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justacatwholovessoda  asked:

Since I'm too stupid using tumblr and I don't even know how to change my name lol. I'm so glad I found your blog. Your art are so beautiful. ☺ Btw, how long did you learn anatomy? (Isuckwithitthohuhu)

hello! asdfjk; thank you so much ;o;;; <3 I have been learning/studying anatomy since grade 6 (so 4 years ago??) when I first started drawing in an anime style. I started looking at myself in the mirror and looking at references. Eventually, you notice some patterns in proportions *0* As time progressed, I started paying more and more attention to anatomy and proportions and trying to draw from my mind only at first before searching up references (if I have to). Below are just a few tips from me on how to anatomy *v* But please keep in mind they’re only my suggestions and my findings and they’re not exact and I’m not a professor ahaha

I couldn’t fit all of my knowledge into this drawing, but here are the general base shapes that I draw when I start drawing *7* Of course, human bodies vary, especially in anime, chibi and cartoon styles (and even in real life). These are just my proportions that I follow personally. Whenever you’re drawing from a reference, I always think it’s more beneficial to break it down into shapes. If you don’t get it right the first time, you’re not the only one ahaha

1) the face

there are different proportions for faces;;; I learned that the eye line generally splits the face in half. It doesn’t look like it, but that’s because your hair covers up some of the parts. The lower your eye line, the cuter the picture is generally (that’s why chibis tend to have really low eye lines or eyes really close to mouths). A pet peeve of mine is when people draw hair stuck to the top of the head;;; hair isn’t glued to your head, so give it some poof <3 If you’re drawing a realistic face, the keystone is really important. It’s also important to remember your eyes are dug into your face, so shading around them a bit to give it some form will make it more realistic. I’m mainly focusing on my default style on this tutorial, but I’ve learned realism face proportions before so that’s just a couple tips for drawing realistic faces *7*

2) hands

I’ve been practicing hands for ages asdfjkl; I used to draw them as mitten hands back in the day;;; there’s a lot of tutorials on hand proportions. This is just a small visual diagram I did for my cousin about hands ahaha //she gave up on me halfway though

//this is really off so forgive me OTL hands can also be exaggerated in a lot of cartoon styles like the one on the right. I sometimes enjoy it too much and I exaggerate hand proportions too much ahaha

3) body stuff

it’s all in the first diagram ahaha I’m not going to go into full detail, but I find it useful to draw the general shape (?) of the spine and what I call the nipple line. The way I draw feet is based on the haikyuu ending and I found it quick and easy to draw while it still resembles a shoe kind of *7*

4) putting it into use!

so now that you generally know a bit about anatomy and proportions, use it when you draw *7* Here’s the process for one of my drawings:

here I did a general rough idea sketch along with the composition. I also used perspective lines here just because I suck at perspectives ahaha;;; I kind of just drew a line from viktor’s head to the vanishing point to determine the height of the other characters. Makkachin and the flamingo floatie are part of the blurry foreground. Drawings with a background, middle ground and foreground tend to look prettier as long as you know where to put the focus (usually the middle ground)

I had a bit of trouble with viktor’s arm, so I took a picture of myself. Usually, I take more pictures of myself but surprisingly, I only needed one from this drawing. When you look at references, divide them into shapes and compare the height and all to something else (in this, I compared the height for the arm to where the top of the head is). Even if my arm has barely any muscle, I can still decipher the shapes and I exaggerated them on viktor (for obvious reasons ;^)))

I then do a more defined sketch with all the proportions and just more detail while doing the line art/sketch at the same time. Unfortunately, I merged the layers so you can’t see the line art :’))) But that’s generally how I anatomy. Sometimes I don’t even draw the detailed proportion lines (like above) because I don’t need to ahaha (like for most of the faces and for makkachin).

Eventually, you get something like that but without colour ^^^

and then add some minor details and you get that^^^

the full speedpaint for that drawing is here if you guys want to watch how I draw the sketch and lineart more clearly *0* there’s also awkward pauses near the beginning because at first I didn’t want to take a picture so I kept getting up to go to the mirror. //don’t waste your time, just take a picture

If a pose is too difficult, ask someone to pose for you ahaha or get one of those mini figures //which I wish I had

Sorry for the massive post! ;o;;; lastly, if you meant that you didn’t know how to change your name to anonymous, here’s one way to do it *7*

hope this helped *v*

anonymous asked:

I know this is gonna sound really irrational but I strongly dislike Henrik at this point. Which makes it incredibly hard for me to rewatch the last season. Idk what it is...he just seems really show-off-ish and quite vain and immature kinda. Yeah...I don't know what to think. But my opinion about him has changed drastically the past couple of weeks. Obvs this is just a feeling I have about him, seeing as I don't know him personally. But yeah.


Urm, okay that’s …. each to their own opinion, I guess?

But, hear me out, I know I might not be able to change your opinion, and that’s not what I wanna do. You have your own opinion and judgement on things, and that’s cool! But, if I may, I’d like to put across my thoughts.

Here’s the thing. 

Henrik’s a 21 year old, normal, average guy. Just like everyone else is. He’s a guy that has a lot of friends, is in a happy relationship with his partner, that he and his partner both choose to be active and public regarding. He has a job and loves his family and loves spending time with the people he is close to, and sharing all these special moments on his social media. Those moments aren’t for us, they are for him, and his loved ones, to laugh and joke over and fondly remember. 

Henrik is not Even. Even is not Henrik.

At 21 (and I am saying this because I myself am 21, hence I know what being 21 feels like, in the now, in the present moment), you wanna live life. You wanna be active. You wanna have fun. You wanna go out often and make memories. You wanna post about it on your social media. You wanna do all those things. You wanna buy expensive shit. You wanna wear expensive shit. You wanna be a little reckless. You do have moments where you are vain. You mess up and you make mistakes. And then you learn. And you mess up again. And then you learn again. You wanna have fun! But then, you wanna also have days where you wanna lounge in comfy wear and chill out. You wanna have days where you go out with your family and/or loved ones and chill out.

He’s literally, living life, right now. He’s happy! He’s enjoying life so much right now, and he wants to share that. We must remember that his socials are not for us fans. They are for him and the people he is close to. We just happen to follow him because he portrays Even, a fictional character that we love. We therefore cannot push our perspective and our expectations and ideologies on Henrik, a real life human being, because he is his own person, with his own real life, filled with real people and real relationships.

And I feel, sometimes, people forget that distinction. And it’s super important that we remember this distinction. We are not allowed to have a say in what Henrik, or Tarjei or ANYONE from the cast does, because that’s not in our place to say. They can do whatever they please. We cannot idolise the cast as being these “absolutely perfect people” that meet all the criteria we have for them and that tick off every box on our checklist. We can’t do that to ANYONE, whether that’s in the Skam Cast or … any other person in the world! That’s toxic. That’s a very unhealthy way of thinking. That becomes controlling. 

We each have our own lives, and everyone chooses to live life differently. Some people prefer a quiet lifestyle, a quiet presence. But some? They like being active, they enjoy social media, they enjoy connecting! Both choices are completely okay. We cannot be policing around people, celebrities or not, about what they should or shouldn’t do. 

We don’t know Henrik. His social media doesn’t tell us the full story about him, therefore, we have no right to judge. Your social media is just ONE aspect of your identity, and your identity? That is a culmination of so many different things and people and backgrounds and cultures and beliefs and values and influences that make up who you are. 

Okay…I’m worried I’m going to lose followers for this and I’m really scared about speaking up about stuff because I’m afraid someone will get upset with me…but can I just say something??

Even if you think PewDiePie is still a bad person after his sincere apology, please don’t bring Markiplier and JackSepticEye into this because they defended their friend they know in real life. They know each other as Felix, Mark, and Sean, which is seperate from their comedic personalities they have on for the camera. You have to remember they’re real, genuine human beings that support each other because they’re friends.

And why are so many people bent on running other people’s careers to the ground? Nobody’s perfect, obviously, so I’m sure everyone has said something that has offended someone at some point in their life, even if it wasn’t to their face.

Felix apologized and acknowledged he took the joke too far, and because other people turned down his requests on the same site (which were not similar in any case, and were practically harmless jokes) and he believed they would turn down his request to hold up the sign. At that point, he didn’t realize that they wouldn’t understand what was being written in English.

If you watch the actual original video he realizes once they actual replied to his request how shocked he was to see they actually did it. He apologized in a video shortly after, then made the newest video in response to how the media blew it out of proportion, and in addition made a tumblr post about it.

He also made it VERY CLEAR, that he does not support ANY kind of hatred, and although some of his jokes can be distasteful or offensive to some people, he NEVER means them sincerely and admits that he’s a “rookie comedian” and he’s just testing boundaries to create comedy. He knows what happened crossed a line, and he apologized.

I’m not defending Felix’s actions and I believe that joke crossed a boundary. I’m not supporting anything anti-Semitic in any way whatsoever, and I’m not a fascist or anything like that, and neither is Felix.

But I also don’t think it’s okay to bully someone because they made an honest mistake in regards to comedy. I don’t think it’s okay to cancel a show hundreds of people worked on because of it. People have been pushing comedic boundaries for years, and yes, jokes can go too far.

But I want to make it

At the same time, a joke is a joke, and maybe if people stopped making Hitler jokes and 9/11 memes, it wouldn’t be considered as a form of comedy. If anything, it points out the faults that the internet has as far as comedy goes, because it’s the weirdness, bluntness, and anonymity of the internet that allows these types of jokes to be acceptable whereas they aren’t in real life. Yet again, you can’t control what people can say and do as far as that goes because of free speech, but people need to understand there are lines and boundaries.

Sometimes certain topics should be kept off limits as comedy, but a lapse in judgement as for what is considered comedic does not call for the destruction of someone’s career (and other people associated with them) because of the clickbait headlines that are spread by untrustworthy media sources.

anonymous asked:

hey! i'm 2nd gen southern viet diaspora working on learning vietnamese, could you post a few more newspaper clippings? i don't have very many resources in terms of current everyday reading material. cảm ơn!

Chào bạn! well that’s okay, but how about some online newspaper recommendations (kind of the officials)

And then you have the teen newspapers (a lil bit tabloid)

And you might want to follow some blogs here on Tumblr or on Facebook (I don’t follow any of them, but check out Humans of Vietnam , Humans of Hanoi or even Thông tin Chính phủ, Hội những người yêu thích phó thủ tướng Vũ Đức Đam im a huge fan of his)

Fun fact In Vietnam there is a thing called “confession pages” on Facebook. You can follow school confession pages, for real life conversations and also a little bit of gossip and shipping, like here I have (add more please)

How about some Vietnamese comic pages? I personally enjoy

I might post more in Vietnamese here, and sure, if I see anything interesting (more likely shocking) in my newspapers, I’ll clip them!

psst check out Tuổi trẻ cười, a m a z i n g

Blog recommendations

This is me jumping on @evshansen’s figurative bandwagon. There’s gonna be a “☁️” if I’m fortunate enough to be their mutual. Also the thing’s in alphabetical order.

@bibliophile-extraordinaire ☁️ You should follow Eli as she’s one of the kindest people you could hope to meet. She credits artists, has great taste in musicals featuring barricades, and she’s the last person I’d expect to see in a murder trial. That’s how nice she is.

@butts-of-the-barricade ☁️ As well as the love/hate relationship she has going on with Aaron Tveit, she’s very funny, very smart, very gay, and very interesting. She deserves the best. Or at least she deserves to recognise that she deserves the best.

@crypticdatesuggestions This blog is incredible. It’s the perfect mixture of void and romance. I would watch a movie based on any of the romantic suggestions. It caters to all genders, and is well worth a look.

@essentiallychaotic ☁️ McKenzi is warm and kind with an incredibly eclectic music taste, and is just a great person. Supportive, enthusiastic, reminds me of Feuilly. You should follow her as she’s McKenzi. For me that’s reason enough.

@evshansen ☁️ If you like musical theatre and blogs run by flipping amazing people, then you should follow Tori. She’s positive and theatrical, and will probably like your drawings. She’s kinda like human glitter. Colourful and nice, and makes any situation brighter and more enjoyable.

@gayerthangrantaire ☁️ (💙💙💙) Trinity’s blog is a mixture of anime, social justice, memes, and is run by a real-life Grantaire. They’re hilarious, and cool, and she deserves all the pictures. I wish her and her girlfriend every happiness because Trinity deserves to be happy. Also Trinity has great music taste, which includes songs about insomnia and anxiety. Seriously- Trinity’s amazing and I’m lucky to know them.

@greymichaela Firstly she’s flipping hilarious. She has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and it’s worth following her for that alone. Also she’s kind. She’s so kind. She gives amazing advice and she’s always patient and just - a good person. She has lots of great interests, (some of which I don’t know very well but they seem pretty cool), and she consistently posts cats. She’s a great writer and deserves all the cats/well written fanfiction in the verse. (She will also make you ship sabriel).

@horaetio Maddie is brilliant. As is her blog. It’s a perfect concoction of Shakespeare, Star Trek, The Smiths (and other great music), social justice, aesthetic posts, and various other pop culture. Also flawless selfies. She’s an intelligent, fascinating person whom you should totally follow.

@its-better-than-an-opera ☁️ Laura is one of the sweetest, most loyal people I know. She’s very knowledgeable about les mis and leaves nice tags when reblogging fanart. She’s like sunshine but less deadly. Do yourself a favour and follow Laura.

@just-french-me-up ☁️ There is a reason she’s one of the most loved bloggers on the internet. She is kind and positive and says “dang” and “fam” a lot which I think is awesome. Her tags/headcannons/fanfiction are some of the best things I’ve read, and she’s always helpful and funny and benevolent.

@mariuspontbambi ☁️ Garance is caring and comforting and she makes me sad when she doesn’t see that she’s a good person. Garance’s blog includes les mis, social justice, cats, and kindness, and I reckon the world could use more of those things. I reckon the world could use more Garance.

@pntmrcys ☁️ Ethereal, insightful, Mariusy, and a generally beautiful person; Maria epitomises all the good things about tumblr. She’s very important and deserves the best. Her aesthetic is calming and good, which is one of the many reasons why you should follow her.

@richard-ayoade I’m quite a big Richard Ayoade fan and I think this blog is fantastic. It’s funny and stylish and I like it a lot. An amazing blog for an amazing man. Thanks to the person for making the blog.

@silence-song ☁️ Admittedly I haven’t known this person for very long, but they are nice, friendly, and they even let me ramble about philosophical points that I sometimes think about, even though it doesn’t always make sense. I appreciate that. You should follow ‘em as they’re a great person with equally great taste in anime.

@starsandamorphinetoast ☁️ Okay, Riley’s cool as heck. He knows everything about his interests, posts both les mis and Pride and prejudice, and is just generally a cool dude. (I’m sorry I used that phrase too). Anyway you should go follow him as he’s a very interesting guy. 🕶

@the-amazing-boy-catastrophe ☁️ Marcus is very important to me. He’s a great singer, handsome as heck, and his aesthetic is perfect. He is easy to
talk to, funny, knowledgeable, and gives really good advice. He’s just a great man who absolutely does not deserve any hate.

@universalhouseplant ☁️ She’s lovely. Her blog is cute, she posts about les mis, and reminds me of sunset. Soph’s a nice person who posts about pride and les mis. I’d love to talk to her more. Basically she’s fab. Your life would benefit from following Soph.

@vintage-jehan ☁️ is delightful. Browsing her blog is like walking through a beautiful gallery/library. It’s peaceful and features lots of les mis which I’m always a fan of. A wonderful person with a wonderful blog.

@vivalagrantaire ☁️ Firstly more Trinity which is never a bad thing. Secondly-quality les mis content with plenty of Grantaire. If you like les mis/quality les mis headcannons, then it’s imperative that you follow this blog.

@wanttodrawmothsfrommemory ☁️ Cas manages to be gentle and badass at the same time. She’s cheerful, gay, and adorable and must be protected at all costs. She also posts really cute selfies and says nice things. She even writes good poetry. Her kindness and use of “:D” means that her blog is a very good blog to follow. I feel very pleased to be her mutual.

You should follow these people to make your dashboard scrolling experience/life better. Thank you for reading, and thanks to the people I mentioned for existing.

Things Not To Do to Canon Characters

I’m pretty sure these were initially just common sense, but through the actions of mankind, this ‘common sense’ was forgotten. I bring now, an ancient scroll detailing shit that just ain’t cool.

  • Canon Shaming
  • Meta Information
  • Canon Jokes
  • Acting as a Miss Cleo
  • Enforcing your OTP
  • Outdoing Them for No Reason
  • Being a “Fanboy” or “Fangirl” ICly

There’s a summary, now lemme explain each of them for ya’ll who need them for various reasons under the cut. Be sure to read the extended cut before you start howling about how unfair it is or I’m really just gonna look at you funny.

Keep reading

Ok, so I needed to say something about this even though it’s a little late and off topic right now. I know some harmonizers think this is just funny and awesome because “HAHA, LOOK AT WHERE OUR FAVES ARE AND LOOK AT YOURS” and initially I thought that too, but I’ve come to realize it is much bigger than this. You see, Fifth Harmony is a group of five girls between the ages of 17 and 21 and are all different races and nationalities. They also set their career towards a path that encourages women to be themselves, telling them that they are beautiful, strong and powerful the way they are, no matter what the fucked up misogynistic society they live in says. They work every day and night for this and are also always sweet to their fans, and are always showing through their words and personalities just how amazing life can be when you are yourself and follow your dreams. They are literally climbing this very huge mountain that is achieving success in the music industry for women - they have been for almost 3 years - and are just now getting the recognition they deserve for being not just amazingly talented singers but wonderful human beings who strive to make a real difference in this world. I’m not saying 5 Seconds of Summer is trash or that their music is bad or that they don’t contribute to society - I don’t know them nearly enough to say those things. But I’m glad that, for once, a girl group like Fifth Harmony is getting more recognition and value than the regular boyband. That these girls are making a difference and that they have more value for young girls because they represent them, not because they want to date them (which is more often the case between young girls and boybands). And in a world of boybands who sing about relationships and spread heteronormativity (and whose mostly white members hardly ever acknowledge the social inequalities going on in the world, besides, sometimes, having misogynistic behavior) I am so glad that Fifth Harmony exists and that the representatives of the most influential country in the world give them the spotlight they deserve.

waakeme-up ssweet-dispositionn

Social media and emotional marketing pt 1

I’ve noticed a trend on social media that becomes progressively worse throughout the years, so, when you have a following, the larger it gets, the bigger the possibility of negativity, the more idiots you have to deal with. As a result you become defensive, so now people are going to write you off as a bitch, and then you consciously become seemingly more perfect, because people nit pick at every single imperfection, which creates an inability to be human if you do have a weak or ugly moment. Which is actually very dangerous for your spiritual health, and is actually what makes the internet a real life problem. From a persons perspective who has a lot of followers and people in my business all the time. This is how it goes:

You sign up for a social media account in 2009. Throughout the years you develop a following. People like you. A stranger came across your page and either focuses on an imperfection, or takes what you’ve posted and manipulates it/used it against you somehow. Now you have this stigma attached to you. So now you have people who love you and hate you. Meanwhile, you literally did nothing different. You posted, like everyone else does. So now you have this following of lovers and haters. It all gets larger. It gets so big you now have a platform, you can’t respond to 20000 messages at a time. You don’t want your timeline flooded with shit you aren’t even interested in. So now people have pegged you with having a superiority complex. Oh she only follows x amount of ppl. She ignores her “fans”. You didn’t even know you had fans. So now you have fans, people who hate you for virtually nothing, and now people are trying to peg all of these negative superficial stereotypes to you because you make them feel inadequate, because you can’t reply to all of them and you don’t want shit on your timeline you don’t like. You are only one person, so you can’t even defend yourself from that stereotype, so now you feel incredibly overwhelmingly misunderstood and even if you could defend yourself against this gigantic wave of ppl why would you to people who rationalize in anyway they can that puts you in a negative light? Because you know you’ll never win. Trolls don’t care about being fact checked. Fast forward a year later, you have hundreds of thousands of followers. after taking so much criticism and backlash for every single move you make, you feel the need to flex on everyone all the time for being too entitled to their idea of you when you’ve literally done nothing different and you share so little. Why not take the high road? Because we are human and we took the high road when we ate all of your insults for all of this time. Half of these people who criticize, every moment they get? Don’t even have their shit together or even have a single profile picture. So if you’re read through this. People aren’t internet famous with bad attitudes they were regular beautiful human beings that have changed the way they handle an audience they weren’t expecting to even have, in a way that doesn’t make them depressed.

Then we have people policing the opportunities people give us because of our following. But I’ll make another post for that.

Anyway I just feel like. If you really don’t like someone don’t follow them lol. I never follow or comment people I don’t like. That’s so strange. Don’t be mean to people you don’t know for virtually no reason other than to be petty or spiteful and then expect them to hold a higher moral ground than you about how they should react. Nah, fuck you and mind your business in the first place. You never met me. So you’re right, if I share something I should expect opinions but if I’m obligated to expect that you should also be obligate to not be a fucking asshole and try to paint a ugly picture of people you never met. You should expect yourself to not go off the deep end before you should expect someone else to deal with your negativity. You are too entitled.

Second Thoughts: A Fan Sequel to First Times

Hey fandom,

What you’re about to read was inspired by the definitive raistafina fanfic, ‘First Times’. Full credit to JenKenLee for that, and for any bits of backstory that pop up in this fan sequel. 

I’m not your typical raistafina shipper, having not been aware of this whole subgenre until after the Rio games - but ‘First Times’ was so well written, I felt it deserved some kind of reprise. Nothing will ever top FT so I’m not even going to try. Still hoping Second Times is a-coming, but for now this will have to do…

Some notes on the controversy over whether raistafina should even be a thing:

  • I’m aware some people think raistafina fics should just die, and actually agree with some of the points being made, e.g. some of the writing out there isn’t what I’d want written about myself at all, if I was an actual kick-ass gymnast. And echoing what someone else said, what goes on in the ship should stay in the ship (seriously.. life is crazy enough for these girls without being asked questions about the stuff that’s written about them online).
  • You won’t find hardcore NC-17 smut here. (You also won’t find squeaky clean Disney.) I’m more interested in the raw human dynamics that let fly when high-stakes elite gymnastics and strong personalities collide. I think there’s a way to write about this subject matter with respect (yes, even when the characters are based on real life people).
  • Having said that, I know some will hate it regardless of how it’s written. To that, I’d just offer up a good-natured ‘to each their own.’

Right, disclaimer speak over. What follows is the prologue to what may potentially become a running sequel, depending on if there are any readers out there… and depending on the business of life in general… Enjoy :)

P.S. I have zero knowledge of Russian beyond what I manage to scrounge up on Google. I’m also not a gymnastics guru. Tips welcome.


Links to: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 (Part I), Chapter 5 (Part II), Chapter 6 (Part I), Chapter 6 (Part II)

Prologue: Business

The second thought that crosses Aliya Mustafina’s mind after being roused from her not-so-deep sleep — the first being ‘chyort…’ (damn…) — is to give up on the endeavor entirely. The incessant humming of the plane engine ensured that not once in the last 15 hours since departing Moscow had she gotten anything resembling ‘rest’. She knew she would need plenty of that if she was going to survive the next few weeks.

Another two hours pass. Aliya shifts uncomfortably in her admittedly spacious seat, feeling the plane begin its descent. She slips her well-worn copy of Anna Karenina back into her backpack — cliché, she knows. Nothing really beats the prosaism of a Russian-jacket-wearing Russian gymnast reading a quintessential Russian classic. It can’t be helped; after all these years, it’s still her favorite book for the road. Who doesn’t like being immersed in the tragic chronicles of a woman struggling to throw off the strictures society is bent on saddling her with? 

Peering out the tiny oval window, Aliya takes in the sea of bright lights, the brightest cluster of them dotting the contours of Rio de Janeiro’s beautiful coastline. Her heart rate picks up a little — this is it.

“Cabin crew, please prepare for landing.”

Turning to her right, she looks over at where Seda sits, head tilted back against a Pikachu-emblazoned travel pillow, mouth hanging wide open. Totally passed out. Aliya feels a smile tug at her lips, and reaches over to gently pull up the woolly blanket slipping down Seda’s shoulders. The baby of the team stirs and mumbles something incoherent (“cookies?” Aliya hears), but remains about as conscious as an Egyptian queen. The mummified kind.

After quickly snapping a photo of Sedate Seda that she fully intends to post on Instagram later, Aliya sinks back into her seat, absentmindedly staring past her own reflection in the window.

It’s been a whirlwind few days. (Most of) the Russian team had been given the green light to compete in the Olympics just days before. Aliya remembered the overwhelming torrent of mixed feelings that swept over her when she found out her team would be jetting off to South America after all. Angry, because so much of the frenzied foreign media coverage on the high-level drug scandal seemed set on smearing the reputations of every Russian athlete, including the innocent ones; vindicated, because she and the girls had been killing themselves to train for these Games; pumped, because she’d been given another chance to prove to all the doubters that injuries weren’t going to keep her from fighting for her share of more Olympic glory; scared, because of what — and who — happened four years ago in London…

Grimacing, Aliya forces her mind to back away from London. She didn’t want to go there. Luckily, the French accent-tinged English of a pleasant baritone snaps her out of her thoughts.

“Miss, can I get you anything before we land?” The chisel-faced Lufthansa flight attendant who has been surreptitiously flirting with Aliya since the plane took off peers down at her, his eyes trained on her face. He’s holding some orange pieces of paper in his hand.

“No, I am good,” Aliya says curtly. She had caught only a few words of what he had said, but it was enough, combined with the tone of his voice, to understand what he was asking.

He gives her a slight nod but his feet stay rooted to the spot, as if waiting — or willing — for her to say more.

“Uh… thank you. I am good.” Aliya feels a blush creeping up her cheeks, realising that her first response probably made her sound like a queen bitch telling a particularly useless manservant to please just step off a cliff. She tries to ameliorate the situation by looking up and flashing him a winning smile. He has been very attentive for the entirety of the flight, after all.

Chisel Face (he had introduced himself before, but Aliya hadn’t bothered to commit his name to memory) breaks into a pearly-teethed grin. “Did you finish your book?”

“My book?” Aliya says, momentarily thrown. Then it dawns on her that he had noticed her burrowing into her novel. And probably noticed a lot of other things too. She does a slight mental smirk. He’s not what you would call beautiful, but he has a certain slick charm about him. She’ll play along for now.

“No, not finish. But I read, many times. Anna Karenina is… deep. Many people, many… meanings.” He nods as she speaks, clearly not really comprehending her words so much as drinking in the way her voice lilted over the English language, infusing each syllable with a certain deliberate, commanding Russian air. Whenever she paused in search of the right translated word, it only added to the pensive aura she seemed to so naturally exude. And when she settled on one finally, but knew it didn’t quite convey the full force of her original meaning, her already dark eyes would cloud over even more with barely restrained frustration.

Aliya registers the all-too-familiar blank look on his face and only just stops herself from rolling her eyes. Why does she even bother?

Recovering himself slightly, Chisel Face suddenly remembers the other reason for stopping by in the first place. He carefully leans over a groggy but now definitely conscious Seda to hand Aliya some immigration forms.

“We’ll be landing soon. You’ll need these.”

Aliya thanks him, watches as he gives her a suspiciously rehearsed wink (ugh) and continues down the aisle to distribute forms to other passengers. By now, Seda is fully alert. And shooting Aliya a smug-filled ‘I see what you did there’ look.

Aliya smacks Seda over the head.

“When we were flying over the Canary Islands, I thought you’d passed on into the afterlife. You didn’t even feel anything when the flight attendant shook you to wake you up for dinner.” As Aliya speaks, her fingers instinctively move to smooth out several escapee strands of hair matted against her diminutive teammate’s forehead.

“Which flight attendant? The one who was about to get down on one knee just then?” Seda pokes Aliya’s arm playfully. “The one you would have totally jumped if I wasn’t in the way?” She stops mid-tease, brow furrowed. “Wait, that’s so cool we flew over the Canary… actually, never mind. You were SO into him!”

Aliya raises a perfectly-shaped eyebrow. “You think I’m that easy? Please. He can get in line.” Seda struggles to think of a snappy retort. She can’t. There is definitely a line — one populated by a string of smitten Russian celebrities, sons of oil barons, a few fellow Olympians, even an up-and-coming Russian genius on the verge of discovering the cure for cancer… or something. Not to mention the hoards of fans — some genuinely nice, some downright creepy. 

Point taken. There is a line, and it was going to take a lot more than smart flight attendant attire, constant drink re-fills and well-practised winks to pique Aliya’s interest.

A hellishly lot more.

“Here — we have to fill these in. I’ve got pens… We’re officially going to be in Rio soon!” Even the normally composed Aliya Mustafina can’t contain the waves of adrenaline coursing through her at the thought of another Olympics. She moves to hand Seda one of the orange forms, but not before another piece of paper with something scrawled on one side drops onto Seda’s open table tray.

Instinctively, Seda grabs the paper and brings it up to her eyes. Squinting in the dim light, she quickly scans it, and moments later lets out something between a high-pitched squeak and a gleeful guffaw. It’s as she expected: a carefully hand-written phone number complete with international code, an email address, and several social media handles (most on sites Aliya doesn’t even use). Then in capitals: JACQUE MOREAU. And underneath Chisel Face’s actual name, in script befitting of a Russian pre-schooler: Ты такая красивая.

Aliya calmly plucks the paper out of a giggling Seda’s hand, scrunches it up, and lets it drop to the floor of the plane.

She has business to get on with in Rio.

When the only movement left inside of you is to follow the divine impulse, you’ve reached a crossroads in consciousness that has very real-world implications for what you actualize.

For the human, being, this is a problem because the divine impulse is likely to lead you down the path to a life you already believe is not possible (for you).

This lie is the wall of fire through which you must walk if you want to live the life that lives for you and you alone. Every person has the possibility of finding this one road, this personal Dharma, and devoting herself to it.

But it takes courage. Your divine impulse might lead you into the dusty streets of a tiny village where you give out tomatos to the impoverished, while whispering messages of hope to broken hearts.

Your divine impulse might have you walking in swanky neighborhoods, revealing truths to strangers behind counters because they have been asking for so long, and you were there so you served.

Your divine impulse might make you a crazy artist, who manifests impossible truths so authentically that a stranger can actually hold it in their hands.

Your divine impulse might cause you to uproot yourself from fallow fields and search for home land, rich with wildness and purpose, but the chance of finding it before you dry up seems so small to the mind.

Following the divine impulse requires faith. You will not understand how you can live in your society with all its demands and expenses, explicitedly stated and implied.

Only you can prove that its all a set up. All a lie. Only you can walk this mighty liberated road, and show us all what it is to be free.

masked-magic  asked:

Hey there! Is it alright if I request a mermaids AU? Like maybe one is half and half or one is a mermaid or something along those lines?

Oooh! I used to post so many mermaid prompts on cherubplay it was ridiculous.

  • Mermaid comes up to sit on the rocks at night, and a curious person follows them out one night to see a real life mermaid.
  • Beached mermaid requires assistance from person living on shore. Whether they’re put back in the ocean or live in the person’s basement in a v v large fishtank is up to you.
  • Two mermaid pals find a shipwreck- and one gets trapped beneath some rubble. Or they come home with cool human loot. Whatever route you wanna go with.
  • Have you ever seen that old show H2O? Yeah. that.

HP gave me so many characters I loved to hate (Draco, Snape, Umbridge, Bellatrix, Skeeter), but one character I hated to hate because he reminded me so much of the kind of people I hate in real life is Colin Creevey. Enthusiastic followers with no personality who seek validation from total strangers and can’t take the hint that you don’t want to be their friend annoy me to no end. I was glad he died, it seemed like the one natural conclusion for such a pathetic excuse for a human being.

To My New Followers:

Things you should know about me:

1. I’m a huge Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who fan (among many other fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, Firefly, and Tolkien to name a few).

2. I’m a teacher so my hours online vary week to week depending on how much grading I have to do and, of course when the weekend finally gets here.

3. I am a bit addicted to GIFs and watching the activity line on my tumblr account. I notice EVERY. SINGLE. LIKE. AND. REBLOG….and, if I’m not already following the awesome blog that gave me a note, I certainly check it out to see if I should be following them. :)

(^^what I say to myself when I find a new fandom blog)

4. I love getting notes and messages and mail. About anything. Honestly. I generally don’t respond to the “Do this and you’ll get good luck” or the “tag five more people” things, but if it’s a question or a comment from a person that wasn’t copy pasted, I will honestly answer it with as much detail as I can and with quite a bit of enjoyment. :)

5. I do not tolerate hate or intolerance towards anyone. It’s pretty much the only reason I would stop following or block anyone.

6. I want to combine numbers 4 and 5 for this one. If anyone wants to talk to me about a sensitive subject, I will totally have an open and honest conversation with that person as long as hate stays out of it.

7. (last one, thanks for your patience) You—yes, you reading this post–you are an amazing human being and I want to thank you for checking out my tumblr blog. I hope you liked it.  Please keep being awesome. :)

anonymous asked:

This is a weird question, but do you ever get envious or jealous of the successes of other writers (including your own friends)? For instance, when they announce on Twitter that they've hit the NYT list or get a new huge book deal? The writing business seems so competitive at times where you always know what everyone else has and can't necessarily avoid it. How do you keep everyone else from making you feel bad or sad?

Okay, so this is a really, really, REALLY tough question and I almost wanted to wait until I got finished traveling to answer… But 2 weeks seems to long to put this off.

Look: envy and comparison are something all writers face no matter what stage of the process you’re in. Comparison is so hard, and it’s even HARDER when people constantly blast their good news across the internet.

Of course I feel jealous or sad sometimes. But how I deal with those feelings has definitely grown and changed over the years.

First off: I remember that no one can make me feel bad about myself except myself. Feeling crappy and comparing ourselves is, at the end of the day, a choice we make.

I mean, when I see someone’s amazing 7-figure book deal, it’s my CHOICE to feel shitty. No one came up to me, punched me in the face, forced me to feel pain. I’m the one filtering that author’s awesome news through my own crappy personal filter of fears.

That’s pretty empowering, though, right? When you realize that it’s YOUR choice to feel bad or sad or happy, then you’re taking that power back.

And sure, it’s easier said than done, but the more often you CHOOSE not to be upset, the more naturally that reaction comes.

Second off: I see other people’s success as fuel instead of letting it feed my fears. I have a whole series on this over on my blog (about dealing with the fear component of being a writer), but one of the posts is all about viewing your fears as motivation instead of hurdles.

When I start to feel that jealous bug scuttling up my spine, I look it in the face and say, “Hey you! I know, I know–you really want what they have and feel like you must not be good enough because you DON’T have it. But let’s just say that’s true. Let’s assume you AREN’T good enough. What would you do next?”

The answer to that (for me) is ALWAYS that I will work harder until I am good enough.

So I want a 7-figure deal? That’s totally out of my control. But the author that GOT that deal must’ve written an amazing book. So I will write an amazing book. And I’ll revise it and polish it and improve my craft until I know the book I’ve written is as good as I can possibly make it.

And oftentimes, just throwing myself wholeheartedly back into into the words and the work is enough to send my envy and sadness packing. :)

Third off: People don’t share the bad shit. You have no idea what is happening in that other writer’s life. How many years did it take them to write that book that sold for 7-figures? What sort of dire straights might they have been in when they got it? Or what personal demons and hell might they be living through EVERYDAY that will never get shared on the internet?

I mean, my grandfather passed away last week. It was sudden and shittttty, and I had to travel cross-country to get to the funeral the very next day. I was really emotional, felt really unsteady, and was so jetlagged/exhausted I spent all day Sunday just sleeping and recovering.

But did I mention any of that online? No! Of course not! I was my usual sunny self because 1) I don’t want to bring people down or seek sympathy, 2) shitty stuff is often FAR more personal and not something that I (or other people) want to share publicly, and 3) I strongly believe that online is NOT the forum for Real Life Stuff or my family.

Plus, remember that it’s human nature to want to seem strong. To brush over anything that makes us look weak. So most people aren’t going to go online and shout about their fears or their miseries or their private struggles. We get online and we share the good, hoping in turn our followers’ excitement makes us feel better about those triumphs.

So next time you feel this way, I want you to take a really hard look at WHY. What fears are these awesome news blasts awakening in you? And what can you do to help assuage those fears? How can you transform the fear into fuel?

Additionally, take a close look at your behavior. Are you actively seeking it out? You might not think you are, but…more often than not, people ARE. We scan our social media feeds, check reviews of our own books, compare our follower counts to other people’s, and we ACTIVELY put ourselves in situations where we know our fears will wake up.

Try not doing that. Even just for a few hours. ;) You might be amazed at how much more centered you feel afterwards.

Some of the responses to my post last night about dril were positive and I saw a lot of folks agreeing and thats cool. I also saw a lot of folks politely (or not so politely) disagreeing and thats cool too (there’s room to disagree on this I feel), but a lot of them (the not-so-polite ones) really missed the core of what I was saying entirely, or put words in my mouth, so to speak.

All I said was that the person who runs @dril follows a really nasty aggressive transphobe who harasses kids(tumblr dot txt), and that makes me feel uneasy about what kind of person he might be. I did not say he’s “guilty by association”, I did not say he is absolutely as terrible as the person he follows, I did not call for a boycott of @dril, and I definitely don’t care if you enjoy dril’s humor. That’s cool, I think it’s a funny twitter too sometimes.

Imagine if you saw your friend following the tumblr.txt twitter and you had to wonder “why do they follow this terrible person?”. Like I will be the first one to admit that it is absolutely possible that the person who runs @dril just saw some odd out-of-context quote and followed the twitter randomly and maybe they don’t realize it’s making fun of trans kids and they never look at their dash. I will also be the first person to tell you that I think that’s pretty unlikely. When I think of “kinds of people who would follow tumblr.txt” I think “99% transphobes who think mocking trans teens is hilarious”. Do I need to remind you of some of the ramifications that online harassment and cyberbullying can have on young people, particularly young trans folks? It’s not a laughing matter.

People love to characterize dril (and other popular internet funnypeople) as this like….how do I even describe it… entity that is not really a person? Like the person who runs @dril is not a real human being who has a real life and sits behind a computer in his pajamas like you, me, and every other blogger on the internet? And that makes it laughable to say “hey, this thing about them makes me pretty uncomfortable” for some reason, like he’s beyond reproach cause it’s all ~Just A Joke~. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyways, I digress. I feel how I feel about it.

anonymous asked:

Can’t believe so many of u ship sherlock with that psychopath, that ship is abusive as hell. Like, what's the deal?? U should all find something better to do with ur time, it’s disgusting actually

First of all, let me just say that I respect your right to think Sheriarty (or any other ship for that matter) is problematic or abusive. I have no problem accepting that people don’t ship Sheriarty, that people find it problematic or ship other pairings. Live and let live.

I only wish you would grant us Sheriarty shippers the same right to our opinion, without feeling the need to go on someone’s blog to (anonymously) tell them they are wasting their time. And that we are disgusting, I guess? If you have such issues with it, I recommend for your own peace of mind that you blacklist Sheriarty stuff and/or not seek it out. And on the off chance that you are following me: there is in fact an unfollow button, and it is very easy to use.

I would also like to say that none of us is doing anything other than enjoying a fictional ship in a fictional universe. And few ships are completely unproblematic. (Of course maybe with the exception of Mollstrade? That is 100 % adorable imo). To enjoy exploring something in fiction, does not mean I would like it or approve of it in real life. I guess I thought that went without saying. I stand corrected.

But I don’t follow when you call it an abusive relationship. Even though some aspects of Sherlock and Jim’s interactions and their game can probably be labelled as problematic, I think it makes sense to them and for them. They both need it because of who they are. It certainly is not something that is forced upon Sherlock unwillingly, and he is not some naïve, innocent, moral human being that is corrupted by Jim. Many of the traits assigned to Jim (dangerous, manipulative, a bad person etc.) could easily be used to describe Sherlock as well. Sherlock is capable of the same things as Jim, but for whatever reason chose another path.

I read this great discussion somewhere (sorry don’t remember where so I can’t credit the person), that points out that when they first meet Jim basically repeatedly tells Sherlock to back off, that the flirting is over, and he tells him what will happen if he doesn’t leave him alone. And Sherlock’s response is basically “lmao whatever catch you later”. In the same way, Sherlock warns Jim to stop, or he will. But none of them backs away, because both of them get something out of the game. Something they both want and need. Jim is the one who puts it into action, but I see Sherlock needing it just as much, and he struggles to reconcile himself with that fact.

Why I ship Sheriarty? The main reason I ship Sheriarty is that I see this attraction, not even necessarily romantic/sexual, between Sherlock and Jim that inevitably draws them to one another. That attraction is based on the fact that none of them are able to fit in properly in the world. They don’t function the same way ‘ordinary people’ do, they both have something in them that set them apart and make them feel alone. Now they have come across this one other person in the world that struggles with the same things, that functions the same way, that they can truly relate to on a human and intellectual level. I believe that what Jim says is true; they were made for each other. But while they are so similar, they are also opposite forces in different places. So for me the appeal of Sheriarty is them discovering and exploring that attraction, that bond, that ‘what if’, that ‘what could have been’. And it breaks my heart as well, because I don’t necessarily believe they would ever be able to be together (romantically), or that they would even want to be in a relationship if it came to that. (Even though domestic fluff is nice once in a while).

Okay so this got really long, I would have answered you privately if I could. If you want to come off anon and discuss Sheriarty (or anything else), please feel free to message me. If not I wish you all the best, but in the future I hope you hold yourself to a higher standard than messaging people anonymously with negativity.

anonymous asked:

Okay you just sound stupid as fuck right now. I'm not an Olicity fan but even I have to laugh at your piss poor ramblings. Felicity is the most important person on that team job wise. Eyes and ears, directing, hacking, coach, tech support, in a sense the team medic, she does everything and whether we like it or not that's a fact. She's not my favorite, nowhere near, I'm a Diggle guy myself but what you're saying is pure idiocy. I still can't see what Laurel adds to the show, not a one.


I gotta say i love these kind of messages. Why? 

Well mainly because some people say i´m rude. That means i have to hold back. With guys like you however i can go full out.

So thank you :D *Throws of his gloves*

1. Now? You find my stuff stupid “Now”? After what? 2 Months? After i proudly proclaimed that Arrow season 3 and 4 can kiss the darkest part of my nerdy white ass?

Welcome to the party! Everybody is gone already but hey take a seat..

2. “i´m not an olicity fan but” yeah after what i saw next thats a poor lie. Paired with the fact that you are anon, allow me to go:

Ok so lets start now with the important stuff:

1. “She is the  most important person on that team job wise. Eyes and ears, directing, hacking, coach, tech support, in a sense the team medic, she does everything and whether we like it or not that’s a fact”

And thats fine. Far be it from me that i object that she is important. Hacking skills that allow for surveillance and information gathering? Absolutely!

More power to her! We need that in a Superhero Team. Considering that i spend over half my life now studying those teams, there is not a single point i can bring up against that.

What i critic is not what she is but how she is presented:

A) Her skills are overblown to the point of Insanity.

She Programmed Brother Eye? A Program that in the comics took over the planet? and Was Made by Batman to take down the JLA in case they ever go rogue? You call it stupid name dropping i call it:


I´m not objecting the fact that Felicity could do it?

I object that fact that she does it as a pseudo goth, being 17 years old and absolutely useless in its defeat, in turn describing it as a “Super-Program” which has no weakness whatsoever.

There is having good skills and there is turning on the Characters god Mode.

While we talk about God mode?

2.Miss Smoak has a Degree in Computer Science from the MIT. Impressive.

I applaud that.


Medical Science and Computer Science are not the same thing.

It would be one thing if she would just help with basic medical training (which you can easily receive by Diggle..)

But no.

She does a completely Autopsy, in turn even creating a Holographic Device which enables her to do it Virtually!


Autopsies are medical science! You study that shit! You know why we don’t just walk up to morgues and go “Chop chop, choppin that meat?” 


How do i know?

Common Sense, google, Wikipedia, Scrubs, Every Medical Documentary or Tv Show ever made, Personal Experience and much much more.

But not only that! Despite its constant claims how “Realistic” and “Grounded” this show is, loudly proclaiming “We have a realistic Take on Superheroes” we go full out “Oh Felicity smoak just happened to construct a holographic biggie”. And she follows it up with the ability to do a Virtual Autopsy on it!

Do you know that we actually still work on the later part in real life?! That its one of the hardest things to do ever?! Because the Human body is one of the most complicated, incredible thing in existence? The Pure Fact that you are able to read this text is an incredible act of nature.

And the MIT student with no medical training, study or anything whatsoever just cracks that in a Single night.

No Biggie.

There is Suspension of Disbelief and there is Insulting my Intelligence. 

I can buy that Ray Palmer builds a barely functional suit in weeks.

I can not buy that Felicity smoak unlocks the secrets of Medical Science, Holographic Projection and Virtual Scanning and Manipulation.

In less time that it takes me to take a Shit.


Just wow.

Oh while we are at it? 

She fucked it up!

When asked about the possibility of Roy killing Sara in a Mirakuru outburst she specifically mentions that the Arrows have been shot into her body with way more force than any bow can produce.

Dont know about you but this seems like a perfectly normal Composite bow to me ay?!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the downright crunch worthy, easily to google and fixable, mistakes were made with miss smoak. And i´m not even starting on the insults towards Nerds (FUCKING ZORG), Her overblown “Romance” which i never bought for a single season, her constant portrayal as a horrible human being to the point of gold digging, and overall her constant descent to absolute Waste.

Felicity smoak actually started as my favorite Character. By now she is the Essence of everything wrong with Arrow and its Female Characters.

And you come to my dash and tell me:

“Ugh you are so stupid. Just swallow all that garbage and shut up. Nerd”

Ok.I play?

If i´m supposed to shut up about stupid shit..Why don’t you shut up about what i write?

You self proclaimed it as downright idiotic. So what gives you the right to be upset about it…

But i can’t be upset and ramble about absolutely ludicrous plot points, character cations, mistakes and flatout Activation of the God mode just so they can progress their already stupid and hole filled plot?

dont answer. I already know what you gonna say.

Something in the line of “Oh fuck you” or “Because you are wrong” or, well, just a bunch of pig noises.

Actually i prefer latter because at  least they are entertaining.

But hey while we are at a bunch of stupid sounds, how about your last paragraph? 

I still can’t see what Laurel adds to the show, not a one.

Yeah! What could the trained Fighter, Lawyer, Police Daugher, District Attorney and Social / Street worker possibly bring useful to the table? PFF Pure insanity right?

Oh i dont know…

How about the stuff she did before?

Delivering intel on the various crime factions and their Leaders / Associates which she does all the time for the Arrow? 

Insight into the Files which she coincidentally did all the time in season 1..

The Job of opposing these people in Court despite the fact that her Evidence was provided by a Vigilante (AN ILLEGAL SOURCE), even winning? 

Her contacts to the police? Because why know how the police works if you can just…not?

Her Father who only happens to be a famous cop and currently the freaking Chief? 

Other lawyers. Police Stations/Divisions and Agencies which can provide valuable information, tips and Insight? 

The access to confidential data thus making the necessity for Felicity to hack into those databanks invalid, mainly because she can provide a simple password? Which Felicity could just make untraceable just like she does with her hacks? Thus reducing the chance of getting caught, tracked or raising suspicion even more?

The Unique stand as a Superhero / District Attorney and so far only person in this position with the experience in Vigilante Cases, thus making her a valuable Source of Help and Information for every Police Force that encounters these Cases and Vigilantes…


Thus giving her unique option to actually get in contact with those vigilantes, providing oliver with a Network of those?

Yeah. Thats fucking useless right?!

Specially if you are building a world around superheroes or hell, even having a superhero team soon-


Oh but hey, thats all right? 


How about the fact that she has a mole in the League of Assassins?

You know, that person that loved her sister, trained her and actually was forced to marry Oliver “What a Bag of Dicks” Queen, and thus values him as much as Human Population did the Black Death?

Yeah. That girl.

Oh did i mention that She has a Sonic Scream that Can make people fall unconscious and with enough power could bring down a Building?

Yeah. What use could that have? Specially when your Main hero completely refuses to use non lethal arrows, WHICH EXIST IN REAL LIFE, and just has left the Hero Business as a whole to drive into the Sunset?


Fuck all that. 

But to end this “Idiotic Rambling” as you sure as hell will call it i actually have a rather smart advice for you:

That Pudding between your ears?

Use it sometimes. May help your arguments

And if you cant do that?

Your sincerioufuckyously 

German killua