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Idol!AU | WIP 1

“How does it feel to be the youngest group to win on Sina Station’s Music Stage, not since Erwin Smith, or No Name, nearly ten years ago?”

“I–” Eren pauses, overwhelmed with joy, and breaks out into a huge grin (which draws some enthused screams from the audience), “I can’t believe it! We made it this far together. And to think that I failed my audition the first time!”

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Michaela convinces Connor to get an Instagram account. For the life of him, Connor can’t figure out how she managed him to do to because / Michaela, who cares about my damn coffee/. And he doesn’t use it that much, but then he gets a follow request from Oliver and he didn’t know Oliver had an account and Oliver’s like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And so they follow each other and Connor still has no idea what he’s supposed to post, scoffing at Oliver’s suggestion at posting food because ‘Ollie, I’m hungry - whyyyy would I prolong that?’. And one night he and Oliver are dressed fancy and Connor just has to take a picture and he uploads it. No filter, because Connor thinks Oliver’s warm enough.

The next day they go to the park and Oliver’s sat on the grass, propped against a tree and wearing a giddy smile. And he looks happy, in his light green shirt and denim shorts and he’s laughing at nothing. And Connor sneaks a few pictures and he can’t decide which one he should upload because they’re all perfect, so he settles on a collage.

And a few weeks later, while they’re cuddled up on the couch, Oliver’s scrolling through his Instagram feed and pauses on Connor’s post of him eating ice cream. And he then finds himself scrolling through Connor’s pictures and it’s all Oliver. Oliver at the park, at the beach, at dinner, both of them on one of those couples bikes that Connor cringed at once he laid eyes on it. It’s Oliver working, running, laughing, doing nothing and everything. It’s all tagged with ‘cutie’ and ‘bae’ and 'bestie’, and Oliver’s not tearing up and will deny it 'til the day he dies. So he brings it up, murmurs says something like I see you figured out you’re Instagram issue’ into Connor’s shoulder and the other man blushes, he’ll deny it 'til he dies, and bites his lip and whispers you’re really cute.


BONUS: They get a dog and Connor’s Instagram turns into videos of Oliver and the dog accompanied by Connor’s giggles in the background.

“The End, kind of”

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One shot of bedtime stories - CS style! Future AU where it doesn’t hurt anymore!

The day Liam was born his eyes were as bright blue as his fathers with enough jet black hair that Emma complained the boy had nothing of her. Then he opened his mouth, screaming his displeasure at the world and Killian had smiled, informing her that certainly the boy had her tenacity.

But he was tiny and so very breakable. Killian was overcome with a sudden terror… What had possibly made him think he could protect something so very breakable?

He’d thought he understood what it was like to have a child. He had Henry, and he knew that he couldn’t possibly care more for the boy if his own blood ran through his veins. But then they brought home Liam, and suddenly his whole world turned upside down. Everything shifted focus ever so slightly and he couldn’t imagine never having that precious child in his arms. Emma had come in one evening to the nursery as he held the boy close and she must have seen something on his face. She sat next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong, Killian?”

“Nothing,” he told her dejectedly. “Everything is perfect.”

She laughed and raised her eyebrows at him. “Then why do you look so confused?”

“It’s perfect now, but I never wanted to… I never cared that Henry wasn’t my blood. I still don’t.”

“I know that, Killian.”

“But this…it feels … different? I’m sorry Swan, truly I am. You know I’d do anything for Henry, I’d give my life in an instant were he in danger… but this … it feels different.”

She raised her hand, passing light fingers over the furrowed brow, realizing suddenly why he had apologized. He was thinking of the ones she’d told him about. The foster parents who had used her as a placeholder until they had their own child.

“Killian it’s alright. It’s different for me too.” He looked up and she smiled. “Henry’s my whole world. I love him more than anything. And now Liam is my whole world too. They each have a part of my heart all their own, just as you do.” She drew her fingers down the infants arm. “I think… holding a child for the first time is supposed to turn your world upside down. Every time. It doesn’t make what you felt before any less true.”

The relief on his face warmed her heart.

“Another story lad, are you not yet tired?”

“No,” the boy yawned and Killian laid back down on the bed, glancing over at him. Liam’s eyes were darker now, they’d shifted ever so slightly day by day from the bright blue he’d had as an infant to a clear green that now more closely mirrored his mother’s.

“One more, but you have to promise to keep your eyes closed. Can you do that?”


“You won’t get sleepy otherwise,” Hook answered.

“What if it gets scary?”

“Why would it get scary? You know I’ll never let anything happen to you. Promise me you’ll keep your eyes closed and I’ll tell you one more story.”

“I promise,” the boy said, clenching his eyes shut.

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess.”

“Was her name mommy?”

Killian chuckled. “No, her name was Swan. And she was the most beautiful Princess in all the lands.”

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