this is the post with the most tags i've ever made


Happy Mi⭐︎Do⭐︎Ta⭐︎Ka Day! (*ロ-ロ)♡ (`ω´*)  

I will be shamelessly posting and reblogging nothing but midotaka today, so feel free to enjoy or ignore, as you like. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

listen, some of you may be like “maggie, why have you changed everything in your blog to star trek suddenly” guys. you have to understand something. bucky is a bae. definitely. but he is not my Main Bae™. he is the bae i take out to parties or to the movies or to dinner. i have fun with him, sure. but he is not my only bae. he is a Side Bae™, if you will. my Main Bae™, the bae i come home to at night, that bae is none other than leonard horatio “bones” mccoy, and it’s high time i go back to honoring him as such.