this is the opening of all openings

Listen, Kara and Lena switch who is the big spoon and little spoon depending on the situation.

You will have to tear a muscular 5′8 Supergirl occasionally being the little spoon to the soft 5′6 Lena Luthor headcanon from my cold, dead hands.

Personal Updates

Hey hey everyone! So some of you guys might have noticed I’ve been a lot quieter the past two weeks. I recently got a new full-time job (!!) so I’ve been doing training and all that fun stuff.

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It’s gonna be a bit hectic for the first few weeks so I’ll be popping on tumblr randomly, but hooopefully everything settles down soon~

But as always, I’ll still be around so if you need to reach me or want me to see something, you can always @ me, send me an ask, or shoot me a PM!

Hope everyone’s doing well! <3

when you want to give support to friend and show you care and are concerned for them but you don’t know how because you’re incredibly awkward in that sense and you don’t want to bother them so you just lay around and whine and hope for the best for them and yell because you hate how socially awkward you are but you care a lot so you just do everything from a distance without saying anything;;;;

that being said, if you read this, i hope things improve and i know it ain’t that simple but i really do hope things get better and i love you and [hugs]

nik why are you so awkward stop that

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 


Fandom Trumps Hate is almost here!

What is it?

An online fanfic/fanart auction to benefit a variety of organizations helping populations targeted by Trump and his administration. (Such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Trans Lifeline, and the National Immigrant Justice Center.)

How does it work?

Authors and artists will sign up to offer their work at auction. The winner will donate their winning bid amount to one of the charities listed below, then send the author/artist email proof of their charitable donation. Once we know you’ve donated, the author/artist will get to work on your item! If you’ve seen previous auctions to benefit AO3 or Haiti, it’s kind of like that.

When is it happening?

Dec 19: Author/artist signups open (also electoral college votes)

Dec 31: Author/artist signups close

Jan 12: Bidding opens

Jan 20: Bidding closes (and the new president is inaugurated)

Jan 31: Proof of donation due to your author/artist

If you write fic or create fanart, get ready to sign up!

If you don’t, point your favorite authors and artists this way in case they’re interested! Either way, get ready to bid to support some great organizations!

Check out our FAQ for more info, including a list of the charities the auction will be supporting. If we’ve missed anything, drop us a note in our askbox!

Author/artist signups open December 19 and close December 31.


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

69/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

sandygraves  asked:

I uh, dunno if you take art requests, but I really'd love to see us!paps being a big dork.

i based his dorkiness off of my own brother >w>

i think i chose to draw some of the least dorky things that my brother does; but if i drew all the other dorky stuff he did i would be here all night

a page of seijou doodles


“I can’t believe Dean and Cas made out.”

Cas shrunk back from walking into the library at the sound of Sam ’s voice – for very good reasons.

He heard the unconvinced noise Mary made as she shrugged before replying. “It broke the spell and saved the town – it’s not hard to believe they’d do it… For the greater good.”

Sam still sounded agitated although Cas agreed with Mary – and he should know better than them about it. “No, Mom, we were all in the room. All the ritual asked for was a kiss… I mean what if all we needed to do was something like me giving you a peck on the cheek? It was a vaguely phrased spell.”

“I suppose so…”

Sam had gone into full ranting mode – “And – even if it had to be a kiss on the mouth – Cas could have kissed any of us. There were options. He could have kissed you, or, well, he was standing right next to me when Dean read the thing out, and a lot of people were going to die really soon. I’d take one for the team.”

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That’s really the end of Mickey.
All that work. Years. Years of development.
For nothing.
For no payoff
For them to let Mickey say shit like he doesn’t care about his family which we KNOW ISNT TRUE (aside from terry)
For them to let him forever be alone. In a foreign country. With nothing but a wig and some cash.
I hate this show now and I am truly. 100%. Done.