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We are watching Heroes United

Sci has suggested that the Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United cartoon is probably a result of the writers finding a reasonably popular fic on AO3 and removing the sex scenes.

At one point Steve and Tony make a bet based on who will win their sparring match, then manage to simultaneously take each other out.

Steve: let’s call it a draw.
Sam: *as tony* blowjobs?
Sci: That was one of the sex scenes.
Sam: I feel like the theme of the whole fic was just “Blowjobs?”

I think I want to write a fic where basically every scene, regardless of content, ends with someone saying “So, blowjobs?”

Lisa Harris


#TBT Man oh man!!!! I’m taking you waaaaaayyy back to my 39th day on the #30DayTransformationTeam!!! 12/26/15 vs 2/7/16!!!!!! Two things happened that day…the realization that I had done ABSOLUTELY NO AB WORKOUTS during those days and the decision to keep @lutherfreeman and @kathy_drayton for LIFE!!!!! Before joining the team, I used to spend HOURS on my abs and back rolls! Even at my smallest, before I let myself get to day 1, I used to struggle w/getting my stomach and back the way I wanted! And here comes @lutherfreeman and his science…I LOVE YOU, man 😭🙌🏾 If you’ve just joined the team, welcome!!! FOLLOW YOUR PLAN, don’t look to anyone else’s results to achieve…stay in your lane, and don’t quit on YOURSELF!!!!! You have all that it takes to reach your goals! Wake up everyday believing in you and go HARD!!!! You got this 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Need help? Want to know what I did or how I did it? READ the next few lines… No, I’ve NEVER had any kind of surgery done and I don’t have patience to photoshop! I went on the #30DayTransformationTeam site 👉🏾 👈🏾 clicked “GET STARTED”, received a CUSTOMIZED plan specifically for MY GOALS and BODY, follow my plan, and check in w/my awesome trainers, @lutherfreeman and @kathy_drayton, EVERY week…THAT’S IT!!!! Yes, they also have an amazing #vegan, #pescatarian, and #vegetarian plan! Yes, you get both meal and workout! DO NOT ASK FOR MY PLAN 😂😂 Check your spam/junk mail if you’re still waiting for a response. The science ONLY works if YOU DO…PERIOD!! Questions on prices and ANY other questions, go to the site. 

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I'm looking for a fic where a misunderstanding occurs resulting in Dan and Phil having a FWB relationship until 2015 or 2016 or something. Dan thought Phil didn't want any labels and Phil thought Dan wasn't ready for a relationship. Thanks.

For You I’d Wait (til kindgdom come) (ao3) - 5 times throughout the years that Dan and Phil did the FWB thing, 1 time they didn’t, and 1 time it all worked out.

(Or, the time that Dan misunderstands one little conversation—which he still maintains is PHIL’S FAULT, not his—and it leads to six years of unrequited pining.

But it’ll be a good story for the grandkids one day.)

- Eliza

Language goals

Went to the bank without event thinking about it, handled my issue without the use of any English, and I only had to look up one word in the dictionary.

Then got some new contacts, asked them how quick they could be deliverd, got some dailies to tie me over until they arrive because they dont have what i need in stock.

Then I had some problems printing some papers so I asked the ajussi which settings to use for the results I wanted.

Some simple interactions which I would have either put off or started with the question “do you speak English” before BUT I did it now without thinking twice about it.


Red Velvet as Demons

@musicxweirdo thank you and I hope you enjoy ~ :)


  • the head of a soul harvesting corporation. her beauty coupled with her hardworking attitude is how she’s managed to work her way to the top.
  • she values efficiency above all else
  • so when reports of a slacker demon under her division reach her desk, she wants to handle the problem herself. which is the scariest thing ever, no demon wanted that
  • the serious looking beauty arrived on your doorstep, spouting off facts that you had to work harder and you’re like “why?? why do I have a quota of dead humans I need to reach? isn’t that just … depressing?”
  • and although she disagrees -_- she finds you fascinating. your way of thinking is fresh and interesting. business is always changing so new ideas are always welcome
  • so somehow, you end up being her protegee and the time spent together, learning each others pov’s results in a … steamy night in her office ;^D

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  • the most angelic demon ever
  • she’s kind of a protester and a free spirit, roaming freely and busking while singing songs of peace and love. she hates the whole humans vs demons situation. and even worse is reaping souls, having to watch life fade from ppl’s eyes
  • on this mission to bring ppl together, she finds you in a bad situation
  • your death date has come, meaning your soul must be harvested
  • a car is speeding towards you while you cross the road and seungwan spots the reaper nearby, ready to collect your soul
  • but you look like a nice person :/ and were only in the middle of the road to pick up a stray cat :/ so where’s the justice in your dying?
  • she can’t allow it and intervenes, which is a MASSIVE no-no in the demon world. the peaceful singer becomes a wanted woman and you join her on the run from the law
  • this journey, of trying to prove her innocence while staying one step ahead of those after her; results in a blossoming love that crosses the realms of humankind and the demon world

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  • she’s fun and playful, the type of demon who likes to play w ppl’s minds. esp. humans. her beauty can turn humans insane so she uses that to mess w them.
  • but while enchanting you, she comes to realise that you’re not like all the other humans who she’s tricked then whose souls she ate. granted, you were attracted to her physical appearance
  • but you also asked her q’s: “how are you?” “have you eaten well?” “do you mind if I hold your hand?” “where do you dream of going to the most? I want to travel there with you”
  • she keeps her true identity a secret, afraid of scaring you off but when she gathers up her courage one day, she gets a response she wasn’t expected … “Oh, I already knew!”
  • when she realises that the relationship wasn’t based on her lying, pretending she was a human, it makes the love feel more authentic?? does that make sense??
  • either way, she’s changed from the beginning of the relationship (luring and devouring souls) to the end, being in love with an actual, real-life human,,,,

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  • a troublemaker
  • she’s working for Irene’s company and does nothing but cause grief and hardship. but she just wants to have fun!!! she’s only a century old, let her live her life!!
  • instead of harvesting souls like she should be, she ditches work to go visit the human realm. and somehow stumbles upon a nightclub >.> to investigate, of course …
  • and this is where she meets you, dropping it low and having fun and laughing and … and this is what she yearned for. not being stuck in a boring 9 to 5, taking souls, but enjoying her life with friends
  • she can’t help but approach you, which sparks a friendship that eventually leads to love
  • during the relationship, she finds out that the nightclub was actually run by a demon who wanted humans and demons to mix, who didn’t think they should be enemies. so you already knew there was a 50/50 chance of sooyoung being a demon and accepted her for it
  • “Those things don’t matter,” you tell her often. “The only thing that matters is how you treat me and you’re the greatest person I’ve ever met. I’m judging you off of that, not what you are or have done.”

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  • a shy, uncertain demon
  • she works for Irene’s company and is sent off to scout the human world, to keep an eye on their activities and report back. she’s enrolled into a school, which she HATES, but at least she meets you there
  • you’re also assigned to the job, working under Irene too
  • hanging out w you almost makes dealing w fragile humans and maths homework worth it
  • the work bond turns to romantic feelings and yerim finds herself acting like a typical human schoolgirl, going on dates with you and blushing when you hold hands
  • although you fall in love, you slack on the reports and Irene’s super mad haha :p

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Happy Wednesday everyone 💗💗
I want to make a draw of my favourites scenes of tbbt, the first one (are not in order), a girls night! This scene was hilarious, Remember when the girls found that Amy writes fanfics? Well was so fun and I felt very identified with the girls reading it, the ones that read fanfics will understand me! haha  I used a new technique of color, I´m very happy with the result, I hope you guys like it too. 😘Which scene will be next?  💗


Now here’s something I wanna do involving this

I want you, yes, you the audience, to vote who would be… “getting it”

Lemon, or Sonata

This includes the futa version as well, so who would get the D?

If you wanna vote say something like this:

Female: Sonata (Or Lemon)

Futa: Sonata (Or Lemon)

Oh and you have to vote on both of them, not one of them, just to increase the numbers

When the time comes, I will count on all the votes and I will legit draw out the results on both the female version and the futa version

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ok i'm Fairly Certain this hasn't been asked yet. based on your interpretation of his character, do you think revali was born with a natural aptitude/talent for archery? or did he start out average and manage to claw his way to the top through years of dedication and hard work? on that same note, whats your take on how he views people who work themselves to the bone, yet never achieve the results they want? since rev doesn't strike me as a birb that gives out gold stars for a good effort

An important thing to consider is that as long as you’re practicing something the right away, it doesn’t really matter how you perfect it. Training in Judo to get back at a school bully is probably way less admirable and respectable than training simply to teach myself and improve my ability to self-defend in dire situations, but if the method is right then the learning will still happen.

I’m sure Revali’s situation was a combination of initial talent plus his burning desire to be the greatest. If he legitimately wasn’t just all talk, then at some point he began focusing on his archery out of a desperation to always remain ahead of his peers; that constant practice assuredly - over time - led to legitimate results.

I don’t think he seems like the kind of bird that would really pay attention to others unless he’s FORCED to (aka Link), so he wouldn’t notice the context that they had been trying for a long time but still hadn’t achieved anything great. As a result, his base assumption would be “If you’re failing, you’re not working hard enough”.

I know I was manipulated into this from a young age. But, I still want it. Is that odd?

Are you sure this isn’t just the result from all of that? From fishface spoonfeeding you all of that garbage?

Not all of it was garbage. It’s true the world has been out of balance for thousands of years. It’s true that a lunar mage was necessary. And fishface wanted to be a lunar mage, but the moon never responded to him.

Sure that wasn’t a lie so he could just control the next lunar mage like he did?

Maybe. I have this feeling though.. That the moon would have chosen me anyway. It responded to me. It doesn’t do that for everyone. Even if not, do you realize the opportunity that I have? It might not have come willingly to me the first time. But.. I have a huge chance here. To change things with this power.

I can make up to hurting Regina. I can make up for destroying Ecurteak. I can help restore balance to the world. I can.. redeem myself. Fudo, you were thrown into it too right?

Yea. I became groudon to help keep you under control.

Then why are you okay with it? 

Guess it’s like you said. It’s a new chance. A change. A way to maybe make up for the hell I caused for my mentors and the city I was supposed to protect. Though.. I’m not sure how this is going to work. Asami, there’s two solar mages, and one of you. I might not be able to continue on with you…

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Do you think less of those who have needed wls? You often reference in bold how you didn't need it, which is a great accomplishment, but seems odd to reference it in that way.

I do not think less of anyone who chooses any healthy method to lose weight.

If WLS is how someone accomplished their goals then rock on for them. I know through friends that the surgery alone is not what gets you through the end result. You still have to work at it everyday day after. And undergoing that task is as equally amazing as someone who does it without surgery.

Everybody’s method is their own and it’s not mine or anyone else to judge or think less or someone for it. Also, when I write about my story I may bold my method because I still amaze myself with my own accomplishments. Or maybe I bold it because I know some people skim through a paragraph in a long post and I want it to stand out.


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ohh im sorry um, there was this kidna,, drama? where they wrote this rlly ,, guilt trippy post tht was basically "children that have crushes on adults are just as gross and predatory as adults that have crushes on children" and im pretty sure the post u reblogged frm them was referencing the backlash they recieved? idk im sorry if u didnt know about the drama i realize now i probably sounded like an ass

alright, y'all, i really really do not want to get involved in stuff like this but as someone who is personally friends with him and has had this subject brought up in conversation (albeit, very briefly, and i admittedly am so out of touch with the going-ons on tumblr that i might not have every detail) the way i understand it is that this is all a result of probably pretty shitty wording on his part and is not much more than a misunderstanding. 

The way i understand it, the post was meant to state the point that minors who actively pursue relationships with adults they look up to or idolize is uncomfortable and not a very okay thing to do. i have so little belief that he would ever INTENTIONALLY imply that kids having a simple crush on someone over 18 is JUST AS PREDATORY as actual real life pedophiles who pursue children.

i have no idea whether or not the post i reblogged from him was in relation to this specific subject at all, but even so i still agree that anyone who sends repeated death threats and nasty asks to someone on anon and then proceeds to basically beg them to respond is probably not worth attention.

and just to cover my bases here so i am not misunderstood: i have zero opinions on the specific point that he brought up about kids having crushes on adults, i only have information as to what he meant to say with his original post.

my only view on any subject even remotely related to this is that pedophilia is gross and wrong, in any form.

    →       MARCUS & SCARS

  • Minor nerve damage on his hand resulting from burn damage in season one. Almost entirely healed. 
  • Large scar on his thigh as a result of having femoral artery lacerated in season two. This did not have time to properly heal as they were captured by Mt Weather en route back to Camp Jaha which delayed treatment. A large portion of the time jump between S2 & S3 was spent healing for him as he faced muscle weakness and/or numbness as well as bouts of low, throbbing pain. 
  • Scarification on his arm from the Coalition branding. ( even if the writers forgot to include this ?? it wouldn’t go away that quickly ?? ) 
  • Scars on his wrists from S3 crucifixion.
  • Various very minor and small (read: nearly unnoticeable)  scars as a result of close proximity to explosions in S1, S2, & S3. Mostly around his neck, cheeks, or forehead area. 

John Silver only stayed on Flint’s crew because James Flint persuaded him to care about them and I may cry over the fact that both of them had to stand and watch dozens of good men die as a result of their falling out for the rest of my life because neither would have wanted this to happen and they both know it’s partly their fault and they can’t even apologise because they both know sorry doesn’t mean a damn thing.

It won’t erase Flint’s murders. It won’t erase Silver’s blindness to Rogers’ true nature. It won’t save Madi.

All they can do is try and unite again and hope it isn’t too late to save one person.

I hate your face, it makes my heart skip a beat [3/?]

Chapter 1, 2

“Do you know you are mumbling under your breath right now?”

Isak looks up from his notes to look at his biology partner, Sana who is giving him her usual amused, knowing look. He’d dislike her for it if it weren’t for the fact that he enjoyed her sass and general everything a lot. While their partnership had started off rocky when he came back to school, in the last month, he could honestly say that he couldn’t ask for a better partner even if they didn’t always agree on biology results. But then they both had a tendency of being stubborn.

“I am not.”

“You are,” she argues, raising an eyebrow. “You said ‘cocky idiot thinks because he’s hot he can do what he wants.’”

Isak startles hard at that, blushing red hot. “Please tell me I didn’t say that.”

Sana’s mouth twitches, the corners quirking upwards. “Why would I make that up? What did he do this time?”

Isak blinks at her trying to adopt a clueless expression. “Who?”

Sana gives him an utterly unimpressed look in return, and Isak wonders when he got so bad at lying, there use to be a time when he was good at it, after all, everyone he knew had actually believed he was straight once. “That’s cute, but you know the ‘dumb blonde’ act is just a stereotype, it’s not a real thing.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Isak insist, but like he said if there was one thing Sana and he had in common it was stubbornness.

“Fine,” she says easily, way too quickly.

Isak narrows his eyes. “That’s it, you’re dropping it?”

“Yeah,” Sana says with an indifferent shrug. “If you don’t want to talk about Even and the weird mating ritual you two have that will more than likely end up in hate sex, we don’t have to talk about it. You’re my friend, and I respect you, shall we get back to the wonderful world of bacteria?”

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