this is the only screencap that means anything to me

hello yes, it is i the most extra stan alive here with my theories of the entire flight log trilogy. i would like to remind everyone that these theories are my own interpretation and for you guys to take it with a pinch of salt. also, i would like to say i’m only running on 2 hours of sleep so if this post is messy rip please don’t blame me so let’s go!

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Thanks! So uh, I’m gonna disclaimer that this is only my interpretation based on what I saw + have seen others say about this. Also I’m screencapping the ask and making a new post because I’m a mobile user who doesn’t use anything like xkit. The tl;dr is basically to pay really close attention to Victor’s expressions. (Also for others muh original post was [here])

So when Yuuri went into the store, Victor almost definitely thought that Yuuri was buying rings to blatantly propose to him. As in an overt, no getting around it “WILL YOU MARRY ME” sort of proposal. I mean looked at Victor’s expressions

Notice how shocked and arguably touched best boy Victor looks.

Then Yuuri drops the “good luck” line. Importantly, in Japanese it is the exact second Yuuri uses the word   おまじない which literally translates to “good luck charm.” Anyway, it is hard to tell in still images but if you listen closely Victor audibly gasps and story boards show that his internal thoughts were “So this is what he means.” [edit: yes good luck charms in this sense have a specific cultural context that doesn’t equate to the western concept exactly, but that’s not what I’m here to get into]

But nonetheless, the implications are still there because even someone as dense as Yuuri has to know exactly what he’s doing, and Victor must know that. So Victor later clarifies this in the later scene. Some people write it off as Victor joking but given the context of both what Victor must be thinking and how the scenario is presented that seriously makes no sense whatsoever and i could write a whole essay on why I hate that interpretation  maybe I will

The Greg-Lainey livestream part 1

So I watched a 2015 livestream from 2015 that was linked in this post by @onisiondrama because I figured I’d watch it and provide commentary and take note of all the shitty things Greg does. This turned into what was basically a transcription of the video because literally (in the very literal sense) everything Greg said was terrible except one singular thing (but he managed to ruin that too). It was long so everything is under the cut. This is only part one of the stream (the first 21 minutes) but this was very long regardless

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Hello everyone! I, like most of you, get a rush whenever Pablo answers something that is just barely Kylo/Rey/ST related. No matter how inconsequential, “Kylo likes lemonade”, I squint my eyes and even if only for a second, contemplate what does this mean for Episode VIII?! Star Wars?! My faves?!.

However, because of this thirst for anything new or related to Ep. VIII, lots of people - shippers included - have taken to bombarding him with questions with a clear agenda.

And then we screencap them and talk about them endlessly.

And so in order to wean myself off of this unhealthy dependence on someone who, essentially, can’t tell me anything - I am starting “No Pablo May” (others are free to join in, of course).

This is not a protest against Pablo or anyone who interacts with him, or enjoys his responses. This is my own personal way of giving Pablo some much needed space, and to keep me centered through the long, long months we have to wait until Ep. VIII is released. What this means is:

I will not talk about him, reblog posts about him, or interact with him on twitter in any way.

Total blackout.

This is going to be extremely hard for me because Bloodline is coming out next week, but that is all the more reason for me to do it. People who have a vested interest in one ship or another (or even just Star Wars) will again be harassing him with nonstop questions, and I don’t want to be a part of that. I want to keep a bit of mystery to Ep. VIII, so I can still enjoy it when it comes out.

So, just letting you know! If you want to join me, I welcome it.

Reblog and let me know if you plan on joining me for No Pablo May!

Also, I’ll track the tag “No Pablo May” if you want some support for it - it’ll be hard x.x


Hi, Jessica. I have a secret. I have a big one. And I never said it out loud! I mean, what’s the point? It’s not gonna change anything, it’s not gonna make me good; make me an adopt a puppy. I can’t be what other people want me to be; what she wants me to be. This is who I am, Jessica.

So, I’ve reached the “re-watching old episodes looking for secrets” stage and I noticed something in “The Love God.”

Only one grave has dates on it in this shot. …It would be much easier, with three in a row being blank, to leave that blank too. Putting writing on just one of them makes it stick out, and makes no visual sense.

Here it is again, and it’s shifted so that we can see it behind Wendy. It’s moved too far to the right to be plausibly just a result of changing the angle. Almost like the animators pushed it down a little, deliberately, so we could see it a second time.

I have no idea what those dates could mean, thought. …Just to be thorough, I grabbed screencaps of the other tombstones with dates in the cemetery….very few have actual numbers.

The one almost behind Robbie says “1989-1971,” which could just be a joke. (Looks like this poor fella only lived to be negative eighteen years. Such a waste.) The other goes from 1885-1959.

Do these dates mean anything at all any of them a reference to anything outside the show? Are they clues–particularly the first one, which sticks out so much? Or is it all just nothing?