this is the question i want to ask you hahahaha

LMAO i had to take 2 semesters of spanish and my one professor would like try to talk in spanish and ask us questions about our lives and stuff and one time we were learning like family words and he was like “jill, tienes un novio?” and i was like “tengo una novia” and he was like “hahahaha you just said u have a girlfriend” and i was like “um yeah…. i have a girlfriend….” it was such a yikes for everyone involved

Hello Children, it’s Ask Game Time!

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Nickname: Ryan actually isn’t my real name, it’s just a nickname I go by since people always have trouble either spelling or pronouncing my real one (which is Orion, pronounced Oh-Ryan. Not that hard.) Really close friends and family call me OE (just the letters O-E), but really anyone can call me that if they want.

Star sign: Libra

Height: Hahahaha no (I’m too short)

Time right now: 11:46 AM

Last thing you googled: Koogi’s twitter (dont h8)

Fave music artist: I love everything but one of the bands I’m most attached to is Foster the People

Song stuck in my head: This damn thing

Last movie I watched: Uhhh Deadpool? Probably.

Last TV show I watched: Hannibal (I think I left off Season 3, Episode 4)

What I’m wearing right now: Haha what is fashion.  Faded blue jeans; Brown socks; Gray Hoodie (It says “Grad Class of 2016″), Black Beanie, and a chain around my neck with a cross at the end (I’m not religious, the chains just got sentimental value),

When I created this blog: About a week ago

The kind of stuff I post: All Voltron

Do I do asks regularly: Sometimes, I guess

Why did i choose my URL: Tumblr wouldn’t let me take the url I wanted (which was S/heith, without the slash in there)

Gender: I’m all man B)

Hogwarts house: H..H…Hufflepuff…..

Pokemon team: Uh, in the games or in Pokemon Go? In the games, my team usually consists of my Luxray (Baby), Jolteon (Goku), Espeon (Bandit), and Typhlosion (Judas), since I’ve had them all forever. I’ve never actually played Pokemon Go, but Instinct FTW

Favorite color: Red, Purple, and Blue

Favorite characters: Keith and Lance are at a tie

Dream job: I have no future prospects at all lmao, but if I could get a job teaching or doing studies for Sociology that’d be kind of fun.

Number of blankets SO MANY. I have a thick brown comforter that’s usually laying on the floor at any given moment. An even thicker, HUGE blue comforter with wolves on it. I sleep on top of a thin quilt and honestly I’m not even sure where I got that from. And one really fuzzy brown shawl with fur on the inside that I use as a blanket under the thick blue comforter every night.

Followers: 150?? Not much but again, this blog is still really new

I TAG… @wanderingsofalice@unxpctedlygreat@reynafuckingramirezarellano @shirodeserveshappiness @professorpotato @to-a-merrier-world @little-eclipse-kitten @kumorix @meowgurt @shinizu and anyone else who wants to do this!

anonymous asked:

Are there any blogs you really want to interact with/have only interacted with a bit but want to write more with?

Absolutely! I follow a lot of blogs and the fact is this; If I am following you, I want to RP with you. No question. I don’t follow RP blogs for memes or stuff to RB from them. If I follow you, it means I want to write with you. 

But I will admit there are some blogs who… I really kind of admire from afar and want to interact with. Honourable mentions include(in no particular order);

Any of @bloodbanx ‘ s blogs tbh

I’m probably forgetting a bunch of people too off the top of my head, but honestly I wanna write with everyone I follow. All of them. Just fuckin’ drown me in threads and send me to RP heaven. or hell if it’s angst. or both. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry if I've missed this, but do you do just "couple" type things? Or do you also do just kind of general zodiac stuff? And dang it I need to set a reminder for myself because I keep forgetting the days your request box is open! Love your stuff

Hahahaha! No people just started asking me for advice all of a sudden, but i don’t mind, it’s pretty fun to help them out :) my blog is not only for aesthetic’s, so people can ask me anything they want. Sure, it is mostly aesthetics but i accept questions too. (Although i do love making aesthetics more hehe)

the signs playing with a ouija board
  • aries: "why are we doing this in a spooky house the least we could've done is done it in our bedroom or something". tries to summon their dead pet
  • taurus: sits back and watches with popcorn
  • gemini: despite being outwardly opposed to it, decides to summon really evil demons anyway and asks intimate questions
  • leo: "guys take this SERIOUSLY omg". actually tries to learn about the entity
  • virgo: "nOPE NOPE NOPE"
  • libra: "the entity wants us to make out hahahaha oh well what can we do?"
  • scorpio: tries to summon a shit ton of demons. "hey I know ur from hell but I have something even hotter ;)"
  • sagittarius: moves the planchette purposefully and makes dick jokes the whole time. when it's silent they will jump at someone and freak them out
  • capricorn: punches sag in the face when they try to freak them out. eyes are laser focused on the board
  • aquarius: is too scared to mess with it and records the results instead. ends up drawing all over the paper
  • pisces: the one that gets possessed

AG: Yeah, for Terezi, it’s a 8it of a … sensitive topic. 
AG: Im sure shell 8e a8le to answer questions like a mature adult soon enough. 
AG: I don’t find it 8ad though!!!!!!!! Ask me anything you like a8out my lusus, I got nothing to hide!!!!!!!!
AG: She’s so cool. No8ody wants to mess with me, cause my lusus will go88le them up whole!!!!!!!!
AG: Hahahaha, s8metimes I worry I’m gonna fall into her we8 and sh8’lll accidentally gulp me!!!!!!!! 8ut thats totally unrealistic.
AG: Anyway I gotta deal with this kid’s anger issues— hey Tavros, fucking give that 8ack!
AT: }:(

Hi guys! As part of my first vlog ever, I would like to ask if you want to know something about me, you can drop by questions and then I’ll choose 5 then I’ll answer it on my vlog. My first vlog is all about me, yeah lame, it’s just for formality sake and only an intro of who I am via youtube. I’ll be doing my video tomorrow so sakyan nyo na lang muna. Hahahaha! Thank you! Ayokong magsound na parang di ko kayo kilala, na ginagamit ko lang tumblr as platform. I’ll give proper credits naman. Hahaha so yeah! :)