this is the real tragedy

I’ve been thinking about this PewDiePie situation and the right-wing response to it a bit, and I think it pretty well demonstrates the social rot at the heart of capitalist socialization.

Whenever somebody gets called out for using blatantly offensive and discriminatory language, the far right always thinks that the response is entirely performative. Everybody that is offended isn’t REALLY offended, we are just performing offense in order to play nice with “respectable” society. In other words, we are all just playing a game, and the end goal is getting ahead. Everything is a competition. Social justice is just another element in the game, and some people choose to take that route in their quest for power and social capital.

You can call this out as childish and selfish, because it is, but it also points to a much deeper problem in the way capitalism teaches us to think about morality. We are taught from a young age two conflicting narratives - that we should be kind and respectful to other people, but also that everything is a competition and you should do everything you can to be the absolute best. Those two ideas are incompatible with each other. You can’t simultaneously respect other people while viewing them as your competition in the game of life. So people normally end up predominantly recognizing one side or the other - we either decide to be especially kind and respectful to each other, or we decide to view everything as a competition.

For the people who choose the second option, morality becomes part of the game. Nothing anybody does is actually genuine - it’s all just a ruse to push other people out of the way. That’s why they can’t believe that there is anybody that actually doesn’t want to be offensive. That there are people who aren’t offensive when nobody is watching. The only reason you would ever be respectful in the first place is because other people are watching - because you’re trying to get ahead. It’s all a competition.

Some prominent parenting strategies exacerbate the problem. “You can’t do that because I say so.” If no reason is ever given, why are people doing anything? Because it’s a game. Just like school, just like work.

And the truth is, we all play that side from time to time. Everybody lies on their job application. Everybody acts way too happy to be at work. Everybody pretends to like their boss more than they do. Everybody plays nice to the horrible customers that you would otherwise strangle. Even people who choose to be genuinely kind are forced to play the game on occasion as well. And the people who chose the competitive view of the world recognize that.

So we can certainly mock and laugh at the people who can’t figure out that there are actually good people in the world who do good things out of genuine compassion. It is a laughable position. But it’s also baked into all of us from a young age in capitalist society. And that’s the real tragedy.

When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways–either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.
—  Dalai Lama XIV
Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul

I finally decided to do my favorite sad-tragedy anime raccomandations.

Since I’m a  heartless fucking asshole in real life tragedy anime gives me my emotions back. It’s probably my favorite genre

I’ll also do the manga version if this is enough appreciated lets say

  • AnoHana

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  • Natsuyuki rendezvous

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  •  Tokyo magnitude 8.0

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  • Clannad after story

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  • Little busters Refrain

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  • Bokurano

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  • Elfen lied

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  • Angel beats

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  • Plastic memories

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  • Akame ga kill

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  • Wolf’s rain

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  • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

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  • Zankyou no terror

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  • Natsume Yuujinchou

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  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

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  • Mawaru penguidrum

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  • Donten ni Warau 

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it has some of the most painful and beatiful scenes in anime

I didn’t include the anime movies

The real tragedy of the book to show conversion is that the sand snakes actually wanted to crown Myrcella, not kill her.

See, Dorne is the only kingdom that treats women as if they’re equals. Women inherit lands and titles there. In fact, Doran actually has a daughter, Arienne, who leads the sand snakes in this plot. Oh, and she’s the crown princess of Dorne. Trystane is such a minor character.

They want to crown Myrcella, because according to Dornish law, she should have rightfully become the next ruler of Westeros instead of Tommen. Their revenge on Kings Landing isn’t to kill another Lannister, it’s literally to create a civil war against patriarchy. To make the Lannisters chose a side.

So by erasing Arienne, and making the sand snakes entire plot revolve around wanting to kill an innocent girl, the show really destroyed one of the best plot lines and kingdoms in the books.

My Top Jonerys Moments (There’s a lot so bare with’s basically all of them or the highlights at least.)   PS. if some of the gifs don’t work I apologize.

The last two Targaryens finally meeting.

Jon responding perfectly to her statement.

Daenerys admiring Jon’s honesty.  (Also thinking of Rhaegar)

Jon staring at Daenerys/first physical contact.

Daenerys calling Jon a king.

Walking out of the cave in sync like the king and queen they are.

Daenerys asking for Jon’s advice.

Jon telling Daenerys exactly what she needs to hear.

A good heart?

Jon staring in wonder and awe at Daenerys on Drogon and Daenerys staring right back.

Jon getting lost in her beauty.

Daenerys getting lost in his brooding beauty.

Daenerys worrying about Jon after he decides to go beyond the wall.

AKA the moment she realized she had feelings for him.

Jon noticing her worry for him.

AKA the moment he realized he had feelings for her.

Jon admitting that he trusts her and believes she will help him.

Daenerys coming around to trusting him and wanting to help him.


Jon trying to be funny about him dying to her.

Daenerys hitting him back with an honest answer he wasn’t expecting.

Daenerys trying to convince Tyrion and herself that Jon isn’t love with her…

But Tyrion puts forward the irrefutable proof that Jon does indeed stare at her longingly and most certainly not just hopeful for a successful military alliance.

Jon hoping and praying for Daenerys to show up and save him and the rest of them.

Daenerys refusing to sit idly by while Jon and the others could be on deaths door.

And then Jon’s prayers are answered when Daenerys comes raining down with dragon fire.

AKA Daenerys saving Jon’s ass in such an epic way.

Daenerys and Jon looking at each other in relief.

Jon pushing through Tormund just to get a better look at Daenerys.

Daenerys reaching out for Jon to save him.

Daenerys and Jon looking up in horror at Viserion plunging to his death.

The fire inside Jon being ignited as he goes to kill the Night King for taking one of Daenerys’ dragons.

Daenerys’ maternal instincts kicking in as the even bigger fire inside her ignites in a rage against the Night King.

Jon getting tackled into the ice water and Daenerys looking in terror as she thinks she has lost him too.

Daenerys staring in relief and disbelief that Jon has made it back to her.

Jon’s dark past being revealed.

Daenerys realizing that “a knife in the heart for his people” wasn’t a figure of speech.

Jon apologizing for Viserion’s death.

Daenerys trying to be strong in front of him and Jon comforting her.

Jon wishing so much that he hadn’t caused this tragedy for her.

Daenerys realizing how truly terrifying and real the army of the dead is.

Daenerys revealing to Jon that she cannot have children besides the dragons.

Daenerys pledging herself to help Jon and The North defeat the Night King and his army.

Jon calling Daenerys “Dany”

AKA Jon used this nickname to make her feel more comfortable and home for she has been through so much. 

Jon bending his knee to Daenerys, not because he has to, not because he was threatened, not even because he loves her, but because she deserves it.

Daenerys not blindly accepting this pledge, she realizes that his people may not accept her.

Then Jon telling her what he himself has come to do and that is seeing Daenerys for what she truly is…a kind hearted person.

Then Daenerys on the verge of tears of joy as she lovingly grabs Jon’s hand lovingly as they look at their hands interlocked.

Daenerys asking if she deserves it.

Jon without a second thought telling her she does deserve it.

Daenerys pulling her hand away but Jon pulling back asking her to stay as they say what they need to say with their eyes.


Jon and Daenerys looking at each other as Jon’s loyalty and honor is tested.

Jon pledging himself to Daenerys in front of everyone sticking to his word and Daenerys looking worried yet proud and thankful at the same time.

Jon being sorry about ruining their chances to gain Cersei’s help.

Daenerys comforting Jon.  

AKA she might as well said “I know…but it’s ok I still love you bae.”

Daenerys respecting Jon’s decision to keep his word even in this dire situation.

Jon handing Daenerys the dragon skull.

Daenerys speaking High Valyrian to Jon.

Jon reassuring Daenerys how extraordinary she is.

Jon comforting Daenerys by telling her as long as she is still here…her family isn’t dead.

Daenerys once again telling Jon she can’t have children with the sadness in her voice.

Jon questioning her statement.

Daenerys answering him indefinitely.

Jon thinking that the witch was lying but also trying to cheer Daenerys up by giving her some hope.

Daenerys admitting to Jon that he was right all along.

Jon asking her well then…what now?

After Daenerys lays out all the problems of not having Cersei on their side Jon realizes Tyrion was right…

And then Jon makes her smile and her smile makes him smile.  If that is not love I’m not sure what is.

Jon and Daenerys walking out of the corner like they were just secretly making out in a hallway in a high school.

Jon and Daenerys looking like a true King and Queen couple.

AKA when you and bae have the same reaction to stuff.

When Daenerys basically says that this ship is setting sail.

Jon growing the courage to knock on Daenerys’ door.

Daenerys opening the door and her eyes light up to see Jon standing there.

Jon relieved as Daenerys opened the door and stares at her knowing what they both want.

Daenerys opening the door for Jon to come in.

Jon coming in with no words spoken and shutting the door closing the gap between him and Daenerys.

The first time they make love


The looks they give each other that are filled with such love and passion and disbelief that they found their soulmate.

And finally…Them kissing is such a beautiful sight…it’s so loving and caring and full of passion.

They are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

They are The Dragon and The Wolf.

They are the Song of Ice & Fire.



Tragedy Girls, a twist on the slasher genre following two death-obsessed teenage girls who use their online show about real-life tragedies to send their small mid-western town into a frenzy and cement their legacy as modern horror legends.