this is the post

you ever see a post so Out There you just keep reading and waiting and hoping and praying for the ‘haha just kidding can you imagine’ but the existential horror just continues to grow as it never comes and you realize that it’s actually 100% genuine (please stop going to the source and reblogging this post w/o any of the other comments if this becomes a fun quirky relatable post with like 10k notes i’ll actually die)


thank you 3 for having us in for the early Q and A, you were hilarious as ever and you mean the world to us all ^~^

also I can’t believe I was sat right in front of Brandon Turner, holy crap that dude is awesome omg


someone asked how I did the tears in that Aoyama pic so here we go

get ur lil crying anime face ready

use a bright blue

lower that shit

do the same with a darker blue but UNDER the lineart layer 

duplicate the layer and use the aitbrush to kinda hollow it out mostly the middle section so u get smt like this

use white to outline uuuhhh all of the tears

use pink and kinda scribble on them with water color on a new layer

add it and lower the opacity

do the same with these colors

then add a saturation layer and u got it

bakugou: who the fuck-

aizawa: language, katsuki.

bakugou: whom the fuck-

aizawa: no.