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Hi~ can I request a single dad au with kihyun (ᵔᴥᵔ) I really love your blog!! ❤️

find other versions: hyungwon | wonho 

  • has a 9 month old son that he loves to pieces like to the point where he cries at the sight of the baby’s little smile and just,,,,,,tells everyone that he has never been more blessed in his life
  • the story of his sons birth has been told so many times to his friends that hyungwon once told him he could recite it word for word and that kihyun really,,,,,,,REALLY doesn’t have to tell it again
  • kihyun did. you bet he did
  • and although he didn’t expect to be a single father, kihyun has absolutely thrown himself into learning on how to be the best damn single father there ever was and ever will be 
  • im talking ‘raising a baby’ manuals everywhere, 3 am google searches on what specific noises mean, calling the pediatrician over only cough
  • he’s set out to prove that he can do this - he can raise his son all on his own 
  • and you’re not sure,,,,who kihyun is trying to prove it too. you’ve known him for a while and if anyone in the group was going to be a parent - kihyun would be your first pick
  • even though he’s got a mischievous side, sarcastic side jabs and mocking tones of voice, kihyun is naturally a caretaker 
  • who if anything resembles a nagging mother, overly worried but for all the right reasons
  • so when he became a dad, you had nothing but high hopes for him because you knew he could do it. everyone did
  • “you’re just too hard on yourself.” you told him once and kihyun had just shrugged “i should be, only the best for my kid!”
  • and to further more prove that kihyun gravitates to helping others was the fact that he let you stay with him on short notice
  • there had a been a leak in your apartment and out of everyone, kihyun had been the first to offer you room in his home
  • he’d hesitated when you came in about giving you the bed,,,,the cradle was there and he didn’t want to be far from it so you assured him - couch was fine
  • but kihyun,,,,,being kihyun,,,,,went “if he cries out, ill just come running. i shouldnt make guests sleep on the sofa.”
  • the first night was fine,,,,no crying,,,,,in the morning you got up and made kihyun breakfast, even warmed up the milk for the baby
  • all of which kihyun watched from the doorway, his son still fast asleep in his arms, with slight fascination
  • it had been so long,,,,,since someone else had done something for him
  • the second night - oh it was bad
  • there was crying every hour, every damn hour and you’d gotten up each time to help coo and rock the baby with kihyun
  • at first he’d went “im so sorry, just go to sleep and ill do this.”
  • but you weren’t about to let kihyun go through this alone. you both had work in the morning, but it didn’t even matter
  • all you could think about was helping kihyun and his son,,,that’s what mattered
  • the third, fourth, fifth night was exactly the same,,,,the fifth night you actually had off in the morning so you told kihyun he could go try to sleep a bit and you’d handle the baby
  • he had stared at you in the small light of the otherwise dark apartment and went “you’re my gue-”
  • “and you’re a father who needs to work to be able to provide, i have off in the morning so ill take this night shift.”
  • you patted his shoulder, smiling and turning to go give your undivided attention to the little one
  • when kihyun’s hand grasped your wrist and he pulled you into a hug tight against his chest
  • you were both exhausted, obvious in the bags forming under your eyes, but kihyun’s hug was still strong and felt absolutely safe
  • “thank you, so so much.”
  • he said into your hair before letting you go
  • he had long disappeared out into the living room, passing out you assumed and you were hushing the whimpering baby in your arms when you thought to yourself
  • isn’t this,,,,what married people do,,,,we’re just friends but,,,,
  • it turned out - you weren’t the only one who thought that
  • when you’d met with wonho and minhyuk on the weekend for lunch, kihyun pushing the stroller while you held the baby and let him play with your finger and hair
  • minhyuk could only whistle before going “looks like i can hear wedding bells, you two look like a whole family!”
  • wonho nodded in agreement, greeting kihyun’s son in your arms with a wave and a smile
  • kihyun looked your way and added “they’ve been staying up with me all these nights too to help”
  • you blushed a bit at his sudden confession, focusing on the baby who was staring at wonho with big eyes
  • “and they say true love is dead, but yet here it is. you guys can even skip dating, just get those rings on your fingers!”
  • minhyuk chuckled and you were sure kihyun was going to brush off his joke until he went
  • “i don’t want to skip the dating though, they deserve to get taken out for dinner before i propose or anything.”
  • turning your head you looked at kihyun with shocked eyes “wha-”
  • “he’s asking you out!” minhyuk grinned
  • kihyun nodded, asking if you were going to be free some time
  • you told him he didn’t have to take you out or anything, you were happy to help him with his son but kihyun explained that no - he wasn’t taking you out as a thank you. but as like,,,a real date,,,,
  • taking the baby from your hands, wonho went “and me and minhyuk can watch this guy while you go out”
  • kihyun snorted, “i wouldn’t trust you - we’d get a nanny-”
  • “he can come”
  • you cut in, smiling at kihyun’s son and then at kihyun
  • “it wouldn’t be a real date without him, you guys are a package deal”
  • kihyun grins “we are, do you accept both of us?”
  • “i do”
  • minhyuk claps his hands and goes “now i pronounce you man and- ow kihyun don’t hit me infront of your own son what kind of example are you setting????” 

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If you're still open to requests: Pines family wearing each other's outfits? Enjoy your trip!! ☺️

Lovely, patient anon…kept you waiting, huh? 

much better artists have tackled this, I remember @kiki-kit did a really great version with the Stans, and ofc @emmyc and @anirami84 basically made an outfit swap canon in the coloring book

so…hey, how about a bit of an unusual outfit swap since I can’t top those? I give you…Homeless!Ford and MulletPortal!Stan. there are some serious AUs at play here

Got7 reacting to their S/O’s medication making them super excitable

Requested by; anon

BTS version; x

Super weird, but a reaction (BTS or Got7, either’s fine) to their girlfriend’s medication making her super…excitable (if ya know what I mean) pleeyuz!


“Did you take your medi-, never mind, I don’t even have to ask. Get off the couch, it’s not a trampoline or anything, you nerd! You’re being funny, but don’t break the couch! The others will murder me!”


“Okay, calm down you. Let’s go out for a run before you break down the entire dorm or break Coco in half, Mark and Youngjae would kill the two of us. Ah, I love seeing you excited and happy.”


“You on your medication? Uh; nevermind, you are! Want to go out and do something? Want to workout? Want to sing? Dance? Let’s dance! You always wanted to learn our dances; now’s the chance, you cutie.”


“Taken your meds? Come here and let’s watch a movie, I’m not letting you go out alone after last time. I still can’t believe you came home with a cat because you found it ‘too cute to not take with you’!”


“Why are you giggling? What are you planning? Oh god, Coco? Where’s Coco? Thank god, let’s go out for a run and let’s take her with us, to get your energy level a bit less because I don’t want Coco in a Superman-suit again!”


“How about we go and annoy the others? Like we always do but this time even worse? Let’s prank them; oh god, you’re already getting things ready. Hold up and let’s think this through!”


“Uh, you’re being really excited, something happening? Wait, I’m confused, why are you laughing? What are you doing? Oh right! Your medication, you scared me for a second there. Want to dance now?”

Got7 reaction to gf dancing like Shakira

Anonymous said: svt/got7/bts to gf dancing like shakira ♡

Svt(Hip Hop Unit) & Bts version posted on page. FOLLOW 4 UPDATES, LIKE, REQUEST.

JB: “When did I buy Shakira tickets…but aye I’m not complaining.”

Originally posted by jaesbum

Jinyoung: He loves it. “Please just one more time”

Originally posted by j-miki

Jackson: “You can be Shakira, I’ll be Queen B, together we can be beautiful liars.”

Originally posted by ceo-of-yg

Mark: “So this is what you do when I’m not around, maybe I should come home late, and see how many other exotic dances you can learn for me.”

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Youngjae: Gets sweaty, and starts breathing ruff. You: “Were you looking, did you see how I moved my hips?” Him: “Yeah…it was…um..yeah it was fu-…..uh it was nice”

Originally posted by doteyoungjae

Bambam: “Let’s dance”

Originally posted by jackseunie

Yugyeom: “Do you understand how much damage your causing me right now?….But I can do way worse, if you keep it up”

Originally posted by chichangyu

Svt(Hip Hop Unit) & Bts version posted on page. FOLLOW 4 UPDATES, LIKE, REQUEST.

Haechan having a short s/o

Originally posted by peperodays

Request: Can you please do a like a donghyuck version of the dating a short s/o CAUSE THE OTHERS WERE SO CUTE AND I LOVE THIS BLOG AND ALL ITS ADMINS XXX

A/N: i hope u enjoy this<333

  • haha
  • good luck
  • no rlly good luck w being short while dating hae
  • he’s gonna use your shortness against u
  • forever
  • trying to reach something from the highest shelf??
  • rip he’s going to put it a shelve higher
  • and he’d just laugh as your eyes widen when u see what he just did
  • “i h8″
  • and he’s only gonna give the thing he wants if u give him a kiss
  • when u kiss him he’s gonna be all like
  • “oh wow didn’t kno u love me that much”
  • and he’s gonna give u the thing u wanted
  • not before stealing a quick kiss tho
  • “what no i didn’t kiss u lol wys”-hae
  • back hugs
  • he loves giving you back hugs
  • especially when he’s tired!!
  • he’d nuzzle his face into your neck
  • and your hair would cover his face
  • ur like a teddy bear to him tbh
  • he also loves it when u give him backhugs tho!!!
  • he loves how your arms are so smol that u can barely wrap them around him
  • ok but
  • sometimes he’d suddenly give u piggy back rides when u give him back hugs
  • and you’d fucking scream bcs
  • and he’d just laugh and continue running around
  • the fact that he has to lean down to kiss u
  • is so funny to him???
  • like??
  • ‘how can a person be so smol’
  • which is why he always laughs before he kisses you
  • cutie
  • he’d have you saved as ‘smol idiot’ in his contacts
  • don’t forget the hearts
  • in other words!!!
  • he’d be a cute but sometimes !!! bf about your height
  • it’s another part of u that he loves w his whole heart
  • but shhh don’t tell him u know now
  • <3

*Admin One*

Music Series: Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra (Michael Buble & Reese Witherspoon)

Here’s a little gift for my Music Series fans who miss the lyrical one-shots. I apologize for holding off on these while I work on The Preschool Teacher, and I appreciate your patience.

I have loved this song for years, and I love that, not only did someone request it, but the old version from Frank Sinatra. I personally really love the version from Michael Buble and Reese Witherspoon.

I also love that this song has always been performed with a man and a woman both, not singing back and forth to each other, but singing with each other. Does that make sense? It makes the lyrics and emotions stronger, showing that the man and woman feel the same way toward each other. Maybe that’s just how I interpret it, but it’s my imagine. 😎

This is “Something Stupid” by Frank Sinatra, which you can listen to via Spotify HERE, or to the Buble version, via my Spotify playlist called “I Love You Long Time”, HERE.




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Not Bad (Rocket Raccoon X Vixen!Reader(Request))

Summary: Reader is a talking vixen, having suffered from the same torture and experimentation as Rocket Raccoon, who just happens to be her rescuer. Of course, the other Guardians help, but she doesn’t pay much attention to them, her curiosity for her fellow animal becoming her priority. All the same, Rocket seems to be just as curious about her.

Key: (Y/N)-your name

Today’s Playlist: Nope. Zilch, nothin’, nada.

Cast: YOU (but animal-like version)! Rocket Raccoon, Peter Quill (Star-Lord), Gamora, Drax, and Groot

Warnings: Cursing (It’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean, what did you expect?), Fluff (Fluffy fic and literal fluff)

Status: Complete (If requested, I may do a part 2)

Note: This is a request from Connman3! (He doesn’t have a tumblr :/) I hope this lives up to what you were asking, as you didn’t really give specifications other than a Rocket Raccoon X Reader. Anyway, thanks for your request! I hope I did it justice!

    You sigh. Just another day in a cell with only stale bread to eat and…is that supposed to be water? Whatever, at least it’s semi-drinkable.

You’ve been stuck in this cell, this space pirate ship, for a few weeks at the very least. Before that? No idea. You do remember a lab. Those cursed experiments, the ones that turned your siblings into savage beasts before they worked on you. You were the only one to make it out alive before the lab went to hell. Apparently, some suits found out about the lab and shut it down, which gave you the perfect opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, the space pirates weren’t far behind.

    So, here you are. A weird ass human-like thing with soft fur and paws. You don’t like not knowing what you are, but hey, at least you’re not dead, right? No, that’s not true. Death would be far better than being stuck in this cell. At least in death, you aren’t forced to eat bread that feels like rocks every day.

    You lean against the cold metal wall, bored. You look down at your little black paws, turning them around carefully to look at them. You close and open them, your mind wandering back to the lab. You sneak a glance at your fluffy, white-tipped tail, resisting a strange urge to claw at it. Weird.

    As you’re looking down at yourself, someone shouts outside. That’s normal, considering how wild these space pirates are, so you don’t pay them any mind. That is, up until you hear an explosion that is way too close for comfort.

You stand on two paws, curious. You step toward the metal bars that keep you in your cell, though it’s more of a cage, and try to see down the hall. Just as you reach the front of your cell, one of the pirates goes flying right down the hall, past your face, and slams into a wall nearby. You jump back at the sudden movement, your fur rising in terror.

From down the hall comes a maniacal laugh. “Oh yeah.”

You lean against the bars as light footsteps sound. You’re suddenly hopeful that the voice might just be able to save you from this awful cage. “Hey!” You shout loudly down the hall, your voice a little raspy since you haven’t used it in….well, you can’t remember, actually.

“Huh?” Suddenly, a figure appears in front of the cage, causing you to leap backward in surprise. You examine the figure with extreme shock. He’s like you! “Who’s there?”

He has grey fur with a strange black mask on, which you quickly figure out is also fur. He has a fluffy tail and sharp claws on his paws. Weirdly enough, he stands on two legs just like you. Though, he actually has clothes on. Huh. He also carries a gun with him.

You creep forward out of the shadows on all fours before standing on two paws and leaning against the bars to get a better look at him. He seems astonished by you, as if he’s never seen anyone like him before. Then again, that could very well be true, especially considering you’ve never seen anyone else with fur before.

You hold on tight to the bars before reaching one paw out to grab his and look at it. Sure, the gesture is a little weird, but you can’t help your curiosity. His paws are different than yours, with long, finger-like appendages and sharp claws at the ends of them. They must make for a good grip. Glancing down at yours, you see that your paws aren’t made to grip onto things, but you can move much faster with the build they have.

He mutters something you can’t catch. You look back up at him, though he still has the same shocked expression. “Huh?”

“I thought I was alone.” He mumbles again, looking you up and down. Something tells you this is odd behavior for him, but you can never be sure. Out of nowhere, terrifyingly loud static and a shouting voice comes from his ear. You jump back, fur raised. “Shit, sorry. One sec.” He sighs, listening to the voice.

“Rocket! Where are you?! This place is gonna blow in 5!”

“Yeah, yeah, Quill. I’ll be there in a flash.” He rolls his eyes, throwing caution to the wind. He glances at you, hesitating. He then speaks into the comm again. “Hey, uh, I’ve got an extra passenger, too.”

With that, he stops talking into the comm and pulls some devices out of his pockets. They’re small, round discs with flashing red lights on them. You give him a cautious and questioning look, stepping back from the bars as he attaches them.

“What?! What do you mean an extra passenger?!”

He ignores the loud voices from the device in his ear and talks to you. “You’re gonna wanna step back, by the way.” You listen to him, pressing yourself against the wall behind you, which is the farthest away from the bars you can possibly get.


The devices beep furiously as he activates them and steps away. You take a deep breath, ready for some sort of explosion. Instead, the devices let out a high pitched noise and shine out a bright red laser that swipes across the bars, disintegrating them. As the devices fall to the ground, their job finished, you step toward the new opening into the hallway. He laughs a little in pure joy of the damage the devices have caused.

“Son of a bitch! Someone go find Rocket!”

Seeing your caution, he holds out his paw to you, tilting his head. The action motions down the hall, presumably the way out. “C’mon.” You take his paw as he smirks victoriously. “Hold on tight.”

He takes off down the hall in a sprint, practically dragging you behind him. You quickly find your speed, though, and manage to keep pace with him. You note to yourself that you could go faster than him if he weren’t leading the way. The two of you run through multiple halls, armories, tech rooms, and other rooms without purpose. He reassures you that you’re almost there when suddenly an ear-ringing explosion sounds from not too far off.

He smirks, pausing to glance back at you, “Ready to run like hell?”

You tilt your head and open your mouth to ask something, but another explosion sounds and the two of you dash off in the direction you were originally going. Your legs are starting to get tired, but his laugh at the thrill of the moment gives you a burst of energy.

Eventually, you find yourself in a hangar with multiple smaller ships. The majority of them are in pieces and fire rages over them, crackling loudly. There is one ship, however, that isn’t a pile of debris and this is the one that he chooses to run toward.

“Rocket!” The large door to the ship is open, where you can see a….does that woman have green skin?! Okay, there’s another guy with red and grey skin?! What the hell?!

The ship starts to take off, hovering multiple feet above the ground. You and, who you presume is named Rocket, run up to the ship. Rocket pauses for a few moments before grabbing hold of your waist. If you could blush, you would be red as a tomato. “I’ll toss you up!”

You nod swiftly and he throws you upward. You soar through the air toward the ship, landing on all fours majestically as the crew of the ship stares at you with suspicion, yet awe. You turn and lean over the edge of the open door as the ship gets farther from the ground. Rocket crouches before leaping toward you. Time slows as he gains distance, but just barely misses the edge. You fling out your paw with lightning reflexes, just barely grasping his paw. As time goes back to its regular speeds, you see Rocket look up at you, almost astonished that you would even consider saving him. You struggle with his weight but manage to pull him over the edge and into the ship, both of you rolling onto the ground as the door closes. You’re both out of breath and exhausted, unmoving as you try to catch said breath.

To your own surprise, and everyone else’s, you start laughing a little as you roll onto your backside, paws across your chest. At your chuckles, Rocket bursts into laughter, banging his paw against the floor of the ship. Soon, the both of you are laughing hysterically, the adrenaline and thrill of the dashing escape finally hitting you.

Soon, the laughing ends and you let out a satisfied sigh. Rocket gets to his feet, reaching out a paw to help you up. For a few moments, you just sort of stare at each other, intrigued and in awe. What are the chances that both of you would find each other in this certain spot at this certain time?

Suddenly, someone clears their throat. You turn to see the crew of the ship made up of a woman with green skin, a man with red and grey skin, a regular looking, light-haired guy, and…is that a tree? Whatever, you’ve seen weirder.

The regular looking guy, who seems to be the captain or at least the leader of this strange band of people, looks to Rocket for answers. “So, Rocket, who’s your friend?”

“No idea.” Rocket shrugs, glancing at you. “These are the weird ass people I save the galaxy with.”

The tree huffs, “I am Groot!”

You wave a little at him, to which he smiles, but then turns to Rocket with a frown. “I am Groot!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure you’re not weird.” Rocket rolls his eyes and looks to you. You giggle, shifting your feet. “That’s all he says, by the way. ‘I am Groot’.”

The others on the ship are still silent, up until the bulky, grey and red skinned man introduces himself. “I am Drax and this is Peter Quill.” He motions to the regular looking guy, “Most call him Star-Lord.”

To your right, Rocket sniggers, whispering. “Most meaning him.”

You hold back a laugh, but Rocket sees the amused sparkle in your eyes. Drax continues, motioning to the green-skinned woman. “She is Gamora. I would not talk to her. She is extremely terrifying.”

Gamora glares you down, attempting to intimidate you, but you don’t move a muscle. She doesn’t scare you. No one does. Except maybe yourself. Other than that, people don’t seem to terrify you at all, no matter how much bigger they are than you.

Finally, you speak up. “I’m (Y/N). It’s a pleasure.”

“(Y/N).” You hear Rocket mumble. “Not bad.”

You look to him with a cocky expression. “You’re not so bad yourself, furball.” You strut toward Groot to look him up and down, leaving a gaping Rocket behind you.

Drax laughs loudly, “She called you furball! You must be so embarrassed!”

Rocket shrugs, to which Peter, or ‘Star-Lord’, looks shocked. At this moment, you know that Rocket is usually the cocky son of a bitch that you’re being right now. The realization that he’s acting differently because of you gives you butterflies. Well, this is looking to be the start of a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

Note: Thanks for reading!

Requests are always open!

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Hi, can i ask for recommendations about music and more in french. 'Cause I'm really trying to improve my understanding of the language but i don't know where to start. If it's not bother only

HELLO! Why of course, I don’t know if you’re still interested in French songs but I do have a ton for you to listen to!!

Starting with Chikita by Jul i’m kidding please that’s like the one embarrassing kid in the family that we’re ashamed of and hide upstairs when guests come over

Anyway, you’re right, listening to French songs can help you handle more the language as it is a very difficult one, but don’t worry friendo I got your back :)

Do keep in mind that I’ve tried making the most exhaustive list I could (it took me 7 hours to compile all of this, I beg for mercy) but if anyone wants to reblog this with additional songs, you’re more than welcome!!

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Do u accept request? If u do could u do a fic rip hunter/reader? After watching latest episode, im so in need of 'that' version of rip and his interaction with ur version of reader. Pls?🙏🙏

A/N: I do accept requests, though usually I need a little more information than this for the plot. As I didn’t have the information I hope that this is all right for you (I also couldn’t remember what exactly had happened in the episode in question, so I did it vaugely off one that I could remember).

Originally posted by rpjustxce

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Just WOW.

Never, in a fragment of my mind, would I have ever thought we would’ve made it this far. I initially thought when making the account, that I might get just a few followers, no big deal. But 1,003 people actually went out of their way to click that little follow button? I’m blown away! JFC, thank you all so much!

I did promise a mile mark celebration, and I will go by it. So, I will be accepting tiny drabble requests. It can be with whoever you choose from the Enterprise crew (only AOS, because I regrettably, haven’t gotten around to the other versions yet). Along with the person you choose, send a quote, a sentence of dialogue, a word, or whatever you want me to write about, and I’ll do what I can with your request! And when I mean drabble, I mean under 300 words, so pretty short. I’m neglecting studying and homework for this, so keep them coming to keep me distracted! I’m not sure if I’ll have a limit on how many requests I’ll take. I feel like I owe it to you guys due to lack of fics on this account for a while. So don’t worry about not getting your request submitted in time, because I probably won’t close the requests down!

Again, thank you all so much! If I could give a physical hug to every one of you, I would, but for now, this will have to do.

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Big Bang Reaction To Another Member Falling On Their Girlfriend And They Accidentally Kiss
Other Versions:

| Block B |


“WHOA THERE, Daesung, could you please leave…”




“This… was an accident, I guess it’s nothing I should worry about…”


“How can a human be this clumsy?”


“Eww, gross, man! Y/N, go wash your lips, you poor thing…”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

B.A.P Zelo 'Private Moment'

 @boxinthesheep asked:  hey! can i request a longer version of zelo’s cuddling? :3

A/N: I hope you like it! This is a drabble extension of a reaction I did here. Requests for extensions are still open, all other requests closed. ^^

It was like a fairytale, tucked away as you were in the park, hidden from prying eyes. A cluster of bushes and twilight afforded you a sense of privacy you rarely experienced with your boyfriend. It was nice not having his hyungs around making the two of you blush with their good-natured ribbing. They were being caring in their own way but it always made you feel so young, like a child. Out here you felt as if you were a young adult on the cusp of your life standing together with Junhong to see where life would take you.

Watching the fireflies together as you sat atop a picnic table, Junhong straddled you from behind to keep you warm. Idle curiosity led you to ask him to stretch out his arm alongside yours to test his reach. Even with the advantage of him behind you he still had a full hand length on you. Zelo took your hand in his as he pulled his arm back. You drew your knees up and Zelo wrapped your arms together around them and intertwined your fingers. You felt like a safe little ball surrounded by your boyfriend’s larger frame.

As nice as the moment was though, you still felt like something was off. “You’re quiet tonight. Something wrong?” Zelo could be quiet as he was shy and introspective at times, but not usually with you. He hesitated and you squeezed his hands once to encourage him.

“I’m going to be getting busy soon.”

“Mmm, your comeback. It’s going to be pretty intense. Are you nervous?”

“No. Yes.” He huffed out a laugh and hid his face in your shoulder. “Maybe. It’ll be good to work again and I’ve missed seeing our Babys so much, but…I won’t get to see you nearly as often.” His voice trailed off at the end as if saying it out loud would make it come true.

You sighed and rubbed the arms curled tightly around you. “I know, it’s going to be so hard. I’ll miss you like crazy but we knew it was going to happen someday. And there’s facetime and snap chat.”

“Are you, I mean, do you want to stay with me?”

Your breath caught in your throat, “Are you trying to break up with me?”

“No! It’s just I’m going to be gone so much and I can’t be like a normal boyfriend.”

Tilting your head back to try and see his face you get an excellent view of his chin and jawline and spontaneously kiss it. He got shy and ducked his head and if the evening lighting was better you knew he’d be as red as a tomato. “Normal is overrated. I knew what I was getting into with you. You can show off those fabulous abs you’ve been working so hard on, just promise no one but me gets to touch them.”

“Daehyun-hyung might try.”

Laughing you replied, “Tell him he’ll have to deal with me.”

“So…we’re staying together? We’re good?” He sounded so relieved you wanted to kick yourself for not noticing his anxiety about this before.

“We’re very good.”

Satisfied, Junhong kissed your temple and started rocking you back and forth in his arms. Closing your eyes you enjoyed your cocoon of happy boyfriend while you had him.

English lesson >> Mark (Angst version)

yeaaaaaay it’s finally marks scenario 

personally i think he’s super handsome and cute at the same time .

This based on a request where mark is teaching you English but you can’t learn because of him ( i will make it in 2 version , one is fluffy and the other is angst ) 

actually if he was really my English teacher , i’ll annoy him until he could see me LOL “a high school student mind ” lol teenager are dangerous i swear . 

I hope you will like it 


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anonymous asked:

My first request is Sabé, but I fear that would be rather difficult, so I've decided to offer some other suggestions. They may or may not be equally difficult, but hey, you have options. Or maybe they'll be so hard that you'll decide you'd rather tackle research! Anyway, my other choices are Kisa Sohma, Irene / Attolia, or Martha Jones. Thank you! -Summer

Sorry for it being all instrumentals! But I did go with your first request, for what it’s worth. :)


Adventure Calling by Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles soundtrack)

Your Highness - What a Surprise by George Fenton (Ever After soundtrack)

Princess Mononoke Theme Song by Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke soundtrack)

Rescue! by Harry Gregson-Williams (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas soundtrack)

Victory by James Newton Howard (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 soundtrack)

Table of Contents

Important posts about Bokujou Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shintenchi (Japanese version of Story of Seasons)

Bachelor Event Medleys
[Fritz | Raeger | Klaus | Mistel | Nadi | Kamil]

Bachelorette Event Medleys
[Elise | Lillie | Angela | Iris | Agate | Licorice]

Mistel’s are in a different format than everyone elses’. Kamil’s first events are tagged “Cam” because I’m too lazy to change them. And then I just stuck with “cam event medley” for his yellow event.

Other Important Posts

(adding more as I think of ‘em)

Misc. & FAQ
Please search the “QUESTIONS” tag.
[How did you learn Japanese?] [How do you take screenshots?]
[Are there rival couples in Story of Seasons?]
[How do you unlock [character]?]
Compilations of specific questions (related to the English version)
Part I | Part II | Part III

[The Princess and The Knight–a  20-page Rune Factory 4 Dylas/Frey manga. Written by Shinobu, translated (scanslated?) by yours truly.]

[Jealousy–a 10-page Rune Factory 4 Dylas/Frey manga. Written by Shinobu, translated by Marie.]

[Not Anyone Else–a 14-page Rune Factory 4 Dylas/Frey manga. Written by Shinobu, translated by Marie.]

[Sweet Marjoram–a 9-page Story of Seasons (Bokujou Monogatari Tsunagaru Shintenchi) Klaus/Minori manga. Written by Shinobu, translated by Marie]


🌸 {Requested} Anonymous said: Hiiii you did a request with Namjoon and missing his gf who lives far away and I was wondering if I could have a Yoongi version of that? If it’s too similar then it’s fine if you don’t wanna do it but I’m enjoying your work so far!!


🌺 Here you go hon’. I have no problem making another one, if some other people else wanna request for the rest of the boys go ahead be my guest.


Also as an FYI, I made these this morning in between band sectionals. I live in the central time zone in the U.S. and it would’ve been a little after midnight for our dear Yoongi in this scenario.

anonymous asked:

hello! i saw your demi- keychains and was wondering if you could make demiflux/demifluid versions?? you dont have to, n sorry if im bein annoyin with this ask. but the ones u did make looked rlly cool n it would be super cool if u could make the other two. sry again if these kinds of asks arent accepted shdkfl


First off, I would like to apologize. This ask has been in my inbox for a long time. The colors in the flags you requested use the same pink and blue as the transgender flag keychains I make and I wanted to cut all the cord first. So I cut the cords(which took approximately forever) and used the rest of the cord for these two!

I found versions of the flags that had lines, as I do not have color changing cord. I hope they are the same ones you had in mind.

These types of asks are totally welcome. I love them!!! ☺️ Thank you so much for sending in your ask. The pictures will be posted as tomorrow’s post!


Matoki Hoodie! (Drawing Request)

Drawing Request is open again! :D It was never closed tbh lol This time is for Matoki Hoodies! (I did this in a FB group before and it turned out great~ so I thought of doing it here too! :D)

By reading the comic, you can see how the other Matokis wants their hoodie to be worn too right? So…this is your chance! :D

Few notes before making your request!
- It’s open to everyone! :D
- This drawing request ends at March 15 (12PM KST), so be quick to request it! :D
- There are two versions to choose from, Anime version or Chibi Version. Choose ONLY 1. Both version has its own specialty :)
- I cannot guarantee that the Chibi ver. will come out ALL coloured, it depends if I feel like colouring everything or not :3
- The drawing will consist of the Matoki you chosen, and you with its hoodie (If you don’t have a selca in your blog cause I’ll be stalking your blog for it, describe yourself to me so I can draw you :D)

How to request? Drop it here!
Write out:
- The Matoki you’ve chosen
- Which version you want (again, ONLY 1)
- your description (again, if you don’t have a selca in your blog)

Hope you BABYz will participate! :D I mean who doesn’t want a Matoki Hoodie right? xP

I also hope you guy like the comic! (sorry if it’s too long @@)