this is the result of boredom late at night

#130 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “could you write one based off of Postpone? You don’t have to follow it exactly or anything like that, but maybe something along a similar idea”

You were prone to mistakes. It was a mistake to climb the tree in your backyard when you were seven. You’d fallen and broken your leg. Larry heard the screaming from where he and Van were playing in his cubby house next door. They ran as fast as their little kid legs would take them and got your parents. It was a mistake to make friends with a boy named Jimmy when you were in ninth grade. He’d posted shit about you online and the only friends you had left after were Benji, Larry and Van. It was a mistake to stay in high school when they all dropped out. They got happy, you got jaded. It was a mistake to accept a low paying receptionist job when you graduated. It sucked the life out of you and left hardly any time to see your friends. Finally, it was a mistake to date Brodie. Even after the breakup, he’d call all the goddamn time.

Essentially, your life had been one long string of awful decisions that had resulted in a lot of regrets, complete fucking boredom and a deep desire to throw it all in and run away.

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