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Guys I’m feeling nostalgic. But remember back when S3 started and the whole summer before we had all of those teasing quotes about Emma & Hook and all the rumors about the love triangle and Ginny’s countdown photos with the couple of CS teasing ones she posted and then we got the first sneak peek of S3 and it was Emma & Hook doing the toast to Neal on the Jolly and we were like AWWWWW SHIT YISSSSSS HERE WE GO. lmao.

THEN Jmo teased an upcoming kiss @ NYCC and Eddy was all “Hmmm I wonder who that could be…those pirate charms…” and everyone that didn’t ship CS was like IT’S TOTALLY NEAL and we were just like hahaha ya’ll are crazy stop playin… and then at like 11PM AT NIGHT EW released that first image of them with their heads together AND WE PROCEEDED TO LOSE OUR SHIT (no sleep was had that night) and then two days later they released the gif that had ALL the promo pics of the kiss in it AND THEN THEY RELEASED THE SNEAK PEEK A COUPLE DAYS AFTER THAT AND I WAS IN MY OFFICE AND HAD JUST WATCHED IT AND TWO MIN LATER MY BOSS, THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY INVITES ME TO LUNCH AND I HAD TO GO EXCUSE MYSELF TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE WE LEFT BECAUSE I HAD RED BLOTCHES ALL OVER MY CHEEKS AND CHEST B/C I WAS SO WORKED UP?!!

hahaha. Good times, man. GOOOOOOOD times. 


So my little adventure has come to an end. As I said before I worked as a Whale Shark guide and Divemaster at Cancun. It was such an incredible experience. I learned so much, made good friends, and of course shot great photos. Still, through photos and videos you can´t appreciate the real thing. I couldn´t take pictures of everything of course. I saw dolphins, turtles, way too many fish such as Angelfish, Eagle Rays, common Rays, Barracudas, Manta Rays and 100+ Whale Sharks. 

One of the last days at work I got a very special moment with one particular Whale Shark and the very first Manta Ray I had ever seen. I was able to freedive and dance with them for a couple of minutes. Truly unique experience, words can´t express. 

I will upload some photos that some friends shot of me with the sharks in the next post and next week I will post the complete videoclip. 

REMEMBER these photos belong to me, if you want to share them please use my name: PABLO BAQUERIZO ©

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i really liked what zayn said about bravery in regards to one direction in that interview. i think it really shows he’s come a long way since early 2015, and it makes me so proud and happy to see that he, too, realizes how brave that decision was!! and how that makes him brave!! how continuing to pave his own path himself is also so, so brave!! i remember all those posts we used to make talking about that and how we wanted him to know that it took courage to do what he did and how it’s something to be proud of, and now it’s finally a reality!!

Okay so here are the things I remember from the show. Everything was fantastic and the three hours went by so quick. It’s under a read more because it got long. And I rambled and I’m tired and none of it makes sense probably. I passed out last night before I could finish and post lol oops. SPOILERS for staging, obviously.  

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im sorry to bother you, do you think you could maybe tag jasper please? its okay if you dont want to though, id appreciate it but i understand whatever you wanna do. thank you, i hope youre having a nice evening, em!

i’ll try my best!! i dont usually post about her anyway, but for the time being of this ep being the Discussion i’ll try to remember (i also went back and tried to tag recent posts with her)

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           { 🐞 } “Didn’t we already take care of you?” Ladybug asked upon seeing a familiar face approach her. The Evillustrator was his ‘villain name’, from what she remembered.

She had a look of determination on her face, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. What a nicely-prepared superhero she was. “What do you want this time?”

My spider sense feels... some blog news!

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Hi guys so here it come… the blog news
First at all, our username change *I say our because is your blog too! * so we abandonate marvelavengers-age-of-ultron *minute of silence* and our new username is wakandaentertainment what do you think? you like it? you hate it? you have a better idea? let me know it :)

I will try to be more active *why are you not so active?* I’m not as active as other blogs and well the thing is that I don’t post anything that I really don’t like or enjoy because well if I will post something it will be something good *or that’s what I want*, also I want to remember you guys (I know this can be bored but I really don’t want fights for this) I don’t create the gifts I just make like funny commentaries about them if you create some of this gifts and you want credit well you just tell me I’m not trying to steal your creations.

Talking about comic con *another comic con i’m not attending :( * you guys must watch all the trailers (justice league, wonder woman, iron fist, dr strange..) they are really interesting and I highly recomend you netflix and marvel series they are AMAZING so you can be ready for the defenders! (watch the teaser! here

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And that’s all as always thanks for your support! you’re my favorite chimichanga!

Cassian Hair

Hello there! ♥

Remember the WIP-picture I posted before I wasn’t here for a while? Yes? Great. No? Also great.

This is my first hair - it’s actually a frankenmesh I guess.

It’s not perfect, but right now I’m too lazy to fix some small stuff. But I WILL fix them (they are mostly things that don’t look that pretty).

I wanted this to be a 30+ followers gift. But I yesterday I checked out my simblr and noticed this is now more of a 40+ followers gift. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy this hair. :)

Download and Infos are under the cut.

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I could see three ants climb up an

endless tree- 

every knot, a gnarly universe. 

Chewing on rubbery leaves, 


you turned to 

me and all I remember is: 

You are an ugly winker.

I could see the satin cloth, 

three dots of light

dancing at the corner of my eye. 

Every face lightbright, every tongue

rolling words into

happy joints. 

Sweep whatever you want 




but come back honey, 

because all I remember is: You 

look sexier when you fuck up.

I can count five retrogrades, three

eclipses and

hundreds of days 

when all I thought was: 

Do you really think I don’t know 

how you feel? 

Would I not just help you 

take your shoes off 

and tuck you in,


So I just had a thought and I wanted to get it out before I forgot it. Now I know there’s speculation that Yellow Diamond probably intends to punish or even poof Jasper for her failed Earth mission. That idea was borrowed from Awestruck Vox mainly, if I’m remembering my source correctly. Now, we’ve seen that Steven clearly dislikes Jasper, which is odd when previously we’ve seen him be caring and open towards gems. Hell, he didn’t even seem to really despise Yellow Diamond (of course, given his current … state of being for lack of a better phrase, that’s probably changed but whatever). 

But what if upon witnessing Jasper’s potential demise, Steven tries to jump in and save her somehow? Or convinces the gems to save her? Because while he does seem angrier as of late, he does still have compassion and love in his heart. I don’t feel like he’d hold any ill wishes towards anybody. Probably no even Kevin. So what if, in a moment of adrenaline and panic, Steven rushes to Jasper’s rescue in the middle of her being poofed? Possibly shielding or bubbling the two of them together? There’s no telling how well that’d hold up against a diamond, but it’d probably hold up long enough to get them somewhere safer or hell to maybe fuse as a last resort option.

I don’t know where I’m really going with this, but I feel like if just stomping her failed, then Yellow Diamond would resort to that bright flashing light, that mysterious song that killed and corrupted so many gems during the war. The thing that I’m guessing caused Rose to only be able to protect a few from. For whatever reason, Jasper would be out of Steven’s reach, and it’d be a mirror of what happened on the battlefield. Only a few would be shielded, and that would begin Jasper’s corruption arc. I do think centipeetle will come into play again with that. I think, like Kev, that first Steven would hone his mind powers and heal Centi completely that way. Once he figures this out, he’d be able to heal Jasper. or who knows? Maybe it’d happen the other way around. I just have a lot of thoughts on this but I don’t think Steven’s gonna dislike Jasper like this forever. He’s going to see her at the mercy of a powerful force and see a side of her that shakes his entire view of her; fear. Unshakeable fear. And like Peridot, he’ll want to protect her. He’ll want to save her.

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Hey there! I'm curious to get an opinion re: your "Hannibal leading a chill life before Jack threw Will at him" theory you mentioned on 12/06/2015 - would Franklin fit neatly into the "Hannibal being a perfectly good therapist when he wanted to" thing, if not for all that fuckery with Tobias & Will? I remember being struck by how comparatively mundane (if cringey) their interactions were, esp. in S1E1: Apart from the typically-pretentious, cryptic answers, not even a hint of murder! Quaint, huh?

I revisited my archives with great trepidation to find out what nonsense I was talking about last December and whether I’d still believe it with another half-year of thinking cannibal thoughts under my belt.   Looks like this was the post. (And possibly the genesis of The World’s Prettiest Pain In The Ass as one of my nicknames for Will?)

I think I can still basically roll with what Past Me was thinking there.  Clearly Hannibal can go into “I know what’s best for you, by which I mean congratulations, you have just been unilaterally enrolled into Lecter’s Finishing School For Select Young Murder Interns” mode. But I have to think that in order to be fairly well established in the way he was at the start of the show, he’s got to have at least some ability to provide actual decent therapy for some actual non-Murder-Intern patients.

And so: Franklyn.  I’ve done some time in therapy for anxiety/PTSD related stuff, and I mean, what Hannibal’s doing in that pilot episode certainly isn’t what an actual normal therapy session for that stuff looks like. But I’m willing to buy it as a TV version of what it might look like.  An actual scene of Hannibal doing cognitive behavioral therapy* with Franklyn would not make for good television.

But I feel like, basically, Hannibal’s half-checked-out on Franklyn and could probably do better therapy with Franklyn if he wanted to (and hell, maybe he does on other days) but he’s not trying to turn Franklyn into a Murder Intern either.  He’s dispensing some therapy, collecting his paycheck. He’s doing, basically, the job, well enough, without breaking a sweat.

But he’s also not above finding his own little moment of vicious fun when Jack shows up and Hannibal goes all “I mean, maybe you’re here to interrogate Franklyn?”  Which, obviously he’s not, but also Hannibal is a dick and I bet you anything Franklyn had a big ol’ fear moment there and Hannibal did his creepy smelling thing and was like, ah, yes, what a nice little tang of fear-sweat, excellent palate cleanser before I invite this FBI dude in and possibly stab him, hopefully not on my nice carpet.

And then Jack starts talking about Will Graham, who Hannibal doubtless has some familiarity with ‘cause of his interesting brain and all, and Hannibal’s entire life falls apart.  So, you know, hope you enjoyed fucking with Franklyn’s brain there, Hanners, ‘cause Jack’s about to change your life.**

*This was originally just CBT but you all are a KINKY BUNCH OF MOTHERFUCKERS and I’m pretty sure I can’t use that abbreviation among you so cognitive behavioral therapy it is

** Yes, this is a Hamilton reference. I’m not sorry.***

*** Yes, that was another one.

Throwback to that time someone suggested that I was the subject of fetal alcohol syndrome just for not having the same views on a conspiracy theory about a slash ship (which I expressed on a post not in any of those tags and under a readmore), because that’s totally witty and clever diss and not in horifically poor taste.


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