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The problem with tumblr.

You are all angry.
Stupidly angry, rightfully angry, angry for the sake of being angry.

It needs to stop, at least on this website.
Every week there is a situation which follows this pattern:
Situation>Angry reaction>Thought out reaction>Truth through research which disproves the original point>A lot of ignored fact as people want to stay angry.

And what does it accomplish? Nothing.
Know why?
You’re convincing other people on tumblr.
Nothing leaves this site.

A reblog doesn’t accomplish anything when you’re already in a hive mind of agreement.
You’ll find an asshole off this website, screenshot it, and bring it back here to get people to chastise this person without ever confronting them or trying to educate them in a one on one conversation.
Eventually someone hunts that person down and bring all their followers.
Stop bringing back up to make someone’s life hell because they’re not apart of your hive mind, talk and respect opinions even if they conflict with yours.

And god forbid someone is brave enough to speak out on this site, you attack them until they’re gone because they got in the way of your unrealistic world view.
1 vs 1000. Gee, you’re all so oppressed by this one person’s opinion.
You don’t even try to educate if they’re apart of this website, it’s straight to anger to perfect the sjw eugenics.

You can’t act like every argument is a war.
Nothing changes except the fact you continue to make yourselves the bullies.
You think more people are willing to change their stance if you’re representing your side of the argument as an onslaught of anger?
No, it builds contempt and reinforces defiance.

Learn to pick your fights because it’s getting out of hand how embarrassing things are getting. This website is the butt of all jokes because you demand respect without being respectful.

It’s not even fair on yourselves in the end.
I’ve seen people going from the kindest individuals into a slave of sjw reblogs.
These blogs represent you and your likes, your lifestyle.
Every post is like an object in your room that defines you.
Are you happy in your room, or are you just filling this room with things you’re told you’re supposed to have?

I’m not saying ignore everything, some causes do help. But learn to filter between awareness that will help vs a reblog that makes you look good for reblogging.
I can’t tell you personally what’s important or not, that’s subjective, just be aware you’re not obligated to be angry at everything handed to you.
Otherwise you filter your blog to sjw bs, and make hive mind subsets, a cycle of people with the exact same thought process which traps you into only seeing angry sjw posts.

Life is about conflicting ideas and compromise, not a dictatorship of right or wrong.
(And stop adding “they should die” if they don’t agree with you. That’s not helping, it proves you’re just as immoral as you claim anyone else to be.)

I don’t really know how to conclude this other than… think for yourselves, think what makes you happy, what ACTUALLY makes you angry and deserves your attention, and all the emotions in between.
It’s not fun being angry.
Don’t let your life revolve around it.
Anger is a sign you need to find compromise, don’t yell at everyone to do what you want.
As I said, your arguments never leave this website (unless they’re cringe bad), you’re just creating a hot box of hate we all gotta deal with one way or another.


I have been wanting to make a list of fic rec since I keep finding all good fics to read on tumblr (damn it, you guys are so talented!) and since I just found out I had just hit my first milestone on this blog, I decided to just put this out there as a little thank you note to some people who had influenced me - both directly or indirectly, and gave me much inspiration to both write and post my work publicly. 

First of all, thank you for those who have been following my blog (all 300++ of you!!). I remember flipping out and getting super excited when I got my first 18 followers on this blog so I may not have a lot atm, but I am grateful for you guys for visiting this messy blog and staying with me- especially those who stays with me eversince my old days at my old trash blog, ILY!

A little bit of warning cause this is gonna be long lmaoo, so please bear with me^^

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millipop  asked:

heya this is real cool! bellarke for: “I found your tumblr but you don’t know and ugh now you’re posting about your crush on this cute person oh wait is that me?” au

Clarke didn’t go looking for Bellamy’s Tumblr.

She would have, obviously. If she’d realized he had one, she wouldn’t have rested until she’d tracked it down, but it had never even occurred to her that he might. Bellamy just doesn’t seem like the Tumblr kind of guy. Clarke has one because she likes drawing and ranting about representation in TV shows, and while she knew Bellamy was someone who liked to get into social justice fights on the internet, she assumed his medium was Facebook or Metafilter or Twitter. Which is probably kind of sexist, but, well, Bellamy Blake. On Tumblr. It just does not compute.

And, honestly, she does talk about Tumblr sometimes. Not in a weird way, just the subject will occasionally come up in conversation; she’ll mention something that happened to one of her mutuals or some interesting trivia she saw, and Bellamy has never done the same or indicated he has any knowledge of the website outside of her blog. So if anyone had asked, Clarke would have said he didn’t have a Tumblr and moved on with her life.

But then he pops up on her dash.

It’s one of those posts where someone has put up some pictures of themselves in costume with a weird caption, and other people add their own costumed pictures in response. Bellamy’s right there in the middle in the Roman centurion armor Clarke helped Octavia and Raven make for him back in college, holding up his gladius. Her friend has even tagged it #that roman guy tho, when she scrolls down to look, and then she has to scroll back up and stare again, because–Bellamy Blake. On Tumblr. In armor.

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(A table of contents is available. It will be kept updated throughout the series, and I will reblog it upon completion of the series. This series will remain open for additional posts.)

Part 6: What’s the Fuss About Classics?

This series is supposed to help you identify the qualities of your own story that will allow you to pick out the two or three genres that you’ll use when shopping your manuscript to publishers or agents. Let me tell you something: You do not write the classics. This can seem very disappointing since all your friends and family who are not writers are probably telling you, “You’re going to write the next Great American Novel!” or “I can’t wait to read your book; it’s going to be a classic.” I’ve even heard media refer to books, movies, TV shows as “instant classics!”

I’m going to say it one more time: You do not write classics. A writer may set out with that goal, to write a book that might become a classic, but books are not classics when you’re writing them. You will not be shopping your new manuscript around to the publishers who label themselves as releasing only classic titles. Classics become classics through time, and public opinion and ridicule. If it survives, it joins the ranks of being classics. At that point, a classics publisher may consider reissuing your book through their imprint (of course, only after your original contract runs its course).

What makes a classic story?

Why am I even bothering to bring this up if it’s not a choice for querying? Who cares? Classics are a genre in and of themselves. They are a very highly revered group, and it’s important that they be included in the list of genres in Part 2 because they are important books. That you won’t know if you’re writing them until after you’re published does not diminish the need to talk about them. So then, how can your story get into the wondrous genre of classics? Unfortunately, I can’t just flip over to a dictionary or even an educational website on the characteristics of genres to pull a definition. It’s pretty nebulous what lives on in the annals of literary history. Fortunately, there are a few things in common between the books who are considered classics, a few traits about the stories themselves that helped put them where they are that we can talk about. Perhaps it won’t form a complete definition for you to go by, but it can certainly help a little to understand.

Classics are transformative. Whether you consider them within their historical context of when they were first emerging on the market or you examine their effect on the craft of writing itself, there’s no debate that books that have gone on to be considered classics created an impact. They can transform a person or transform an element of craft, transform a society’s outlook on a situation or transform a genre.

Classics are elastic. Who the heckies still cares about The Odyssey? Written somewhere around the 8th century BC, how can it still be considered a classic? Why are we still reading it? The Odyssey is read worldwide still, all these hundreds of years later, because elements of it can be applied even to human beings and society today. This is elasticity. Classic stories can be taken and dissected, examined, twisted, pulled apart, extracted, and applied to a thousand theories, ideas, concepts, and world problems, but at the end of the day when we release it, it still springs back to retain its original shape. Classics retain their impact both despite time and because of time.

Classics reflect the human condition. This phrase comes from college literature courses, and let me be the first to tell you I don’t like it much, either. It sounds pompous and is difficult to define. This point goes hand-in-hand with what I’ve said about classics being transformative. Classics say something about the world, about humans. What they have to say stands the test of time. It’s still relatable somehow.

“Classics” do not automatically mean “favorite.” It’s not always true to say that the world loves a book just because it’s considered a classic. Nor is it always true to say that “classics are taught in classrooms.” Yes, they often are part of a school curriculum (because we can learn about ourselves from them, or study how a work impacted a mindset in history, or see the influence a style had on writing craft as a whole), but simply being a classic does not put your book on a class syllabus. “Classic” can be subjectively “good prose.” You are completely entitled to dislike classics. (I have an English degree; I do not like most classics. I appreciate them. I do not like them.) You don’t have to like them, but you do have to understand them, understand why they are important to society and the world, understand their thumbprint on the world.

So where does that leave you, with your new manuscript and your query letter? Not in the realm of classics. Yet. In terms of cross-genre-ing, classics have been parts of all kinds of genres prior to becoming considered classics. Think of The Lord of the Rings–that’s a classic series, but also fantasy. Now think of Sense and Sensibility–also a classic, but also romance (kind of?? in perhaps a more austere sense of the genre??). My point is, it’s highly unrecommended to take your manuscript to an imprint that publishes classics like Penguin Classics. You, with your new book, are not a classic yet. Those imprints are reprints, like Shakespeare and To Kill a Mockingbird. They need to be acknowledged as a genre in their own right, but they are not what I really was aiming at with this series.

Next up: Cultural Heritage!

dracodormiensnt: Reasons why Sophie Hunter’s PR has had a too difficult task to handle

I’d like to show everyone why I think PR for Sophie Hunter has a too difficult task to handle, so I am summarizing many of the very clever remarks that I have read on skeptics blogs. A lot of times the real food for thought comes from small posts, but I also find that submitted posts which try to look at the bigger picture (like NBD-Anon, GN Anon and many more!) are really useful if anyone needs an overview.

1. Sophie Hunter has almost no potential to become a star

Admittedly, PR for people, brands and products can be quite genius. Some PR-moves and strategies are undeniably great, for example Gambles’ tumblr-campaign for Beyonce is very impressive. However, there is only so much PR can do, and one major factor that determines a campaign’s success is obviously the product itself. Unfortunately for SH-PR they got a very difficult object to work with, i.e. Sophie Hunter. 

Sophie Hunter has a very unlikable demeanor and seems very smug. Even the Nans have admitted that SH has an “unfortunate face” which made it difficult for her to appeal to anyone. Btw, her “not too gorgeous” appearance could have been a reason why BC’s team agreed to use her for the Showmance, because fans/the public wouldn’t have a too difficult time to “let go of her” after the split in the narrative.

Sophie Hunter is not talented enough which explains the polishing of her CV. Notice also how her labels keep shifting: actress, avant-garde artist, theatre director, fashionista and now playwriter. Even in the comments in e.g. the Dailymail regular people are posting their doubts about SH’s CV and how they are fed up with this constant push to emphasize SH’s allegedly brilliant achievements.

Sophie Hunter makes very odd style choices so she unfortunately for her she hasn’t been able so far to establish herself as a fashionista or, simply, a well-styled person. The furniture-looking clothes speak for themselves.

These facts about Sophie Hunter made it impossible for PR to set up official websites for her. She is kind of a hopeless case for a celebrity. It would look ridiculous for her to run an official tumblr like e.g. Beyonce’s tumblr. So PR set up fake-fansites for SH really fast and which still looked ridiculous. Why would SH have gained obsessed fans THIS early in the narrative? The annickpass tumblr, which started even before the French Open, first tried to imply that they were SH’s own blog. This was also pathetic because why would an unsuccessful theater artist run such a pretentious show-off- tumblr? The tumblr compared her to Sophie Marceau and British filmstars! Later the tumblr tried to pretend to be a fansite, but when they were exposed as a PR-site by skeptics, they posted a message that they were “just friends”, and then they shut the tumblr-blog down for good. These were major backtracking moves from PR. The whole debacle of annickpass tells a lot about PR’s struggle to successfully campaign for SH, who is simply not the right candidate for all of their efforts.

The authenticity of the other “fansites” that have stayed ( can also easily be questioned. Why did PR even bother with fake-fansites? Because SH-PR has always known that the length of the showmance was limited, so they needed maximum amount of buzz for their client, but they moved too fast and became unconvincing. Sure, some BC-Nanny-fans have by now set up real fansites for SH, because they took pity on her, but SH PR couldn’t have foreseen that. And  their own fake-fansites are, of course, easier to use for PR-purposes. Thanks to PR’s fake-fansites, it is really easy to see which image for SH PR is trying to be accepted as the truth. Too bad though that those sites are themselves too shady to be trusted.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch is the wrong celebrity to be paired up with a fake girlfriend who has got a selfish and harmful agenda

BC is one of those celebrities who gained popularity because casual and enthusiastic fans (among other things) liked him for his rejection of typical Starlet behavior. The worst case of famewhore-behavior is e.g. Kim Kardashian’s antics, and BC’s demeanor is quite the opposite of such a celebrity. So this explains BC obvious unwillingness to take part in a showmance. Otherwise he would have tried to sell the narrative of his relationship with SH with more effort.

But PR’s biggest problem with BC is that he has a huge fandom with too many clever fans. These are fans who are very observant, resourceful and intelligent and who can read subtle messages and have called out on PR-moves. Many of BC’s fans originated from his Sherlock-TV Show. A TV-Series that is loved by people who like snarky, clever characters and mysteries. This is, unfortunately, for SH-PR not the type of audience that would easily be fooled by PR-shenanigans.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this as well, but PR had been trying to paint BC-Fans as a bunch of crazy Belieber-Fans. Slightly younger, foolish and easy to discredit. Apart from articles which paint this picture of BC-Fans, there have been Anon-posts made by PR that imply that and PR has also written some lovely intimidating messages to Skeptics. So they like to discredit anyone who challenges them, but they don’t mind at all if embarrassing fans, who think they want to be in SH’s good books, write silly fan letters to her. 

3. We are in a new age of celebrity gossip culture

PR is facing more challenging times. Fans and people interested in gossip and in talking about their favorite celebrities have turned away from the traditional gossip media. These days, intelligent gossip takes place in specialized gossip blogs and forums where a community of “experts” for each celebrity meet and dissects events. These forum-posters or bloggers get to know each within the sphere of the forum so that it is somewhat easy for them to identify trolls and posts made by PR-people, who, of course, monitor the discussions as well. If you have so many snarky experts for a celebrity, it becomes really difficult to try to control them and feed them a PR-narrative. And with BC, the skeptical gossip talks have shifted to the tumblr-blogs because this is where BC Fandom takes place. He is after all tumblrs’ most reblogged actor. The means to communicate about BC have become too fast and too advanced (e.g. making of gifs) for SH’s PR to keep up with and to manipulate with messages.


Hello my fellow Sherlockians (: To all those who stopped to read this through, thank you immensely! As to not waste your time, I’ll get straight to my proposal.

Hopefully, the image gave you a hint to what I’m about to talk about, but to those who are still confused, I’m planning to make a “One Day More,” Sherlock parody song video. To all those who know the song, I think most can agree that it applies to the majority of the Sherlock fandom and what they have to endure on a daily basis.

Now this is a big project, and I intend to do properly and finish it to the end. But obviously, it’s not one I can do on my own. So that’s where you, the Sherlock fans, come into play!

I want this video to be a project made by fans for fans. Of course, that does not mean that it purely needs to be a group of Sherlock fans. There are many jobs, which I’ll go over later, that need to be done, and if you know how to perform that job well, I will not refuse the help.

This would be a long project, with no real set date on when it needs to be finished. The only thing that I hope is that it’s done before Sherlock season 4 is released, which could take a bit of time from what we know as Sherlock fans!

Now this is only a proposal at the moment, as I want to know how many people would actually be interested in joining this project. If there are not enough people who want to help, then I’ll have to postpone this idea until there are enough people. So it is crucial that if you are interested, that you message me exactly that. Please don’t message me as anonymous as I’d like to contact you later if we do start this project.

For now, if you’re interested, please check my blog for updates or follow if you think that’s easier. If this project happens, I will make a specific blog for it that you’ll all be able to follow. 

If you can’t help in anyway directly to the project, please help by reblogging this post so more and more people can see and hopefully we can make this project a real thing!

Now, I need to know that anyone who’s actually legit in helping is 100% on board with this. That means that you don’t just quit halfway because you got bored or you don’t want to. I need to know that everyone who wants to be apart of this project is going to stay with this project till the end. By joining, you’re promising to be dedicated to this project, and in return, I give you my promise that I will be just as dedicated to get this project out. Of course, if family problems or financial troubles arise, then I completely understand. I just don’t want anyone who joins to just one day wake up and not want to do their job.

And I know you have exactly no reason to trust my word on it, or trust that I can even do this project. And there’s not much I can show you to prove it, I realize as I write this down, but I’m a film student, and it is in my best intentions to practice filming, even if it is only for a few hundred people to see. And besides that, I love the show. I want to contribute. And being someone who wants to get into the film industry, this is the only way I know I can really show my appreciation to the show. Also, for those still doubting, when others are dependent on me, I can’t quit. I mean it. People waiting for me to make the next move is enough motivation to stay focused on a task. So if there’s enough people interested, that alone will make me stay till the very end. Hopefully, that convinced anyone who once doubted, but I understand if you still iffy about the whole affair.

One more thing before I go into the job descriptions. This video, if it does get made, will be posted on youtube and other social media websites. Like I said, it’s video made by fans for fans. So it will be shared. If you have a problem with your face being on camera, then it would be better to take a job where you don’t show your face. If you don’t want your name to be in the video, because I intend to credit every single person who helps in some way, then we can put your tumblr username or whatever you’d feel more comfortable with.

Last thing I promise; this will be filmed in North America, where in North America depends on where the most people are located and where it’s more easily accessible. I have no clue where I’d want to film this project and to anyone not living here, please don’t spend the money to come here just to film, unless you’re loaded, in which do what you like. There’s so many jobs that one can do in the privacy of their own home that you don’t need to spend any money at all. Of course, I’m not telling anyone that they can’t, but please don’t think you have to.

So if you’re interested in helping in the project, please keep reading so you can try to find a job you’d like to do. This is a huge project, but I believe that this can be done; it just needs some dedicated people to pull it off (:

I’ve made a poll and it would help that you fill it out so I can know your opinion on the whole project: CLICK ME 

(It be advisable that you read the rest of the proposal before filling out the poll)

Please don’t forget to reblog and share this to everyone and anyone. Thanks again!

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