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Ok but i just noticed Saihara is singled out in Ouma's board , what does the text near his image says? (It would be hilarious if it had some hearts lol)

I’ve actually been trying to figure that out myself! Sadly, without much progress. It’s impossible for me to clear the text up all the way up until there’s an even clearer image, I think (maybe from someone recording off of the PS4 instead of taking a picture of the Vita screen or television).

Either way, it’s undeniable that Saihara is singled out on the board, and none of the characters seem to resemble either kanji or hiragana that would spell out words like “mastermind” or “ringleader,” so he definitely seems to have mostly discounted the idea that Saihara could be behind it all.

My best guess is that he probably wrote something like “possible ally?” (it does look as though the word ends on a question mark). Given how much he’s checked and double-checked that the game does, definitely end if it comes down to only two people, and how he posed multiple offers throughout Chapter 4 trying to force Saihara’s hand into ditching Momota and the rest of them but teaming up with him, it would make sense.

I think despite his cynicsm and inability to really, fully trust, Ouma thought that if he could pick any ally he wanted from the remaining members, Saihara was clearly the best pick. In addition to being a detective and a huge asset to the group, and “useful” as Ouma has emphasized so many times, he was also someone Ouma found incredibly interesting and fun to be around.

Of course, he kind of ruined his chances there because he and Momota both were practically trying to pull Saihara in half for all of Chapter 4′s trial, and it turns out Ouma doesn’t know how to say “be my friend” or “work together with me” any better than he knows how to flirt.

This is basically what I’ve been speculating on the matter. I’d love to see a higher quality image of the whiteboard if one ever comes out, so if anyone can find one with the Japanese by Saihara’s picture in good quality, please let me know!

True Story

The one time I was on this site called omegle (which is this website where you chat with anon strangers), I chatted with a 12-year-old boy who loved Pokemon. He revealed to me that he felt left out at school and that he wanted a girlfriend but no one ever wanted to talk with him. Then he said he wished I could be his girlfriend because I was nice.

So, I decided I would cheer him up because I’ve been forever single myself and I know what it feels like. And I kid you not, this is how the conversation went:

“Remember in every Pokemon game how after you beat the elite four, legendaries are bound to show up?” I asked.

“Yeah?” He replied.

“Well, legendaries only come around once, so trainers have to be careful to catch it the first time.”

“Yeah but I can’t find my legendary.”

“Think of it this way: what if you and I are both legendaries, and we’re just waiting to be found by the right trainer. You’re a once-in-a-lifetime specialty, kid. It’s better to wait than to rush into the hands of a villain. It might take awhile, but you’ll encounter your trainer eventually.”

The kid was so happy after that I felt my heart melting. Because I think more people out there need to be told things I never was. Like how valuable you are and that you don’t need to have a special somebody right this minute. And you’re a gosh darn legendary and you’re worth the battling and the roaming adventures. You’re awesome, single kids!