this is the question i want to ask you hahahaha

LMAO i had to take 2 semesters of spanish and my one professor would like try to talk in spanish and ask us questions about our lives and stuff and one time we were learning like family words and he was like “jill, tienes un novio?” and i was like “tengo una novia” and he was like “hahahaha you just said u have a girlfriend” and i was like “um yeah…. i have a girlfriend….” it was such a yikes for everyone involved

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I know this is a dumb question but I'm going for it! Do you by any chance like/heard of Love Live? Wether it be the game (Love Live School Idol Festival), anime (Love Live School Idol project/Love Live Sunshine) or both. I just. Wanted to ask you're probably never gonna respond to this buttttttt it was worth a shot! ^^

And yes I do know of Love Live, in anime form~ hahahaha … I’m not photogenic so please don’t be mean TwT lolol

that time Caitriona Balfe is the nicest human ever

I need to preface this by saying: I think ECCC was a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed by how many Outlander fans were there today. The lines were INSANE. I waited, each time I met Sam and Cait, no less than 45 minutes and over an hour for the autographing. and by the time we had made it to the hotel after the panel, to attempt the first autograph session, it was already filled up. at like 12:15. the panel ended at noon so like….HARDCORE. I am not so hardcore. I left and came back hahahaha


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Yuzuru QA post-FS at Autumn Classic 2017 (combined)

This QA, not the performance nor the circumstances, reminded me of something Yuzuru said in his interview post-Boston World Championship in 2016 (aired 5/14 in full on Figure Skate TV). 

Q: You mentioned that what you wanted to eat after returning to Japan was sushi. What do you want to eat now?

A: Hahahaha, back then? Currently… right… probably l would be told to relax, and I guessed that probably I would be asked questions like this. Although I really understand that, well, rather than thoughts about food right now, it’s skating [that’s on my mind] (laughs). (Q: You want to skate?) I can’t help it. Perhaps because something like personality is never going to change in a lifetime (nods), and it’s not going to change even if I were to try and do so (nods)… Therefore, I want to face skating once again, while cherishing this personality [of mine] at the same time. (Emphatic nod)

It may be that core personality doesn’t change much in a lifetime, but I believe the way he works with it and the way it manifests externally can change, and he will continue to grow and adjust. People are beautiful that way. - gladi

Translated by gladi. Feel free to repost with credit. Sources listed below alongside text.

QA after the free skate (Sanspo with supplements from Hochi & Daily

Q: Was it tough regarding stamina?

A: I thought two triples right in the beginning was tough. Because no one has done that––this type of layout. It was new territory.

Q: You were muttering something after the end of your performance.

A: “Can’t be helped.” It was the first competition (of the season). I gained regret, a great reward. In terms of the scores and content of the performance in the SP, I think it was able to confer the impression of strength, that “I will win the Olympics.” I intend to chase [this] strong self, and surpass myself with layouts of even greater difficulty.

Q: There were differences in terms of physical condition and mentally?

A: Nothing in particular. I understand that, of course, the free skate after a good SP is difficult. <But, there’s also the separate aspect that it was an unfamiliar layout.> I put in too much unnecessary force.  
<…> = Hochi 

Q: With a difficult layout, you were more mentally invested compared to yesterday (SP)?

A: It’d be game over if we were to say “difficult.” Without question, it was my own insufficient ability. I must train more. There was discomfort in my (right) knee, I lowered the layout difficulty and it ended in a mess. I trained in such a way that caused this discomfort––that in itself was also my lack of tuning. This is a season where I must build up my body for the Olympics, all the while continuing to compete well. <I was also able to learn a great deal about the process towards a competition.> I think it was a good first competition.
<…> = Daily 

Q: You’ve had experiences of regret up until this point. The level of regret today…?

A: It’s a vexing, frustrating regret. Thinking, too, that if only I had jumped the (quad) Loop. It also wasn’t that the (quad) Lutz was impossible. It was irritating in that aspect as well.

Q: Comparatively, you enjoy challenging.

A: Because I’m an athlete. After all, without challenging myself, there is absolutely no way I can perform like myself.

Q: You tried to get over the performance with your will.

A: <I did in the end.> When I popped my lutz in the beginning, I thought about various things, and my concemtration went poof. The weakness in my ability to focus has always been a theme in my figure skating career. The gap between when I’m good and when I’m bad is extreme. <It’s not about, one by one, [delicately balancing] pieces of glass to build a pyramid. It’s fine even if it’s rough, I can absolutely claw my way to the top––strength like that within oneself is also necessary.>
<…> = Hochi 

Additions from Hero’s FS Special aired 9/24

“I understand that not being able to focus until the very end and thinking too much about various things were the issues for poor performance this time […] so regret to me could only be a reward. I’m going to keep this regret in my heart and leave it there, properly practice so that I can unleash it at [the next] competition.”


Miss Right (ft. BTS’ J-Hope)

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst/College!AU

Pairing: ReaderxHoseok, ReaderxJin

Summary: Hoseok’s ex gives him the wrong number and ends up texting you instead. With the two of you in complicated relationships, you begin to develop a strange, but working friendship. Did fate really make a mistake or will a mistake eventually turn out to be fate?

1: Missed the Number? 2: Missing Him 3: Miss Wrong?  4: Miss Stranger 5: Missed Him 6: Miss Y/N 7: Missed Us Miss 8: Miss Maker

Miss 9 Miss 10 Miss 11 Miss 12 Miss 13 Miss 14 Miss 14.5 Miss 16 Miss 17 Miss 18 Miss 19 Miss 20 Miss 21 Miss 21.5 Miss 22 Miss 23 Miss 24 Miss 25 (Tentative END) Miss 25.5 Epilogue

a/n: Hi guys! If you want to join me in my #WINGSTOURinManila adventure on Sunday, be sure to follow me on instagram @/shajibells. Just send me a quick message here to let me know that you followed me, so that I can accept your request! If you have any questions about SOPE’s recent vlive just send me an ask too. JK. See you all and I hope you enjoyed this chapter. If it wasn’t obvious enough, I really enjoyed it hahahaha

Others React to Sakamaki’s Love Towards Sister! Yui

Haha totally didn’t forget I had these in my inbox *sweats nervously*


Ruki: He would probably just blankly stare at them and just brush it off at first, but it slowly gets weirder to the point where he had to ask.

- “Livestock, are you aware of…Your brothers’ behavior recently?” “Um…” “I’m not surprised…” “I don’t know what to do about it! You think haven’t tried pushing them away!?”

- Legit, he can’t even ask her a simple question without them hounding on him.

- “What the hell were you doing with her!?” “Ayato, I was just asking if she still had a book of mine she borrowed.”

- This gets hella annoying.

- He wouldn’t ask her to live with them because the Sakamakis would come and smash the door in by a second.

Kou: Finds it weird but it’s hilarious to him how much the Sakamakis love their just-now-found-out sister.

- He uses this as either blackmail or pranks he pulls on the brothers.

- “M-neko-chan~!!! Let’s go on a date!” “Kou-” “Hell no! You’re coming with us back home!” “Aw, Subaru-kun is so mean to me! Comfort me!” “Get the hell off of her!” “P-Put that down Subaru-kun!”

- “M-Neko-chan, how does having your first kiss with an idol sound~?” “What are you talking about?-” “Oh, sorry you’re out of luck~! Imouto-chan already had her first kiss with us so you’re gonna have to look somewhere else!” “L-Laito-kun!” “Ew~ How gross! M-neko-chan probably hates you for that!” “No she doesn’t, right?” “U-Um.” “Right~?” “Y-Yes.” “Jesus this guy has a major case of incest crazies…”

- Still hangs around Yui just to piss them off.

- It just gets annoying when they’re having actual conversations.

- “I had a cat at my old church, her name was Cloud because she had a lot of white fur that made her look super fluffy.” “Aw, that’s so cute~! Do you have any pictures~?” “I do, but it’s in a scrap book…I kept a mini-scrapbook for her growing up!” “Oh oh oh, bring it to school so I can look!-” “Hey, go bother someone else you girly idol!” “I swear to god…”

- Like he legit wanted to see pictures of Cloud.

Yuuma: Weirded out, but somehow impressed by the efforts they go by just loving her in that really weird way. He hangs around her so that she could talk about the whole incest thing and he’ll try to give some advice…But at some points he’d find it funny.

- “Hey Sow, would that neet actually run in gym if we put you on the line or something like that?”

- “Pff, look at that little shit treating ya like your his mate or something! Hahahaha, god you gotta move out of that house or something unless if you want fucked up kids!”

- “Why don’t you just move in with us?” “Um…You know they ask questions if I just go to the bathroom.” “Right…”

- “Sow, let me do something.” “Eh?” “I wanna experiment with something” He pulls her into a hug, like it looks really cute from the outside since he’s so tall and she’s small. He lifts his head and sighs. “Yep, he’s definitely glaring at me…”

- Shuu literally went up to him later and told him to stay away but he was just “fuck you neet, you can’t control her life.”

- Both Yuuma and Yui hide in the gardens to hang out like 3 times a week.

- Still bites her and the brothers are livid.

Azusa: This poor cinnamon bun is just like “Oh…That’s how you treat a sister…?” Someone had to explain why it was completely wrong and also against Yui’s religion. But he tries to help out if he can, but he’s just kinda confused on the situation a lot.

- “DON’T YOU EVEN GO AROUND HER!-” “I…Accidentally bumped…Into her…”

- He got yelled at a lot.

- He didn’t mind because sometimes he got hit afterwards.

- Tries to respect wishes of the brothers, hint: tries.

- Bites sometimes = Kanato throwing tantrum.

- “Yui-san…” “Yes, Azusa-kun?” “Why does…Reiji-san look like that…?” “Like what?” “He…Looks down on me a lot…When i’m around you.” “Oh, I’m sorry…They’re like that a lot-” “It’s fine…I like it a lot.”

- Hangs around Yui in hopes to get hit.

- “I’d appreciate it if you would distance yourself from my younger sister, I do not wish for her to be influenced badly.” “But…You hit her with…A flogger…? And…Bite her a lot…Like we do…And-” “I would also appreciate if you didn’t bring up past actions.”


Carla: He wouldn’t be surprised…Like at all.

- “Of course…”

- If he even breathed around her, Ayato would be all up in his case.

- “Don’t go thinking that she’s your territory, she’s mine!” “That’s hilarious, I recalled her being your sister…”

- Legit wouldn’t care…

- Bites with no hesitation.

- “Goodness, how disgusting can those Sakamaki get?”

Shin: Finds it gross, but uses it as a source of teasing.

- “Aw, shouldn’t your brother kiss is better for you~?”

- “Do you still sleep with your brothers~?”

- “God, hope you don’t get pregnant!”

- “They might as well chain you up like a dog with their overprotectiveness!”

- “God, don’t kiss in front of me. I might gag!”

- Bites with the intention to irritate them.

- Finds it funny that they punish her for being around him.

- Of course he mocks the Sakamakis too.


Kino: Highly disgusted.

- “Sister, how about moving with me? I cannot let someone like you be around those animals.”

- “God, those vampires make me sick.”

- Literally tries to take her away, doesn’t work out well.

- “You are welcome to live with me anytime Sister.”

- Got her a smartphone to communicate with her, specifically telling her to hide it from them and only use it if they are far away enough.

- Believes they’re full-siblings.

- “Um…Onii-san?” “Yes, what is it?”

- “I’m not surprised they would do this.”

P.t 2 of Sister! Yui Au

September Update

Hello everyone. How have you been? Good, bad, sad, EXCITED? Well, however you have been, life goes on everyday and we must cherish the present every time and use it for help us for the future. And if it’s not good for you, you shall overcome the terrors or struggle you are facing with happiness, strength and dignity.

Any way. Here’s an update on things with me. First, I want to say thank you so much for the lovely support you have given me. I’m very close to 1000 followers and it just means a lot to me. Second, I am sorry August didn’t have an update to My Prince Model. August was super busy for me as well, and I’ve been trying out some new things (fun new things XD) before I go back to the comic. Making a comic part takes a lot of work as always and I’m making sure that My Prince Model has the right tone with the future parts. Third, I’m sorry for the request as well. I doing my best to get to them. But they’re not open atm. I have a lot already. Fourth, I’ve been going through the motions with designing characters, too. Last, one of my friends had a horrible moment with people calling her out for drawing mild nsfw and was called disgusting, even though the characters were in legal age. She’s one of the kindest people out there to know and for her to be called disgusting isn’t being a sjw, it’s being a bully. It’s an insult and poor judgement to her humble, kind character especially since you probably don’t know her at all. You as the viewer are responsible for your experience here. All I ask, is just to be careful and be wise before you cause more harm. Ok, I’m done.

But I do hope, to get some material for My Prince Model out soon, even if it’s not part 3 because I have SO MANY PEOPLE, wanting more content for it! I’ll do my best to provide some nice content and maybe concepts, too. Well in the mean time since I have no new material for you…(although this will be new to tumblr)

Here’s a picture I was working on some months ago…but stopped on it for some reason…

GET A NICE GLIMPSE OF HOW I DRAW MY DRAFTS HAHAHAHA. BTW…If you do every have questions on how I draw and plan out things for my pictures, feel free to ask. I’m open. Anyway. Thank you so much again for the support and I will keep doing my best to provide content for you guys to enjoy. <3

Ferid & Crowley (Track 5)
Owari no Seraph
Ferid & Crowley (Track 5)

Translation of the Ferid and Crowley part of Track 5 from the Owari no Seraph drama CD. It’s everything that I hoped for and more. *_*;;;;

Thanks to ichigohaatsu for the help on the parts that gave me trouble!! :)

Ferid: Weeell then, it’s almost time for Mika-kun to come. I’m looking forward to it. Drinking human blood directly is the most delicious.

(door opens)

Ferid: Oh, he’s here.

Crowley: Hey Ferid-kun. Long time no see.

Ferid: Eh? It’s Crowley-kun? Why the sudden visit? I didn’t call for you.

Crowley: You did. It’s because I heard that you called for me that I came all the way here.

Ferid: Heh? Is that so. Then, thanks for your hard work. And…?

Crowley: “And”? That’s why I said you called for me.

Ferid: Ah I see. I called for you. I feel like there was something I needed you for.

Crowley: Could it be…you forgot?

Ferid: No no no, I didn’t forget. I remember! It’s that! I suddenly wanted to see your face.

Crowley: That kind of thing is impossible.

Ferid: It’s possible. I wanted to see your disgusted face just as you said “That kind of thing is impossible”.

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…soooo, i just had a 1.5 hour conversation with a random Nigirian guy at Starbucks and i need to let off some steam.

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Evak Drabble-- Texts between Boyfriends

Isak: I just realized something. You seduced me!

Even: I did what?

Isak: From the very first moment you saw me, you put a plan in motion to seduce me

Even: ????

Isak: Don’t even lie. You joined to Koseegruppe just to meet me- you stonewalled Emma from being partners with me because you wanted to be.

I bet you never even left your ID at home that day I asked you to buy beer!!!!

Even: :D

It was in my back pocket the whole time.

Isak: I KNEW IT.


Even: hahahaha can you blame me though? You were completely oblivious to the looks I kept sending you since the first day! I had to be pro-active

Isak: How did you know it would work?

Even: I didn’t

honestly, I didn’t even know if you were going to be into it.

Isak: Into guys?

Even: I meant into me, but yeah that was a question mark as well

I thought- especially after the first time we went to my house and smoked that you might be into me, but I wasn’t sure

Isak: I was gone for you

Even: <3

Isak: <3

wait then what the fuck was kissing Sonja about that day?!?

Even: It was a peck!


Originally posted by imightbeacoffeesnob

Even: <3 <3 <3

Isak: ……. <3

I’m Back!

Sorry that I’ve been gone friends. I was working on midterms and I’m still sick. Luckily I just finished my last one and can finally work on this blog again. Yay!

Thank you all for sticking with me through all this. Ask box is open! Feel free to ask me questions, want to talk to characters (start a mini event here since I haven’t posted in a while, or whatever. I’m always here if you guys want to talk to me too! Hahahaha I have no voice so at least I can do this type of talking! Yay!


Love you all!

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Out of all the C9 players who would you want to hang out with for the weekend, and what would you want to do with them.

Mmmmmm hard question omfg I would have to pick between sneaky and meteos tbh if we including ex-c9!!

I think I’d pick Sneaky just to make him sit down and watch fullmetal alchemist because his current taste in anime is …. very upsetting HAHAHAHA

If I pick meteos I’d just play wow with him… he has actually personally asked me before but I’m honestly too much of a nervous bitch to actually do it LOL

Person: So… what are you doing this weekend? :)

Me, an aro/ace who is terrified of people being attracted to her: I’m busy!! I’m busy, I’m super-busy, no time for anything! Hahahaha…

Tagged by @day6k!!!

1. What is something about Day6 that you look for that no one usually does (example: jewelry, veins, makeup)

I don’t think I have anything in particular but I like to their smiles, eyes, and shoulders hahahaha 

2. Name something you have in common with your bias

We speak English, we have rounds specs… he’s too uniquely him to have common things hahahahaha I don’t really think about it idk~ 

3. If Day6 asked you to play one of their instruments for them, what instrument would you play (or want to play)?

I can’t play but guitar will be cool. 

4. Bandana Bri or Choker Pil?

Dammit…. Bandana bribri

5. Which MyDay that you know lives closest to you?

@won6pil!!!! Or maybe cuz I only know her really 😂 but we met on Tumblr and went to concert and fanmeets tgt!!!

6. Favorite Brian stan?

There’s so many bribri stans ok but probably @its-youngk cuz she really spam Brians in ma face like legit spam hahaha but I love her and bri too~ 

7. Close your eyes and grab something behind you (if not, something around you). That is going to be what you give Day6. What is it?

There’s nothing behind me… Well my bed is behind me, should I give them that?? Be lazy girl~~~ LOLOL 

8. How many years are you older or younger than your bias?

Jae’s 2 years older~ 

My Questions: 

1. I Loved You or You Were Beautiful? (sorry I had too cuz damn those songs) 

2. Are you more of Day6′s heartbreak songs or Day6′s hype songs? 

3. Which Day6 song are you most confident in singing or that know the most lyrics to?

4. Favourite unreleased Day6 song? 

5. Who’s your first Day6 bias and is he still your current bias? 

6. Favourite Jae look?

7. Are you more Jaepil or Jaehyungparkian? Or what other ships are you on?

8. This is totally random but favourite Youtuber? (Maybe it’s Jaesix cuz I watched that 1 video it so many times alrdy but other than him any other?)

I’m gonna tag @httpsung @captain-couch-potato @wonfeels @hashtaggingjae @jaechicken @jaetime @professional-kangaroo @wonpilimiri @day-6ix @jarpark! Do it if you’re free 💕💕💕 I’m on a tag roll~~~~🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

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Hey manly detective, it's that same guy who sent someone through a flaming table and killed him... I might've accidently sent a unfinished question-ask-thing before (I was busy being attacked from behind by this popular muscle freak who wrestles in shorts.) anyway, I have a question, it's gonna take a lot of thinking: are you a detective?

It is a good question and I am thinking a lot about it right now.

Does ‘I want to be’ count?

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How can you support Chris brown when he's an abuser

You want to know why I support Chris Brown? I’ll give it to you.

I’ve loved Chris since I was 9. I never liked music before but whenever I heard his song playing, I was hooked. I was thinking “music is good?” My family continuously listened to pop and rock. Things like Britney Spears and Godsmack. That wasn’t my thing. I didn’t have a thing. But after hearing that one song, Chris Brown was my thing. I even remember my sister being so proud because I started listening to music.

Yes. Chris has made mistakes. Haven’t you? If you’ve never made a mistake, props to you. But considering we are all human beings and we have all messed something up in our lives, I’m going to assume you’ve made some type of mistake in yours. Wether or not you want to dwell and relive that mistake over and over and over again is up to you. Chris doesn’t want to do that. But you, and many other people just like you, LOVE to throw it in his face and that forces him to be constantly surrounded by negativity. Imagine if you were in his shoes. Let’s say you fucked up. Big time. Would you want the whole world to bring you down about it, even six years later? I don’t think you would. So why do it to him? You’re not any better then him. You’re not any worse. We are all in this world together. So why does it always have to be negative? He’s proving himself.

Violence is inexcusable. Chris fucked up. I know that. He knows that. But over the six years after that incident, he has been proving himself. Proving that he is growing. Proving that his mistakes don’t define him. Obviously, he is still going to fuck up along the road. He’s done that. Sooo many times. But behind all the mistakes and lessons learned, he is a real dude. He’s just a man trying to live his life to the fullest. Nobody should take that privilege from him. He has a daughter now, and that alone has changed him immensely. For the better. Given the situation, Royalty is a blessing in disguise.

Instead of hating on him, don’t pay attention to him. If it angers you that he is successful, ignore him. Please. I support Chris because he’s REAL. He has REAL talent. He has a REAL heart. He’s overall, a legend. If you can’t, or don’t want to see that, okay. Don’t. But don’t come to my blog, asking me why I support him. I support greatness. I support Alexis. She’s great. She too, has made mistakes. She’s also recognized them, and she’s grown from it.  

Chris is still learning… In this world, we are all still learning.. How to be great. How to be better. Let him learn. Let him be great. I don’t want to force you to like him, or listen to his music. But all i ask of you is to stop. Stop bringing him down. You saying he is an “abuser” is abusing him verbally.

Watch this, please.

A little gift for @kirino-the-mist because yes I really love Kirino Olivier,I fell in love the first time I saw his design and I am the one who suggested his name so I am really proud of me. This is also why I kept asking so much questions about his clothes and his appearance,I didn’t wanted to fail everything when coloring him.His pose is a reference to Ranmaru and Jeanne mixi-max.THIS IS THE FIRST KIRINO OLIVIER FANART HAHAHAHA

I am sorry for all the mistakes (hand too small,the eyebrows,the eyes,etc.) but I still hope you like it.You can just message me if you want the drawing without the watermark.

James and Oliver Phelps' Panel at SLCC (9/24/15)
  • Oliver wishes the swamp scene would have been in the movie 
  • James said they only ever switched parts once during rehearsal and they never switched for actual filming because they never wanted to be the reason for anyone to have to work overtime for reshoots 
  • When asked to pick between Marvel and DC they couldn’t pick
  • Oliver did ALL the talking hahahaha. At one point James pretended to storm off stage because Oliver kept taking the questions.
  • “What do you think of Voldemort?”
  • Oliver: “He’s alright isn’t he, Voldemort? I think he’s very misunderstood.” James: “He’s the most evil character in all of fiction.”
  • If you could pull one item from the magical world what would it be? James would want a portkey because car journeys suck and plane journeys suck
  • Oliver would have a time turner (so you could know every sporting outcome and “collect the winnings” hahaha) 
  • James watched a university quidditch match but he hasn’t played.
  • for Pottermore’s sorting, Oliver said he manipulated his result to be in Gryffindor (because he already has the costume)
  • James said he hasn’t taken Pottermore’s quiz but he was sorted into Hufflepuff once 
  • When asked what spell they’d want to use in real life, Oliver would use Levicorpus? But for TV remotes
  • James would use Lumos
  • They loved the weird sisters scene that ended up cut from the movie.
  • Who is the good twin and evil twin?
  • James thinks he’s the good twin. Oliver didn’t disagree.
  • James’ favorite book is Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Oliver: “Every three weeks we had our hair dyed. And we drank a lot of carrot juice.”
  • James: “but the worst part was the eyebrow dye.”
  • apparently one time an intern over bleached Oliver’s eyebrows and they had to pencil them in for like four weeks of shooting omg
  • Oliver said his favorite character from the books is Peeves. From the films is Kreacher “Because he reminds me of James.”
  • Other than Voldemort they hated Umbridge the most.
  • If you could have saved any character that died who would it have been?
  • James: “I can think of one!”
  • Oliver: “I’d say Hedwig.”
  • on set butterbeer was actually orange juice with whipped cream? So not very good.
  • SO APPARENTLY the studio where they were doing shoots was the same studio they were shooting Dark Knight at and there was a driving range and apparently they discovered they could hit Wayne Manor with their golfballs and did so frequenly
  • a girl stood up and said, “My brother loves you two so much he named his hamsters Fred and George. Fred just died.”
  • their favorite Maggie Smith moment was watching her dance with Rupert. A lot of that scene was ad libbed 
  • dream roles -James: “I used to really love the cartoon Doug. I’d love to play Skeeter in a live action version of Doug.”
  • -Oliver: "I’d love to be in a western. Some big shoutout thing. Wear a hat.”

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Hey so, I wanted to ask about the last doodle-comic you posted. My question is, Karma has a crush on Shen? I am sorry if it's a goofy question but I can't help it

:joy: hahahaha i wasn’t thinking about that when i made it : > but…. if thats how it comes off to you then sure!!