this is the reason she's not allowed on the ship

Story 215: Cultural Exchange

The human steps onto the station from her shuttle, and walks into the scanner.  It flashes - no weapons.  I pity her, though there’s nothing I can do for her.  By tomorrow she will be a slave the same as me; the Gaunvans collect ambassadors like trophies.
“Hello there!  Amanda Thorn, ambassador for the Empire of Humanity.  You’re a Ixian, correct?”
Mimicking human body language, I nod my head.  "That’s correct.  Ix Malasan.  It is an honor to meet you.“
She smiles, reminding me again that she has somehow modified herself to breathe atmosphere suited to the Gaunvans rather than wear a respirator like myself.  Other than that she appears to be a standard human, something I am led to believe is less and less common as they pursue the bizarre compulsion humans have to alter their bodies.  Changing hair color, adding pigments to their skins in patterns and pictures, growing long tails or ears that mimic other species from their planet.  No other known species tampers with their bodies like this.
“Not to be undiplomatic, she says, "but the Gaunvans enslaved your people.  Why are you here?”
“We… reached a mutually beneficial agreement.  We would have lost in combat and been eliminated, so we chose to preserve what we could of our culture.  The Gaunvans are not naturally skilled at diplomacy, so they bring me along to assist and to show that peace can be made.”
She nods.  "Understood.  I can respect that choice.  How much freedom do you have, personally?“
Smart of her, to start planning for her future. "A fair amount.  I have free reign on the ship when we are in transit.  At the homeworld I have reasonably comfortable quarters.”
“Have you ever met the Empress, or…?”
“Oh, no.  No, while on the homeworld I am confined to my chambers - but they’re quite spacious.”
“Shame.  Okay, plan ‘A’ then.  Let’s get this over with.”

Despite my attempt at encouraging diplomacy, the Gaunvan commander starts with threats.  I don’t know why I bother.  He looms over the human, chitinous plates almost black in the dim light.  His pod of six is posted around the room, for show more than for actual security since she followed orders and came alone and unarmed.  "Failure to surrender will bring the full wrath of our army upon you.  Humanity will be crushed, and wiped from the universe.“
To her credit, she looks very calm.  "We live in a post-scarcity society.  Bloody conquest just seems silly, doesn’t it?”
“It is for the glory of Gaun!”
“Well, I’m not prepared to get into a religious debate with you,” she says, “since I doubt there’s anything I can do to change your mind.  Since you’re committed to this course of action, what are you willing to offer if we surrender?”
Now he goes back on script.  Maybe I am getting through to him a little?  He talks about the benefits of being enslaved, mainly the protections for up to twelve designated culturally historical sites.  They’ve been mostly good on their word on my homeworld, though they did use the area just outside of the Hahhn Memorial as a waste dump.

She nods as she listens.  There was a part of me that was worried she would argue, because the humans are somewhat childlike.  They don’t understand the horrors of war.  Certainly they fought in the past, but the last time they had to battle was more than two of their generations ago, so these ones have all grown up coddled and soft.  They play games with each other instead, silly competitions.  They make art, and play pretend, and alter their bodies for fun.  They don’t have weapons anymore, and wouldn’t know how to use them if they did.
“Well then,” ambassador Thorn says, “this is about what I expected.  On behalf of humanity, I would like to formally reject this offer.”
Oh no.  Foolish humans.  The galaxy will miss your innocence.  The commander makes an excited clicking noise, looking forward to combat.  He reaches a blade-tipped hand towards ambassador Thorn, but hesitates as every device in the room bleats out an alert - we’ve all lost communications with the outside.

Like one of the dances humans do, she gracefully pivots around while taking his hand.  She ends up close to him and places her other arm against his thorax, then… oh gods. Gods, what… she’s ripped his arm off.  It’s not possible.  The commander is clearly thinking the same thing, staring in mute shock at his dripping limb.
“I’d like to extend a counter-offer,” she says, and flips the arm around before jamming the bladed end into his neck.  The warriors around the room are fidgeting, uncertain.  They haven’t been told to attack, and don’t want to dishonor their commander by intervening in a fight with such a small creature.  She’s still holding the commander’s severed arm in his neck, but she rotates and heaves, lifting him off the ground with it for a moment… and then his head pops off, landing squarely on the conference table.  She allows the corpse to slide to the ground, and straightens her clothes as if they aren’t covered in ichor.

I don’t understand.

The warriors, now with no orders at all, finally act.  She smiles as they come for her, I suppose because she has done her duty to send this powerful message of resistance.  She can die in peace.  Or… no… She’s killing them.  She’s smiling because this is fun for her.  Though they’re partly killing themselves; if there had been two of them, prepared, strategic, they might have prevailed.  Watching six panicked fighters get in each other’s way while trying to stop a smaller, faster, and somehow impossibly stronger foe is almost hypnotic.  At least one is killed by the stab of a friendly lance due to pure confusion.  It’s over faster than I would have thought possible, severed limbs strewn across the room.  I’ve got some fluids splashed across my clothing.  Only one yet lives, and he is retreating.  She seems to be allowing it.

She follows behind, holding a lance.  The wounded and scared warrior scurries down the hallway towards his ship, looking back behind him as he goes.  She’s just… walking.  Calm.  And for some reason I’m following.  The last Gaunvan reaches the airlock and the second he enters his code she throws the lance - throws it! - and spears him.
“Come on, we’re stealing their ship.”  She says it like this is the most normal thing in the world.
“There are thousands more on board!  Thousands!  Almost all warrior caste!”
She smiles again, and keeps walking.  I see errors on the screens that we pass, messages indicating communications have been lost.  They can’t tell anyone what is happening here.  Even the communicators within the ship are on nodes rather than being wired, so the warriors at one end of the vessel won’t be able to coordinate with the other end.  Do they even know they’ve been boarded?

We enter the bridge after she kills a handful of other guards with ease.  They’re too shocked by her presence to act in time.  Once the door are sealed and she is working on the control systems she starts talking to me again.
“Well, you know, we do like to be prepared.”
“But you… you ripped his arm off.”
“Yeah, that was super satisfying.”  She looks at me appraisingly.  "Oh, come on.  Is it really that surprising?  You knew we were into changing ourselves, right?  Being strong enough to pop an overgrown bug’s forelimb off isn’t rocket science.“
"Your people are so peaceful…”
“Oh, sure, most of them.  But we did that, too.  Tweaked ourselves over the years to decrease aggression and some of our tribalistic tendencies, increase empathy… all stuff that can be undone if needed.  Though for a good cause even the nicest of us can squish a bug or two.”
“You bond with Ry'ling devourers!”
“Those are the big fuzzy guys that look like cats, yeah?  Those guys are adorable!  But… look, liking some things that could kill us doesn’t mean we’ll sit back and get enslaved.  We didn’t put up with it well when we enslaved each other, and we certainly aren’t going to go for it now that we’re… finally… on the same page about slavery being unacceptable.  It was, uh, a longer time than we like to admit before the last hold-outs were convinced of that one.”

I can feel the ship un-dock.  We’re moving.  "What about all the warriors on board?  They’ll break through the doors eventually!“
"Not according to this control panel here.  Take a look.”
It says there’s no atmosphere in the rest of the ship.  Life signs are negative on all but two of the warriors, presumably the only ones that got to their suits in time.  She disabled all the safety measures, somehow.  She just killed… I check the life signs readout again to confirm the number… three thousand, six hundred, and fourteen soldiers.  Wait, how is it tracking that unless… “Are communications back up?”
“Yeah, I’m calling some friends.  The military is right around the corner, so to speak.”
“But Earth doesn’t have a standing military.”
She laughs.  Not just a little bit.  She’s actually doubled over for a moment, unable to catch her breath.  "Sweet Jeebus, you guys actually fell for that?  No standing military.  Have you read about us at all?“

Three ships appear seemingly out of nowhere, and one docks with the Gaunvan vessel.  Once the atmosphere is restored we head to the airlock to meet them, and I’m surprised by an entire platoon of Gaunvan warriors.  Speaking English.
"Okay boys, send your last goodbyes!  This is in all likelihood a one way mission.  Commander Thorn!  It is an honor to see you again, and might I say you look exquisite drenched in the blood of your enemies!”
She bows to him, blushing, and then salutes the Gaunvans.  Or… humans?  Can they change themselves this drastically?
“You’ve got two holed up in here somewhere.  Bridge is clear, have the techs bring the new brain on board.”
“New brain?”
She looks at me like she’s forgotten that I’m here, and then turns back to the others.  "Men, this is our new friend Ix Malasan who has just been liberated from his captivity.  He’s going to be helping with our intel.  Malasan, yeah, a new brain for the ship.  Once this vessel is cleaned up and back in service with a new crew we’ll be able to take it over whenever we want even if all of our boys get killed.  We cooked up a really sadistic AI for it.“
"But how do you know the protocols?  This was your first contact with the Gaunvans, they’ve never lost a ship anywhere near here!”
“No?  There wasn’t a mining colony disaster two years ago?”
“But that was just an accident… and you weren’t even involved in the war yet… and…”

The faux-Gaunvans have finished boarding.  The one that was talking to them before puts a bladed claw on ambassador - commander - Thorn’s shoulder.  "You coming with?“
"Naw.  Orders said I could only come if they allow ambassadors near extremely high value targets.  Malasan here says they don’t, so I need to wait for my next mission back on Earth.”
“It would have been nice having you with us, Thorn.  Well, maybe we’ll see each other again.  Suicide mission or not, I think I’ve decided to live through it.”
“Bold choice,” she says, and kisses him next to his lower mandibles.
He nods at me, then turns back to his men. “Okay everyone, we are now officially on the job.  And what is that job?”
In unison, they start chanting.


For a moment I nearly feel pity for the Gaunvans.  Nearly.  Commander Thorn leads me off of the ship, and I start thinking about what useful information I can provide the ‘harmless’ humans.  Fuck shit up, indeed.

Genndy is a hetero married man who made HIS characters (that you’re not entitled to deciding what happens to them) who are grown-ass adults that can make their own decisions become romantically involved and half of the fandom is just crying about how The Straights™ get everything they want and/or that Ashi is ruined…

…even tho Genndy planned this for a long time and even talked before bout how he wanted his main character to have a girl to travel with cos it’s something he dreamed about as a young boy and isn’t that was a lot of people do, who have OCs? they project themselves on them? was he not allowed to do that with his own OCs?

and like damn, Genndy’s probably just happy to let his most iconic character have a passionate and wholesome moment after nearly dying for the billionth time, but no it’s somehow an agenda of being homo/acephobic or something about how Ashi is only there as a trophy for hetero romance despite having an entire character arc built up and learning to trust someone after having been brainwashed her entire life - like who better for her to fall in love with but a man so positive and full of goodness, the one she was told was nothing but evil and must destroy???? on her journey to find Jack and learning more about the people he helped, how could she not become infatuated learning not only that everything she knew about him was completely wrong, but that he’s an actual legit nice person to admire the strength and bravery of? what’s rushed or forced about that?

if Ashi was a man yall just wouldn’t say a damn thing about her agency or how quickly they got together, and I think it speaks bigger volumes about you as a person if you’re reducing her to merely a romantic device trope only and ignoring how amazing she is and has been as a character who doesn’t need to be rescued like a damsel or that she needs a Dad to teach her like she needs to be infantilized lol

if you stop seeing her as an incredibly great woman just cos she fell for an incredibly great man that’s all on you and your issues lol

and yeah you can criticize and hate the ship all you want, but so much of your reasoning and logic is flawed and I’m allowed to criticize it too

You know, I really love all those ‘Earth is Space Australia’ ideas and humans as the super tough, super unflappable space badasses who can smile in the face of any danger and who will pet absolutely anything that mostly isn’t toxic and sits still long enough. I adore them. However, sometimes I do wonder … do aliens have phobias?

Because I can’t help thinking that somewhere in this future universe there’s the one human who went to space because spaceships are relatively sterile environments and therefore in space there are less bugs*. And then one day a guest comes onto the ship and their multilegged pet comes slithering out from under their fashionable collar and suddenly from the back of the shuttle bay there’s this high-pitched, hysterical screaming. And the alien crew turn around and there is their human, their badass, amazingly tough human, the one who managed to survive with half her leg torn off that one time long enough to make it back to medbay, the one who bluffed space pirates for a full half-cycle without so much as a quiver, the one who had to be forcibly restrained from petting the nine-foot slavering hregallar on Threlanix because apparently they were 'adorable babies’ … that human, their human, is suddenly clinging to the ceiling in blatant defiance of the ship’s artificial gravity and wailing her head off in absolute terror over a pathetic little xhilitin. The tiny, stupidly harmless insects that about sixteen species keep as pets because their jewelled carapaces are lovely and decorative and they’re so dumb and harmless that they’ll cheerfully sit on your hat as an ornament from here until infinity.

So the mildly shellshocked aliens try and calm their human down and they get her to medbay and they’re asking 'are the xhilitin on Earth dangerous?’, which, probably, apparently everything on Earth is deadly, but none of it has ever terrified their human before, and their absolutely mortified human is going 'no, well yes, some of them are, that’s not the point, it doesn’t matter if they’re dangerous or not, I just don’t fucking like them, okay, please never let one aboard ship again, i will love you forever and fight off a hundred pirates for you if you just keep the creepy leggy little fuckers the hell away from me, i’m so fucking serious right now, i am begging you’.

And she is absolutely deadly serious, and it makes no sense whatsoever, but suddenly the entire crew are 100% for never, ever letting xhilitin aboard the ship again. Because, well. She would fight off a hundred pirates for them, she has fought off a hundred pirates for them, she’s dragged herself back with half her leg torn off that one time after saving Lehm and Ehletol from the nine-foot slavering beasties she still thinks are adorable. There is no rational reason in the universe for her to be afraid of xhilitin, but it doesn’t matter, because she is, and that means this ship is suddenly a no-insect zone from now until forever.

Because hey, okay, humans are tough, humans are insane, humans come from Space Australia, but sometimes humans come with a couple of odd little quirks, sometimes they’re randomly terrified of ridiculously harmless things, and that’s okay. That’s okay. That just means that sometimes aliens get a chance to look out for their humans in return.

* please allow me my comforting illusions and do not inform me of how unsterile and full of bugs spaceships really are, okay, this is future sci-fi land where spaceships are clean and free of creepy crawlies and nobody needs to have nightmares

What she says: I hate antis

What she really means: I don’t mind people disliking a ship for their own reason but the anti-shipping movement is driven by hate and bandwagon bullying to police what people are “allowed” to enjoy. They use fundamentally abusive and manipulative tactics on real people in the name of protecting survivors from speculative things in fiction. Antis want to act morally superior over ship wars and claim that to ship something problematic you must be a survivor. By doing this antis force survivors who may be uncomfortable with coming out with their status to out themselves and then hold them to impossible standards. Except when it does come to survivors who ship anti-deemed problematic things we are attacked, harassed, and then pushed under the bus anyway. Antis trivialize terms such as abuse, rape, and pedophilia by using them so often and out of place against a group made up of many survivors and minors– the people they claim to be protecting. They have bullied and suicide baited artists and other content creators they dislike in the name of “policing the bad ships uwu.” All antis are at fault for this, even if an anti claims not to send hate themselves they are still influencing this bad behavior because they are part of this hate group. The entire anti-shipper movement is a toxic cesspool that makes me feel sick.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: do you realize that the only reason that the korra universe is so technologically advanced is because aang was trapped in the iceberg of 100 years and the avatars always helped stop major conflicts but because he was gone the war was allowed to continue to the point that they could make new technological advancements like ships and air balloons and tanks and maybe even radios because war always leads to technological progression and it makes sense why every generation before aang was so technologically void because the avatars were there to stop them but not this time and the amount of work to think of this is just, mind boggling?! I love avatar so much



She was fierce and brave in battle; however, she only took part in wars that defended the state and home from outside enemies. She was the patron of the city, handcraft, and agriculture. She invented the bridle, which permitted man to tame horses, the trumpet, the flute, the pot, the rake, the plow, the yoke, the ship, and the chariot. She was the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. She was Zeus’ favourite child and was allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt. Her holy tree was the olive tree and she was often symbolised as an owl.

here are my thoughts on why adena chose to get back with coco

it seems to me that coco may have some serious mental issues. coco called adena at 3AM and when adena picked up the first thing she asked in a worried voice was “coco are u okay?” this isnt a question u ask someone you have just broken up with. Also adena looked so sad when kat was telling her that she wanted to be with her, she was trying her best to hold back her tears, she is in such a dilemma. The girl she is in love with was standing right in front of her confessing her feelings for her but she had to muster every ounce of self restraint and turn down the girl of her dreams. This is a testament of her character, she wants to be with kat so badly but she also doesn’t want to be responsible for anything bad happening to the person she once loved. i really hope that coco loves adena enough to let her go, because it seems like adena is such a caring person and will never allow herself to be the reason someone she cares about harm themselves and so may choose to remain in the relationship even though she is not happy and it is not what she wants. The thought of adena breaking down after kat leaves–

anonymous asked:

Okay but, I really like the Love Square. I don't like any other ship aside from the Love Square that's the only ship I'll ever like. I don't get why me not liking other ships makes me homophobic?? I also don't ship Alyanette because I see them just as best friends and I think the show only sees them as that too. I'm never gonna ship them as a couple so I don't get why that makes people awful and homophobic. You can't just make people make ships more popular

you and a few other people have left similar questions in my inbox so i’m going to do my best to explain this. there seem to be other users who are also confused. i really recommend you read @chatchevalier  ‘s explanation here since she also spoke about this. 

first, let’s get the easy thing taken care of. the prevailing argument from most of the queer people in fandom who made posts yesterday was we want you to respect our ships. respect. that means no sending us hate, no bashing our ships, no tagging onto our fics and art and posts about how much you don’t ship our ship. don’t like? don’t engage. i think everyone can agree on that point. 

now what seems to be tripping people up is the whole “queer ships being unpopular is homophobia” sentiment that’s spreading around. i want to make this clear, this is in no way meant to shame people for their ships. i’m a multi-shipper myself and ship most if not all the ships in this fandom involving the miraculous class. what i’m trying to draw attention to is fandom trends and consistent fandom behavior. 

so, i’l use the example i showed in my screenshots on the original post going around. oftentimes, i get people who come into my inbox telling me how much they hate chlonette (chloe x marinette) because it ships a bully with their victim. now that in and of itself isn’t homophobia i think we can all agree. you’re allowed to dislike that ship for that reason. i think a lot of people react to chlolya (chloe x alya) for the same reasons. 

but let’s look at chlonath (chloe x nathanael). we arguably run into a similar problem. chloe being paired with someone she bullies. chlonath is particularly interesting because chloe and nathanael don’t interact very often (maybe a total of 10 seconds in “evillustrator”). chloe interacts with alya more, and interacts with marinette much much more. but look at the popularity of each of these ships. (i’ll be using # of ao3 stories as a proxy for this). 

Chloe Bourgeois/Alya Cesaire: 38
Chloe Bourgeois/Marinette Dupain-Cheng: 90
Chloe Bourgeois/Nathanael Kurtzberg: 125

despite the fact that chloe has barely interacted with nathanael and bullies him right along with the other classmates, chlonath is more popular than chlonette and chlolya. this is also a good time to point out that this is the only straight ship of the bunch. 

this happens in media a lot. you have a common trope introduced, in this case it’s a bully/bullied relationship becoming a romantic relationship. another common one off the top of my head is the friends to lovers trope. now when we see it applied to a straight pairing, we love it. adrienette friends to lovers is ridiculously popular, and it seems that the bully/bullied to lovers trope in chlonath is also compelling to people. but the moment these same tropes are attached to a queer pairing, interest plummets. which is why chlolya and chlonette are less popular despite those characters interacting more in canon, and why alyanette is always seen as “just two friends” even though they interact more than adrien and marinette do. 

and, to top it all off: i’m gonna bet my bank account that users get more hate for shipping chlonette and chlolya than they do chlonath. 

we do this unconsciously as a result of heteronormativity ingrained into us through continued exposure to societal homophobia. everyone is socialized to think that heterosexuality is preferred. it’s why there’s so much straight romance on tv, and it’s why gay people are still getting fired for their sexuality in the US. we can’t help this stuff, but if you learn to look for it, it’s easy to see. the fact that we enjoy certain tropes as they are applied to straight ships but not those same tropes as they are applied to queer ship… an example homophobia. internalized homophobia, implicit homophobia, subtle homophobia but homophobia nonetheless

if you ship chlonath but not chlonette, this doesn’t mean you’re homophobic. but when you look at macro-level trends like ship popularity in fandom, you see patterns that are anything but a coincidence. it’s no coincidence that this pattern of popularity matches up with patterns of hate. chlonette and chlolya get questioned more, people get more hate for it. chlonath doesn’t get nearly the amount. it’s very subtle, but this is the kind of implicit homophobia you see in media. 

now the solution is not to force you to like pairings you don’t like. not at all. this is just something to be aware of and something to consider when people wonder “why are queer ships getting all this hate?” queer shippers notice this because we’re hyper aware of the popularity of our ships. if you deal only in the love square it’s hard to see this, so we’re just pointing this out. 

we’re not telling you to ship our ships. we’re not asking for more popularity. we just want you to acknowledge fandom homophobia and keep people from bullying us for the queer content we produce. 


Meet Joan Lucitor-Ordonia! An OC I made for the Ship War Au by @moringmark. The Ship War Au is probably my favorite thing on tumblr. I mean, seriously, LOVE it!
And since this Au is not my own, everyone is free to use Joan however you want. Simply tell me if and when you do so, so I can see and like it! But anyways. This is Joan, daughter of Janna and Tom. She’s named after John Keats. She is from the Starco timeline and is Elizabeth’s best friend. I headcanon that she sneaks through Elizabeth’s portal when she returns to the past (considering what’s happening in the comics right now). Elizabeth isn’t entirely thrilled but is glad to have her best friend there.
Joan is fun loving and is a mix of her parents’ good traits. She can be sarcastic at times, mainly towards Marco and enjoys playing pranks on people. She’s older than Elizabeth and is very protective of her. While Joan’s powers are not as great as her father’s due to being a half demon, if Elizabeth were in danger, Joan can get mad enough to summon the fires of hell (although not the the extent that her father can).
Joan claims she’s just there to have fun, but in reality she’s come to the past to meet her mom. Janna died when Joan was a baby (birthing a half demon is hard) and is in the lower levels of the underworld that Joan can’t reach due to being half human. Joan spent most of her time with Queen Star and King Marco (whom she calls Auntie and Uncle Safety respectively) and is like a sister to Elizabeth.
During the Ship War she stays with Jackie until Tom accidentally learns who she is (allowing her to get to know her dad better too).
Joan doesn’t really care about the Ship War but is intrigued by the possibility. Her relationship with Jam (they’re the same age) is similar to Janna’s relationship with Marco, although Janna does develop some romantic feelings for Jam and is confused on what will happen if Starco becomes endgame because it could mean that Jam and her memories of him will be erased and she might not have a reason or ability to come back and meet her mom.
Jam keeps Joan at arms length and finds her rather annoying. One of the main reasons he remains distant, however, is because she reminds him of the Joan from his timeline (also the daughter of Tom and Janna). He and Stapocolyps Joan were comrades and really good friends. They trained together and his Joan had more control of her demon powers. She died on during a mission with Jam after Marco’s death to get the time tape. His Joan lamented that things would have been different and better if they had been able to be friends under different circumstances. The scarf Jam wore in his introduction in the comics was Joan’s.

YA Was Better In The Old Days

There are times when I really feel that modern girls are being ripped off in their YA. I grew up reading old WWII era Stories for Girls inherited from my grandmother and mother and let me tell you, restrictive gender roles and all, they let girls do more stuff than most of the current crop. And a lot of them were written around Girls Finding Their Calling rather than Girls Finding Their True Love.

For example:

In ‘A Friend for Frances’, Frances has to deal with the realities of being from a poor farming family and convince her parents to spend extra money on letting her go to a good school. She succeeds! She finds a best friend, learns about working hard to achieve your dreams, and ends the book a) all set to pursue her dream of gardening as a career and b) going to Holland to see the tulips because flowers are kind of her life. The only dudes involved in the story are her father, her brother, her best friend’s semi-present father and the Curmudgeon With A Heart Of Gold who gives her an after-school job.

In ‘Nancy Calls The Tune’, Nancy is a gifted musician and trained organist who takes a job in a church to free up the male organist to enlist and Do His Duty. Nancy and her housemate get jobs, work hard, Nancy helps maintain morale for the whole village and meets a nice man who respects her work-ethic and the housemate coerces a pilot into taking her over the channel to rescue her sister who is trapped Behind Enemy Lines. Some of the Patriotic Yay War Boo Cowardice stuff is pretty on the nose, but it still had a lot of Girls Doing Things.

In the entirety of the Swallows and Amazons series the girls were absolutely as competent as the boys when it came to sailing, exploring, and Making Up Cool Shit, and significantly more competent in the areas of cooking, supervising younger siblings, and making fires that wouldn’t go right out. It’s stated repeatedly in text that Susan, the ‘domestic one’, is the only reason they’re allowed to do most of it because she’s the one the parents can count on to make sure that Meals, Bedtime And Basic First Aid are applied at appropriate times. The assorted parents make it very clear to all the kids that John and Nancy may be the ships’ captains but SUSAN IS IN CHARGE IF YOU DISOBEY HER YOU WILL NEVER CAMP AGAIN.

‘The Daring Of Daryl’ features Daryl who is just SO EXCITED TO GO TO BOARDING SCHOOL THAT SHE RIDES A TRAINED BULL TO THE STATION RATHER THAN MISS THE TRAIN. An actual bull. Usual school story hijinks ensue, but I remember the book fondly to this day for Daryl’s almost Australian eagerness to embrace personal danger and sports. Again, very few dudes. 

It’s a bit older, but ‘Rilla of Ingleside’ is to this day one of the only WWI novels not only centered around almost exclusively female characters, but about girls who were at home, trying to cope with rationing and fundraising and answering the phone when any call might be to inform them of a death in the family. Rilla, a slightly spoiled teenager when the story opens, pulls her socks up and grimly soldiers on throughout. She raises money, knits socks, tries to keep her parents spirits up as their sons enlist one after another, somehow holds the family together when one of her brothers dies, and - with nobody blinking an eye - at fifteen adopts a war baby whose mother has died and whose father is overseas and takes care of it until the father comes back. There is a romance, but given that he’s also at war most of the time you don’t see much of him.

‘Dragon Island’ featured three girls who were shipwrecked (if I remember right) on an island with a significant komodo dragon population. They survived and didn’t get eaten and were generally plucky and good at problem-solving. They fished, scavenged, built shelters, all the good stuff. No romance unless you shipped the girls and let me tell you I did.

And there were innumerable Girl’s Own Stories and Girl’s Annuals and Girls Own Adventures in which girls scaled cliffs, captured spies, raised money for charities, thwarted evil capitalists trying to take the family farm, rode horses, saved injured animals, learned instruments, bested bullies, befriended strangers, went to sea, hiked up mountains, found treasure, put on shows, won scholarships, helped old people, won academic prizes, put out fires, and generally MADE FRIENDS WITH GIRLS AND DID ALL THE THINGS.

And every time I pick up a modern YA there’s at least one boy mentioned on the cover and Is It True Love and I just really miss the days when plucky, independent girls named Kate or Debbie or Susan or Abigail or Samantha were allowed to wear sensible shoes and pursue wildly varying hobbies and careers and solve their own problems that did not center around boys. Boys frequently did not even intrude on the narrative except as Annoying Brothers or Helpful Stable Hands.

I grew up reading stories in which heroines were expected to be plucky, tough, resourceful, independent, good at problem solving, unafraid of hard work and good human beings. My daughter is growing up reading stories about girls who fall in love and maybe, like, do some other stuff. I do not like this trend.

TLDR: I am old people and stories for girls were better in my day because there weren’t so many dang boys in them and also girls were allowed to do more things.


I have read a lot about Aliens dealing with cats so that got me thinking about the other pets….

Captain’s Log: Day 1 of 854: We are already having issues with the Human species. This voyage will be our first dealing with them and we have already had a delayed departure. You see the council agreed that a pet can be brought aboard any non-fighting vessel as long as the pet can be nurtured and well exercised as they would be on their home planet Earth. We have heard of many stories of these pets. 

       At first it was mostly furred creatures called Cats. These cats were generally nice and friendly and spent much of their time asleep. It was found that cats sleep an average of 15 earth hours and as much as 20 earth hours during a 24 earth hour day. Cats were fine except for their tendency for occasional sneak attacks upon unwitting passerby’s. The other species became accustomed to the attacks quickly and many frequent travelers have adapted to deal with cat behaviors. 

      Quite soon after cats came dogs. Another small furry species. Much less likely to ambush crew members. Very social and excitable just like their humans. 

      Next the humans brought aquatic creatures named Fish. The crews like these pets best as they simply just swim and require very little food and space. 

       Soon humans started bringing reptiles of all different styles. The majority were like fish, requiring little space. The big issue  was when one human brought a species of reptile called Water Monitor. The lizard was five feet long and weighed 55 pounds. Luckily they were not aboard long, just from one planet to the next. The large lizard needed almost a whole room just for it with various temperatures, it also ate a lot. Though the crew of that ship did not want to allow it at all the human argued that since it was just a short trip the reptile would be adequately cared for. The council agreed in favor of the human and new laws were made and special ships for the moving of creatures and their humans. The only real problem that trip was crew members thinking it was a kidnapped young of the Ssiisgar species. 

      Next came Birds a species that liked to fly, though a few do not. They were mostly kept in large cages in the humans room or let free to fly about the rest of the room. The main issue came from the speaking species that would talk and confuse the crew or mimic warning noises.

       Now we had been warned about all these but three days ago one of the humans, Angie O’Bas, arrived with a massive beast, nearly three feet tall at the shoulder, six feet long, and well over one hundred pounds. She them claimed it was a dog. This is the biggest headache of all and is the cause for today’s log. Now we have seen dogs before, and they are as previously stated small much like cats though slightly bigger. We were not informed that they frequently came in bigger sizes. She stated the dog was from a breed line called Irish Wolf Hound and was bred to help hunt and protect the land. The breed is no longer needed for such tasks majority of the time but humans still enjoyed the breed. An argument quickly arose that this breed broke rules. Which was the cause of the delay of the departure of the ship for 3 days. O’Bas was able to show that her pet, which she named Tiny for some unknown reason (that dog is the most opposite of Tiny) could live on the ship peacefully and healthy. The council eventually determined it was ok to allow Tiny on our ship. We think they were afraid of angering the owner or pet and decided that it is now our headache. Easy for them not to care when they only have one head. We will have to wait to see if we am right about our worries. At this point we generally don’t know if we would be less stressed commanding a war ship instead of our science exploration vessel. End log.

The Truth Of The Matter

Spock x Reader

Words: 982
Plot: A Romulan transmission comes through requesting negotiations - the reader volunteers. When Spock objects, she’s more than a little offended that he thinks she can’t do her job. But that’s far from the reason he’s not happy.
A/N: I love Spock x reader pairing SO MUCH. SO MUCH. Despite having requests out the wazoo I’m going to take a little time to give this pairing to end all pairings a little love. It’s sort of a sequel to Shon-ha’lock, if you want it to be.

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The transmission had come through, cracked and stuttering as it played on the bridge; a Romulan diplomacy ship having lost primary and auxiliary engines due to a massive malfunction. They requested aid; Kirk had offered a boarding party to discuss the terms of such aid.
They had, reluctantly, accepted.
When the transmission darkened, the room went silent.
“What are the odds this is a trap?” Sulu asked, turning over his shoulder to look over at the captain.
Kirk’s brow furrowed; he reached his index finger to his lips in thought before pushing out of his seat.
“I don’t know. Which is why I’ve got to be the one to go” Kirk added “I’ll take a small ground crew. Raise all shields, monitor life signs”.

“Aye sir”.

“Uhura? You’re fluent in Romulan, right?”
Lieutenant Uhura folded her hands behind her back, raising her chin.
“I am. But I don’t know how confident I am discerning what happened; I’m not familiar with Romulan ship mechanics”.
Kirk clenched his jaw, drumming his fingers against his sides.
(y/n) stood awkwardly from behind her desk; pulling at the hem of her yellow shirt as she nudged her chair with her foot.
“I think I can do it. I wrote a dissertation on Romulan spacefairing in the Academy. If they’re lying, I should be able to figure it out-”
“-Captain, it seems reasonably illogical to remove the Communications Lieutenant from her post when we will be needing to send transmissions to starfleet” Spock interjected hastily, his mouth a thin line as he stared at Kirk, almost deliberately avoiding (y/n)’s gaze as he did so.
(y/n) bit her lip, her eyes dropping to the floor immediately in frustration. 
She had trained for this. She knew what she was doing. She had this under control.
“Mr. Sulu can monitor comms in her absence. I don’t doubt he can do a reasonable job until we get back” Kirk added, tapping figures into his PADD. (y/n) swore she could see a smirk on Jim’s lips; but if it was there, it was gone in moments.
“-Then allow me to go in your place. I have familiarity with Romulan ships and am the First Officer of this ship. Should anything happen I would-”
“Spock” Jim asserted, turning to the Vulcan “I need you here. You being the First Officer is exactly why you need to be here when I beam over. If it all goes to hell, there’s nobody I’d rather have commanding this ship.”
Spock keyed a command into his PADD before turning to Kirk, his eyes sharp.
“Yes, sir.”
“Excellent” Jim grinned, clasping his hands together “Lieutenant, we beam out in five minutes. Suit up and I’ll meet you in the transporter room.”
(y/n) felt her stomach turn with nerves, her heart thrashing in her chest. Nodding to Kirk, she quickly logged herself out of her panel and darted over to the turbolift, tying her hair back out of her face with a band she kept around her wrist. Pushing the button to take her to her quarters, the lift doors began closing.

A hand reached out, and the automatic doors slid open again.
Spock walked in coolly, his hands held tightly behind his back as he stood beside her. From here, she could see the way his cheekbone curved in the light; the way his hairline dusted against his ears-
No. She couldn’t bare to think about those things right now.
She’d been smitten for him for too long; always tripping over her words in the corridor; always making up reasons to stay behind on the bridge when she was exhausted just to be in the room alone with him. He never seemed to give her the time of day; or if he did, it always had to be for something. 
He’d saved her life once; she’d been shot, disruptor fire causing her to fall and break her ribs. He’d carried her, then. Visited her in the medbay. He’d been kind. 
But there were always reasons. Always answers.
Never the ones she wanted.
“Lieutenant-” Spock began.
“Why did you do that?” (y/n) asked, turning to face him as the turbolift clicked, beginning its descent away from the bridge. He looked straight ahead; only acknowledging her out of the corner of his eye. 
He visibly swallowed.

(y/n) gritted her teeth.
“You know I’m more than qualified to go on this mission. You previously described my field performance as ‘exemplary’ in regards to identifying cultural differences in regards to spacefairing designs” she breathed.
Spock’s hands seemed to move slightly behind his back; he re-adjusted his posture.
“You are likely the most qualified candidate for this mission”.
(y/n) opened her mouth in shock, her brow furrowing as she looked at him incredulously.
“Then why would you-”
“Your conclusion that I would insist on you remaining on the ship as a result of your incapacity is incorrect. It is far from the truth of the matter.”
(y/n) felt her frustration draining; her hands shaking as the feelings of inadequacy left them, replaced with a haze of confusion and anticipation. Spock barely looked at her; he almost never truly looked at her. It was as though he was always looking just over her shoulder, just over her head.
“What is the truth of the matter, Spock?”
The turbolift dinged as it approached her floor. 
Spock turned then, his eyes darting across to hers. His gaze was so intense she felt her face grow hot; something held within it making her heart hammer in her chest.
“If a situation occurred in which your safety was threatened; others may not handle your safety being at risk with so much comfort.”
The doors slid open, and Spock strode out quickly.
(y/n) swore she saw his ears tinged with green; but if that were the case it was only for a moment, and then he was out of sight.

CW: Home of The Mary Sues Ultimate Edition!

This is the ultimate edition of the CW Mary Sues. The Mary Sueness just doesn’t know when to end with these girls do they?

1. Elena Gilbert (aka Black Hole SuePurity SueSympathetic SueFixer Sue)

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2. Lana Lang (aka Sympathetic Sue/ God-Mode Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Purity Sue)

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3. Hayley Marshall (aka Jerk Sue/ Anti-Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Fixer Sue)

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I’m going to be Copying and Pasting each and every trope that these 3 posses that make them Mary Sue characters. BTW here’s the link to the site (

Let’s start with Personality:

What personality? In these cases, it’s fairly blatant that the author is just writing the character for amazing stuff to happen to instead of a character that actually exists as a person. Obviously, this is only a Mary Sue trait if what happens gives the character special powers,fantastic romances, or somehow lets her be a big damned heroine ; otherwise it’s just another faceless first-person perspective.

  • The personality of a Mary Sue — if she has one — is not nearly as important as how other characters react to it. No matter how shy or socially awkward Mary Sue is supposed to be, other characters will be drawn to her and inexplicably prefer her company over that of anyone else. All of her ideas are brilliant, all of her jokes are funny, all of her advice is an amazing breakthrough. People will trust her immediately, or very quickly, and feel more comfortable talking to her than to anyone else (even their own family or their significant other), even if she hasn’t done or said anything to make them feel that way about her.
  • If another character doesn’t feel this way about Mary Sue, it’s usually to portray them as either bad or just an idiot.
  • Mary Sue doesn’t have to actually do anything to be considered a good person—she just is good. By extension, anything she does is good, and even when she does nothing she brings more good into the world simply by existing than any other character ever could. Goodness just seems to seep out of her body like radiation.

All 3 of them suffer from bland personalities, and are praised for being brave, amazing, compassionate, etc. Here are some examples:

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  • Highly persuasive, regardless of the actual content of the conversations. Everyone finds her opinions are just better than their own — even when they’re usually stubborn bastards. This is especially likely in an Author Tract.
  • Is either brave and cheerful (despite her pastnot unheard of in real life, but with Sues it tends to come across as Angst? What Angst?) — or unnecessarily mopey and depressed.
  • Friend to All Living Things. It’s becoming gradually less common as authors catch on to the Mary Sue Classicframework.
  • She loves everyone and forgives them all for their imperfections. Plus she is willing to save, protect or risk all for the sake of someone she has met just seconds ago.
  • Occasionally a complete asshole, especially when she’s supposed to be all of the above. Nobody will call her out on her abrasive, casually abusive behavior. Strong badass characters who would normally rip someone’s spleen out for squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end, are instantly cowed and become meek, spineless Wangst factories as soon as she “puts them in their place.”
  • Full-on Jerk Sues will routinely be flippant, snide, and rude, yet will be treated as a charmingly sarcastic character. They will flout authority as a matter of course and never suffer the consequences. Even if said authority figure is known for a tough stance on disrespect, they will either gamely ignore the Sue’s challenge to their authority, or—worse still—praise her for her “cheekiness” or “boldness.”

Now that (Jerk Sue) applies more to Hayley:

Her “major flaws” will be stubbornness and a bad temper. These will only ever help her, never hurt her — because she’s always right, so whatever cause she dedicates herself to with such stubbornness will be a good cause, and whoever she loses her temper with will deserve it.

  • Sometimes they’ll mess her up once so she can learn an important lesson. And then they’ll help her for the rest of the story.
  • A character who’s described as being blunt to the point of rudeness or tactlessness will be praised for being “refreshingly honest” or for “telling it like it is.” Only the bad guys or other unsympathetic characters will ever say, “What a bitch.”
  • If she has any flaws intentionally written in by the creator, expect them to be Informed or not really flaws to begin with. Bonus points if they’re genuine flaws that would actually be pretty awesome were it not for their drawbacks (e.g. substance abuse, nymphomania, etc.), and of course the drawbacks will never be shown.

This one relates more to Elena when Julie Plec stated that Elena’s only flaw was that “she cared too much.”

Let’s move onto Skills:

I mean… I have to pull up the gifs:

BTW, in one of the gifs Hayley is pregnant and is picking fights with a vampire. Not to mention when she fought Mikael while she was 9 months pregnant. You couldn’t get more Mary Sue than that.

  • Skilled in a type of martial arts in a setting or with a backstory that doesn’t allow for it. Not regularly skilled either; she could kick the ass of the resident ninja of her choice.
  • And with all this — don’t expect the Green-Eyed Monster to show up. Envy appears in the Mary Sue’s life only as a means of angst, and so does not appear just because the Mary Sue has everything.
  • Alternately, anybody who does get jealous is a bitch and is wrong. This is typically a single other character and may be Die for Our Ship or for other reasons. (Caroline jealous of Elena in Season 1, Alicia jealous of Lana in Smallville)

  • Mary Sue always has excellent fashion sense. Even if she’s meant to be a rough-and-tumble Tomboy type who doesn’t care about that sort of thing, she will always look effortlessly beautiful and other characters, often males, will frequently talk about how they like that she isn’t as high maintenance as other girls (if she has a female rival they might mention her specifically).

If anything a Mary Sue typically has a fashion sense of a teenager throwing random things together, but she makes it look sexy or badass. Here are the receipts:

Let’s move onto Physical Appearance:

  • So Beautiful, It’s a Curse. While being attractive isn’t a qualifier of Mary Sue (who wants to be ugly?), it’s a bit excessive to try and play it as being some sort of disadvantage. Alternatively, she may only be Suetiful All Along. In an Anti-Sue, this is reversed into a hideous monster. Regardless, her astounding beauty (or astounding lack of it) will make her stand out from the crowd — or so we’re constantly being told.
  • No matter what she’s been through, Mary Sue will never look ugly. The worst she’ll ever be reduced to is Unkempt Beauty, and even if she is somehow injured and scarred or handicapped, the scar will always be a cool-looking, Bond villain-type scar that serves as more of a decoration than anything else. Plus, when she overcomes the handicap, she will be just as amazing as she was before getting injured (or better).
  • Likewise, if Mary Sue has a birthmark, it will be in a significant shape (heart, half moon, etc.) and never in a place that compromises her beauty. Expect the Mary Sue to think the birthmark makes her unattractive. This will be despite the fact that other characters insist that the birthmark makes her more attractive, especially in comparison to physically flawless characters. (Hayley’s Crescent Moon Birthmark)

Now onto Accessories:

  • Magic jewelry. It might be used as a Green Lantern Ring to justify her abilities. Bonus points if it glows.  (Elena’s vervain necklace created by a witch, Lana’s kryptonite necklace)

Now onto Canon Character Relationships:

Some Wish Fulfillment with a character you think is hot isn’t that bad. But a Mary Sue seems to grab their attention straight away. Even if they already have a stable love interest in canon, that relationship will be treated as either non-existent, or the couple will be split up in some way. (Elena and Stefan were retconned so Damon and Elena could happen, Gia and Elijah were completely ignored so Elijah could go back to pining after Hayley)

  • Bonus points if the love interest stands aside or sacrifices himself/herself so Mary Sue can be happy, or is twisted into a hateful person to justify Mary Sue breaking up the canon couple. (Stefan becoming a ripper/no humanity in Season 3 in order to breakup Stelena)
  • Turns out to be the offspring of a canon character. Made worse if that character would have been too young to have the Mary Sue, is gay/asexual, or perhaps is just physically incapable of it. For added Wangst, it’s the villain.
  • Even the characters who don’t have sex with her give her more heed than they normally would. Characters she likes can’t stop praising her positive traits. Characters she doesn’t like can’t stop making themselves look bad by insulting her. Even if she’s not physically present, that just means everyone can speak “freely” about her. In addition to the previous scenarios, at least one character will confess to being secretly be in love with her. There may be just “something special” about her, with no particular reason why anybody would think that. In the worst-case scenarios, they pay no heed to their own responsibilities or lives, only to Sue
  • .Bonus points: the disliked character behaving badly toward the Sue eventually sees the “error” of his/her ways and grows to love Sue as much as everyone else does.More bonus points: the bad behavior and treatment of the Sue by disliked characters is portrayed as jealousy.
  • Previously-established personalities change in reaction to her. Arrogant gimps may admire her for everything. Sweet, mild-mannered characters (that she and the author don’t like) insult and degrade her. A leader with responsibilities pays attention only to her. Young, reckless characters who would never settle down just yet will become totally reliable. Evil characters follow her around like a puppy or seem uncharacteristically obsessed with her. Extremely competent characters become stumbling buffoons who require her help to do anything. The characters in general just seem unnaturally focused on her, positive or negative.
  • She may have relationships of some kind with multiple major canon characters. For example, she’s the secret daughter of A who gave her up to be adopted by B’s parents, making her his sister, and she goes on to have a passionate affair with C, remaining friendly with him even though she goes on to marry D, and she’s E’s best friend, F’s closest advisor…and so on.

Mary Sues tend to have multiple love interest either currently or pre-season:

Lana and Whitney

Lana and Jason

Lana and Clark

Lana and Lex

Matt and Elena (pre-season, but Matt was still in love with Elena in Season 1)

Stefan and Elena

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Damon and Elena (Bleh!)

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Liam and Elena

Hayley and Klaus

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Hayley and Elijah

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Hayley and Jackson

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All of the men fawn over them.

Now onto Story Elements:

  • Mary Sue is always on the Spotlight-Stealing Squad. Without her, there would not be a story.
  • She’s The Chosen One. Even if the canon hero is already The Chosen One, she either ‘shares’ the position or just steals it away from them.
  • Sympathetic Sue has an unusually Dark and Troubled Past to excess, but other subtypes often have them too, just to emphasize how brave and special she is to live through it. This past is never really a point in the story, just dropped casually into the conversation to get attention. Alternatively it’s written badly owing to not doing much research. How much she Wangsts about it is usually out of proportion with how bad it really is. (Elena and Lana)
  • Redeems the villain through her overwhelming goodness. Might be through Redemption Equals Sex (bonus points if it leads into IKEA Erotica). Even more bonus points if the story decides to mention that this is her loss of virginity. Yet more bonus points if the villain comments on how awesome she is in bed despite said virginity. (Elena and Damon, Hayley being the incubator for Klaus’s redemption) 
  • Is a princess. Everything’s Better with Princesses, after all. Bonus points if she grew up as a peasant (or equivalent social class) and only just discovered this during the story. Of course, in any case, it will be a position of high opulence and little actual responsibility. (Obviously Hayley)
  • Perform a Heroic Sacrifice as a way to prove that she’s Too Good for This Sinful Earth. Bonus points if the story goes out of the way to ensure she doesn’t leave an ugly corpse (whether it be by a method that doesn’t involve external physical damage or by her body not being recovered). More bonus points if it turns out to be a Disney Death. (Elena in Season 2)
  • She will often have a tragic family life. Coming from an abusive background is quite common. Her mother is often either dead or a Wicked Stepmother. In the latter case, she will most likely be in Cinderella Circumstances. Her father is frequently an Overprotective Dad (or in some cases, a Wicked Stepfather). Orphans are also very common, as is Parental Abandonment. (Elena is adopted by her Aunt and Uncle, her biological parents are assholes who want to kill the Salvatore brothers. They eventually end up dead. Lana’s parents die from meteor crash, and it turns out that she is adopted. Hayley’s biological parents are killed by Jackson’s grandfather as a result of a civil war in the Crescent Pack. Her adopted parents kicked her out at 13 when she transformed into a werewolf in front of them)
  • She will often suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome, having some trait or backstory that sets her apart from her race. 

Now onto Presentation:

  • In visual media, the camera just can’t stop staring at her. Every angle is seen several times and her every action gets a heavy emphasis with close-up shots galore. Other characters don’t get to be in the frame alone if it can be helped.
  • When the character is off-screen, if ever, the other characters are still talking about her, taking it as a chance to speak “honestly” about the new girl. If they like her, they sing her praises; if not, their dislike will be taken as jealousy, as her “haters” will only talk about petty issues (Sue’s background, perceived promiscuity, etc.), and not genuine gripes (massive attention whoring, for starters).
  • She’s the vanishing point - everything revolves around her.

Reading these tropes I can honestly say that Hayley, Elena, and Lana are the poster children of these tropes. Reading all of these tropes I couldn’t help but think about how all 3 of them fit them so well. And that is honestly sad because writers write these characters as if they’re badass, awesome, compassionate, strong, and just want to be loved, and is what girls should look up to. When in reality that is not the case, Mary Sues are misogynistic, anti-feminist, self-insert characters. They are what writers imagine themselves to be, and place themselves into the story making up this character that is so perfect and badass, but has a tragic past. Mary Sues are what girls fantasize what they want to be in their favorite TV shows or movies, and they completely ruin the story. Mary Sues are the reason why people can’t stand watching a certain TV shows at times because they take up all the screen time and everything has to be about them. People say things like “Oh, but she’s the main character so it has to be about her.” when in reality that’s not how being a protagonist works. Yes they are the key center to the story, but you know what makes a good TV show is when they focus on the side characters or the supporting characters. For example True Blood, even though everything was supposed to be about Sookie the show still payed attention to the side characters and as a result people had a reason to sit through Sookie’s bullshit. Because the side characters had the same amount of screen time as her, and at times the show didn’t bring up Sookie at times. You would think she was a side character because the side characters got more attention than her, but nope she wasn’t. Being a protagonist is one thing, a protagonist is key central to the story but they still are no the center of attention or a Mary Sue, but being a Mary Sue is a completely different thing. Being a Mary Sue means you are bland, dull, lifeless. You are so perfect you have all of the guys fawning over you, and you can be a damsel in distress at times but then you become a badass bitch. You have some sort of supernatural lineage, and all of the girls that trash talk you are just jealous and want what you have. Everything revolves around you!

And the CW doesn’t seem to get the message that others are getting…


ACOTAR Ships as Disney Couples (Part 1)

Hello! Welcome to this post where I try to match ACOTAR ships to Disney ones. I tried my best to match the characters up. Please comment your opinions on how I did and let me know if you’d like one for the Throne Of Glass series or for any other ships! Thank you for reading! ~ Alix (TheeReadQueen)

Feyre & Rhysand as Rapunzel & Eugene

The main ship of the A Court Of Thorns And Roses Series was really hard to match with a Disney pairing but in the end I chose the Tangled pairing because of how Rhysand freed Feyre and showed her a sense of adventure and allowed her to protect herself while guiding her. Like Eugene, he also had his own reasons for helping Feyre but still learns to trusts her.

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Like Rapunzel, Feyre learns she wants to do more than paint all day, she fells closed in and the people they love say they “know best”.

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Rhysand and Eugene both come off as villians in the beginning. Appearing to care only for themselves but coming to understand their feelings toward their partners.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Both couples start to acknowledge their feeling for each other at a festival with many lights. (Starfall & the Floating Lanterns)

Originally posted by tattoodisneygirl

Eugene and Rhysand are both willingly to sacrifice themselves for the women they love and destroy the villians too. (Mother Gothel & Amarantha/Cauldron?)

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Both males almost die!

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Both females save them! (With magical, glowy powers…)

The End! Let me know if you want a Part 2 & which couple from ACOTAR you’d like to see! I hope you have a great day! Bye! ~ Alix (TheeReadQueen)


Jungkook: Broken Paradise part 2

 Previous parts: Part 1 


 She puts her phone down no longer able to answer. Her world was crashing down and she felt suffocated with nowhere to go. She hated herself for ever allowing her walls to come down. She was completely in love with a boy who didn’t even care. He’s right. She was nothing but she couldn’t allow something bad to happen to him…so she lies 

 She has no reason to stay. It isn’t home but then again where is. She has no one but to her it’s best to go anyways. Her paradise all came crashing down at once.

krzed  asked:

If I'm allowed multiple prompts “I’m mad at myself.” and “I’m trying my best, but it’s just not good enough.” Beethaniel identity reveal please

For the wonderful @krzed, the reason I ever stepped aboard the Chlonath ship. <3

“I’m mad at myself.”

Nathaniel jumped, dropping his sketchbook and pencil case. “What the heck are you doing up here?” he asked, stooping down to gather his things. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“You should be more aware of your surroundings,” Queen Bee sniffed, crossing her legs as she perched on the roof ledge.

“Were you waiting on me?”

“Not everything is about you, Red.”

“Ah, seems like you’re in a delightful mood. Maybe I’ll just go back downstairs to sketch.” He put his hand on the roof access doorknob.

“Wait! Please don’t go.”

Nathaniel sighed and let go of the knob. “What’s going on?”

“Do you think I’m a good hero?”

He turned to study her face. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m not sure that I am,” she confessed. “I’m trying my best, but it’s just not good enough.”

He deposited his things on the rickety patio table and joined her by the ledge. “I think you’re doing a good job. I imagine being a hero is hard.”

“It is,” she nodded. 

“And you seem around my age. I’m sure you have school and friends and family to juggle on top of it.”

“Something like that,” she muttered.

“Did someone tell you that you aren’t doing a good job?” Nathaniel perched on the edge of the brick and Queen Bee eyed his position warily. 

“Maybe you should go sit in one of the chairs.”

“Maybe you should let me sit where I want on my own roof,” he shot back.

“I won’t save you if you start to fall,” she warned.

“Maybe you’re not such a good hero after all.” He frowned when he saw her face fall. “Come on, you know I’m only giving you a hard time. You started it anyway. So what’s all this about?”

“I was the reason for the akuma earlier today.”

“I’m pretty sure Hawk Moth is behind the akumas.”

Queen Bee rolled her eyes. “No, you dense tomato, I mean I’m the one who upset the person who became an akuma.”



“Well, we all make mistakes.”

“The current count is seventeen.”

Nathaniel’s brows knitted together. “Seventeen what?”

She sighed. “I’ve been the cause of seventeen akumas.”

“Wait, really?”

“Even you,” she whispered.

“Me? But that was…” He trailed off and his eyes widened. “Chloe?!”

“Shhh! Secret identity, remember?”

Nathaniel began to pace the rooftop. “All this time? All this freaking time you’ve been freaking Chloe Bourgeois?!”

Queen Bee blinked against the tears threatening to fall. She would not cry in front of this loser. 

He stopped his pacing to glare at her. “You could’ve been killed in the fight last weekend! I watched you fall ten stories!”

She blinked. “I can fly,” she responded dumbly.

“It was still scary!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air. “It was scary enough seeing it happen to a hero. To know that it was you…” He shook his head. “How did this happen? Was it not enough to fall for the stuck-up rich girl? She has to be a superhero who fights scary monsters too?!” He looked up to the sky. “Did I piss someone off or something? I’m a pretty easy-going guy. I try to stay out of trouble. I–”

“Who in the world are you talking to?”

“The powers that be, apparently. There has to be some explanation for all this,” he sighed, flopping down in a worn lawn chair.

“Did you say you fell for me?”

“I don’t think so.”

Queen Bee dropped off the ledge. “Kurtzberg, do you like me?”

His cheeks flamed red. “Are you going to make fun of me now?”

“Why me?” She asked, ignoring his question.

He shrugged. “Sometimes you can’t explain these things. It’s just how I feel.”

“I’m a bad person.”

“You’re a flawed person, just like me. I think you’re trying to change though. I can see it.” He reached out for her hand, tentatively taking it in his. “You’re a good hero, Chloe. Don’t ever doubt that.”

“I think I’m going to kiss you now, Red.”

Nathaniel blinked wide eyes. “Okay.” 

She leaned forward, placing her hands on the arms of the chair, and pressed her lips to his. He sighed against her mouth as she pulled away.

“Yeah,” he said dreamily, “you’re definitely a good hero.”

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ssilverstreak  asked:

Since I know you adore the pairing, AlyaAdriNette OT3 headcanons?

:D I love talking about that ship. 

  • Alya and Adrien tease Marinette mercilessly. She is just really easy to tease and they love her reactions. Sometimes they accidentally take things to far, and they have to kiss and hug her until she feels better. 
  • They like to cook together. Alya knows fancy techniques and Marinette is great at baking and Adrien is just eager to learn. He’s always the one who comes up with new recipes to cook. 
  • Their apartment is a two bedroom, even though they all sleep in one giant bed. But they understand that sometimes they need space, especially with three people living so closely, so they have another room where they can have some privacy. Adrien is the one who uses it the most. He loves attention, of course, but every now and then he gets overwhelmed. 
  • They love morning snuggles. Marinette and Alya love to sleep late and won’t let Adrien get up until they are done snuggling him. He doesn’t mind much.
  • Alya didn’t learn that her partners were Ladybug and Chat Noir until after they had been in a relationship for a while. It was pretty much the best day of her life. She loves kissing their superhero identities and makes them carry her around Paris and kiss her on famous landmarks. They are happy to indulge her. 
  • Marinette was the reason they all got together, and Adrien and Alya didn’t expect to fall in love with each other as much as they did. It wasn’t long before they were as much in love with each other as they both were with Marinette. 

Talk to me about my wips/headcanons/ideas!

I might get hate for this, I might not but I don’t truthfully care. Here is the thing I’ve never been able to understand. Why does people ship Emison? Outside of Emily caring for Alison as Emily also cares for everyone she has been with. I’ve never understood it and I’ve also never been given an answer. Alison was the one who made Emily afraid to come out of the closet. Instead of being her friend and allowing Emily to be able to be who she is and support her, she made Emily feel uncomfortable. Not only that Alison also made Hanna uncomfortable about her weight, Lucas uncomfortable about who he is, she was the reason Mona became A, she was slut shaming Spencer etc. I mean we all do stupid things as a kid but are we just gonna completely ignore what she did? Also has she changed that much as an adult? And before you mention Paige attempting to drown Emily, guess who made Paige into the person she was before she made changes to better herself.

Here is the thing, like what you want to like. In the end, it’s your business but I’m just trying to understand why someone who has tormented so many characters on a show has such a huge following.

anonymous asked:

Might I request some Hypatia x Meagan Foster headcanons?

Despite being offered to come to the ship by Emily’s direct invitation, Hypatia still feels like intruder for the first few days, making herself as quiet and invisible as possible. She unpacks shyly and tries not to cause any racket. She hates being too much trouble for people and attracting too much attention, she’s glad the room she was allowed to take is small and stacked with supplies, barely leaving her any room to sleep - this way she doesn’t feel like the space is wasted on her presence.

Meagan can’t quell her irrational annoyance at first, disling the idea of strangers aboard her ships, even if Emily insist she can be trusted, and the fact that said stranger barely makes her own presence known and avoid leaving her cabin altogether is the only way to excuse it. She overhears them chat quietly, however, sees Alexandria’s gangly hands held in Emily’s, in an awkward yet honest gesture of comfort, and something shifts in her mood, just a little. She brews her some tea infused with lemon later that evening, refreshing in the heat. Alexandria thanks her, absentmindedly, and cradles the cup gently in her hands, even those her gaze wanders off and her thoughts are clearly elsewhere. 

Another day however, once Alexandria gets a reasonable amount of sleep hours for the first time in weeks, months, years, she grows resteless, her distate for doing nothing crashing down on her as a wave, and her hands are itchy for work, any sort of work to keep herself busy, exhaust herself again with any mundane labour she can find aboard the ship, to keep her thoughts at bay. She asks Meagan’s permission to get the supplies in order, clean their little kitchen up. Meagan allows her, barely paying attention, but the last thing she expects to see upon returning there is every single spice there alphabetized, and accepts a cup of coffee from her now steady, confident hands. Her gratitude, she says.

Meagan guards her privacy well, at all times, the key to her cabin never leaves her person and always hangs on a chain underneath her coat, and she stiffens a bit when their insomnia hours on the deck overlap, expecting small talk and inquiring questions, but nothing happens. They mostly sit in silence, Meagan smoking her pipe, Alexandria wrapped in an old, tattered blanket she brought from her bed, and only when a whale emerges from the water, Alexandria says quietly, more to herself, that the last time she saw a whale so close was when she travelled to Dunwall, to the academy, so many years ago, so far away from home and so miserably seasick. They sit closer on that night, and Meagan finds herself talking, and talking, more than she did in years, talking about how she took the ship 15 years ago and never looked back. How small her entire life felt, how easy it seemed to leave it behind and start anew, when a creature this huge, huge enough to swallow you entirely, passes by your boat. How there was something magical and otherwordly about the whales, something not quite the same as any other living creature, but on that night, she withholds the entire truth.

They cook together once Sokolov is on the boat, in silent yet efficient team-up, as if they’ve been at it for years. The boat feels overcrowded, but somehow, right now Meagan doesn’t mind. She finds herself wishing she was younger and bolder, and still remembering how say things without overthinking it, without giving out too much, wishes she would find the words to tell Alexandria that she’s not overstaying her welcome, not at all, that she doesn’t have to prove her right to be present by examinig Sokolov’s physical condition or cleaning up the storage room. The heavy, salty air of the southern seas has been her home for more than a decade, but Meagan takes the invitation seriously. “The Dreadful Wale has been my home for weeks, you can always come to mine”.

It feels odd, being in one place for so long after sleeping in a captain’s cabin for so long, for almost the third of her life, with no heavy roll of the ocean under your feet, with people coming and going - but doing something together, keeping your hands busy together in a blissful, understanding silence, brings a sense of familiarity, as if they’ve been at it for years, as if they studied together or something. Meagan has little scientific knowledge, has no fancy certificate in her cabinet, but the knowledge of stitching wounds with a steady, determinant hand, cauterizing the wounds, preparing the paste from the simplest, cheapest-to-acquire ingredients, the harsh skill of staying alive or keeping alive with the bare minimum on your hands, the battlefiled kind of medicine, returns to her as if it was yesterday. They’re an odd duo, she thinks, as their hands both tore things apart, and brought them back together, but it’s a comfort, to work together on the latter now. 

The key to a locked cabin of her ship, waiting just outside the Institute, lays on the ocean’s bottom, as Meagan found the place closest to home,

Richonne Party 7x12

Tuesday: Favorite Richonne Moment(s)

I broke mine down into three parts… don’t hate me.  I couldn’t help it.  After all, I am complete trash.

PRE CANON - 5x16 “Conquer”

I LOVE THIS MOMENT.  Though very small and minuscule compared to all of their other powerful and emotionally beautiful moments.  BUT I LOVE THIS Y’ALL.  It says so much.  To me, at least.  It shows Rick’s humility.  He’s being apologetic.  Which are two words I wouldn’t necessarily use to describe him lol.  But they DO describe him whenever he’s around Michonne.  This was HUGE for him.  Huge.  Handing over a gun?? By choice?? Rick?? But he is! And he does! To Michonne.  There aren’t many people he’d be vulnerable enough to surrender to… And what I love the most, is when she lets him keep it.  She knows and understands what must be done.  She trusts him.  She loves him.

CANON - 6x10 “The Next World”

Okay so we ALL know this moment.  It changed/ruined our entire lives I’m pretty sure.  But allow me to express how much I love their individual moments of absolute joy.  In the first gif, Michonne has her moment.  You can see it on her face. She has stood beside this man for ages; through hell and more.  And in the process, has fallen in love with him.  And finally, they share this happy and long awaited moment. Now the second one… y’all, it made me burst into tears.  Not tears of “FANGIRL SHIPPING FEELS”… No, I cried because of a much deeper reason.  Andrew Lincoln’s face.  Rick’s genuine smile.  This man has been through the RINGER.  Well, everyone has obviously– it’s the apocalypse, but his sorrows go to a different level somehow.  To me, at least.  And finally… it’s almost as if despite everything, it was all worth it.  Because he has her and she has him.

POST CANON - 6x11 “Knots Untie” 

AAAHHHHH! I’M STILL NOT OVER THIS MOMENT.  STILL.  After a year!  It’s ironic, my third and possibly favoritest Richonne moment goes to my baby boy, Carl.  After all, he is the whole reason Rick brought Michonne into the prison in the first place.  Carl is the reason, she became one of them.  He initiated this ship.  Carl did!  He’s the Captain.  And I love how Rick saw it as a priority to tell him about his recent relationship with Michonne.  “This is different” Rick assures him.  THIS IS DIFFERENT HE SAYS.  And then… this perfect and cheeky boy responds in the best and most appropriate way: “It’s cool.”  With a similar smile, Rick and Michonne shared the night before.  #GrimesFam2.0