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What did you think abt this season? Im not sure if i liked it or not

Oh boy…I actually have a lot to say about this so I’m making a read more. 

Meet me on the other side for some sugar and salt.

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Do you have any writing tips for poetry or just texts in general? Your poems are strange, grotesque, absurd and weird in the best way posible, and your writing is also fantastic! I think you would have some nice tips

strange, grotesque, absurd and weird …. god, that’s exactly how i want them to be. that’s exactly how i want to be described wow. thank you so much!! i’m so glad that you think so!! like i’m smiling so loud you can probably hear it.

there are a few writing tips that i’ve collected throughout my years:

  • read. read read read. if you don’t know what to read or where to get started on reading, tumblr is an okay start. ( i say okay because i have a lot of beef with ‘lit’ side of tumblr. ) you can follow blogs that post poetry quotes. like, i’ll just scroll through @lifeinpoetry and find a quote that just really sticks out to me and go read the whole poem. they usually have the source right there & that’s a good way to find lit mags which’ll have more poetry! and poetry foundation both have a poem of the day that can get you started!
    • but also, consume all types of media, not just poetry. watch that movie you’ve been putting off. read that book sitting on your shelf. sit for two hours at a comic book store and read through them. interested in some weird thing that’s not even related to poetry? read about it! watch a youtube! ted talks! just put yourself into everything you can. you’ll learn so much from it and not even know. 

  • @boykeats answered this ask about repetition in poetry which i know a lot of poets feel that they do and honestly? just … probably one of the biggest reasons why i restarted my poetry blog. like if i wanna write 235 poems about digging bones out of the mud and the concepts of decay then that’s what i’m going to do. who’s going to stop me? no one. 
    • another thing for feeling like you’re repeating yourself too much in poetry is to create a blacklist. write down all the themes/words/feelings that you feel you’re overusing and just don’t use them. 
  • “write what you know” is a buncha hogwash. write what you want to write. write what you want to know. write because you feel like writing. i write about a buncha nonsense. i write about my characters in my stories. i write about how i wish i felt, i write how i think certain memories could’ve played out. i write about things that’ve never happened. i write about feelings i’ve had or haven’t had or could have had. write whatever you want to write. and write it because … you want to write it. 

  • write down the line in your head. you might never use it, you might write the next epic with it, whatever. but if you lose it, it’s gone forever. write it down. 

  • when you realize that you should only ever write for you, oh my god—the fucking freedom of that. do you know how nice it is to sit down and be like: man, i want to write about decomposition and i can just …. do that. i literally can … just do that? like … you literally can just sit down and write whatever the fuck you want. and once you learn that … oh, man. it’s going to take you so far. 

  • and @nnhorn, an absolutely prolific writer, says “sit down and do it and stop scrolling tumblr pretending like thinking about it is good enough.” and honestly? mood.
    • addition: “always push for five-hundred more words. always just five-hundred more. it’s enough for a scene, enough for a good chunk of dialogue and description. it’s enough to make you feel satisfied but enough to dissatisfy you too, making you want to continue until there’s five-hundred more”

I always feel like i never watch enough movies as it is, and it’s true… i always re-watch the same shows and movies. These are my favorite picks of 2015. 

A Most Violent Year was a slow burner with beautiful shots and 80′s era-aesthetics.. Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac work so well together, and this film was/is so under-appreciated because the lead is an actual good guy, throughout the whole film. Entertainment has been stuck on rooting for the bad guys that you almost find yourself looking to see where Isaac’s character was going to go wrong. Definitely worth watching for the last scene and Isaac’s quote in the dinner table scene.

Mommy already had me from the moment I finished previous Dolan films. I didn’t know what to expect when i went, and was even more confused when the theater attendant said the way the movie was shot was intentional and would soon make sense… it was so worth it. I think everyone I follow agrees that there’s absolutely no one who can do what Dolan does. It’s frustrating as hell to know how young he is and the ability he has to write so deeply about a variety of things. He’s got an eye for cinematography, and ear for fucking fantastic music, and a mind that writes like no other. I left that theater in awe and goosebump-ridden from the last scene/use of music.

The Hateful Eight was not high on my list of movies to watch in 2015. I don’t like Westerns, Django was a let down, and i’ve kind of gotten bored of Tarantino due to all the infatuation on this website tbh. I mean it’s a lot, but I understand it for the most part. Watching this was such an experience.. the fucking music oh my god. So good, and I never give much thought in QT’s films about much of his music even though some have become iconic. It was so perfectly fitting and new, I was living for it. Every frame every second was so well thought out and had the most beautiful use of landscape (first part). The story/characters were incredible and sooo Tarantino like in the best way. I think I was deprived of something signature of his and I finally got it. My only problem was the overuse of the N word which was highly unnecessary and really uncomfortable to hear.

It Follows popped up in an article on my homepage saying it’s the scariest movie that’s come in the last couple of years. Read the synopsis… nope I thought I was gonna pass it up and move on. Kept seeing articles on it and gave in. Went to a screening with the director and writers about a week later and had really low hopes. I was seated in a full house with incredible sound and let me tell you I almost shat my pants a couple of times. If you’ve seen it, you already know hands fucking down the door/hall scene is fucking SCARY. I felt like my soul left my body when I watched it. For a newcomer, this movie is flawless. So rich in color, incredible use of landscape which was in Detroit, but was also switched from a rustic abandoned setting to a suburban neighborhood. It keeps you on edge and has you wondering what the fuck is going on. The most incredible thing to come out of this was the score by Disasterpeace. The whole soundtrack is a horror music dream. It’s got obvious Carpenter themes but so original it’s something I listen to ALL the time. I’m still obsessed with this movie, I think I always will be.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night came outta left field and will always be an under-appreciated favorite. Black and white works so beautifully esp. when it’s a vampire film set in modern times. Music is definitely key and is to be listened to whenever, because it’s just that great. Women vampires should really be a thing, just not the Twilight kind.

Lost River, you already know. If you’ve been following me forever you know my deep struggles with this movie and how much i begged and pleaded to watch it. NWR is a huge love of mine and hearing that Ryan Gosling (his bf) was making a film, I knew it was going to have some nwr bits. Not only were websites saying it was like NWR, but also compared it to Lynch, Korine, and Noé.. the fucking best at surrealist/auteur film makers. It was bashed and hated on over and over and I knew it was going to be good. It had me so fucking in love when I finally did get around to it. It’s a simple, simple story with grim fairytale themes. Neon colors, Ben’s dancing, the town’s settings, the relationship between Ian and Saoirse’s character.. I want to live in that movie forever. I’ve read everything about it, yet there isn’t much, It’s still such a weird film and something no one has talked about since and I live for it. It’s the movie I would have made if I was ever given the chance.

Ex Machina was/is so clean and crisp it’s like breathing new air or s/t. Sounds cheesy, I know. But JC made such a fantastic role for Alicia and knocked it out of the park in terms of how the AI looked. So stunning, esp. in close up shots. The film has you rooting for one person and in a matter of a scene it changes completely. You know it’s good when I have yet to fully realize Alicia isn’t that AI from the movie.. I will always see her as one.

The Revenant fed my crops, gave me food, and nurtured my soul in terms of cinematography. Emmanuel gave me goosebumps and had me saying wow repeatedly under my breath a couple of times. I’ve only ever felt like that when I saw Children Of Men which is also his work. It’s undeniable he’s created the best shots of our time. His work with Alejandro is only proof of that. 2 hours of jaw dropping scenery was enough, but Leo and Tom are a fucking force together. Leo will never seize to amaze me. He’s become a meme, but in reality we all know his work is out of this world and commitment is something that isn’t seen much anymore in Hollywood. You always think he’s outdone himself with the last role, but he keeps fucking your shit up. He deserves the award, he deserves it all.

The Lobster had the weirdest description, but on the other hand it was the Dogtooth guy so why are acting surprised? It was exactly as described and more. I laughed my fucking ass off along with the whole theater which had a capacity of 600 ppl. Ben Whishaw and John C. Reilly are the best comical bit and so good together despite such a random pair. I don’t know what to say without spoiling it. It’s my favorite film of the year and has that uncomfortable Lanthimos scene(s) which is worth watching for let alone.

to wrap it up… i’m always a slut for cinematography and original scores, bye!