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heyo tama!! what to do if im losing interest in acnl after restarting my game for the first time? p.s. love your blog soooo much ~

Oh noes! ( 〃 ˙꒫˙ 〃 ) well let’s see, this has happened to me before but I’m not sure if it will work for you which I hope it does. Honestly I got lazy after restarting my first town, I didn’t know what i wanted to do. So later on I got back and for some reason i got motivated and though of a theme to do for my town and I picked “princess” theme, so I planned out what paths to use, pwps and as for furniture it took me a while for interiors but i wasn’t so good at it my first time. It is always good to look at references. I Google home interiors or room interiors etc. Also, make your mayor/characters how you want them, if it gets boring them having the same looks maybe change them each season? So I recommend these things if you want to get back into acnl. I hope this helps and I apologize if I cannot reply private, i am mobile 90%! Also, thank you my dear i love to hear when people like my blog, it makes me special, you are a sweetheart ꒰◍ˊ◡ˋ꒱੭⁾⁾♡

If you have anyone questions I’m open to hear them and help more c:

Day Fifty

-I handed a young boy a sticker. He immediately launched a thorough scientific investigation. He discovered that the sticker was thin enough to fit through the three-inch slot in the side of the cart. Mesmerized, he called it a day and took a nap.

-A woman took several items of clothing off of a rack across from my register and layered them on over her young daughter’s clothes. The mother made eye contact with me for the entirety of this. They then walked through the store, tags clattering together, an almost impressive lack of any form of care. 

-”A fox pillow!” A woman exclaimed, excited to see the purchase of the guest behind her. “I love fox things. I work with a fox for my job, so I’m always looking for fox things.” My career path has taken a sharp turn and is now on a trajectory for whatever she does for a living.

-I rang up a man in his mid-thirties with a not-quite-full, Cheeto-colored goatee, purchasing three death metal CDs. Behind him was an older woman with eyeliner thick enough to build the Titanic and sharp enough to sink it. This woman then established herself to be his mother and insisted upon paying for his albums as well as her fur-lined Uggs. The man did not waver in his trying-very-hard-to-seem-tough demeanor, and I have to respect that.

-I was startled as a voice loudly greeted me, a woman having gotten the drop on me by approaching the register from the wrong side. I soon pieced together that she was, almost beyond shadow of a doubt, a serial killer at her nursing home, prone to take trophies from her victims. Her mastery of the element of surprise was my first hint. My second, her dentures, clearly made for a far larger mouth, barely fitting within her lips.

-A mother mentioned using Cartwheel, our coupon app. Her toddler asked from atop her husband’s shoulders, “Like gymnastics?” I could see in this boy’s eyes his unadulterated excitement at seeing his mother do flips in the checkout line, as well as his imminent disappointment when he would soon find out the much more mundane truth.

-A college-aged boy, desperate to impress the two girls accompanying him, set out to convince the world how masculine and heterosexual he was by carrying out every bag from each of their purchases on his own. He managed to overestimate his strength and not take into account the ten-gallon tub of cat litter. To the man’s credit, he committed to what he set out to do, and left the store with six bags on each arm and a look of red-faced constipation grimacing all the way.

but yeah the one thing that is still irking me about this revival is like

the theme of the entire show, now, is “you can’t escape your parents’ fate.”

i mean, obviously Rory is following in her mom’s path (unmarried and pregnant with little to no job prospects), Christopher finally joined the family business like they always said he would, Logan is engaged to someone his parents set him up with, Paris lets her kids be raised by a nanny, Jess is in unrequited love with a Gilmore woman. They are literally all following the exact same path their parental figures took and??? That’s really….bleak. None of these kids forged their own life path, they’re all doomed to repeat their parents’ mistakes, and that’s the most despairing, hopeless future you can put on anyone. it’s NOT nostalgic and cute, it’s pessimistic and horrifying.


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“damianos of akielos was commanding troops at seventeen. at nineteen, he rode onto the field, cut a path through our finest men, and took my brother’s life. they say -they said- he was the best fighter in akielos. i thought, if i was going to kill someone like that, i would have to be very, very good.”

Asked and Answered: “You Are Already A Good Man”

President Obama offers encouragement to a young veteran who is struggling with transitioning back to civilian life.

Leaving the military can be challenging for many service members. From worrying about their next career steps, to deciding whether to go back to school, to finding a path forward through the mental and physical wounds of war, veterans face a unique set of challenges in navigating their post-military lives.

Patrick Holbrook, a young veteran from Hawaii, wrote to the President about his struggles with these fears. As Patrick says, “I wasn’t afraid in Afghanistan, but I am horrified at the thought of my future.”

When President Obama took office nearly eight years ago, he made a commitment to make sure veterans like Patrick get the care and support they need when transition back to civilian life. And today, we’ve made important progress. We’ve cut veteran homelessness in half. We’re delivering mental health care to more veterans than ever before. More veterans have access to health care and the unemployment rate among veterans has been cut by more than half since its peak in 2011. And in all 50 states, veterans who have recently transitioned out of the military qualify for in-state tuition at public universities. But President Obama knows there’s more work to do to address the challenges that veterans face — and that the task of serving those who have fought for us will never be finished.

You can read Patrick’s letter and the President’s response below. And for more information on mental health resources for veterans, visit

Dear, Mr. President

It’s late in the evening here in Oahu, and the sun will soon be sinking behind the horizon onto the ocean. I sight that gives me comfort when times are confusing, and peace at the end of a long day. Sir, I was injured in Afghanistan in 2011 it was my first deployment, and my last. I was medically retired from the US Army, and after some discussion with my family moved here to help heal the wounds — it is slow in coming, but I remain hopeful. I started college when I arrived here it has been a difficult experience, but this summer God willing; I will be a college graduate. It’s a funny thing fear, I wasn’t afraid in Afghanistan, but I am horrified at the thought of my future. I want to serve my country, make a difference, and live up to the potential my family sees in me. I am scared I think, because I have no plan on what employment to pursue. It is something that is extremely difficult to me, and with my family leaving the island soon; I am truly lost. Sir, all my life I’ve tried to find what a Good man is, and be that man, but I release now life is more difficult for some. I’m not sure where I am going, and it is something that I can not shake. P.S. I watched your final State of the Union, and I thought it was well spoken. I too dream of a sustainable future for the next generation.


Patrick A. Holbrook

Read the President’s response:

The White House


Patrick — 

Thank you for your thoughtful letter, and more importantly for your service and sacrifice. I can tell from your letter you are already a good man; you just need to find the calling that will express that goodness — or it will find you. So trust yourself, and remember that your Commander in Chief didn’t know what he would do with his life till he was in his thirties!

Barack Obama

Read more letters from veterans to President Obama, and explore all the letters in the Letters to President Obama archive.

Today, on “Forcearama Once Again Takes You Through A Highlight From This Absolutely Hilarious Star Wars Legends Book, The Jedi Path”: we learn that we must be good Padawans and not make our Jedi Masters look bad by doing things like hanging out in bars or getting high, something that I am so sure no Jedi ever do (just like they never do any of the other thousand things they aren’t supposed to do, like fall in love with each other and get people pregnant and turn to the fucking Dark Side.)

PLEASE NOTE WHICH FORMER PADAWAN OWNER OF THIS BOOK TOOK EXCEPTION TO THIS GUIDELINE. I love that he tries to claim that it’s purely in service of the mission, too. Sure, Kenobi. You can get “excellent information” there. The fact that they serve booze at these places is totally not a plus for you. 

Who among us is surprised? Hmm? Hands?

So, this is in the Jedi Guidebook, and not only was Obi-Wan like BUT WAIT BARS CAN BE USEFUL FOR STUFF, he then also proceeded to take his OWN Padawan to a bar.

This guy. I swear to God.

Blaming Clever Sherlock

In retrospect, I’m probably going a little easy on Sherlock. 

Did he choose to rattle off a series of painful and embarrassing deductions about Vivian Norbury at exactly the wrong moment? Yes he did. I guess I’m struggling to blame him for that because that’s just what he does. Unfortunately his actions have consequences. But those consequences would have been borne entirely by him and him alone had Mary not thrown herself in their path.

It  reminds me of A Study in Pink more than everything else. Sometimes Sherlock risks his own life to prove that he’s clever. John’s presence in his life has softened him a little on that, but it’s never extinguished the tendency. Sherlock is not cautious, and in this case his lack of caution created a dangerous situation with a terrible outcome. So I suppose we can find a way to place a little blame on his shoulders. But he didn’t do anything unexpected.

The bigger miss, I think, is that it took him so long to suspect Vivian Norbury, even while she was sitting right in front of him from the start. He thought she was harmless and horribly underestimated her. That error may have prompted him to humiliate her all the more in the end, which led to her firing that shot. 

Even then, I think you have to work pretty hard to blame Sherlock for Mary’s death. He neither pulled the trigger nor aimed the gun at her, literally or figuratively.

It’s always to each other and then back to you.

I really enjoyed 6x07 and I saw several Swan Queen/Snowing parallels but the last part of the episode has been playing over and over in my mind.

Interestingly enough… the next frame cuts to not only Emma but Hook, Regina, and Henry. Regina steps in front of Hook totally blocking him from the shot. I believe that this was intentional. There is absolutely no way that was an accident. 

Emma and Regina’s paths have always led to each other and then back to Henry. It’s been this way since the very first season when Henry brought Emma to Storybrooke to break the curse and has been a reoccurring theme in every season. 

The more I see the more I truly believe Swan Queen is True Love. 

 After The Evil Queen took Snow and David’s heart she said she “I want to give you my pain..the pain of being alone.” The scene then cuts to Regina and Emma.

First Regina is out of focus and then:

Emma becomes out of focus. This is important. They didn’t have to show Emma in this scene at all. They could have easily just shown Regina but they like to give us clues. Regina has felt the pain of being alone and seeing Emma love someone else and continues to feel that pain as long as Emma is with Hook. We just need Emma to realize that her one true love has been standing by her side this whole time! I would love to see Emma and Regina touch the “baby tree.” I can’t imagine all the flash backs we would get of the moments hinting at their true love…and then them gasping and realizing what they’ve been searching for was there all along. I’ve been wondering if the dust left from the sapling will come into play in a way similar to how the wardrobes dust did. 

 Next week is the Swan Queen centric episode and I can’t wait! Have a lovely day everyone. 

my advice for young incoming college students: it is way more important to do what you love and be ok than to be rich and do something you hate. as someone who used to be obsessed with being financially successful, i majored in a field i really did not like, and it took me 2.5 years to realize i should’ve just been studying what i wanted to study this whole time and now i have to start over. my aunt majored in finance, worked on wall street for five years, and then dropped everything to go to culinary school. my friend’s mom went back to school recently to become a yoga instructor. most people end up doing what they want to do anyway and it’s better to start down that path from the beginning than to sort it out during a mid-life crisis. either way, there is always potential to be wealthy in any field if you have the right drive, and that drives comes from passion 👊🏻

I Can’t Help It - Archie x Reader

I took some liberties with it, I hope you don’t mind! I made Reggie a bit of a sleaze too lol. And I made it as gender neutral as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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“Arch?” You frown, peering into the supposedly empty classroom, “What are you doing… here?”

He steps into view, a guilty look upon his face. How was he going to explain this to you?

“I was just… I left a book behind,” he shrugs, attempting to sidestep you into the corridor.

“Nice try, Andrews,” you move to block his path, “I know when you’re lying,”

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Shattered Glass. [A Faded Epilogue]

A/N;This series has been my baby. I thought it had finished long ago but the story took on a life of it’s own. It’s time to close the book and bid a due to the story that started me down this path of writing. Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement over the course of 2016. I wish you all the happiness in the world and thank you. I love you all. xoxox Lau

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Request: Yes. 

Warnings: Smut.

Word count:  6,346

Part one.   Part two.   Part three.  Part four.  Part five.   Part six.  Part seven.  Part eight.  Part nine. 

Based on this song and this one

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If you’ve ever lost someone everyone will tell you that it gets better. That it will pass. You wanted to find anyone who had ever said that to anyone. You wanted to scream in their face that the hurt doesn’t fade, it doesn’t just disappear like it never happened. It’s like a wound that you can’t treat, the darkness gets inside it and it festers and you can feel it throb everyday. Now imagine that you had lost a lot, lost your friends, your family, your life. You lost yourself, now try and get the strength to go through that everyday whilst you can watch everybody around not even notice.  

If a girl screams behind glass can anybody hear her?  

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Tonight watching the Cubs play and thinking of changes in life, I thought back on one of my heroes… Michael Jordan who after massive success in basketball retired and played baseball from 1994-1995. I love that he took on this new challenge developing himself further as an athlete and person.

We humans are multifaceted. There are many layers to our dreams, goals, and challenges. Often there is much unseen and unknown by others that can seemingly be a roadblock in our path. Although, we are here to love and support, our journey is our own.

Because of our unique experiences, it is easy to forget that others do think or feel the same way that I do. Knowing that helps me be more patient, loving and seek for understanding. Being able to view actions and experiences from all perspectives takes practice. Overcoming fear does not happen immediately but is a process. Be patient. Be diligent. Be kind.

Mount Taranaki is without a doubt the most beautiful mountain I have seen. We took a trip to find it just a couple of days ago, it was a long drive but definitely worth it. We took the Mangorei Track to Pouakai Tarns. The path was stunning as it winds up and up through the enchanted forest. Just follow the boardwalk to Pouakai hut and head left towards the tarns ten minutes from there. There is a water tank at the hut where you are able to refill and even stay for fifteen dollars a night. We arrived for sunset, had a picnic and watched the mountain as the clouds circled and danced around the summit. If you walk back in the dark keep an eye out for the glowworms!


Not atheist and I love God. I know in what corner He is. I can find Him, like a teenage girl who knows where to place the mascara. The path to His heart is simple; with laughter you can find it. He does not have a closed face. He does not have hellfire. He does not torture people. He does have not dark designs. For those who stay up late at night, He is a blanket and stars. For the thirsty, He is a stretched river. He has the smell of an orchard dew. He carries the goodness of the resigned. This is God. The God I grew up with; the One who reared me. I laughed in His face when I saw heavens is but a friendly chat. He took me by the hand… I do not know where He took me…. This is the God I talked to and He talked to me. He told me: laugh and love the people, you will find me. He told me: in the ecstasy of the lover, you will find me. He told me: in the perplexity of the maltreated, you will find me. He told me: when you are eager, carrying a heavy load, look at it carefully, You will find the traces of My arms. If you do not like a branch on a tree, oh eager soul, I will forget you and I ask you kindly to forget Me. If you hate Me, I will not blame you. I will not hate you if you love another Lord. Be safe and happy. Go, leave Me. I will be with you. I will open my Heaven and I remain waiting for you. If you want to pray, not pray, I will not force you. Why are you afraid of Me? You were the work of My hands, I will not break you. I will not torture you, humiliate you, nor shun you. If you want to live alone, live alone. If you want to leave, leave. If you want to come, I am waiting. This is God. The God I knew with the eagerness of children. I knew Him in the greenness of trees. I knew Him in the tear of a perplexed one. Before He was disfigured by some. They made Him seeking vengeance. Why? Why did God become a result? A reaction reserved specifically for the one who prays? Between hell and heaven? He is a tent of dew in the summer for the poor. He covered anyone with warm heart. God in the world is victory. God is a house and a place for the homeless. God is a matter of choice. I am against all temples, all mosques, all churches, when they make God a business. I am against the religion that connects the greatness of God with a minaret. I am against the first teacher who said to me, read the opening chapter, you will get a women and a long river of wine. I declare my withdrawal from the old traditions and the new traditions; from the faces that said God is fearsome; His hellfire never subsides. I have such a heartache that can put the world on fire like a cigarette. Because of you, my contemplation is enormously large. The ache in my heart is a whole poem. My wound like a cave. I am suffocating. Yes, suffocating! I feel the world has no tales of love. I feel religion remained everywhere; like a tear in a shirt still unstitched. I began to think and doubt people, when I found the man who prays is a thief. When I saw the woman who visits the holy places… the palms of her hands are but mouths… when I saw God stolen from the face of a child… I saw the fasting man who is afraid of a gulp of water but his eyes rape all the women in the market. - Adham `Adil