. Nothing. The past couple of days have eaten me alive. Our exchange of words.. The realization that I need to be a better man for you, but most of all was being away from you. Not having you waiting in the train hideout made me feel empty. Not seeing your beautiful smile every day. Your presence overall, I missed it! And I’m man enough to say it!” he said proudly making (Y/N) chuckle ever so slightly. 

“You have many names in my mind. Darling. Love of my life. Beautiful. All of em. But none of them are prostitute, and I beg that you forgive me for that. I found myself quite envious over you being with some of The Rooks’ turning my mouth into a sharp tool I should’ve never used against you to hurt you” Jacob said with such sincerity it made her melt. 

 “Darling look at me.” he whispered, lifting her chin up to face him, having warmth seep through his heart at the sight of her, making him lightly smile’ until the next thing he had to say made him dim it down. “Don’t ever leave without me knowing where you are. Alright? Who knows what could’ve been happening to you, I could not rest well thinking up all possible theories of where and what you were doing. I know you can handle yourself but dammit woman I couldn’t stop worrying about you don’t do that again!“ he held her tighter in his arms, kissing her all over her face, taking in all of her presence into his own by doing such. (Y/N) nodded, 

“Then our little feud here is finished” she whispered and kissed him passionately on the lips. After many more kisses exchanged, the couple parted for a bit of air, relying on the full moons light to see one another properly. Smiles on both of their faces appeared, 

“I missed you my love” (Y/N) told him, her voice soothed him completely, “Missed you more” Jacob replied with one more kiss while smiling on her lips. The two hugged then came to a realization. 

 “Sorry to kill the mood, but honestly, where’s Henry?” (Y/N) asked while looking around, wanting to get the mission over and done with. “Has it not occurred to you already that he set us up?” Jacob smirked at (Y/N).

 “Damn. Greenie knows what he’s up to doesn’t he” she chuckled and shook her head.

 “However- there IS a mission after all” Jacob notified her with an exhale, “Hm?”, “Turns out you were right about your mistrust for Pearl Attaway” Jacob sighed once more, watching (Y/N)’s eyes grow wide, “What happened?” she asked in shock, “Long story short, her trickery got the best of me. Starricks cousin” he explained, making his fiancè have that ‘Ohhhh’ look. 

 Handing her a blade, he smiled at her, “She’s in that carriage you were focused on with the Blighters around it… Would you do the honour?” he smiled, “I wouldn’t like it any other way” she smiled back, taking the blade and readied herself for an upcoming assassination. 

 “If her guards spot you, I’ll be there” he said as he watched (Y/N) crouch in order to leap over the edge, “Alright” she smiled back and pulled her hood over her head.

 “I’ll be back soon. Then we can go home and rest” (Y/N) said before she jumped. 

“Indeed. I’ll keep my eyes out. Good luck Mrs. Frye” Jacob grinned.
 A smile curved on (Y/N)’s heart. Then off she went to Assassinate her target. This time, she’ll enjoy it. 

Sweet Temptation

Rexsoka Week — Day 2 — All in Good Fun

Characters (Pairings): Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano (Rexsoka)

Era: The Clone Wars

Word Count: 1,680

It was…big. Very big.

And jiggling in a way that both fascinated and repulsed.

“How…how is that even possible?” Ahsoka asked. It gave a wobble and her stomach wobbled right along with it.

“I take it you haven’t spent a lot of time in the common mess,” Rex said from her side. Ahsoka jerked her attention around to stare at his helmeted head. His T-visor reflected that…monstrosity in all its jiggly glory.

He sounded suspiciously amused.

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Here is a clip from My Own Private River. It shows River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves riding through Idaho on a motorcycle to REM’s song, Discoverer. 

This another of my favourite scenes from MOPR, not just because it shows more of the iconic shots of River and Keanu on the motorcycle, but also because Franco offers a more hopeful, exhilarating and exciting take on their trip to Idaho.

In Gus Van Sant’s edit of MOPI, the trip to Idaho comes about during a discussion in the cafe. In this scene, River’s character of Mike has his head on the table, he’s lifeless and uninterested. He tells his friends that he “doesn’t care” when asked about his dreams and ambitions. The decision to go to Idaho seems to come about due to boredom. It’s followed by the scene with Mike and Scott broken down on a deserted road in Idaho, unsuccessfully trying to restart the motorbike. The next scene is the famous campfire scene, one of the most heartbreaking moments in the movie. Overall, pretty sad!

In Franco’s version, like I said, it’s much more hopeful and upbeat. There’s still the scene in the cafe when Mike suggests they go to Idaho, however, his line ‘I don’t care’ isn’t in this version (there’s just Michael Parker’s declaration of his dreams to make his own music), so it’s less depressing than MOPI! The decision to take the trip feels more like a choice than the result of boredom.

After the cafe scene, we have the scene I’ve shared here. As you can see, it’s vibrant and exciting! We actually see Mike and Scott riding the bike, (it hasn’t broken down like in MOPI; that scene now comes after the campfire scene in MOPR). They are riding along, cheering and swerving the bike, just having the best time it seems! Together with this song, it’s fun and positive, and again one of my favourites from My Own Private River. It’s followed by the iconic campfire scene, however, Franco has chosen to omit all dialogue and only shows Mike and Scott locked in an embrace. It’s really powerful and very moving, despite not including the original dialogue from this scene.

Hope you all enjoy this short clip too!

In the Departments of Mysteries are children who are not precisely children.

The world is not and has never been kind to squibs. Blamed for misfortune, charged with ill-luck, barred from the family and driven into a world about which they know even less then the magical they were born from.

They are made easy targets.

The children watch nothingness with blank silver eyes. Sit and eat the food pressed on them, drink the drinks they are given, and sink themselves into silvered baths when told.

They are always added to.

Where werewolves might be simply collected through those arrested simply under suspicion, Squibs could be convinced into service, asked for one thing in exchange for what they so often wanted: a place in the magical world. Some families willingly gave their children, glad to be rid of their stain, and passed their poor magicless offspring into the cruel hands of the Department of Mysteries.

The experiments they were subjected to varied. Werewolves were usually tested for resistance to things, time after time used to try to prove that they were not human even when the moon was not full.

Squibs were studied to try to explain why magic did not touch some who by all rights it should have. Some were dissected, some were simply poked and prodded. Some were vivisected and some… some were surplus to requirements.

(What happened to them was worst)

What, asked some members of the Department of Mysteries, happens if you feed them to Dementors - are they less satisfying for their lack of magic?

Excerpt from File 415:

Children 3 through 13 were exposed to Dementors today, in Room 25. In Room 24 an equal number of Dementors were presented with 5 werewolves, and in Room 23 an equal number of Dementors were presented with 5 magical prisoners, in various states of health.

In Room 22 triple the number of Dementors were presented with 3 Squib children, 5 werewolves and 5 magical prisoners.

Question: Do Dementors prefer magical prey over mundane?

Answer: All Subjects successfully Kissed. Dementors in Room 22 expressed no preference over prey.

(Answer: No.)

What, asked some members of the Department of Mysteries, happens if you use their limbs to replace lost ones of our own? Can they channel magic?

Excerpt from File 129-2:

Child 129 (Alfred Burke) has had to have arm prosthetic refitted. Previous one destroyed with Fiendfyre during Experiment 217. Original arm still functioning perfectly well as wand arm replacement for Unspeakable I. Dyll.

(Answer: Yes.)

What, asked some members of the Department of Mysteries, happens if you take a young enough mind, and fill it with memories not it’s own?

(That… That is this story.)

They could not precisely do it. Memory could not be so easily transferred back into a mind, it was a shape of the past, a series of moments fossilized in the amber of magic, anchored into place and reality by the focus of the mind that was present. But all the same, the Unspeakables, the Langues-du-plomb, the Mugon-sha, all those from all the Mysterious places, they wondered.

No one recorded who the first was, who drowned a Squib girl - not quite five years old - in a vat of memories that had yet to be sorted.

When she rose out of it, pulled by a disgusted intern, her eyes glowed silver rather than the brown and blue hazel they had been. Her face showed none of the pain-dulled boredom. Her face… it showed nothing at all.

“Celia?” Asked the intern who pulled her out.

Celia blinked. “Celia,” She said. “Celia Drummond, born 13th March 1956, in Bulstrode Place, to Cuthbert Bulstrode and Maledisant Bulstrode nee Selwyn-Gaunt, of the Northumbrian Selwyn-Gaunts. Drummond surname given to her on realisation of Squib status. Subject to Experiment 652. Result: Negative. Subject to Experiment 313. Result: Positive. Subject to -”

She continued on, blankly, into space, repeating words from a record seen by an archivist who put her memories into the vat only a week before, as the intern ran to tell the others.

Three more children were submitted to the vats, until the vats were emptied. Keywords were given to them, and the memories recalled, recited perfectly be it of a document, of an event, of an experiment.

Alfred Burke spoke without emotion of when his arm was removed, and when his prosthetic was burned. 

Celia Drummond spoke without emotion of the experiments she was subjected to.

Attis Marchmond spoke without emotion of their sisters death, after being Kissed, when they had screamed at her removal on the day.

They exist, in all Mysteries now. Children which are not children, the eternal, living archives of the worst secrets of the Departments of Mysteries.

(Image Source)

(This is also a notice to say that THIS BLOG IS NOT DEAD. I am presently - when not working on my other blogs - going through the fic recs sent in and sorting them into a coherent system so they are easier to navigate when the link for that goes up.)

Personal Trainer

Posters for the new fitness drink “Personal Trainer” were plastered on the gym walls.  All week Brendan couldn’t turn his head in any direction without a decal, promotion, or logo assaulting his eyes. The words “Personal Trainer” looked as if they were electrified and each advertisement had the words “Inquire at the front desk for your free trial” underneath. After several days of lifting and having his eyes on nothing else, Brendan’s curiosity was a little piqued.  Whether that pique came subliminally or his own free will is a matter of fate.
Brendan had rejoined the gym three months ago in an attempt to reclaim some of his former soccer player body.  Inching closer to thirty every year, Brendan’s love of burgers and pastries were steadily increasing his waistline.  He found himself huffing and puffing to close the button on his largest pair of jeans. Tying his shoes was starting to include holding his breath and lately if he happened to go for a jog, he felt the beginning of a bounce in his midsection.  A ten year reunion for his countrywide famous soccer team was in the making and that included an alumni exhibition against the current team.  Brendan was determined to shed a bit of his gut so that he wasn’t laboring so hard up and down the field.

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‘Seriously I’m fine,’ you said, trying to bat the Matron’s hands away as she checked you over for more wounds that she thought St Mungos might have missed. ‘They wouldn’t have let me out otherwise.’

Madam Pomfrey, who appeared to have been holding her breath, exhaled sharply and looked up at you. ‘Well, I guess not,’ she conceded, sticking her wand in her apron. ‘Mind you, if any of the wounds pull–’

‘I’ll skip out of lesson and come straight to the hospital wing – I know,’ you said, your expression softening slightly though. ‘Honestly, aunt Poppy, I get it.’

‘I never thought I’d see the day you wanted to go to lesson.’

You chuckled, shifting your school bag up your shoulder. ‘Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are,’ you said, before leaving and starting off towards Potions.

The Quidditch incident had left you the worse for wear when one of your teammates accidentally hit a Bludger towards you. The resulting grazes and head injury had been something that your aunt had found it near impossible to deal with because of her shaking hands. You’d only been out of school for a few days, but the boredom of the ward had begun to make you even miss lessons.

When you pushed open the door into the Potions classroom, already half apologising to Snape, you were shocked to see a new man.

‘Ah, hello,’ he said brightly as all attention turned towards you.

It was Draco’s attention that caught your eye. He glanced up slowly before hastening the look as he realised it was you. The concern was still etched on his features.

After a quick explanation you settled into the seat beside Draco.

‘How’re you feeling?’ he asked in a small voice, taking your hand under the desk and linking your fingers.

‘Better,’ you said simply, looking up at him from the notes he’d already taken. ‘Glad to be back.’

‘I’m glad you’re back,’ he said softly, and you noticed a slight blush rising to his cheeks as he focused his attention on the potion in front of him.

A/N: Gif credit goes to their respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Make Me

for cockleddean, inspired by this post

ao3 link

It had been a slow month. There were no new hunts aside from the vague shifter or poltergeist a few states over. Angel radio had gone nearly silent since Hannah had taken charge of heaven, and Crowley was keeping his demons quiet and busy with their crossroad deals and nothing more.

All this to say, Dean was bored out of his skull. Sam, on the other hand, was thankful for the silence, and spent most of his hours holed up in the library pouring over old texts and childhood stories. More than once Dean had found Sam bent over the Wizard of Oz.

“You know we met Dorothy, right?” Dean groaned one afternoon after finding Sam sprawled out on the sofa, all six feet and four inches falling over the arm rests and cushions. 

“Yeah,” Sam rolled his eyes. “It’s still a good story, Dean.”

Dean huffed but kept the rest of his thoughts to himself. 

It’d been two weeks since then, and there was still nothing. Castiel had dropped in on the third week to check on them. Something about leads on the darkness going cold, Dean guessed. Castiel hadn’t said much on the matter. Either way, the results were few or null, and there were no hunts to curb Dean’s boredom and restlessness. 

Which brought him to now. There was nothing else for it. 

It was time to clean up the bunker.

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onemuseleft replied to your post “cattraine replied to your photoset “Preparing for mum’s ultimate…”

I misread “Starbuck” as “Starkbuck” and got all excited that you were writing a Tony/Bucky domestic baking AU. Look, it’s early here, all right?


This is not Tony/Bucky either.

But you did give me an excuse to write some fun stuff.


“All-purpose flour is my nemesis.”

Bucky crossed his arms. “I thought all baking was your nemesis.”

“It is,” Tony said, setting a small culinary blowtorch on the gleaming steel prep table in the TOBRU kitchen. The rest of the kitchen was unusually empty; TOBRU was closed for the week while Bruce supervised some kind of mystical, arcane remodeling being done to the dining room, and Tony had intended to spend literally a week in bed with Steve, but stupid Steve Rogers had a stupid food truck and wouldn’t let his apprentice chef run it alone.

(”She’s fourteen, Tony.”  “Old enough to drive!”  “That’s sixteen.”  “I was driving at fourteen.”  “Well, she can’t.”  “I’ve met Kamala. I bet she could.”)

…the result being that Tony had gotten bored and started loitering around Steve and Sam’s trucks, and Steve had finally demanded he and Bucky entertain themselves rather than pestering the customers. 

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Just a Trim

Inspired by agents-of-frickle-frackle ’s post:

Skye was getting more than a little frustrated. In a moment of sheer impulsiveness the independent young woman had managed to cut herself a decent set of bangs with the help of only a youtube tutorial and a pair of office scissors. At least, she thought they had been decent until she saw the way they fell unevenly into her eyes. 

She let out small sigh before determinedly picking the scissors back up. She was about to have a second go at the unruly hairs when the door flew open. 

“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t realize you where in here. I’ll just-“ Jemma babbled before her eyes went wide. “Oh, Skye. What have you done?” 

“I needed a change.” Skye said shortly. She didn’t feel like telling her friend why. Nobody needed to know that she couldn’t stand to look in the mirror and see the girl that had loved- still loved- a traitor. So she chalked it up to boredom and pleaded with her friend for assistance. 

“I don’t know. I’ve never done this before.” Jemma said, shaking her head. 

“Simmons, you’ve literally saved my life. I think trimming my hair should be doable.”

“I suppose.” Simmons said, taking the scissors from her hand as if they were a venomous snake being offered to her.

She decided to start by trimming the back as it left more margin for error that the bangs did. When she was finished, she took a step back to examine the result. The biochemist’s hands immediately flew up to cover mouth, which was hanging agape in horror.

“Oh, it’s terrible.” She lamented. “I’m so sorry! I never should have-“

“It can’t be that bad.” Skye said, picking up a handheld mirror and using it to see what the other girl was fussing about. “Oh.” She said flatly. “Really, Simmons? You can perform surgery, but you can’t trim hair in a straight line?”

“Well excuse me for not having a PhD in hair trimming!” She said, slamming the scissors down onto the bathroom counter. 

“Okay, we can fix this.” Skye said, picking the scissors back up and looking at herself in the mirror. 

“Don’t even think about it.” Came an authoritative voice from the doorway.

“May!” Jemma exclaimed looking like she’d been caught reading past her bedtime. “I was just… we where…umm…Skye wanted to…”

May just cocked a disapproving eyebrow at Skye, who gingerly placed the scissors in her outstretched hand. 

“Where did you learn to do this?” The hacker asked as the older agent snipped away at the dark tendrils of hair behind her back. 

“Slovakia.” She said. “There aren’t exactly a ton of opportunities to hit the salon when you’re on a deep cover mission for eight months.” 

“Who taught you then?” Jemma asked, still studiously tracking every move of the scissors in May’s hand.

“I did.” The corners of her mouth tugged upwards at the memory. Her hair had been jagged and uneven for a month afterwards, but her next attempt had yielded much better results. Like her mother always said, failure is just the solid ground that a skill is built on. 

“Really?” Skye couldn’t help the admiration that seeped into her voice.

“Yes. Now, hold still.” She said, moving on to the lopsided bangs that were far too long. 

Both girls remained silent as she evened out Skye’s poorly executed haircut. 

“There. All done.” 

“May! It looks awesome!” Skye said, suddenly throwing her arms around the petite woman. May couldn’t push down the affection she felt for the young woman in front of her- either of them.

“Alright, your turn Simmons.” May said once Sky had released her.

“I don’t think I need-“ 

“Just a trim. I might as well take care of your split ends while the scissors are out.”

“So what happened?” Skye asked, perching on the counter while bits of chestnut hair floated to the floor. “In Slovakia, I mean.”

May grinned, before launching into the story. Both girls where hanging on her every word as she recounted the events of a mission that had taken place lifetimes ago. It was a nice story; one where the good guys won and the bad guys lost and nobody felt empty and betrayed afterward. Skye liked it, and found that it comforted her long after the scissors had been put away and the floor had been swept. When she was in her bed at night, tossing and turning and never finding sleep, all she had to do was reach for the memory and let the ebb and flow of May’s voice calm her restless mind. She knew that it was going to be okay.

Steam: Chapter Nine


When something hot meets something cold.

Chapter Six: Did You Really Mean It?

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“Genos, wait!”

Saitama leaned over and grabbed Genos’ wrist before he could waltz out. He held on loosely so not to crush the metal under his fingers, but even so, Genos was locked in a vice-like grip and had no choice but to relent. Saitama finally got him to sit back down and he hoped Genos would at least hear him out.

“I’m sorry if I caught you off guard, but, just "no?” Is that all you have to say, really?“

"It was the most concise way to phrase my response, so yes, it is.”

“Could you maybe… gimme a little more to go on here?”

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