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Taking a bit of a break

Hello followers,

I’m gonna be taking a short break from this blog. This won’t be as long as my past hiatuses but I’m gonna need some time away from the blog for just a little while.

The ask box has been closed and the queue only has two posts left in it. For now, that’ll be the last bit of attention this blog gets for a little while

Thank you for your past support and I appreciate all of you who have stuck with the blog for so long - you guys mean so much to me

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,

a concept: lance carrying a sleepy keith back to his room after finding him snoring in the training deck. he tucks keith in bed and gently pets his hair.
keith murmurs “i love you lance” in his sleep. lance hears him. “love you too” he whispers softly, and then goes to sleep as well. keith sleeps through the rest of the night with a smile plastered on his face.


not everyone
not y o u

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week 4: emotions

anonymous asked:

First off, I'm a big fan of yours. Your text posts are PERFECTION SPACE MOM. Second, I sent a message to my crush about how I like him in a different language. And I promised to tell him on the last day of school what it meant in English when he's leaving. I thought you could make a text post of something Lance confessing to Keith in a different language ( cause I'm Klance trash ). Sorry to bother😅 just really wanted to ask. Hope you have a wonderful day !


secondly, i made a post similar to this a while back but i love this trope so much and couldn’t help myself so here we go!!

 translation: (to the best of my ability - please correct my spanish if anything is wrong ) 

“i’ve been thinking about you…”


“do you like me? i adore you…”


“i wish you were mine.”

“i’m sorry…”

“please ignore this”

~ and now because ur spacemom is a sappy piece of shit and couldn’t leave this open-ended~ 


keith: “You make me happy… I love you and I can’t live without you. :)”

lance: “i love you too!!! :)”

highlights of my math prof’s t-shirts last semester:

  • wearing a grey t-shirt with a black square in the middle *pulls out chalk and writes the chain rule on the square* “usually i forget to erase this shirt”
  • back of a seemingly normal shirt has a bunch of math pickup lines written on it
  • wears a shirt w/complicated formulas on the front “so these are advanced physics formulas so i actually have no idea what they mean. it reminds me of how you all must feel when i teach you calculus”
  • “and the number I am referring to is…” *rips off sweater to reveal t-shirt with the letter e on it*

Dirty Designing - a FitzSimmons Dirty Dancing AU 

Rating: Mature                             Chapters: 2/?
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, “Mack” Mackenzie/Elena “Yoyo” Rodriguez
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - 1960s, AU - Teenagers, AU - Summer Camp, AU - Dirty Dancing Fusion, Summer Romance, POV Jemma Simmons   

When men scoff at seventeen-year-old Jemma Simmons for entering the science fair at her summer resort, she refuses to be pushed aside. Fellow teen and resident gadget guy Leo Fitz isn’t allowed to sign up because he’s resort staff, so she suggests they team up. And maybe it’s just the summer air, but the longer they work together, the more it seems like there’s something else heating up between them.

{ You can find the artwork above, done by the incredibly talented @eclecticmuses, here! }

From this chapter:

“I’m brilliant,” Jemma continued, anger thrumming through her at just the thought of needing to admit this out loud, “but most people can’t see past the petticoats to the brain underneath.”

Fitz’s look of incredulity switched abruptly to one of confusion, and then he squinted. “Petticoats don’t cover brains. And you’re not wearing any.”

She let out a huff of annoyance. “It was a turn of phrase!”

“Do girls still even wear petticoats –?”

“Fitz!” He snapped his mouth shut, looking sheepish. “Do you want to be my partner or not?”

Read the rest here!

A very happy birthday to the wonderful @beautiful-unfolding! I apologize for how long it’s taking me to finish your wildly belated Secret Valentine present - I promise I’ve been working on it whenever I’m able! With only 5 chapters under my belt, I’m not ready to start posting it regularly yet, but I really wanted to give you something for your birthday - so here’s chapter 2! I hope you like it, and that you have a fantastic day! <3

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oh man i haven’t made a shallura post in so long! i’m so sorry lmao but i hope this is alright! i have a few more shallura requests in my inbox to work on (multiple asking for angst??? ummm… how dare you make me cry???) so keep an eye out 💜

save this man

this definitely wasn’t inspired by an actual chat on discord. nope. absolutely not. what gave you that idea???… lmfao i love you guys so much

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5/100 [4.23.17] || THE ONLY BEAUTIFUL THING IN THIS PIC IS HOSEOK, MY PUPPY, AND 2SEOK AT THE FAR END but then this spread is not as bad as my previous ones so might as well post it to see my improvement ~ am I improving? is my dog cute? are BTS’ new posts meme-worthy? || from my studygram : @chrissiestudies