this is the result of it being 5am

After waking up at 5am this, I feel extremely restless. When I checked the election results, I feel nothing but heartache,

To think we still live in a world where men are threatened by successful, educated women,

To think that the White community are still trying to eliminate any sort of immigration, truly disgusts me.

Being part of the lgbtq community myself , I want to say how proud I am of all of you. You’re all beautiful, inspirational. And you WILL get through this. For all of you that are wanting to give up, we will not succumb to this.

To my black, adopted siblings, I love you both and you shouldn’t be witnesses such destruction. To all of tumblr friends of colour, you’re truly amazing, I admire you so much. You will conquer and overcome.

I love you all. 💛💛