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confession time, here’s what i got

Summary: In which Otabek and Yuri pine for each other a lot, and manage to drag other people into their own problems. (otayuri week day 1! prompt: confessions, otayuri, side pairings viktuuri and saramila, word count: 4095)

Otabek figures out that he loves Yuri when he is twenty-one.

It’s during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday, too. His plane lands exactly at midnight, and he’s rushing to get his baggage as quick as he can to meet his best friend. He sees him the moment he claims baggage – it isn’t hard to miss his long hair or his leopard jacket – and he stretches his arms out as Yuri bolts over to him.

In the next minute, he has him in his arms, and he hears a cheerful, “Beka!” in his ears, and, oh, he realizes. He is in love.

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1 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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Seoul; the party capital of the world. At least that’s what you’d heard at university from the girls who hadn’t spent their adolescence in exile. They would all squark with delight as they exchanged crazy stories about unrequited love and getting so drunk they blacked out and still can’t remember a thing; of course that was merely Sarah Holt’s way of justifying kissing her best friends boyfriend at social gatherings, but that was none of your business.

You had always been the foreigner, sent to England after your parents died in a plane crash at the tender age of fourteen. To say the girls from school lived up to their British stereotypes would be an understatement, they all relished in the unveiling of your sob story. Unfortunately the past wasn’t a talent show and the truth did you no favours, it only weighed heavily on your heart. Admittedly life wasn’t all bad being Park Jimin’s younger sister, he was the youngest billionaire in South Korea after all, much to your friends’ envy. A teeny part of you anticipated catching up with your older brother, not that you shared anything in common beyond DNA.

After spending three years almost five thousand miles away from your childhood home, the limousine finally pulled up to the manor house. It was still the same as you remembered it; shapely colourful shrubs adorned the surrounding fields as soon as the gates opened. A beautiful cherry blossom tree swayed calmly in the summer breeze right outside the front door, it was so surreal returning home after spending so long avoiding it.

“Y/N? Is that you?” A voice you recognised straight away asked, though it seemed much manlier in comparison to three years ago.

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The Moon and the Stars

Anonymous said: Can I request Taehyung being your roommate and you’re not aware of his feelings until he comes home drunk 😊😊

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Summary: You and Tae are roommates and it’s great. You two get along well and hang out from time to time. One night he comes home from a night of partying, completely wasted, and tells you he’s in love with you. However, given his reputation, that’s not exactly a good thing…

Genre: College/Roommate!auFluff, Angst(ish?)

Word Count: 5,000 (exactly!)

Content: Adorably drunk Tae, some mushy fluff, a little bit of angst, some swearing

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble but ended up being 5k oops. Partially inspired by Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

Sneak Peak:

Taehyung took your hand and started walking. At that moment you noticed that the clouds had drifted off, revealing the billions of stars that were hidden behind them.

You looked up at the clear night sky. “Look, Tae.” You said, pulling on his sleeve. You used your free hand to point up at moon, which was bright, and full. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

He didn’t let his eyes follow your finger toward the stars. Instead they remained fixed on you when he replied, “She is.”

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Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

y/n; your name

y/u/n; your username


Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where you and Justin spend the day in bed doing lazy and cute stuff?

YESSS Omg I love Justin! This is my first imagine on an ask but I don’t think I like it very much


Originally posted by 13reasonssource

     You woke up tangled in bedsheets, your hair in your eyes and a warm body next to yours. You were partially naked, only in a pair of underwear, but one long arm was stretched out over your chest, covering your breasts. It was Justin, your boyfriend, and he was snoring lightly, his hair a mess of brunette curls on your sheets as he nuzzled his face in your shoulder. 

“Justin,” You whispered slightly after glancing at the clock and seeing the time. It was nearly lunchtime and you had never gone to sleep so late before in your life. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” 

You twisted your fingers through his curls and tugged slightly, causing Justin to groan and open his eyes a fraction. A lazy smile sprung up on his features as he saw you leaning over him, and he stretched his arms out before wrapping them around you tightly and dragging you into his chest before peppering kissed all along your face. 

“Justin!” You giggled, grabbing onto his face and finally giving him a proper kiss. After you pulled away and go onto your knees on the bed, crossing your arms and staring at him. “You told me you were going to take me to the beach today, but I’ll bet all the good spots are taken now because of your persistent late night activities!” 

Justin laughed and ran a hand through his hair while adjusting himself so he was laying on his back with the other hand behind his head. “Don’t act like you didn’t like those activities.” 

You rolled your eyes playfully before memories flashed in your head, causing you to shift. “Yes, but I’m sure the neighbors didn’t.” Justin just chuckled and closed his eyes again. 

“Seriously Justin! Come on, take a shower with me and then we’ll head somewhere.” You shed your undergarments but as soon as Justin neared the door you shut it and took a shower by yourself. 

“Y/N, come on!” Justin whined, opening the door while you washed your hair. He knew not to open the shower curtain without your consent so he stayed by the sink, grabbing his toothbrush and lathering it in toothpaste. “The beach is lame, I just want to stay here and be with you.” 

“You had me all last night, Justin.” You said while rinsing yourself off of strawberry scented bubbles. 

“That’s not enough, babe.” He said around his toothbrush. He walked over and tapped the curtain. You made a noise of consent and he pushed it open before climbing in. “I want to be with you not just sexually. I want to watch your favorite movies and feed you your favorite snacks, and I want to lay with you and breath in your delicious scent.” 

Justin had a mouthful of toothpaste but you understood him clearly. Your heart warmed at the thought of what Justin had just said, and when you had first met him at Monet’s you never would’ve guessed he would be this kind of cheesy. 

“Okay, Justin.” You smiled, but it quickly faded when he spit out the toothpaste that nearly hit your foot. “Oh, grosss, Justinn!” 

Justin let out a barking laugh as he washed his mouth out before you grabbed his toothbrush from his hand and stepped out of the shower. He started to wash himself as you dried yourself off. Who knew that having your own apartment to yourself was the best thing ever? No sisters to walk in on you and beg for the restroom, no parents walking in during intercourse with Justin. Just you and Justin. Because nothing else really mattered at the moment or at any moment. 

When Justin was done showering and you were both fully dressed in pajamas (you were actually in one of his shirts and a pair of socks) you ran to the kitchen and started up the microwave. 

“Kettle corn or buttered popcorn?” You asked Justin when you heard him enter, standing on the tip of your toes to look at the boxes you had. Justin walked over and picked you up from behind so you had a better view. 

“Are you kidding, Y/N? Is that even a question?” 

“Kettle it is then.” You grabbed the box before Justin set you down, going to grab some candies from a bowl you had. 

“You know all of this candy isn’t healthy, right babe?” Justin asked while stuffing skittles in his mouth.

You stuffed the bag of kettle corn in the microwave and pressed a button before turning to him. “It’s only unhealthy if you eat it. I haven’t touched that stash since last Monday.” 

Justin closed his mouth and then narrowed his eyes, nodding while pointing at you. “You right.” 


Three hours later you two were laying in bed while letting music play in the background, just laying in each others arms. Your head was on his chest while one leg was laying over his torso and he was running his fingers through your hair. 

“I love being like this with you, Y/N. I just can’t get en-” 

“OH MY GOD!” You gasped and then jumped up, causing Justin too as well. He looked frightened but when he saw you run to the radio and turn it up he rolled his eyes. 

“Really, Y/N?” 

“Shhh, it’s System of a Down.” You hissed as the intro to Toxicity played loudly. 

“You really surprise me with your music taste.” Justin sighed, watching you play air guitar. 

You jumped onto the bed as the chorus came on, flipping your hair and bouncing on the soft mattress.”DISORDER! DISORDER! DISORDEERR!” 

At first Justin was pushing at your ankles, trying to trip you, but then he joined you. He stood up and threw his head around, pretending as if he were playing the drums. Soon the mattress was creaking under the weight of the two of you jumping on it. 

“Y/N, you’re changing me!” Justin panted when you two were done, throwing himself on the bed. You followed and gave him a questioning look. “I used to hate rock, chick flicks, and kettle corn.” 

You returned to the position you two were in before, looking up at him with a smile. “Is that bad?” 

“No, I’ve never felt better in my life.” 

“Even when I was throwing skittles trying to get them in your mouth and you accidentally choked on one?” You laughed lightly. 

“Even then, baby.” 



Notice me

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A/N: This was requested by jockarchie. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “a request where the reader’s older brother and archie are best friends and archie’s always seen the reader as a little sister but ever since she joined the vixens, he’s been seeing her differently?”

Archie and your older brother Michael were best friends. They spent practically every day together, which in all honesty you weren’t complaining. You’ve always had a crush on Archie even when you were little but Archie always looked at you like a little sister.

It annoyed you that he only thought of you as a little sister especially when you got older and filled out more and your more prominent features filled out more if you know what I mean.

One day, you were at school and you were hanging with your best girlfriends Veronica and Betty.

“Ugh, Archie still looks at me like I’m his little sister,” I groaned to them while Veronica chuckled.

“That’s because of your brother. He’s not going to look at you any differently unless you make him. It’s easy,” I looked at my best friend as if she was nuts.

“How am I supposed to do that? I’ve already changed my look about a hundred times and still nothing,” I said while Betty and Veronica shared a look.

“Well, you haven’t tried our newest look,” I looked between my two best friends with a confused and curious look.

Betty and Veronica smirked at each other but standing up and each taking a hold of my hand.

“Let’s go,”

“Go, where?” I questioned as I stood up.

“You’ll see,” And with that, they whisked me down the hall.

Time Skip:

I walked out of the locker room with a pair of black booty shorts on with one white stripe down the side. A white and yellow baseball shirt and white knee high socks on with two yellow stripes and white sneakers.

“Is this really going to make him notice me?” I questioned with confusion.

“It’s a step in our plan, now just follow our lead,” Veronica said before she headed over to Cheryl Blossom. “Cheryl, you’re going to let (Y/N) into the Riverdale Vixens,” Cheryl glanced over at me before turning back to Veronica.

“Why would I do that? Plus, she must audition like everyone else,” Veronica rolled her eyes at Cheryl before speaking up.

“Because you owe us and fine, she’ll audition,” Veronica turned to me. “Won’t you?” I nodded my head. “Alright, let’s start,” I got in the middle of the gym and was about to start when I heard the gym doors open and close. I glanced back to see Archie, Michael, and Jughead walking into the gym with surprised looks on their faces.

I looked back at Veronica as she just smirked before nodding her head. “You ready?” I nodded my head while Veronica flicked on the music.

I moved my hips to the beat before starting to do my routine. I watched from the corner of my eye, I saw Archie watching me in awe. I finished my routine as Cheryl scowled at me.

“So?” Veronica questioned.

“Fine. She’s in,” Cheryl snapped at her before walking away.

“Yes!” Veronica and I said in unison as we began to jump and down in excitement.

“(Y/N)! You made the cheerleading team?! That’s amazing!” Michael said as he ran over to me and picked me up in a hug and spun me around. Archie and Jughead began to make their way over to us as Veronica leaned into me.

“Play hard to get,” I nodded my head towards her.

“Hey, (Y/N). You were amazing,” I smirked at him before responding.

“Thanks, Arch,” I said simply. Archie shared a look with Jug before going to speak again. “It was nice talking to you Arch but I have to go get fitted for my new uniform! Kisses!” I said before looping my arms with Veronica and Bettys as we headed for the girl’s locker room.

“Omg, (Y/N)! That was perfect!” Veronica said once we reached the locker room.

“Was it? I wasn’t too harsh, was I?” The girls giggled before shaking their heads.

“Of course not but we need to get you ready for tonight’s game, come on!”

Time Skip:

We were currently in the locker room waiting to be called out.

“Are you nervous?” Betty questioned as she came to stand by me.

“A little,” I said while I tried to cover up the nervous sound in my voice.

“Alright, Riverdale Vixens! Let’s move out!” We began to run out onto the field as I noticed Archie by the doors. I smiled at him before moving out.

We did our cheer and the Riverdale Bulldogs ran out onto the field pumped and ready to play. We moved to the bleachers while we watched the boys play the game.

Once the game was finished and the boys won, we went down to the field to congratulate them.

“Michael! You did great! Congratulations!” I yelled while running towards my brother.

“Thanks (Y/N)! Listen, I think someone wants to talk to you,” Michael said as he pointed behind me to reveal Archie.

“Hey,” Archie said while he approached me.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Listen, you were amazing out there,” Archie said clearly nervous.

“You were too,” I replied with the same amount of nervousness. We stood in awkward silence until Archie broke it.

“I was wondering if you like to go out sometime? Maybe to a movie or something?” I smiled before nodding my head.

“I’d like that. And here after all this time, I thought you just thought of me as a little sister or something,” I said with a giggle.

“Well, I did but seeing you in that uniform… It-” Before Archie could finish I heard a stern voice spoke from behind me.

“Watch what you say, Andrews.” It was Michael. Archie gulped while I giggled.

“Come on Andrews. I’ll buy you a soda at Pop’s,” I said walking out over and looping our arms together.  

Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine #1 (AKA FIRST ONE EVER)

It was 11:45 AM, only fifteen more minutes for lunch time. Y/N’s favorite time because she was always reading a new book every week and that’s basically all she did in her free time; reading calmed her and it became her very own stress reliever ever since her parents announced their divorce.  this week it was “Everything Everything” seeing as the movie was coming out this week, on Friday to be exact and she was a sucker for love stories.  Most times she would ditch her friends and eat in the library to read in a peaceful place without the ruckus of annoying students in the cafeteria.  After, impatiently waiting for lunch, the bell rang and she basically ran to the library with her paper bag lunch clutched in her hand.  Ever since she started reading at lunch in the library, she had found a secluded table towards the back of the library.  She speedily made her way over and stopped as she noticed it was already occupied.  She bit her lip and decided to walk closer trying to figure out who the person was and if she knew them.  As she got closer, she saw a brown haired boy and noticed he had slammed his fist on the table, it was loud to her since she was right by him.  She knew Montgomery since she had tutored him last year in History and he was in some of her class this year; she wouldn’t say they were friends though. Maybe a small “hi” or “how are you” was exchanged between the halls or out in the field but she couldn’t deny she wished she was close friends or just have him notice her.  She wanted to know the real him and not the Montgomery who pushed students into lockers or acted like an ass to look cool.  She licked her lips and approached him “Hey Monty, you’re sitting at my table” she whispered to him in a teasing tone as she approached his table.  He quickly looked up s he heard her voice and locked eyes with her.  “Oh hey Y/N, i’m sorry. I can leave if you want.  I was just studying and yeah but i can leave since you probably want to be alone at your table…” he wandered off, sheepishly since he couldn’t even complete a sentence in front of her, because in all honesty, Montgomery admired Y/N and wished he would gain the guts to keep some kind of friendship with her.  He assumed that since everyone knew about his reputation, she wouldn’t want to associate with him.  Meanwhile, Y/N wished to befriend him and possibly even more.  She softly giggled and shook her head as he rambled, “it’s okay, I don’t mind sharing as long as you share your Cheez-its with me” she nodded off to the opened bag of her favorite snacks that were by his books.  He shot her a grin and nodded “deal” he said moving is backpack to an empty chair beside him. Y/N sat down on the chair to his left side and reached for her book in her backpack and opened up the part where she left off reading last night.  She was halfway in chapter 11, when she noticed Monty was making the table shake causing her to softly giggle. She looked over at him, “are you okay? Do you need some help?” she softly asked him.  Monty bit his lip and shook his head “I feel so stupid, I never understand what goes on in class and I just feel like a failure” he said as he frowned and dropped his head down.  Y/N’s heart swelled at him and and his answer, she placed one hand on his back, soothingly rubbing her hand up and down, “you’re not stupid, Mont and you’re definitely not a failure, either.  Don’t put yourself down, okay?” She assured him.  He instantly got a smile on his face to her little pep talk and nodded, looking over at her “thank you” he said softly.  “So what are you having trouble with here?” she asked pushing her book to the side and leaning over to see Mont’s work.  “Chemistry” he mumbled in an irritated voice. She chuckled, “yeah, Chemistry is a pain in the ass although if you do less talking you can learn more” she teased him as she would constantly hear him chatting away in there Chem class every day.  He shook his head and laughed, “Mr. Cooper has a voice that bores me to death,” he said jokingly.  Y/N laughed “I don’t know. I think he has a lovely voice” she says disagreeing with him.  After her comment, they both look at each other and laugh.  She looked at Monty’s paper and shook her head, “you just need the date from last week’s lab and that will help you find the answers to this sheet” she pointed to the one in front of him.  Montgomery’s cheeks felt heated and he instantly felt stupid again since 1.) he didn’t have those lab notes and 2.) he needed her help to figure out that the lab notes were needed.  She chuckled and turned back to reading, allowing Montgomery to work.  After ten minutes, he turned to her, “so do you have the lab notes? I had a baseball game and left class early” he mentioned to her.  This caused her to gasp and laugh pretty loud, “and what have you been doing for the past ten minutes Monty?” she asked him.  He cheekily smiled at her, “I’ve been watching you read that book, not in a creepy way but you looked cute” he shyly said.  She shook her head at his response and pulled her notes handing them to him.  Another 10 minutes passed,Montgomery fully turned to her, leaning his head onto his arm, she looked up at him through her lashes and gave him a questioning look.  “Isn’t the movie coming out on Friday?” he asked her curiously, she instantly grinned and nodded “yes! How did you know?” she asked him. He laughed “my sister keeps mentioning she wants to see it to her boyfriend” he said rolling his eyes and shrugging. Y/N nodded, “I hope he takes her, she might need a shoulder to cry on” she mentioned, biting her lip.  “Do you?” He asked her, “Do I what?” she answered his question with a question. “Do you need a shoulder to cry on when you go see it on Friday?” he asked her once again.  This caused her to blush and bite her lip with a soft chuckled.  “Are you asking to be my shoulder to cry on?” she continued to tease him, wanting to hear him fully ask her.  Montgomery playfully rolled his eyes, “you’re going to make me fully say it?” he asked her, looking at her and receive a node from her.  He jokingly sighed, “will you accompany me as my date to see Everything Everything with me Friday night and allow me to be the shoulder you cry on Y/N?”  She grinned and nodded at his response, “yes, Monty. I would love to be your date and cry on your shoulder.”


this is my first imagine everrrrrr. so feedback is greatly appreciated and idk if I will write more but I was in my Monty feels and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all the Montgomery imagines on here already! and i’m super sorry if u dont like it. I also didn’t know how to end it so sorry for a shitty ending. ILY.

Kitty Fic Recommendations

So, I read a lot of fics and I wanted to share some (!) of them throughout my time here. The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference.

Summary :  Ty manages to get Kit out of his room and to get to know people better.

Summary :  Kit and Ty think they understand themselves and their worlds, but life decides to shake everything up, meaning that they no longer understand what they used to. They need each other to work out where they need each other to ease their confusion. Friendships and relationships follow.

Summary :  (LOS SPOILERS!) Kit wanders into Ty’s room at night, feeling the need to fulfill an unspoken promise to Livvy.

Summary :  It starts out with Kit and Ty training together. Soon they realize their feelings for each other. This is my interpretation of how they would end up together. Events take place after Lady Midnight.

Summary :  Kit does his best to hide from the Shadowhunters in their own Institute. Ty wants to meet him properly.

Summary :  Drabble. Kit finds out what Ty’s been listening to.

Summary :  AU? Maybe? Drabble. Sometimes all you have is the people you care about.

Summary :  AU. Which is worse, a school shooting or a school bear attack? Warning: Flippant treatment of serious issues.

Summary :  The story of Ty and Kit’s first (and second) kiss. Posted for Autism Awareness Month in April.

Summary :  He was suddenly the first person, in that way, that Ty could look at with true interest, wonderment. He’d never, ever experienced anything like it.

Summary :  Kit hasn’t come out if that room since he went in. He’s stubborn, but Ty knows he can wait him out.

Summary :  He didn’t talk like his family. Hell he didn’t even look people in the eyes. Well, that wasn’t entirely true; he looked into Kit’s eyes. Kit Rook. The one person he felt close to.. It was a sense of familiarity and recognition. It was something he didn’t know how to explain. Nonetheless, he knew one thing for sure and that was that he could see the world in Kit’s eyes.

Summary :  Spoilers from LOS so if you haven’t read it skip this! Kit does his best to comfort Ty after tragedy strikes.

Summary :  A tale of an unlikely friendship that grew into something more. Kit Rook and Ty Blackthorn.

Summary :  (SPOILERS FOR LORD OF SHADOWS) Ty isn’t dealing well with his sister’s death, but maybe Kit knows a way he can help. Sad, kinda fluffy one-shot for Kitty.

Summary :  Kit and Tiberius. Discovery of new feelings, adventure and romance and drama. All about Kit and Ty but not only that, Kit forms bonds with other characters, including Livvy.

Summary :  KITxTY Fluff. It’s been a month and Ty is always sitting outside Kit’s door. One day he asks him inside and Ty seems to have found some comfort in this new boy. And Kit is trying to figure out what’s going on in his head, and he can’t help but find the Blackthorn boy very intriguing.

Summary :  Ty took a deep breath. “Okay. Well. If you don’t want a book, I understand that too. Sometimes I just want to listen to music. I don’t know what kind of music you like, but I was looking for songs that talked about people who stayed in their rooms, and other people who missed them and wanted them to come out.”

Summary :  Friends noticed these things about one another, sure, but they didn’t agonize over them in detail as the last thought before sleep.

Summary :  Traveling is harder to do when you have someone you don’t want to leave behind.

Summary :  Kit supposed he could have refused to accept the offer, the way he had when Julian had suggesting healing him in the car. But he didn’t.

Summary :  Ty is starting a new school and is worried that he isn’t going to make any friends and that he will get bullied. Luckily he has Livvy with him.

Summary : "I’m not normal,“ Ty told him a month later, as the pair of them tried to catch frogs outside. He said it with the casual air of someone discussing the weather, or pointing out that a shoelace was untied.

Kit blinked. “Obviously,” he said.

Summary :  When Ty realises that he and his sister both like the same guy, things get complicated.

Summary :  Just three different perspectives on Kit and Ty’s first kiss. Going into a battle is a perfect time for rash decisions, right?

Summary :  A bunch of firsts in Ty’s and Kit’s friendship/relationship.

Summary :  Throughout the past month, he learned many things about Shadowhunters, but three things stood clear:
One was that Mark and Emma were definitely in a relationship.
Two was that he was getting pretty good at being a Shadowhunter, though he’d never admit it.
And the third was Tiberius Blackthorn.

Summary :  Soulmate AU where you can’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you see them.
or, the one where Kit can’t see grey until a pair of stormy eyes allow him to see the shining steel of the knife pressed against his throat.

Summary : Tiberius Blackthorn and Kit Rook have each been harboring some feelings for one another, but keeping them to themselves. Eventually, it has to all come bursting out.

“Ty didn’t laugh very often, and Kit had learned over the past few months of being at the Institute that his smiles needed to be cherished. Kit felt his heart warm at the sight of laughter in Ty’s normally stormy eyes.”

Summary : Kit feels lost without the dark-haired shadowhunter beside him (and when had that happened, that he’d gotten used to his steady presence? He hasn’t even been here for a whole day!), but the girl bites her lip, “I was just joking,” she hesitates, and then turns a beaming smile at Kit, “I’m Livvy, Ty’s twin sister.” She goes on pointing around the table, “And those are Tavvy,” the smallest of them all, a quiet boy who seems to be clinging to - “Dru,” -a short girl who’s hugging him, “and that’s Perfect Diego, who’s a Centurion.”

‘Perfect Diego’ sighs, “Please, I beg you all, stop calling me that.”

Livvy laughs, “Right! Anyway, Kit, you’re welcome to sit down wherever you want and have breakfast; you’re one of us, now.”

“I’m not a Shadowhunter,” he grunts, but quietly, “I just want to eat.”

“Don’t we all,” Julian agrees easily.

Summary : “You know,” an amused voice says, and Ty freezes, slowly looking up to meet irresistible blue eyes, “I make my coffee hot, but you may just be hotter.”

From his left, there’s the sound of Livvy choking and dropping a spoon.

He flushes, gritting his teeth, “What would you like to order?”

“A cup of you, to go, please, no sugar, you’re sweet enough,” Kit smirks, and Livvy’s giggling now, not even trying to hide it, “And I would also appreciate if you stopped stalking my coffee shop. It just isn’t good to keep meeting like that.”

Ty narrows his eyes, “This war isn’t over until I say it’s over, you truant. One coffee, black like your soul, coming up.”
// The Blackthorns have a coffee shop. There’s competition in town. Detective Ty is on the case.

Summary : Livvy grinned wide, and Kit was suddenly struck with how the smile of one twin could feel so different from that of the other. Livvy’s was bigger and brighter, but it just didn’t hold that spark that made his chest feel warm, and full of light.
Kit is now living at the Institute, begrudgingly training to become a Shadowhunter. He would have left already, but his father was dead, and he has no other place to go. His only solace was a dark haired boy who understands the troubles of being an outsider. Kit wasn’t even looking friendship with the Shadowhunters, but he thinks he may have found that and more.

Summary : Kit definitely doesn’t want to be at the Institute, and he definitely didn’t want the Shadowhunter that stayed outside his door after everyone else had left…

…At first, anyway.

Summary :  Ty leaned forward, touching Kit’s hand. Kit’s eyes shot up, looking into Ty’s eyes.
“Where do you go?” Ty asked under his breath. To you, always to you, Kit thought.

Summary :  Ty and Kit carry out a theft and watch a movie.

Summary :  Just a pointless little kitty drabble.

Summary : ( LOS- SPOILERS ) Those were simpler times. Times when his parents were still alive. Times when he had no idea that Mark and Helen were different from the rest of his siblings in any way apart from the fact they were older. Times when he didn’t know he was different either, when he still dreamed of the scholomance. Times when he still had his sister, when he still had Livvy.

Summary :  Ty finally comes out.

Summary : Just a pointless little kitty drabble.

Summary :  In which Kit and Ty are in London and there is bickering and snowball fighting.

Summary :  Exactly what the title says.

Summary :  Some people say that eyes are the window to the soul. And for once, Ty has to agree.

Summary :  Ty apologizes to Kit for holding a knife to his throat when they first meet.

  1. From the Shadow                                                                              Summary :  Kit’s trying to leave his bedroom for the first time since he’s gotten to the Institute and realizes he has no clue where to go. Thankfully, Ty is there to help him.
  2. Pancake Day                                                                                           Summary :  It’s Pancake Day at the Blackthorns, and Kit doesn’t get the whole “family meal” thing.
  3. The Weapons Room                                                                     Summary :  Kit picks out his weapon.
  4. Training                                                                                                     Summary :  Kit and Ty in the training room.
    Kit learns how to throw knives.
  5. On the Rooftop                                                                             Summary :  There’s not much left that scares Kit, but seeing Ty standing on the edge of the roof and staring down at the ground below has quickly skipped ahead on his list of terrible things.
  6. Melting Wings                                                                                       Summary :  Icarus got too close to things he wanted most in the world, and it killed him.
    Ty kind of knows how it felt.
  7. Cuddling                                                                                     Summary : Ty doesn’t really know what to do, but Kit’s fallen asleep on  his shoulder and no one’s here to watch, so he might as well just stay put.
  8. Hypotheticals                                                                                               Summary :  They sleep in the same room sometimes.
       Not together.
       Just… near each other. It’s easier that way.
  9. Uncle Arthur                                                                                              Summary : Kit had never met Uncle Arthur, but he had gotten the gist of the situation from Ty’s uneasiness and Julian’s hushed explanations. And yet, despite all the whispered warnings, he still did not expect to come face to face with raving lunatic.-or-The story of how Kit saves Ty from Uncle Arthur.
Just Friends? || Dan Howell

A/N: Look! It’s a new dan imagine.Things get kinda hot at the end of this one so I warned you. 

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


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Without me noticing it my head sunk down onto Dan’s chest. My eyes had fallen shut half way through the movie. I had fallen asleep not only in my friend’s flat but basically on top of him. Dan didn’t seem to care and drifted off to sleep not much later.

I started going to university half a year ago in a city that was completely different from my home town. It wasn’t easy to make myself a home here and manage all of the new challenges that I had to face. I had a little dorm room for myself and I got homesick and lonely from time to time.

Dan on the other hand had started uni 3 years ago. He already knew how things worked and he shared a nice flat with his best friend Phil. Dan was a friend of my elder brother and we had gotten on well before I moved here. Now that I was all alone in this big city and needed company I found myself hanging out with Dan a lot.

During my first few weeks here he showed me around and took me to his favourite restaurants. Now I was almost always welcome to hang out at his flat.

Today was one of those days. I felt lonely watching TV all by myself in my dorm room and half an hour later me and him were watching a movie on his couch.

I woke up as soon as the light that shone through the curtainless windows became too bright to ignore. The first thing I saw was a black shirt that I had nuzzled my head into. The first thing I smelled was Dan’s cologne. The first thing I noticed was Dan’s hand that was resting on my hip and almost on my bum. He must have slung his arm around me in his sleep.

I tried freeing myself from his grip without waking him up but his eyes shot open as soon as I started moving.

“Sorry.”  I awkwardly laughed and grinned at Dan’s terrible bed hair.

“I shouldn’t sleep till noon everyday anyway.” He told me, shrugging his shoulders.

He was chuckling at my morning voice but then the smile on his face vanished. His eyes grew wide instead as they landed on where his hand was resting on my hip. Dan quickly removed his arm. We had “friend zoned” each other the time we first met. Cuddling on the sofa was definitely something that could cross our friendship boundaries.

For a second we just looked at each other.

Neither of us said something.

“Ah, the cuddle buddies are finally up!” Phil suddenly exclaimed as he entered the living room.

“Shut up.” Dan and I groaned at the same time. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at him.

“Hey! I’m just telling the truth, Y/N.” Phil grinned while he defensively raised his hands.

“We didn’t even cuddle.” I told him, rolling my eyes.

“Sure, why don’t you check your phones and see for yourselves?”

I quickly glanced at Dan. He seemed to be as confused as me. I was expecting the worst as I unlocked my phone. 50+ messages in my group chat with Dan, Phil, my brother and some of their other friends that I had all met before.

Phil had the audacity to take a picture of us and post it in the group chat.

‘when were you gonna tell us, ;) ?’

‘Dan is getting some’

‘you are after my sister, dude!?’

‘just watching a movie huh?’

‘YO MATE Netflix and chill, imma right?’

I sighed as I read all of the boy’s texts. My brother being one of them. How embarrassing was that?

“How can you live with such a dumbass?” I asked Dan, pointing at his flatmate and best friend. My voice was loud enough for Phil to hear it on purpose.

“It’s all your fault. You were the one who used Dan as a pillow. And Dan literally hugged you tighter than his favourite teddy bear.” Phil chirped teasingly.

I could feel my cheeks heat up. “We’re just friends!” Dan and I shouted at Phil, who knowingly smirked.

After we ate some breakfast together I took the bus back to my dorm. I took my phone out of the pocket of my jeans in order to pass the time. I checked if I got any new messages and remembered the group chat and all of the boy’s texts.

‘You can stop printing your Dan and Y/N shipper shirts! Just friends!’ I typed.

After I sent my witty comment I scrolled up and stumbled over the picture of Dan and I cuddling. My head was nuzzled into his chest and he had his arms wrapped tightly around me. One of my thighs was put onto his. We did look like a cliché ‘relationship goals’ picture.

My heart sank as I caught myself smiling at the photo. I swallowed hard and quickly turned my phone off, leaving me staring at the black screen. ‘just friends, Y/N’ I whispered to myself.

After our cuddle session, nothing extraordinary happed between me and Dan for a while. I just visited him and we hung out together from time to time.


“No way, Dan.”

“C’MON just this one!”


It was a Friday night, Dan and I had just passed a few important exams and we were out to celebrate all evening with a few friends of ours. The two of us had just returned to Dan’s flat and he realised that he still had some left- over vodka. Although we already had a few drinks at the bar he somehow convinced me to drink the shot he had put into my hand.

30 minutes later half of the bottle was empty.

“Ooops” I giggled while I sunk down on the couch next to Dan and put my head onto his shoulder.  

Dan stared down at me, his deep brown eyes were hypnotising. I swallowed hard as I realized how close we were. I noticed how his eyes wandered down to my lips and stayed there.

Dan’s hot breath on my skin made my inside tingle. The desire to kiss him washed over me like a wave and there was nothing else I could think about. My skin started to glow as the unbearable urge to kiss him was just too much.

We quickly closed the gap between us as his lips crashed down on mine. His hands were back on my hips once again as he pulled me closer to him.

‘Oh my god’ I moaned in my head as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself onto his lap.

I could feel his hands eagerly grab my bum as he leaned back into the pillow of the couch we were sitting on, with me still on top of him.

We broke our hungry kiss to catch our breaths.

“Holy shit, Dan!” I screamed as I realized what had just happened.

We unbelievingly stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Dan we’re drunk.” I whispered.

“We really shouldn’t do this.” Dan gulped.

We were both breathing heavily and I was still on his lap. I breathed in his scent and as I felt his hands on my bum the desire to be as close to him as possible returned.

We glanced at each other intensely before his lips were suddenly back on mine. I buried my fingers in his brown hair, making him moan. His tongue brushed my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I gladly granted him.

We were eagerly making out on his couch, ‘just friends’ was totally forgotten by now. I could feel his hard-on poke the bottom of my thigh and I moaned as I realized how turned on he was by me.

His huge hands started to explore my body, making me gasp as they wandered underneath my shirt and unclasped my bra…

Cinema (M)

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Genre: Smut

Summary: At a movie premier you meet your ex / good friend, Jin. As complicated as your relationship with him is, it get even more complicated when he convinces you to ditch your date and spend some time with him. (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)

None (unless you scared of big dick Jin)

Word Count: 4,352

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

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Summary: Debbie’s friend tries to get with Mickey, so Ian shows Mickey who he belongs to.

Word Count: 1815

Notes: I have a few more requests in my messages so I’ll start working on them today :)

Ian and Lip were rummaging through a pile of movies that they had stuffed under the television. They couldn’t decide whether the wanted to watch a horror movie, something comical, or anything else for that matter. “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” Lip suggested. “The remake.”

Before Ian had a chance to reply, Mickey came walking out of the kitchen and into the living room area. “We just fucking watched that, dumbass,” he scowled at the older Gallagher boy.

Lip lazily through the movie on the floor. “What the fuck ever. You pick then.” He got up from where he was sitting and took a seat on the couch.

Ian shook his head and randomly grabbed three movies from beneath him. He looked at both of them and felt satisfied. “Okay, The Exorcism, Rocky, or Happy Gilmore. Fucking pick one,” he instructed.

At the same time, Lip and Mickey said, “Rocky.”

This was the first time either of the boys have ever

agreed with each other on something so they each gave each other a sideways glance. “Guess there’s a first time for everything, huh, Mickey?” Lip mocked, but Mickey just rolled his eyes.

“Okay, shut the fuck up,” Ian said. “Let’s round everyone up.” He got to his feet and quickly ran to the kitchen to grab two beers for him and his boyfriend. Lip rolled his eyes because as usual, Ian was only thinking about Mickey.

Once Lip saw that his brother was settled on the couch next to Mickey, he called out for everyone to come watch. “Movie’s starting! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” With that everyone came running into the living room. To keep the tradition, Fiona put a big bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, and people were scavenging at it before the movie even began.

Lip and Mandy shared the recliner, while Carl and Little Hank laid out on the floor. On the sofa next to them, Kevin, Veronica, Fiona, and Liam squished together. Then lastly on the other couch was Ian and Mickey on one end, while Debbie and Holly were on the other. There was a lot of people in this small space, but they always made it comfortable.

As the movie began, everyone began to cuddle together— Holly was a stuck up bitch though so she sat there with a scowl and her arms crossed. All that girl cared about was alcohol, drugs, and dick, and she was only thirteen.

In the beginning of the movie, there was a large amount of times where someone had to tell Carl to shut up. He and Little Hank kept trying to ask Mickey about different ways of shooting, stabbing, or stealing. Luckily, Mickey knew not to answer those questions. “Don’t ask me that shit!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Lip yelled at the boys.

Finally everything was silenced. Before anyone knew it, half of the group was asleep. The only people who were awake was Mandy, Mickey, Ian, Holly, and Kev. “Why does Fi always insist on having these movie nights if everyone’s gonna fucking sleep?” Ian whispered to his boyfriend.

“Don’t fuckin’ ask me, man,” Mickey lightly laughed. “I might as well try and get some sleep to,” he stuck his arm out for Ian to cuddle into him. “Come here.” He pulled Ian into his side.

At first Ian didn’t go along with the idea of sleeping. Instead, he leaned his head close and nibbled on Mickey’s ear and it was then followed by running his hand down Mickey’s torso and towards his crotch. Just as Ian started to palm his boyfriend through his jeans, Mickey let out a nearly silent moan, but the moment was disturbed by Holly.

When Holly let out a sigh, the boys regained awareness that there was a room full of people around them. As red rushed to Mickey’s cheeks, Ian giggled. Despite the fact that they were horny, they were okay with just cuddling for the time being. The redhead rested his head on Mickey’s shoulder while their hand intertwined. Mickey’s ankle was hooked around Ian’s. They could never sleep unless they were wrapped in each other’s embrace. Breaking the sleepy and blissful moment, Ian’s phone rang. “Fuck,” he said and untangled himself from the shorter boy.

“Take that shit outside, man,” Kev pointed towards the door. “I fucking love this movie. Let me watch in peace.”

Ian rolled his eyes. “Alright.” He kissed Mickey’s cheek. “Be right back.”

After Ian exited the house, Mickey curled himself back up on the couch. He was trying to muffle sound and sight out from around him, but suddenly a hand was lingering around the belt of his jeans. Though they were in front of people, Mickey knew he had a blanket over him, so he smirked because he thought it was Ian— who else would it be? “You’re back already?” He asked with his eyes still shut.

Just as the hand started to go into his pants, Mickey realized this was not Ian’s hand. Ian was walking into the house just as this happened. Before either boy had the chance to do anything, Mandy did. “What the fuck?” She shouted, causing Holly to stumble back. Everyone quickly awoken to see what was going on.

“Yeah, what the fuck?” Ian said and protectively stood in front of Mickey. There were flames fuming in his eyes.

Mickey peaked around Ian to look at the blonde haired girl. “This bitch knows she’s not my type, right?” Ian shot him a glare that said shut the fuck up, right now, so he obliged.

“What the hell, Holly? You tried to get with my brother’s boyfriend!” Debbie yelled in shock and disgust. She could not figure out why she would do that.

Holly rolled her eyes. “You get with girls too,” she said as if it was that simple. “Figured I could be the next.” She tried to seductively bit her bottom lip.

Ian and Mickey tensed up as Holly spoke about him getting with girls. Every girl he’s ever got with had either been to try and cover up the gay or a fucking rape. It was still a bit of a sore situation, and it made both boys nervous.

Ian stepped forward, if this was a guy that he was dealing with he’d have hit the person by now, but this is a girl— a kid. Noticing how much Ian would’ve loved to take action, Mandy lunged forward and punched the girl in the face.

“Oh, fuck!” V yelled out because she was not expecting that to happen. Fiona clamped a hand over her mouth. Little Hank and Carl were left with their jaws wide open. Mickey smirked though, he was proud of his sister for her tough nature.

Lip clapped. “Get her, Mands!” He didn’t like this little Holly girl. She had a tendency of trying to get with guys that are way above her age— him being one of them. After two punches though, Kev pulled Mandy off.

Holly shrieked and fell backwards. A bit of blood trickled down her face and she displayed the most displeased and petrified expression. “Ugh! What the hell?” She complained.

“Fuck off,” Mickey waved Debbie’s so called friend towards the door. Covering her bruises, Holly let out another shriek and ran out of the house.

Ian’s arms were still crossed. He was clearly still annoyed by what happened, unlike everyone else who seemed to be over entertained. Debbie didn’t even seem to care that her friend got punched by Mandy, she had a hand cupped over her mouth as an attempt to keep from laughing.

Veronica shook her head. “Y’know, I never liked that girl. She’s a skank,” she laughed and the others in the room followed along.

Mickey was intently watching Ian, and then Lip spoke. “I mean I get why she thought you’d be into it though. You have been with your fair share of girls— Angie Zagho, Svet,” he joked. He didn’t know the story behind the whole Svetlana thing, but if he did, he would immediately regret saying that.

Suddenly it felt like Mickey’s heart was in his throat. He is gay, full out gay, he’s just had a few bad experiences. Snapping him out of his worried thoughts was watching Ian’s rage grow. The redhead grabbed Mickey’s hand, got up, and pushed hardly past Lip. The boys then towards the staircase.

“Oh, shit,” Fiona said in wonder as she and the clan watched the boys stomp up the steps.

As soon as the couple got into the bedroom, Ian pushed Mickey down onto the bed. Possession and lust were running through Ian’s veins as he straddled the dark haired boy. He started placing sloppy kissed around Mickey’s jaw and neck.

Mickey loved a jealous Ian— mainly because the night usual ended in really hot sex, and he secretly thought it was really cute seeing his boyfriend get all possessive.

As Ian pulled at the bottom of his boyfriend’s shirt, Mickey quickly pulled it off, followed by pulling Ian’s off. While they were undoing their belt buckles and pulled them down, they were heavily tangling their tongues together. Ian held the back of Mickey’s head in place and kissed him hard.

After Mickey let out another little moan, Ian separated their lips. “Turn around,” he ordered. He didn’t plan on prepping Mickey, he wanted to get right to it because watching Mickey squirm was his favorite thing to do.

Ian started licking up Mickey’s back. Once he got to his hairline, he leaned his head down. “You’re mine,” he said lustfully. The tone of his voice was almost enough to make Mickey cum.

“Show me who the fuck I belong to,” Mickey tilted his head back into Ian.

Without much warning, Ian thrusted himself into Mickey. As he was going back and forth, he had a tight grip around Mickey’s waist. The redhead was kissing all around Mickey’s back after every thrust.

Mickey’s eyes were practically rolling to the back of his head. “Fuck,” he whimpered. No one else would ever be able to make him feel this way. “I-Ian,” he moaned.

“Feels so good, Mick,” Ian into Mickey’s skin. Suddenly Ian reached his arm around his boyfriend’s body and wrapped his hand around Mickey’s dick. With every thrust was a stroke and suddenly both boys were cumming at the same time.

Ian sprawled himself on top of his breathless boyfriend for a moment. Once he rolled off, he placed a kiss on his cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Mickey turned his head to look into Ian’s eyes. “You know you don’t gotta worry about other people tryna get with me, especially girls,” he joked.

Ian nodded. “I know. I just like showin’ you that you’re mine,” he whispered and stroked his hand through Mickey’s hair.

“I’ll always be yours.”

Stitch up My Heart

Pairing - Parrish x Reader, Derek x Reader

Word Count- 1758

Request - Can u do an imagine with Where y/n and Derek had been best friends since they were little and when he leaves beacon hills she’s devestated and ends up dating Parrish and u can decide what to do from there. Thanks.

Originally posted by did-you-say-george-harrison

You and Derek were the best of best friends, you met back in the playground when neither of you were older than four. You had been pushed off the swing and into the concrete, you were close to tears when Derek came over and defended you and flashed his eyes at the mean kids, the two of you had been completely inseparable since then and you had loved him from the third grade.

Of course he was unaware of this, you always too scared to tell him, scared of his reaction, scared of rejection.

You had finally managed to work up the courage to do so before he and the pack headed to Mexico to save Scott and Kira, a trip you weren’t aloud to attend ‘for your own safety’ they had said.

Derek never came home. He went off to god knows where with Braeden, after you had finally told him how you felt.

You cried for days, he had left you so easily, had your friendship not meant anything to him? Because it sure as hell meant a whole lot to you.

“What wrong with me” you whispered to yourself as you sat on your couch, your tears were all cried out from the past few days, you had just sat, staring at the walls emotionlessly.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud and fast knock on your apartment door, again and again. “I’m coming, I’m coming” you yelled, tugging your blanket around you and shuffling to the door.

“Parrish got himself into a little trouble” Scott groaned, the weight of the rather beat up looking deputy proving a little to heavy for him to carry on his own, despite Stiles 'helping’.

Your apartment had become a usual place for them to come when someone needed fixed up, you worked mostly in the hospital but often helped Deaton in the animal clinic.

They had gotten used to going there with Derek and you fixing them up until they healed so it was natural instinct for them to head there when they needed you.

“Come in, come in” you ushered, taking Parrish’s arm from Stiles and wrapping it around your shoulder, helping Scott get him to the kitchen, “Stiles, clear the table and get me the First aid kit” you ordered. Stiles did as told, you and Scott laid Parrish on the table.

“Okay boys, he’ll heal but I’ll stitch him up, it’ll speed up the process, I think I have so leftover pizza, take that and eat it in the living room, I need to concentrate” you told them, they complied and took the pizza away.

“Tangled with The beast, huh” you mumbled, grabbing a sterilised needle from the box. “Hey, Jordan, can you hear me” you cooed , softly tapping his cheek. He groaned “uh huh”, you sighed softly in response, beginning to clean up his wounds.

“This might hurt” you whispered, more to yourself than to him as you cleaned his cuts, once you finished that, you wrapped them in gauze and put a gauze pad over a wound on his stomach.

With the help of the boys, you managed to move him into your bed, after you insisted Parrish would have your bed so he could heal and you would crash on the couch.

Half way through your uncomfortable sleep, you felt yourself be lifted from the bed and into a pair of arms. “Jordan” you mumbled, confusion laced in your voice. “You should be resting and healing” you insisted groggily, to which he answered with a smile. “I’m all healed and in your own home you should have not have to sleep on the sofa” he replied softly as he opened the bedroom door, placing you gently into it.

“But what if I like the couch” you mumbled into the pillows he just lay you on as you turned around, watching him pull on his tattered t-shirt. “Hey no! You need to heal properly, I can see you wincing and if I were to take off that pad then I would see the same cut” you scolded, you voice slightly muffled by the bed he had dropped you onto. “I will not take your bed in your own house Y/n, no way” he  said, shaking his head.

“Fine, we can share”

And that was the start of something beautiful.

Something so beautiful you didn’t even know you could have it. Something so amazing that you felt you didn’t even deserve it. After having your heart so broken by Derek, you didn’t really know how your love life was going to pan out, but when you and Parrish spent the night together, talking over the movies and falling asleep in his arms.

“Jordan” you squeaked as he spun you around, kissing your lips softly when he put you down. “I brought you dinner” you said with a large smile on your face, holding up the bag with the takeaway food in it. “Smell’s amazing babe, come on, let’s eat together” he smiled, grabbing your hand and going through to him office.

“So when I was babysitting for a family friend today, her little boy said he’s in love with me and that he wants to marry me, their other kid, sister is planning the wedding already, how do you feel about that” you joked, putting your paper plate and plastic fork in the little bin in Jordan’s office, taking his too. “Well, I’m not surprised, but he can’t do this” he smirked, leaning forward and catching your lips in yet another sensational kiss, just like every other kiss. His soft lips moving perfectly in sync with yours, his hand reaching over to cup your cheek.

“Now eat your cupcake Jordan, we baked them today and I promised them I’d give one to my officer boyfriend” you giggled, tucking into your own cupcake.

“You have icing on your cheek” Jordan chuckled, his eyes crinkling as they always do when he laughs. You began trying to wipe it, failing to find the pink buttercream that your boyfriend has pointing out. “Here, I’ll get it” he said softly, wiping over you cheeks with his thumb, then sucking the icing off his thumb. You giggled and he jumped to his own defence. “It’s good icing” he shrugged, admiration shining in his bright green eyes as he looked lovingly at you, you didn’t often get to do this, your busy shifts at the hospital mixed with Jordan’s crazy shifts here at the station didn’t give you too much time together, though it did make you appreciate the time you did spend together.

He leaned over once again, just about to join his lips to your when someone opened his door.

You both jumped apart, not because your relationship was secret or anything like that, but because it had been unexpected. Thursday night’s were never busy.

“We have a visitor, he wants to see Y/n” Deputy Clark said,  an awkward smile on her face. “I’ll be right out, Sorry Clark” you said, your cheeks burning red as you followed her out. “Call if you need me” Parrish called after you, rolling over to his desk on his chair, a cheeky smile on his lips as he got back to paperwork.

“He's a good one” Clark laughed, your cheeks flushing even more. “Yeah, I’m a lucky girl” you said, closing the door reading ’ JORDAN PARRISH’, hearing him shout, “NOT AS LUCKY AS ME”

“Who’s my visitor” you asked, no one had ever come to the station and request you, considering you didn’t work there. “A guy, he didn’t tell me his name, just said he was looking for you” she shrugged, opening the door that led out to the front desk.

He was facing away but you knew full well who it was.

You had spent almost a year getting over him and now he had just waltzed back.

He turned around and had the audacity to smile at you. Now, if he had done this before you had met Jordan, you would’ve ran to him and forgiven him.

But he was here now standing infront of you, his smile faltering as you glared at him, you loved Jordan more than you had ever loved Derek. Jordan loved you back ,Derek left you all alone.

 "Y/n, I’m so happy to see you" he beamed. “The feelings not mutual” you grumbled, trying to keep your tears at bay. “Wha…Why” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked at you in confusion, having thought you would’ve been happy to see him.

“You left me Derek, you didn’t even bother to text, I loved you!” you raised your voice, tears dripping down your cheeks. “Loved?” Derek pressed, trying to get you to expand on the reason you used past tense. “Yeah Derek. Loved, not love. I’ve moved on. Moved on to someone who would never leave me, who lets me know just how loved I am"  you said, standing tall and strong.

Derek was too stunned to go any further, so he turned on his heal and protected his pride by walking off.

It really did kill him to see you laugh at Parrish’s lame jokes, watching Jordan kiss the ice cream off your nose and tuck your hair behind your ear, being all lovey like couples are.

"I didn’t know how else to do this but I knew I had to do it now.” Jordan said one day, holding your hands in his larger ones. “I, in now way, am trying to say that you do but I just wanted to know, if you have any feelings at all left for Derek, because if you do, I don’t want to hold you back, I love you and all I want is for you to be happy.” he asked you softly, running his thumbs over the top of your hands.

“No feelings J, none at all, they left the moment we kissed, I love you more than anything in the world” you told him, kissing his lips in a sensational kiss, as most of your kisses were. “Phew! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you” he admitted, pulling you into his arms for a tight hug. “Neither!” you exclaimed. “Plus, who’d protect me from weird parascientists and massive beasts on a killing spree” you added, watching him playfully roll his eyes at you. “God I love you”  

Derek left your heart broken and that night, after you stitched up Jordan Parrish’s wounds, he began to stitch up your heart.


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There’s this tweet that went viral that says:“Me faithfully texting my girl while I’m at a function telling her some bitch touched me come beat her ass”. Can you write about Carl at a party where a girl is really into his “white boy carl” phase and tries getting with him knowing damn well that he has a gf. So he calls his gf and starts snitching on the girl touching on him partly because he’s faithful and in love but also because he likes to see his gf jealous and possessive

^^^ thought i’d take a stab at my own prompt that i’ve been sending around.

Carl Gallagher x reader

still pretty new to writing so i hope this isn’t too bad.

i love requests, so send ‘em if you have ‘em

Carl Gallagher sat on the last few steps of the stair case tying his sneakers while he watched his girl chase Liam around the living room, Franny under her arm, attempting to get him into his pjs. “He’s not gonna sit still. I bought him a family pack of Reese’s so he’s pretty wired,” Carl announced as he stood up and made his way over to the trio. Y/N flashed him a glare and handed him Franny before grabbing Liam’s waist and throwing him hard onto the couch, laughing as he squealed when he bounced up high and landed on the cushion once again, having no time to recover before she was hovering over him pulling his fire truck pjs onto his body quickly before he could run away again. “You sure you don’t wanna come? The party’s supposed to be dope as fuck,” Carl asked looking down at Y/N as she reached out and took Franny from him, placing her on the swing chair that she had brought from work. In fact they had a lot of new things for Franny since she had gotten a job at the baby store down the street. He didn’t have to tell her how appreciative his family was for her help.

Y/N rolled her eyes and bent over to the DVD player, popping in a random animated movie before standing up and looking at her boyfriend who’s eyes where slowly scanning her body, taking in the little shorts and his sleeveless sweater that showed of her sides and the straps of his favorite bra. She laughed as she took a few steps forward, right into Carl’s arms, resting her chin on his chest so that her head was tilted back to look up at him, “I know, but I promised Fi that I’d babysit. And Debbie needs to get out of the house and away from Franny for a little bit. Just don’t have too much fun without me.” He rolled his eyes as his hands that once rested on her back, slipped lower and lower until they were lightly massaging her ass and dipped his head lower so that he could press a few sloppy kisses against the sensitive skin on her neck.. She quickly slapped his hands away and turned to make sure that Liam was still preoccupied with the movie. “I won’t have any fun without you.” Y/N turned back to him and before she could respond he was placing a gentle kiss on her lips, slipping his hand into her hair and tugging slightly in that way he knew she loved. “Stop,” she laughed as she tried to shove him away. “Do you really want me to stop?” He asked almost in a whisper as he ran his hand through his newly unbraided hair, his eyes scanning her face, his lips dangerously close to hers in a way that made her knees weak. Quickly she pulled away from him, before she gave in and dragged him up stares to his bedroom, and walked backwards towards Liam. “Yes I do because Liam and I are very busy having movie night, right Liam?” “Right, movie night!” Liam cheered hopping onto her lap when she sat down next to him, snuggling into her when she hugged him close. Honestly the sight of his girl cuddling his baby brother made him want to change out of his own clothes and settle down next to them for the night, but before he could do so Debbie was racing down the stairs and into the living room. “Okay let’s get the fuck out of here, I need some shots,” Debbie announced before leaning over the baby swing to coo at her baby, kissing her goodbye. Carl nodded and bent over to rest his palm on Liam’s head, pulling his head closer to lightly peck his forehead and then leaned in forward to place another kiss on Y/N’s lips. “Call me if you need me,” he told her with a smile before he and Debbie made their way out the door and a few blocks over to a house party. Meanwhile Y/N and Liam dug into their junk food and laughed together at their movie.

Carl sat on the couch in the living room, perfectly centered with a good view of the kitchen where he could keep an eye on his sister making drinks like she was a fucking bar tender. They had agreed that they’d stay for another hour, but he knew that Debbie was getting antsy about being away from her baby, so much so that she wasn’t as drunk as she could have been. He was about to stand and grab her so that they could head home when a familiar girl sat down dangerously close to him, her bare knee knocking against his. He recognized Adrianna Perez from his algebra class. Let’s be real here, how could he forget the brunette who sat in front of him, giving him the perfect seat when she had gotten her ass beat by his girlfriend.

Carl raised his blunt to his lips as he stared blankly down at his lap where her hand was boldly making its way onto his thigh. “Can I help you with something?” he asked lazily, hoping she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. “I didn’t see your girlfriend around,” she smirked getting straight to the point while pushing her hair behind her ear, and leaning in close so that he could hear her over the loud music. “What’s your point?” he asked glancing back at Debbie in the kitchen, kind of hoping that she’d drunkenly sway over to him and remove him from the situation. “Well,” she started, moving her hand onto his chest and leaning close to his ear, this bitch was practically on top of him now, “I was thinking that maybe you and me could go upstairs.” “Didn’t my girl beat your ass a few months ago? Didn’t she like, drag you into the hallway by your hair? Your extensions were all over the floor for days” Carl laughed, making her turn away in embarrassment and giving him the chance to grab his phone from his pocket just as she turned back to him. “Yeah well like I said, your girl’s not here. And if she was,” she got extremely brave and threw her leg over his lap, straddling him as he took another hit of his blunt, completely unfazed, “she wouldn’t fuck with me anyway.” Carl raised an eyebrow and pressed the back of his hand against Adrianna’s forehead to check if she had a fever that was making her delusional, “Are you feeling okay? Are we talking about the same girl?” “You’re punkass girlfriend Y/n right?” “Yeah my punkass girlfriend who’d pop off on sight if she saw you touchin’ on me like that,” he replied pushing her off of him and onto the couch. “She wouldn’t do shit.” “You think so?” “Fuck, I know so.” “Okay,” Carl responded with a smirk, unlocking his phone and going to his contacts, tapping Y/N’s name, “Bet.” Honestly he couldn’t help but laugh; sure he knew that he shouldn’t have let this girl get so comfortable on him, but it wasn’t like she was getting anywhere with him; not while he had Y/N back home.

Liam giggled loudly at the movie, making Y/N grin as she poured herself a glass of soda in the kitchen. Franny was fast asleep in her playpen, Liam was finally starting to calm down from his intense sugar rush, and Y/N was starting plan out how she was going to get the little boy to bed soon. As she walked into the living room she saw her phone buzzing on the coffee table, a picture of Carl filling up the screen, so she placed her glass onto the table and placed the phone to her ear as she played with Liam’s hair, making him a little sleepier. “Hey baby, how’s the party?” she asked, before pulling the little boy’s body closer to her so that she could drape a fuzzy blanket over them. “It was good. But Adrianna showed up,” Carl answered; she could barely hear him over the pumping music in the background. “Who the fuck is that?” “That girl you fought in my algebra class.” Y/N nodded in realization and took a sip of her soda, before placing the cup down again, “Her face still fucked up?” She bit her lip to hold back a smile when she heard him laugh. “Baby, she’s tryna smash” Carl announced (he honestly couldn’t keep the smirk from his face as he heard his girl go silent, and the sight of his smirk made Adrianna a bit nervous. Clearly she hadn’t expected this when she was talking big game.) “Trying to smash who,” Y/n asked slowly. She must have been throwing herself at one of his friends, because she couldn’t be stupid enough to touch Carl. “She said she saw that you weren’t here and wants me to take her upstairs and tear her ass up. She said you’re lucky you’re not here cuz she would’ve beat your ass” (Carl almost laughed out loud when he saw Adrianna get extremely pale at his exaggeration) Y/N’s grip tightened on her phone, and her hand stopped playing with Liam’s curls. She quickly hung up and placed the phone face down on the table, taking a deep breath to get a hold of herself.

She had fought many girls in her short life, but no one was as persistent as this bitch. She tried to calm herself down and tapped her foot restlessly for a few moments before standing and kneeling in front of the little boy she was babysitting. “Hey Liam, I know we’re getting sleepy but I was wondering if you, me, and Franny could go somewhere really quick before bedtime,” Y/N asked him, and he instantly nodded, hopping off the couch and heading for his slippers as Y/N slipped on her own before pulling on the baby carrier and tucking a now wide awake Franny inside, making a few silly faces at the chubby redhead to make her smile. She then made her way to the space under the stairs where she found Liam’s sweater and backpack, and tossed it to him, and some baby headphones that she placed in the baby carrier’s pocket. She then helped Liam into his sweater and helped him slip on the monkey backpack that had a long leash tied to the end of it. He’d run off on her too many times for her to trust that he’d walk calmly beside her. Y/N then grabbed her phone and tucked it into the pocket of her shorts before walking the little ones out the door and onto the street.

After Y/N had hung up, Carl had made his rounds around the party again, the annoying girl, whose name he had forgotten after another blunt, following close behind him like a possessive girlfriend. He had been listening to one of his friends tell a funny story about a deal gone wrong when he heard a few girls squealing near the doorway, and turned his attention to them, biting back a laugh when he caught sight of the commotion. There in the entrance of this raging house party was his girl, still in her pjs, baby Franny in the carrier on her chest big headphones covering her ears, and Liam beside her holding her hand and looking around at the drunks teens that packed the house.

“Which one of you is the least drunk,” he heard her ask a group, as the music started to lower as confusion set in at the sight of the kids. A blonde girl raised her hand and announced that she was the DD, and Y/N pulled the chubby baby and carrier off and placed her in the girls arms, laughing slightly as the wasted girls surrounding the blond leaning  in close to giggle about the cute baby, and then she squatted down to Liams height, looking into his eyes. “Liam, remember what I taught you about fighting?” she asked, smiling proudly when he nodded and repeated her words, “Fighting is bad. Use your words.” “That’s right. What else.” “If someone hits me, hit them back or tell you and you’ll hit them.” “And?” “If I see you fight close my eyes tight.” “Why?” “Because I can’t snitch on what I can’t see,” Liam repeated her words as easily as he would repeat the alphabet or his numbers. In this moment Carl remembered why, aside from helping around the house, his girl got along so well with his family.

Y/N praised Liam and stood up tall, giving Carl a chance to take in how good her legs looked in those little shorts. She then turned around and scanned the room, her gaze landing on Carl who glanced to his right at the girl latched onto his arm, still desperate for his attention. When Y/N approached the duo, Carl couldn’t help but compare the two girls in front of him. Adrianna had clearly put on her best outfit and makeup, and yet here was his girl in her pajamas complete with slippers on her feet still looking gorgeous as fuck and completely outshining the girl. Y/n made her way over to the taller boy, feeling butterflies in her stomach when she watched him tear his arm from the girls grip and placed his hands on her own hips instead, pulling her body against his and placing a sloppy kiss on her lips, leaning back to rest his back against the walk he had been leaning on previously. When she pulled away, Y/N reached up and ran her thumb along Carl’s bottom lip cleaning up a bit of left over saliva, before turning to Adrianna. “Is your name Adrianna?” she asked boredly, not giving way the fact that she knew exactly who this bitch was. Adrianna looked offended that she wasn’t recognized and stood tall, attempting to look a bit more confident in herself, “Ask your man, I had him moaning it over and over just a few minutes ago.” Carl bit his lip as he watched the scene unfold. He was in love with this girl who tried her best to keep him out of trouble and who took care of Liam like he was her own brother and who helped make dinner when Fiona was running late, but it wasn’t a secret that as sweet as his girlfriend was, she was possessive. She blamed it on living in group homes and having to hide her shit all the time and on shitty friends who thought they had a right to her previous boyfriends. Carl hated that she had struggled in the past but shit, he fucking loved it when she got possessive. “Baby, you know I’m not moaning any girl’s name but yours,” he hummed in her ear, nibbling on it slightly as he squeezed her ass in reassurance. “I know baby I think she’s confusing her dreams with reality.” “No bitch, the reality is that your boyfriend deserves better than some ugly ass slut who’s mommy and daddy put her in foster care because they didn’t want to raise a ho,” Adrianna yelled. Y/N paused and her gaze on the girl hardened at the mention of the rumor that had spread around about her home life.  “Liam!” Y/n called out, never looking away from the girl, whereas Carl turned to his little brother who slapped his little hands over his eyes quickly, making him wonder just how often this kind of thing happened. (side note it happened often at the park where Y/N often found herself shoving kids off of slides for even looking at Liam the wrong way)

Y/N stepped out of Carl’s grasp and strutted closer to Adrianna, “Right and you’re better for him. A trick ass bitch who thought she could let half the guys in town give it to her up the ass and still be considered a virgin.” The now forming crowd laughed at the information that had been exposed. “Your boyfriend fucked me before the party,” Adrianna announced attempting to get under Y/n’s skin when she realized that Y/N knew more about her than she thought. “How? He was too busy fucking me.” “He kissed me right before you got here.” “Yeah? How’s my pussy taste?” Carl almost choked as her words as he watched Adrianna turn red in anger and reach out to push Y/N who effortlessly grabbed the other girl’s hair and held on tightly to it as she used it to hold her head in place while she threw punches at it, ignoring the cheering crowd. The difference between the girls style was that while Adrianna was pulling hair and scratching skin, Y/N was busy slamming her fist against the girl until they had fallen onto the floor rolling around in an attempt to get the upper hand. But suddenly Adrianna’s back was against the floor, Y/N straddling her as she hit her one last time before she was grabbed from behind and pulled off of the squirming girl who still felt the need to talk shit as if she hadn’t just gotten her ass kicked. “My punk ass girlfriend wouldn’t touch you right?” Carl asked as he dragged his girl away from the crowd and to the kids where Debbie was now watching them. “If I wasn’t so happy to see my baby, I’d kill you,” she announced as Y/N squatted down in from of Liam again. “Ready to go home buddy?” she asked as she poked the back of his hand, his palms still covering his eyes tightly. Liam nodded and pulled his hand from his face, reaching out to hold hers, letting her lead them all back home, laughing about the unexpected ending of their party.

When they had all reentered the Gallagher home, Debbie and Y/N pulled Liam and Franny upstairs to tuck them into bed before Debbie hopped into the shower and Y/N returned to the living room where Carl sat on the couch, watching his girlfriend pick up the mess she’d left from movie night. “What?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen to place some cups in the sink, turning around just as Carl trapped her against the counter. “You just popped off on a girl who tried to fuck me and then came home to clean my house and tuck my baby brother into bed. You’re the definition of  wifey material,” he mumbled before he began kissing her jaw, pulling her hair lightly to make her tilt her head enough for him to litter he neck with kisses as well. “Maybe you should stop letting sluts touch on you.” “And miss that? Yeah okay,” he replied, dragging his hands down her back and down to her thighs before lifting them up, dropping her onto the counter and stepping in between her legs, his hand massaging her bare inner thighs. “I think you should apologize for making me jealous,” Y/n said with a smirk as she leaned back and rested her palms on the counter, watching as he pushed his sweatshirt, that she was wearing, up and pulling her shorts down, exposing more and more of her skin. “Shit I can think of a few ways to say I’m sorry,” he replied before he tugged her shorts off completely and got to work between her legs.

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Chapter Summary: You go to Jeff’s house to take care of him then have dinner with your father.

04. Fathers and Daughters

Y/N P.O.V.

In the afternoon, nearing one o'clock, you received a message from Jeff, asking you to go over and take care of him. He didn’t explain the cause and you never questioned why, knowing you’ll find out when you see him.

You poked your head into the kitchen to see your father sitting at the dinner table with his phone in his hand and a spoon - supporting Frosted Flakes - mid-air, in his other.

“Hey, Dad,” your father looked up from his phone to you, “I’m going over to Jeff’s place.” You said, gesturing towards the door with your thumb. “Alright, Kiddo, but be back before five, yeah? I feel like I haven’t seen you around.”

You scoffed. “It’s not my fault. You work swing-shift and it changes every time.” You affirmed, proving that you weren’t the one being absent most of the time.

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Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

“So how’d your desperate attempt for love go?” Ethan asked his brother as he finally arrived in the changing rooms and tugged off his shirt.

“They think I’m going to get (Y/N) killed.” He huffed.

“Well, can you blame them?” Ethan teased until he saw his brother was genuinely upset.


“Why does it even matter what Stiles and Scott think?” Aiden slammed his locker shut and glared at it.


“Why don’t you sign up to the English thing, Mrs Martin’s looking for older students to help (Y/N)’s year.” Ethan shrugged.

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their begin

→   Jungkook x Female Reader // brother!yoongi au

→   fluff

→  1612 words

The bond in between siblings is the strongest to exist, that’s what they all say. That also went for Y/N and Yoongi, the two half siblings, who shared the same father but different mothers. The two lived with their dad and her mother in Korea’s capital: Seoul.

Some would’ve guess based on their different mums, that they didn’t get along too well, but that was the exact opposite of reality. They had been inseparable from the day Y/N was born, the day Yoongi knew that this little human being was going to be the most important person to him, that he had to take care of her and protect her, no matter what.

During their childhood, the things he had to protect her from were the monsters under her bed, the darkness at night or the scary looking shadow in her room.

As they grew older, the two remained as close as siblings could be, yet they don’t see each other as often anymore. Due to both of their busy schedules, as Y/N goes to university and Yoongi, has a group to promote. Yes, his dream of making music did come true and yes, he was really successful with his six other group members. Today, Y/N is going to visit him and his friends as they had a day off and she was on fall break.

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It Takes Time

I actually love this. Thanks anon for requesting this. It was incredibly fun to write. Please let me know what you guys think of this.

Pairing: Laurens x reader

Warning: a little cursing

Requested: Yes, anon requested #64 (”Time changes people”) with Laurens

Requests are open. 

Word Count: 1805


Everyone had just assumed you and John Laurens had always hated each other. Everyone always assumed that just because you and John bickered nonstop, you couldn’t stand each other.

In actuality, you never minded John Laurens until eighth grade. Kindergarten through seventh had been meaningless poking fun at each other. It was never anything truly hurtful until eighth grade.

John Laurens had gotten taller and hotter. Meanwhile, you and your best friend, Eliza, were late bloomers.

This became his favorite topic in eighth grade to make fun of you. You could hold your own and fired back comments usually.

“Hey, y/n” Laurens would call out to you. “Let me show you this picture. You’ll laugh your ass off. Oh wait. You don’t have one.”

His friends would then proceed to laugh.

“Hey, Laurens” you’d retort. “Do you act like a huge dick to cover up for the fact that you have a small one?”
His friends would yell “oohs” in return.

You’d walk away in dignity, but secretly these comments hurt you. You only ever told Eliza and Eliza’s older sister Angelica, who was a year older than you and Eliza. She was like an older sister to you, so when you started high school with her, she stuck up for you. Laurens certainly never dared to cross Angelica, but when Angelica wasn’t there (which was too often) you two constantly bickered over anything and everything.
It got so bad, Mr. Washington wouldn’t even let you and Laurens debate against each other in debate club anymore.

Suddenly in junior year, you began to fill out. Laurens’s friends couldn’t keep their eyes off you. You started to stare a little longer at Laurens. Laurens started to place himself nearer to you whenever he could.

You couldn’t help but hate him for making your life miserable for the three years prior to this, so you continued to bicker and mess with him.

Also in junior year, a man by the name of Charles Lee came into your life. Sure, he was notorious for making terrible comments about teacher and exes in the locker room, but you always thought that to be a silly rumor. You believed the best of Charles. When he asked you to dinner and a movie, you agreed.

You and Eliza spent all night picking out your outfit, with Angelica offering her advice.

“Now, y/n,” she said seriously. “Promise me you won’t sleep with him. At least wait until you to go official to sleep with him so he doesn’t try to ghost you.”

You rolled your eyes.
“I promise, Angie,” you gave her an endearing, yet loving smile.

The night went perfectly. Charles was a perfect gentleman. As soon as you got home, you ran next door, to Eliza’s house and stayed up all night squealing over it.

You stayed true to your promise to Angelica, though, which led to you and Charles making things official after two dates.  

Two days after you two made it official, a steaming Laurens came up to you after school.

“Lee? Really? You’re dating Lee?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I’m really dating Lee,” you answered in a sarcastic tone.

“He’s not a good guy, y/n. He says terrible things about all the girls he hooks up with. He doesn’t like you like that. He only wants to hook up with you,” John warned.

“Pardon?” you narrowed your eyes. “That’s not true. We’re together now.”

“Trust me. Do you think anyone, especially Lee, looked at you like that before you got hot? He just thinks you’re hot now. So does everyone else. He just wants to be the first to get to you,” John yelled, stepping closer to you.

“Excuse me? So what, he didn’t notice me before. I’m hot now, but he also noticed my personality,” you matched his tone and stepped so you were toe to toe.

“He’s just going to hurt you,” John yelled.

“Well since when do you care? Last I checked, we hated each other,” you yelled, causing Laurens to take a breath and a step back.

“I just…I don’t want to see you get hurt,” John walked away, leaving you confused.

The next day nothing changed.

You and Lee had lasted a full year. Every time you were with Charles in the hallway and saw Laurens, you made sure to give him a pointed look.

At the beginning of your senior year, you dumped Lee. He had been distant, and you decided to keep things light and fun for your senior year.

Lee had other ideas. After calling and texting you nonstop for a week, he decided to start trashing you to all his friends.

The school already knew that you had dumped him, but he told all his friends rumors they promptly spread. According to Lee, you had begged for him back (a rumor you quickly stomped away by showing Lee’s clingy texts to anyone who asked). You were also terrible in bed, clingy, and moody (all these rumors were also quickly demolished by your screenshots of old texts).

Soon enough, the rumors diminished. You couldn’t help but notice that Laurens was missing a few days after the rumors stopped.

A few months later you graduated, with a few pokes of fun at Laurens. You thought you’d never see him again, a party right before you left for college in August.

He wasn’t so bad lately. You two were indifferent. You’d both grown up and weren’t as petty any more.

At that party, you saw Laurens. You were confused when he marched right over to you. Your lips began to form a question, but Laurens slammed his soft lips into yours. Slowly, butterflies you hadn’t known had existed, erupted in your stomach. However, Laurens pulled back once he realized where he was. He tensed and stammered for a moment.

“Meet me by the bench in the gardens in ten,” he disappeared into the crowd.

You were left dazed and confused. You hadn’t realized it, but somewhere along the way, you’d caught feelings for John. You smiled lightly and touched your lips softly.

You found Eliza talking to Hamilton, still crushing ever so helplessly on him.

“They’re so happy. I’m glad I pushed them into talking to each other,” a familiar voice smiled.

“Angelica!” you squealed. “I thought you had to leave early.”

“I decided to come back to help you and Eliza move into your dorm at Columbia together,” she smiled. “Well, you look happy.”

“Well… A certain boy might have just kissed me,” you smiled.

“Uh huh. What would his name be?” A small smile graced Angelica’s face.

“John” you mumbled.

Angelica choked on her drink.
“John Laurens? The man you hated?” she asked.

“Yeah well, time changes people,” you smiled.

“Y/n…you realize it’s only been a month,” Angelica giggled. “But if he makes you happy, enjoy yourself.”

You just smiled brightly.

The ten minutes passed, quickly. You slipped outside, your heart starting to pound.

You stood next to the bench and squinted your eyes trying to find John.

When you spotted him, your heart sank.

There he stood, with his three friends behind him.

“Dude, I told you she’d come,” Hamilton whispered, giggling. They were all giggling. John was standing in the middle stifling at laugh, while making direct eye contact with you.

Your vision blurred with tears. You felt like an idiot. Of course John Laurens didn’t like you. He hated you. You hated him.

You hated John Laurens.


Four years later, you had long since forgotten John Laurens.

Yes, you two went to the same University, lived in the same dorm, and most of your friends were mutual, but you didn’t care. You ignored him until the hate and butterflies left. You never forgave him, but you couldn’t dwell on it either.

Eliza had finally talked to Hamilton enough to marry him. The two of you had gotten close, but avoided speaking of that night.

Hamilton and his friends (excluding Laurens) weren’t as bad as you thought. You often hung out even. Both of you knew they were forgiven for that night without saying anything.

“So y/n, Alex and I want to ask you something” you smiled at the happily engaged couple.

“Okay, shoot,” you smiled.

“Will you be my maid of honor?” she asked excited.

“Of course!” you screamed. “I’m so honored.”

The wedding planning went quickly. It was finally the night of the rehearsal dinner.

“Excuse me?” a deep, oddly familiar voice asked. “Are you the maid of hon-” he stopped abruptly when he saw your face.

“Laurens, hi” you smiled. “I’m the maid of honor. You must be the best man.”

“Yeah,” he laughed awkwardly.

You glance over at Eliza, asking for help. She smiled at you in pity.

The dinner went by awkwardly and quickly. Angelica was rehearsing her speech for the next night to you, when John approached you.

“Listen, y/n. Can we talk?” John asked.

You looked at Angelica, pleadingly.

“You need to talk to him,” Angelica whispered to you.

“Fine,” you quipped. “Talk.” You stood still in front of him.

“Look that night. I was just scared. You were so pretty and I just couldn’t control myself. I crushed on you for so long that I just. I don’t know. The kiss was real. But I wasn’t supposed to love you. So, I panicked and told my friends that I told you to meet me here for a copy of my application essay because we kept arguing who’s was better. They laughed because they couldn’t believe you were that dedicated to being right. I’m so sorry. I will always regret ruining our chances at falling in love,” Laurens said, looking down.

“When did you start having feelings for me?” you asked.

“In eleventh grade, when I saw you with Lee. Suddenly all the reasons I hated you, became the reasons I loved you.  I tried to repress the feelings. I did well, but then you two broke up. He kept spreading rumors in the locker room, which I warned you about. I kept myself at bay, but then he started showing those asshole friends of his pictures of you and I just couldn’t let that slide. I punched him. I couldn’t let him get away with that,” he finished meeting your gaze.

“Oh John,” you marveled at his sparkling eyes. “You did that for me?”

He nodded, looking down.

“Well, that day you kissed me I realized, I’ve always loved you.” You tilted his head to meet your gaze. “And I’ve just realized, I still love you.”

“How? After all I’ve done?” John asked.

“Time changes people.” You smiled. “If you kiss me, promise not to run away?” you asked.

“Promise.” He smiled.

With that, your lips crashed together, and the butterflies you’d repressed for years came fluttering back.

Avery (Sam Drake x Reader)


This one took me awhile to write because I had so many ideas I wanted to include in it. There are time lapses in this so I hope thats not confusing. Also, I would love some more suggestion if anyone has any ideas! I hope you guys enjoy!

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 3,139


*3 Months*

“Sam!” you call up the stairs tapping your foot impatiently.

“I’m coming!” He called down

“Why am I the one who’s always waiting! Shouldn’t this be the other way around.” You huff walking from the door back into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Opening the fridge you notice that Sam had finished the rest of the cherries. This was it, this was your breaking point with the man you called your husband.

“Ready.” You stand upright looking at your husband dressed in a navy suit, his suit jacket draped over his arm. He looked so handsome but his attractiveness could not subdue your frustration, not this time. “How do I look?” Sam smiled charmingly, striking a pose.

“You ate the rest of the cherries.” your voice is even and steady trying to maintain your composure. Sam’s brow furrows at your words.  

“We can pick up some more on our way back from the restaurant babe.” His solution wasn’t enough.

“That’s not the point Sam.” You take a breath placing your face in your hands.

“Babe, they’re just cherries.” Sam had yet to move from his spot in the doorway of the kitchen.

“No, I specifically asked you to save me some!” Your voice raises slightly

“Okay, I’m sorry.” His words were far from sincere, you could tell he just wanted this to be over so you two could leave and he could get out of that suit.

“Samuel” You warn feeling the anger bubbling in your stomach.

“Are you really going to throw a fit over cherries.” Sam stares at you in disbelief “You’re being ridiculous-“ Before he can finish you find yourself crying uncontrollably. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s with the tears?” Sam was now in front of you, one hand on your shoulder the other under your chin lifting your head so he could look at you.

“You ate my cherries, I’ve been waiting for you for a half hour, and you promised you’d take out the trash but it’s still by the back door!” You cry dropping your head against his shoulder as his arms wrapped around you waist.

“I’m sorry babe, I really am.” This time his words are sincere. You feel his hand on your stomach, his thumb rubbing your newly forming baby bump.

“I think- I’m- be-ing hormonal.” You stutter out through sobs, feeling Sam’s chest rumble from laughter.

“Maybe just a little.” Pulling away you wipe your eyes noticing that Sam had a funny look on his face.

“What?” You immediately become self conscious.

“Nothing!” His voice is higher than usual which was his tell when he lied to you.

“Sam, what!” You’d demand watching as his face turns unsure.

“You kind of-“ He pauses “You fucked up your makeup.” Sam settles for the blunt approach, clearly not realizing that his very emotional, newly pregnant wife would just cry more.

“Sam” You begin to cry pathetically again.

“Whoa, the water works gotta stop.” His words are followed by a laugh as he brings you back into his chest, the smell of cigarettes clinging to the fabric.

“I’m gonna go fix my ugly face.” You try to move around Sam his arms tightening around you.

“Now who said you were ugly?” Sam’s finger finds its way under your chin again so you two are gazing into each other’s eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I have no idea how I got so lucky.” Tears flood your eyes again.

“You’re such a sweet heart” you whisper holding back your sobs.

“Please don’t cry again.” He smiled kissing your lips softly.

“I’ll try” You whisper against his lips. Sam kisses you more passionately his thumb wiping the tears from your cheek.

“Now, cmon. I promised Nathan we wouldn’t be late.” You gaze into each other’s eyes.

“Maybe just a little late.” You kiss him again unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt.

“Babe, I promised him.” Sam groaned as you kissed and sucked up his neck tattoo.

“But Sam.” You whispered placing your hand on his already present bulge.

“Fuck it, we can be late.” Sam’s arms move quickly hosting you into the air bridal style.

“Wait I have to pee!”


“Finally! Where the hell have you two been?” Nathan was standing with Elena outside the restaurant.

“I had a melt down over cherries.” You say with a smile, Nate gave you a strange look.

“She’s not kidding she actually did.” Sam added rolling his eyes, you slap his arm jokingly.

“Aren’t you allergic?” Elena asked you a giddy smile on her face.

“Not like deathly allergic, but I do get itchy.” You smile hugging your sister-in-law

“When I was pregnant with Cassie all I craved was chocolate covered potato chips.” Elena laughed

“Sam, those sound so good!” You turn to your tall husband an amused smirk on his face.

“We can grab some on the way home.” He kissed your head turning to his younger brother.

“Did we miss the reservation?”

“Drake!” A woman called from the door.

“That’s us!” Nathan waved “No, you got lucky this time!” He pointed at Sam as if he was threatening him.

“You’re right, I did get lucky.” Sam winked at Nate making him laugh and slap his older brother on the shoulder.

“Sam, wait for me I have to pee!” You call after your husband who stops in his tracks to wait for you.

“You’re glowing (Y/N)” Elena said genuinely.

“Thank you! I feel so fat though and I’m constantly peeing.” You admit

“You’re just starting to show, it’s normal don’t worry.”


*6 Months*

The drumming of rain beats against the roof top, lighting flashing through the window. Sitting on your bed your fingers run over the newly washed sheets, the smell of lavender filling the air from your candle on your night stand. With a sigh you lean back into your pillows shifting slightly because of the discomfort of your growing belly. Bringing your attention back to the Tv situated in front of you across the room, you watch as the scary movie you picked comes to a close. You can’t help but feel slightly uneasy, your mind is racing over the details of the movie, thunder echoing through the air. You weren’t a full believer in ghosts, you never really thought about it until now. Looking around your empty bedroom you can’t help but want your husband by your side to quell your discomfort, but you knew he was busy with work and had asked for peace and quiet so he could do research. The floor boards creek unexpectedly making you jump, placing your hand on your chest you chuckle at yourself. Sam told you not to watch any scary movies because he knew how paranoid you got afterwards. Just like the night the two of you watched ‘When a Stranger Calls’ and you made him check the whole house because you were convinced the two of you weren’t alone.

“Jesus, you scared me!” You laugh waiting for a response from Sam but you hear nothing. “Sam?” You ask getting up from the bed and peaking into the dark hallway. No one was there.

“Sam?” You call again a little more frantically. Once again no answer. Your heart sinks at the sight of nothing.

Sweat begins to pool on your brow, heart pounding, hands shaking. Stepping out of the room the darkness of the hallway is too much for you so you run to the light switch. Squinting your eyes as the light turns on, instinctively holding your pregnant stomach in defense. Everything is in its usual spot, nothing out of the ordinary. Taking a sigh of relief you pick up Sam’s discarded clothes he left in the hallway bringing them back into your shared bedroom.  

“It’s okay, it’s all okay” you whisper to yourself trying to calm your racing heart. Throwing Sam’s clothes into the laundry basket, thunder sounds outside scaring you to the point you let out a high pitched scream. 

“Fuck!” You half yell, covering your mouth, your heart beating out of your chest. The realization that it was only thunder makes you feel foolish but you can not help the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Sitting on the edge of the bed you try and gather yourself, holding your stomach.

“Babe!?” Sam’s voice boomed through the house as you heard him run up the stairs and into your room. “Are you okay, what’s wrong!?” Sam was just as frantic as you were only a few seconds ago.

“Yeah, yeah, the thunder startled me.” you admit, cheeks flushing red at the embarrassment. You watched as Sam’s muscular shoulders visibly relaxed. Sitting down next to you, Sam wraps one arm around your shoulder while his other hand rest on your protruding stomach. 

“You scared the shit out of me.” Sam sighed into your ear kissing your cheek firmly, his stumble scratching against your soft skin.

“I scared myself!” You giggled lightly feeling much more at ease having him next to you. His hand rubbed your stomach lovingly.

“He’s kicking!” Sam exclaimed kneeling on the floor in front of you, both of his hands were on your stomach now.

“Sam we don’t know if it’s a boy.” You correct for what seems like the millionth time. Like usual Sam didn’t answer his attention fully fixed on the movement coming from your belly. Sam placed a kiss on your stomach a content sigh falling from his lips.

“I have a little more work to do and then I’ll come to bed.” Sam stood kissing your forehead and then your stomach one last time.

“Okay, I’m gonna get ready for bed.”

“What movie did you end up watching?” Sam asked stopping in the doorway.

“Nothing you’d like.” You smile not wanting to admit to Sam that you ignored his wishes and watched ‘The Conjuring’.

“Sounds like a blockbuster!” Sam says sarcastically exiting the room and disappearing back downstairs.

Getting up from the foot of the bed you make your way to the bathroom. Doing your nightly rituals you find yourself staring at your pregnant belly.

“Wow, I’m huge” you whisper. Noticing something out of the corner of your eye you turn quickly jumping as you watch a towel fall from its hook. 

“What the actual fuck” you squeal running from the bathroom and jumping on your bed. 

You frantically scramble to get under the covers, your heart returning to its racing speed from earlier. Hiding under the covers you flinch at the sound of the wind whistling outside followed by the loud boom of thunder.  You curse yourself internally for watching such a scary movie on your own. To proud to call your husband upstairs you peek your head out from under the blankets assuring yourself that no one was in your room besides yourself. Mustering up the little courage you had, you blow your lavender candle out and shut off your lamp. Trying to distract yourself you try and focus on other things but your mind keeps wandering back to the thought you were being watched. An hour ticked by and then another and you were still sleep deprived, under the covers, mind racing, body shaking. Finally exhaustion took over and you found yourself falling into the darkness.  

Footsteps echoed from the hallway into your dark bedroom startling you awake. Not thinking you grabbed a pillow throwing it with all your might at the shadowy figure entering the room.

“What are you doing?”  The voice snapped making its way to the bed. Petrified you bolted out of the bed grabbing your candled ready to throw it in defense. The lamp flicked on and you threw the candle in the direction of the man. “What the fuck!” Sam yelled, the sound of glass shattering filling your ears.

“Jesus!” You yell sinking to the ground your heart beating uncontrollably.

“What the fuck are you doing!” Sam’s eyes were fixed on you, his face contorted in anger. “You’re lucky that didn’t hit me!” He yelled even louder than before startling you once more.

“You scared me!” Your voice cracks

“You watched that god damn scary movie didn’t you.” Sam paused “Didn’t you!?” His voice raised again.

“Yes, okay yes! I watched the movie!” You stay seated on the floor angry at yourself.

“The doctor told you to avoid stress. I don’t know why you think watching a scary movie would be a good idea.” Sam scolded gesturing to the television.

“I don’t know” You whisper feeling like a dejected child.

“I’m gonna clean this mess up.” Sam huffed storming out of the room. 

Feeling dumb  you get off the floor and make your way to the bathroom, tears falling from your eyes. Washing your face and trying to calm yourself down you can hear Sam grumbling to himself as he cleans up the broken glass. Sam appears in the doorway behind you. You watch him in the the mirror as he tosses the scraps of your favorite candle into the trash. Turning our attention back to the sink in front of you, you jump as Sam wraps his arms around you, hands resting your your stomach.

“Please no more scary movies.” His warm breath ghosted your ear.

“I’m so sorry Sam.” Your voice is hushed.

“It’s fine, now c’mon let’s go to bed.” You turn around smiling a guilty smile up at your very tall, very handsome husband.

“Please don’t be mad at me.” you say standing on your tiptoes, you place a soft kiss on Sam’s lips.

“You promise not to throw any more candles at me?” His sarcasm was not lost on you but you chose to ignore it.

“I promise.” You kiss him again, biting your lip as Sam’s hands wandered to your ass.

“Bed?” He winks at you causing a shiver to shoot up your spine and for the first time tonight you didn’t mind it.

“Wait I have to pee first!”

“Of course you do”


*9 Months*

“Doesn’t hot sauce induce labor?” Sam’s voice came from behind you.

“I mean it can?” You mumble a mouth full of food.

“You sure put a lot of hot sauce on that babe.” Looking up at your husband, you reached up pressing your thumb into his furrowed brow.

“Relax, it’s fine.” You try to reassure him “We should go on a walk today, it’s so nice out.” Sitting at the counter you can’t help but notice the frown on your husbands face. “What?”

“Don’t walks induce labor too?” Sam’s fingers were drumming on the granite counter top. Sam had been extremely fidgety and uneasy all week but today was worse than usual.

“Are you okay?” You ask taking another bite.

“Yeah.” Sam says defensively.

“Sam, I’m your wife. I know when you’re lying.”

“Fine.” He grumbles, arms across his chest.

“Sam, whats wrong?” You place your fork down. Sam stays quiet eyes fixed on the counter that separated the two of you. “Babe?” You ask again standing and waddling over to the tall man.

“Your due date in next week.” He states factually.

“It is.” You nod, taking Sam’s hand in yours.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to be a dad. What if I’m bad at it.”  Sam’s eyes were still avoiding yours. It clicked finally, Sam’s strange behavior all made sense. He was nervous about becoming a father. After spending so much time in prison thinking his life may never be normal one can only imagine the stress he was under. The fact his own father had abandoned him must be weighing on him more than ever.

“You are the most wonderful man I have ever met, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the father of my child Sam. You’re going to be an amazing dad, I promise!” Grabbing his other hand you move in his line of vision.

“I-“ Sam’s eyes welled with tears as he looked away from you.

“Sam” You whine feeling yourself becoming emotional

“I’m just scared.” He whispered looking at you with so much love in his eyes.

“I am too.” You admit whipping the tears from his eyes.

“I just-“ Before Sam could finish his sentences you felt a warm wet sensation run down your leg.

“Fuck!” You say, stepping away from the love of your life.


“I either just pissed myself or my water broke.” Looking up from the puddled on the floor you see the pure panic in Sam’s eyes.

“Your due date isn’t until next week though!” Sam pleads. A sharp pain shoots up your body causing you to brace yourself against the counter.

“Fuck Sam! Get the bag!” you bite out in pain.

“Babe, are you sure this is it? I mean you are constantly peeing maybe it’s-” Sam’s voice was in a higher register, the panic taking over.

“Yes Sam, I just pissed myself and am in an abnormal amount of pain for no reason!” you hiss

“Shit, I’ll- um-“ Sam stood in front of you motionless.

“Get the goddamn car and bag Sam!” You finally yell. Sam ran to the door gathering everything you needed. He had your hospital bag packed for months and by the front door.  Walking yourself in the same direction you felt the panic set in.

“Where the hell are the car keys!?” Sam yelled from upstairs.

“Sam, you don’t panic when people are trying to kill you or your when your life’s in danger! You better no panic now!” You yell sitting on one of the stairs pain racking through your body. Loud footsteps stomped down the stairs and then past you as Sam continued his search for the car keys. “If you put them back where I asked you to we wouldn’t be having this problem!” You scold him

“Found them!” He shouts from the kitchen  


“I can’t believe you kicked me out of the delivery room.”

“I can’t believe you thought it would be okay to get me pregnant.”

“I don’t think that’s purely my fault.” Both of you laughed lightly at Sam’s words.

“We have to decide on a name.” You turn to your husband who had the most loving look on his face as he held your newborn child. Seeing Sam like this was so new to you, you had never seen him so infatuated  before.

“What about Avery?” Sam asks rocking your daughter back and forth.

“I like Avery.” You laugh “I hate how people are already giving us parenting advice.” You complain thinking back to the slew of people who had visited you in the past few hours.

“Yeah, it’s like they think we aren’t capable enough of screwing up our kid on our own.” Sam jokes making you roll your eyes.

“So are we settled on Avery?” you ask

“Yes, Avery Drake”

Youtuber Confessions - Conor Maynard



“So clearly as you can see, i’m back” I started well looking into my camera. “And there’s this big empty space in between me.” I said motioning my arms around the couch. “Meaning I have to have some friends right? Well no. Just idiots.” I laughed as they all started to come in.

“So basically we have or I have Joe, Y/f/n, Conor, and last but not least my brother Mikey!” I said pointing everyone out. “And today I’m being a little little bit naughty and we are doing a little challenge I came up with Youtuber Confessions unless its already been made up but hey until I get told so I came up with it!” I said. “Jeez getting worked up already and we haven’t even started.” Conor laughed. “Oh shut it you.” I said pushing his head away.

“So as I was saying,” I began rolling my eyes, “everyone as about two questions for everyone and the person must answer all without lying and if lying they must take on a forfeit, so let’s begin!” I said. “I need something cool for a transaction.” I mumbled. Next thing I need Conor flew over my lap. “Boom.” He said and then posed like a Playboy model would. “Bloody hell Conor!” I shouted.


I slumped down in my seat as I knew Mikey would get personal. “Do you like Conor?” He asked. I breathed in and thought.

I didn’t like him, I love him.

“No.” I replied. Mikey gave me a look but went for his second question. “Do you love him. “Y-yes.” I mumbled. “Knew it!” Mikey yelled. “Shut up you big goof and leave! Bring the next person in.” I said. He smirked at me and left.

“Oh bloody hell.” I said as I saw Conor walking in with a smirk on his face. “Heyyyy best friend what’s up girllll!” Conor beamed like a girl in his girly voice. I kept a straight face until finally laughing. “So your question?” I asked. “Hmmm let me think.” He said making a thinking pose. “If you had to sleep with anyone who is here who would it be? And be sleep I mean just sleeping not sex.” He asked.

“You.” I replied because we’ve done it before. “Okay okay, did you actually send Liz to the hospital.” Luke asked bringing up Jack’s ex. I gulped and leaned down in my seat some more. “Yes.” I answered. Conor eyes went wide and then he started to laugh. “I should of fucking asked if you like Jack god damn it.” He said getting up. “Bye bestie!” Conor sung as he left the room.

Conor’s Point Of View

I’m not going to lie. I wanted to ask Y/n if she liked him but I couldn’t. I couldn’t being myself to hear her say no. She’s been my best friend for so long, and I’ve seen her get hurt by so many guys. I’ve only realized that the only guy perfect for my little potato Y/n is me.

“So you like my sister?” Mikey asked staring at me. I thought about it. I may of liked her. But truly I don’t anymore.

I love Y/n.

“No.” I replied. “Do you love her?” Mikey then asked. “Yes.” I replied. Mikey threw his hands in the air. “Bloody hell!” Mikey yelled and then got up. He moved towards the door but paused and looked at me “Treat her right.” He said just as he was about to leave. I nodded and he did leave. I sighed to myself and rubbed my forward as she walked in.

My eyes wondered just like they did every time I saw her. Just how her clothes fired perfectly to her body and curves. I just wanted to hug her and never let go. “You going to answer or just keep staring “ She laughed. God I love her laugh. Her smile. Just everything. “Hello Earth to Conor.” She laughed again waving her hand in my face.

“Sorry, just got distracted by a thought. What was your question?” I asked. She giggled and shook her head. “I asked what your deepest darkest secret was.” She laughed. I gave her the are you for real look and she laughed even more. “I’m kidding I asked if you liked anyone at the moment.” She asked.

“Yes and no.” I replied. The yes meaning towards Y/n but the no cause I love her. But then again you already got that. She raised an eyebrow but then shook her head and fixes her beautiful y/c hair placing a piece behind her ear.

“Hmmm let’s see Conor. How many girls have you fucked this month?” She then asked. “None.” I replied. Mostly because I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind and had to do shit my own. She looked at me confused. “You Conor Maynard. A Maynard hasn’t fucked one person this month wow. If I asked Back that he’ll say an actually number.” She laughed.

I gave her an awkward smile and she left.


Y/n’s Point Of View

“That’s the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed our secrets that you now know. And don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video and hey if you’re not subscribed why not go subscribed and hit the bell so you can get notified when I post. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week!” I beamed well doing my outro. “And why not also just hit these people Up and subscribe they need it.” I laughed and with that I ended the video.

I got up from the couch and grabbed my camera off the tripod and looked at everyone. “You guys staying?” I asked. “Well Joe, Mikey and I were going to go to diner if you and Conor wanna join?” Y/f/n said. I shook my head. “Nah I need to get this video out today. So I’ll stay behind. I don’t know about Conor though.” I said with a smile. She nodded and then looked at Conor.

“I would but I don’t want Y/n to stress out too much and freak out. So I’m going to stay here.” Conor said. Mikey smirked as did Y/f/n and Joe nodded. “Alright mate we’ll see you tomorrow.” Joe said standing up. They nodded and I gave Y/f/n a hug and went into my bedroom where Conor followed. I pulled out the SD card and pulled it into my Mac and started the pull the footage into my editing software.

“So, how you doing?” Conor asked. I chuckled and spinned around to look at her. “How you doing? So Conor like.” I laughed. “Well what do you want me to say!” He asked laughing. “I don’t know, or care watch some movie or something I’ll be done in an hour or less.” I explained.

Well halfway through editing something caught my eye. “Do you like my sister?” Mikey asked Conor. Conor shook his head. “No.” He answered. My heart flew out of my chest as Mikey spoke up again. “Do you love her?” He asked. “Yes.” Conor replied. And that’s when my heart started up again and beated fast. A blush fell onto my cheeks as I turned to look at Conor on my bed with his eyes fixed on his phone with a movie playing on the TV in front of him.

I got up from my chair and went to my bed and sat on it. Conor looked up at me and smiled turning off his phone. “You done?” He asked with a smiled. I shook my head. “No I just had a question.” I said. Conor fixed the way he was sitting and moved closer to the head bored and ran his hand through his hair a couple times. Which I knew meant he was nervous.

“About?” He asked with a chuckle. “Do you love me?” I asked with a stutter. Damn it. Conor let out a sigh and moved towards me and grabbed my hands in his. “I do,” he breathed out; “so goddamn much.” He answered not able to look in my eyes.

“Look in my eyes Conor.” I said shyly. He moves his head up and looked into my e/c eyes. “Do you love me?” I asked once again. “Yes, to Pluto and back times infinity.” He answered. I smiled from ear to ear just hearing the words.

“Fuck the video.” I said before attacking his lips to something that needed way more than just a kiss. I pulled away and smiled. “I love you too.” I said and reconnected out lips.