this is the part where i lost it

hi so im staying a this really tropical island for work and here’s some stuff that happened lmao

day one of this tropical island, we excitedly boarded the plane and the flight was only 10 minutes

we rented a car to buy groceries and checked in to our hostel, the car was kinda shitty and making weird noises

we got lost trying to find out hostel and the landlord told us to went back to where we were and wait for him(for 30mins…) and the hostel was just… around the corner….

my roommate have dumb bells and crunches lying around randomly and booze lying around the floor, she’s currently gone(prolly at work???) and it’s almost midnight…

I GOT THE MASTERBED RO OM WOOOOOO and omg it’s seaview… i can’t believe my dorm is a goddamn bungalow… 

bath and went to grocery shopping part two with intern-mates


WE HAD A FLAT TYRE IN TH EMIDDLE OF NOWHERE LITELAYY IN THE MOUTAINS AND THE COMPANY THAT RENTED US THE CAR COULDNT BOTHER TO COME OUT TO HELP US they just keep saying ;ya you try first’ we spent 2 hour trying to change the tyres cause it’s so rusted…. and we couldnt find the tools….

we had our classmates from another hotel come help us(he came to the is;and by car)

bless this dude and his cousin

it was pretty much deserted and freaking scary

finally fixed it and went back to our respective dorms….. im dead beat and trying to unpack rn


I had this idea for a while where Viktor and Yuuri met in the past ( around the Edo period so 17th century). Viktor’s military ship got lost and crashes at sea off Japan. Yuuri is from a small town on the coast where he found Viktor washed up on the beach. They both think the other is the most Beautiful being they they had ever seen. 

Part 2!

bonus! Yuuri bringing Viktor home. Viktor is very impressed with the decor!

I’m picking myself this time.
—  Because I’ve got a shortage inside this heart of mine and some days it still feels like it’s beating for other people when it should be working for this smile that I’ve been faking and I know you’ll hate these decisions, but I’m just another crease we can’t iron, I’m just another book we put down and I’m a lost poem you’ll never read again. Some days I’m still trying to find myself while being lost, some nights I’m clinging onto the longest parts of the breaking. Daylight comes short when all I’ve been doing is sleep, so this is just another letter you won’t be getting. Silence is an old friend and you’ll kiss it until your lips are thin. These secrets won’t leave my lips, I won’t kiss where it hurts anymore. You’re a memory I’ll soon forget, but not until these poems start to look like you. I used to write to remember, but lately… I’ve just been writing to forget about you.
Every time I reach the part where Joseph easily forgives his brothers, I marvel at the lightness of his soul. Joseph was wronged in so many ways. He lost years of his life because of the choices, jealousies, and plain meanness of others. Once a loved and favored son, he spent years as a prisoner, a servant, a slave— forgotten and removed from everything and everyone he loved. But when God brought him to a place of power and favor, he didn’t rise clutching the wrongs of the past. He rose with great lightness of being.
—  Running From A Crazy Man

Okay honestly though I fucking lost it right here. After hearing Victor say something so harsh to Yuri and watching him just break down I’ve understood a whole new part of Yuri, and seeing more of this side of him makes him much more of an important character to me.

Until now I’ve never seen an anime where the main character has some form of anxiety, out of the animes I’ve seen anyway, and seeing a character like Yuri actually happen is so shocking to me.

I think Yuri is probably one of the most relatable characters I’ve ever seen, and holy shit I love this boy.
Not gonna lie I started bawling after that scene…

Pisceans can become martyrs and I think this is where the emotional dependency stems from, the cry of the helpless victim, who legitimately believes they need to be saved, but they can never be saved by anyone else because their power extends above and beyond any sign, and the deepest part of themselves knows this very well. it knows that they don’t need to be saved, they are being closely watched, they have the duty on toward others. pisces signed a tough contract coming to earth. it was never going to be easy for them. i think they can just become so lost and delirious and confused and like they are drowning they will resort to hysterical extremes so that someone will pull them to the surface. 


“Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my 2016…We’re going to continue to grow as a channel but not leave behind anybody. We’re going to make sure it stays like this where we can still communicate and not get crazy and lost in everything. We’re going to stay as much of a family as we can.”

Ryan got really sweet and sincere at the end of his last stream of 2016 and as he was reading people’s messages about how happy he makes us he looked emotional and I just loVE HIM SO MUCH


She told me:
A bit of madness is key
to give us new colors to see
Who knows where it will lead us?
And that’s why they need us! 

So bring on the rebels
The ripples from pebbles
The painters, and poets, and plays
And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make


Ok so I was rewatching Yuri!!! On Ice again, and I noticed this in episode 4’s beach scene. I always wondered why they showed this, but after seeing episode 8, I think I understand. I think we all know now how YOI’s staff loves foreshadowing, which leads me to believe that this small part where they show footprints and paw prints next to each other is a foreshadowing of Makkachin’s death; or at the very least the unknown of what will happen to Makkachin. At the start of the shot they are both visible, but as the shot pans up, we see the footprints continue while the paw prints become lost in the sand. Of course, this could also be representation of Yuuri losing Viichan, but with what happened at the end of episode 8, I think the staff knew what they were doing to give us a warning or a clue as to what might very well happen. Just Something to think about.

I’ve played DA:O so many times, but even after all these years that part in the intro video where Duncan goes “until the Grey Wardens came” gives me chills. Every. Single. Time.

  • Yang: Dad... I have something to tell you before me and Ruby go back to Beacon.
  • Tai: Sure. What's up? *Stops what he is doing toand gives Yang his full attention.*
  • Yang: Well you know Blake? The Girl I lost me arm trying to save?
  • Tai: Yeah. Your Faunus friend You and Ruby Came back with. She seems nice and I'm glad you to patched things up.
  • Yang: Yeah well you're half right about the friend part.
  • Tai: What do you mean?
  • Yang: *shifts nervously* Blake is more then my firend.
  • Tai: Oh I already.
  • Yang: You... You do?
  • Tai: Of course> She is your partner too. I remember you told me.
  • Yang: What? No. Wait. Yes she is but-
  • Blake: *Walks into the kitchen where Yang and Tai are sitting in.* Yang. It's almost time to go. Remember we have to tell Glynda that we'll only need three beds since we're now sharing ooooh... Hello Mr. Xiao-Long... I, uh, didn't see you there.
  • Tai: Heeeey... Yang. What does she mean by sharing a bed?
  • Yang: *Sighed with frustration* This is what I was trying to tell you. Me and Blake are MORE then Partners.
  • Tai: ... I'm not following.
  • Yang: Dad we'r-Huh? Mmh! Yang begin to say not noticing Blake moving closer to her until her Girlfriend cupped her cheeks and pulled her into a kiss.*
  • Blake: *After a few seconds Blake pulled away and said.* Mr. Xiao-Long. I, Blake Belladonna am in love with your daughter who loves me back and we are dating.
  • Tai: *Surprised Tai blinked a few times before letting now a laugh* Ahaha. Okay Yang, Nice try. But you can't fool me. Though nice touch with getting you friend to- *Suddenly Yang Groans and holds out a bit of her hair and gives Blake scissors which her cat eared girlfriend cuts. Tai watches his daughters hair fall to the ground in full shock and fear while instinctively grabbing a fire extinguisher ready to shot and fiery Yang. However when Yang didn't active her semblance but instead took hold of Blake's hand he just at them both before muttering.* ... You're not... going super saiyon?
  • Yang: Nope. And if you still think this is a joke I can always- *Yang started until Blake covered her mouth.*
  • Blake: Never in front of either of our parents. She originally wanted me to grab her boob to prove that we are dating if the kiss didn't work but I thought this what be less awkwaAREP! *Blake started to explain before Tai pulled both her and Yang into a bearhug lifting both of them off the ground*
  • Tai: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! Sniffle, I never thought I would have another daughter! *Tai cheered with tears of enjoy.*
  • Yang: Well that's that. Welcome to the family Blake. *Yang smiled giving a quick kiss on the cheek to her girlfriend*
  • Blake: Th-Thanks. Glad your dad is okay with us... Though we probably shouldn't kiss while your dad is hugging us... and crying.
  • Tai: I DON'T EVEN CARE! I'M TOO HAPPY! *sniffle* Though if you can wait till I'm not holding you both next time I'd appreciate it.
  • Yang/Blake: Gotcha/Right.
Celebrate Me Home Masterlist

A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU (synopsis)

Part 1 - The One Where the Reader Gets Lost (Posted November 1st)

Part 2 -  The One Where Sam Opens a Can of Worms (*November 9th)

Part 3 - The One Where Dean Has an Accident (*November 20th)

Part 4 - The One Where Meg is an Ass (*November 29th)

Part 5 - The One Where Cas States the Obvious (*December 4th)

Part 6 - The One Where Maggie Mae Assaults her Teacher (*December 10th)

Part 7 - The One With Dean and his Girls (*December 26th)

Part 8 - The One With the Note (*January 15th)

Part 9 - The One With All the Catharsis (*January 24th)

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I’m Right Here (Barry Allen x Reader)

Part One

Prompt: Barry and you were living a great life, until Barry runs back in time to where his parents weren’t dead. He thought life was perfect until he realized that he had lost his one and only love. You.

Word Count: 1,712

Author’s Note: Hey guys, so in this ‘Flashpoint’, everyone is still friends with everyone. I know in the show it’s different but oh well just fyi in case you guys were confused lol BASICALLY it’s the same as the regular timeline. There is no Kid Flash (sorry Wally), and Barry is still The Flash in Central City AND Roy is in here…I’m sorry I love Roy so much I cried when he left Arrow so I just had to bring him back.

“Barry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Barry,” you whispered as your boyfriend of 2 years sobbed silently into your shoulder. Tears welled up in your eyes, daring to flood, and your heart clenched at his pain, but you knew that you had to stay strong for him. For Barry. 

Zoom had just killed his father right in front of him, and Barry couldn’t do anything to stop that murderer except watch. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what Barry must’ve felt in those few seconds. He ran back to Joe’s house where you were waiting outside, worried and helpless. You sat on the front steps with Barry clinging onto you like you were all he had left, and you basically were.

“Barry,” you said softly, running your fingers gently through his soft brown hair. He looked up with you with red eyes, somehow the green in them standing out more than usual. You cupped his face. “I’m right here, okay, Bar? I’m not leaving. You’ll be okay. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

Barry smiled at you and kissed you deeply. He loved you so much. He knew that he was going to live the rest of his life with you. But he was going to live the rest of his life with you and his parents. Barry had made up his mind: he was going back in time to save his mom. 

“I love you, Y/N. I will always love you,” he said in a hushed tone, his warm breath fanning over your cold nose. You kissed him back lightly. 

“But I can’t live like this. I’m going to go save my mom,” Barry announced as he pulled back slightly.

This made you sit back, looking at him. “What, Barry, you can’t. Barry, you can’t do something like that. It’ll change everything,” you warned.

He sighed deeply with a sad smile. “That’s the point.” He let go of your hands and began to stand up. You followed after.

“Barry,” you started, your voice raising slightly, “Don’t do this. You’ll regret it. I know you, Bar. You’re not going to feel right doing this.” You opened your mouth to stop him, but he cut you off.

“Y/N, you’ll finally be able to meet my mom,” he looked at you with his sad green eyes, “she’d love you.” Your heart broke slightly at his yearning for his parents. You too wanted so badly to meet his mom. Barry’s dad was the kindest person you’ve met, and you knew that his mom would be the same, if not better. But you knew of the consequences and you also knew that Barry would come to regret this decision. 

Barry gave you one last loving look before running away, the lightening and wind the only indications that he was even there. He had gone to change the timeline.

Barry Allen, what have you done?

*in Flashpoint*

“Mom! I’ve missed you.” Barry hugged his mom as if he hadn’t seen her in years, which to him, he hadn’t. 

“Woah, Bar, calm down. You only came back from work,” she laughed but hugged him all the same.

“What’s going on here?” Henry asked as he walked in the room with a newspaper tucked under his arm. Tears welled up in Barry’s eyes, so happy that he finally had both of his parents here in the same room with him. Nora shrugged before going back to finishing her coffee. 

Barry smiled at his dad before smuggling him with a bear hug as well. “Nothing, I’m just so happy to see you guys,” he said.

“Alright, son, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but your friend Cisco called, asking for you.”

“Oh, really?” Barry was going to call you but maybe you were already at S.T.A.R. Labs, so after saying a quick ‘goodbye’ to his parents, he ran over to the lab, excited to see everyone. But most importantly, you.

As he walked in everything seemed the same. Caitlin and Cisco were at the computers and Harry was chilling in the corner with a coffee in hand. But he realized that you were gone. Maybe you were in the bathroom.

“Hey, guys!” Barry greeted with his famous smile.

Caitlin said a ‘hi’ in return, and Cisco turned around in his chair to look at Barry with suspicion.

“Hi…why’re you so happy today?” Cisco questioned with his eyes squinted.

Barry shrugged. “What? I can’t be happy today?”

Cisco turned back around in his chair and pretended to be nonchalant. “No, no, it’s good. It’s all good…”

Barry glared at him before asking the question that has been on his mind since he walked in.

“Hey, where’s Y/N? Is she out?” Barry asked the group. 

Caitlin looked up from her computer. “Y/N? Why do you need her?” she asked in confusion. Barry laughed. “That’s funny, Caitlin. Do you know where I can find her?”

“I’m pretty sure she’d be where she always is,” Harry piped from the corner, interested in a contraption that he’d been working on. 

“Which is…” Barry trailed off, pretending to know where you’d be, but in reality, he had no idea.

Cisco finished your sentence with the same confusion laced in his voice as Caitlin did. “…in Star City with Oliver. Barry, you are one weird speedster today. Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, laughing a bit to himself.

Star City? Why would Y/N be in Star City? 

Questions floated around in Barry’s head but he pushed them away. It doesn’t matter why you’re in Star City, as long as he gets to celebrate his new family with you. 

“Great! I’ll be right back, guys!” Barry announced, getting ready to speed to Star City, where Team Arrow was located, to get you.

“Uh, where are you…going?” Cisco started but didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence as Barry had already disappeared. He looked at Caitlin for answers but she just shrugged and went back to her work.

Barry entered Team Arrow’s secret hideout while in his Flash suit. The green lights illuminated the place, leaving the middle a bright white. It was quiet, and he could hear the clacking of Felicity’s keyboard and the sound of her voice as she spoke to someone. It seemed like she was talking into the earpiece that Oliver’s team uses when they go on missions. As Barry rounded the corner, there was no one there except for the blonde genius. 

“Felicity?” Barry called.

Suddenly, she shrieked and flew out of her chair. Barry’s eyes went wide as he went to help her. 

Felicity slapped Barry on the arm before talking back into her earpiece. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” she started as she glared at the speedster, “It’s just Barry.” A pause. “Don’t worry, I’ll ask him why he’s here, Oliver. You just finish the job and get back.” Felicity then pulled out her black earpiece and slapped his other arm. 

“Ow!” Barry exclaimed, rubbing both arms in soreness.

“That’s for scaring me! Barry Allen, you know better than to do that to me,” she scolded. She situated herself back into the leather chair before looking up at the unexpected visitor. 

“So, why are you here, Barry? Do you need Oliver’s help?” Felicity asked.

“Actually,” he started, “I was looking for Y/N. Is she here? Cisco told me she was in Star City.”

Felicity looked as confused as Cisco and Caitlin did. “Yeah…Y/N’s here. Why?” 

Now it was Barry’s turn to seem confused. More frustrated than confused. “Why is everyone asking me that? What’s wrong with wondering where my gir-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because he heard a voice behind him. A voice that he’d missed even though it’s been only hours.

“Barry? What are you doing here?” you called out. You smiled at him and went to give him a hug. His face changed into one of happiness as he wrapped his arms around your waist. He missed your body against his.

As you went to pull back, Barry took your head in his hands and pressed his lips against yours with passion. This is what he wanted. Both of his parents alive and his girlfriend right beside him. But something was off.

Your eyes went wide as you felt foreign lips against yours. You didn’t know what to do. Shock took over your body and you froze. Felicity stared in surprise as well, unable to form any words. You were about to push him away when a voice cut through the silence. An angry voice.

“What the hell is going on here?!” 

That pulled Barry away from you to look at the speaker of the voice. Team Arrow had come back from their mission. Oliver, Diggle, and Theia all watched as Roy stalked up to Barry. A moment passed before Roy’s fist came flying towards Barry’s face. Fast.

Barry stumbled backwards and knocked against the table, his right hand holding his hand to his cheek. Your eyes got wider. Roy took a step towards Barry but you held his arm back. He looked at you with anger, than concern. Roy held your head in his hands, his eyes roaming your face for any injures.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” you whispered, “it was nothing. It was just an accident.”

But then Barry got up. “What the hell was that for?!” he yelled.

“Barry,” you warned.

Roy scoffed, his douche stance taking over. “It was because you kissed my girlfriend, you ass.”

Suddenly, Barry’s heart stopped cold. He looked over to you, slowly feeling his perfect life break. 

“You’re..his girlfriend?” he asked quietly.

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Yes, Barry, for the past two years. You knew this too. What’s gotten into you?”

Barry looked around at the commotion that he’d started. Everyone was staring at him like he had spoken a different language. 

“I need to go,” Barry said. Again, he sped off without a response.

You were Roy’s girlfriend. Not his. Tears pricked his eyes. But…you love Barry. Barry loves you. A sob escaped Barry’s mouth as he forced himself to run faster until his legs burned. You weren’t his anymore. He had all of this love to give you, and you were loving another person.

Then, his perfect life shattered.

Part Two

(Mobile blogging on my lunch break so we’re doing it this way)

I’ll give my favorite new headcanon, in detail below. It can be best summed up as the following:

Newt Scamander is a terrible flirt who doesn’t understand innuendo even after they’re together but he tries oh my god does he try and usually ends up embarassing everyone except for himself.

Credence is, secretly, and in ways that only come out during rare and blink-or-you-miss-it bursts of confidence, devastatingly smooth as fuck.

Read on for details

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Lost and Found

Name: Lost on you. Part two: Lost and found.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Theme: Newt being jealous of you and Jacob (but they’re just friends)

Part one Lost on you could be found HERE

Guys, this story found it’s happy ending. Don’t forget to request another one, my ASK is always open for you <3

Stay tuned, because i’ve got more Newt imagines to come <3

And once again. I love to hear from you, lovely people.

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Fanfiction - Beauchamp Riots (Part II)

So very happy with the wonderful feedback you gave me for the first part of this story. I’m having kind of a writing high and because of that – and because I want to make up for lost time – here is Part II! See you on the other side, with much love!

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Part II – Two Can Waltz

The plan was simple, really – I needed to show Jamie how little Geneva knew him and in the process highlight how I, on the other hand, knew him better than anyone. It should be easy, as they only knew each other for a few months, which they had spent mostly arguing.

“Where are we going?” I asked Jamie for the tenth time, watching the blur of the streets fly by through the car window, as he drove us to an unknown destination. “If we’re going to a strip club, I must warn you that extends way over my best woman duties.” I said jokingly, knowing that Jamie Fraser would sooner eat tar, than to secretly place a foot on a bawdy house.

“Nay.” He laughed. “You’ll see in a moment. Thank you for doing this for me, Sassenach.”

“What wouldn’t I do for you, darling?” I bent my head in a playful manner, but the truth of my words resonated between us. “Has Jenny gone completely mad, once she found out she only has six weeks to plan the weeding of her dear younger brother?”

“Ach.” Jamie made one of his signature Scottish sounds. “We are not to be wed at Lallybroch. Geneva’s dream is to be married at her home, on the Lake District.”

What about your dreams? I thought, sadness creeping through my anxiety and annoyance. Does she know how you always dreamt of taking your wife across the threshold built by your ancestors? How you craved to love her on the home of your heart?

“I’m sorry.” I said gently, my index finger slightly brushing his hand on the steering wheel. “I know how you wanted it to be there. To have your mother and father… close on that special day.”

“It’s alright.” He smiled, but it didn’t quite reach his blue eyes. “I’m sure they will be there on some capacity. I’ll still be wearing my Fraser colours.”

“How did you propose to her, anyway?” I asked, drawing a crooked heart on the hazy glass. I bit my bottom lip, fighting the urge to add a “J + C” inside the heart – instead, I hurriedly cleaned it up with the palm of my hand, feeling the moistness of erased hopes on my skin. “You didn’t really tell me that part.”

He shrugged.

“We were eating take away – Mario’s – and I had the ring inside my pocket. She was telling me how she’d like to go on a vacation to Jamaica and I…spilled it out.”

“So, you popped the question over a pepperoni pizza?” I asked, incredulous. That notion disconcerted me beyond anything I’ve heard until that moment – and I had been pretty fazed at the thought of Geneva, uppity and stubborn as a hound, managing to conquer the right to marry the best man I ever knew. Jamie Fraser was a hopeless romantic – he had actually teared up watching “Nothing Hill” and “The Notebook”. He probably had envisioned his own wedding more vividly than most girls I knew (including myself). And, suddenly, this man of grand gestures, always wearing his heart on his sleeve, had mad the ultimate question without a minimum of effort or ambiance? Is your heart really into it?, I thought.

“It had olives.” He replied shortly. “We’re here.”

I peeked through the windscreen. Jamie had parked outside a small warehouse, painted in red and black, with a luminous sign twinkling – “Fitz’s Ballroom Academy”.

“Do I even want to know?” I whispered in dismay.

“Usually the married couple opens the reception dancing a waltz.” Jamie said, clenching his jaw. “I’d rather not make a complete fool of myself.”

“Shouldn’t you be doing this with your bride?” I asked, darkly looking at my sneakers and the reprehension certainly awaiting me beyond those doors.

“Geneva already knows how to waltz.” Jamie smiled, raising his eyebrows. “Perks of attending reputable schools, ye ken. I wanted to surprise her on the day. Besides,” He grabbed my hand and linked our arms, as if we were about to enter a debutant ball. “Ye’re far more patient than her.”

Oh, Jamie. Shouldn’t that tell you something? I protested mentally.

“Perhaps you need someone more…disreputable, then.” I suggested, pinching his arm, my heartbeat racing.

We were greeted by a stout and plump middle-aged woman, who examined us with a trained eye and – of course – clicked her tongue in disappointment at the sight of my used sneakers.

“I’m Glenna FitzGibbons.” She introduced herself, guiding us to a room with dim lights, where couples were standing talking in low voices. “You may call me Mrs. Fitz. You told me ye wished to learn some waltz basics for your wedding, is that it Mr. Fraser?”

“Aye.” Jamie nodded. I saw by the corner of my eye as multiple women turned their heads to look at him, tall and handsome even in the shadows. It was a recurrent effect – I was used to be outshined by Jamie and took great pride in it. “This is Claire, she…”

“Ah!” Mrs. Fitz nodded in my direction. “Ye’re going to be verra happy, I can see that.” She smiled and the gesture robbed all the sternness from her features, making her look younger and tender. “A beautiful couple, very much in love.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not the bride.” I murmured, my cheeks and neck flushed. “Just helping a friend.”

“Are ye sure?” She gave Jamie a narrow look, as if urging him to reconsider. “Well, if you say so…”

It wasn’t uncommon for people to mistake us for a couple – as a matter of fact, sometimes we wouldn’t even bother to try and explain our unusual connection. I remembered with a pang an occasion in which Jamie had actually put his arm around my waist and kissed my hair - “I’m a very lucky man.”, he had said. That was before Geneva – before I had to stop pretending I was in possession of another place in his life, that wasn’t only that of a dear friend.

Music started to drain from the speakers, as all the pairs in the room took position – it was “The Second Waltz” playing and we all might as well be wearing puffy dresses and gallant uniforms, drifting across the floor of a Czar’s palace, lit by hundreds of fragrant candles.

“Go on.” Mrs. Fitz instructed us, not-so-gently pushing me to Jamie’s arms. “Ye have to lead lad, dinna worry, she won’t bite unless ye want her to….”

Following her directions, Jamie placed his right hand on my waist, as I put my left hand on his right shoulder. Our free hands were soon clasped together and our bodies pressed in a tight embrace.

We swayed together, at first focused on trying not to massacre each other’s toes. But everything had always been easy with Jamie – to talk, to walk beside him, to sing along with his tuneless voice, to read aloud for him while he was half asleep, to find my will to smile inside his laugh – and dancing was no exception. There was an easiness in our shared space, in the way our bodies touched, that made me dizzy with the idea of making love to him. We became a little more daunting, venturing on doing some whisks and spins, and relaxed until we almost melted together.

I could feel the slight brush of his fingers on my waist, the way he rubbed my hand with his thumb while he guided us through the room. A waltz is not a tango – it wasn’t supposed to be that intense, that arousing. But dancing requires a shared intimacy only comparable to sex – hence is used so frequently as foreplay. I was burning, sweat dripping down the back of my neck – was it my imagination or Jamie’s grip was getting even firmer, his body acknowledging mine, seeking contact? His eyes were dark, his face fierce and his lips were slightly ajar, his breathing coming hot and fast.

The music stopped and I reluctantly increased the space between us, smiling as he bowed down to me in a whimsical curtsy.

“Jamie…” I licked my lips, about to ask him if he ever had felt like that before - If Geneva made his blood boil like an active volcano, about to produce something capable of changing the face of the Earth…

“Do ye think Geneva will be impressed?” He interrupted me.

“Yes.” I sighed, turning my back on him to hide my disappointment and the threat of tears on my lashes. “I think she will.”


“Hello, my love!” I greeted Adso, patiently sitting close to the door when I entered my apartment. “How was your day? Better than mine, I hope.” He meowed in response, coming to brush his back against my legs in a demonstration of both love and cleverness, knowing that I would shower him in tasty food afterwards.

I poured him dinner and stayed around, watching him lick the fancy cat mousse, remembering the day Jamie had appeared at my door, holding inside his folded coat a tiny grey ball with big imploring eyes.

“A cat!” I said, inspecting him closely. “Thank you, but I’m not hungry.”

“Aren’t ye a funny one, Sassenach?” He smirked. “I ken ye like wee cheeties. I found this lad in a bush outside my house. I’ve been watching and his mother wasna around.”

“And you thought my maternal instincts would kick in?” I frowned. “He will ruin my rugs, curtains, books and eat all my herbs.”

“You woulna be a proper Ban-druidh without a cat.” He rubbed the cat’s neck and he immediately started to purr. “Besides I ken ye’d like the company.”

“Why don’t you keep it?” I tried one last time, but was already stretching my arms to grab my new roommate, a smile plastered on my face.

“He needs a good home.” Jamie touched my cheek. “And I couldna think of one better than the one he could have with ye”.

“Jamie is a fool.” I whispered to Adso. “I’m forbidding you to lay on his lap the next time he comes around. We don’t like him so much now.”

My phone vibrated inside my jeans’ pocket and I took it out, my hand shaking when I read the identifier on the message – “Geneva Dunsany”.

“Hello! Going to do some dress shopping on Friday. Can you come? Would like your opinion, plus the chance to get to know you better. XO”

I bit my lip, playing with the phone on my hands. Adso was now starting his daily bath routine, which always left me thoroughly fascinated and slightly disgusted.

I would rather spend a Friday lancing boils in the ER than hanging out with Geneva, particularly if it involved watching her try on wedding dresses to marry the man I loved. But it gave me an opportunity to enlighten her on the failures of her relationship with Jamie and sow some doubt. I unlocked the phone and quickly typed “Count me in! See you then.”


The rain was tapping on the window, like cold fingers demanding my attention, luring me in. The alarm clock marked 2 a.m., which meant that soon it would be useless to try to sleep anymore. My white phone was strategically placed on my nightstand, always available to warn me of any emergencies coming to the hospital. It buzzed with a light sound – I looked to the screen for a long time, until I almost forgot where and who I was, but eventually answered it.

“Is everything alright?” I said softly.

“No.” Jamie whispered back. “That nightmare again.” I knew well enough the dreams that haunted him – of the terrorist bombing on the subway that had left him almost dead, his back shredded beyond the ability to fully recover. “I usually don’t feel…anything. I don’t remember any pain – only afterwards, in the hospital. But this time…it hurt.”

“I’m here.” I watched as Adso got up from his usual place at my feet and stood watch, his eyes glowing in the dark, like beacons against my unseen demons. I could visualize Jamie, wearing his battered sleeping pants, curled on his huge bed like a little boy, his hair moist and tousled. Afraid and alone. “It’s gone, Jamie. It can’t hurt you anymore. The pain ended then – and it will again.”

“I’m sorry.” He seemed embarrassed. “For calling ye so late. I dinna even noticed the time – I just needed to talk to you. To hear the voice of another living soul and know that I survived it. Ye can always make the pain go away, mo nighean donn.”

I almost sobbed against the phone, the pain created by his words too great; daggers piercing through skin, muscle and tendon, until they reached the core of what made me his. He demanded only what I had given him freely in the past, but I had changed – I knew now that a man couldn’t have two masters and be whole still.

“Does Geneva know that this happens?” I said, my throat burning. “Perhaps you should call her and talk to her. She is your fiancé, after all.”

“I…” An hesitation on the line, heavy and meaningful. “You’re right.” He said finally in a hoarse voice – hurt but decided. “I should.”

And the silence extended between us, until it filled the night with its void, leaving me cold and tired beyond my years.

so part of my job has to do with managing my company’s imports and it seems that somebody sort of?? lost??? a shipment?  like no one knows where it is because it should have gone to minnesota but they think it went to illinois but illinois says they don’t have it and so where? did? it go?????

so i can’t help but feel like I’m on the other end of some sort of heist movie where they swapped out the shipping containers or hijacked the semi truck and now I’m the poor sap dealing with the fall out

What fascinate me most about Darth Vader is this part, this human, mortal, and what’s left of him.

It’s a known knowledge that Anakin Skywalker was born a slave and that has never changed throughout the course of his young life. He never felt loved with the exception of the company of his mother, wife, and padawan. So, during this time of his life where he lost everything, even parts of his own body…

Can this person even believe he deserves to be loved now?

While I’m sure his children would love him… well, Luke would, as I believe his first thought when he saw his father’s face for the first time was might as well been: Dear heaven, what have I been fighting??? I need to get him to a hospital immediately!!! “I need to save you.”

Enslaved, unloved, and utterly broken.

I know there are many fanfics that took care of that in many ways, but still I’m not satisfied. I have this need to see this man’s life at this wretched stage where everyone is fighting him TO LOVE HIM and make him bELIEVE ONCE AGAIN THAT HE COULD LOVE HIMSELF.