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ate, i have a question. i tried your mixing colors tutorial and it works fine, but my colors always turn out desaturated, and when i increase the saturation filter, its tops looking harmonious. how do you make your colors a bit more saturated but still harmonious?

This is actually kinda hard to explain because it depends on your technique in utilizing color and the sort of palette you choose to use. But it mostly centers on how well you are in changing the hue, saturation, contrast and color intensity as well as the color and opacity of a new color that is added using overlay, multiply, luminosity and screen. So this means that you have to make your color palette clear before even starting the piece.

Some important tips:

1. Do all of the color mixing before actually applying it to your work because as you color you will tend to add new colors which is why you have to make sure that your flats are the final color you want.

2. Remember that flat colors set the tone so make sure that it is already harmonious to the piece and your palette.

3. When you are mostly done with coloring you can adjust the  hue, saturation, contrast and color intensity a little bit just to make it either more vibrant or dull but changing the settings too high or low will result in an awkward color arrangement because it shows how the original colors were not harmonious in the first place.

I’m super sorry if this might not be the best explanation because it really depends on how you draw and since our styles are different then my technique might not end up being the same for you. Maybe you should try experimenting on color first and see how you apply shades to best understand. 

Give me Alexei 'Alyosha' Mashkov

who comes to America to play hockey but, prior to his NHL career, works on his skating and English with former Olympic gold medallist Katya Ivanova. In the process he meets Eric Richard Bittle - who plans to give up figure skating but still obviously loves the ice - and Alexei takes this as his cue to adopt Eric and introduce him to the wonderful world of hockey.

“As long as you continue to skate in some form,” is all that Katya has to say on the matter, before she cons Eric into sticking around for at least as long as Alexei’s there - the two of them can learn from each other, and she did not train Eric all these years just for him to forget all that she’s taught him. (Also, the image of a six-foot-something hockey player hunched next to a five-foot-something figure skater passionately discussing skating techniques gives her life.)

As a result Eric and Alexei - who at some point start calling each other Alyosha and Erichnya - spend three months in each other’s company, being put through their paces and suffering through Soviet Morning Calisthenics together.

“They used to do this in the Gulags,” Alexei whispers to Eric as they lace up their skates at 5AM. Eric is appropriately horrified.

Eric knows a fair bit of Russian from his years of working with Katya, but Alexei’s English ranges from barely passable to almost nonexistent, so they end up spending a lot of time talking in a jumble of both languages. English is difficult to master, and a Georgian accent takes some getting used to, but Eric is patient and rewards Alexei with baked goods when he gets things right, which is the strangest form of conditioning Alexei has ever experienced in his hockey training thus far. It is a good thing Katya works them hard, he needs to burn off those pies somehow.

In return Alexei expands Eric’s repertoire of Russian, to the point that the boy is becoming beautifully fluent in the spoken language even though he has a bit of an accent. (This of course works both ways - the day Alexei says ‘bless your heart’ to a condescending stranger in just the right tone is the day that Eric sheds a proud tear and presents him with homemade pirozhki.)

By the time the three months are up, Eric has learnt all the best Russian swear words and has even made a little progress when it comes to his fear of checking, while Alexei can pull off a nice salchow and has learnt how to chirp in both English and Southern in preparation for future NHL games. They swap Skype addresses and Eric promises to send baked goods with Alexei as an ice-breaker for his new team.

When Alexei ‘Tater’ Mashkov eventually joins the Providence Falconers, his teammates are not expecting his constant use of the term ‘y'all’ in daily conversation, or his ability to sound extremely polite and friendly even when throwing heaps of shade at the opposing team. The pies are very good though.

why yes I do have a whole fic planned out why do you ask?

To summarise: in this alternate universe Zimms and Parse have history, but Alyosha and Erichnya have history and cuter nicknames. Jack has no idea what he’s in for.

Based from One Day, He Says by @moustachiopenguin 

Happy birthday Mo!! (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ 11/10/15

I think I’m very late (no, I’m definitely late OTL), but better late than never ;;v;;

Credit goes to alot of people/programmes — uh— hmm…

@drawverylittle for the constant encouragement and inspiration from her own art of ODHS (rolls nYEHEHE)

Paint Tool SAI for always putting up with my kimono pattern bs even at 5am in the morning

Photoshop for saving my life with some filters

aaaand of course @moustachiopenguin for being such a wonderful person!! there’s so many things I want to say but I’m too tired from an all-nighter atm orz I hope this is to your liking and can make you feel lots nyehehehe—

Everything is Sailor Moon and nothing hurts

When I was a kid, there was a time where I slept in the living room behind a curtain. While this had the unfortunate result of being the reason I found out that the Easter Bunny was my mom, there were some upsides, too. The best thing about this arrangement was that at 5AM, after Dad left for work, I could sneak out, turn on the TV to the LOWEST POSSIBLE VOLUME and watch Sailor Moon for half an hour.

(Does anyone else remember those TVs where you had to turn a kind of knob on the front to turn it on/switch channels? And there was this other fiddly round knob with a ton of numbers that supposedly did something, but you could never really be sure what. )

I wish I had an explanation for this other than “I drew this as a result of being way too tired at 5am and being told a hypothetical situation about Job-O-Tron that made me laugh so hard I decided to draw it.”

I don’t, though.

After waking up at 5am this, I feel extremely restless. When I checked the election results, I feel nothing but heartache,

To think we still live in a world where men are threatened by successful, educated women,

To think that the White community are still trying to eliminate any sort of immigration, truly disgusts me.

Being part of the lgbtq community myself , I want to say how proud I am of all of you. You’re all beautiful, inspirational. And you WILL get through this. For all of you that are wanting to give up, we will not succumb to this.

To my black, adopted siblings, I love you both and you shouldn’t be witnesses such destruction. To all of tumblr friends of colour, you’re truly amazing, I admire you so much. You will conquer and overcome.

I love you all. 💛💛