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Hello, please address the fact that pesticides used by farmers will go into the earth's water supply if we start to eat an all-vegan diet.

Pesticides are already going into our water supply, added to the vast amount of waste produced by animal agriculture industries.  At present a full 1/3 of the planet’s land surface and 2/3 of available agricultural land is used for farming animals. If we look at cows, for example, it takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. That’s 94% more land, and 94% more pesticides than just eating that grain directly. All told, livestock eat 70% of all the grain we produce and 98% of all soy, so most of our current pesticide use is a direct result of farming animals for food. 

Besides, just because we want to advocate for plant based farming doesn’t mean we want to advocate for pesticides, they are not one and the same, as much as people who make this argument like to pretend they are. As well as advocating a global shift away from animal products, we would be pushing for less pesticide use at the same time, since pesticides cause direct harm to local ecosystems and animals, which we are obviously against.

I’ve passed my registration assessment!  I am now a fully qualified pharmacist.  I want to celebrate but truthfully I’m a little bit terrified!  Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to draw now because the past week I’ve just been so nervous about exam results & stressed out about moving that I’ve sat in front of my tablet and been able to draw nothing at all… so apologies for no art and hopefully that will change!!!!!!

Home || Harry Styles Fanfiction

Ms.Walsh looked around the room, planning something sinister in her head. Everyone looked at her, waiting for her to call out pairs, most looking at their friends because they’re dumb enough to think that she’d let us choose our partners. Spoiler alert, she didn’t. It started with Jeremy and Amanda. It’s like she knew that their breakup was just a fresh paper cut at this point, and she just wanted to add the lemon. Next Tracy and Jessica got paired which really wouldn’t work and would only result in the butting heads and starting an argument. Ms.Walsh knew how to push people’s buttons, and frankly, I love it. The woman really just doesn’t give a shit, and one day I hope to be as much of an evil shrew as she is. She’s single-handedly making everyone I dislike have a miserable time, and I’m living for it.    

“Ms.Gardener, you’re with Mr.Styles.” The smirk I was subconsciously flaunting dropped and I turned behind me to look at Mr.Harry Styles. When I saw him, all of his friends were chuckling and making jokes for getting paired with me, but it looked as if his head was about to pop off. The tension in his neck was pushing all of his veins out and whenever he’d chew the gum in his mouth his jaw would clench a little too much. I may be the only person he truly hates.    

Of course, there’s a backstory to all of this. Harry Styles doesn’t just go around hating people, in fact, I’ve never heard someone say that they don’t like him from anything other than jealousy. When we were kids, Harry and I would spend nearly every day together. We were best friends and all of that bullshit. Then, my dad magically disappeared when I was ten. I distanced myself from him and everyone else and that initial strain made the later events even worse.    

My mum had made me go out in the park to actually hang out with people again so that I wouldn’t become a complete social outcast, and Harry was there. He sat on the swings with his other, more popular and less damaged friends. He tried to ask me how I was and comfort me and all of that, but I just blew up in his face. I yelled and screamed and hit until my foot kicked him right in the shin. I embarrassed him in front of all of his better friends, and I later learned that he had to stop playing football for a month because even walking on the leg hurt him. Obviously, I feel bad but I was ten and going through a rough time. There’s no reason to hold such a strong grudge now, is there?    

I snapped out of my thoughts when Ms.Walsh clapped her hands and directed everyone to get with their partner. I hesitantly moved to the back where he was once Max Hunter left his seat to go work with Daisy Fields. I know, Daisy Fields is quite the name, but it suits her. When I sat down next to him my pencil rolled right off of the table and onto the floor. With awkward, sharp movements I got out of the chair and grabbed the pencil before sitting down again. Harry hasn’t even looked at me once and I could hear one of his friends snickering at him or me . I officially feel like jumping into a ditch.    

I sighed and tapped my pencil against the desk. “If we don’t at least look like we’re working together she’s going to lower our grade.”    

Harry looked at me for what felt like five minutes even though it was only ten seconds before looking at the worksheet that’s identical to mine. “’S fine, she’s sick or something anyway. She’s not even paying any attention.”    

He’s right. Ms.Walsh is just sitting at her desk, trying to grade papers but keeps rubbing her temples. “Doesn’t matter. We should still do the work.”    

“I’m not stopping you from doing it, I’m just not going to do it with you.”    

“Look,” I said while turning in my seat to face him even though he’s not even looking at me. 

“I’m sorry that I embarrassed you and hurt your leg but my dad left and my mum was gone and everyone was pestering me. When your mum and dad got a divorce you didn’t talk to me for weeks.”    

“Charlotte.” He used to never use my full name, and now hearing it roll off of his tongue with a deeper sound, I couldn’t decide which I liked more; the young voice or this one. “I don’t give a shit, okay?”    

He knew the bell was going to ring, I bet. The ringing of the bell snapped my gaze away from him and to all of my stuff, and when I looked back he was already out of the room. I shoved everything into my bag haphazardly, and I knew that I’d regret that later. On my phone, the time read 14:15 which means it took me a solid five minutes to pack up my stuff and it would take another five to get to Imogen’s car, and in total, that means she’s going to be a little bit irked.    

I was almost out of the building with my vision in tact until I saw Annabelle and Harry kissing by his locker. They truly are an attractive couple, as much as I hate to say it. Annabelle has been taking full advantage of the lack of uniform since we stopped having them. All of her clothes we skin tight and her shirts were low cut, and all of the guys love it. She acts like she’s innocent and that’s just how she’d dress at home, but I know that she can’t be comfortable between the push-up bras and the skinniest jeans.    

“Walk slower, won’t you,” Imogen said once I got to her car. “I’ve been out here for at least twelve minutes.”   

 “School ended, what? Fifteen minutes ago. Cut me some slack, your legs are longer.”        

“The four-inch difference makes literally no impact.”    

I tossed my stuff into the back of her Mini Cooper as she rolled down the top. Her dad got her the car for her sixteenth birthday and she’s cherished it ever since. If anything ever happened to the evergreen paint, she would combust.    

“I got paired with Lila in art and in chem and I think I may kill myself,” she groaned, turning out of the school and driving down the road.    

“I’d rather be with Lila than with Harry,” I muttered, turning on my phone to see no notifications, as usual.    

She gasped and looked at me when we rolled up to a red light. “Woah, Ms.Walsh is a genius.”    

“That woman is fucking Satan.”    

“How did you guys work together?”    

“We didn’t. I apologised and I thought that would be enough. Then he was like ‘I don’t give a shit’ and then he left.”    

“Did he literally say ’I don’t give a shit’?”    

“Yes!” I said exasperatedly, flailing my arms around. “God, he’s such a dick!”    

Imogen snorted and I glared at her. “That boy is one of the nicest human beings on Earth. You must’ve fucked him up.”    

I groaned and slid down in the seat right before she pulled into her driveway. She looked at me with raised eyebrows to see if I’d stay in the car, and I stayed put. Before she took the key out of the ignition she cracked the windows, rolled up the roof, and got out of the car. When she was inside of her house, I unbuckled my seat belt and moved to the back of the car so that I could lay down. With my phone fully charged and the aux cord still in the car, I could stay in here for a bit.    

I turned on an indie Spotify playlist and let it play while I finished up some homework in the back of Imogen’s car. When I knew that Imogen would be calling me in for dinner, I put away all of my stuff and enjoyed my last twenty minutes of leisure. I’d do this a lot, sitting in her car, I mean. It’s a quiet place away from her family, my mum, and everyone else. It’s nice.

Hey, it’s Harry
I need you to come by the park

how the hell did you get my number?

Does it matter?
Come to the park


I groaned and texted Imogen that I was heading to the park and I’d be back before 18:00. I don’t know why he was texting me of all people, but he said please, so he must be desperate. I moseyed on over to the park much slower than I should’ve, but I didn’t feel like rushing for ‘I don’t give a shit’ Styles. The street lights were turned on as the sun began to set, leaving an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Even though Holmes Chapel is so small, you never know what could happen.    

When I got to the park, I decided to go to the dingy fountain because that’s the only place that’s not covered with trees. When I got to the fountain, I realised that I was right, but not for the right reason. Almost all of Harry’s friends were standing around the area with buckets in their hands. Before I could even question anything or anyone, buckets filled with cold water were thrown onto me, making me drenched and freezing. I could hear them taking photos before they all ran out of the park, laughing and snickering at my expense.    

I looked down and my white shirt was clinging to my body and you could see my bright blue bra through my shirt. I most likely looked like a mess and all of those assholes got it on camera. When I heard crunching on the grass, I squeezed my eyes closed and went into the fetal position to avoid any more harassment.    

“Holy shit, Charlie. I’m so fucking sorry. They took my phone and,” he stopped talking when he heard my sobs, and I began coming out of my ball. He hesitantly brought me into his arms, but all of his muscles were still tense. “I’m so sorry.”    

The November breeze made the water on my clothes get progressively colder, which meant that I was relying on Harry’s body heat for any source of heat. My body was shivering against him, attempting to warm my body, but it wasn’t working too well.     

“Do you want me to drive you home? You still live in the same place, right?” I nodded against his chest, and when I thought he would just help me up, he completely lifted me from the ground. With my arms latched around his neck, holding me close to him, he began walking out of the park and to his car.     

His 2012 Mercedes Benz, which he got for Christmas last year and it was the talk of the town, was parked by the entrance. Harry set me down on the pavement and I got into the car cautiously, not wanting to get any of the interior too wet. We didn’t talk while he drove which is to be expected. He’s still the Harry Styles that I embarrassed eight years ago and I’m still the Charlotte Gardener that kicked him in the park hard enough to make him stop football for a month.     

I looked at my house when he parked in front of it, and I couldn’t help but get red. Bricks are chipping off, plants are overgrown, the roof tiles are sliding off, and you can just tell that it’s not a good house. Harry looked at it and I could only imagine how he’s comparing it to his lovely abode.     

“I know that it’s shit, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t snap a photo and show everyone in the school. My tits will already be everywhere.”     

He shook his head but didn’t take his focus off of the house. “’S not shit. You just need to fix some things and it would be as good as new. Anyway, you should go in before your mum’s home, right?”     

“Doesn’t matter. She’s not around anyway,” I muttered, opening the car door. “Thanks for the ride.”     

I shut the door and walked up the stone path that had moss all over it along with smashed stones. When I walked in, all of the lights were off and it was fairly cold, but I’m used to it by now. Right when I got into my room, I took off everything except for my underwear and began running a bath. I dropped a bath bomb that Imogen got me into the water and perched myself onto the floor to wait when Imogen texted me.

Where the fuck are you???
The food is cold!!
We had pizza tonight!

I got ambushed and for some reason Styles saved me

Holy fuck
Do you want me to come over?


we’ll talk tomorrow morning

Don’t let the bedbugs bite


I turned off the water before taking off whatever I had left and got in. The blue water and white bubbles surrounded me, and all I wanted to do was get pruney, and maybe, just maybe, drown. But I’m alright.
    I woke up with six blankets and too many pillows on top and around me, but I loved it. The house was quiet and warm, I could hear the fireplace from outside of my door, and I could smell waffles. Maybe my mum could sense that I had a shit day yesterday. When I walked out of my bedroom after getting some appropriate clothes on, I followed the smell and found Imogen toasting waffles and cutting up strawberries in the kitchen. At this point, she’s basically my mum.     

“I made my dad call in and say that we’re sick. You deserve a sick day and no sick day is a good sick day without me.”     

I smiled at her and snagged some blueberries from the bowl before walking into my living room and making myself comfortable in the corner of the couch. The exterior of the house is pretty bad and there’s a lot of loose floorboards and it’s only one floor and sometimes there are some leaks, but I love it. It’s small and nice. It’s cozy like a house should be. I put on Skins and ate my blueberries one by one as Imogen put the last touches on the waffles. My phone vibrated in my lap, signaling a text, and when I read it, I smiled.

This is the real Harry
Not those dipshits
I noticed that you’re not at school and I just want to make sure that you’re okay

I’m alright
just recuperating

I’m sorry again
Have a good sick day

you too
minus the sick thing

    “Who are you texting?” Imogen asked, handing me a plate of waffles that looked luxurious.     

“My mum. She wanted to make sure that I got to school okay in the rain,” I said with a mouthful of waffle. A simple fib won’t hurt her.     

“Ah, that’s good, lying to your own mum,” she said, before eating a strawberry covered in whipped cream. 

“And don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Dakota: “I really love this kid! Can we keep him??”
Cavendish: “He’s not an animal.”
Dakota: “Oh c'mon! He can be an apprentice!”
Cavendish: “Alright, but you’re the one who’s gonna feed him.”
Milo: “So I’m gonna eat pistachios?!”
Dakota: “Got it!”
Cavendish: “No!”
I want them together again, they’re just so cute together, and the fact that Dakota and Cavendish are so protective with Mill is just wonderful, now I want them to take care of Milo xD
Well, I’m pretty proud with the result, counting the fact that I’ve never draw Cavendish and Dakota they came out pretty well, hope that you’ll like it!

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I totally agree with your take on the Starting XI. I also think who and when is getting the call up to the camps is way too much of a competition which (in my opinion) the reason why we aren't getting the results we want. Trusting your teammates is everything and if we can't have that then we can't have all the World Cup championships and Gold Medals.

Yes agree!!

Remember me? Of course you do (Biadore) -Burgundy

AN: take this as my apology for the horror that was that last fic. i wanted to write something as fluffy as i could, while also working with trans!adore, with these two prompts:

“She said her name was Sylvie and she was twelve and took me to see her beheaded China doll collection”

“And she never saw him again”

and this was the result! i wrote this actually pretty quickly but im proud of it so, here you go! xx <3

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August’s Theme is: Military Kink

Thank you to everyone who voted in our poll to decide what August’s theme would be! It was a photo finish, here are the results XD

So without further ado… 

Let’s get smutty! O.O

Have you ever wanted to try writing fanfiction? Well, now’s your chance! H.I.A.T.U.S. is a monthly Johnlock writing challenge blog!

Submissions open on the 2nd of every month for that month’s H.I.A.T.U.S.   theme! The challenge is to write a fic related to the theme between 100 and 25,000 words before submissions close at Midnight EST on the 21st of August.

Everyone is welcome to submit a fic, it could be your first time or you could be a seasoned fic author! Already written a fic that suits this month’s theme? Just send us a link to your Fic through our ask box, tagging @hiatustory or by sending us an email at If your fic hasn’t been posted on the blog before we’ll share it for everyone to read and enjoy!

Make sure to check our submissions guidelines page for more information!

Please note: we had some trouble with Tumblr not notifying us when the blog was tagged, if you don’t see your submission get posted within a day (24 hours) of tagging us please please please send us a message through our ask box or contact @hollyberrypie or @tali-zora directly. We don’t want to miss any wonderful stories!

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

Text Prompt

“All the nice girls like a soldier.” 

“I’m John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. Three years in Afghanistan, a veteran of Kandahar, Helmand, and Bart’s bloody Hospital! Let me examine this body.” 

Visual Prompt

Originally posted by rominatrix

Setting Prompts

  • John finds his old army fatigues/uniform and models them for Sherlock!
  • Sherlock asks John to bring his ‘Captain Watson’ persona out more in the bedroom! Or John and Sherlock negotiate a roleplay scene ;)
  • Sherlock is sent into the Middle East for a case by Mycroft and meets a hot army Captain!
  • After being discharged from service, John sticks to his army roots and gets a job as a bodyguard, employed by Mycroft to protect his brother from the master criminal Moriarty! Sherlock has a certain weakness for John’s uniform and stern manner! *swoon*
  • John’s dog tags keep disappearing, and there’s only one person who even knows where John keeps them…John confronts Sherlock about it
  • Sherlock asks John to wear his uniform for a case. It backfires, because one look at Captain John Watson and Sherlock literally can’t. function. Something has to give!

Good luck, everyone!

Tags below:

Please let us know if you would like to be tagged in our future posts and challenge announcements, or if you would like to be removed!

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Me if I were in choices:
  • The freshman: Edgar, like literally Edgar. Always talking about things he's obsessed with and nobody cares.
  • The sophomore: Rachel... I mean listen it doesn't get to the point of having cockroaches around but I am messy yeah... ya get my point
  • Most Wanted: Mirasol, so done with my friends but love them at the same time.
  • Endless summer: the not cute or smart version of Grace. Extra awkward.
  • Rules of Engagement: The nerdy twin but minus the smart part.
  • The crown and the flame: LOL they're all so awesome to be me.
  • Lovehacks: A mix between Cole and Serina.
  • The hunting of braidwood manor: Main character for being so curious and getting myself in trouble as a result.
  • The Royal Romance: A not cute version of Maxwell.
  • Hero: The pile of trash that was in the latest chapter.

Willie: “Team number one, with Dilly, Acacia and Baby!”

Baby Blush: “I knew my strategy was going to work! We did it ladies!”

Willie: “Congratulations! Now everyone come gather so we can put this plan into action. I want to finish before it gets too dark.”

Challenge Results

1. Lil’ Dill Pickle 5
2. Acacia Blush 5
3. Baby Blush Amaryllis 6

Team 1 Total: 16

4. Aquata Belle Azure 4
5. Cerise Rosewood 5
6. Lunar Lagoon 4

Team 2 Total: 13

7. Apatite Heath 4
8. Iris Allium 5
9. Poem Clementine 5

Team 3 Total: 14

10. Crimson Claret Stiletto /
11. Druid Mistletoe 3
12. Citrus Wasp Primrose 5

Team 4 Total: 8

“…what just happened?”
[Art Chain Starter]

// My poor boy can’t sing for the day due to the Worst Fears curse ; w ; I mean, imagine trying to do something you’re good at but then suddenly you’re not be able to do it, yknow? Kinda scary…

// Want to find out what his other fears are? Well, add on to this and we’ll see what happens. 👀 You don’t need to add a full blown piece of art, but at least expressions would be nice. ♡
// The curse will last until the chain is finished. :> Each reblog will result in another fear coming to get him…
// Have fun!

As some of you know, I’m on my 4th day of fasting. Here’s an update:

Due to some circumstances causing me to walk in 90 degree heat, I’ve decided to try to eat. You obviously don’t want to overexhaust yourself on an empty stomach. Normally, I will scarf my food down but after 87 hrs fasting, I am now having trouble swallowing or having any kind of appetite. But forcing the meal down.

Although, this could be a result from my appetite suppressants and not the fasting, itself, it’s nice to feel my appetite shrinking significantly.