this is the person reading your blog rn

Since we’re at the end and I’ve never really been a part of a fandom before I wanted to take a moment because I have too many feelings.

Shoutout to each and every one of my followers first and foremost. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog; I never dreamed I’d have so many of you :) 

I tried to say a little something for everyone I tagged but for those of you I didn’t, just fill it in that your blog is awesome, you’re awesome, and people should follow you.


@anationofthieves  ​I know you’re not active rn but I loved all your posts and your gorgeous gifsets   that I’ll probably never be able to do haha 

@candlewindsI live to read your anon replies and your tags and your gifsets

@captain-flintThe very first Sails blog I followed and the Queen of Gifsets. <3 

@crucifythenburn​ (Trinity) I heart your shining personality on tumblr and your incredible Silverflint fic I Will Try To Fix You which everyone and their mother’s sister should be reading

@char7​ (Charley) <3  A gal after my own heart. I swear our brains are wired together; I agree with most everything she says about Sails and politics RPJ and everything else we’ve ever chatted about. And your sense of humor is fantastic

@dimplesflint​ (Mer) We are relatively new mutuals but I’ve followed you since your pianka days. Your Flint gifsets are positively scrumptous and thank you so much for commenting on a couple of my fics on AO3!! It meant a lot.

@ellelan(Elle) BS CATS FOREVER! You inspired me to make the Flint/Ginger Cat post, the first of several. So much fun. You’re such a great personality and the fandom wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful edits and words of wisdom (and your naughty thoughts for fics >:)  

@flinthamiltonStill one of the best Sails blogs and will always be near and dear to my shipper heart. Your gifsets and metas about James and Thomas are just amazing. You are sweet and kind in conversations and you even bother to reblog my things   

@flintsredhair​ (Meg) MEG!! I heart Meg. She is a superbly talented Flinthamilton writer and my favorite Flinthamilton writer. I feel like I can chat with her about all things James/Thomas. I don’t know how you keep pumping out so many great stories but keep it up!

@flintstruestlove Another recent mutual but since you jumped in here with nothing but a passion for James/Thomas AND  you make gifsets of seasons and things I haven’t seen forever, of course you make the list :)

@fmwisWe’ve never spoken I don’t think but you have faithfully reblogged literally every single Flint-related edit I’ve ever done?!?! Thank you!


@jadedbirch I think we’ve circled each other forever on here before we became mutuals lol. You are by far one of my fave personalities on here; you’re very easy going and I love that. And don’t forget whose idea the whole porn police thing was! ;)



@krimsnkramsart I love your style and somehow you come up with the sweetest James pairing drawings <3


@lady-eleanor-vane <3 You are so super sweet and a friendly person no matter what! Thanks for taking an interest in me and my blog 


@Maria (musemm)What can I say? You and shinmaya were so welcoming to me when I was a noob on here and gave me exposure. We both shared our love of Billy/Flint, and even though that hasn’t worked out, we’ve had many, many conversations about all kinds of things and I heart you; you’ve inspired my writing so much you don’t even know. *gives you a big fat wet kiss*


@mirandaabarlow The first person I’ve chatted with about Anne Rice on here. :) And oc your Sails gifs are Pretties I love to reblog


@ohflintYour silverflint edits are absolutely stunning and full of heart at the same time  


@old-long-john EEE I love your Silverflint fics!!!


@primal–scream​ (Lisa) I love your fics too and our funny ramblings on tumbles



@sagestreetEEEE SAGE! I must gush over your Black Sails painting/analysis posts; the fandom wouldn’t be the same without them!!! Also we’ve shared several convos about all kinds of things, serious and not so serious and I’m so glad to have met you here. Thanks again for those movie recs!

@shavingmysealegs<3 Another lovely blog ran by a lovely person ;)


@themissingmask Your artwork always makes me smile even on the worst days and is so very inspirational for writing fics     

@thewalruscaptain (Rachel) Along with Lisa, our funny ramblings on tumbles and also every so often you make fantastic pretties




@vowel-in-thug (Gemma) Your Silverflint fics are amazing!!! I always feel guilty because I can never read more than I write, but I read lots of yours even when I don’t comment <3

@zombievonmorgenWe haven’t chatted in a while but I’ve been loving every single Witcher post you’ve reblogged, and all those art posts very much. Your James Flint drawings are some of my favorite

…I’ll just be over here sobbing quietly now.

anonymous asked:

hey so i thought id ask first but is ur blog sfw?? im a minor and i dont wanna like;; make u uncomfy if i follow (i havent looked very far into ur blog but ur art is vvv nice!!)

(it’s a safe for work blog with some nsfw here and there, it’s also actually an art blog, i’m just kinda messin’ around rn for fun XD. if you’re cool with seein’ more this

and you’re cool with boobs and naked bods and some implied sex stuff then i’m personally fine with minors following)

(if for whatever reason you wanna set age thing, i guess 15?)

(but yea, naked ppl, sex jokes, maybe if something seems like too much i’ll put it under a keep reading and tag it accordingly, but for the most part no straight up porn)

anonymous asked:

any good smutty howince fics? im honestly just hoeing it up rn and i need more content love your blog aswell bebe x

Y’know, I’m not the best person to ask for that. I’ve read a fair number of fics, but I never remember where they were or what the titles are. Also, maybe I just haven’t found the right dark den of iniquity, but I’m surprised by how vanilla a lot of the fic is. I mean, one would expect a fair bit of watersports howince fics, considering the content of the show itself, right?

Anyone have suggestions for the asker?

I’m not in the best mental place atm, feeling kinda shut down so! I’ll be a little more scarce even though I already was on here ahdbs I hope everyone is doing well, I care abt you and if I follow your personal/vent blog or smth I promise I’m reading your posts. I just don’t have it in me to do much else ^^;

anonymous asked:

jfc Sab if you leave like no. honestly my heart just sank reading your post/asks. you lit make my tumblr experience and just everything about you and this blog is beautiful and great and something I've personally love and care for. ah I need to collect my thoughts feeling v emotional rn ;;

Tumblr, ships and ranty things that kind of tie in with others


When you think Tumblr would be a safe haven for all kinds of ships and then you get a bunch of hate thrown into your face. I’ll draw what I want, I will ship what I want, and I will be into what I want.

I got into Mob Psycho 100 recently and started shipping Reimob, I mostly see blogs spouting shit like “omg if you support pedophilia, block me rn.” So I’m just like “Kay…?” Technically, Mob/Shigeo Kageyama is too old to be in the pedophilia range (hebephilia actually, please research). He is a pubescent teenage boy. Never have I ever been attracted to people under the age of 16 or 17 irl (I am 20 mind you. In the state of Texas the age of consent is 17, it could be 16 as long as there is a 6 year difference.)

As someone who has actually been attracted to someone who was *way* older than myself when I was 14, it’s not weird to me. As I’ve gotten older, it hasn’t really changed. I don’t condone harming children or teenagers. I do however, believe that people have a right to their sexuality by the time they hit puberty. If we go by “Oh, they’re just children they don’t know any better. Their brain hasn’t developed completely yet.” … If we go by just that alone, then last time I checked our brain supposedly finishes developing by age 25 or 26. That would mean that the current age of consent in most locations is bull shit. Science might as well find a way to stop a child from going through puberty or feeling anything at all. A handful of Tumblrs user base is young girls, the ones who usually ship these things. How could you call a child a pedophile when they’re attracted to a fictional character their own age? I mean, where’s the logic in that? I know I’m clearly rambling by now, but I really felt like this was something I needed to get off my chest.

Would you like to know my reasons though? It might sound odd, but I have this weird desire to be a boy. An androgynous boy. I’ve always been attracted to people older than me, so I always try to put myself in the position of the younger party. I wouldn’t call myself transgender, that wouldn’t solve my problems at all. I guess that’s why I decided to fall under the Non-Binary umbrella. I don’t want to be a man, but I don’t want to completely be a woman. If I could, I’d be perfect. But we’re not perfect, humans aren’t perfect. We never have been.

Sorry for the rambles.

babyspicegf  asked:

♣️ bcus idk how to get the fancy one :/

You’re my: favorite gemini lesbian
How I met you: combination chris and rowboat i think not sure though
Why I follow you: youre so funny and idk what youre talking about 9 times out of 10 but im always thinking wow gaby knows how to write a dissertation on anything and i admire that about you ALSO the 1d bonding is my favorite thing in the world
Your blog is: best 10/10 although again idk what half of it means
Your URL is: i love it 
Your icon is: i love it more
A random fact I know about you: idk why i read this line and forget everything ik about a person immediately :/ um you  like got a lot and you dont know how to keep your tongue in your mouth 
General opinion: best
A random thought I have: wish i wasnt eating sour patch kids rn but if i dont who else will you know!

anonymous asked:

I don't really like kac//chako or todo//momo but how do you mean straight shippers are tacky? I don't really interact or pay attention to them so I'm not sure what you mean? Thank you for reading this i love your blog

is this from an older post or smth, i dont recall saying this in like… the last couple weeks. idk im confused and tired rn

but from my own personal experience with straight shippers, theyre usually homophobic and annoying. 

iironmist-blog  asked:

hi! im fairly new to the fandom and i started reading daredevil and alias.. i was wondering if you can give me a little background/summary on iron fist? im gonna start reading his comic sooon! love your blog!

im not yet done reading iron fist comics (im not the best person for this rn) but this is basically a summary of danny?


Soooo, if you guys had read the tags like Savannah here, you could have gotten a personal text request you snooze you loose am I right????

Heyyy bananas because your tags are always the best part of the post and I literally always read them. I love this blog a lot by the way. So a personalized request? My name is Savannah. A really cute and fluffy text with Ashton would be nice? :)


She’s the true MVP rn.  Hopefully you like this.  WOOP OKAY BYE.  Ignore the part where I forgot the L in Fletcher.  bye for real this time.

       Hey Everyone!

 So I decided to try and make a follow forever to thank all the amazing followers and people who have helped and supported me in this Roleplay fandom up until now. You’ve all been so nice and kind to me I don’t know what else to do to show my appreciation. First there will be some specific mentions to some special people of mine:~

                            (Under read more cos this will be long af)

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