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random ik but...

okay so,,, i was just thinking,,, i love my mutuals so much… so why not let them know randomly in an act of an appreciation post ?? im sorry this is so spontaneous i just feel like shouting out to all my best internet buddies so everyone else can check them out bc theyre literally ALL THE BEST. just saying. FOLLOW THEM NOW !!! (pls you wont regret it i promise) in no order:

@smol-anime-phan133 : ty for being with me through life, you’re literally my therapist and i need you to know that any time you need it, i’ll be there for you bc you’ve always been there for me (even during my 12 yo random phase im v sorry) and I appreciate you💕

@malecfangirl101 man we go wayyyyyy back, but i still appreciate you so much, you’re actually one of the most fabulous people i know. it’s a shame we don’t see each other irl as much but im so glad we text bc seriously it’s great to be able to be so open and yet random and weird to someone as accepting as you ✨

@nutellalester don’t even get me started you are such a bean, daniel !! you contribute some of the best bants to the gc and all the amazing creations (art/writing) you make is literally so good,,,also youve got literally the best music taste ty for existing 💛

@huphilpuffs okay so not only are you literally one of the sweetest people, but you make the prettiest gifs ??? how is this fair at all ??you’ve got so much talent and overall just loveliness and support im super happy to know you ty for everything ☺️

@misshktt oml where do i begin?? youre funny, supportive, open and generally just a really great person to be around !! you literally are toriel it’s not even funny the resemblance is uncanny,,, except less goat and more pure bean ty 💙

@actualhatter there’s so much to say about how great you are i literally could ramble on forever but for everyone’s sake i’ll try to be short: you’re funny, kind, really good at drawing AND you share my addiction to tøp and josh dun in general?? how could a person literally get any cooler?? ty for everything fren 😊

@phantastically-over-life phil lester defence squad unite haha thanks for listening and even agreeing with me when i ramble endlessly about my love and appreciation for phil, you’re really great and friendly, i love talking to you tysm fren💗

@philmeup-dildo i have a feeling this might be the longest paragraph purely bc you are literally one of the best people i know,,, you listen to everything i have to say (im sorry i ramble and complain a lot lol) and overall are just so supportive and kind, as well as we share heaps of interests (okay our music not so much bUT STILL) !! ty for being so open and letting me vent and bant with you bc seriously you have made me laugh when i really needed it so ty for everything 🤗 (also my mum loves you more than me im pretty sure)

@totallynotlevi // @totallynotfics you were one of my first internet friends, Levi, and although some of our interest have changed im so glad we still talk regularly bc you’re literally such a great person and im so happy I’ve found someone who loves pj and tøp as much as me 💚

@you-could-say-im-relocating-it you are the purest and funniest bean to ever exist, our gc owes you for making us laugh all the time with your supportive, funny and relatable personality !! if you ever need anything pls feel free to talk bc id love to get to know you better 😁

@little-cheeky-monkey you deserve the world, honestly im so glad we are mutuals, you’re pretty (even if you don’t realise it yet,, believe me), funny, supportive, really kind and just generally share my love of dogs and hp !!! (pls pet your dogs for me btw so pure) ty for everything and just being yourself you matter a lot ❤️

@heck-yeah-fandoms funny! great! supportive! those are only some of the many words i could use to describe you, ty so much for being a great fren i appreciate talking to you, you make me smile 😋

@pepperminthowell have you ever met someone that’s just so great and the thought of them being in your life fills you with joy??? you’re that person to me and basically the whole gc,,, seriously thank you for everything it means so much you are way too lovely and good for this world 💜

@isle-of-the-glowing-eyes although we talk on my other side blog, i just wanted to add you here bc you are really relatable, kind and im glad i feel i can be open around you bc you’ve just got such a great personality !! not to mention we also have a huge addiction with tøp oml ty for listening to me ramble haha 🌸

@dan-phil-obsessed we’ve been talking for quite a while now, and i can confidently say that you are honestly one of the nicest people to ever exist. everyone is kind in someway or another so you probably hear me say this a lot in this post, im not lying when I say that but for you seriously I can 1000% say that you are so genuinely considerate, not to mention really pretty, and great at photography/writing 💖

@phandomsandbandoms ty for being such a funny, witty, relatable and overall amazing person. your taste of music is one everyone should aspire to, not to mention your personality and sense of humour !! basically you’re goals tbh 👌

@glittering-litter i can relate way too much to you honestly you have all the tøp (yes I went there) notch memes and literally such a good music taste !! ty for always listening to me annoyingly talk about phan and emo bands whenever we talk hah you’re really great 🙌

@lestersdog ty for making the gc and Tumblr itself just a generally better place, you’re so nice and easy to talk to !!! your kindness and awesomeness is appreciated by me and so many others 💓 also your pride selfies were actually the cutest thing ive ever seen oml

@pasteldoothowell we haven’t talked one on one, but seriously from what i can tell when you talk in the gc you are a really fun person to be around !! ty for just your general awesome presence i feel blessed 😄

@peachou okay so we don’t really talk on private chat but seriously this may come off as creepy but i love your blog so so much and for you to actually follow me and like my posts blows me away !! you are so talented and i just wanna ty for being really amazing 💟

@softiednp this whole group chat, incase i missed someone individually, means the world to me tysm for everything you all are great people that i absolutely love talking to !!! you don’t even know how much i love y'all !! oml 😩👌

honourable (mostly) mutual mentions that i stalk and admire from afar: (pls feel free to message me seriously you’re all super cool) @wispyphil @fringegaps @florallylester @phanamored @philester @disgustinglygay @stardustphan @hazyphil @macaronidan @decaffeinated-shipper @yodastolemylightsaber @femtastico @britishteacup98 @lozzyg @lost-boy-ben @nonbinary-lester @suchaderp @sparklephil @adorkablephil @astronautdan @clouds-howell @shittywerewolfstudent @fallinghowell @opinionated-internet @stumpostar @tea-and-cozy-idek @purepastelphan @dansforeheadcurl @japhannie @eli-howlter

if i missed anyone pls punch me, chances are i either wrote you on my list but accidentally missed typing it out bc there’s so many names or literally thought we weren’t mutuals bc you are too cool to be following me :))

Happy Birthday, @damelola! May this year be extra special for you. Please enjoy some birthday messages as well as some fanworks we have made for you.

AO3 Collection: GreatDame2017
Banner by @abydosdork and @txnmcky


happy birthday lola-pie! I like ur face! <3 Coop


Happy Birthday Lola. I am so grateful for all you contribute to this fandom. I eagerly gobble up your fic the moment I see it posted on Tumblr.  Though I am terrible about commenting, it always brightens my day.


Happy Birthday to my Perfect Pen Pal.  You bring me such joy.  I’m happy to celebrate the day you were born.  Here’s to a million more letters, headcanons, fics and laughs.


Happy Birthday Lola dear! I hope it’s full of laughter, fun and continued success. You are not only a fantastic writer but one of my favorite people. Many blessings as you enter a new year! I am so thankful for your talent and your friendship



Your writing inspires me and your generosity humbles me. Thank you for your indomitable spirit, your talent, and your friendship. Happy Happy Birthday!



Happy birthday Lola!

Thank you so much for all the stories. We’re so lucky to have you in this fandom to keep the SuperCat torch alive. Your updates always brighten up my day. Have a brilliant day, hun. And may the Grant Snark be with you always.

ps: actual depiction of me anytime I see a Notting Hill or Ballet AU



Happy Birthday, Lola! Hope you have a fantastic day filled with all the Supercat goodness you can handle!


Happy birthday to the diva who lets me constantly dump filth into your window and calls it inspiration.;)


Happy, happy birthday!

You’re always a voice of reason, respectful and your writing is awe-inspiring. You deserve all the best in life and I hope your day will be filled with good food and lots of laughter.

Regards, a huge fan of you and your writing.


Thanks for all the porn 😘


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MARY POPPINS OF FANDOM, LOLA. I am so glad you write for SuperCat and you write them so brilliantly! I love how interwoven and beautiful The Ballet AU is with both show canon things and freakin’ THEATRE THINGS!!! My two weaknesses right now (aside from Sanvers being adorable cuties). I’m also super glad that we’ve gotten the chance to talk this past month or so. It’s absolutely Mayka’s fault (as it always is, eh?) but has been a fantastic experience getting to know you and to bond over our mutual dislike of the other fandom, of our love and devotion for theatre and our thoughts on SuperCat.


Happy birthday Lola!

You are the most precious person I ever came across within the Supergirl’s fandom. You have a unique way with words and it makes you such an incredibly talented writer, sometimes I can’t believe how good your fictions are. Every single one is different but it’s deep and perfectly crafted and it echoes in me in ways I couldn’t possibly find elsewhere. I don’t have a favourite because all of them are pure gold but lately, I’m very invested in The Music and The Mirror. Thank you for everything.
You are a caring, kind, sassy and absolutely amazing soul and I’m fangirling over your existence.
You are a beautiful person, Lola.
Joyeux anniversaire ♥


happy birthday lola! you deserve all the fun and goodness in the worldd. i love all your fics!! thank you for helping keep the supercat fandom sane <3 <3 <3


Happy Birthday Lola from Octo!!  Thank you for being an absolute blessing and sharing your incredible writing with us, giving us hours and hours and HOURS of glorious absorbing worlds and entertainment. Have an AWESOME day and be merry!!


Happy Birthday!

Many thanks for all your wonderful efforts in fandom, both creating great stuff for us all to enjoy and share, and helping and encouraging others.

So here’s hoping you enjoy a year of health and happiness. Much luck to your new book and any other new stuff you grace us with, and may you have many more years of creativity and fun to come! Also many more memes because…Cat Grant and her pen definitely was a hit!

Good luck and much happiness in all you do,
PinkRabbitPro (Barb)


Happy Birthday Lola,

One of the first fics I read in the Supergirl fandom was So I Can Call (Just to Tell ‘Em I’m Fine). Needless to say, I was hooked. Your writing style is glorious. I always look forward to your stories; I’ve seen very few writers who understand their characters so completely. Your writing was one of the reasons I started writing again. I do hope you enjoy this birthday surprise and thank you for all you’ve given this fandom.



Happy birthday, Lola! I hope your birthday is as awesome as you. I absolutely love everything you write. You never fail to amaze me with your words inside fic and out.

I reread Asking Too Much probably too much, haha. But I still get chills reading it. Honestly I’m still not over chapter 17. Chapter 17 has gone down in history in my book and will forever be iconic to me. And I still laugh so hard every single time I read the ‘See ya!’ line by Alex at the end. Always has me cackling. The way you wrote Kara fully embracing Supergirl and starting the Supercenter, god. It’s freaking GENIUS. It’s so unique to everything else I’ve read. I still stumble and get mindblown thinking about it and rereading it, that storyline is just so brilliant.

I’ve never gotten around to writing my own fics, but I remember when I was really thinking about writing, you were so supportive and offered your help if I ever needed any. Thank you so much for that.

I really appreciate just how genuine you are and enjoy how outspoken you are. You truly are amazing and hope your birthday goes awesome, you deserve it. Happy birthday, Lola <3



Happy Birthday! May it be filled with things as fabulous as you are though that will be super hard because that is a very short list of things. All the best in the coming year. I love you muchly and am glad I get the chance to know you. Also I’m glad that I get to read the rich worlds and stories that you create. It’s consistently amazing and I’m happy it’s being recognized with your snazzy new book deal :D  



Happy birthday Lola!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to eat all the cupcakes. My favorite fic of yours is With An Open Hand, because I love the playful version of Kara who is not afraid to push further with Cat to get what she wants… and also for the pen!kink, never forget the pen!kink :P

Of course I love all your other supercat fics as well. The Music and the Mirror is brilliantly done, and I get so excited for each update. Thank you for all the time you spend writing and headcanoning and overall spreading the supercat joy. And once more, happy birthday!



Happy birthday, Lola! Thank you for all of the beautiful work you share with us, for the insight and energy you bring to the SuperCat fandom, and for being such a kind and supportive person. Your writing and your presence are deeply cherished. Hope you have a great day and the best year yet to come.


Lola, happy birthday. Again, I want to say thank you. Your kindness and never-ending support made it possible for me to get the confidence and post my work on AO3 and Tumblr for the world to see. You are a fantastic fanfic writer and an all around amazing person. You are a wonderful human being and I’m so glad that I have the pleasure and privilege to have met you and talked to you. Honestly, the world could use a lot more people like you in it. I hope you have a fantastic birthday. You’re the absolute best and you do so much for everyone around you, even strangers who you meet in passing. Happy Birthday, Lola. I hope its a good one!


I hope you have a wonderful birthday Lola! I’m a big fan of your writing. I especially love how you come up with new and exciting ways to bring Kara and Cat together in your stories. Thank you for sharing your gifts and amazing talent, and for all of the things you do for this fandom. :D


Dearest, Darlingest Lola,

According to Facebook, we have been friends for over 7 years. Honestly, that surprises me because it feels like we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember.

I truly don’t have the words to tell you what you mean to me or how grateful I am to Dolly or whatever other deity it was that brought us together. I just know that without you, my life would be very, very different. And not in a good way.

We have shared so much over the years. Stopping shows, football in gay bars, your wedding (!!), pokerverse, and all things in between. You are a brilliant writer that everyone in the fandoms you write for is lucky to have and someone who I am so happy I can text at all hours of the day and night to share fic ideas, fandom theories, or just anything that is on my mind. You are snarky and won’t take shit from anyone and you’ve helped me to grow a backbone and be more outspoken myself since I’ve known you. And in the last year, you have been the most wonderful, supportive friend when I needed one the most.

Thank you for always being there for me. I love you to the moon and back, from Mirandy to 9 to 5 to Swan Queen to Supergirl and beyond. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and I cannot wait to get to see your face in real life and squish you like crazy in like two months.

Love, love, love, always,

Tiff (aka writetherest, but you better freakin’ know that!)



Happy birthday, sugar lips! I am so glad that once again two fictional characters pushed us together in another fandom. The trash bin has been great and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you better. You are one talented, sassy lady. I hope this year is the best yet, with many more to come. I heart your face!! <3 - Torch

model behavior

First of all, every single pun in this title is intended. :3

Anyway, so last night when I was reading @bookmusicalover‘s post and the subsequent discussion talking about how Adrien probably models his behavior after male leads in romantic movies and tv shows when he’s interacting with Marinette and the others in school, it also got me thinking about what that means for the way he interacts with Ladybug/Marinette as Chat Noir.

Before I start out, I want to point out that this is, of course, a lot of extrapolation; aside from a tweet from Thomas confirming that Adrien watches anime, there’s no actual concrete canon evidence that Adrien really is a weeb who loves rom coms and anime. It’s something that we’ve all collectively decided as a fandom and something that I personally love to run with when I’m characterizing him in my stories, but we have yet to see absolute confirmation that this is the case. And given that ML is primarily from Marinette’s POV, it’s up in the air whether we ever will. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play with it!

However- considering that he says “you and I, we’re meant for each other!” and clasps his hands with glee after finding out that Ladybug plays Ultimate Mecha Strike just like he does, I really don’t think it’s that far of a stretch to assume that it’s a definite possibility, and considering that he has had a very isolated and sheltered life up until this point, it also just makes sense; no matter what the media form may be, in the absence of ordinary relationships, Adrien (who we know is very observant), would pay close attention to the interpersonal dynamics in the shows and movies he watches and model his behavior after the male leads or the characters he gravitates towards. I can see him doing this somewhat consciously, and somewhat unconsciously, and the sliding scale on which this happens is what makes Adrien’s behavior so interesting to me.

This is because despite Adrien’s slight social awkwardness, he’s a master of slipping into the role required of him by a situation.

There’s been a lot of back and forth about Adrien’s true self and what not and I’ve obviously contributed to this discussion already, but that’s not what this post is about. What I’m here to talk about is a conscious performance of roles -aka modeling-  and how Adrien, as Chat Noir, is extremely aware of his behavior and the kind of effect he intends for it to have on people, and how that might change when/if his goalposts change.

But before I get into the nuances of Adrien as Chat Noir, let’s go a little bit further into deconstructing his civilian behavior (because I love doing that, haha). Modeling might not be Adrien’s favorite thing in the world, but he is excellent at being who he needs to be or thinks he needs to be, depending on the situation.

That does not mean he’s not being genuine or that he’s pretending! It can be at times, yes, but adapting behavior to fit a situation is something we all do, and it’s something that Adrien excels at. He has to be, with such a critical parent and watchful guardians constantly watching his back, to be able to read a situation and act accordingly, and he obviously does it so often that it’s turned into a skill that comes in handy.

What it does mean is that Adrien has a highly developed sense of empathy. He’s always watching people and anticipating their reactions, and he takes his cues from them. And personally, I think this is one of the main reasons that he is disappointed with Gabriel after their hug. Gabriel says, “I never noticed you wore a ring,” and Adrien says “Is that the only thing you never noticed?”, because of all the things his father could have asked him after hugging him, he chose to focus on the ring, the object- the inanimate object that should be completely irrelevant in a conversation about why it took an akuma attack for him to come in and embrace his son. Why can’t Gabriel see that his son was looking at pictures of his mother? Why doesn’t he so much as mention it?

But of course Gabriel just doesn’t rise to the occasion. And of course it’s not like Adrien expects anything better, but he’s still disappointed (the phrase “I expect nothing and I’m still let down” comes to mind).

But anyway, back to what I’m trying to say, which is that Adrien’s always watching people and that he models his behavior in a way that anticipates their reactions, especially when it comes to people other than his father, Nathalie, the Gorilla, or the people he works with as a model (because they are the only people he really interacted with on a regular basis apart from his mother).

And more likely than not, this anticipation and expectation probably has a history rooted in his consumption of romantic comedies and anime and how that has influenced the way he expects people to react to him. Which is to say, when Adrien’s in a school environment and he’s doing things that probably remind him of something he saw in a show or a movie (like when he’s filming the movie in The Horrificator), it’s almost like a natural instinct for him to default to Teen Movie Hero or Shoujo Prince because that probably seems like the best way to act.

This is the first time he’s ever been in school with regular kids. And aside from Nino and Chloe, and most likely the other people on the fencing team and basketball team (who he’s obviously not close with), Adrien has been thrown headfirst into a social situation far different from the ones he has ever experienced, so he does two things: a) follows his instincts for empathy (which earn him respect and friendship from his peers) and b) follows what he’s learned from watching or reading about similar situations, and the skills he’s picked up from modeling.

The finger guns, the casual posing, the pats on the shoulder, the casual toss of the hair and oh so perfectly angled smile as Juleka puts makeup on him, it’s all part of the Cool Teen Boy role Adrien has ascribed to himself to Fit In, and he seems to get pretty good results from it!

Except when it comes to Marinette. Marinette never quite seems to react the way Adrien expects her to, and that’s why she is so fun and surprising and unexpected for him! Because he’s formed a set of associations with girls like her and a set of assumptions that she will act in a certain way and she always manages to surprise him (when he’s not in control of the situation).

But it’s clear that Adrien kind of likes that unpredictability, that he genuinely likes Marinette, and that eventually, he even grows to admire her, to the point where he’s actually asking for her autograph. Marinette is the first person Adrien considers a friend, and though he’s not quite sure how to read her or how anything he knows about dealing with people can really apply to her, he’s open to letting himself be surprised.

My point in bringing up all of this is to connect it to the fact that a lot of what Adrien does as Chat Noir is as much of a performance as it is when he’s just Adrien Agreste, dealing with different social situations, and he’s just having a lot of fun with it. The bravado, the flirting, the posturing, he just lives and breathes the performativity that goes into being a superhero.

Like, there is no doubt that Adrien is letting himself be less restrained and free when he’s Chat Noir and that he finds freedom to explore behind the mask, but a lot of the way he behaves also has to do with the fact that he’s a teenage superhero and that’s a whole new book of tropes he gets to explore and try on. He’s probably seen a ton of superhero movies and seen the way people react to heroes, and well damn if he isn’t going to take the chance!

Adrien’s sense of humor naturally tends to be punny; as Chat Noir, not only can he pun as much as he wants, he can push it to the limits and add the superhero swagger that he thinks is super cool. And Ladybug bounces off of that! She certainly acts annoyed by it sometimes, but there’s no doubt that she plays off his jokes, and encourages the act, and he eats it up and hams it up.

Adrien revels in the superhero act. He loves becoming Chat Noir and being Ladybug’s partner, the cocky, confident, comical counterpart to her strategic, battle-focused vibe, and he loves the energy that they exchange when they banter back and forth. He literally leaps out the window as soon as he gets the chance and is ready to save Paris. In a wide rotation of roles he has to play, Chat Noir is no doubt Adrien’s favorite, and he loves seeing how people react to him.

When Ladybug says “Hey, you’ve gotta work with this girl Marinette, she’s cute, right?” he’s like Sweet, I get to be a hero in front of Marinette!!, and then he just dials it up to 10000% just to see how she will react. It works, right? He sure thinks it does.

Why? Because he does it again in Le Gamer, the very episode that spawned this whole discussion! He’s sweet and friendly and open and engaged with her as Adrien, and then they’re in danger from The Gamer, and as soon as they separate and he transforms into Chat Noir, he doesn’t just appear and get her out of danger. He arrives in front of her, posed on all fours, smirks at her, picks her up, and carries her all the way across town- again, taking the hero behavior to an extreme, because he thinks he’s impressing her.

Because he’s certainly impressing himself! This is what he’s supposed to do, right? This is what superheroes do. And he certainly feels like a badass impressing his awesome classmate and saving Marinette. It’s still modeling, but a different kind of modeling; every posture and joke is calculated to get a reaction or a laugh of some kind, something that either fits with the bantering dynamic he’s created between himself and Ladybug, or the confident, suave hero persona he affects when interacting with Parisian civilians.

So there’s no doubt that a lot of this is conscious performativity! The Big Damn Hero is a role that Adrien is performing, just like the Teen Movie Hero, something he’s trying out while he figures out who he really is, and I think that once he does do that, he probably will tone it down a little bit, find a balance between how he behaves in his civilian self and the exaggerated overtones in his superhero self.

And there’s no doubt that all of this will probably take a while, but I think we’re all going to enjoy the journey :) 

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Haha I’m so sorry! :”D It was from this video

In the beginning Taehyung + Jimin are sharing an umbrella and Hobi + Jungkook are. But then Tae and Hoseok go to talk to a fan(?) and Kkook keeps glancing at Tae and when Tae is pushed outside the umbrella just full on keeps STARING like 

lol I’m not explaining it very well but it felt like he was just waiting for Taehyung to notice him and get under the umbrella with him?? Idk blame my shipper goggles 

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Hey, lovelies! It’s been a while since i’ve written a CCS fic, but this prompt was too cute to pass up. (if anyone decides to draw this, i will love you to the ends of the earth and possibly name my child after you someday, who knows)

Also, since I owe @catseatcakes a fic, I decided to gift this to her when I started writing it. Thank you, Sam, for contributing your wonderful fanart to the CCS fandom. ❤ Even though this ended up being way different than what we had originally discussed at the beginning…I hope you accept my offering, haha. And without further ado, here it is!


AO3 || FF

Summary: Syaoran knew Daidouji was joking when she said his Sakura-radar was ‘too sharp for his own good,” but that didn’t stop him from feeling insecure about her statement. As a result, he attempts to justify his potentially hazardous ‘overprotective’ behavior to himself and to Sakura, who tries but fails to completely drive his worries away until she finally speaks her mind.
—events based off the reference Yuuko made that CCS!SyaoSaku live together when they’re older…so be prepared for some very #domesticSyaoSaku!
(word-count: 4197)

Daidouji had always said Syaoran’s Sakura-radar was too sharp for his own good. Especially coming from Daidouji, who’s Sakura-radar came only second to—well, his—this was really quite the statement. But Syaoran had to disagree. As if there was such a thing as that, he would think to himself with a massive eye roll. As long as Sakura had the potential to fall into the slightest danger, there was no limit to how sharp his Sakura-radar needed to be.

Until last week, Syaoran had never given the notion much thought. But the more Daidouji teased him about it, the more concerned he grew, though he wasn’t quite sure why. When he told Sakura all of this one night while they were in bed and about to fall asleep, she giggled and shook her head.

“You talk like I’m too weak to handle myself,” she said.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If there was anything Syaoran was very well aware of, it was the fact that Sakura was perfectly capable of protecting herself—but that wasn’t quite what bothered him.

“I know you’re not,” he said, now feeling the need to defend his honor. “You know I don’t think that. Your ability to handle yourself is one of the reasons why I love you so much.”

“Oh, Syaoran, why do you worry, then?” she asked cheerfully. He frowned, reaching out to take her hand. She interlaced their fingers at once, causing a schoolboy’s giddiness to erupt inside the pit of his stomach.

“I still hate seeing anything happen to you that would hurt you or make you sad in any way,” he mumbled into his pillow. Even now, he found it difficult expressing touchy-feely sentiments through words. It only made her giggle more.

“And that’s one of the reasons why I love you so much,” she smiled, her green eyes sparkling at him. As happy as her response made him feel, it wasn’t quite the reassurance he was looking for. Yawning, she added, “Now go to sleep. I don’t have class tomorrow, but I know you do.”

After poking his nose with her index finger, she turned around to face the other way, leaving Syaoran alone with his own thoughts. He shifted onto his back and lay there for several moments still debating in his head whether Daidouji was right or not. If his Sakura-radar really was out of proportion, then maybe there was something wrong with him. His thought process didn’t get very far, however, when Sakura suddenly piped up, “You know that was an invitation for you to be the big spoon, right?”

Grinning in spite of himself, he rolled over onto his side and wrapped an arm around her. Nuzzling his nose into her hair, he breathed in the familiar scent of cherry blossoms. The internal debate could wait another day.

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A/N: So I’ve been hanging around the Negan fandom for a while, quietly observing it from afar. It’s been fun to see a community bond like they do over such a terrible, lovable character. Haha. Anyways, I’ve finally grown a pair and written a small drabble to contribute to the fandom. I’m kind of nervous about it, since I rarely publish my writing. Hope you all enjoy. I might write more to it, if my imagination is willing. (:

Special shout out to @superprincesspea for inspiring me to write. The Honey House is fabulous, by the way. ;D

Rating: T

Summary: Negan finds a broken woman alone in a souvenir shop. 

Warnings: Swearing. Death of a pet.

It was over for her. This time it really was. 

Sophie sat cross-legged on the dusty floor of some abandoned shop or another, numb to the groans of a lone walker scraping at the door outside. Cradled in her lap was the corpse of her recently deceased German Shepherd, his mangy fur matted with both old blood and new.  Her pistol lay at her side, its clip entirely spent. Sophie should have seen this coming, to be perfectly honest. She and her furry companion had run into a nasty pack of feral dogs a couple of weeks ago. Bear had managed to run them off before they made a meal of her, but he paid for it with more than puncture wounds and a torn ear. So here Sophie found herself, alone, the last living thing she had left in the world dead at her own hand after contracting rabies. She was skinny, filthy, and all together half-dead, although none of that seemed to matter to her anymore. All Sophie could do was rock back and forth and stare blankly at her last and only friend. She’d closed his lifeless eyes, so that he almost seemed to be resting peacefully. Sleep, heal, and wake up again. She thought desperately. I can’t do this without you, Bear. Please. She stroked his good ear soothingly, as if her touch would somehow bring him back to her. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm the anon who thinks knows the character you dislike the most. I think its Mika? As I said I love him but its also interesting to know other points of view. You dont need to answer if you dont want to. I can see why you are reluctant to do it. Plz be save from the fangirls. Also I really appreciate all the translations and contributions you give to the fandom! Gotta keep it alive! We have to stick together till season 3 or guren's series

Ah, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of hiding it haha. But you are correct, Mika is indeed one of my least favorite characters. It’s hard to explain in a way, but I’ll do my best to portray why. So this isn’t me saying that what I say next is true about Mika, it’s just how I personally see his character portrayal. I’ll also try and keep this short with more statements and I can clarify if needed on points later. (I appreciate your genuine curiosity and non hostile way of asking haha, so I don’t mind answering. And I understand that a lot of people like him a lot, as they have every right to. And yes to hanging on until new content arrives to breathe life back into us!!~) 

Don’t get me wrong, I love child Mika and am really hopeful of his current character development with the Shinoa squad. It’s just the rest that I’m not a fan of. Mainly because I don’t go well with his kind of personality. I get it, his past sucks a lot. I can’t even imagine how horrible what he’s been through was. However. He’s not the only one with a shitty past and present. Some obviously haven’t had it as bad, but some have also had it worse. Yet to me, Mika is the type of character that uses it as a mental crutch to excuse not forging onward in life. Which I personally hate. There’s so many great examples in Seraph of people who have had the literal life sucked out of them in so many ways yet continue in their own way to move on. Even if their way of moving forward isn’t necessarily good, at least they try to overcome. You can see this with Yu. Who despite holding onto his past and staying stubborn in his moral principles, is trying to grow, is trying to become somebody who can protect what he cares about. Sure, it doesn’t always work out the best, but he tries. Where Mika thinks that he can just sweep Yu up into his arms and run. Run where? How? Does Yu even want to run with him? But it’s fine not answering these questions, I get him thinking short term. It’s the fact that Mika doesn’t care about answering them because he thinks he is the only one who could know best. Because even though Yu and Mika are human and vampire, screw humans and vampires apparently. It’s like he forgets that the very family he’s so remorseful over failing were human themselves. Another thing is that I see him as being hypocritical because he acts like he knows everything, including what the humans will do and how they act, yet when any of the other characters try and say they could understand him or know something better than him, he doesn’t accept it. Understanding isn’t a one way street. (This is something I do see progressing positively however, the longer he’s with the squad)
And while I’m being honest, I’ve got to say that in the past, some of the fandom really did some damage for me in terms of liking Mika. It’s definitely gotten a lot better though as people realize they can have their own opinion and visa-versa. But there were some people that I’d encounter that would swear by our lord and savior Mika as the perfect and unblemished angel he is. Which just, meh. Meh. No character is perfect, and if they were, that’d be so boring and unrealistic. I also had some shippers that roasted Shinoa and posts I made that included her (even though it was just official art of her /alone/ as I don’t really post shippy things) and it really grinded my gears. And I wasn’t going to fight them, so I’d just im a friend on here that I was blessed enough to discover shared my views on Mika. We both could see all of these great things worth discussing, female characters worth talking about, plot threads worthy of dissecting. Yet all people would discuss was Mika (usually with Yu). Which to each their own, of course. We just talked in private instead. (Looking back at our convos…oh god we were so sassily salty X’D good times lol) At that time, I tried really hard not to let the fandom be the thing that ruined him for me, but I’m human. And am not going to claim the ability to control what shapes my opinions. And while I was struggling not to straight up hate his character, I kept getting ask after ask about him. Which of course didn’t help but now, I find hilarious. Sorry past me for laughing at your expense lol.
But I think I’ve touched on everything at least a little, and hopefully that makes sense? I’ve never talked about it because I think people see my blog as having influence. And I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I want to use such influence to sway people’s opinions in any way.

Look, I was going to stay out of THIS ONE list by @nostalgiaultra because opinions are opinions (and for future reference guys, please don’t tag me on stuff like this anymore like I really don’t need to See This), etc etc whatever – but boy, the straight-up factual inaccuracies in this post. I can’t do this.

(Reposting this separately because like I tried reblogging the original post but what the fuck has Tumblr been doing to my Read More coding shit I’m sorry. Also, directly hijacked posts are hell on the OP and I feel this so I’m starting my own chain here. To which the author of the list linked above is free to reply to if desired.)

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Oh, but it’s been a little while since I needed to vent my spleen about certain things, but since people are gonna act the way they are, I decided that now was a good time.

I don’t know why anyone in the Pearl/Dewey tags keeps fussing about the tiny circlejerk of trolls there. Seriously, folks. I can’t see their posts anymore, but all the posts I see now are people TALKING about how bad they are.Their badness goes without saying, honest. Forget ‘em. Put 'em on ignore, it’s just a click away. Hell, try reporting 'em to staff if you want, these troll blogs only exist to bully, after all. Write stories, do art, share headcanons, fill up the tag that way, do anything but give this tiny, sad circlejerk the attention they clearly so desperately crave. Let 'em find it elsewhere, someplace that’s actually healthy for them, they need that. But not here. It’ll benefit them too, because if they have this much trouble sharing the toys the Crewniverse have given us, they won’t be able to see all the sweet, sweet Pewey love that upsets them so very deeply. Think of the children.

Look at the note count on their abusive crap. It’s always the same people and the same small amount of people, usually including reblogs off their main blogs. They rarely break two digits. The best I saw from them broke a whole hundred, and that was largely due to a lot of people who disagreed with them. Now look at the note count on a piece of Mayor/Pearl shippy stuff, like, oh, I dunno. This here thing that Ben Levin made.

Not only made by staff, but favorited by Rebecca Sugar and Joe Johnston to boot. 2,243 at the time of writing this.

Then you got IanJQ, who flat-out called these ridiculous folks “haters”.

Or Rebecca Sugar, who told us to ship all the things because she loves it.

Look at fanart, you’ll get similar results. 20k. It’s like most folks get how shipping works, except these tots.

There seems to be a pattern here.

Tara’s Pewey stuff always does well, and she has like 10,000 followers. They all may not like her shipping it, but a lot of them do, and those who don’t have the simple common courtesy to respect different strokes for different folks. Really puts this mess in perspective, in my humble opinion. These little gatekeepers are the very definition of “tempest in a teapot”.

And unless these supremely bored and boring tots want to go crucify the staff as being “homophobes” and boycott the show for not living up to their kinda spotty standards of decency, their grand crusade rings especially hollow. Not that they are actually doing jack shit to further the LGBT+ community as it is. Spamming minions and memes on Tumblr all day and all night is truly the backbone of our community, right, this is what got us marriage equality! Haha, no. Christ, all day and all night. That is too sad to laugh at, really, and here I thought that joker who was tagging their badly written hatefics was as low as it could go.

“What did you do for progress today?”

“I spammed a Tumblr tag lol so random!!11 XDDDDD”

The only things these tots really care about are their personal headcanons and trying to control whoever thinks differently from them. Even when the actual “word of God”, the Crewniverse, presented the fandom with this ship idea in the first place and continues to encourage it, these tots claim to know better than the creators, because reasons. For the ones in the circlejerk who are fictionkin, and quite a few of them are, they seem to be disregarding how much that community frowns on this kind of harassment too.

Don’t ship Pearl and the Mayor, they never really spoke much! But oh gosh isn’t Lapis and Peridot so kyoot together?

Pearl is coded as a lesbian! Bisexuality doesn’t exist! –unless we wanna get our sweaty yaoi fangirl hands all over Jamie and Kevin together!

Body positivity is important! Unless it’s characters we don’t like! Rose Quartz is big and beautiful! But ew, why can’t Greg still be young? lol Mayor Dewey is old and gross! lmao neckbeard Ronaldo!

“Homophobia!”, they cried, to–y'know what, every Pewey shipper I know and I’ve seen in this tag is part of the LGBT+ community.

I wonder how they’d react if they saw Rebecca has drawn Greg and Opal making out?

Explode, maybe? Or just claim the person who created the series doesn’t know what she’s doing either? Accusations of homophobia? Hell, Rebecca’s dad described Pearl as “unhinged” when posting an official release of the Do It For Her demo, where was the outrage at “ableism”? These tots are terrible at logic, but they are pretty astounding at denial. They already tried to dismiss IanJQ’s observations on haters because he’s moved on to another project, as though that somehow robs him of his ability to call bullshit when he smells it.

Yep. These tots, so gravely devoted to spamming a shipping tag on a blogging website, tried to dismiss a person who actually creates and makes a positive change in the world, a person who doesn’t sit and spam memes 24/7 like it was meaningful employment. Are you laughing at the hypocrisy yet, or at least shaking your head at the sheer. stunning obtuseness of it all? I am. There’s no point in trying to explain things to them, because every damn time, when convenient, it boils down to them stamping their feet and declaring “I said so!”. Like Veruca Salt throwing a tantrum when she didn’t get an Oompa Loompa.

C'mon, folks. Let them go down the garbage chute here too. Trolls and/or tots who can’t behave on the playground don’t matter in the slightest to what we do here. Not a whit. Not a sausage. Hell, if this is all they have to contribute, they don’t matter to the fandom at large, either, except the fact their disturbingly persistent abuse of others is giving it the shitty reputation it’s garnering.

They aren’t worth it. Not your time, not your tears. They’re a handful of school bullies. They’ve been great for drumming up new shippers of Pearl/Dewey, but give them the fuckoff they deserve by ignoring them and keep doing you. They don’t matter. We get the messages the Crewniverse promotes. They don’t. That’s all that matters.

If any of 'em really WERE so connected to the ~*~only true Pearl~*~, you’d think they’d do something far less counterproductive, not find such a fascinating way to waste their time as trawling a ship tag day in, day out, as though it’s all they can think about. Pretty out of character for supposedly knowing a character so well! It’s almost like they just like being dicks and have way too much time on their hands.


In closing,

Hey there, friendos! Come see my family album!

Hi there! My name is Ali, and I’m the creator of the blog @gastersans​!

(Yeah, Ali, present your tryharding picture as you introduce yourself. Great idea). 

Currently, my blog is has a little under 5,000 followers! AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE FOR A GOOB LIKE ME IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. (To learn more about Gaster!Sans, please see @borurou, the creator of this au). But, amazing or not, I’ve beginning to notice that I’ve been unable to connect to people as much as I used to–messages get unseen, inboxes unreplied, etc., especially with how busy life has been lately. 

Because of that, well… I decided to come up with “Fam Fridays.” And, as silly as that sounds, it means a lot to me–one of the things that drew me into Undertale (and its fandom) was the amount of pure love and community that grew so astoundingly quicky. So, how does one keep that with so many people involved?

Well… I decided, at least to start, to do a “family album,” of sorts. A way for people to see themselves and others in whatever sense they wanted to portray–ideally, their selfie, but also a picture of a body part, art, etc. that they felt represented them. Somehow, people were generous enough to respond to my wish.

So…If you feel that crazy, heartmelting feeling towards these fellow human beings who love this amazing game, this family album is for you! If you want to be a part of it, click here! For those who wish to see their family, well… Just keep reading below the cut!

Welcome to your family, friends! ♥

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Okay, Harry Potter fans. I have a question for you, that I’ve never been able to get a proper answer to, so I’m going to see if one of you have one.

Why does so many people talk about wanting a Marauders movie/tv show?

With Fantastic Beasts coming out, I’ve seen more comments about this than ever. Along the lines of “Why would you make a movie about this instead of the Marauders?” or “Not interested, tell me when they make a marauders movie instead” or “Doesn’t JKR get that all we want is a Marauders movie??”.

I have never understood it. 

I dont’ undestand this need for a marauders movie. I just don’t. (Only way I could ever see it work, though I still wouldn’t want it, would be if the main character we followed was Lily Evans, but I’ll get to that later.)

Firstly, I don’t get the need to see that story. And secondly, I don’t think it would work. Both story wise and production wise.

Like, I get that the Marauders are popular in fandom, I do. I like reading funny headcanons and see cool fanart, all of that, Remus Lupin is one of my favorite characters. But having the marauders as the protagonists for a movie or a series? No. No way.

I think I can pinpoint what’s putting me off the most. You’re supposed to be able to root for your protagonist. Even if they’re occasionally villainous (like say, Black Sails), you’re supposed to see where they are coming from.

Fact is, the marauders, or at least James and Sirius, with the others also tagging along, where not very pleasant people for most of their teenage years. We know and are told that developed and changed, in different ways, later, and that’s great, it shows character growth and complexity. But to have series about James Potter, year 1-6? Why? I just don’t see the appeal.

“Yay, here we have the marauders, they’re spunky and funny and pull pranks on the teachers and are really good friends. They’re also bullies/goes along with bullying, James cheered on by Sirius humiliates a boy in front of his entire class, and suggests that Lily should date him to get him to stop.” 

I’m sorry, but no. No no no.

(“But what about something that’s only their seventh year-” shhhhhh. No. Like, you don’t just get to ignore the bad things a character did to get your fanfiction on screen. I think that’s doing a disservice to some very complex character work and a fundamental theme of the HP franchise - that people can change.)

First Wizarding war? Sure. But that’s still, I think, a story that’s already told. We know so much about it, we know how it begins and we know how it ends. There’s no story to tell there for me. Also Remus is not really around, and we would get no background for the characters. So that doesn’t get my interest either.

Like, the marauders were bullies. There’s no getting away from that. They were greatly supportive of their friends, and that’s a good quality, and they were almost all of them, good people in the end. But no matter what your opinion on Severus Snape is, what they did to him was horrific, and contributed to the person he became later. Besides, even if you don’t give a shit about Snape (which, seriously, even Harry who hates Snape was horrified about what happened), that’s not a pleasant way to treat Lily, that’s not a pleasant way to treat anyone. And it’s implied that they bullied other people too, but I guess that’s just ‘haha funny pranks’. 

And like, moving away from that, I just don’t see what the story would be. Them hanging out in school? Isn’t that what fanfiction is for? Not in a bad way, just like, that is what fanfiction is for, isn’t it? I just don’t get what people want out of it. 

Besides, a lot of you seem to hate whenever JKR adds something to her work that doesn’t go along with your headcanon. And I get that, even though I think people can be a bit too aggressive about it at times. But would you really want for more ‘canon’ information about the marauders? When there’s like, so much headcanons and fanfictions already? No one’s going to be pleased. With for example Fantastic Beasts, we’re getting a fresh start with an almost completely new set of characters.  

The only way I could ever imagine a Marauders tv show (and I am completely scrapping the movie idea. What would the plot be? The conflict?) working, on a theoretical level, is if Lily Evans was the main character. Seeing her struggle with her sister, with becoming distanced from her best friend who’s moving closer to dark magic, with a more bigoted magical society, seeing her interact with the marauders, slowly getting to know them better much later, etc, now THAT could be interesting. I’d still not want it, because I think that’s story is already told in the Potter books as much as it could be, but I could possibly see that.

So, what I’m wondering is - what is the idea of a marauders tv show or movie that you all seem to have? Because you can write fanfiction all you want, that’s great, but the image of the marauders presented in the books, are not something I personally could stand behind and follow a story for. 

(I hope none of you take offense to the fact that I’m putting this in the tags. Because I am genuinely curious. I think the marauders are interesting characters. But I don’t see the appeal of shouting for a movie of tv show. And I want to know other perspectives of that.)

Interview with Jennagill!

Hi! @peetabreadgirl, here! What better way to start off your Saturday morning than a good read with a great author? Grab your coffee, (iced if you live in the deep South, like she and I do. It’s hella hot down here!), and enjoy this fun little chat between Texans. No, there aren’t any y’alls and howdys. :)

Tell me who @jennagill is… What does a normal day look like for you?

Wake up after an average 7 hrs of sleep, get myself and two little boys ready for the day, drive an hour, workworkworkworkwork, drive an hour home to rowdy boys and Mr. Gill, prep dinner/eat/parent/bedtime, maybe about a half hour of me time (?), and sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some days are more exciting. Sometimes I take an hour off at lunch time to sit with my other coworkers. Sometimes I plan a lunch date. Sometimes I walk a few laps behind the office when it’s not blazing hot and 120% humidity. Posting Coxa on the Wednesday lunch hour really broke up the week for me, so it was nice to have that to look forward to at the front end of the week.

Where in the world do you find time to write with only 30 minutes of ‘me time’??

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Fic Writer’s Self Rec

I was tagged by captaintinymitematildajones, & allyasavedtheday to try my hand at this awesome & unique self-rec meme!

1. Your favorite fic you’ve written

Probably The Price. I made myself cry writing it, which is always a good sign in my opinion :P The story also built in interesting ways that I wasn’t particularly expecting until they came out (it was supposed to be a one shot drabble, guys. I have no idea how that fic actually happened) and I’m really pleased with how it resolved itself.

2. Your least favorite fic you’ve written

There are a lot of little tumblr drabbles I’m not too proud of, but I think my least favorite fics are probably Not Quite Done and my Gunplay sequel – my “smut sequels,” I guess, haha. Smut is something I think I can pull off veeery rarely, and these two both feel really forced to me.

3. Your most popular fic

Actually by hits, kudos, comments, and bookmarks it’s (not so) Pure Imagination for the win :)

4. The fic you wish more people would read

Someone Else’s Dream, because I enjoyed exploring the characters through dream sequences so much, and I was really pleased with the little ways I incorporated & developed Peter, Scott, and Lydia, even though they weren’t the focus. The dream sequence in the last chapter is one of my favorite things I’ve written.

Also Regression to the Mean, because I’m so pleased with how it works through Stiles & Derek’s post 3B PTSD in a way the show never touched on.

5. The fic you most enjoyed writing 

It would be so much easier to say which fics I’ve least enjoyed writing. For the most part I have a lot of fun writing every fic; there have only been a few I’ve really struggled with.

Let’s see… I want to mention a fic I haven’t brought up already, so I’m going to say LUST (Love & Unresolved Sexual Tension). It was just so easy to write, which is a rare delight, and such fun to play with the incubus trope and try to go in a bit of a different direction with it.

6. Your funniest fic

I don’t do a lot of humor, but maybe this ficlet where Derek is totally trapped in wolf form and Stiles has to comfort him. Oh!! Or maybe the not!fics where Finstock thinks Stiles & Derek are into bondage. I’m not sure those count, though.

7. Your hottest fic

(not so) Pure Imagination, probably? Though I’m also really fond of Once and Done, which was my first ever foray into PWP. I was really nervous about it, but incredibly happy with what I ended up with.

8. Your saddest fic

I get a lot of wonderful comments telling me The Price destroyed them (and put them back together) so probably that one.

9. The fic you’d like to be remembered for

What I would love is for (not so) Pure Imagination to inspire other people to write fics based in the same concept. The Fantasies are such a unique and interesting idea (THANK YOU FOREVER sterekismydrugofchoice for that first prompt) and there are great possibilities for smut, but also for exploring a different societal structure that would develop, and the potential consequences of a world where the Fantasies existed. So I don’t know if this really answers the question, but I’d like to be remembered for the Fantasy & Dreamer idea, and I’d love to see it become an actual trope, and what other people would do with that universe.

10. The thing(s) your fic contributed to fandom headcanon

Ooh, way back when my Parrish Stilinski-Hale headcanon caught on pretty well. There were a few fics based on that idea, and I actually saw some posts going around in passing talking about “that Parrish is a time traveler theory,” so that was a lot of fun.

I’ll tag… howlnatural stilesbansheequeen devildoll (I just discovered you have a tumblr and everything you write is beautiful) jessicameats derekandstiles hales-republic

anonymous asked:

OMG. I never thought one of my favorite Stony bloggers will also like Yuri on Ice. <3 What did you like about it? Will it be possible for you to do the screencaps thing with Yuri on Ice too?

oh my goodness, aren’t you the sweetest! <3 Yuri on Ice is so fantastic, and i think one of the main reasons I liked it so immediately is just that it’s so….beautiful in so many different ways? Like the music, for one; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the “yuri on ice” single since episode 7, and I mean it when I say it brings me to tears every time

and also just the story/message the anime tries to portray is so beautiful and emotional and genuine—like, i love how, unlike other sports animes, Yuri on Ice doesn’t start at the “beginning” of yuri’s career, but rather at the end of it, because this isn’t a “coming of age story,” but a “how to find yourself after failure” story, which just resonates so much more with me

(and also can we talk about how Yuri on Ice is a story about an ice skater ((in an interracial relationship!!)) who’s story is not defined by or limited to his sexual orientation? or how Yuri is portrayed as beautiful and sexy and awkward and silly and he’s allowed to cry but that doesn’t make him weak; it makes him real?)

and god the animation and the way each character’s facial expressions communicate something so deep and honest…I don’t know how to put it into words, but like from this last episode alone;


So yes! I’m not sure if that made any sense haha, but I’m really glad to have started this show! And since i am still pretty new to the fandom (almost a week now I think!), I can’t promise what my involvement will be in terms of making screencaps or contributing commentary……..but then again, who knows? i guess only time will tell!