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ate, i have a question. i tried your mixing colors tutorial and it works fine, but my colors always turn out desaturated, and when i increase the saturation filter, its tops looking harmonious. how do you make your colors a bit more saturated but still harmonious?

This is actually kinda hard to explain because it depends on your technique in utilizing color and the sort of palette you choose to use. But it mostly centers on how well you are in changing the hue, saturation, contrast and color intensity as well as the color and opacity of a new color that is added using overlay, multiply, luminosity and screen. So this means that you have to make your color palette clear before even starting the piece.

Some important tips:

1. Do all of the color mixing before actually applying it to your work because as you color you will tend to add new colors which is why you have to make sure that your flats are the final color you want.

2. Remember that flat colors set the tone so make sure that it is already harmonious to the piece and your palette.

3. When you are mostly done with coloring you can adjust the  hue, saturation, contrast and color intensity a little bit just to make it either more vibrant or dull but changing the settings too high or low will result in an awkward color arrangement because it shows how the original colors were not harmonious in the first place.

I’m super sorry if this might not be the best explanation because it really depends on how you draw and since our styles are different then my technique might not end up being the same for you. Maybe you should try experimenting on color first and see how you apply shades to best understand. 

Boyfriend!Yoo Youngjae

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(I actually forgot who was next, I’ll get back on track once I’m done dying inside about b.a.p)

  • Softest?
  • Stay at home movie dates.
  • He’s a soft dork
  • It’s a back and forth teasing thing with the two of you
  • He can be so awkward it’s adorable
  • His laugh omg
  • Cute lil joke
  • bubble tea
  • he orders food on his phone
  • Your dates are almost always in your home
  • He calls you by so many nicknames
  • He can’t stand being away from you
  • He pouts & complains
  • over text all day
  • He loves cuddling
  • He’s just so soft, he might actually be the true softest boy
  • “I love you,”x10000
  • The two of you have late night talks in bed and he’s just rubbing your shoulder while he talks
  • He’s not jealous or possessive
  • I mean he gets jealous but he keeps it to himself and he will talk about it at like 5AM when he’s too tired to care.
  • He talks off the top of his head and it results in some quality content you won’t let him live down.
  • He likes to just leave soft kisses anywhere on your shoulders and up.
  • He’s just really comforting
  • He’ll sing to you when your trying to sleep
  • He loves it when you play with his hair.

Smut-ish Part

  • His lips
  • He likes when you pull his hair or claw his shoulders
  • Also clawing.
  • He probably likes to leave hickeys on you
  • He’s always moving his hands around to feel every bit of your skin
  • He can be slow and gentle or ungodly fast
  • He prefers to be slow and caring though
  • Or somewhere in between
  • He wants to. make sure you feel good
  • He probably likes blowjobs
  • and Handjobs
  • He whines and moans
  • He’ll buck his hips up unintentionally
  • He’ll tell you how good it feels.
  • Afterward, he’ll shower you with thank yous and tell you how much he loves you while he rubs your shoulders

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I’m sorry this has taken so long! Its tax time and I’m the lucky person that gets to do my family’s taxes!

Anywho~~ I’ve started on Ravi’s story sonit should be up sometime later in the week or early next week! (Hopefully)

However, this is NOT the last chapter for Taekwoon. We still got a ways to go before we get to end game.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy!


“But I want to meet her! I know she’s awake. I’ve been hearing them talk for a couple hours now. I figured now would be a good time since hyung had Noona cornered in the kitchen.” He snickered.

“Lee Jaehwan!” Your cheeks lit on fire at his comment. They never usually made comments about what they could hear and you tried not to think about it. They could ‘turn off’ the sensitive hearing when they wanted to.

He ignored your outburst and looked past you to see into the living room.

“There she is!” You turned and saw JiYoon peeking around the corner, eyes wide.

Jaehwan pushed past you and Taekwoon to make his way towards JiYoon. She started to back up when Wonshik stepped in front of her and slowed down Jaehwan’s approach.

“Slow down, Jaehwannie.”


“No, just wait. Come talk with me for a minute.” Wonshik pulled Jaehwan in to the kitchen while you went over to JiYoon. Hakyeon and Taekwoon followed behind.

“Sorry about that….-” Hakyeon looked to JiYoon in an effort to ask her name.

“JiYoon.” She answered softly and bowed.

“Ah, yes. Miss JiYoon. My name is Hakyeon. I apologize for Jaehwan. He’s a bit hyper but means no harm. He’s just always excited to meet new people and sometimes can’t control himself.”

“Oh, I see. He is a raven, after all. It is just part of his nature.”

Hakyeon stopped short and did a double take on JiYoon. You took it upon yourself to explain for her.

“JiYoon is a healer. She can tell what species a hybrid is.” JiYoon blushed a bit as a result of being talked about. She was doing a lot better, though, compared to when she first woke up.

“Ah! That’s wonderful! Sometimes we just can’t go to the doctor, you know. How fortunate for us to have a talented new friend!” He started to pat her shoulder but noticed that she had tensed so he quickly used the same hand to point at Taekwoon.

“And you! Your hormones are too loud for 5am. Is that all you think about?”

You were suddenly horrified at the thought that Hakyeon was able to hear you both. You groaned and buried your head in Taekwoon’s arm. You could hear and feel him chuckle at Hakyeon’s observation.

“I don’t see how thats any of your business, Hakyeon. You can lower your senses, you know. Stop being so nosy.”

Thankfully, Wonshik and Jaehwan returned to save you from further embarrassment.

“I am deeply sorry to have disturbed you, my dear lady. My actions were amiss and I plead for your forgiveness.” He bowed gracefully and you heard JiYoon laugh. You peeked around Taekwoon to watch.

“Is Jaehwan in another musical?” You looked up at Taekwoon.

“No, he just thinks he’s still a prince.” Jaehwan stood to his full height and scoffed at Taekwoon’s words.

“Okay, now that you’ve met, lets go back.” Hakyeon began ushering Jaehwan to the door.

“But, hyung, I want to stay here and play!” Jaehwan pouted.

“I know. You can play later. Its still very early and I’m sure our two lovely ladies would enjoy some more sleep, hmm?”

“Yes. Lets all get some more sleep and I’ll order chicken and pizza for you guys tonight, okay?” You knew exactly what it would take for them to do whatever you asked.

“Deal! C'mon, N Hyung, you’re keeping the girls awake. Let’s go!”

Hakyeon rolled his eyes and followed Jaehwan out the door. Wonshik hovered, unsure about what he should do.

“Go get some sleep, Wonshik. You can come back over later.” You patted his back. He looked sad but knew he needed to sleep. He took one last look at JiYoon and waved. A huge smile ripped across his face when she gave him a tiny smile in return.

Once the apartment was quiet again, you headed to your room to give JiYoon some clothes and sent her off towards the shower.

“I can shower in the other one. You need your room back. I can find everything, don’t worry.” She smiled and went off on her own before you could stop her. You figured it was best to let her have her way. She needed to be able to do things on her own. You still didn’t know what had exactly happened to her in that building but you hoped that the boys could bring her out of her shell. She seemed nervous as hell around men and you really hoped it wasn’t for the reason you were thinking. Maybe getting together with everyone later tonight would help.
She would realize that not every hybrid was like that asshole.

You walked out into the living room to grab the bag Taekwoon had brought up from the van. You’d had it with you at the practice room before MinJeong took off with you. Searching in it, you found your phone–dead as a doornail. You could feel Taekwoon’s eyes on you but you chose to ignore it. He was irritated that he had been interrupted earlier in the kitchen. You didn’t need to be a hybrid to sense that from him. You dug down further into your bag to find the phone charger that you usually had in there.

Gathering everything, you walked back to your room with the intention of bringing your phone back to life. However, once you made it past the doorframe, an arm slid around your waist while the other closed the door. A split second later you were pressed up against the door and Taekwoon’s lips descended on yours. A yelp of surprise gave him the opening he needed to slide his tongue into your mouth. The kiss was painfully slow but exactly what you needed. His hand found itself under your shirt and splayed across the skin of your lower back. The contact sent shockwaves throughout your body. His hand was warm and comforting. The other hand settled low around your hips to bring your lower body closer to his. Your body responded instantly and he seemed satisfied with the sounds you were making. He knew exactly what set your body on fire. You could feel him smile into the kiss but he was back to serious shortly after. You knew he’d been aching to do this since you’d come back. Not that you were complaining.

Just as you were about to run out of oxygen, his lips broke away from yours and traveled across your jaw, nipping in places. You felt his teeth lightly scrape across your collarbone and you gasped when he bit down, soothing it immidiately with his tongue. Pulling the skin into his mouth, he marked you as his as if he needed to let everyone know. Taekwoon was possessive but not overbearing with it. You lost count how many times he’d simply wrapped his arms around you from behind and whispered ‘mine’ in your ear. It made you feel safe and loved.

Your fingers threaded through his hair as he repeated the process on several other spots. Your body was beyond heated and you were pretty sure that his arms were the only thing holding you up at that point.

His lips found yours again but his full assault was cut short when you heard the guest bathroom door close. You suddenly remembered that you were not alone. You pulled your head back from Taekwoon in surprise, resulting in knocking the back of your head on the door.

“Ow.” Taekwoon leaned away from you and chuckled. He started to remove his arms but quickly replaced them when you almost melted to the floor.

“Damn, if you react that way when I’m just kissing you, I can only imagine what it’ll be like when we–” You cut him off with a hand over his mouth.

“First, that was a little bit more than 'just kissing’. Second, if you keep laughing at me then it wont go any further than that!”

“Wanna bet?” His eyes flashed at you again as he smiled. But, instead of the red as it had been earlier that morning, this time they were glowing green flames. It was the first time you had seen that particular reaction and you just stared wide-eyed. They usually jist glowed but this time it looked as if there was flames within the color. He loved being challenged and you were pretty sure that he wanted to prove that he could win you over.

You didn’t stick around to see what came next. Finally finding your balance, you opened the door quickly and slid out, closing it behind you. JiYoon was busy adjusting the bedding on the couch.

“Are you sure you don’t want my bed? Its more comfortable than that thing.”

“Oh, definitely not. I won’t be able to sleep if I knowingly take your bed. I’ll probably sleep like the dead anyway so it really wouldn’t matter.” She laughed as she sat down on the bed.

“I completely understand! We’ll definitely need a lot of sleep if we have the boys over tonight. They tend to get a little rowdy.” At the mention of the boys, she put her head down and played with the hem of the shirt she wore.

“Are you sure its okay for me to be here? I probably won’t be much fun.”

“Are you kidding?! You’re one of us now. Besides, I’m pretty sure Wonshik would cry if you weren’t here.”

“Wonshik is….nice. I would love to be friends with you all. It’s just….I think I’m broken. I-I….after HaeJeong…” Her voice broke slightly. “I was there for four years. I think I forgot how to get along with people.”

“Four years?! How the hell-? Oh, honey, I’m so sorry.” You sat next to her and pulled her into a hug. “But we get along just fine, right? You just need some time.”

“Its fine when you’re there. I-Its just when the guys are around. Especially hybrids…I don’t know…fear just takes over. I’m sure they’re really nice and good guys. They seem to care about you a lot. But, its like I have no control over it. My mind shuts down and I just want to hide in the nearest corner.” Listening to her now, you felt that you really needed to ask the question that you were afraid to.

“JiYoon….did HaeJeong….?” She put her head down again and thought for a moment. She looked as if she was trying to decide what to say. You wanted to cry for her when she finally answered.


As soon as she answered you both jumped when you felt something hit the wall next door. Loud. You started to get up and look for Taekwoon but he came out of the bedroom and headed towards the front door.

“Just sit tight. I’ll check it out.”

You didn’t say anything to JiYoon but it suddenly dawned on you that Wonshik had most likely heard the conversation and given that he was quite taken with JiYoon, he was pissed.

“Its okay, they’re probably just playing around over there.” You assumed the boys would calm his down.

A few seconds later, you heard the code being entered for your door and Taekwoon poking his head in.

“Sweetheart, we might need your help.”

You nodded your head and pulled away from JiYoon.

“You just hang out here and I’ll be right back.”

“Hey, (Y/N), can you bring the first aid kit too? Yours is better than ours.” You went to your cabinet in the living room to retrieve the box and hurried out the door. You were about to close the door behind you but JiYoon was right on your heels. Deciding not to argue you just let her follow.

When you entered their dorm, everything was a mess. Papers and pillows thrown about. You looked at Hakyeon who simply pointed towards Wonshik’s room.

“He’s trying to leave. He wants to find HaeJeong.” Hakyeon followed you to the door. You looked back to JiYoon who was hovering at the entrance to the living room. He opened the door to reveal a pacing Wonshik, eyes blood red. Hyuk and Taekwoon stood guard at the door so you had to squeeze past them to get to Wonshik.

“Wonshik-ah, calm down.” You tried to get his attention but he just paced back and forth, fuming. You put your hand on his forearm to slow his movements, but he growled at you. You focused all of your thoughts on images that made you calm and happy and hoped that it would project into Wonshik. He faltered a bit in his steps and put his palm to his forehead. Soon, he was on the floor with his head down, breathing erratically. It didn’t take you long to realize that he was crying. Looking further down, you noticed his right hand was a mess. It was bruised and bloody, definitely broken.

“Oh, Wonshik.” You sighed and knelt down next to him. You took his hand gently into yours and looked it over.

“He needs to go to the hospital. His hand is broken.” You looked to Hakyeon who nodded his head. You knew they hated going to places that involved the possibility of unwanted press.

“I can fix it.”


Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Well, I’m at the point where I need to be more productive and continue focusing on my goals. So, I decided to change my sleeping routine. I’ve always been a “night owl”. I used to go to sleep around 4 or 5 o'clock in morning. Yes! I know! Crazy! Lol! … Well, the last 3 weeks I have been waking up at 5AM! (Voluntarily) I can’t even believe it! I guess the hardest part of being an entrepreneur and working by yourself is that you have to try different things and figure out what works for you. (I don’t have to wake up early to be anywhere because I work from home). Waking up at 5 o'clock every morning is totally working for me. Just wanted to share with you, in case you’re a person just like me, doing your own thing too. Have a great afternoon guys! ♡ #SuperBondGirl #NancyTiscareno #SBG #freedom #freedomtodowhatiwant #Monday #MondayMotivation #motivationalMonday #Mondayafternoon #entrepreneur #branding #goals #productivity #newways #wakingupat5am #dreams #yourdreams #advice #documentation #video #creativity #owner #independent #entrepreneurship (at Riverwalk)

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Give me Alexei 'Alyosha' Mashkov

who comes to America to play hockey but, prior to his NHL career, works on his skating and English with former Olympic gold medallist Katya Ivanova. In the process he meets Eric Richard Bittle - who plans to give up figure skating but still obviously loves the ice - and Alexei takes this as his cue to adopt Eric and introduce him to the wonderful world of hockey.

“As long as you continue to skate in some form,” is all that Katya has to say on the matter, before she cons Eric into sticking around for at least as long as Alexei’s there - the two of them can learn from each other, and she did not train Eric all these years just for him to forget all that she’s taught him. (Also, the image of a six-foot-something hockey player hunched next to a five-foot-something figure skater passionately discussing skating techniques gives her life.)

As a result Eric and Alexei - who at some point start calling each other Alyosha and Erichnya - spend three months in each other’s company, being put through their paces and suffering through Soviet Morning Calisthenics together.

“They used to do this in the Gulags,” Alexei whispers to Eric as they lace up their skates at 5AM. Eric is appropriately horrified.

Eric knows a fair bit of Russian from his years of working with Katya, but Alexei’s English ranges from barely passable to almost nonexistent, so they end up spending a lot of time talking in a jumble of both languages. English is difficult to master, and a Georgian accent takes some getting used to, but Eric is patient and rewards Alexei with baked goods when he gets things right, which is the strangest form of conditioning Alexei has ever experienced in his hockey training thus far. It is a good thing Katya works them hard, he needs to burn off those pies somehow.

In return Alexei expands Eric’s repertoire of Russian, to the point that the boy is becoming beautifully fluent in the spoken language even though he has a bit of an accent. (This of course works both ways - the day Alexei says ‘bless your heart’ to a condescending stranger in just the right tone is the day that Eric sheds a proud tear and presents him with homemade pirozhki.)

By the time the three months are up, Eric has learnt all the best Russian swear words and has even made a little progress when it comes to his fear of checking, while Alexei can pull off a nice salchow and has learnt how to chirp in both English and Southern in preparation for future NHL games. They swap Skype addresses and Eric promises to send baked goods with Alexei as an ice-breaker for his new team.

When Alexei ‘Tater’ Mashkov eventually joins the Providence Falconers, his teammates are not expecting his constant use of the term ‘y'all’ in daily conversation, or his ability to sound extremely polite and friendly even when throwing heaps of shade at the opposing team. The pies are very good though.

why yes I do have a whole fic planned out why do you ask?

To summarise: in this alternate universe Zimms and Parse have history, but Alyosha and Erichnya have history and cuter nicknames. Jack has no idea what he’s in for.

Based from One Day, He Says by @moustachiopenguin 

Happy birthday Mo!! (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ 11/10/15

I think I’m very late (no, I’m definitely late OTL), but better late than never ;;v;;

Credit goes to alot of people/programmes — uh— hmm…

@drawverylittle for the constant encouragement and inspiration from her own art of ODHS (rolls nYEHEHE)

Paint Tool SAI for always putting up with my kimono pattern bs even at 5am in the morning

Photoshop for saving my life with some filters

aaaand of course @moustachiopenguin for being such a wonderful person!! there’s so many things I want to say but I’m too tired from an all-nighter atm orz I hope this is to your liking and can make you feel lots nyehehehe—

Everything is Sailor Moon and nothing hurts

When I was a kid, there was a time where I slept in the living room behind a curtain. While this had the unfortunate result of being the reason I found out that the Easter Bunny was my mom, there were some upsides, too. The best thing about this arrangement was that at 5AM, after Dad left for work, I could sneak out, turn on the TV to the LOWEST POSSIBLE VOLUME and watch Sailor Moon for half an hour.

(Does anyone else remember those TVs where you had to turn a kind of knob on the front to turn it on/switch channels? And there was this other fiddly round knob with a ton of numbers that supposedly did something, but you could never really be sure what. )

After waking up at 5am this, I feel extremely restless. When I checked the election results, I feel nothing but heartache,

To think we still live in a world where men are threatened by successful, educated women,

To think that the White community are still trying to eliminate any sort of immigration, truly disgusts me.

Being part of the lgbtq community myself , I want to say how proud I am of all of you. You’re all beautiful, inspirational. And you WILL get through this. For all of you that are wanting to give up, we will not succumb to this.

To my black, adopted siblings, I love you both and you shouldn’t be witnesses such destruction. To all of tumblr friends of colour, you’re truly amazing, I admire you so much. You will conquer and overcome.

I love you all. 💛💛