this is the only place i take selfies

my name is Stanley Almodovar III
i carry the name of my father and his father before me
i’m twenty-three years young
i dyed my hair saturday but no one got to see it sunday morning
my name is Amanda Alvear
i am twenty-five years young
people know me as a pharmacy tech, the girl who lost almost two hundred pounds, the girl who takes too many selfies
but the only place i was truly myself was where i was that night
my name is Oscar Aracena
i am twenty-six years young
i’m a student at Valencia College
i was so close to getting my degree… so close
my name is Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala
i am thirty-three years young
i am a supervisor at the OneBlood donation center
i never did know if my job was the one who tried to save my life
my name is Capt. Antonio Davon Brown of the U.S. Army Reserve
i am thirty years young
i almost have my doctorate degree of management in organizational leadership
my name is Darryl Roman Burt II
i am twenty-nine years young
i just received my master’s degree in Human Resources Management
tonight, i was celebrating
mi llamo Jonathan Camuy
soy es veinticuatro anos
trabajo en una cadena de televisión española
realmente estaba deseando volver a trabajar el lunes
my name is Angel Luis Candelario-Padro
i am twenty-eight years young
soon, i will be an ophthalmic technician
i cannot wait to begin my new job in a few days
my name is Omar Capo
i am twenty years young
i love to dance
i always said i wanted to die doing what i loved
my name is Simon Carrillo
i am thirty-one years young
my partner and i just came home from a little getaway to Niagara Falls
i was really looking forward to our next vacation together
my name is Luis Daniel Conde
i am thirty-nine years young
my best friend is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
he’s been by my side since high school
my name is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
i am twenty-two years young
my best friend is  Luis Daniel Conde
seems only fitting we left this world together
my name is Cory James Connell
i am twenty-one years young
my brother is getting married this fall and i am to be his best man
don’t tell him but i have no idea what to say in my speech
my name is Tevin Eugene Crosby
i am twenty-five years young
i am the owner of a marketing firm, Total Entrepreneurs Concepts
hard work truly does pay off; i can’t wait to share my latest meme with all of my facebook friends when i get home tonight
my name is Anthony Luis Laureano Disla
i am twenty-five years young
i love to dance, i want to be a dancer
tonight, i want to go dancing with my friends
my name is Deonka Deidra Drayton
i am thirty-two years young
for the first time in a long time, i can finally, confidently, say
that i am happy
my name is Leroy Valentin Fernandez
i am twenty-five years young
i love to sing
no matter what happens in life, no one will ever take my voice away from me
my name is Mercedez Marisol Flores
i am twenty-six years young
i am studying literature at Valencia College’s West Campus but my true passion is party planning
i’ve been thinking about switching majors
my name is Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
i am twenty-two years young
all i want to do is make people smile
i’ve always thought that laughter could cure anything
my name is Paul Terrell Henry
i am forty-young years young
i am the proud father of two amazing kids and i have the most magnificent boyfriend
i cannot thank god enough for all of my blessing
my name is Frankie Hernandez
i am twenty-seven years young
i have a little sister, she’s one of my best friends
i cannot wait to see the person she becomes when she grows up
my name is Miguel Angel Honorato
i am thirty years young
i have three sons who i love more than life itself
i hope they will enjoy what i have planned for the next birthday party
my name is Jimmy De Jesús
i am fifty years young
i love my job but i am so thankful i have tomorrow off
i plan on having a good time tonight
my name is Javier Jorge-Reyes
i am forty years young
i am so, so proud of who i am
no one can take that away from me
my name is Jason Josaphat
i am nineteen years young
i love life, i love my life
and it’s only just begun
my name is Eddie Justice
i am thirty years young
i have a huge family, but i am a mama’s boy at heart
i always make sure to text my mom everyday
my name is Christopher Leinonen
i am thirty-two years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Juan Guerrero
i cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of us
my name is Juan Guerrero
i am twenty-five years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Christopher Leinonen
after a long week at work, i just want to unwind with my love tonight
my name is Alejandro Martinez
i am twenty-one years young
i have only been living in Florida for two years
but i have always met so many kind people here; that must be why it is called the “sunshine state”
my name is Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool
i am forty-nine years young
i beat cancer twice
and i have never felt more alive
my name is Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
i am twenty-five years young
i am studying health care management at the Ana G. Mendez University’s Orlando campus
all i want to do is help people
my name is Kimberly Morris, but you can call me ‘KJ’
i am thirty-seven years young
i moved to Florida to be closer to my mother and grandmother
i love my job as a bouncer at Pulse Nightclub
my name is Akyra Murray
i am eighteen years young
i just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School
my name is Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez, but you can call me Drake
i am twenty-five years young
i love Selena Gomez
i hope to meet her one day
Joel Rayon Paniagua
i am thirty-one years young
i love dancing
i am going to meet my friends for a night of dancing
my name is Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
i am thirty-five years young
not to brag, but i am the best salesperson Perfumania
you can ask Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
my name is Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
i am thirty-seven years young
growing up wasn’t easy but i can finally say that i am comfortable in my own skin
and i am lucky enough to have Jean Carlos Mendez Perez by my side through it all
my name is Enrique L. Rios
i am twenty-five years young
i am from New York
but i came to Florida to celebrate my friend’s birthday
my name is Eric Ivan Ortiz Rivera
i am thirty-six years young
i don’t really like clubs
but it’s for a friend, so tonight, i will go
my name is Xavier Emmanuel Serrano
i am thirty-five years young
i have a five year old son who is my entire world
i just hope i will raise him to be a genuine and compassionate person
my name is Christopher Sanfeliz
i am twenty-four years young
i am a personal banker at J.P. Morgan Chase bank
i am very thankful to have Sundays off, especially tonight
my name is Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan
i am twenty-four years young
i am a proud mom and wife
my youngest baby is three months old
my name is Jean Carlos Nieves Rodriguez
i am twenty-seven years young
i just brought my first house
i just want my mom to live somewhere nice
my name is Edward Sotomayor Jr.
i was named after my father
i am thirty-four years young
i love my boyfriend and i love adventure
my name is Shane Tomlinson
i am thirty-three years young
i am the lead singer in a band
i love to bring music to the lives of others
my name is Martin Benitez Torres
i am thirty-three years young
last month, i enrolled in college
i hope to be a pharmacy tech
my name is Juan Rivera Velazquez
i am thirty-nine years young
i love being a hair stylist
 i love making people feel beautiful
my name Luis Vielma
i am twenty-two years young
i love my job, especially working on the Harry Potter ride at Universal
but one day i really want to become an EMT
my name is Jerald Arthur Wright
i am thirty-one years young
i have a huge family, both biological and my coworkers 
tonight i am celebrating my friend’s birthday
—  say their names
(cc, 2017)

got a new haircut and feelin good ✌ (they/them)

the windbreaker I got from @shoptrashqueen came in today, so good! and my favorite sweatshirt, designed by @slugspoon !

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Ok, so we have the 10 most liked Instagram pics/videos taken by Phichit, but what about Chris's 10 most liked pics? I bet he must've managed to take a podium selfie with both Yuuri and Victor at some point, maybe the Olympics? I doubt he'd let that opportunity pass.

Chris’ Top Ten Most Liked Pictures/Videos To Date:

1) A picture of him sunbathing on holiday stark naked with only a strategically placed table covering his modesty 

2) A recent selfie of him and Viktor and Yuuri on the podium

3) A picture he took of Viktor when Viktor was drunk of Viktor wearing all his medals simultaneously

4) A pool selfie of both him and Viktor

5) A picture of him and his mystery man looking very couple-y

6) A compilation of adorable photos of him and his cat

7) A video of Viktor drunkenly dancing to ‘Rasputin’ while Chris can be heard alternately cheering him on and dying laughing in the background

8) A selfie of him and a passed out/ hungover Viktor on a hotel room bed after one of their famous nights out surrounded by an assortment of completely random objects including but not limited to a traffic cone, a plastic flamingo and a live lizard. No-one can remember what happened that night and no-one wants to

9) A picture of him pole dancing with a pair of very athletic and sexy thighs of someone else included in the picture although nothing else of the other person can be seen. (Chris and Viktor made everyone swear to never show the pictures of Yuuri at the Olympics to protect his dignity but since Yuuri couldn’t be identified from the picture Chris couldn’t resist)

10) A picture of young Viktor and young Chris looking very cute and adorable that Chris posted as a throwback 

+ no.1 of all time) A picture that does not exist in the timeline yet but one day in the future of the Rivals series timeline will eventually exist of a certain situation where Yuuri and Viktor look very happy together and Chris is standing there looking smug as a best *ahem* “friend” ;)

I’m not gonna lie y’all.

I’m getting really frustrated with trying to reach out to white feminists and “only love defeats hate” hippy types.

I’ve expressed some cynicism about the women’s march.  I haven’t written them off completely and I believe the organizers have their hearts in the right place, but I can’t ignore the complacency and compliance of white feminism and what it means.  I know that as a demographic the majority of white women voted for Trump.  I also know that once all of these police-hand-shaking white ladies finish taking their cute activism selfies and put their pink pussy hats away in their keepsake boxes, they’ll pat themselves on the back and then they WILL leave the rest of us hanging.  Maybe literally. They will retreat into the relative safety that being white and cis and straight gives them and leave trans women and disabled folks and black women and queers and nonbinary folks and sex workers out here flapping in the fucking breeze.

And when I say something about this I have white cisgender women and men who I have considered friends and tried to reach out to telling me that I’m being divisive.  “Not all white women voted for Trump”  “Black people voted for trump too!  Even if it was only 8%…”  “If we hadn’t marched, would you be any better off?”  “ Black women didn’t vote. Wtf good is this tear-down argument you are pushing today?  I don’t believe calling people out on not connecting the dots between a Trump win and conservative SCOTUS control for half a lifetime is racist.”

Their racism is showing.  Their selfishness is showing.  I know that the only gods damned reason they marched is that some of their privilege is threatened now.  They weren’t marching when it was only brown people and black people and queers and muslims losing their rights.  They tell me “love trumps hate” and violence against white supremacists is unjustified because “a single Nazi cabinet member doesn’t mean we’re under Nazi rule.”

I’m trying to stay strong and keep reaching out.  I’m trying to gently educate them and make them care about what’s right BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT and not because it just now affects them.

But I am failing.

My Timeline of Top Surgery & Recovery with Dr. Raphael in Plano, Texas.

This is just a master post of my top surgery experience & recovery. I had double incision mastectomy with nipple grafts in Feb of 2016. I also had lipo. The total was $6,750 ($6,000 for the masc and $750 for the lipo on the sides.)
Pictures will be made available at request.


  • Because I do not live in the Plano area I drove 5 hours to Plano the day before my surgery and had my pre-op apt that same day.
  • At pre-op I met with one of the nurses and with Dr. Raphael. This is your opportunity to talk to him about your chest, incisions, to bring up concerns and so on. In my case, my mom asked all the questions because she wasn’t as versed as I was on what was going on. 
  • At pre-op they give you a lot of things to sign, they take before photos, and just go over the basic run down of everything you need to do before surgery.
  • Try to plan your pre-op apt as early as possible that day. You will have to go get your prescriptions the day before your surgery and you don’t want to run into the pharmacy closing on you or any issues with the pharmacy not accepting the scripts. I went to Walgreens to get mine filled and they gave me a hard time which led to an hour run around between Walgreens and the doctors office.
  • I was prescribed extra medicines because I had issues with nausea in previous surgeries. If you have concerns about nausea tell the nurse at your pre op and they will get you what you need to prevent you from getting sick. They will walk you through possible medicines you may need based on your medical history and/or allergies you have.
  • The anesthesiologist will call you the night before your surgery. They will tell you not to eat anything too heavy for dinner and to make sure it is pretty bland. I couldn’t eat any dairy either. Also, clear liquids for the most part. Of course they advised me not to eat after 10pm for safety. 
  • Make sure you have a support system with you. First of, you can not have surgery without someone to be with you but I took my mom, my best friend and his brother with me. The surgery center also will not let you have surgery without people to care for you afterwards.
  • Pack or get yourself some button up shirts. You will not be able to get into t-shirt well if at all that first week or so. If you are trying to get into t-shirts that first week you will more than likely pull something as you are not supposed to be lifting your arms at all. (Think about the arm range of a T-Rex. That will be you.)
  • I am a pretty hairy individual so I shaved my chest a couple days prior to surgery. About a week before surgery you should start prepping your body for surgery. You will wash your chest with Betadine Skin Cleanser. You should get this information when you set your surgery date. If you don’t get it, email the office.
  • You will take 500mg of Vitamin C daily in addition to any multi vitamin you may be taking. DO NOT take any extra Vitamin E because it may cause some bleeding.
  • Do NOT take any aspirin or ibuprofen one week prior to surgery and up to two weeks after surgery. (i.e. Bufferin, Anacin, Advil, Motrin, Datril, Excedrin, Anacin-free, etc.)
  • NO SMOKING. Especially 1 week prior and two weeks after surgery.
  • Also, you will have to stop testosterone 2 weeks prior to surgery.


  • My surgery was at 7am and lasted about 3 hours according to my best friend.
  • When you get there you will check in at surgery check in desk on your right after you go through the doors.
  • When they call you back you will change out of your clothes into the hospital gown and socks. (I took this opportunity to take my last selfie in my binder.)
  • You then will be escorted to your surgery bed. The nurses will get you all cozy and warm (I personally overheat easily so I had to have them cool me down a little bit) and start your IV. The anesthesiologist will make an appearance to just walk you through some things. Dr. Raphael will also come in and draw the incision marks and other surgery related things on you.
  • After everything they will use your IV to put you to sleep and start wheeling you to the surgery room. I remember being wheeled to the back and everyone being all smiles. I knocked out right when then they put me on the surgery table.


  • I woke up and I only remember them asking me if I wanted something to drink (sprite? ginger ale?). I also remember being wheeled out to the car and my best friend and his brother getting me in the car. I remember being placed in the bed in the room. I remember taking a post op selfie and being able to use the restroom by myself.
  • Wearing sweat pants and/or athletic shorts are a must after surgery.
  • My first meal after surgery was mashed potatoes and gravy. Something pretty light is always best.
  • You can only sleep on your back and you have to sleep elevated.
  • I personally had a problem staying awake the first 3 days after surgery or so. I would fall asleep in the middle of doing things. 
  • You will have a post op the day after surgery. Here they will teach you and whoever taking care of you how to care for your dressings for the next week.
  • Your chest is dressed with pads to soak any blood from your incisions. If you had lipo you will have a half pad on those entry points below incisions. Over that is 2 ace bandages that are wrapped tight to deal with swelling. (They are meant to be tight but if you have trouble breathing then loosen them. They are there for support.) The ace bandages will be wrapped over your chest and your lipo points. The ace bandages stay on majority of the time unless you are changing the pads. DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR TAPES OR ANY OTHER BANDAGES! Only change the pads once a day.
  • Dr. Raphael does not use drains.
  • I developed a minor rash around my lipo points because I had to much moisture there from the neosporin. If that happens to you stop putting the neosporin there.
  • At your one week appointment they will remove the dressings and you will see your chest for the first time.
  • Reveal day is very emotional for most people and I knew that I would forget everything that the nurses told me in terms of my continued aftercare. My tip is to have someone record the entire exchange so you can re-listen to the aftercare instructions later.
  • At one week I was told I could drive again, I could sleep on my sides, I could shower again, and that I could wear t-shirts again. (I personally waited to drive longer than that though because I did not feel comfortable at all.)
  • You will continue to wear the ace bandages for a month. It’s hard to think about binding after surgery but its to contain swelling, so don’t cheat your recovery.
  • For your nipple care, you will be given Adaptic (non-adhering dressing) that is meant to keep your nips moist. you will apply some vasoline to the Adaptic. Then you cover that with a gauze pad and medical tape or fabric tape. (All things you can find in the first aid aisle at the store. The nurses will give you some to get started.) You will do this until you run out of the Adaptic they give you. Which should be about a month to 6 weeks.
  • The tapes on your incisions will fall off on their own. Don’t pull them off. They should all fall off on their own around 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • After they fall off you will place provided silicone strips for your scars for a while.
  • At the time of surgery, I was delivering pizzas for a living. I will admit that I jumped the gun on returning to work too early. I ended up going back after 3 or 4 weeks. When you can go back is determined by what kind of work you can do.
  • At 6 weeks, my left nipple looked to have healed wonderfully. I pulled the last of my visible sutures, as instructed, that day. My right nipple still had a little spot to heal but seemed to be healing just fine.

Random Tips:

  • If you have a hard time taking pills like I do. You can try taking them with apple sauce.
  • Make sure you have Miralax and Fiber. Pooping after surgery is really important because the pain meds will stop you up.
  • Don’t over do it. Sit down and rest. I am the type of person that will do everything but I can not stress how important it is to sit down and rest and not try to be Superman. Watch your range of motion, even if it feels, “just fine”. It will have effects on your healing.
  • Netflix. Netflix. Netflix.
  • I don’t hear this referenced too much but for those of you who play instruments, I play violin among others, I would suggest waiting the entire 6 weeks before playing again. 

The nurses will honestly give you everything that you need for recovery. There is no need to worry about recovery supplies. They really give you everything. Make sure you read all of the paperwork they give you in terms of pre op and post op. I did have surgery in Feb of 2016 so things make have slightly changed. This is also MY experience and MY experience alone. My health is different than yours so please listen to the nurses and doctors. I shared my experience to help others have an idea on what to roughly expect.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me asks!


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 122

I guess you all know these booths. They are there to take passport photos. Insert a coin, sit down, smile and wait until your photos are developed. Such an easy way to get these photos, very fast and cheap.
But I remember a time these machines haven’t only used be for passport photos. It was a time before everyone had a smartphone (yes, I’m that old). In these times it wasn’t so easy to take selfies everywhere. So we took our selfies in these booths. Sometimes alone, but sometimes with friends to have an (often funny) memory, and you can’t imagine how many people fit into this small place. So these aren’t only passport photo machines, these are also antique selfie machines. And if you ask yourself if Heiko and I took a selfie in these machines (Heiko first one, Stephi second one), you will never know.
This week’s praise to everybody who posted a selfie today, because it’s Sunday, selfie Sunday.

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50. from the prompt list with monty where myb they take a selfie and she's the one saying and they kiss?

combined two requests!!! 

from this prompt post

50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”

Originally posted by chriswoods

“Y/N?!” A loud yell awoke you from your slumber, and you lazily rolled over onto your back, flipping your sunglasses up to your forehead as you opened your eyes. A large shadow covered you, blocking the sun as you raked your eyes over the figure standing in front of you. He was tan, totally ripped, and a bright smile spread across his face, dimples shining brightly. You felt your heart start to pound slightly harder as you recognized the tall boy.

“Monty! What a coincidence, running into you here. It’s nice to finally see you off a Snapchat screen.” His smile grew even wider, if it was possible, and he plopped down onto the sand next to you, showering you with the scratchy substance. You didn’t even notice, you were so enraptured with him.

“Sorry.” Monty took off his Ray Bans, his honey brown eyes eagerly shining as he wrapped a heavy arm around your shoulders. “I’m so glad I saw you here! I was just kind of wandering around aimlessly and then, thank god, I saw you. Whatcha doing here?”

“Nothing, really. Just working on my tan. None of your friends are around?”

“Nah. Dempsey’s working. Bryce is somewhere in Europe. I’m riding solo.”

You laughed. “No girl you dragging around with you?”

Monty smirked, his cheeks flashing slightly red as he looked away. “Nah, there’s this one girl I’ve been sort of talking to, but… I don’t know what she sees us as.”

“Dude…same. Except, like, it’s a guy so….”

“Are you serious? Any guy would be totally lucky to have you. C’mon, you’re funny, athletic, and smart, like so freaking smart…. and I mean….” He motioned up and down your bikini clad body. “Damn.”

You’re making me blush! Besides, Cruz, you’re not too bad yourself.” You poked his stomach, smiling up at him as you casually reclined in the sand, holding yourself up by your hands, making sure to graze the side of his pinkie with yours. He didn’t pulll away.

“Aw, thanks babe.”

You felt your stomach bubble at the nickname, the typical feelings of an angsty, teenage crush. But this time, through the late night Snapchats and the hours of missed sleep, you had fallen harder than usual for this boy, with his wry smirk, and his cocky self confidence attracting you like a magnet. So you gave yourself the small indulgences, the thoughts that you may actually be the only girl receiving the shirtless mirror pics, the only girl getting the “goodnight beautiful” snaps, the only girl he spoke to. But you knew that that just wasn’t the way that Monty worked, and despite his previous words about falling for a girl (who you were certain wasn’t you), you still held on to the tiny flutter, that tiny grasp of faith, the one thing that you kept, like a secret scarf tucked away as a final act for a magician. Except, this time, you didn’t know whether that scarf would fall from your hand before the big finale, or if it would be produced with a flourish, astounding not only the audience, but also yourself.

“Hey, let’s take a selfie for my story! That way I don’t look like a total loner this summer!” Monty laughed, flipping his sunglasses down as he moved closer to you, wrapping his arm around your bare stomach as you grabbed your phone. He took the small screen from you and raised his eyebrows, smiling widely.

In a leap of faith, you turned and placed your lips on his cheek just as he pressed the shutter, and you felt him shift slightly closer to you just before you pulled away.

“How’s it look?”

Monty shielded the top of the screen from the glare.

“Wow. That’s adorable. You’re adorable. Shit, girl. Stop being so cute, Y/N.” You snatched the phone from him and glanced down at the screen. Monty looked blissfully happy, and a small smile was visible on your profile even with your lips on his bronzed cheek.

“Damn, Monty. Your jawline looks amazing here.” You took a breath, pausing for a moment to steel your nerves before continuing. “Y’know, we’d make such a cute couple.”

“We would, wouldn’t we? And thank God you said that, because I was wondering how many more shirtless snapchats I’d have to send before you realized I was really freaking into you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

You smiled, eyes shining as you looked up at him. He wrapped you in a bear hug, pushing you to the ground as he hovered slightly over you.

“I’ve always wanted to make out on a beach.” You whispered, your eyes flashing down to his lips as a coy smile played across them. You reached up and tangled your fingers through his hair, pulling him down to your face. Monty paused just before your lips met, his just brushing yours as he whispered back.

“Good thing I can start this relationship off by making a dream come true.”


so i took some pictures while in barcelona i went to the cathedral but couldn’t take pictures bc i was in a tour and i was so shook that i forgot and then we had to leave pls dont hate me

Mini-Golf Headcanons

I have no motivation to draw but I do have headcanons that totally aren’t 100% based on my actual family ayeee.

•Hits the ball way to hard
-low-key doesn’t try to
-high-key doesn’t care

•Always gets the ball in the water
-the water can be twelve feet away, he will get it in the water

•Never has a score under 60

•Begins to swing with one arm when he’s done™

•Misses the hole from 2cm away

•The King™ of hole in ones
-does a victory dance every time

•Does a weird ass pose every time he hits his ball

•Pokes everyones ass with his golf club
-mainly Keiths
-“Your move mullet.”

•Ends up hitting everyones ball 2ft away from their original position

•Takes selfies with all the dinosaurs/pirates/etc.

•"Keith! Stop hitting the ball so damn hard!“

•In charge of the score card

•Always picks the black ball
-“It’s a representation of my soul.”

•Tries to keep hitting his ball thus skipping everyones turn
-“Shiro, you can’t do that.”
-“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

•Gives everyone a five even though they may be at 7+ hits

•Convinces everyone to get ice cream after they’re done

•His ball doesn’t go farther that a foot on the first hit

•The yellow ball is the lucky ball
-No yellow ball? He’ll opt for orange

•Photobombs Lances selfies

•Beats Keith only by a couple points
-Keith is salty™ in the corner

•Keeps score (with actual hit counts) in her head

•Takes four years to hit the ball
-“It’s all about calculation…”

•"Shortest goes first!“
-L: "Does that mean Keith goes second?”

•Main purpose is to kick ass and take names
-always gets second place
-“Damn you Lance!”

•On going strand of curse words when her ball lands a cm away from the hole and doesn’t go in
-S: “Pidge! Watch your language!”

I couldn’t think of any for Coran and Allura. If you have any, feel free to share!

Caitriona Balfe's Opinion

1. Cats

External image

2. Netflix

“The best! The best thing on a Saturday when you have a hangover,” she said. “Big bag of chips. Netflix on my computer. Heaven.”

3. Tinder

“Ridiculous,” Balfe said. “Why? Nope. Really?”

4. Karaoke

“Only to be done when you’re very, very drunk,” she said, “and Blondie is always a good one.”

5. Boxed Wine

“Only at 4 a.m. when everything else in the house is drank,” she said.

6. The Poop Emoji

7. The Gym

“Only at 4 a.m.,” she joked. “No. It’s a necessary evil. But why wear makeup in the gym? Honestly, that needs to stop.”

  8. Selfies

“Also needs to stop,” she said. “Look at where you are. Don’t take a picture of yourself where you are. Appreciate where you are.”

9. Ramen

“Ugh, delicious,” she said. “I’m making my way through the ramen places in New York.”

10. Scrabble

“So good,” she said. “Unfortunately Sam Heughan is better at it than I am. But that’s my lunchtime game when we’re on set.”

Sam Heughan, for those not in the Outlander-know, plays Jamie Fraser on the show.


The first picture was the picture I took the day I decided I wanted better for myself. I was still in the deep pits of being discouraged by my body and hating every inch of myself, but by taking this picture it was decided that one day I would have something to compare it to. I want to point out the way I’m trying to hide my face, the mess on my floor because I didn’t care enough about myself to even clean, the unbrushed dirty hair. I’m still not where I want to be, but everyday I’m reminded of how far I have come. I’m so much happier! Also, this is not me saying your happiness is dependent upon your weight because that’s false, but I do believe it coincides with your self image. I remember disliking myself so much I wouldn’t leave my house for WEEKS. I am a homebody, yes, but that was very drastic. I love going places now, and instead of worrying someone will notice me, I can just enjoy myself! Again, I know I still have a long way to go, but if you’re ever feeling discouraged just remember that it only takes one second and one choice to change everything. Don’t put it off because you think you can’t do it. I promise you can. (Also I’m aware this particular post doesn’t match my blog but it feels important)


Sonia disentangles herself from Roy’s embrace all too soon, saying she has to help Apollo prepare dinner. She adjusts the bodice of her dress and tells him that seeing as he’s home early he can give the girls a bath. Roy glowers at her back as she disappears into the kitchen. Angus slithers off his piano seat and stands looking at Roy with wide eyes, his face pink from exertion.
Roy: What is it, son?
Angus: Is Freddie Carbone coming to our place on Saturday? The Brick with Ears?
Roy: You shouldn’t eavesdrop, son. It was supposed to be a surprise. But yeah, the one and only Freddie Carbone is coming to our place for a barbecue on Saturday. Pretty cool, huh?  
Angus: Oh WOW!!! Freddie Carbone’s coming to my place! Wait till I tell everyone at school!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! Dad, do you think he’ll let me take a selfie with him? Do you think he’ll autograph my football?
Roy: Of course he will, Angus. He does whatever I tell him. Pfft.
Angus: Oh, wow. This is going to be the best day ever.
Roy: You know what, son? Why don’t you ring Jared and tell him that Freddie’s going to be here this Saturday?
Angus: Okay! Are Jared and his Mum and Uncle Joël coming to the barbecue too? 
Roy: Well, I’m sure he’ll be able to convince his Mum and Uncle Joël to come if you tell him Freddie’s going to be there.
Angus: Yeah! Great idea, Dad!
Roy: Heheh. Yeah, I thought it was, too.

My VanCon 2017 Experience

Photo Op & Autos

I attended VanCon 2017 thanks to the incredible, amazing generosity of @shayleas. She so gracefully offered her Gold Package on Twitter and I was the lucky one to snag it. I had already given up going to Vancouver this year but after destiny threw me that delicious curve ball, I couldn’t help but change my plans.

Photo Op 

I had seen POs of J2 selfies with a fan between the Js and some of those pictures would have turned out amazing J2-Only Selfies, if only the fan wan’t  between them. See, even if I knew how to manip those Ops, I could never do it out of respect. So I thought “what if I come up with a J2 selfie with me at their side instead of the middle?”

When my turn for the Op came, the CE volunteer showed J2 a picture I had as the closest example of what I wanted: a selfie with a fan between them. Jensen & Jared started placing me between them but I stopped them.

Me: No, wait! That’s not what exactly I want.
(J2 stop and turn to look at me and I die. Two beautiful pairs of green eyes. I might be a very strong person… idek…)

Me (from the other side): Here’s the thing. You guys are sightseeing and decide to take a selfie. I’ll photobomb it. Don’t worry about me, I’ll find my place. But before that, let me tell you: You two look MARAVILHOSOS today.

“Maravilhosos”  means “wonderful” in Portuguese, a word Jared knows and associates with Brazil. I was expecting only Jared to laugh/comment, but I was surprised to see Jensen having the same spontaneous reaction: they both laughed. 

Now here’s the part were I died my second death: Jared turns to me and decided to poke me on the ribs and say “you’re maravilhosa!” Don’t ask me how but I gave him as good as I was getting: I poked him back and said “YOU are!” and he “No, YOU are!” and we went on until Chris drew our attention to the photo.

Jensen pulled Jared and I thought “oops! I better be in that one” and did the first thing that occurred to me: placed my hand on Jared’s shoulder. I wanted as little of me as possible in that picture.

Later, when I picked up the photo, I died my third or fourth death, I stopped counting. I am the happiest of ThirdWheels:

Please feel free to crop me off, I really don’t care. This is for all of us who know the truth, who Speak The Truth. Long live our OTP!


I wanted to do something to show @shayleas my undying gratitude. I offered to collect all the autographs and send them to her, but she again, gracefully declined—she wanted me to have the full experience. However, during one of our talks, she mentioned that one day, when she finally get to be at a Con, she’ll ask them to sign their chapters form the last Fangasm book. Now I knew what to do. I just needed to find a way of convincing J2 to actually write her name, something that is not allowed by CE.

Jensen’s Auto

In front of Jensen GOD Ackles (my God, is he beautiful!!)…

Me: Jensen, I was only able to come to the Con because my friend so gracefully gave me the package. Gold Package.

Jensen: Wow! Really? This is amazing! This is awesome.

Me: I know! She said that when she finally comes to a Con she’ll ask you to sign your chapter of the book. So I brought it with me and will give it to her. 

Jensen: Absolutely. Where do you want me to sign?

Me: Wherever you want (Jensen starts signing and I turn to the CE Handler by his side). I know this is not allowed but if you could please (now Jensen finished signing and I look at him again) dedicate it to her (I show him her name on a piece of paper).

CE Handler: Oh, unfortunately this is not allowed.

Jensen (to the other Handler): Please, pass me the pen.

Jensen FUCKING Ackles starts dedicating it to Shay.

Me: Jensen, you’re awesome!

Jensen laughs.

Jared’s Auto

In front of Jared BREATHTAKING Padalecki…

Me: Hey, Beautiful!

Jared (smiling): Hi, Beautiful! 

Me: This is for my friend. It’s because of her that I am here. She gave me this (I show him they lanyard).

Jared: No way! She did?

Me: Yes. 

Jared: That’s awesome! (he starts signing and I push the little paper with Shay’s name)

Me: So if you would be so kind to dedicate it to her…

Jared: Sure, I can do that, yeah.

Me: Maravilhoso!

Jared (laughing): You are! 

Me: I will start poking you, huh!

Jared laughs.

Thank you, @shayleas! I will never forget this amazing opportunity. May your Special Con come soon enough.


Welp-its been crazy last two months- and though things didn’t go the way i would have liked,  thanks for the ride anyways kishimoto- it was quite a trip.

Bonus Round:

As for every one else that comes across this, shippers, anti’s-, crosstaggers, whatever, Remeber:

Ship what you love (◡‿◡✿)

love what you ship(◠‿◠✿)

anything else(✿◕︿◕)・゜・。

not worth a shit (✿ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧』

-Happy New years weebs!-

Almost Is Never Enough |Part 2| Final

Word Count: 5.6k

Genre: Angst + Smut + Fluff, Bestfriend AU! Min Yoongi!

Summary: What happen when you fell in love with your best friend and make him confused with your confession? Will he return your love or will he run away?

A/n: I kept it pretty vanilla ;) Feel free to give me some feedback!

Mobile Masterlist

|Part 1|

Originally posted by mn-yg

*Back to current time*

Yoongi followed me to the living room grabbing onto my arms to turn me around.

“But I can try” He looked at me with desperate eyes. “I can try to love you… I-I’ll fall in love with you Y/N. I can. Believe me. Just give me time. I don’t want to lose you…”

I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. I feel exhausted, and weak from all the emotions that rushed through my body. My body fell to the ground as I shook my head.

“Yoongi… I don’t want you to love me that way… What don’t you understand? I want real love Yoongi. I don’t want you to force yourself…” I sobbed uncontrollably shaking my head in confusion and with mixed emotions. 

I feel pathetic. I shouldn’t have told him. We wouldn’t have this conversation. He wouldn’t try to love me out of pity. I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

It’s been three months. Three months of agonizing pain and locking myself up in my room until Yoongi showed up a week after he ran away from my confession. It was raining and he was wet from head to toe. He told me he didn’t want Lisa and that he’s sorry for running away. He wanted to try having romantic feelings for me. He wanted to try loving me. But you can’t try to love a person. You just do.

I rejected his proposal over and over again but it didn’t discourage him from showing up at my house every so often for the last 3 months. Sometimes drunk and aggressive. Sometimes sober and desperate. 

I wanted nothing more but to wrapped my arms around him and embrace him every time but I can’t and I won’t. That would only make things worse. That would only make my feelings for him stronger. It would only make Yoongi lie to himself more and more. I can’t let my feelings ruin the only person I care so much for in this world.

Yoongi looked down at me with half of his eyes open. Brimmed with tears that he bit hard on his lips to try and suppress. “Y/N… please…” His hands scrunched up in a ball as his knuckles turned more pale than it already is. “Why can’t we go back to the old days? Why can’t you stay as my best friend and why can’t we just forget all of this? It’s been three months Y/N. I can’t do this anymore. No one understands me like you do. I can’t… please please please…” He knelt down taking a hold of my hands that are now covering my face.

“Yoongi I can’t forget the fact that I love you and every time I see you I want to be with you. I can’t forget the feelings that I’ve been hiding. I can’t… It hurts too much. The day you ran away when I confessed to you I already got the answer. It’s okay if you don’t love me the same way but please don’t force this on yourself. Both of us will never be happy…” 

He let go of my hands for a moment before grabbing on to it again. 

“No… I don’t want to.”

“I’ve never asked for anything from you but now I’m asking you to leave and let me be Yoongi. If you stay I don’t know if I can take the pain any longer.” I stood up and walked towards the door. Yoongi followed me quickly afterward. 

I opened the door indicating for him to exit. His body was facing me and wouldn’t budge. He just stands there and looks at me through his dark orbs.

“Yoongi please leave” My throat is now dry and hoarse making my voice crack a little.
My eyes look away to somewhere behind his body that was blocking almost my whole view.
“Please Yoongi…”
“Y-Y/N…” His voice cracked and he sniffled a little.
“I beg you Yoongi…” I say as I try to push his body through the door.

He doesn’t move or try to resist. I pushed him once more as hard as I can before he finally moves. With this opportunity I pushed him out the door and closed the door immediately behind him. With my back pressed against the door as I slid down to the floor.

“Y/N… Y/n” 

I can still hear his voice calling for me through the door as he bangs on the hard wood. I can hear his sobs that’s faintly there. His light cough, his cologne that stills lingers under my nose, and his warmth that I can still feel on my hands. Once again I broke the promise I made to myself and I wept onto my knees. My arms wrapping around them as I hold myself.

“Ahhh I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” Was all I could let out. This is all my fault.

After that night, Yoongi didn’t come banging on my door anymore. He didn’t call or text me at every hour that he could anymore. No more Yoongi… no more laughters… no more warmth… and no more love.

I woke up to complete darkness that covered every inch of my room. Time had fled to an unknown place that I didn’t care about. I didn’t mind the darkness or the strikes of light that fought through my thick curtain. It’s silent, I’m drowning in complete silence and that scares me more than it should. Everything is still and dull. Boring and colored with gray. The only thing that seems to sparks my interest on getting up is the picture that hangs next to my high school diploma.

A picture from the time when I was drunk and had forced Yoongi to take a selfie with me. His cheeks blossomed cherry from the alcohol that had rushed through his veins. My right arm wrapped around his neck pulling him as close to me as possible. My left arm reaching out to fit both of us in the screen as my once bright smile contrasted with Yoongi forced one. It was my prized possession that I had cherished enough to hang on my wall. It had once brought smiles and sunshine to me every time I woke up. Now it’s something that reminds me of the pain and of him.

I can barely look at it without shedding a tear. What is it still doing there? Why didn’t I put it in the box that I had filled with everything that reminded me of him? Everything that had his scent. From the hoodie that he left, that I wear more than my pajamas, to the pillow case he always slept on when he stayed the night. I hid the box in the deepest corner of my closet. It hurts too much to look at them but it holds too much memories to throw away.

I removed the picture from the wall and placed it face down flat on the table. Pulling the curtains to the side revealing bright lights that illuminate my room. I reached for a sweater and some jeans to put on, zipped up my boots and walked out of my neglected apartment to meet Tae. Tae has been giving me mental support as he felt partly responsible for encouraging me to confess to Yoongi. I don’t blame him for anything. I only blame myself.

I walked down towards the stairs to the mailbox room. I opened the mailbox that I haven’t checked in what feels like a decade. The box was mostly filled with commercial mail and credit statements. But something caught my eye, there was a little brown box that was tied with a pink ribbon and had a letter attached to it.

To: Y/N
From: Yoongi
I know you don’t want to see me and you don’t want anything to do with me but this is all I can do for you. The song that you helped me record and the song that made me realize what I’ve been missing when it was right in front of me…

A while back Yoongi heard me singing in the shower and basically persuaded me to help him with a song. I agreed after he pleaded and bribed me with late night snacks.

*ring ring*


“Y/N are we still meeting at the café?” Tae’s voice rummaged through the speaker.
I looked at the box and gave it a little squeeze.

“I’m sorry Tae something came up, I promise I’ll meet up with you tomorrow.”
“Something came up? What is it?” I can sense his eyebrows furrowing in a line as his voice drops to a low monotone one.

“I just had some business to take care of. I promise it’s nothing” I confessed.
“Fine.” He huffed out a sigh before speaking again.

“If you need me. You know I’m only a call away”
“I know Tae” I whispered giving him a little farewell smile that he couldn’t see.

I marched up the steps back to my apartment with the little box in my hand. When I opened it, there was a DVD with Yoongi’s hand writing on the display of it.

Almost is Never Enough X Min Yoongi X Y/N

I ran my fingers across the DVD before inserting it into the DVD player. My heart ached a little as he appeared on the screen. He’s seated in his studio in sweats and a plaid shirt. His hair messily falls on one side of his face, probably from running his hand through them so often. 

He stares at the camera and smiles before turning sideways towards the microphone setup in front of him. He plays with the switches on the pad until the music came on. A small square off the right side of the screen appeared. A footage of me sitting inside his studio singing my part of the song. The music matches with my singing perfectly. My heart trembles when Yoongi begins to rap for the second part. The song ended with…

“ ..A chance is all I need, a chance to hold your trust. Almost is never enough but almost is all I need for us..”

He stops and turns back to look into the camera. He opens his mouth and then closes it again afraid to say what’s coming next.

“Y/N I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now and you probably won’t believe me but I really do like you. More than like you, more like love you” he chuckles as he runs his hands across his face and rubbing his eyes.

“This is so embarrassing to say out loud. You know I’m never the type to be mushy… I-I uh can’t really express my feelings well and I only saw you as someone who’s close to me but I was wrong. Now I see clearly that you’re not just close to my heart but you are a part of it. I love you so much Y/N, you don’t even know. A part of me always knew you had these feelings for me and a part of me felt the same. But you went out with a couple of guys and I thought what I felt was wrong. If I would have known that you wanted me the way I wanted you. Then maybe we wouldn’t be where we are right now but right here in each other’s arms…” he gave a bittersweet smile as he rested his eyes on the floor for a while before standing up and reaching for the camera to end the video.

My hands trembled covering my mouth as my shaky voice escapes through them. Tears flowed down like an endless river as I sob and shake from what feels like a heartache. I didn’t know he felt the same way and I probably would’ve sooner if I didn’t try so hard to push the man I love away from me. My body feels exhausted as my tears dried up in patches on my skin. I picked myself up as I reached for my keys and bolted for the door. I have to get to Yoongi. I have to talk to him.

I scrunched up my fists and knock on the hard wood door several times constantly due to me being so impatient. I knock so hard that if I knock any harder the door would have a hole in it. Less than a minute later I heard footsteps scrambling to get to the door. 

The door opens quickly as Yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise. He looked tired and a little bit more frail than the last time I saw him. His dark eye bags are now visibly there. His hair is swept in every direction while his attire is a big white tee and some boxers. Still, he looks perfect to me. He’s still the Yoongi I fell in love with and the Yoongi I still and forever will always want to be with.

“Y-Y/N… what are yo-“

I cut him off by wrapping my arms around his neck and connecting our lips. Yoongi grabbed onto my body as I pushed both of us into the apartment before kicking the door close. Yoongi kissed back instantly making it feel even more perfect than it already was. 

His lips were soft and were carved perfectly to fit mine. The taste of mints linger from his tongue to mine when I let him in to explore. Our body clash against each other as he pin me to the wall. He pulls back from the kiss and my brows furrow from the lack of touch. My lips tingle as I can still taste him.

“Y/n.. I-I don’t understand. Does this mean-“

“Yes Yoongi. I love you..” I looked him in the eyes as he stared back at mine like two lovers who haven’t seen each other in years.

“I’m not going to lie and torture myself anymore. I tried so hard Yoongi.. and it’s not working. Every day it feels so empty! Empty in my apartment that missed your presence so much. Empty in my heart that was filled with you. I love you Yoongi..” I looked down cheeks flushed in bubble gum still afraid to hear what he has to say. He lightly lifts my face up to his before he leans in placing his forehead against mines 

“ I love you so much more” he whispered the words that I longed to hear. Tears welled up as they glided down my cheeks.

I whimpered a little as he ran his thumb across to wipe them away. “Shhh shh… baby it’s okay.”

He reconnected our lips in a sweet kiss that soon turned to a passionate one. His hands roamed over every inch of my body before landing on my ass and lifting me up. I jumped up in a quick motion wrapping my legs around his waist. He carries me to the bedroom that I’ve been in so many times before but never for this particular reason. He lays me down on his mattress before pulling away to remove his shirt. His skin pale as snow like a canvas I want to paint marks all over.

My legs wrapped around his body as my core and his growing one rubbed against each other. He let out a moan before hovering over me once again. He removes my top and my bottom in the process as he run his hands across every inch of my body. 

He crept his hand to my back to unhook the bra and massages my boobs. Then he continues to pull down my panties. He takes a step back and takes in the view that I display. Even with his eye lids half open, I can still see his pupils blow out from lust and hunger as he looks at me.

“You’re so beautiful” Quickly, I covered myself with my hands in embarrassment.

He forcefully ripped my hands away from my body and pinned them against the white sheets. 

“Don’t hide away from me babe. I love everything about you. I want to see all of it.”

Sloppy wet kisses covered my body as moans and grunts were echoing through the room. His hands still pinning mine down as he sucks on the hardened nipples sending a rush of pleasure to my core. His body in between my legs rubbing against my wet core making me scream out of frustration and pleasure. He kissed his way down from my stomach to my thighs to my inner thighs. 

Then he finally lets my hands go. He looks up at me with filthy dusted eyes as he licks his lips. With just that I feel even more and more aroused and turned on than I ever have. I reached for his hair trying to lead him towards the place where I need him the most. 

He grabs my hands and places them on my sides. “Ah ah ah. No touching babe. I do all the touching in this house.”

“Please Yoongi. No more teasing, I need you” I plead with desperate eyes which he takes pleasure in seeing.
“I love it when you plead. Plead again and I might think about it”
“Please please please Yoon- ahh” He cut me off as his tongue licks the tip of my entrance to the top of my clit in one swipe.

Drops of saliva leave his mouth coating my wet core as he eats me out like a lion that hasn’t eaten in days. Moans erupted from me like a volcano thats about to explode. His name ripped from my lips over and over again. He dipped the tip of his tongue inside my entrance causing me to freeze and stop breathing for a moment. He dipped in and out to see my reaction as my breaths speed up. Catching my breath is harder than winning a lottery. 

Adrenaline rushed through my body and up to my brain as I screamed in pleasure chasing my orgasm. My lids close as I see starlights clearer than ever. A moment later Yoongi flips my body over spreading my legs even wider as he held my upper half down flat on the mattress. My ass pointing upward giving him access to all that he needed right now.

“Yoongi let me return the favor” I weakly blabbed. He leans forward next to my ears and bites down on it as I screech in surprise.

“We have plenty of time for that later baby. Right now I need to be inside of you so bad.” Him saying my new nickname made me even wetter and more ready to take him than I already am. I nodded as I turned around to see him. He pulled his boxer down as his shaft sprung up hitting his stomach. Long and thick, hard and red leaking with pre-cum. I licked my lips as I take in the delicious sight.

“Are you ready baby?”

I never nodded any faster in my life. He entered in one thrust. Slowly as he stayed still for me to adjust to his length. He filled my insides up completely and stretched it out to what seemed like it was impossible. Grunts and moans were release as he moved out and thrusted in again. This time harsher and faster. He grabbed my ass and gave it a little squeeze before thrusting into me harder than a train wreck.

“Oh my g-god.. a-ah Y-oong-gi. Yo-u’re so big”

“Damn you’re so fucking tight and you feel so good I can’t stop” it didn’t take long before my stomach started to tighten up.

“Yoong-gi I-I’m about to c-cum”

He didn’t stop. He just kept going harder and faster than before hitting me in every corner and g-spot that no man ever did. Skin slapping against each other loud and obnoxiously, moving the creaking bed to the point it might’ve broke any minutes. A few more thrusts and he could send me to Hong Kong. My body shakes violently as he continues to thrusts helping me ride out my highs. Screams and curses of profanity mixed with his name played on repeat. It didn’t take long for Yoongi to reach his high neither. He started to slow his pace down and he couldn’t say anything but “fuck”.

“Can I cum inside you Y/N” and with a nod he released his warm seeds into me and collapsed next to me after. Stripes of sweat threaten to cascade down his face as his heart beats slow down while catching his breath in the process. He reached over to pulled me into his arms as he used a blanket to cover our exhausted naked bodies. 

“That was amazing, you’re amazing” he said as his nose ruffled through my hair taking in my scent.

“It was perfect” was all I could muffle against his chest. His chuckles vibrated against me as silence fell upon us again.

“I love you so much Y/N. I love you to the moon and back and to eternity. Never forget that. Ever!” He tightened his arms around me before placing a sweet kiss on my forehead. 

“I love you too. I guess you were right. Almost is never enough but almost was enough for us.”

Bulletin Board ideas "Master List"

I found a bunch of my old ideas for Door Decs, Bulletin Boards, AND Programs. Unfortunately won’t have time to complete the ideas that are listed here, but I hope that you all can find some inspiration from them! I’ll add on to this as I think of more and inform you all when I do!

This post is designated for BULLETIN BOARDS! There are separate posts for Door Decs and Programs. I left out common ideas that you see pretty often.

NOTE: I’m not including things that I plan on completing this semester, as I will make separate posts for these when they’re completed :)

Here you go! (It’s super long)

Keep reading


• a lotta grease, a lotta fluff, and the irresistible urge to always fight :))

• it never matters to him if the timing is right, or if the atmosphere is suitable, chanyeol will never let you go a fucking day without having some lame joke or a greasy pickup line

• ‘hey jagi, if you were a booger i’d pick-’

• ‘chanyeol pls stop’

• he loves it when you play w his ears ofc like he’s gonna be in the middle of talking, and you’re gonna reach over and like stroke his earlobe or smth and i swear to the holy spirit that his facial expression is the funniest thing you’ll have ever seen

• gets jealous when you so much as pOKE another member and he’ll be glaring daggers at them for probably the whole day

• always thirsty for attention

• it’ll be finals week and you’re busting your ass studying but this hoe is gonna text you nonstop shit like if you’re done already and for how long he’s gotta keep himself away from you even though he comes to your house almost everyday

• his words are always contradicting his actions like for example, he’s gonna be like ‘ok im gonna stop texting you now’ and it’ll literally be like five minutes of peace and quiet until he texts you again like ‘are you feeling at ease now that im not texting you’ like chanyeol, christ pls stop

• he likes to use his height to his advantage by using your head as an arm rest or something that makes you want to scREAM

• however, he also uses his height to do the thing where he rests his chin on top of your head and that’s probably the only acceptable action he does regarding how tall he is

• one time when you had to babysit your cousins, chanyeol offered to come and help and you almost went into cardiac arrest like omfg pls don’t these children are already a hand full i don’t need another one

• nevertheless, he swung by and he was surpRISEDLY good at handling children like he cooked for them and gave them piggy backs around the house and now your cousins always look for him whenever they come to your place

• likes to take selfies or eV E RY THI N G

• the both of you are just waiting in line for your order at McDonald’s when he pulls out his phone and takes a selfie with you while you’re not looking

• but you hear the camera sound and you’re like, ‘chanyeol did you actually just take a selfie while we’re simply just waiting for mcd’s ohyymfks wyH’

• his excuse is the same for everything

• ‘memories :))))’

• plays guitar for you a lot

• you admitted that you really liked their performance of sabor ami so chanyeol occasionally plays the song for you and sings in spanish like :)))))

• once you confess to him about stuff you like about him, his whole day is madE, the sun is shining brighter, his skin is clearer, cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in the middle of October, and the bees are safe

• but then again, he gets cocky —— lIKE REALLY COCKY it almost makes you regret having told him in the first place

• 'jagi, what do you like about me ???’

• 'well ,,, i think your voice is hot’ // we all knOW that chanyeols voice is so deep it touches the gates of hell ok we kNOW

• he has a habit of staring at you for too long so when you’re sitting beside him or across, it doesn’t really matter, but you can sense his gaze on you from your peripheral vision so you’re like 'yeah, what’s bothering you’ and he’s just gonna say 'nothing, im just wondering how I got so lucky’

• aforementioned, he likes to use his height to his advantage so when you’re tryna kiss him or smth, he’s gotta bend down or lean in but sometimes he looks up all like 'wow the clouds are pretty today !!!’ just to tease you so you kiss his chin like park chanyeol you fucking braT :))))

• is probably really into memes and that may be the strongest interest the both of you share

• 'jagi, look, i found this rare pepe and-’


• bAEKHYUN is always aLWAYS teasing chanyeol about you and him and just your relationship in general

• 'hey, ______ back when chanyeol had a crush on you, he used to practice pickup lines in front of th-’


• 'oH yEah, and one time, he winked at himse-’

• 'hYUNG PLS I-’

• baekhyun left the room and chanyeol was looking as pale as a ghost and you just saw his fists clenched so hard like 'im gonna kill him, i swear to god almighty that im gonna fukcnging ,,,’

• chanyeol didn’t talk to baek for like three days after that happened and he’s is still salty about it to this day and doesn’t think he’ll ever truly forgive who he thought was his best friend for exposing him like that

• i mentioned it in secret admirer!chanyeol, but despite how confident he tries to act around you, he really is just a smol fragile bean

• you could be eating and both of you reach for the salt and your hands accidentally brush and his ears will just go on fire

• 'chanyeol are your ears red-’

• 'tHYERE NO t’

• despite how tough he makes himself out to be, the hate gets to him and people calling him problematic just really weighs down on his mood

• but he counts on you to listen and just pours out all his negative feelings on you while you just lend him an ear and he’s thankful for that

• when he has to go on tour and leave, you accompany him to the airport and he teases you for crying and tells you not to miss him too much but on the plane where you’re not there to watch, he was silent the whole ride and suho swore he saw chanyeol dab at his eye w a tissue

• but when he’s at the hotel room, he is just iTcHING to facetime or call you and members are like 'ur so annoying, if you wanna talk to her that badly then just call lmao’ and he’s like 'i don’t think u understand how much i cannot do that’ bc like he wants to remain chill and calm and cool and collected

• so he waits for YOU to call and when you do, chanyeol immediately drops his dead monotone face and transitions into the happy virus everyone knows and loves

• hes gonna pick up all like 'lmao wow i just got here wOoOw you miss me that much already ??? nah, i was planning to call you tomorrow but what can i do if you just abSOLUtely cANNOT wait to talk to me yenno’ and the members are just like

• but really, once he starts talking to you, he won’t stop

• since baek shares a room w him, he always complains to chanyeol about how he has to stop giggling like a four year old at every single joke you make, they’re not even funny but chanyeol begs to differ

• its not just baek who complains, every member wakes up and shows up to breakfast looking like they’ve gone through hell and back bc they couldn’t sleep through chanyeol’s loud ass laugh

• “chanyeol, it is two o'clock in the fucking morning, go to sleep we have practice tomorrow”

• claims that he’s a secret romantic 

• and by secret, i mean watching “the notebook” with you in the wee hours of the morning sweating profusely while trying not to scream of excitement

• sometimes you like to pull pranks on strangers 

• but yours and his idea of a good prank is ding dong ditching

• this relationship is probably the most hilarious alright y’all are just always tryna have a good time

It started with a kiss

A Yuri on Ice Fanfic
written for @seungchuchuweek

There was a difference between knowing who someone was and meeting them. Phichit realized it when he spoke to a fellow skater he had competed with for two years for the very first time. They all knew who each other were, but some of them had never truly met. It was something he decided to go about changing his final year in jrs. He spent every competition afterwards taking the time to introduce himself to each competitor, with various results.

“I’m going to introduce myself to Seung Gil tomorrow.” He told Yuuri over their video chat.

“Are you still doing that?” His roommate sighed. They had had no luck in the lots, drawing completely separate competitions for Phichit’s first year in seniors.

“You make it sound weird.” He complained.

“It kind of is…”

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